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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 4, 2017 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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any threat towards the united states territories, including guam or our allies will be met with a mass iive military response. a response both effective and overwhelming. >> the defense secretary warning north korea's kim jong un following reports a rogue nation carried out its sixth nuclear test, shaking china and russia. a blockbuster report generating the swens backlash that president trump will end daca. neighborhood after neighborhood in houston still recovering from harvey's devastating impact as nfl
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superstar j.j. watt begins to spread some of the $18 million in donations he has helped raise. plus, a bizarre death and investigation at this year's 70,000 strong burning manifest val. msnbc live starts right now. zbloor good morning. we begin with breaking news overnight. that's rattling millions in the united states, including hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants. politico is reporting that president trump will soon halt daca. undocumented imbrants arrived as children. the president is expected to make an announcement on tuesday after wrestling what to do on the issue for months. here's the president back in february. take a listen. >> you are going to deal with daca with heart. i have to deal with a lot of politicians, don't forget, and i have to convince them that what i'm saying is right. >> and the president's decision
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comes as up to ten states threaten to sue the administration if the program is not canceled by tomorrow. with nearly 800,000 daca recipients already shielded from deportation since the program started in 2012 the ramifications could be massive, impacting those so-called dreamers. reaction has been fierce and immediate. facebook ceo mark zuckerburg and former rival hillary clinton to actor george takai. lawmakers of all stripes are voicing their concerns, slamming his president for his yet to be announced decision. let's go to -- who is standing by for us. talk to me more about this. >> i can tell you that political reports saying that daca will end with a six-month delay. now, what the president is doing is giving congress enough time to pass a law if they want to keep that program going. now, politico is also reporting that president obama will break his silence and speak out over social media if this announcement does happen. critics of daca say that the
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president doesn't have the legal authority to write immigration law. they applaud dismanltsing daca. >> one good thing. >> one good thing. >> we have to make a whole new set of standards. when people come in, they have to -- >> you are going to split up families and deport children? >> no. we're going to keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. they have to go. they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we will work with them. they have to go. >> the center released a statement saying this is child abuse under the guise of political policy -- or public policy. they say it's inhumane. those are comments echoed by a dreamer i spoke with here in maryland. he graduated high school, college, worked construction throughout, paid fines to be in
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the daca program. got a chemical engineering degree, and now he could face deportation if this program ends. >> a lot of futurists certainly depending on this announcement. north korea released pictures of kim jong un inspecting what it claims is a hydrogen bomb that can be launched by an intercontinental ballistic missile. president trump called north korea a rogue nation whose words and actions are very hostile and dangerous to the united states and defense secretary mattis said this. >> we are not looking to the total annihilation of a country. namely, north korea. as i said, we have many options to do so.
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>> nbc in beijing for us this morning. janice, it's going to be an emergency u.n. security council meeting held today 10:00 a.m. certainly all eyes on this situation. a very tense situation at the u.s. taking this very seriously. what's the latest from your end? sflo today there's the suggestion by some officials in south korea that north korea could be readying another ballistic missile test. they say there's evidence that preparations are underway. now, south korea has been responding today with bombing drills at dawn today. they were simulating ballistic missile strikes on north korea's nuclear testing site. they say they will continue with other drills. what is key is that this appears to be happening independent of any consultation with the united states. there has yet to be a phone call between president trump and
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south korea's president. yesterday president trump took a swipe at president moon suggesting that his policy of appeasement just won't work, so there appears to be a very badly timed rift between the u.s. and south korea. >> any company doing business with north korea would not be able to trade with the united states. this is directed at china. the main patron for north korea. it's unclear whether china will exercise some of the moves that it can. namely, cutting off oil shipments to north korea because, of course, they don't want to trigger regime collapse, which could mean thousands of refugees across the border and geopolitical rebalancing in the region. >> you can't help but think kim jong un is trying to push as far as he can to see really what he can do here because it seems like one provocation after another. we'll have to wait and see what unfolds in the next couple of days. thank you. as texans recover from
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harvey's devastation, donations from across the country continue pouring in. first to wisconsin where 26 cheese companies are sending over 27,000 pounds of cheese to the largest food bank. next, nfl star j.j. watt who a week ago set out to raise $200,000, but managed to amass over $18 million in donations for flood relief. the houston texan hasn't started using that money quite yet, but he, his teammates, and other volunteers unloaded semitrucks loaded with food, water, and other supplies, giving it to storm victims. in washington steve mnuchin is pressuring congress to raise the government's debt limit, arguing that not doing so could endanger nearly $8 billion in federal relief aid for texas. >> our first concern is that the state gets money, and to do that we need to make sure we raise
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the debt limit. authorities have lifted the evacuation order in crosby, texas. another chemical plant that exploded multiple times. last night the plant's owner purposely burned the remaining trailers there to prevent any more explosions and make it safe for residents to return. >> are there still people that are having to sleep there overnight? how is everybody handling the fall-out from harvey? i believe it's been ten days after the beginning of that storm. >> yeah. it's been not long, if you can believe it, yasmin. the american red cross told us about 32,000 people in texas remain in about 200 shelters across the state. the american red cross also told us they serve so many meals. half a million meals. they ploid supplies for 85,000 people, and those numbers are staggering, but really when you think about the scope of hurricane harvey, it is not at
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all surprising. here at the george r. brown convention center, which was the massive mega shelter that was set up here in downtown houston in the days after the storm. over the weekend they told us they had about 1,700 people here. that is down quite a bit when you think about the fact that they had more than 10,000 here just earlier last week. that is some good news. now, as far as some of the evacuation orders are concerned, the mayor had put in an evacuation order to the west side of houston. about 4, 600 dwellings. that remains in place. as you mention, arco chemical plant, that evacuation notice lifted. >> it's good to see the volunteers that we've been seeing video of and pictures of helping out there as well. we want to turn now to sarah rosario who is standing by in houston. sarah, i remember having covered hurricanes in the past.
