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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 4, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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nuclear test yet. south korea says to expect another possible icbm launch this weekend to coincide with the anniversary of the founding of north korea. the ambassador of the u.n. and nikki hailey broached the topic, but also spoke about the idea of having a trade war with china so they will do more. the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country giving aide to their wreck less and dangerous nuclear intentions. >> let's start with ron allen who is in south korea and halle
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jackson. south korea on edge, how are they reacting to this latest nuclear test. ? >> there is a lot of anger, frustration, and frustration in the talk about war that we are hearing today. here is south korea, the leader has been pushing for negotiations and for reconciliation and he is getting nowhere. in recent days we have seen more military posture. we have seen the training exercises that really send a message that they're getting more and more serious, they don't want to see a military confrontation. but they have been doing this
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because they feel they're just getting nowhere. they're also looking to the u.n. security council hoping for tougher sanctions to be imposed and enforced. will they enforce any other sanctions that the security council comes up with. there are a lot of people in south korea that are concerned about the conflicting messages to the north and the world. the cryptic messages. there are two unpredictable and impulsive leaders, president trump and kim in north korea, and there is a lot of worry about a misanswering.
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and disaster striking. no one is predicting that, but there is a lot of concern. north korea is on the front of this, seoul is just an hour and a half drive from the border with north korea. it is one of the most heavily fortified in the world. that is a huge concern here. so that is where south korea finds itself today, hoping the security council will do something more addressive. that there will not be a war of any sort. is this administration willing to go to war. i ask you that question about of that interview that steve bannon gave right before he left saying that we can't do any military action with them, it would be too catastrophic for them.
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is there something else going on? >> i lost the end of your question there, but i think you're asking about war for the administration. based on conversations that we have had, when you talk about military options you hear from people like secretary mattis that that would be a last resort. it would be potentially pulling out of the free trade agreement. i'm told there is not really a time line yet, and you have threats from president trump, his treasury secretary, to cut off trade with any country that does business with why in a. the president says a couple things. he talks about the talk of
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appeasement will not work, they only understand one thing. the united states is considering stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. even allies of the president. republicans have said to me in the last 24 hours or so. >> is there anyone in the white house that says why are you tweeting something you can't follow up with. it's like obama's redline, right? saying there is a red line in kir ya and not following through when that red line was crossed. >> yeah, it was a swetweet back up. the idea that they're still talking about this means maybe it was not just an erran tweet.
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they're talking about north korea and the unbelieve able slam coming up tomorrow. not just the debt ceiling, but tax reform, the president hits the road this week and i know the conversations are happening here about pushing in things before the big six meeting tomorrow. major challenges here at home and an escalating crisis abroad. >> ali, thank you for your time. ron allen, thank you as well from seoul south korea. christopher here is here. he was a u.s. ambassador to four countries including south korea. he is also a former secretary of state. i want to jump off from what we were talking about. this administration seeming to fall in line and they are considering stopping trade with anyone that helps north korea in
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any way. how do you stop all trade with china? >> on that, i think you have to listen to the music rather than the words. there is no way they can do that. >> so why tweet that? >> your guess is as good as mine, but i think they are saying if you continue trade with north korea we're toing to be angry with you, whatever that means. with the understanding that every country in the world has to face this north korean threat. i understand why they're saying it, but it looks od because they're not able to back it up. >> so this is north korea's sixth test. the magnitude has increased since the first. the last one just a year ago was 5.3, the new one 6.3.
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so what can president trump do that the other presidents were not able to do. >> i think this federation is pretty clear. i think when this president gets angry and frustrated he also loses his temper. they put secretary of defense mattis out there. and he was saying we don't want to annihilate them suggesting they went through a list of military options that everyone has pointed out are not very appealing and i think the other thing going on is the south koreans have had enough with the north koreans. i think you have to step back and realize we have a new country pointing a nuclear weapon at us.
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we have to work with china, but china can do more than they say they can do. >> but do they want to do more? >> no. i think they are split. in china i think they are split. some support the north korean goal which is to decouple the u.s. from the korean peninsula. we need to talk to them about what the outcomes look like, and i think just tweeting to them or making phone calls will not do it. i would like to see a kissinger type there. someone that can go through precisely what we need from the chinese. it is a fallacy to say that the chinese president has as much power as our president, he doesn't. it's not easy for him. i think we need to do a better
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job of engaging them and noting what we need from them, and not just sanctions at the u.n., we need a willingness to see how we can retard the program, this is deadly serious. >> a willingness and stier to work with us, who should they send? >> i think maybe they should send dr. kissinger, i think he still has a fast ball. and the idea to outsource it to them in return for trade consideration is not a serious approach to a serious country. i think secretary tillerson really needs to go through what they want to see from them and ask them what they could see from them. i think we could have a meeting of minds, i think all chinese are opposed to a nuclear option.
