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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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young immigrants to live if this country without fear of deportation. what will happen next? picking up the pieces. thousands of texans hoping to start the rebuilding process in the wake of hurricane harvey. how long will it take to get federal funds to help them? let's start with the escalating tensions over north korea. just one hour from now the u.n. will hold an emergency meeting to discuss a response to the north's latest nuclear test, its most powerful by far. at the same time, there are indications more tests could be in the works. on sunday, defense secretary james mattis drew a red line and warned north korea not to cross it. >> -- territories including guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming. >> we have a great team with me. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is live in seoul, south korea. kristen welker is at the white
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house. richard, this is nooerts sixth nuclear test but everyone seems to be taking this one far more seriously. what do we know about it? >> reporter: well, they're taking it more seriously because it has the potential to be put on a missile, according to north korea, and launched at the united states. in the past, earlier tests of nuclear devices in north korea, the bombs themselves were enormous. they were in some cases the size of trucks and that is not a very big danger. the bomb is the size of a truck and it exploelds underneath a mountain, there is pretty much zero risk that that bomb is ever going to make it to the united states and cause damage. this is a much smaller device. north korea showed pictures of what it says is a thermonuclear weapon that could be loaded onto an icbm, intercontinental ballistic missile, and fired at the united states, and that raises the stakes enormously. there are not that many countries in the world that can threaten the united states with a nuclear attack directly, and
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we've also seen over the last several months consistent improvement from north korea's weapons -- from its missile technology. these don't seem like idle threats anymore when you see their missiles getting longer and longer, the range, that is, and they're getting more consistent. just a few years ago it was almost a joke that every time the north koreans fired off a missile they would explode after a few seconds or after a few minutes. they're not exploding like that anymore. and that test that blew up under a mountain yesterday certainly got people's attention. it was very powerful by a magnitude not seen before. >> yeah. just to give people an indication, the u.s. geological survey said the earthquake it caused measured a magnitude of 6.3. kristen, obviously, the stakes here extraordinarily high. nikki haley making her way to the united nations. what's the administration's next
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move? >> reporter: all eyes will be on that emergency u.n. security council meeting. president trump doesn't have any events on his public schedule today, but he'll undoubtedly be tracking this crisis very closely. i wouldn't be surprised if he made a few calls to some of the other leaders, allies in the region. and obviously he's going to be briefed throughout the day by his national security team. now, yesterday what we saw was remarkable. we really saw the administration ramp up its rhetoric, escalate its war of words with north korea. you heard the defense secretary in that rare appearance outside the west wing say that the united states is prepared to take massive military action if north korea were to threaten the united states or its allies. and president trump effectively was asked yesterday if he's going to strike north korea, he said, we'll see. so really putting the focus on that potential military option. behind the scenes, though, the reality, chris, military action is still a last resort.
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it could have catastrophic implications for the region. it could lead to a catastrophic loss of life. this is what president trump tweeted yesterday, chris, really trying to put the focus on diplomacy. north korea has conducted a major nuclear test. their words and actions continue to be hostile and dangerous to the united states. north korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to china, which is trying to help but with little success. south korea is finding as i have told them that their talk of appease wmt north korea will not work. they only understand one thing. by the way, that accusation of appeasement roiling south korean allies. the president tweeting this, chris, the united states is considering in addition to other options stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. now, the reality is that would be difficult to d, to stop all trade with countries that do business with north korea, but the administration is looking at more sanctions and more sanctions specifically against chinese financial institutions.
