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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 28, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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d breath germ-killing power of this... with the lighter feel... of this. try listerine® zero alcohol™. >> i walked out, and i was just, like, screaming. i seen somebody they tried to us on air mattresses. they didn't work. they had to put babies on air mattresses. people were carrying baby on their shoulders. houston under water after h harvey. >> rescue teams have been working around the clock responding to what the national weather services have called an unprecedented event, and it's not over yet.
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good monday morning. august 28th. as we await daylight, the situation worsens in southern texas. more rain is in the forecast, and there's simply nowhere for it to go. president trump says he will visit the area tuesday. there are stories of heroism. neighbors and people from states away helping each other in the depth of this catastrophe. the latest. two people are dead. 262,000 more without power. many of houston's sprawling freeways simply impossible with abandoned cars and semis literally littering the road. last night in darkness a traffic camera caught this moment. a water rescue effort in katy, texas, just outside of houston. first responders there pulling the person from the flat bed of a truck. now, as of yesterday afternoon the harris county sheriff's office said there had been 1,500 to 2,000 high water rescues since harvey began. the warnings, as you can
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imagine, dire. emergency management officials requesting if the highest floors of people's homes become too dangerous, get on the roof. do not stay in the attic. >> you can see the water come up, come up, making sure all our family is safe. we kept looking at the water, and it kept getting higher and higher from 4:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the morning. it came into the home. we're giving up. >> so many images of bravery and tenderness have begun to emerge already, as you can imagine, like this sheriff's deputy carrying two children to safety. absolutely incredible. there was no major evacuation order given ahead of this, and that is a choice that is already begun to draw some questions. people have begun arriving at the houston convention center and dallas, nearly four house inland, is going to open what is being called a mega shelter at their convention center. there have been tornado warnings overnight, and we may only be halfway done with the rain, believe it or not. the national hurricane center said the houston area could see a total of 50 inches of rain in
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the days ahead. we're going to get meteorologist bill karins in just a few moments, but, first, we want to go now live to victoria, texas, for an update on the situation on the ground. we're joined by nbc news correspondent kerry sanders. give us an update on the evacuation efforts from people in the area and efforts by authorities to try and restore the situation there on the ground. >> well, it's a similar situation here in terms of rain, rain, and more rain. the concern, of course, is that rain is going to cause -- you have more flooding in this area. first let's talk about what you see over my shoulder, and that is power crews. there are trucks here, crews here, and they've already started to do some work in the downtown area in victoria, trying to restore the electricity, and in the process they do that, they've established a command and control center there that's assisting law enforcement as well as the other emergency operation center. authorities are trying to get a
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handle on what they need it could next. the cell phone service has maintained, but as they close two shelters here, people leave, unfortunately, some of those people leaving shelters are discovering as they get to their homes. they have no homes to go to. this is video at one location when people went back to an apartment complex only to find out that during harvey's furious winds that there apparently was a lightning strike. the lightning strike may have caused the fire. they're not 100% sure. bottom line is the fire did burn the apartment complex to the ground. as people are leaving the shelters, they're having to determine, well, where are they going to go to next? some long-term solutions are in the offing. because the people here did not have enough gasoline and certainly have already run out of food, they've set up some relief kitchens at the atv grocery store. atv is the largest grocery chain in the state of texas, and they brought in 15 truckloads of food in restocked shelves.
