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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  September 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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politics of yesterday still not getting paid today? >> no, i'm not. >> i'm with you. >> spend on candy and beer. >> willie? >> i've been working pro bono for ten years. >> ladies. >> democratic president. looks like we're seeing the shift happen in real time. >> shift? we knew that. >> of course. >> that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> i love it. mika hit willie with a "know your value." i'm stephanie ruhle with a lot to cover starting with 1 million people in the dark. hurricane irma barreling through the caribbean and keeping up its steady path toward florida. >> we boarded up the house and we're hoping for the best. it that's all we can do right now. >> and it's question time. donald trump jr. headed to capitol hill to talk with the senate judiciary committee. you know what about. it's that meeting he had with the russian lawyer at trump tower last june. >> the critical part of his
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testimony will be following the financial dealing, the approaches and promises that were made about the meeting. >> and president trump choosing sides, surprise, surprise, infuriating republican leadership by making a deal with democrats. >> we had a very good meeting with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. we agreed to a three-month extension on debt ceiling. >> we begin this morning with hurricane irma, the worst-case scenario now looking like a category 4 or even a category 5 hurricane slamming into our own miami this weekend and the governor of florida expected to give us an update any minute. when we get that, we will bring it to you live. in the meantime, this storm is showing exactly what it can do. 180-mile-an-hour winds blacking out much of puerto rico, killing nearly a dozen people in the caribbean, and almost wiping out one island completely off the map.
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we have a great team covering this storm all over the caribbean. i want to start of course with nbc news meteorologist bill karins, who is tracking irma's path. bill, gives the latest. when i talk to people in puerto rico, as worried as they are about having a complete blackout, they feel relieved that this thing has gone north of them. >> an important point. they only missed the eye by about 40 to 50 miles. they got bad winds, but they didn't get devastation. that's what we want for south florida, to get the storm about ho 40 miles off the coast so we only have minor impacts. we don't want the impact we're forecasting. miami is expected to get the worst-case scenario right now. we have 60 hours to change that. well-defined storm, a huge major hurricane, a cat 5 for two straight days, the longest we had in recorded history was three days and we think this could top that. here's the forecast path.
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5:00 a.m. from the hurricane center, only two hours away from the new path. they take it right through the florida straits away from cuba, 150 myrrh winds south of miami. they weaken it down about 30 miles per hour from now. but this angle of approach into south florida, we'd be talking about obviously the wind damage and horrific storm surge too on that northern side. then they take it off the coast, somewhere around jupiter, florida, vero beach, and into the south carolina as category 2 or 3. wide-range impacts all through the coast. we're very confident in this landfall in south carolina, georgia area. how close we actually get to the miami airitis still a huge question. let me show you two of our computers. these are forecast for the hurricane. this is the european model, this is the american model. 9:00 a.m. sunday, this is closest approach, when the worst would be in the miami area, the european model goes smack right into miami. this is worst case. this would be billions of dollars of disaster in the region from miami through west
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palm beach and first lady. t ft. lauderdale. the american model is off the coast. that's a huge difference. that would keep the eyewall off the coast. it's not set in stone we're going the get this horrific storm through south florida but as of now that's the forecast from the hurricane katrina. we'll watch all these squiggly lines. these are all of our this you are cane computer models. they come out every six hours and tell us what the storm will do. if it turns earlier like the yellow line it's offshore. if it turns later like the green line, right through miami. that turn will be occurring saturday afternoon into saturday evening spop if yo if you're wa from around the country, that's the key. when you start to hear myself or other meteorologists say the storm has made the turn to the north, if it's saturday afternoon, that's more offshore. more saturday night, that's right in through south florida. that's how close of a call it's going to be. i'll show you one last thing. we show you so many squiggly lines. this is our american model. the one i showed you that was
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offshore, the white model, these are all a little different. we tweaked the mod toll see what would happen with a different parameter and these are all the variations. the trend is definitely either off the coast or up through south florida. this there there's a couple other lines that are far off but we look at the general trends. south florida, prepare for the worst, we have hopes for best. but time the getting short. we should get our hurricane watches out with the 11:00 advisory, the mandatory evacuations are under place and we're very close to seeing another significant billion-dollar disaster on the heels of harvey. >> multibillion dollars. dear irma, please head east. i want to g to puerto rico, which just beginning to assz the damage from irma. nbc's morgan radford is with us. because the eye of the storm missed puerto rico, maybe the
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insurance money from fema will help with the infrastructure there that is in so much need of repair. >> reporter: i think that's a really optimistic assessment, stephanie, because to say it missed, it was 55 miles north of us. that's pretty close. we were feeling definitely those outer bands of hurricane irma last night. many of us spent the night in shelters, hunkered down, our cell phone signals were often going down, the lights flickering on and off and many people waking up this morning to a scene of devastation. the governor of puerto rico just held a press conference and said that flooding was his biggest concern today. more than 6200 people were in almost 500 shelters across the island, even 500 pets were being given shelter. this is kind of what we're seeing as people are leaving those shelters, unclear of what we thai eel go home to if a home at all. we were there yesterday and spoke to one woman, she was 21 years old, just finishing school, trying to get a job and she said she left her home, came
