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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  August 29, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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is truth is important. if you don't tell the truth, that in itself is a crime. >> that is all in for this evening.
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>> mandatory evacuations continued through the night, and the effort has been epic. the city's mayor says more than 3,000 people have been rescued. the sheriff's office conducted more than 2,000 high water rescued by yesterday. if you're waiting to be rescued, hang a towel or sheet prominently so we can find you. the images broadcast across the country have drawn people from across the state, louisiana, and beyond. >> i'm ben. >> reporter: where are you from? >> galveston. >> reporter: what brought you down here? >> i was sitting at home.
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my family was high and dry. i figured i'd come home. >> reporter: have you been able to pick anybody up? >> yes, sir. we probably pulled 20 or so people out of dickenson yesterday, and probably, i don't know, eight or nine today from this little neighborhood here. probably about 9:00. yes, sir. >> reporter: man, you know there's a special place for you someday. >> these people have been out here all day. i just came out a couple minutes ago. i got tired of watching people suffer on tv. >> reporter: you wanted to come and pitch in? >> yeah. this is our city. everybody that's able to should be out trying to help people. that's all. i got tired of watching it from the comfort of my own home. >> much of the infrastructure remains closed. freeways are submerged. there are collapsed roadways in some spots. two airports are shut until later this week. the university of houston will stay closed through september 4th.
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the colorado river is running wild in oh places. >> julia is joining us live from inside an e volcanouation center. rescuers are getting thousands of calls a day to get help, to get people to come get them and bring them to evacuation centers. give us a sense of the ground, you've been talking to people. >> reporter: the center was initially set up to receive about 5,000 evacuees. they are now at more than 8,6 00 people. i've asked volunteers with the red cross is there a limit? initially the limit was 5,000. they said they're not turning anyone away. they'll figure out how to take care of them. people are still coming to the center. there's also volunteers here lending a hand right now. they're sorting clothes for children, for adults, for families, who need some dry clothes. i can tell you that's one of the
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biggest things they need when they show up. sometimes they're barefoot with just the clothes on their back. when they get here, they can get a meal. just yesterday they served 25,000 meals alone here at this downtown convention sen for. today they're expecting to serve more. not just people, of course, helping out on the inside here but also on the outside with the rescues. >> just seeing all the hurt, the pain in people's eyes and wanting to be out here and people, be able to do something good. >> just helping people. i don't like to see people in distress. i thought it was good to come out since we had a helping hand. we have been traveling to the ramping to pick up the people they bring in to the boats and bring them to walmart. >> just a smile on their face and know they've been saved is good. >> it's keeping us going, it makes my heart melt to be able
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to see them smile. they're bringing in small children and things like that. being able to help them be safe and get dry is all that matters. >> reporter: any idea how long it's going to go into the night? >> until they say we're wrapping it up, we're staying. >> we're here to help. >> reporter: that's how people have been helping out. right here at the convention center, there are people from all walks of life. there are people who live in downtown houston and there's even a woman from spain on vacation. she got stuck in houston on a layover. her plane would not take up for europe so she's here. i talked to her a while ago. this is her right here. she doesn't speak english, but she's been helping out, because she's stranded here and just wanted to be a part of this. >> absolutely incredible, those accounts there of people volunteering. i was wondering from your time there and the numbers you were
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saying, they're staggering. the fact that they need 25,000 meals. do you get a sense of what shortages there may be at the convention center or what officials are telling you they're in desperate need of to make sure people are adequately taken care of? >> that's exactly what i asked volunteers with the red cross. what would you need most, and they told me they could use everything. they can use clothes. they can use toiletries, but what they are in need of right now, most of all, are blankets and jackets. they've told me, and they're taking donations right here at the convention center. people have been bringing truckloads and dropping them off. they're basically taking whatever anyone brings. >> all right. julia, we appreciate you joining us. we'll talk to you later in the hour. i want to turn to bill karins who is standing by with the latest on the storm. we've had four days of extreme weather in that area. hoping for some relief in sight. >> reporter: good morning.