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that would be a significant escalation in terms of turning up the heat on china to get serious about dealing with the north korean crisis, chris. >> kristen welker, thank you. richard engel, thanks to you as well. my panel, john finer served as chief of staff for secretary of state john kerry. careen john pierre from and contributing editor to bustle robert traynham. let's start with the diplomatic angle, what we'll see at the united nations 55 minutes from now. john, at this stage, what do you think the u.n.'s moves are? >> well, i think at this point the most important thing that can come out of the u.n. today is a real show of unity and increased pressure on north korea. obviously, this has reached a crisis stage. to the extent i have issues with the way the administration has handled it, it is that the first step in this situation should be reassurance, reassurance of our key allies, in this case principal
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principally japan and south korea, and instead of sending that reassuring signal which general mattis did e vmpventual send, the defense secretary, president trump seemed to g after the south koreans two way, one, accusing them of appeasement, and the other sending a signal he wants to renegotiate or leave our free-trade agreement with south korea. the timing for that in the middle of a crisis like this defies logic p. >> the problem, obviously, is deciding what to do, you usually are working with a set of facts, a set of facts we don't have about kim jong-un. the intelligence on him is sketchy. one analyst said we don't even know what he has for breakfast let alone what he's thinking in the middle of all this. sanctions haven't worked in the past. "the new york times" points out mr. kim has paid a very small price, if any, for the seib attack that took out 77% of sony pictures three years ago, no retaliation for attacks on south korea's banks, no retaliation for suspected theft of money for
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bangladesh's central bank. we could go on and on. how does our lack of information about how he'll react and our knowledge about what he may have play into this? >> well, you're absolutely right that our intelligence picture on north korea is limited, probably more limited than about any other important country for our foreign policy in the world. i think that's why a lot of people who have looked that the problem have said what we need to d is fall back on a policy of deterrence, sending a very strong signal as general mattis did yesterday that any sort of attack on u.s. allies, on u.s. territories, certainly on the u.s. homeland would be met with an overwhelming response. the people who have looked most closely at this problem believe the reason north korea wants nuclear weapons is not to launch some preemptive attack on the united states or lash out at north korea's adversaries in the region but to guarantee the security and the continued rule of the kim dynasty, the kim
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regime. as long as the united states can be strong, sending a deterrence signal to north korea and reassuring our allies, that's probably the best way at this point pushgs as you say there is a lot we don't know. >> in addition, robert, to obviously wanting to see what happens in the next hour at the u.n. security council meeting, tomorrow congress is going to be coming back. we'll wait to hear from some of those very serious leaders, some of the people who had the relevant committees. but, you know, you have a president who in just recent months has said kim is a smart cookie, he said he would be honored to meet him. on the other hand, a lot of people are quoting what they saw in "the washington post" today, which is from a former state department official who has dealt with both koreas saying that south korea basically sees kim jong-un as they worry that he's kind of nuts, and i don't think that they're alone in that. so what do you expect to see from congress on this? >> well, i think congress is going to d what it always does. it will be very slow and methodical and think this thing
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through, through committee vuk chur. you alluded to something that is a bigger pick chushgs and that is both the president of the united states and the head of north korea think out loud and they're unpredictable, put it that way. that's not what congress is when it comes to foreign policy. typically they're very much in lock stem with the committee chairman or chairwoman and thinking through in a traditional way. there's not a lot congress can to simply because the president is the commander in chief and the buck stops with him when it comes to foreign policy. the congress can persuade and influence the president behind the scenes and shore up the president's staff with public statements but not a lot they can do except kind of wait and see and try to help shape this president's thinking when it comes to how to respond to north korea. >> careen, do you agree with that, the congress has little influence on this president and that would essentially say the democrats are irvel rant in all of this. >> donald trump has the nuclear