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to the shelter with what she could carry, basic necessity, medication, a few changes of clothes and that was it. today she's trying to g back home hoping it is still intact. more than a million people are waking up this morning in puerto rico without any power what sofer. and in addition, the health secretary has just declared a public health emergency here so, we're hoping those funds are going to keep the ground safe, clean up some of the damage from the flooding and make sure people with can get back to their homes. >> to the next storm stop, turks and caicos, then the bahamas. rehema ellis is live in nassau. the sun is still shining where you are but when i look at other parts of the caribbean, places like st. bart's, st. maarten, demolished. what's on the ground in the bahamas? >> reporter: what's that done to people here is made them really nervous. there's a bevy of active going
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on. this is a water filling station. people are coming to get these kinds of thicks, five gallon jugs of water and people started lining up at 3:00 this morning. i talked to a man, he had a pickup truck with 22 of these inside his pickup truck because he wanted to replace them for the full bottles pap woman in the line seven cars back got here at 4:30 in the morning and said she is nervous and scared because of what she's seen happen other places. other people are too. you can only see a small portion of what's going on here. if i can have jeff pan over a little bit, you see the entrance of this filling station. the cars are 400 to 500 vehicles deep of people lining up to get water. there is anxiety here on this island now about what's about to go on. i showed you headlines yesterday. look at this one today. yesterday it said get out, today it says evacuated. more than a thousand people were indeed evacuated from southeastern bahamas, and today
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we are hearing that they expect, authorities expect that the storm is going to begin to hit in the southeastern portion of this country by this afternoon, 3:00, and then it's coming up here. i was told by authorities this morning this entire island is now under a hurricane warning and people have to get prepared. we've got some pictures of what they were doing, folks who were boarding up shopping centers, boarding up windows of their homes. in addition, we went to supermarkets and people were loading up their shopping carts with as much food as they can carry or as much as they think they needed and we're going to ride out this storm. all police and military leave, that has been canceled. they're expecting a tropical storm surge here that would go from 15 to 20 feet. that is serious and people are taking it seriously and getting prepared. stephanie? >> rehema, i want you to stay safe. now we have to turn to florida. at least 25 now, people have already evacuated the keys and
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millions more are hunkering down. nbc's kerry sanders is in sunny isles, a place where the well-known trump tower property located on a barrier island just north of miami. we know gas and supplies are running low, but how are people there coping? >> reporter: let me give you an idea of how low fas is. you can see here, no gas. station after station like this. gas buddy is reporting in south florida, that is monroe, dade, and broward countys, the greater miami area, that only 38% of reporting stations have gasoline. and all you have to do is -- to find one is drive in your car and if you see a long line, that's a station that has gas. here's the complex part of the problem. today is sort of a drop dead day when people say, okay, i really do need to leave. you have people who earlier in the week not procrastinators,
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they got on the road. the people who-in the drop dead zone are saying i need to leave and looking at their gas tanks and going, i need to get gas because i didn't want to wait in the line earlier. it's only gotten worse and worse so now it becomes a critical juncture and on top of that, there are a lot of people who are going to stay put. and those people who are going to stay put are also getting gasoline even if they have a half a tank of gas. somebody pulled up a short time ago had a half a tank of gas asking me where she could get some gas. i said are you going to say? she said yes. i said off half a tank. what do you need to top off for? this is a compounding situation. if every person staying has a half a tank and topping it off, they'll be adding to the problem for those trying to get out of town. it's sort of a complex nature of problems that all tumble onto each other. the one thing that i can say is
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after hurricane andrew, 25 years ago, a lot of things changed in this state and among them is every gas station is required to have a generator. why is that important? well, that have hurricane mitts we know there will be massive power outages and when people start coming back to life a di or two after this storm passes through, they will need to start getting gas and if a gas station still has some gas in its tanks, the generator should be able to power the pumps so that people can get gas. but at this point, a lot of desperation and, stephanie, i have to tell you, i've lived in south florida a long time, been covering hurricanes since 1982. i've gone from central america up to the tip of long island chasing hurricanes. i would say probably more than 60 hurricanes in my career. and i have never seen sort of the panic that i see right now because this storm is 175 miles wide and the state of florida is thinner. so people can't just run to the
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west coast of florida and they're looking at es caping to the north and they say where do i go. that's why so many people are heading to georgia and north carolina and trying to cut over maybe the panhandle to alabama. this is a massive storm and i can't stress it enough. desperate times for people and that's even before the storm hits. >> 175-mile-an-hour winds. get your head around that. kerry, thank you so much. think about this. more than 2.5 million people are in the maiami-dade county and could face a direct hit. mariana atencio is at miami international airport as people are trying to leave town. krir was talking about people looking to drive north. you have people trying to get on planes and get out of the region entirely. >> reporter: that's exactly right. because of the shortage of gas, people have been coming to the airport because they know that small win toe of time before they can get out is closing in on them. stephanie, flights have been canceled left and right here.