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this scene continues to unfold. we continue to have pouring rain in the flood zone. flash flood warnings continue. as we start to get heavy bandings of rain in heavy louisiana, the flooding the worst in and around the houston area. that's where the heaviest torrential rains overnight continue. look at the radar. continues to bring bands in from the east heading to the west. the heaviest stuff is set up from houston to beaumont to a little lighter heading toward sugarland. that's where the heavy rain was last night. we've already added another 10 inches from the heavy rainfall totals we had from last weekend. i'm going to show you rainfall totals. these are off the charts. look at webster. we're closing in on four feet of rain to the southeast of downtown houston. south houston almost to 42 inches in downtown. we're almost at three feet of rain. these rainfall totals are just incredible. we have now had three of the rainiest days in houston history
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just in the last four days. think about that. this storm has produced -- these records go back for thousands of days and three of the wettest days have just a been in the last ten. it's crazy. as far as a lot of the extreme flooding that continues throughout the region, the worst of it, again, is from about catty toward beaumont and toward areas around lake charles. the river gauge is the next tour. the bayous flooded over the weekend. now we'll be watching rivers. some of these will crash. there were record values unheard of. as we look at the buffalo bayou, this one crested at 67 feet. we're looking at this tuesday through saturday. holding in the 64 foot range. the old record was 61 feet before the storm. the water through downtown houston is not going to recede and go down any time soon. unfortunately, some of the rivers around there are only going up. back to you. >> thanks, bill.
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let's go back to corpus christi, texas, and bring in katie beck. she's joining us live from there. as we were mentioning, katie, corpus christi, one of the first places hurricane harvey made land fall. today they're getting a visit from president trump. what more can you tell us about the conditions on the ground and what we can expect from president trump's visit. >> well, the conditions on the ground here are favorable to mild. there's a slight wind gust, but not more than that, and i think that's deliberate in terms of why president trump chose to come here. he said he will not be visiting houston this time around. and that's because the city is under water, and also because of the fact that frankly he doesn't want to disturen rescue and recovery efforts ongoing with the distraction of bringing a president to town. he's going to be visiting rockport and corpus christi. the folks on the ground are very excited to have president trump see the devastation firsthand. they have been overall pleased
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with the federal response. they felt the response was immediate and thorough, and they feel president trump coming here to see the damage for himself can only help their cause as they are going to need billions of dollars to recover. president trump has indicated that he believes congress will act in a bipartisan way and will get texas back on its feet quickly. he has been very moved by the spirit of the american people and has said repeatedly what he's seen in texas, neighbors helping neighbors, has brought out the best in people. he said unfortunately, these tragedies do that. he is also looking forward to being here. he is leaving washington at 8:30 a.m. and we expect him here sometime on the ground mid-morning. back to you. >> all right. live for us in corpus christi, thank you. we want to bring you up to speed. north korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile through japanese air space. north korea fired the missile
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from near the capital of pong i don't think. they say the missile flew for just under 1700 miles. speaking after the launch, shinzo abe called the act a significant threat saying he had spoke within president trump by phone. abe said he and trump agreed to increase pressure on north korea after this latest launch. now, this comes just one week after president trump and other administration officials claimed that north korea appeared to be showing respect toward the united states. >> kim jong-un, i respect the fact that i believe he is starting to respect us. i respect that fact very much. respect that fact. and maybe j probably not, but maybe something positive can come about. >> i think it is worth noting that we have had no missile
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launches or provocative acts on the part of north korea since the unanimous adoption of the u.n. security counsel rez resolution. i want to acknowledge that. i am pleased to see that the regime in pyongyang has certainly demonstrated some level of restraint that we've not seen in the past. we hope this is the beginning of this signal that we've been looking for, that they are ready to restrain their level of tensions, they're ready to restrain their provocative acts. >> let's go to seoul, south korea. rod, good to talk to you this morning. what's the latest you're hearing from officials there in south korea and the region really about any sort of response to this latest provocation by north korea? >> reporter: so the response has been interesting. on the one hand south korea, for example, launched military
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exercises, live fire military exercises, fighter planes and bombing runs j something unusual. it's a real show of force to send a message to the north koreans they can't just do this. ? n japan where there are 50,000 u.s. troops, there was a drill between u.s. and japanese forces with the anti-missile defense batteries in place there in japan for some time since these threats posed. so there's that. there's also the conversations between the world leaders, between president trump and prime minister abe. and with south korea officials as well. there's going to be a security council emergency meeting in new york probably later today to discuss what to do and what will happen probably for sanctions, or talk about trying to get china to do something. essentially, in a place like seoul where i am where there are tens of millions of people in harm's way.