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got some power there thanks to the power company and started selling food as well so people could restock as they were running low on food. that's sort of a bright side. as everyone is looking towards a sense of maybe this is over, all he you have to do is glance at the guadalupe river. the guadalupe river is expected to be about 32 feet above flood stage by wednesday. the flood have been going door to door knocking on people's doors along the guadalupe river telling them that, you know what, you're going to have to evacuate because there's going to be a flood here. folks said they are very thankful that the police had come by because they did not know what was going on. especially with the river. because they have no power. they don't have any television, and they're not really spending a lot of time listening to radio because they have so many other concerns, including trees on top of houses. you know, as much as folks here would like to think that they are done with this hurricane, they are not. it's certainly not what's going
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on in houston, but the problems are still here, and as i said be along the guadalupe river, they're going to get worse. >> all right, live for us in victoria accident texas, kerry sanders with a report from the ground. let's go to houston where julia is standing by for us. experiencing some historic flooding. give us an update from your vantage point. >> let me give you a look right here. just in the last few moments since we last spoke we did see a car trying to make a way down here down this neighborhood street on the northwest side of houston. then pause and thought better of it. we were glad to see that because that's how so many people have gotten into trouble and how you see those high water rescues. especially in the overnight hours in the dark like right now. i can tell you just for us for my photographer and i to get to this spot we had to find another way when we would hit a barrier because there are so many roads
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that are impassable still because of these high water crossings here. you just don't know exactly where they're going to be or if you know whether something is shallow enough to cross. just a few blocks from us is the white oak bayou that has overflooded and that's cauove overflowed. you have heard so much about the rescues from the sheriff's office, but not oonl that, those numbers don't even count the regular folks who have just jumped in to their own boats. some people just got into neighborhoods to see where they could help in the past 12 hours we got into an inflatable boat with the man who said he just wanted to see how he could help people. he was going around with water and offering rides to people to
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bring them to dry ground. we also mentioned how we saw some police officers just in the last 20 minutes or so who were on their way to a report of a burglary. that's one of the reasons people don't want to leave their homes. many people have preferred to stay. some have said particularly in this neighborhood back in alice back in alice many took hours and hours to evacuate, and they never got more than 50 miles away. one woman told me when she tried to go with her husband. that's something that is a memo memory.
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i do want to give you a live lo look. we see an suv pulling up. we're several yards away. hi there. how are you doing? yeah. you definitely don't want to try to cross over there. we're just a few blocks from the bayou there. are you trying to get home? >> we can't go? >> no, sir. you do not want to cross through there right now. yeah. definitely not. i understand your frustration. where are you trying to get? >> somebody breaking into the house. >> somebody is breaking into your house? >> no, my store. >> into your store. i see. >> i'm so sorry to hear that. did you call police? >> yeah, but they -- my -- i called -- >> i see. what kind of store do you have? >> a beauty supply. >> a beauty supply store. i understand how you want to get
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there, but you don't want to cross this. as i was mentioning to you, the fear of possible looting, i don't know if -- i'm glad he is turning around because it's just not worth trying to get through there. he told me, as you heard, he has a beauty supply store. his alarm went off. someone is in there stealing. he is trying to get there. i'm not sure how he is going to make it to the other side because the bayou is right there. >> those issues that you are identifying as you were talking and then when you were able to interview him briefly, people not necessarily knowing what's ahead of him, right behind you it looks like, you know, a regular rainn storm to a certain extent. he could feesably be in water up to the top of his car which could be life-threatening as you can see. >> the latest on how the
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remnants of harvey are impacting texas. we want to bring in meteorologist bill karins. >> we are continuing to monitor the river forecast updates for the bayou. some have come down. some are going up. we were worried last night the heaviest would settle over houston. it was not. it was only there for an hour or two. the heavy rain band that we were very fearful of where this would set up has made a v here right over and stalled over -- this is torrential rainfall here. we're glad it's not in houston. as far as the houston area, they had on and off rainfall. here's our flood map. we showed all the rivers that are located on here and highlighted them a little bit. the red is flash flood emergencies. these are river gauges.
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we don't know where the water is going to be. there's a lot of these gauges that are now in record flood stage. this one will set the record bar for the next time. as far as the records go now, the one major record are the purple one. they're all dotted here throughout the region. especially concentrated in the houston area. now we have two things that are happening. we already had this record rainfall. we saw the pictures in the last 24 hours. now we have two dams that the waters are starting to be released from. those have to go into the rivers or what twhe call the bayous. there's houston. you can see the line down through there. this is the buffalo bayou. that's the main waterway that goes through houston. the water starts over here to the left, and it goes left to east. right through downtown houston. this is the water that those two dams, as they release them, are going to go into this buffalo bayou. here's the prediction. now we added the additional rainfall plus the dam releases to these totals. the record was 61 feet. today we're going to be about 63 feet. look what happens because of that water release.
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it goes up for 70. up to 70. you saw the pictures. how dramatic and how crazy they were, how high the water was. we're going to raise that bayou up by another seven feet tuesday into wednesday and then it finally drops off thursday, and that's the water that goes through houston. the people that are already evacuated in their shelters, that's two to three more days -- maybe four to five more days before they can get back in their homes. imagine what it's like being in a shelter four to five days. the food they're going to need. the medicine they're going to need. taking showers. things like that. we're going to continue to watch this. what -- you go and think we're waiting for the rain to stop. then you're waiting as for hopefully the water to recede, and now because of those dam releases, that water could go up another three to six feet in some areas right through the downtown, and that even means some water will be in homes where it wasn't previously before. we could have additional evacuations and additional problems. here's that crazy storm path. it's still drifting to the south, and then it heads to the north.