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this is the line for the canceled flights. it's been like this since 4:00 in the morning when we arrived here. we've been talking to families who spent the night with their small children weather their elderly parents and pets trying to get as far away from this monster storm as they can. many of them feel frustrated and they know that's what's going on around the country window is closing. let's listen. >> i arrived yesterday about 8:00 at night. >> reporter: you slept at the airport. >> that is correct. well, we tried to sleep at the airport and the miami airport doesn't really have accommodation for that so people were sleeping on the floors, the second floor tx third floor, wherever they could find space. e. >> reporter: the airport remains open for now. the cutoff point we heard from the face-off nor yesterday is sustained winds of 35 miles per hour. so for now, miami international airport is functioning but again, that hasn't stopped airlines if from canceling flights and there's why we see so many desperate people here
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trying to get out while they can. stephan stephanie? >> mariana, this is extraordinary times. look at all those people in that airport. we're going to take a quick break. up next, donald trump jr. expected on capitol hill. right now being interviewed about his meeting with a russian lawyer during the 2016 election. what if anything will we find out? remember, the story about this meeting changed, changed and changed again. later, president trump siding with democrats. that's right. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer agreement on extension of the debt ceiling. could the bipartisan deal widen the rift between the president and his own party? is that what trump wants to d? >> today president trump announced a new plan to fund the government for the next three months. that's right. trump's going to pay his taxes. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i'm stephanie ruhle. you are looking live at an emergency management center in hialeah, florida, where governor rick scott is about to hold a news conference. we'll have that live when it happens. a different storm brewing in d.c., donald trump jr. on capitol hill this morning meeting with staffers on the senate judiciary committee, investigating russia's involvement in the 2016 elections. you thought the russia thing was going away? guess again. the transcribed interview is expected to focus on that june
6:20 am
2016 meeting in trump tower between don junior and the russian lawyer who promised information that could be damaging to hillary clinton. msnbc's garrett haake is on capitol hill right now. garrett, what exactly should we expect to come out of this meeting? don junior is not under oath and this meeting, if you remember in the beginning, it was all about the orphans. >> reporter: that's right. he's not under oath but the most interesting thing to come out of this meeting will be the transcript. donald trump jr. will sit down for about two hours with staffers from both par tis represented on the judiciary committee and it will be a thorough process. they'll go through that meeting line by line, ask him about his responses afterwards, and i think there will be questions about not just the meeting itself but what happened afterwards, were their follow-ups, calls, e-mails? the meeting has been reported on but the questions about what happened afterwards are is not.
6:21 am
this will be a staff-conducted interview, but some senators are expected to probably pop in. one of those senators today explained why this is so useful even as a staff interview behind closed doors. take a listen to richard blumenthal on "morning joe" this morning. >> i think of it more like a preparation for a trial, much like a deposition, where a witness may be asked questions and we can use his answers to potentially impeach him when he testifies at the public hearing. in other words, to contradict him. >> stephanie, one note about the optics of all this today, remember a few weeks ago when jared kushner was on the hill doing a similar interview p? when kushner came, his people knew every reporter on the hill knew when he would get here, where he would go, walk dound a hallway with his head held high, like nothing to hide.