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codes. he's the only one who has them, and he has proven to be very irrational and his inexperience shown to be very dangerous in these times. we have not been in this place with north korea in 20 years, and his saber-rattling of kim jong-un is potentially going to lead us on a path of war. and so congress has to start the debate. i know there's been two democrats who have introduced legislation saying that donald trump cannot go into nuclear war without consulting congress first. but the buck really does stop with the trump administration. and we have been told over and over again there is no military solution, none. and military experts have told us this. so we're just in a really dire situation here and donald trump has to -- we have to continue talking to him and saying to him this is not okay and congress has to step up here and continue
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to step up. >> so robert, what do you expect to happen tomorrow when congress comes back into session? what are we expecting to hear? and does it give you any comfort or do you think that people are being unrealistic when they say -- and we've heard it from a lot of republicans -- what they sort of are holding onto is that the president has surrounded himself with generals, people he respects, people who know the consequences of war, people who have paid the consequences for war? >> general mattis and general kelly are the two major players here. i think the secretary of state is not really relevant to this conversation. i think nikki haley has done a very good job but she doesn't have a lot of experience in this. i think all eyes will be on general mattis. you'll have members of congress, democrats and republicans, putting their faith in mattis. then they'll segue into domestic policy. as you know, we have harvey relief, the debt ceiling,
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appropriations bill. congress has a lot to d between now and the end of the year and they really have a pretty compressed time frame. i don't see tax reform coming in there. there's a lot they have do in the coming days. >> carik karine, i was talking howard dine about this in the last hour. you have to nuclear threat, the debt ceiling, daca now that the president and these attorney generals from 11 different states have put on the president's pressure cooker plate. so much going on, they still want to get tax reform done. how does all of this going on at once affect north korea? >> yeah. they have a tough time of it. republicans on the hill. going before the disaster, the natural disaster of harvey came along, they had a difficult september coming their way. and i just don't see how they're going to be able to d tax reform. there's still this question of even playing politics with hurricane harvey and taking a billion dollars from the natural disaster relief for the wall.
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so there's a lot there on the table, and honestly, look, chris, we are at an indplex poi inflection point. we're closer to war than we of ever been with north korea and we're hearing tomorrow he might do away with daca, which is another moral line that he would be crosscrossing, which is some that would be enforcing and advancing a white supremacy agenda and against what most of americans want. >> thank you all. dream deferred? president trump expected to announce his decision onda ka tomorr -- on daca tomorrow. what's at stake and what could happen to hundreds of thousands of immigrants who depend on that program to live in this country? and baby makes five. the big news on the new addition coming for the royal family. ect]
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president trump now expected to end an obama-era program that allows nearly 800,000 young'un documented immigrants to remain and work in the u.s. politico reports the president may cancel daca, although he would delay action for six months so congress can draft legislation, and that announcement could come tomorrow. i want to bring in washington democratic congresswoman to join us. happy labor day. >> you too. >> you've been a longtime supporter of this program. what's your take on this report, the president will give congress
6:18 am
maybe time to work on this but it could eventually be just a slow death for the program? >> it's incredibly irresponsible. this is a program that affects 800,000 young people across this country, and the majority of americans believe this it's a good thing for us to make sur that these young people can stay in this country and continue to contribute. now, you know, if he really wants to fix this, and he's not wrong that the responsibility lies with congress, that's what we tried do for years is get this program passed through congress, then what he should do is work behind the scenes, get a commitment from paul ryan and mitch mcconnell that they will take up this issue, and that they have the votes to pass daca. but the problem is that, a, here's not doing that, he's resorting to threats again just like he's always done, and b, he's playing to a very small diminishing part of his base that wants him to end this program. he's not ding any negotiating to make sure that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell can get this program passed and frankly they
6:19 am
haven't been able to d anything major in this republican-controlled congress so, they need to sit down with democrats, come together. we are ready. we want to make sure that daca can pass as a piece of legislation that isn't subject to the whims of an irrational president who wants to play to a small base. >> we have heard from paul ryan and i want to read what he had to say last week. i actually don't think he should do that, meaning get rid of daca. that i believe this is something that congress has to fix. do you see the need or the possibility for a legislative -- for legislative action on this program that both sides can agree on? >> i absolutely see a need for legislative action. this is something that should have been done, and we were very close many years ago. unfortunately, were not able to get it passed. it's encouraging that paul ryan said that, but just to say that is one thing. he is the leader of the house. he can put forward -- there are two bills right now, the bridge act and another bill, the possibility to draft new