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again, it's not going to regenerate, but as far as our forecast models go, we're still pinpointing the heavy rains. maybe towards lake charles with hit and miss showers and thunderstorms around houston and our final weather map will show you, this is the additional rainfall just in the next 36 hours. possibility of around six inches. beaumont, port arthur, watch out. we'll have new additional emergencies from flooding. that's where it could be occurring. just still a lot of breaking developments. i said this was a marathon as we went into the weekend. we're halfway done with the marathon, but let's end this. >> and you got to wonder about that decision to release some of the waters. obviously authorities there know what they were doing, but at the same time you are wondering with the rain and the fact that they have not been able get everybody out, is this the time to do that? is it going to complicate some of those? >> their logic behind it is if you don't do a controlled release -- at least if they do a controlled release of the dam, they know who to evacuate. they know where the water will be flowing. if they just let the water go over the dam and just spill wherever it wants, then they don't know where it's going.
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they don't know who to evacuate or know where that water is going to go. this is the best case of a worst scenario is a controlled -- >> it's sad. there are some people that have been in their houses dry up to thint that they got the knock on their door that says your house is going to flood in five, six hours. we need you out. it's because they had to release the water. >> i think back to friday. you're right. on friday you said we're going to be talking about this storm on wednesday, and it's really incredible. that's actually what's happening. you think the worst is behind you, and then you see the numbers, and it's like it's going to get worse. bill karins for you, thank you. it really is just unbelievable. this is video marco who flew a drone yesterday around the houston area and shows some of the breadth of the flooding and in at least one case of water lapping at the bottom of highway overpasses. the governor has said around 250
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roads and highways in the state have been closed because of those floodwaters. cbs houston affiliate has been forced to racket is their studio due to extreme flooding from the area known as buffalo bayou, located just across the street from them. the believe had to be completely evacuated as the floodwaters continued to rise and inundate that facility. just look at those images there. good news, though. the station is back on the air. right now the american red cross has 34 shelters open in texas for those impacted by the storm. can you make a donation to those in need by texting 999 ar visit
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red to make a donation as well. >> that's a question on a lot of people's minds. we'll have some answers for folks. >> important to go to organizations like that because a lot of times in these sorts of situations people take advantage of these. yeah. >> still ahead, much more on the prun precedented flooding that has inundated the houston area. >> those stories and another check on your weather when we come back. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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2:21 am
mandatory evacuation. now you have rescue crews having to rescue people from the top of their homes, and you see people hiking out of the water there, and that's endangering people even more so. what's the response about that? >> sure. well, there were no good options when it comes to something like this. you know, local officials had to make a call based on the informationing that they had at the moment. the local officials here, including houston's mayor, they wanted to keep people off the streets. they were worried about fuel supplies and they're really basing their decision on the forecast of 20 to 25 inches. not 40 to 50. remember, harvey made landfall hundreds of miles south of here, and so we knew they were going to get a lot of rain, but 20 to 25 inches, albeit, an incredible jaw-dropping amount of water, compared to allison in 2001 and other events they've seen here, they thought -- there were parts of houston that could with stand that. they just made the decision thinking it would be easier and
2:22 am
maybe more safe to have people stay than to clog up all the roads. they tried that once before. they tried that back in hurricane rita in 2005. they gave the evacuation order, and that was just a few weeks after hurricane katrina, and we saw what our neighbors in new orleans went through when they were not evacuated. they evacuated houston. 2.5 million people hit the roads, and it was gridlock, and the result was rita didn't end up packing the punch they thought it was going to have, and instead, more than half of the casualties involved with that in this area were due to evacuation. people getting stuck out on the road with no way out, and they came back -- the ones who survived came back and saw that their homes in a lot of cases were dry. they were gun shy about sending millions of people pouring into other parts. plus, this was such a widespread area. austin? san antonio? they got hit too. they're pressed for resources as well. no easy decisions here. >> yeah, yeah, absolutely. i'm sure they're going to be
2:23 am
rethinking that as well and making sure that hopefully something like this, if it were to strike the city once again, that they would be better prepared for it in the future. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. stay with us. we're going to be back with much more in just a moment. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before. you got next? chase. make more of what's yours.