6:22 am
we have half a dozen cameras at the entrance to the capitol. we have no official idea when donald trump jr. will be here and if he'll say anything to the cameras. the atmosphere is very different today. >> don junior, don't worry, we have more cameras. we'll find you. i want to bring my panel in. steven kornacki, national political correspondent for nbc news, and msnbc contributor, eddie gladstein. this is the closest this investigation has got on the president trump himself. we've seen donald trump say don junior, he's a good kid, but this today even though don junior is not under oath, is this not getting us close or the that, hey, could his dad have been obstructing justice here in terms of the narrative with heard around this meeting? >> it entirely fends on what he says and what he's asked and depends on what the follow-up is and depends on what the facts are and we don't know all the facts. that's what the purpose of an inquiry like this is to find out. i think what garrett said is key
6:23 am
to keep in mind, this is not one of those hearings you usually think about where there will be all these cameras, where the witness is going to get up and sworn in, where each senator is going to take five, ten minutes here. this is going to be the staffers, this is going to be a written record, this is not going to be legally binding in terms of being under oath. this is the setup for what we believe is going to happen and that is a full formal hearing where each senator will go around and take turns. from the democratic side you can expect grilling pretty intensely. this is providing the source material for that later formal hearing. it will be the more traditional hearing that folks recognize. >> it could end up being a net positive for him. after jared spoke, adam schiff said this was a productive day. almost seemed like jared's -- it didn't seem to make things or with for him. >> i don't think it made things worse and i don't think it will make things worse for donald trump jr. if he is honest. >> hold on.
6:24 am
that depends on what the truth is. >> it's a bit conditional. but i think the point steve is making here is really important and that is this is one step in a broader process and the transcript is actually important here. so what he says on record here will have an impact on the later pats of the investigations. >> last night nbc news had an exclusive conversation with that russian lawyer who had that meeting last june with don junior and paul manafort and kush kjared kushner and she was if robert mueller's team has contacted her. >> translator: no. i haven't received any such requests. you know, the more i analyze this situation i find myself in, the more i'm beginning to feel as if i were in some show, a movie. i played the lead but no one has discussed with me or shown me the script. >> this is a show. it is reality tv hitting the white house. what do you think of that, steve?
6:25 am
>> from a layman's perspective it's surprising given the developments, the reporting that's emerged about where the mueller investigation is going, looking at statements that donald trump and donald trump jr., statements his father may have helped him draft about that meeting, if that's one of the areas of investigation, if she hasn't been contacted it's surprising. there's a note of caution really required here that we just get these little momentary eruptions, some tidbit will emerge from the mueller investigation, some tidbit will e emergency from what these committees are looking at and there's a temptation to extram late it to a million different directions. what i am confident in and do know is that mueller has a team of professionals and they've got a strategy and i'm sure they're executing pit. where that will lead them and in what order i don't know. >> an all-star team. put the tidbits aside and think about "the wall street journal," owned by rupert murdoch.
6:26 am
did an op-ed a few weeks ago that said president trump, if you want any shot of having a successful presidency, be transparent, open the kimono as it relates to russia. when don jr. sit downs today, beyond questions about that meeting last june, do you think they'll dig into business ties? again, donald trump himself has said over and over again, russia, i got no business there, i've never built anything there, yet don junior said at a reals tate conference in 2013, russia, that's where they get an outsized amount of their financing. we know eric said we don't need u.s. banks. we have russian banks. do you think who finances their businesses is going to be a focus today? trump himself had said that's a red line for him, he opportunity want to hear they're looking into into the family business. >> absolutely. i think one part of the hearing today will involve the actual meeting. the other part will drill down into some of the financial connections with the russians. there are in pieces of the puzzle. we get this one piece in the
6:27 am
corner and we think, there it is, but it doesn't give us a sense of the picture. seeing from the judiciary committee to the -- there are pieces being put together. until we begin to see the image we need to be careful here. and i think the only thing we need to know is that he's putting something on paper. he's saying something. we have the transcript. we can now use it to judge his later comments. >> can i ask before we go what i specialize in, when is dump questions? to garrett haake's point earlier, they don't know when don junior is coming. we have six different cameras in six different locations. it's the opposite of the setup for when jared came. why would this be don junior's strategy today? >> in terms of not wanting us -- >> the cameras are going the find him. why not say here's where i'm going to tb, here's the time i'm talking in the front door? i don't understand why he wouldn't. >> strategically my guess would be there's an inclination that hast this is not a normal, formal congressional hearing. there's a chance with other things in the news maybe this