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>> an intense situation. ron allen reporting from seoul, south korea. thank you. still ahead, president trump explains the reasoning behind the pardoning of joe arpaio. >> we'll be right back.
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welcome back. joe arpaio is mounting ale loolg chaz he works to overturn his conviction. attorneys for arpaio asked the u.s. district court judge to
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vacate his contempt of court conviction. one of his locals told a local paper arpaio will appeal if a judge does not vacate all decisions in the case. president trump defended his decision on friday night just as hurricane harvey made land fall in texas. take a listen. >> a lot of people think it was the right thing to do, john, and actually in the middle of a hurricane, even though it was a friday evening, i assumed the hatings would be higher than normally. i put it out i had pardoned, as we say, sheriff joe. he's done a great job for the people of arizona. he's strong on borders, strong on illegal immigration. he is loved in arizona. i thought he was treated unbelievably unfairly when they came down with their big decision to go get him right before the election voting started. >> meanwhile arpaio is speaking out about his future whether it includes a run for office. the former sheriff says he
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hasn't made a decision quite yet. when asked if he'd launch a campaign against jeff flake if the president asked, he said he'd have to consider it. he said he didn't think the president would make that call. >> the president also bragged about the size of the crowd at his phoenix rally last week. according to bloomberg politics he wasn't too happy about the results. . the president was watching television before taking the stage and was displeased because the convention center as bloomberg put it, was less than full. the man in charge of the event was a former white house director of advance whom the president hired. the crowd was packed by the time the president took the stage, but according to boomberg the president said his former advance man would never manage a trump rally again. still ahead, another check on the weather as tropical storm continues to cause devastating
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welcome back, everyone. this is the part of the show where we would normally bring you sports highlights from the night before. instead, we're going to look at the impact of hurricane harvey on houston area athletics. in major league baseball the astros home series against the rangers scheduled to begin tonight has been moved to st.
1:25 am
petersburg, florida. the rangers are being criticized. the astros president revealed yesterday the rangers declined his proposal to have the team swap hosting duties and trade this week's home series for one scheduled to be played in arlington in september. the rangers presumably did not want to extend what would become a 19-time road trip at the end of the month should they have accepted that deal. in the nfl the league announced thursday's preseason came koi s cowboys, texas game has been rescheduled. and byi and lsu scheduled for saturday in houston has been moved to new orleans. meanwhile the sports world stepped up to provide relief. the mlb and players union have made a $1 million donation to various relief efforts throughout texas. the diamondbacks and the astros have pledged the funds from
1:26 am
upcoming raffles. the astros and other groups will donate $4 million for aid efforts. matt carpenter pledged $10,000 for each home run he hits the rest of the season. houston texans defensive end jj watt has raised more than $1 million in an online fundraising campaign he started. hats off to everyone who is getting involved on that side of it to try to help the folks down in texas. still ahead, much more on the ongoing rescue efforts taking place across the houston area. >> we'll go live to some of the hardest hit areas coming up n next. keep it here. . those are moms. yes, they are. and our adult children, they're here too. so we save by using tide. which means we use less. now we get three generations of clothes clean in one wash. has anyone seen my pants? i found 'em ellen!
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put those on, dad! nothing cleans better. number 1 trusted, number 1 awarded. it's got to be tide.