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to try to rescue folks that are living along beamer here in southeast houston who are stranded in their homes because their homes are flooded. ceasar, if you want to pan this other way around here, we can see on kirkridge and beamer just how dramatic these rescue efforts are. the water levels are very high. i can't even believe what i'm looking at right now. >> absolutely incredible images there. one of the remarkable things that we are seeing time and time again people donating not just their time and money, but like that you saw there, a man taking his personal boat on to the streets to try and help and rescue people that may be stranded. >> as much as people in texas are seeking shelter from hurricane harvey's historic landfall, and this video posted by harriet taylor, police and rankers in dayton, texas text, are guiding cattle down the street. it's a part of the major economy there. still ahead, much more on
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welcome back. we are having continuing
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coverage of hurricane harvey, and there are hopes for relief this morning with houston, the nation's fourth most populated city under water and much of southern texas swamped as well. >> two people are dead. 262,000 others waking up this morning without electricity. the coast guard sending personnel and equipment from as far away as california and maine. they've also spent the weekend plucking people from cars and homes to safety. >> we currently have 19 coast guard helicopters in the region, and we have one fixed wing aircraft. we've already assisted on the air side and executed over 200 rescue missions, and then also we have on the flood side they've actually rescued over 1,000 people at this time.
2:32 am
>> they may only be halfway done with the rain. a warning for the national weather service yesterday was ominous saying this event is ub precedented and all impacts are unknown beyond anything experienced. the national hurricane center said the houston area could see a total of 50 inches of rain, and we're going to get a checkup from meteorologist bill karins. first we want to contessa brewer. give us the latest from your vantage point. >> well, the rain continues to pour down. in fact, we saw torrential rain overnight with flash flood warnings coming through. tornado warnings. now the release of water from two houston dams which will add to the concerns here.
2:33 am
>> this is the theater district. that's the hard rock cafe guitar you see swirling over my shoulder. flooded. the asquare yum down here. this is a five-star hotel called the lancaster. a historic hotel in downtown houston. it now has water leaking into its lobby. all of this to say that people around here can find spots of dry land, but getting around houston is nearly impossible. we only found one thoroughfare to come in, and at the convention center they are opening their arms wide. 1,000 cots ready to accept people. we saw busloads of families coming in yesterday to drop them. by the way, just getting into houston at this point. we had to go around a herd of cows that were being driven through the center of dayton, texas, to higher ground. it was an incredible sight. back to you. >> contessa brewer for us live
2:34 am
in houston. thank you. >> joining us once again from live from victoria, texas, nbc correspondent kerry sanders. a two-pronged operation. >> you know, what you see over my shoulder here is part of that. the electrical crews have come, and they're starting to restore some electricity in parts of town. primarily in the downtown area so far. that's, being, where the command and control is set up to try to return this community to some sort of accesemblance of order. at the same time you have some long lines developing at food kitchens. these are relief kitchens that have been set up to give people a hot meal. in many cases their first hot meal in days. people also running out of food because, quite frankly, they did not think it was going to be as bad as it was. they did not prepare properly.
2:35 am
along the guadalupe river, the greatest focus now is those residents who live along the river because the water continues to rise. by wednesday it's estimated to be 32 feet above flood stage. because people don't have recollect trift, they have not been listed to television or radio because they're so preoccupied with other things, like dealing with life. as we continue to watch things in texas, things are developing in washington as well. we want to take a moment to talk to you about that. president trump says he is going to be traveling to exit text tomorrow to see some of the storm devastation firsthand. the president spending the weekend monitoring the storm from camp david sending a fleurry of tweets. many of them focused on harvey, and one tweet the president said you will be going to texas but wants to avoid causing
2:36 am
disruption, but the president's attention was also focused on unrelated issues, like the border wall, tweeting, "mexico will pay for it through reimbursement or not." he also tweeted about nafta saying the trade deal may have to be terminated. >> also on friday president trump signed a directive banning transgender military recruits. senator john mccain, a chairman of the senate armed services committee criticized the move saying it would be a step in the
2:37 am
wrong direction to force currently serving transgender individuals to leave the military solely on the basis of their gender identity rather than medical and readiness standards. interior secretary ryan zinke's daughter, who is a navy veteran, also sharply criticized the ban calling it indisputable and used language we can't say here aimed directly at the president. >> let's go to one of the controversial decisions. let's go to daniel lipman, co-author of the political playbook. good to have you with us this morning. >> what can you tell us more about that decision? >> a lot of president trump's
2:38 am
moderate advisors told him to hold off, told him to at least wait for this guy to be sentenced and not go above the normal procedures. remember, sheriff joe did not apply for a pardon through the doj process. a lot of people are saying this is, like, president clinton's pardon of marc rich. trump did not have a lot of support after the pardon. you even saw speaker ryan criticize him for that. there's a lot of internal white house disagreement on the pardon, but trump wanted to rewafrd one of his most loyal supporters. >> claire mchaskell is a senator from missouri.