6:28 am
slips a little more under the ray --. that would probably be my guess strategically. >> that was not their m.o. this is how the trumps behave, period. >> i don't get it. don junior, we're going to find you. walk in the front door. don't you think that's a smarter strategy? what do i know? quick break. right now looking live at an emergency management sent nor hi hialeah, florida, where moment where from now governor rick scott will be holding a news conference giving us an update on the state of evacuations, the forecast and what florida is doing to prepare for these 180-mile-an-hour winds coming their way. it is hurricane katrina, now a category 4. excuse me. irma. ♪
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welcome pack. you're watching msnbc. i'm stephanie ruhle. it is time now for your "morning primer," everything you need to know to start your day. we we ginn with hurricane irma pounding the caribbean. category 5 hurricane has killed at least nine people and it could make landfall in florida as soon as this weekend. this story caught my eye. facebook revealed a russian company with ties to kremlin bought more than 100,000 grand
6:33 am
worth of political ads touching on imfrags, race, and gi rights. if congress does not agree on legislation to protect dreame dreamers, the courts might do it. 50 states filed a lawsuit challenging the president's decision to end the program. the washington national can cathedral has decided to remove two stained glass windows honoring robert e. lee and stonewall jackson. jo and police believe this massive wildfire in oregon may have been started by a teenaged boy who was setting off fireworks. authorities haven't filed any charges yesterday. in today's "money, power, politics," my favorite part of the show, touted donald trump's deal making ability when he ran for president. now that ability, it might be come back to haunt him after he sided with democrats on a deal to keep the federal government open and ratz the nation's debt ceiling. >> we had a great meeting with
6:34 am
chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, and the whole republican leadership group. and i'll tell you what, we walked out of there, mitch and paul and everybody, kevin, and we walked out and everybody was happy. >> well, then weather me now "new york times" political reporter and msnbc contributor jeremy peters and my panel, steven kornacki and eddie glau. iermy, your latest story is titled "for conservatives, donald trump's deal with democrats is a nightmare come true." how so? >> if you think about it from a conservative perspective, stephanie, what they always feared was that donald trump would sell them out. there were these lingering doubts about the sincerity of his conservativism, the conviction of his beliefs, whether or not he would be true to himself or true to them. yesterday they may have gotten an answer to that question, an answer that a lot of them didn't like. i spoke with a number of
6:35 am
conservative movement leaders yesterday afternoon and they were in a state of shock. i think of course this is not a clean break from trump. there's not going to be at least at this point some mass conservative defection away from him because of course you have the next three mos to have these fights over the debt ceiling, the budget, funding for the wall, tax reform. there's plenty of time for trump to redeem himself and we ultimately don't know what his play is here. >> jeremy, i'm sorry to republican leadership, you get what you get and you dent get upset. why did they think -- to you, eddie, why are they surprised by this? when you see donald trump in the room with chuck shumer, he knows chuck schumer. he and nancy pelosi can communicate. no one ever thought that mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, and donald trump were like-minded home boys. how are they surprised by this? >> i don't know. it's the spin, perhaps, but, you know, look, during campaign
6:36 am
there was this kind of standard description of donald trump as nonideological. >> he's not. >> that he was transactional and yet he was still the nominee. talking about trump in this regard, if he's not ideological, if there was a general description of him as such, why would you expect him to toe the line with regards to conservative issues and principles? he's cultural warrior. this that sense, they come together. but when it comes to these other questions, he's more of a democrat than anything. >> i have to interrupt because rick scott is now taking the podium at that emergency center in hialeah, florida. and i do want to point out he did avert our cameras. don junior has made his way in the building preparing to sit down to answer those questions. now to rick scott. >> -- category 5 stworm winds of 180 miles per hour. category 5, 180 miles per hour. based on what we now know, miami-dade will have major
6:37 am
hurricane impacts with deadly storm surge and life-threatening winds. we can expect this all along the east -- the entire east coast. the florida keys should be prepared to start feeling the e facts of the storm as early as tomorrow night. look at the size of this storm, it's huge. it is wider than our entire state and could cause major and life-threatening impacts on both coasts. coast to coast. regardless of which coast you live on, be prepared to evacuate. floridians on the west coast cannot be complacent. just because models show it going along the east coast, the west coast will still have hurricane conditions and these storms can move and change. remember, hurricane andrew is one of the worst storms in the history of florida. this is much worse and more devastating on its current path. irma has already caused multiple fatalities. this storm is powerful and deadly. we already have people in the caribbean that have passed away, died. we are being very aggressive in our preparation for this storm.