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welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's
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top story. >> the rain is expected to pick up today in texas in time for the president's visit to the state. for the moment the death toll stands at three. unfortunately that is expected to rise. mandatory evacuations continue to be released and around midnight last night dozens more people were rescued by boat. yesterday an ap photographer snap third down photo of a tole being held over a four-day old daughter as they were rescued by boat members of the louisiana department of wildlife and frish fisherie fisheries. the mayor says more than 3,000 people have been rescued and in many places the helicopter is the base way to lift people. but it's not just houston. the guadeloupe river is swollen in victoria, texas. and there are concerns the flooding there will only spread. some 30,000 people are expected to need shelter as a result of that. at the houston convention center
1:31 am
that's been taking in thousands of people. now in louisiana five perishes have been declared federal disaster areas. and there are concerns about dams as two reach record highs and officials are warning there's a potential for overflow from at least one of the dams this morning. >> joining us now from outside of dickenson is sara dollif. the fear now is, of course, the rivering cresting over as well. as we see the rain continuing to come down, give us the latest from your vantage point. >> good morning. a day of consecutive rain. more winds adding to the misery and the destruction across southeast texas. here just outside of dickenson, texas, we are under a mandatory evacuation. members of the public also subject to a curfew in town as the roads continue to flood with
1:32 am
water. circumstances, situations changing in near moments. officials warned if people do stay in tidickenson, search and rescue may not be able to get with them. you touched on the houston convention center. one of the places they're sending people who have been displaced. it hold about 4,000 to 5,000 people and fema is expecting about 30,000 to need shelter. they have to make up the gap there. dallas, their convention center is taking people. a lot of private businesses are stepping up. including gallery furniture. they're housing evacuees. people actually sleeping in the display bed because the demand is so great. at least three now confirmed dead, and six people including four children missing after relatives say their van was swept away by flood waters. a fatal storm as harvey
1:33 am
continues to pound southeast texas. >> reading the story earlier, a heart wrenching story hearing about a van that may have possibly floated away with an entire family inside. you can't imagine what that family is going through right now thinking about their loved ones. you're talking about the mandatory curfew and mandatory evacuation. are people heeding the warning and following what authorities are telling them to do? >> reporter: for the most part. some people chose -- we talked to one man who is choosing to stay out on his boat even during this mandatory evacuation to keep looking for people who may be stuck in their homes and unable to heed this mandatory evacuation. it's amazing. 48 hours in people continue to be rescued. really dramatic footage out of helicopters of volunteers going door to door trying to save
1:34 am
who's left behind. >> all right. sara for us life outside of dickenson, texas. thank you. unreal images continue to come in from the storm and the aftermath. these were taken yesterday in northeast houston more than two days after harvey first made land fall. residents were forced to wade through the water just to reach their neighbors. the woman who took these pictures says they were rescued later in the day by a group of civilians using personal boats along with the u.s. coast guard. inside homes the water level remains up to the windows. personal possessions and belongings submerged in the water. the rain continues to fall. joining us again live from corpus christi, texas, katie beck. good to have you back with us. corpus christi obviously one of the first place hit by hurricane harvey. and now it's my understanding that the storm is set to cycle
1:35 am
back again into that part of texas. how are people there dealing and preparing for this relentless situation? >> well, i think they are ready for it, but i also think there's been some time inbetween so they've had time to restock their supplies. many places here in corpus christi actually have had their power restored. as you can see the elements are giving corpus a break for now. for right now here on the ground, i think people are still in a sigh of relief. they're bracing for the rain that will come, but they're certainly not in a situation like houston or victoria where that relentless rainfall is going to cause flooding and significant damage. at this point i think for corpus, it would be just a little more of an inconvenience than anything else. i think that's part of the reason the president has chosen to visit corpus christi today. it's one of the safer areas in texas where he can get out and survey the damage without fear of flooding.