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it's very devastating. >> nay neighborhood called friendswood where it's labor day, but it's far from a holiday here in southeast texas. clean-up from harvey is just beginning. i'm in a neighborhood where most of the neighborhoods around me look like this with debris piled high along the streets here, but many people don't have any homes to return to. >> in the wake of hurricane harvey deadly floodwaters in southeast texas are finally starting to recede. leaving displaced homeowners with a mounting mess and heart break. >> 24 inches. it doesn't matter. >> reporter: while many, like
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walter simmons, are salvaging what they can, others have nowhere to go. >> you have to take one day at a time. you can't say. you can get back. >> as debris piles high along streets, the damage is widespread, and the need is great. in cities like beaumont, texas, many are still without power. masses wait in line for drinking water as the military ships supplies in. >> taking a live look outside here. you can see just some of the things that people have piled here along the streets.
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local officials say their concern will be to find housing as soon as possible. reporting live in houston, sarah rosar rosario, back to you. >> people have a long road ahead here. wishing the best for them. it's very emotional process. i believe they're likely going through that right now. thanks so much. we want to turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins. harvey is behind us. >> the trends over the weekend have been bad. i have nothing but bad news to spread to areas of the caribbean. this is a strong storm. it's category three. it's a major hurricane. this one is going to be near a lot of land areas over the next couple of days. let's get into the new advisory. just out from the national
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hurricane center. hurricane irma. now you can see the eye here right there as the eye much the storm. when this is the islands here, there's puerto rico, and as we go through areas, the virgin islands. the latest stats, 150 miles per hour. it's still ticking south of due west. the whole trend over the weekend has been a little southerly, and that's why we don't think the storm is going to escape harmlessly out to sea. that looks very, very unlikely at this point. here's the brand new forecast path. look how much further south this is. the entire island of puerto rico is in a cone of uncertainty. we're going to come near antigua. the virgin islands, it's a close call. that's a 140-mile-per-hour storm. you don't want to get this that core. the whole northern portion of haiti and dominican republic, and then it's near cuba by the time we get through early saturday morning just south of the bahamas, and then at that point it's dangerously close to south florida too. the biggest word of advice, everyone in south florida, is get your preparations in now. all of our computer lines are in excellent agreement that the storm could get somewhere in the
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bahamas and then as we go through saturday into sunday, it begins to pull a little bit further to the north. all of the east coast of florida, west coast of florida, and even south carolina and georgia, this is going to be a close call sunday, monday, tuesday. we'll hope something changes in this forecast. it looks like we're going to have another big hurricane very close to the united states and lower 48 as we go through sunday, monday, tuesday, and then puerto rico on wednesday. >> really hoping that that irma can sort of take a right turn and go right back out to sea. >> looks like another billion dollar disaster. >> just can't catch a breath this hurricane season, it seems. thanks. >> howe university came into saturday's football game against unlv as 45 point underdogs. in the final minutes howard took a 43-40 lead with a touchdown by quarterback kalen newton, but vegas, they couldn't answer in their last possession. howard walks away with the huge win and the college football record for biggest points spread
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upset. all right. just ahead, everybody, why gas prices are rising and what's being done about it. it's the largest fire in los angeles county history. we've got the latest straight ahead. and a program note. tonight don't miss jacob's in depth look at america's opiate crisis. it begins in ohio where he spoke to local residents facing the epidemic and continues on the internet where he investigates just how easy it is to get fentanyl shipped directly to him from china. that's tonight at 1:00 a.m. eastern here on msnbc. haven't you ever wanted something more barry? watch your step. a pilot like you should be serving your country. you're c.i.a.? based on an incredible true story... we're sending you to columbia. of the c.i.a.'s biggest secret. i have helped build the biggest drug cartel this world has ever seen. tom cruise. all this is legal? if you're doin' it for the good guys. [ police sirens ] no mas. no mas. [ laughter ] [ gun shot ] woo! we recognize the dangers involved here. no you don't. shoot the gringo.