6:20 am
legislation. we could pass that relatively quickly and actually we would have the votes in congress. we wouldn't have potentially a majority of republicans even though they should be there, but we certainly would have the votes to pass it and it's paul ryan's job to make sure we do that. but it should not be under the threat of ending the program, which is throwing the lives of so many hundreds of thousands of people, young people, into chaos. i mean, in my district, we have people who are moving their homes because, remember, when daca was instituted, we asked for people to come forward and give their information about where they live, be completely honest in disclosing everything about themselves. so now these young people have given that information and we're going to turn arnold and use it against them. that is just wrong and it really is creating incredible pain and suffering across our country in every single district. >> as you know, the justice department lawyers, and jeff sessions himself, the attorney general, has said to the president, look, this is not going to survive a court challenge. you have 11 state attorney
6:21 am
generals who are going to take this to court if something isn't done about it. so the uncertainty i guess in any case is going to be there. but do you believe it would hold up to a legal challenge? >> well, i think that the -- you know, i believe that it's a complicated legal path forward on daca. and what we need is for the administration to fully back the program and make sure that we can actually turn this into a permanent fix, a permanent legislative fix. it's very difficult to know exactly what the courts are going to d in any one of these situations, but the reality is that president trump putting out this threat of ending daca with no real solution in sight, when the majority of americans don't believe that the program should end. i think once again he's showing he can't unify the country, he can't move us forward in the critical directions we need to move forward on. >> congresswoman, thanks for taking the time. appreciate it. >> thank you. life after harvey.
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texas residents continue to return home more than a week after the storm first hit their shores. we're live on the ground in a city still under water. another major storm brewing in the caribbean. it could be the east coast taking a big hit from a category 3 hurricane irma. the latest update coming up. when this bell rings... starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected.
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11 days after getting hit by the most powerful storm in decades, texas is taking its first steps toward recovery. thousands of houston residents have made their way home to assess the damage, but as many families prepare to rebuild, residents in some other parts of texas remain under water. msnbc's mariana atencio is in viter, texas. a major road there flooded making it difficult for vehicles to come and to. tell us what the situation is on the ground there this morning. >> reporter: chris, we have gotten deeper into viter, this town southeast of texas, to give you these visuals of just how this town of 11,000 residents is almost completely surrounded by water. there is only one way in and out of viter at this point, and you
6:27 am
can see there is just patches of the highway that are completely surrounded and flooded in, making it very hard for residents to come in and out. people here are in desperate need of supplies, of water. there is a huge military presence here. yesterday the military delivered 60 cases of food to residents trapped inside of viter. they have also set up a command center about two miles from here with a mobile medical unit as well as a distribution center. you can just see how the water flooded this church over here to my right. law enforcement tells us that the water flooded more than half of the homes in vitor and they had to conduct 1,300 evacuations here. for those homes that aren't dealing with the water, i just want to show you that many of them are damaged by the storm. there are some homes to my right over here that appear to have been hit by tree trunks. so still a long ways away from
6:28 am
recovery here in the town. and we're also hearing, chris, that there are nearby cities like row city, four miles down the road where there are still hearing rescues happening and we're hoping to get closer to row city to bring you those images today, 11 days after this storm. it is incredibly hard to believe that this is still the situation on the ground. chris? >> be careful throughout, mariana. thank you for that report. since hurricane harvey made landfall more than 30,000 people have sought ref yunl at red cross shelters. 226 of them across the state of texas with more than 2,700 red cross workers on the ground providing meals, health care, cleaning services, so much to victims of the storm. but even as those efforts are under way, texas faces a long haul when it comes to rebuilding the state. jay bonnafide is chief communications office we are the red cross. as i'm watching the activity
6:29 am