1:36 am
trump made clear he did not want to be a distraction of the recovery effort and wanted to go someplace already on the road to recovery. but still able to assess damage. that's why he's coming here. the mayor of rockport, excited for his arrival. we're told he's leaving washington d.c. at 8:30 and will be here sometime mid-morning. >> katie will be tracking that for us. thank you. zbln officials are working to help the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants over fears of facing deportation. ahead of the storm the governor warned those immigrants to seek shelter from the severe weather. according to washington post the u.s. himmigration said they woud not target undocumented immigrants at evacuation sites, shelters or food banks. a new state law cracking down on sanctuary cities soon takes
1:37 am
effect. city of houston said we will not ask for immigration status or papers from anyone at any shelter. the mayor worked to ease fears saying he would be the first to stand with them if anything happened. turner, a former lawyer added if anyone tries to deport them, he'll represent them himself. let's look at the latest of the storm's path with bill dangerous. >> good morning. tropical storm harvey now well out into the gulf away from the coast, and the heavy bands of rain are continuing. we have one of the little feeder bands of intense rain also into louisiana numerous showers and storms. we'll continue to track that throughout the next couple of days. the forecast path does take it a little further east. that's a little slight trend of maybe some help eventually tomorrow in the houston area. right now winds at 45 miles per hour. the drift has been to the east, southeast at about 5 miles per hour. and here's the new forecast path. again, usually the left side is
1:38 am
the dryer side of these storms. we're hoping that as the storm progresses tuesday into wednesday here that the dryer air will begin to move into the houston area on the backside. we still have at least another 24 to 36 hours of the rain before we can take the rain threat to the north and northern louisiana and eventually even through arkansas. it was not out of the woods. we couldn't get flash flooding right through the end of this week. the wind gusts are not much of an issue informal we'll have a minor storm surge when this makes land fall around one to three feet. it's going to continue to be breezy and as the storm moves north, light winds throughout much of the region. and our future cast shows the heaviest rains near and around houston through the day today. as we go through wednesday, finally we start to shift it a little further up to the north. at least that's our hope is that we can get done with the worst of it. the additional rainfall totals still estimated from houston to port arthur, possibility of 7 to
1:39 am
10 additional inches. i just showed you a map with people with already 40 inches of rain. another 7 to 10 inches, some could end up with 50 inches of rain when the storm is said and done. we're watching the other threat off the southeast coast, but compared to here in houston, that's really a minor event. just rainfall today in the carolinas. back to you. >> all right. bill karins, thank you for that ft thousands of people are finding refuge at a shelter for flood victims at a convention center in downtown houston. joining us from the scene is maya rodriguez. >> reporter: we are at the george r. brown convention center here in downtown houston. thousands upon thousands of people are seeking shelter from the rising flood waters. this is an area where people are coming in and being checked over. they're being able to get clothing and towels. they're literally being wiped down because they are soaking wet. people have been coming here
1:40 am
with nothing but what was on their backs. when they evacuated from their homes, people are just scared. they're confused. they're unsure of what's going to happen next. and once they get through this little check point area, they're coming over here, registering with the american red cross. again, so many people have so many needs at this point. they're just trying to sort of get everybody's information and make sure everyone has their dugs in a row. of course you have people who have family members and kids and pets that are coming in here. this is another area over here where people are able to get some of those supplies. either for their children or for other family members. you can see they have clothing laid out. people are here picking out things. again, a lot of people just left with whatever they could carry with them. some of them came in here with their belongings in plastic bags. so as you can tell, this is a very sort of chaotic situation. it's an organized chaos, if you will. again, we're talking about more than 5,000 people in this area.
1:41 am
but this is an ongoing situation. because we are expecting more rains here in the houston area, and it's not clear how long everyone will have to stay here. >> that look on that young boy's face -- >> you could tell how traumatized he was. he was crying as he was being wiped down. it's tough to see everyone, but when you see a child like that. >> it's difficult. >> thank you for the report. still ahead, we go back to houston for a live report. residents prepare for another day of heavy rain. plus chris christie slamming texas lawmakers as they seek federal disaster funds in the wake of harvey. why he's criticizing them when we come back.
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welcome back. despite wreaking havoc on texas, mother nature has no plans on letting up. more rain is in the forecast. the massive search and rescue efforts continue. houston's mayor says more than
1:45 am
3,000 people have been rescued with people coming from all over the country to help out. joining us once again from a volunteer center in houston, julia, good to have you back with us. take us through the situation there. we've been seeing some incredible images of people at other centers. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: well, i've been speaking with a family who just came in. alyssa, joseph and their 11 month old aspen. your second floor apartment flooded, and then there was a fire. tell me what this has been like for you guys. >> it's been pretty awful. i'm thankful for the people who have helped us out and are here doing what they can. >> reporter: you came here just in the last few minutes. what are you hoping? what's snnext? >> we don't know. we lost everything, so we're just going to see. go with it. >> yeah. >> reporter: you've got some blankets. they've got clothes here.