6:38 am
every floridian, every family should take this seriously and be aggressive. you have to from text your family. positions can be replaced. your family cannot. this is serious and we cannot take chances. it is life-threatening. this is not a storm you can sit and wait through. one of our top priorities right now is fuel availability. we know there are problems with supply at gas stations and are working around the clock to get fuel to you. last night i sboek all the fuel retailers. i just got off the phone just a couple minutesing a with the oil companies. i have been very clear to the retailers and the oil companies that we have to get the fuel as fast as we can out so everybody has the fuel to evacuate. we need to know exactly what their needs are so we can solve their needs. the issues include fuel availability from our ports, federal rules and regulations, and getting fuel to gas
6:39 am
stations. to address these concerns we're doing the following. i've spoken to fema, the department of energy, epa, and the white house about waving federal rules and regulations to get as much fuel possible into our state and through our ports. i've directed state law enforcement to provide escort services to gas trucks to get through traffic so they can get to the stations faster. one of the issues is getting from the ports to the stations so they can put the fuel there and then get back and get more. right after this i'll be talking to all the fuel distributors. we know fuel is very important. we're absolutely devoting every state and resource to addressing this and we're talking to the federal government about their support. while we're making progress, you will see lines or out annals or unfortunately. i know this has to be very frustrating. we will not stop working on this. if you're concerned that you do not have a way to evacuate
6:40 am
because of a fuel issue please call 1-800-955-5504. that's dedicated transportation hotline. if you're in an evacuation area and you dent know how to get out, we will get you out but you've got to call us. if you are -- call us now. do not wait. if you're in an evacuation area, do not wait to get out. we're not going to be able to save pool once this storm hits. if you know you're going to a shelter in your county, please take only the fuel you need. you dent need to fill your tank to the fwroim stay in your own county. i've said many times you have to take what you need but we have to be considerate to try to get as many people the fuel they need. the gas buddy app is a great resource to find open stations with fuel. yesterday i asked the governors of alabama, south carolina, and georgia and north carolina to rescind weight and driver regulations so out-of-state resources could move
6:41 am
expeditiously into florida. all of these states worked quickly to respond to our request and we have waivers from georgia, alabama, south carolina, and north carolina. i've spoke within elaine chao. they of lifted federal regulations to get gas to florida quickly. all ports are still operating to bring fuel and supplies in. we are laser focused on how to get as much fuel to our ports as possible while they are open. i have offered school buses for transportation needs in monroe, miami-dade, and broward countys. at this time, miami-dade is using these services to help evacuate those with special needs and broward has buses on standby. monroe has said they do not need buses right now but our offer still stands. right now there is mandatory evacuation order in effect for the florida keys. this means all residents and all visitors. i was down there yesterday to do everything we can to make sure citizens can get out. we estimate there are 35b9 1,000 people that have evacuated from the keys as of 6:00 p.m. last
6:42 am
night. if you near the keys and do not have a way out 1shgs 80-- call e number. if you near the keys and still at home, leave and get out. we can't save you after the storm starts. you're going to have unbelievable wind and storm surge. the entire lower keys hospital has been evacuated. all other hospitals in the keys will be evacuated today. i've been very clear with monroe county the state will provide whatever resources are necessary to get the hospitals back open quickly following the storm. i went through andrew and that was an issue getting hospitals back open. we have a task force to devoted entirely to respond to the keys. for the remainder of the state waiting on evacuation orders listen to your local officials. they will tell you if and when your area needs to be 'vak waited. the you're told to evacuate, you need to get out quickly. the roads will fill up quickly so you need go. we're seeing a significant
6:43 am
number of people on the roads. we can expect additional evacuations as the storm continues to get nearer to our state. miami-dade has order evacuation for zone a and zone b. if you live in these zones and you're still home, leave now. the roads will get worse the longer you wait. volunteer evacuations being ordered in collier county. broward county has issued volunteer evacuations of mobile homes and low-lying areas dpop not ignore evacuation orders. remember, we can rebuild your home, you can get your possessions again, but you can't get your life back. regardless of which coast you live on, be prepared to evacuate. this storm can change. right now the track is on the east coast. it can change. floridians on the west coast cannot p complacent. traffic. i know many of you are in traffic. please be patient. realtime traffic information and routes are available at we're watching all this and
6:44 am