2:39 am
he is going to try to pressure her to get on board. there are signs that the visit won't be entirely drama-free. you know, one of the top republicans in the state you saw former senator john danforth, a prominent missouri republican, accuse trump a few days ago of poisoning the republican party basically. i think that will be an interesting thing to watch. >> all right. we're also tracking what's happening with hurricane harvey and the aftermath. daniel lipman, thank you for joining us. staying with politics here for a moment, there are signs of remarkable break between president trump and two of the top members of his
2:40 am
administration. >> when the president gets into the kind of controversy he does and the u.n. committee responds the way it does, it seems to say they begin to doubt whether we're living those values. >> you don't believe anyone doubts the government agencies of defending those values. >> the president's values? >> the president speaks for himself, chris. >> and secretary of defense jim mattis was filmed delivering an impromptu speech while overseas last week. >> you know it and i know it. it's got problems that we don't have in the military. you hold the line my fine young
2:41 am
soldiers. just hold the line until our country gets back to understanding and respecting each other and showing it. be as friendly to one another as americans owe to one another. we're so dog gone lucky to be americans. >> there may be a bit of a warning shot that was fired to top white house economic advisor gary cohn who criticized the president's response to charlottesville. here's what tom bossert said on sunday. >> i'm focused right now on the four or five million people, probably 23 million people at the end of the day, in the direct path of this storm that are suffering, and i hope that gary cohen is focused on the 300 million people who need tax relief. i know donald trump is. still ahead here, the rain in texas is still not over. bill karins back with the latest forecast. more from the ground in houston. we're back in a moment. (vo) a lifetime of your dog's
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>> you don't want to try to cross over there. yeah, not a place you want to go. we're right by -- we're just a few blocks from the bayou there. where are you trying to get? you trying to get home? what's that? >> you can't -- >> no says. you do not want to cross through there right now. definitely not. i understand your frustration. where are you trying to get? >> somebody is breaking into our hou store. >> somebody is breaking into your house? >> into my store. >> spew yointo your store. i see. >> stealing all kinds of merchandise. >> i'm so hear to hear that. did you call police? >> yeah, but they -- my -- zblie understand how you want to get there, but you do not want to cross this right now.
2:46 am
>> that was nbc reporter julia live on our air just 30 minutes ago. incredible moment. julia is back with us live from houston. just really unbelievable to see that live sort of exemplifying leading up to that man driving up, that people can't necessarily tell how high the floodwaters are. they'll drive into it, and that's how they get flooded in, and then the looting of the store, as he sort of talked about it with you, give us an update on the ground there now. >> well, just in the last few minutes since we spoke, he did come back around. he is trying to find another way across the bayou. we're talking about -- it looks like you might be able to cross here, but it gets dark. it gets deep. thankfully he did not try to make it across. just now when i was speaking with him again, he is telling me how he is trying to get to the other side of
2:47 am
2:48 am
the. >> later in the show. julia back for us live. thank you. >> a lot of questions on how this was going to play out from a weather perspective over the next couple of days. let's bring in meter ols bill karins. >> around halfway or past halfway through the event, and
2:49 am
then we still have some left. the worst of it, i believe, has happened. we're still going to have some additional damage. we still have warnings this is how much has fallen since the beginning of the storm. downtown houston to the airport, again, a little less, but to the north of town, 28, 27. south houston, almost 31 inches. bay town, 34 inches of rain. that's the highest total i've seen yet. it's widespread. it's not just in one little area here. like allison was really bad just in the northeast side of town. this is all over the place, and that's an issue. here's the current radar image. our storm is now coming off of land and back over the gulf of mexico. it's right along the coast now. heavy rains continue from brian to lubkin. torrential rain has been coming off the gulf. what's different from now from yesterday is it's progressed throughout the night.