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what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. welcome back. showing the moment an suv crashed through a laundromat on sunday. several people were pinned inside that laundromat. six people in all were injured.
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witnesses say he hit the gas instead of the brake. police did not charnl the driver, saying it appeared to be an accident. pretty accident at that. all right. tragedy at the popular burning manifest val in nevada over the weekend. a 41-year-old man is dead after leaping into the flames at one of the event ceremonies on saturday. aaron joel mitchell broke through the security perimeter. firefighters on the scene started chasing him, but he were they were unable to actually stop him. testifies eventually pulled from the flames and airlifted to a burn treatment center where he died on sunday. authorities, they are investigating. one of the country's biggest fuel suppliers says it plans to reopen a critical pipeline today after it was shut down by hurricane harvey. at 5,500 miles. it normally carries more than three million barrels of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel from houston to the east coast. the company says fuel should start flowing again on tuesday. this could help lower national gas prices, which have spiked by an average of more than 20 cents
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per gallon over the past two weeks. los angeles county is in a state of emergency this morning as firefighters battle one of the biggest wildfires ever to breach city limits. over 7,000 acres have burned, destroying at least three homes. as of last night the blaze is only 30% contained. steve patterson has more on this. >> reporter: firefighters battling a blaze spread out over thousands of acres, forcing hundreds of evacuations, destroying homes in what's being called the largest fire in l.a. history. the so-called latuna canyon fire sparked friday, fueled by scorching temperatures, low humidity, and high winds, embers hopped california's 210 freeway creating a tunnel of flames before shutting down traffic. this weekend the flames marched into neighborhoods. >> we got to get this because if this oak tree goes, it will carry over. we got to keep that wet. >> reporter: more than 1,000 firefighters on the frontline strieg to stop the pretty
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creating containment on the ground, dropping retardant from the air. >> really, honestly, it's my worst fear. >> reporter: the fire is burning above tracy goldman's home. she and her family spen the day packing anything important. >> our honeymoon picture from 28 years ago. that can't be replaced. >> reporter: a few doors down we walked with sylvia family who just evacuated looking on as flames push into their yard. >> can you tell me how you're feeling seeing the flames right there and knowing that et cetera yoo you are house? >> sad. i'm a pastor, and i believe we're praying. that's why we're here. the fire will stop. >> reporter: the latuna canyon fire is one of 74 major wildfires burning in the west. suffering from a recordbreaking heat wave. in oregon more than 150 hikers were rescued after being trapped between two out of control blazes in the columbia river gorge. sunday the dark skies over l.a., a constant reminder of danger as neighbors hold out hope the worst is over. >> thank you to steve patterson for that report. just ahead, we're going to hear from singer harry conic jr.
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ volunteers have been showing up in waves in texas to help people affected by harvey. singer harry conic jr. was one of those in houston sunday working to help those in need. flbs's katie beck is in texas with much more on the volunteer
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efforts. >> reporter: when life is saturated by loss, when words fail. ♪ >> reporter: sometimes music speaks. >> hymns of hope inside a houston house of worship. songs replacing sorrow. >> i remember when my town, not too many towns away from here, got devastated by hurricane katrina. >> reporter: almost 12 years ago to the day singer harry conic jr. led compassion to a devastated new orleans. >> good luck to you, baby. good luck rsh wrinchts now he is one of thousands helping houston rise. a city that once opened its arms to katrina victims. >> this was the way to pay it forward. >> oh, yeah. i'll never forget houston for that. i have always loved houston. >> reporter: as the waters recede, volunteer efforts have flooded in. thousands showing up day after day in shelters and neighborhoods left in sham bells. >> i really appreciate that because we are really hungry.
2:26 am
>> reporter: sifting through the damage and lifting the spirits of strangers. >> it's actually easier to help than not to help. it's a lot easier to give than not to give. >> reporter: truckloads of essentials handing out food and spreading the hope that at some point life will be normal again. >> reporter: a week after harvey there is so much need. ♪ this little light of mine >> come on, y'all. >> reporter: but hope is not in short supply. ♪ this little light of mine >> reporter: katie beck, nbc news, houston. >> an incredible story there, of course. after so much devastation, we are getting some breaking news this labor day, by the way. some good news i have to say. kensington palace verifying with the duke and duchess of cambridge they are pregnant once again. kate middleton expecting her third child. some very big news coming out of the u.k. that's fantastic to hear. congratulations to them.
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>> any threat to the united states or its territories including guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response. the response both effective and overwhelming. >> the defense secretary warning nokt north korea's kim jong un following reports the rogue nation carried out its sixth nuclear test, shaking china and russia. a blockbuster report generating the intense backlash that president trump will end daca impacting over 780,000 people protected under an obama era program. neighborhood after neighborhood in houston still recovering from


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