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they worry about troops more than north korea, and to those people, we need to make a better argument. >> happy labor day to you. we'll turn to the president's apparent plan to end daca. we'll give the president six months to interview, but if not, what happens to the students protected by the obama era policy. researchers of technologies that one day, you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team.
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this afternoon the fate of hundreds of thousands of dreamers is uncertain. nbc news says that president trump is planning on ending daca with a six month delay to have congress come up with a chance for a plan b. it protects nearly 800,000 immigrants that came to the country illegally as children. we have jennifer and paul here to talk about this further. paul, i want to start with you further, if it gets punted to congress, will they take it up? >> i don't doubt they will begin discussion immediately. if they can pass anything is a totally different issue. keep in mind there are other pressing things first. harvey relief aide, keeping the
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government open, things they have to get done. a six month delay is some time in nebraska. there is no reason to believe that congress could pass something then that they have not been able to do in the six years and eight years prior. >> to some degree president trump drops this thing in the middle of an election cycle. primaries will be going on in february of next year meaning if he solved it six months ago, perhaps it would have cooled by then. this means it will be a live debate in the middle of an election psych. >> gregory meeks was talking to kris jansing earlier about paul ryan's role. >> i hope that speaker ryan really steps out. i know he put out a statement that it would be a mistake, but he really needs to step up and let them know it would be the wrong thing to do. >> is that pressure going to
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mount on anything. >> we don't know what president's daca move is we should point out. >> you said a moment ago that this would be the cruellest thing if he was to do away with dreamers and deport the 800,000 folks brought here as children. you say some of the media takes seriously that he is conflicting, i'm sorry, trump is crestaling with the decision as if he was engaged in a great moral debate. that would be a first for trump who counting only winners and losers. the debate if there is one is whether or not to disappoint his immigrant base or two, as is his inclination, double down on a losing hand.
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which is it? >> i think he is doubling down. i think if he really wanted to save these people, there could have been a lot of things he could have done including telling congress to pass this as part of the harvey package and the debt limit increase if you really wanted to push things. this is an artificial deadline proposed by nine attorney's generals. the first thing that trump could do is go to those people and say please don't final this. we have taken this opportunity and more importantly i think people like jeff sessions and steve miller who have been supporters for this have taken an opportunity to throw red meat to the base. >> but he ran on this. this is not just him fluctuating between what he wants to do. chuck todd asked him early on if
11:19 am
they need to go, and he said salutely. . >> who knows what that means. there is tons of things he has not done that he promised to do. again i think this is just an opportunity to feed the base. i think to the degree that he thinks he will dump it in congress's lap, i think that is wrong. i think people will focus on trump as it comes right after charlottesville, right after the p pardon of the maricopa sheriff that practiced racial profiles and abused suspected immigrants. i don't think congress can handle it. they could attach it to the debt ceiling, and i think has a result, not only will you have 800,000 plus people put in grave
11:20 am
distress, but you'll have employers, universities, communities pretty much up in arms about this. i think it is the worst possible decision at the worth possible time. >> you said the party of lincoln has become the party of charlott charlottesville and arpaio. lindsey graham said i always believed that daca was a presidential overreach, however i understand the plight of the dream act kids who for all practical purposes know no home other than america. shouldn't everyone out there want this to be a legislative action? if it was not a sort of precedent that they want to hand over to a president trump. >> obama did his executive action because congress could not act at the time. i think everyone agrees if it is
11:21 am
don't between legislation, it is more sustainable. keep in mind, donald trump could in theory come out tomorrow and announce that he is revoking the program and nothing would change if still requires enforcement on the ground some place, if they just wink wink, it would not change the play on the ground. we have to see what he says, and them we have to see what it means. we don't know if what he says means what he say it's means. >> we will find out tomorrow, the white house is expected to make the announcement on tuesday. jennifer reuben and paul singer, thank you for being with us today. >> sure. >> harvey has passed and the flood waters are recedinrecedin. a look at what it will take to rebuild. we're live in houston where it is continuing to be a story. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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welcome back, i am katie turr, here are some of the other hi headlines from this our.