we'll do everything we can to keep these roads open. we have traffic cameras on every major roadway in the state and are clearing traffic issues real time so we can keep people moving. fdot and law enforcement are work diligently. we're already seeing bottlenecks at major highway junctions which brings up an important point. you d not need to evacuate out of the state or hundreds of mile ace way to stay safe. find shelters in your county. we are coordinating with google's response team to close roads in real time in the event hurricane irma forces a closure of any roads in the aftermath of the storm so you'll know if the road is closed. at my direction, all tolls have been waived across florida roadways. this should help families evacuate quickly and safely. if you're conditioned that you d not have a way to evacuate, 1-800-955-5504. we will do all we can to get you out but to not wait. the national guard. activating another 3,000
6:45 am
national guardsmen to help are shelter operation and evacuations. today we'll have more than 4,000 members activated to begin assisting ongoing preparation. these men and women are putting themselves in harm's way to stave lives of their fellow floridians. we can never thank them enough for all they do to keep us safe both in their service to our nation abroad and in response to emergency like hurricane irma at home nape ear helping us while many of their own families thereof evacuate. they work with the florida fish and wildlife commission. national guard members will be assisting utility companies following the storm and they respond to return power to homes and businesses. 13 helicopters and more than 1,000 technical high water vehicles are on standby ready to be deployed. by using resources from other states we also have 30,000 troops, 4,000 truck, 100 helicopters and air evacuation crews ready to support our state. i talked with president trump
6:46 am
and vice president pence yesterday and they have offered the full resources of the federal government to support us. we of requested the following. tarps, water, baby food supplies, supply trucks, search-and-rescue personnel, equipment and incident management teams. we of made several requests to the department of defense for readiness and response. we've asked for military aircraft with water capability. personnel, resources and national guard that were federalized to respond to texas have now -- anybody that responded to texas has been mobilized to come to florida to assist us if we need them. we of asked for a military vessel like marine or navy ship to sustain shuttle operations and complete ship to shore emissions, to move crews, supplies to the mainland. i mentioned the major concerns twr florida keys regarding any potential destruction of bridges. they have over 50 bridges down there. if you lose one bridge it's lated everybody south of there. if we lose a bridge, people will
6:47 am
be stranded. fema is look og into options to assist with this. i of also discussed that with the white house. i of discussed importance with fema about the need to help every hospital get up and running when the storm passes. the federal government has prepositioned medical support personnel and disastered in cal assistance teams en route to florida. these rapid response teams have provisional medical care for those who need it after the storm. the wildlife commission is preparing teams for potential deployment. they have more than 200 officers standing by for the first wave of response based on potential storm impacts. 30 30 teams with supporting resources such as trucks, coastal river, patrol boats, atv and shell draft boats are preparing for evacuations for search-and-rescue missions or any additional needs. they've coordinated with partners in texas, georgia, tennessee, louisiana, arkansas
6:48 am
in case resources or more officers are needed. they're monitoring road and traffic conditions. there are no major problems so far on our roads. fdle has established 18 emergency response teams for deployment to impact in areas. utility providers. they or actively prepositioned resources throughout the state and in neighboring states. we know from previous storms how incredibly important it is for power to be restored quickly. fpl has activated its emergency response plan. i know they're one of the largest providers in the state. we're working with out-of-state utilities and electrical contracting companies to secure additional resources. they have opened more than 20 staging sites throughout the area. lake okeechobee. water levels in the lake are still being lowers and the lake is currently at 13.67 feet.
6:49 am
we still at this point do not have major concerns about the dike. we will immediately advise if any of that changes. shelters. if you're evacuating for keys, you can shelter at florida international university. there's absolutely no reason for anyone not to evacuate if you're orders to do so. shelters are available and you should follow the directions of local officials to go to the she felt that are fits your needs. the you need a hotel, go to expedia is working on hotel occupancy in real time. for the restaurant and lodging industry has encouraged all hotels the wave pet policies, offer shelter and be compassionate with cancellations. families can learn where shelters are in their area. comcast, more than 137,000 free xfinity wi-fi hotspots throughout the state for individuals in need including
6:50 am
noncomcast numbers. at&t, verizon, t-mobile are all helping with hotspots. meals, shelters, support, trailers and water at the state lo gist you cans resource sent nor central florida for logistics center as needed and fema has resources in alabama. we are prepositioning these goods to help everyone in the storm's path. we need volunteers. we have had more than 6,800 volunteers sign up in 24 hours. so, thank you for that. this includes more than 1,000 state employees. this is great. we need more. we need a total of 17,000 volunteers statewide. you can go to volunteer to sign up for volunteer opportunities or call 800-fl-help-1. we need more volunteers. they help with shelters, food
6:51 am
and response efforts. broward, leads, glade, okeechobee are closed today until further notice. every florida family must prepare to evacuate, regardless of which coast you're on. we are 100% focused on making sure floridians and visitors have timely information on this storm and will continue to closely monitor irma and issue updates throughout the coming days. [ speaking foreign language ] i'll be happy to answer any questions anybody has. [ inaudible question ] >> so we have -- i've been talking to the corps. the corps right now, in