1:46 am
they even gave your daughter this stuffed animal right here. >> it's small little comforts like that that make it easier for all of us. >> reporter: alyssa, tell me about the moment -- first of all, your second floor apartment gets flooded. then you had a surge protector, a power surge that caused a fire. take me through those moments. >> it was panic. i mean, all i could think about was getting out, and i didn't even grab anything. we came barefooted to the hospital. >> reporter: you went to the hospital first and then came here? >> yeah. we were barefooted. all we have is her formula and a bottle. we'll just roll with what we've got. >> reporter: what do you do now? are you spending the night at the shelter? what's next? >> we're going to spend the night at the shelter, and then i guess see what assistance is out there, what to do next, maybe contact the apartment complex
1:47 am
and see if they can get us in a different apartment. >> reporter: glad you're okay and your baby is okay, and we wish the you the best. these are folks getting help right here at the center. so many more, more than 8 ,600 people seeking help at this shelter right here in downtown houston. >> if there's any comfort to give that baby, the microphone, you're more than welcome to give her the microphone. identify sense she wanted to play with it. give them our best and tell them to hang in there. it's obviously stories like that that move all of us when we hear it and see firsthand what they had to sacrifice and what they've gone through. >> you think about the needs of a baby and how much they need in the first year of life. i got to say, maybe the light in all of this is having that baby looking at her and seeing she's okay and hopefully she won't have any memory of this and she's sort of just wanting a piece of the microphone. wanting to get her voice out there. a mandatory evacuation is in
1:48 am
effect for the town of bay city, texas. it could leave the community under as much as 10 feet of water. gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: it's a race against time. in bay city, texas, a frantic rush to evacuate this senior center. the worst flood in memory is coming. >> what's your name? >> reporter: monica carpenter told us she had nowhere to go after she barely missed the last bus. you missed the bus? >> yes. whatever they had to go on. so now i'm just stuck. >> reporter: he panic, overwhelming. >> anybody, still here, so i could use a phone. i don't have a phone. i don't have anything. >> reporter: how desperate is the situation? >> it's bad. it's really bad. >> reporter: she ignored the mandatory evacuation order until now. local authorities predict harvey could ravage this town with as much as ten feet of water. this is the colorado river expected to overflow its banks
1:49 am
very soon. possibly flooding the entire downtown just miles away. a county judge estimates a third of the town is choosing to stay. how serious is this situation right now? >> it's completely serious. it's potentially catastrophic seriousness. a colorado river about a half mile that way that's projected to come up to potentially record flooding. >> reporter: hundreds of residents heeded the warnings and escaped on the last buses out. >> i was calling the storm a bluff from the beginning. i guess it made a believer out of me. >> reporter: as the raging river rises, this town's future is in limbo. but as we spoke with monica carpenter, someone she knew recognized her and gave her shelter just on time. >> that's going to be a problem across all southeast texas, the rising river waters. thank you, gabe, for that report. chris christie is now the
1:50 am
second northeast republican to blast texas republicans who voted against some of the aid for victims of super storm sandy. asked by reporters yesterday if republicans like ted cruz and john cornyn were hypocrites for seeking help, christie said, quote, absolutely j sure. the congressional members in texas were hypocrites, it was just a matter of time. yesterday on msnbc, senator cruz defended his no vote on that sandy relief package. >> i and a number of others emphatically supported hurricane relief for sandy, disaster relief has been a vital federal role for a long time. and it should continue. the problem with that particular bill is it became a $50 billion bill that was filled with unrelated pork. two-thirds of that bill had nothing to do with sandy, and what i said then and still believe now is that it's not right for politicians to exploit
1:51 am
a disaster and people are hurting to pay for their own political pish list. >> this started saturday when a new york congressman pete king tweeted he will vote for harvey aid, adding one bad turn doesn't deserve another. >> a lot of politics involved there. what's ahead for the next couple of days and when is it going to end? bill karins is standing by for us. >> there's a couple stories developing since overnight. one of them we started following yesterday with the reservoirs. this is downtown, houston. this is the buffalo bayou. this water has to head through the bayou. they're releasing the water. they didn't want them to over top. the addicks reservoir, the gates has been open for 24 hours, but the water is still rising. at 108 feet, it over tops the spillway on the north end. that would be this side of the reservoir. right now it's at 107'6"
1:52 am
cinches. they're saying it's going to overtop the spillway on the north end. that's never happened before. one of my meteorologist friends on social media just told me they built this in the 1930s to withstand a 1000 year flood. it's mind boggling. that's one of the stories that we're going to see new flooding in areas that haven't had it yesterday as the water continues to head into the addicks reservoir at a more rapid space. that's one of the stories. the other issue is what's going on on the brazos river. that's where a lot of the new evacuations happened yesterday. we have numerous flash flood warnings. the purple shows you major and record. all the rivers are in near record or heading for a record flood stage. i want to show you the brazos river. the record crest is 54 feet.