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firefighters are battling one of the alarmest firefighters that california has ever seen. the la tuna canyon fire burned over 7,000 acres forcing thousands of evacuations and destroying hundreds of homes. it is only 30% contained. this is just one of 70 major wildfires burning in the western u.s. fuelled by a record breaking heat wave. >> now to that video that surfaced last week of a utah nurse being arrested for refusing to take blood from an unconscious patient. she was going public saying she was just doing her job when she refused police orders. they wanted the patient's blood to determine if the crash victim was under the influence. she says doing that was against hospital policy. she was on the "today show" this morning. >> i feel a sense of urgency for this conversation. we need to make this better, it
11:27 am
can't be happening, it should never have happened, and if i have anything to say about it it won't ever happen again. >> she was detained for about 20 minutes. the two officers in that incident have been put on administrative leave. >> now to this video that i didn't give a chance to caution you before it hit the screen. this is dramatic video, surveillance videos captured the moment an suv crashed inside of a laundry mat in staten island. police said the 74-year-old driver said he mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brakes. no one was charged. as congress comes back into session, they will consider appropriatio appropriations. we're getting a closer look at the destruction left behind by
11:28 am
hurricane harvey. so far nbc news has girled that 43 people have died as a result of the storm. 32,000 are living in area shelters and 436,000 have requested assistance from fema. president trump made a second visit to the state over the weekend veeting a relief distribution center in houston. mia rodriguez is joining us now. we were talking about how others are getting back to their homes. this is a tough situation that is in no way near to being over. >> that's right, katie, not everybody is obviously able to go home. specifically on the west side of houston, the mayor issued a mandatory evacuation for 4200 homes that flooded during
11:29 am
harvey. the major doesn't want people going back home in case something happens. they need to call in first responders for whatever reason. they are trying to avoid that situation of first responders being forced to go into those particular areas. that is one set of people who will not be going home, and there are thousands of people that have been flood damaged. the number of people seeking shelter in more than 200 shelters that are across the texas area. there is only about 33,000 people in shelters at this point. 33,000 is a lot, but that's down from about 43,000 that we saw last week. slowly but surely some people are heading home or finding other places where they can stay, the red cross tells us they are in this for the long haul, take a listen. >> the red cross will be here for as long as we're needed.
11:30 am
we have a massive disaster, we're going to make sure people have a safe place to go. if we're in the position to help that take place. >> the next thing on the horizon, ir ma. >> emergency officials are warning of the flood waters saying you don't know what's in there and the homes that have been damaged by it, get rid of everything that is inside, the water the might have left things behind you don't want your hands or body anywhere near. mya, thank you very much. let's go to john, a former fema director for the southwest u.s. under president bill clinton. we're hearing quite a few people had asked assistance from fema,
11:31 am
436,000 of them. is the agency funded in such a way, set up in such a way they will be able to adequately help that large of a number? >> it will be a significant challenge. that kind of a number of people respe represents a lot of paper work that has to be done, money that has to be distributed. there are so many tasks, helping that many people out in a time frame. it will be an incredibly difficult challenge. fema is going to bring in the people they need to begin to cut down the times, and to reduce the sheer value that's aolumes. >> does that sound like -- >> it will be more than that. >> does it sound like a place to start? >> it sounds like a place to start until such time as they
11:32 am
are able to really evaluate the damage in many instances, they have not been able to get in the homes and communities, the flood waters are still there. even the communities where the water is going down, it will take some time to get in and see what you got, what you're dealing with. just start to assess how much damage has been done. based on our experience we can come up with estimates on what we think the damage will be, it will take some time to really know. >> walk us through what you think the damage will be when people get back in their homes. a lot of people in this country have no idea what to expect. we saw something like this on the east coast a few years ago when we were looking at sandy. but in your expertise, what should people be watching out for now? >> well, it has got into people's homes, this is not a cold climate, this is warm and
11:33 am
humid. you have growth of molds and all kinds of bad stuff very quickly. and soaked drywall is a great place nar to begin. in many instands ces it's on th inside and you can't see it but it is there. they will tear out the dry wall, they will take out out c carpetting, take the home down to the studs. >> yeah. >> what about the infrastructure down there as well. >> what about the pipes and things not directly your responsibility, but it will affect whether or not your house is livable. >> that will take time. unfortunately in a lot of instances, mud will have accumulated in the sewer
11:34 am
systems. you'll have backup of garage that was free flowing in the waters. as the waters went down, things that were floating would sink to the lowest point. it will be a huge task. they are just going to have to go to an organized approach using the right people in the right places to try to tackle it day by day. >> former fema director for the southeastern u.s., john, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we're standing by waiting to hear more about the relief efforts after harvey. they are expected to hold a press conference at 3:00. >> next, the threat from north korea. tensions are rising fast sparking that emergency meeting
11:35 am
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11:39 am
war on the peninsula. >> that was nikki hailey and the chinese ambassador at an emergency session of the u.n. council earlier this morning. it is in response to rising tensions after yorng ya-- pyongyang's claims they tested a hydrog hydrogen bomb. joining us now is the republican congressman from florida. francis rooney, one of them, at least. i want to talk about the president's stance on the north korean threat. we saw him tweeting about it, and now he is talking about ending trade with all countries that do business with north korea.