behind you a she felt nor houston, tell me today, what are the biggest needs? what are you guys focusing on? >> i think the biggest needs as you can see behind me include the sheltering. we're in houston still. when 32,000 people are still in shelters there's obviously still that immediate emergency need for a safe, dry place to stay, food and water. that's what we're providing here at the george r. brown convention center. over a thousand people still here as well as across the state in the 200-plus shelters you mentioned. >> we said the top was 30,000, but you're saying there are still 32,000 and i believe that's down from what would have been the high number? >> that is correct. and that 32,000 was as of saturday night, the last count i received. that is way town. it was at 40,000 at one point, so it's definitely starting to go. as people start to return home, we're starting to focus a little more on the recover phase, so
6:30 am
provide people with comfort kits and cleanup kits, things like mops, buckets, bleach, rakes and shovels. we saw a warehouse that set up in the north part of texas to help e get those things into our vehicles and district them into the hardest hit areas, not only here in the houston area but the southeast part of texas that's been so hard hit also. >> obviously the red cross has far too much experience with this kind of thing. long after our television cameras are gone, you guys are still there for a very long time. give us a sense of what the process will be going forward. >> well, right now, again, we're going to work with our community partn partners, our government partners, other nonprofit agencies to find out when it's time -- as people can go home, make sure when shelters move on that everyone continues to have a place to stay and to work on that recover piece. these shelters will remain open as long as necessary but we want to get people into something more long term. that's not our role, we're not
6:31 am
going to rebuild your house, but we'll stick you during that process. we'll help you 1/2 dwnavigate t various agencies that can help out and make sure everyone gets to more permanent housing once this is ready to shut down. >> jay, thanks so much for being with us and for all you folks do. as texas enters its recovery phase, yet another hurricane threatening the caribbean and maybe even the u.s. hurricane irma, a category 3 storm, expected to pick up strength over the next 48 hours. nbc meteorologist bill karins has more. what do we know about it now? >> we don't know enough. so many questions on social media, people asking me is it going to head to north carolina, to florida, to georgia or south carolina, and it's too early. everything is still in play from the outer banks town to south florida. south florida at this sim-time is probably at the most risk and i'll explain that. and you would have to get the storm first if it did head your way earlier. so we're telling everyone in
6:32 am
florida prepare now because you'll have less time if it does directly head your way. you can see the storm. it is out over the open water. now all of a sudden approaching the islands from st. lucia, antigua, and throughout the virgin islands and there's puerto rico. that's the general direction the storm is heading. you can see the eye clear out there. s the strengthening. don't be surprised if it goes up to a category 4 later on today. currently the winds are right around 120 miles per hour. that's what the hurricane hunters have found. they're flying through the storm and will continue to do so about every 6 to 12 hours as it approaches land there. only 600 miles or less from the islands. here's the latest forecast path from the hurricane center. look at the cone is still over the top of puerto rico, although you can't to down the center line, but puerto rico is in the cone, so is the u.s. virgin islands and haiti and cuba. almost extending it into south florida.
6:33 am
when we get the updates today, i'm sure south florida will be in the cone of uncertainty. don't pay too much to the intensity because if it stays over water it could be this strong. if it goes over more of puerto rico and the mountains of hispaniola and coupa it would be much weaker. bad for them but better for florida if it was a weaker storm. you get the picture, no one's going to win with this storm the way the forecast path is setting up. it won't be a harmless head out to sea-type storm. you can see our computer, our spaghetti lines, these are different computers telling us where the storm is going to go. pretty good agreement towards the bahamas and cuba, five days from now. then what happens after five days? again, the destruction will be on the northern shore of these islands if the eye does come close to there, that's where we'd have the worst winds, the strongest storm surges, and also the heaviest rainfall. this high-pressure system out in the atlantic is what steers all the storms and this has been very strong. that's why it's been pushing to the west or south of west.
6:34 am
we do think it's going to weaken just enough to gain a little latitude as we go throughout next weekend. if the ridge stays stronger, it could push it towards cuba, weaken it a lot, be a horrible blow for cuba. if it remains weaker, we could see it turn to the north. again, still a 20% chance it heads out to sea. that's sunday. our two best long ranges have it off the florida coast monday and this is tuesday, eight days from now with the possibility of what's left of the storm, of ir irma, over the southeast. that's why all eyes for us are on the u.s., puerto rico first, two days from now, then from there we'll have to see what happens in areas of south florida. there's not many concerns out there during the day today. a pretty nice labor day forecast. i've already seen pictures from miami of like no water on the shelves, all the grocery stores -- people, especially after harvey, seeing what a storm can do, it reminds everybody, let's get my hurricane surprise.