1:53 am
all these people headed into shelters yesterday. with their pets, kids, the elderly. we're going to 59 feet through wednesday and thursday. here's the thing. look at how long it stays above the record. all the way through the weekend. these people in these shelters, they're there for like a week at least. and who knows where they go from there, because their homes possibly could be flooded out. >> hopefully the shelters have enough resources. >> can you imagine the food and medicine to these people a week from now? >> hoping there's an organized effort. >> as we saw with the family, they need baby formula and diapers. >> that's now. picture seven days from now. >> exactly. bill, we'll check in with you later. as we're following the gopment of harvey and the aftermath, also new details in a story connecting donald trump's business organization with the kremlin. reporting from the washington post says a top executive from trump's real estate company
1:54 am
e-mailed the personal pokes person for vladimir putin to build a trump tower in moscow. it happened during the presidential campaign. the e-mail from long time trump aide michael cohen represents the most direct outreach from a trump aid to a senior member of putin's government according to post. it also provides an example of a trump business official directly seeking kremlin assistance in advancing trump's business interest. cohen who says he discussed the deal with trump says to the best of my knowledge, mr. trump was never in contact with anyone about this proposal other than me on three occasions including a nonbinding letter of intend in 2015. "the new york times" published the contents of an e-mail between cohen and the trump business associate pushing the moscow deal. in one exchange our boy can become president of the usa. i will engineer it. ly get all of putin's team to buy in.
1:55 am
the plan was abandoned before the first primary in 2016. >> incredible develop. much more on the latest in texas as hundreds of thousands of residents brace for more rain. >> we'll get live reports from across the state on rescue operations as president trump prepares to head to the state to get a first-hand look at relief efforts. >> plus the latest on the major story this morning, north korea firing another missile. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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there's a big time, huge rescue going on. take a look down here. we are at didwell and beltway 8. you see people in the darkness walking out of the water. i hope you can see that down there. there are entire families and groups of people who live in the neighborhood just down the road here just down tidwell walking through the water. they have just been res dcued b boat. a lot of them celebrating as they came out of the area. it's great to see. >> the flood waters are rising across south texas. rescue efforts have been nonstop as rain devastates the hard hit area around houston snchblt the nation's fourth largest city has become paralyzed. now there's a political fight looming over the cost of recovery.
2:00 am
good morning. it's tuesday, august 29th. another day and more rainfall is on today the president is set to visit texas, expected to stop in austin and corpus christi. the water is rising. in some areas it came from dams to prevent catastrophic breaches. last night dozens more people were rescued by boats and vehicles with giant lifts in the dark of night. this single spot, dozens of people brought to safety, carrying whatever they could. for the moment the death toll stands at three, but unfortunately, that is expected to rise. family members say a minimum -- a minivan carrying six family members was swept away. though police haven't located it or the people thought to be inside. the omni hotel is also under water. while 100 guests and associates were being evacuane


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