11:40 am
>> i think that level of economic ice slags a good goal. i don't know how you could enforce it, literally, but i think all of the political pressure and isolation we can put on north korea is a good part of our opportunity to turn it around. i think a lot of those we give money to that we can bring pressure to bare. >> what about china? that is a country, is it a goody to say we're not going to go after them amore, and how does that affect regular folks here in america? >> i think it can be very dangerous to unravel the trade relationships we have with china. i hope that we can go there and say people that deal with north korea, we're going to blacklist
11:41 am
and not trade with about and at the same time get china further and further engaged. we have cut back their imports from korea and siding with the security council a few weeks ago. >> senator ben carden weighs in on this, what is going on between north korea and president trump. i want to play it and get your reaction on the other side. >> the president's tough talk has not changed his opinion on north korea. they want to put the type of pressure on north korea that chances their options. >> do you agree that diplomacy
11:42 am
is still the best option and that the military option is not a good one? >> it's too dreadful to contemplate. i agree that we need to resolve and tiff fut the tensions, and i think some of the things they said is true that they're not looking for regime change. that lays a good ground work for people across the world to engage. >> our reporter out there in seoul south korea is saying those in the asian peninsula are finding it confusing and frustrating to hear so many different responses and strategies coming out of washington. the president has very aggressive tweets, talking about fire and furry, talking about cutting off trade, and then you hear different responses, does it concern dwlu this
11:43 am
administration has not yet been able to consistently speak with one voice on this issue? >> i do think in this diplomatic world sometimes what you don't say is more important than what you do. if i look at it from kim's point of view, he says every time i do something bad, they talk to me for awhile, they slap on a sanction. and i think deals about talk and threats, and more -- if you want to go talk to somebody go talk to china, kim. >> who should they listen to? >> i think that is another component, casy, that we need to do. we just passed one of the larger increases in spending so we can
11:44 am
show our allies they're on the right side of history with us. >> congress thank francis rooney, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me on. >> absolutely. >> next, a deeper look at the fall on capitol hill. lawmakers have to raise the debt ceiling and pass a federal budget, too. but can they do all of that? hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. the average family's its witnessed 2 diy duos, 31 crashes, 4 food fights, and the flood of '09.
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it is back do work for congress tomorrow, and they're returning to quite a long list of to-dos including funding for harvey victims, a spending bill to avoid a government shut down, and there is also tax reform. to break all of this down for us, i'm joined now by rick tyler, cofounder at foundry strategies, and harold ford junior. . you refuse to shorten it, even though i have asked you to numerous times, harvey funding
11:49 am
will get tied to the debt ceiling it looks like. steve mnuchin was talking about that over the weekend. >> we believe it should be tied to the harvey funding. we want the state to get money, it is critical, if i don't have the ability to borrow more money and pay for it, we can't get that money to the state. >> you said it well at the outset. the president, mistakically said that he could not support a debt ceiling increase. this makes it easier for him and frankly because they're only doing it as a down payment, they will have to come back two or three times so there will be time to add additional things. so tax reform that is still
11:50 am
unlikely to happen, but because you have the harvey funding, it's more likely than not more things will get down. >> i was going to say it allowi wall being included. though tying harvey to the debt ceiling, rick, is there going to be an issue or potential show down with the freedom caucus over this. >> i think absolutely. i think the freedom caucus may even balk at this. we'll see. this is a down payment on harvey funding and harvey is going to cost hundreds of billions of dollars. this is going to be hundreds of billions. this is a very small down payment. but as harold said, i think it does make it easier for it to pass and so it probably likely will pass. that's got to happen first and then they've got the budget. and then they'll have to be dealing with daca. >> daca, the budget, debt ceiling, harvey. is tax reform something that they should be doing right now? >> well, tax reform is something i think a lot of small
11:51 am