6:35 am
>> not that florida needs many reminders. thank you so much for that. break time is over. lawmakers head back to washington tomorrow. at the top of their agenda, tack allege government shutdown that's looming at the end of this month. will republican infighting get in the way or can they overcome and get together to focus on this time-sensitive agenda? kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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to . the battle lines are taking
6:39 am
shape as congress prepares to return to weather trm after a five-week summer recess. lawmakers squaring off over the budget and it's not democrats versus republicans only, it's the gop waging war against itself. specifically and most immediately, republicans are clashing over harvey relief and raising the debt limit to avert a catastrophic first-ever default. republican congresswoman claudia ten knee of new york. i know you've heard what treasury secretary steve mnuchin has said. he wants to attach harvey recovery aid to legislation raising the debt limits, something the president supports. would you support that? >> well, i'd like to see everything in the package. hard to comment on a bill that hasn't been introduced. we call this in albany the big ugly, when you put a number of items together in one to leverage sides to bring us together. we'll look. i want to see what happens. it's critical we provide funding for harvey, much like we did for sandy and recovery efforts for new york state.
6:40 am
this is an important issue. harvey is probably the single worst devastating storm hurricane to hit our nation and we need to solve it. we have other issues as well that -- >> can i stop you there? people say we know the devastation, we know this is where the federal government can play a critical role. why can't congress do this without muddying the waters? why does there always have to be some sort of political attachment here? so for people who make that argument and, you know, i understand that you haven't seen the specifics of the bill, but as a theory, do you have a problem with attaching one to the other? >> theoretically, i like to see each bim and each initiative op its own merit, but this is the way it is and sometimes it helps us get things passed. sometimes you have to vote on things and make compromises. that's what ends out of play
6:41 am
happening. everybody wants a home run but sometimes we have to be comfortable hitting a single and hoping we eventually get ourselves incrementally where we need to be. i'm on the financial services committee. we have passed a national flood insurance program. new bill out of the committee, i think it's okay. i think it could have some revisions and after experiencing massive flooding in my region in the month of july, i'd like to revisit it but i'd like to see us move the a step where we can actually provide relief to harvey and provide a private insurance market going forward in the future where there isn't one now for small business own rs. many of the people who have been dech stated by this crisis find out they don't have insurance that covers their losses. so it's a complex issue. it's not that simple that you can break it down into sound bites. that's why i want to get in and see what the legislation actually offers whashg we're doing on a number of initiatives, whether it's the debt ceiling, harvey, we have to pass tax relief, we have to delve into what's happening with north korea, which is now posing what looks to be a fairly
6:42 am
significant threat to the security of this nation and to our allies, whetheritis japan, our protect rats in guam and other countries around the region. there's a lot going on. it will be very busy next week when we return to washington. >> as somebody who is a representative from new york, you saw closely exactly the heartache and the heartbreak that happened as a result of the infighting over hurricane sandy dollars. >> right. >> there's a lot of anger still lingering, especially from members of the new jersey and new york dell dpagss. so you have on one side people like the president and steve mnuchin. on the other side you have people like e mark meadows, mark walker. are you worried that the infighting, the disagreements within your own party could tie this up? >> no. i actually think it's really good that we're debating important issues dealing with the taxpayers' money. i know we need to provide relief. many of theseish shouse that have been caused are to ynd what we can even afford to fix but we need to provide a solution in
6:43 am
the long term. i would like to see us look at the long-term solutions. >> is this a debate over policy or is this a fundamental disagreement about how government should work, which it somes to me this is more about really the approach itself which was the question i was trying to get to in the beginning. i'm not sure that there is a disagreement between mark meld dose and steve mnuchin that some help is needed to the people of texas. the question is how you deliver it. >> right. that's coming up with a solution and the solution we're trying to find is something we're trying to find, one, solves the problem but two, respects the taxpayers. they're the ones footing the bill. looking fen at what we all agree on, what is the role of the federal government versus the role of the state government and local governments. are we intruding to the point we're eliminating our ability, for example, in the harvey situation to provide for a private market for flood insurance? this is an issue. but at the same time, we have devastating consequences that are -- or devastating situations