2:50 am
it sat over houston. the band has slowly made its way now to the louisiana border. we're spreading out this epic rainfall. the heaviest rain is over beaumont and port arthur. here's the and miss, not like big huge soaking rains. as far as the rivers go the big story overnight at about 12:30 local time they started the release of two dams that feed the bayou that go through downtown houston, the water is going to rise about four to six inches an hour on that bayou due to the release of the water. here is the flood gauges. the one we're talking about goes through the downtown west to east, called buffalo bayou, this is the location that this gauge is located at the piney point. yesterday this hit 67 feet. the previous was 61 feet, that's why you saw such dramatic pictures yesterday. because of the release of the water on tuesday at 1:00 p.m. it
2:51 am
will be 70 feet and wednesday 70 feet. in between it's predicted to hit 73 feet at 1:00 a.m. wednesday morning. that means that we're going to be 71 feet, ten feet higher than the previous record and it's going to be about five to six feet worse than what we saw yesterday in this region, so again here is the new forecast track from the hurricane center. they take it at least progress it after we get past wednesday and that will end the threat around the gulf. we have another 36, 48 hours for that region to get the heavy rainfall. latest predictions have another 10 to 20 inches of rain from houston to lake charles >> taking the reality of that, seeing it's going to get worse before it gets better and after wednesday, then months and months of cleanup. >> if it wasn't for the dam release that water would have been steady or maybe slowly falling. the dam release on the buffalo bayou you shake your head. people think the worst is done
2:52 am
and then they have to release the water. >> wow, thanks, bill. much more ahead on the situation in texas bringing out the best in people. first kid you ready? by their second kid, every mom is an expert, and more likely... choose luvs than first time moms. luvs with nightlock plus absorbs wetness faster than huggies... ...snug & dry, for outstanding overnight protection at... ...a fraction of the cost live, learn, and get luvs. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. nbc crews are down in houston along with our affiliates doing an amazing job on reporting in the face of all of these challenges even with their own homes in danger. here's one kprc reporter's live
2:55 am
shot yesterday morning as the rain continues to fall. >> reporter: how fast did the water come up? tell us about what happened at your house? >> it came up quick like we didn't have a chance to react, because by the time you knew it, the cars were already underwater. like quick, so you couldn't get out. >> reporter: wow. >> yeah. >> reporter: how are you feeling now? >> feeling good. >> reporter: because you're safe? >> yes. >> reporter: right, you're alive. you're alive. these are neighbors helping neighbors. no police officers are here. we did see the coast guard again but these are people are in a dire situation, and neighbors know that. family members know that, so they're going in to save them, but you can still see people are walking out, just carrying some of their belongings in waist deep water. it's just so tragic to see. i was talking to an 18-year-old woman earlier, emekia she's pregnant, she walked out of this water with ohm a couple of
2:56 am
belongings her cell phone, umbrella and some of her belongings so she really needs help. other people out here also need help and we hope that some people can come together and recover from this, help everyone here recover. >> unbelievable to hear her talk about a pregnant woman i was think being that how pregnant how terrifying that must be not knowing if a hospital is there if something were to happen and seeing children. it's one thing an adult walking out of your home but having children in tow. >> absolutely. >> coming up next, hurricane harvey and its aftermath dominating the news but it hasn't overshadowed the other three stories in the massive friday night news dump from the white house. texas governor abbott joins joe and mika. "morning joe" just moments away. 1y50
2:57 am
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conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. . the water was up to here. i walked out and i was just like screaming. i seen somebody, they tried to put us on air mattresses it didn't work. they had to put the babies on air mattresses, people carrying babies on their shoulder. >> houston under water in the
3:00 am
wake of hurricane harvey, torrential rain has caused catastrophic and widespread flooding across the nation's fourth largest city. >> rescue teams have been working around the clock, responding to what the national weather service has called an unprecedented event. and it's not over yet. bill karins has the latest and we'll go live on the ground there where rescuers are still going around trying to find people. >> the president by most accounts has been on top of his first major domestic crisis, despite a few curious off-topic tweets yesterday. >> still facing increasing sustained criticism for what he did on friday, as the hurricane was barreling down on the texas coast. he tossed out three pieces of thick red meat for his base to devour. >> directed the pentagon to extend the ban on transgender troops in the military, looking to end for protections people brought to the u.s. illegally as children and he made


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