businesses around the country want and there are big businesses interested in it as well. i think a lot of people have baked this into their assumptions and thinking how they're going to spend. i think you can find a lot of democrats including me wanting to see some tax reform done. but it can only be done in an orderly way. i think the comments of mccain over the last few days and roy blunt all making clear has an equal role to play and the president should expect them to play that role thoroughly and -- >> autonomous, that they said buck the president when they need to, support him as well. but they are an equal cobranch of government. given this relationship it's want going so well most of the time. are they going to be able to get anything done? >> well, it all depends. on the tax reform bill you can get it through reconciliation,
11:52 am
50 votes plus the vice president. that mike likely. i think as harold says there are democrats who do want tax reform. it's really whether the democrats really want tax reform or whether they feel like they can keep the president and the republicans from having any legislative achievements in 2018. so far they haven't. there's nothing to run on. >> does it benefit them to do that, though? >> to rick's point and your question, if the tax bill was one that benefits only the wealthiest of americans, i think you're going to see a lot of push back. if middle class americans, that small businesses are benefiting from, i think you'll find some people wanting to support that. and there are a number of democrats up for election next year. the issue that's going to nominate is north korea. it looks as if we're headed in a direction, we're either going to have a monumental achieve here or we're going to head down a different path.
11:53 am
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after weeks of what feels like bad news, finally we got something happy kwept to share
11:57 am
with you. there's going to be another royal baby. kensington palace made the surprise announcement earlier today. nbc's bill neely is in london with the latest on the new prince or princess. >> reporter: a late summer surprise. baby number three is on the way for kate and william. the news broken in a tweet, showing a smiling duke and dutch he is saying they're very pleased to announce thoo the dutch he is of cambridge is expecting their third child. a longer statement says she's suffering from severe morning sickness and has canceled a visit to a london's children's center this morning. that condition more than anything is why news of the pregnancy has broken so early. and why it's not a surprise to some. >> it'sment a surprise. i think all of us have just been sitting waiting for this announcement. i think most people assume she would want to have three. she's one of three. >> there was no obvious sign the dutch he is was pregnant, just
11:58 am
an intriguing hint from her six weeks ago in poland when she was handed a toy for a newborn baby and laughed about having more. the dutch he is has suffered acute morning sickness during both her pregnancies. it was so severe during her first with prince george she had to be treated in hospital. the news of new life follows last week's somber commemoration of the death of princess diana 20 years ago. george turned four in july. charlotte was two in may. the queen, who was carrying out an official engagement in scotland this morning, is said to be delighted. well, the new baby means it's even less likely that prince harry will become king. he now moves down the line of succession. he's out of the top five. as for when the baby will be born? probably late april, early may. we don't yet know if it's a boy or a girl. but that hasn't stopped the crazy betting here on the gender
11:59 am
and the name of the baby. alice is an early party, but only, of course, if it's a girl. back to you. >> you know, i spent a little time in london and they do really get tripped up over this. >> very into this whole thing. >> and can i tell you something in prince george is the cutest thing -- >> so you don't think prince harry -- >> no, he doesn't care. i think he's said as much in interviews. i don't think anyone cares they're not going to be king in that family. >> except charles. >> i don't know. listen, what do i know. i don't know anything, but how desirable is it to be watched like that, to have every move you make criticized and broken down, to be living your life in the public eye. i think that would be very burdensome. harry can, you know, be a little freer. >> makes sense to me. i have learned that you follow this a lot more closely than i do. >> listen, though, what do i know? i don't know nothing. i just lived there for a few months. >> good to see you, my friend. >> same to you.
12:00 pm
happy labor day. how did we get roped into today? >> have a good afternoon. i'm ali velshi. right now we're following breaking news in north korea. president trump and south korean moon jay inspeaking by phone today for the first time since north korea's most powerful nuclear test yet, a test that could be a game changing advance in its nuclear capability. the north claiming it detonated a hydrogen bomb. that's a big deal, and i'm going to break that down for you in just a few minutes. but we're still waiting for read out of that conversation from the white house. south korea's presidential office says the two agreed to limit the pay load on south korea missiles as part of the response. also today u.n. ambassador nikki haley. >> despite our efforts over the past 24 years, the north korea nuclear program is more advanced and more dangerous than


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