6:44 am
that has occurred and we need to fix it and provide relief to the people there and also find long-term solutions. it's not an easy task and not something that you're going to snovl a week. i'm hoping we can come up with a solution that provides immediate need next week and after that going forward we do find a solution that -- so we're not running into these problems over and over. now, i mean, that's the chronic problem of government is trying to find a solution and we're always putting band-aid fixes on issues without actually coming up with something for the long term. i'd like to see us come up with something for the long term but just like in the north korea or these other situations, we have to provide short-term relief and then come up with a solution. same with the health care issue. but we've provided a lot of solutions in the house already. we've been one of the most productive houses in a long time. we of pass sod many rules and regulations that have been -- that have rolled back needless bureaucracy for our businesses which would save us about $10 million in the next couple of decades with our cras.
6:45 am
those have been accomplished. our side, we passed the american health care act. though it's not perfect. we in new york state got some of the things we wanted out of that. it was just a bargaining chip to go forward. if the senate can come up with a solution, we can go back to the table and negotiate something that helps the american people. >> the polls show overwhelmingly the american people don't agree with what you all came up for the health care act. i want to talk about the immediate problem, the debt ceiling. september has a lot of holidays. there are only going to be i think two actual working weeks for month. bottom line, are republicans going to be able to come together, raise the debt ceiling before the september 29th deadline? >> the question is how we raise the debt ceiling. i think everybody agrees that at this point in a crisis, and harvey exacerbated this, how do we come up with a solution that puts us in some fiscal discipline going forward without compromising the needs that we have for some of the pressing issues?
6:46 am
i think we're going the end up doing that. i hopfully will have something included in the debt ceiling bill that will advance some physical discipline but also provide for the solutions we need that the american people are asking for. on the health care bill, people still overwhelmingly in my community want obamacare repealed, they want a solution. so we have to come up with a solution. the american health care act wasn't perfect. let's go back to the drawing board. i don't care what we call it, repeal, replace, repair. we have to do something that provides for the people that are suffering. those are the small business community, the people that provide almost 70% of our new jobs, the people we'll rely on to bring back our economy, especially in upstate new york where we really need the help. there are a lot of things we're doing aggressively. we just need to have the democrats stopping obstructionists, stop filing fake news stories and come out and help us, help us help the american people. they're not showing that they care. they're showing they're obsessed with issues that quite frankly many people are tired of hearing about. let's get down to the work that we need do in congress next week. the democrats have to be part of
6:47 am
this too. it isn't just about the republicans. they need to join us -- >> well, the republicans control the house and the senate and the white house. congresswoman claudia ten knee, i have to let that be the last word. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you very much. we're just 15 minutes from the emergency meeting of the u.n. security council following north korea's latest missile test. what action will they take, if any? olitis, the unpredictability of a flare may weigh on your mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go, and how to work around your uc. that's how i thought it had to be. but then i talked to my doctor about humira, and learned humira can help get and keep uc under control... when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb.
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we have some breaking news out of washington where president trump is speaking with south korea's president on the phone. kristen welker joins us now from the white house with more. kristen, what can you tell us? >> white house officials confirm, chris, that conversation is going to take place moments from now and hopefully we'll get a read out later this morning. it comes as the administration has been reaching oout to its allies in the region and the message is they need to turn up the heat on north korea to stop its nuclear provocations. the administration getting tougher in its diplomatic talk, threatening to cut off trade with any country that does business with north korea and, of course, yesterday, chris, it was really striking. the president saved his sharpest words for south korea. this is america's closest ally in the region. effectively accusing south korea of appeasement.
6:52 am
that infuriated officials in south korea, so expect that to be a topic of conversation today. and, also, it comes as the administration is considering scrapping a trade deal with the country. so, there's a lot at stake in this phone call. and it comes as the administration is also warning of possible military action against north korea, if it continues its nuclear provocations and specifically if it threatens the united states and the united states territory or its allies. the reality is, chris, as we've been talking about now for weeks and months the military options are very few. there are no good options. so, the administration really wants to find a diplomatic resolution to this with military force as a very last resort, chris. >> thank you for hthat update. >> jim warner is contributing editor at "us news and world report." erin, let me start with you. in addition to the suggestion
6:53 am
yesterday outside the white house we saw the defense secretary saying a military response could be in order. the president was also on twitter threatening action against north korea's trading partners. what is the white house strategy here? >> well, that's a good question, chris. but i would also point out that when president trump was asked yesterday about military action towards north korea, he said we'll see. and i think that particular comment and some of these others are directed just as much at u.s. allies and getting them to step up at what the u.s. strategy ultimately ebdz up being as much as it was directed at north korea. i think that's the big question is what is the u.s. strategy? what right now i think you keep hearing the administration say all options are on the table and that's because that they don't really have a strategy yet. i think that's a really important point and they need to start telegraphing what that strategy ultimately could be. >> you mention the allies and that's critical. you were reporting back in march on secretary of state rex tillerson's trip to asia, which included stops in south korea.
6:54 am
included a stop in china. what about our allies and what about using the people in the region. what is the white house looking at here in terms of cooperation? >> you know, obviously, chris, they are continuing to push china on this. obviously, we keep reading and hearing that president ping is starting to get ratled and may come to the table a little bit more with president trump. but, obviously, yesterday, president trump also said we could shut off all trade with nations who are trading with north korea in some fashion. so, they keep threatening this. but it's not clear yet how far the administration is really willing to go. >> so, we know, jim, that the president sent a tweet yesterday that south korea is finding, as i have told them, that their talk of appeasement with north korea will not work. they only understand one thing. and now he's going to be having this phone call with south korea's president. what's that going to be like? >> you know, increasingly, he
6:55 am
sounds like a bully without a pulpit, which is a phrase used yesterday by a texas a&m professor who is at the political science meeting. bully without a pulpit. so, he maybe raise his voice to help threaten him about some sort of trade cutoff. this is a "familiar conundrum." as erin has laid off. we have the same alternatives for 20 years. do you make a bigger show of military preparedness? do you heighten economic sanctions or do you do what the united nations will surely attempt and some way to do, again, stir up some sort of direct diplomatic negotiations. but the ultimate problem is, as another "new york times" and a headline this morning says is that the actions of this guy, of this young dictator "baffle"
6:56 am
americans and allies. it's the same old mess. >> happy labor day. thanks. >> pleasure. a royal announcement from kensington palace prince william and duchess of cambridge are expecting their third child. the duchess has been experiencing acute morning sickness and canceled a planned appearance today. the new royal baby will become the fifth in line of succession behind her or his siblings, prince george and princess charlotte. their experience is coveted. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of - researchers of technologies that one day, you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team.
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call, visit or go to that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. hallie jackson takes over from washington. >> i'm hallie jackson here in washington. you thought today would be a slow holiday monday. let me introduce you to something called life in 2017. an escalating threat that started building well before now over in north korea. right now at this second, the u.n. security council is scheduled to begin an emergency meeting on what north korea claims, we emphasize claims, was a hydrogen bomb test. its sixth nuclear test and pyongyang most yet. president trump, as you just heard, was just getting off the phone with south korea's president. this happened just in the last 10, 15 minutes or so. we expect to hear more about how that discussion went. some time in the next hour.


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