6:52 am
tallahassee along with general holland out of atlanta and they have done inspections. it's at 16.68. we can take on a lot more water right now. the big risk they have there, of course, is to get too much water. and it looks like so far, you know, subject to change, this storm is moving fast. we would not get the same sort of rain that texas got. that could all change. the biggest risk on the dyke at coke choeby is too much rain. we're doing the same thing with canal. so we're trying to make sure -- we get a lot of rain. and issue with miami dade is not just the rain but the storm surge. if something changes we're going to tell you. we can take a lot more right now
6:53 am
at 13.68. >> i think it's gotten to 18.67 or something without anything happenin happening. >> 14.68 feet they can take a lot of water right now. for whatever reason it just sat here and dumped rain, that's their concern. their concern is not the wind right now. [ inaudible question ] >> yep. so turkey point, of course, will be closed at the right point. and the -- i've been talking to fp & l. they're all prepared to do t we're preparing both, to close it and how to reopen it. the big issue on reopening it, we have to have the evacuation
6:54 am
zone completely clear so we've worked a plan with the national guard and with fdot to make sure it's ready to close but also ready to reopen. we have to survive this storm and then we've got to get back. so whether we close a hospital -- i went through this back in andrew. we have to work to get them reopened. we're going to prepare, try to keep everybody safe. we're going to recover everybody and then get everybody back to work as quickly as we can. and we're thinking about all of them. [ inaudible question ] >> no, they're not -- they'll have enough power. think about it, usage is going down as people are leaving i was talking to fb &p & l about that.
6:55 am
issue will be power lines, typical storm. downed power lines, debris. we'll have to deal with all those things. that's why we have got all these crews coming in. i talked to all the utilities. they're all bringing crews in all across the state. and now with gulf power, not appearing it will hit the western part of the panhandle, they can provide more crews to us also. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we've got to do this trump daca tweet. all right. there we have it. the press conference taking place in hialeah, florida right
6:56 am
now, governor rick scott warning people in the state of florida just how serious this storm is. though it has averted somewhat puerto rico, really the eye of the storm hitting about 40 miles north of puerto rico, it is still going after, hard, the caribbean and heading toward south florida. nbc news meteorologist bill karins is tracking irma's path f you're listen to governor rick scott, if you're anyone in the state of florida, knowing what a narrow state that is, you're worried. >> two big updates, one before midnight and then until about 2:00 a.m. we do that again in our 12-hour cycle from now until 2:00 this afternoon. we're starting to get some of our new model data in. these lines are predicting where they're predicting the storm to be. the eye is about 20 miles wide, 30 miles wide. you don't want to get into the eye. that's where you get the catastrophic damage.
6:57 am
these are all different models, consensus model here. as we go, this canadian model here just off the coast of flori florida, that's only about 25 miles off the coast. so that likely would put the western eyewall on shore. if we get something like this yellow line, hurricane work model that's 50 miles off shore, almost closer to what matthew did, when it went right over this island in freeport and the bahamas. that's what we'll be tracking so closely, stephanie, throughout the next two days. if we get that path 50 miles off the coast, the eye will stay out of southeast florida. one of these tracks a little bit closer to the coast, 33 miles away, or only 20, 30 miles away, that would bring the eye that much closer and we'll get that much more damage. so finite, the angle like this makes it a very difficult forecast. there's not a forecaster or computer model that knows exactly how far west this will go before it takes the northwards turn. that will happen saturday afternoon. we'll be staring at it right here. as soon as i see that northward
6:58 am
turn that is when i know how bad it will be in south florida. until then we're preparing as if this category 4, maybe even category 5 hits miami. that is definitely a possibility. we still hope we get that offshore track. all our friends up here, we're still pinpointing areas north of savannah, hilton head island crushed by matthew, a good chance of getting nailed again and as far north as myrtle beach or south carolina, category 2 or category 3 hurricane, which is very significant in its own. and the beaches up here were ravaged by hurricane matthew. they didn't build themselves up. they'll be very prone to the storm surge as we go through monday night. so, this is like 48 hours of hell, stephanie. that's what i'm calling this storm. we'll get the new update from the hurricane center in about one hour from now. >> 48 hours of hell, i don't like the sound of that. bill karins, thank you for that. we're covering this for you throughout the day. this wraps up this hour. thanks to eddie and steve. i'll be back again with my friend, ali velshi.
6:59 am
coming up right now, more news from my friend and colleague, hallie jackson. >> thank you, stephanie. scary stuff happening in florida. we're watching that monster storm aiming at the southern united states as another one brews here in washington. let's start with irma, setting its sites on the bahamas, then florida and possibly georgia and carolinas. president trump has a briefing of what the federal government is doing to get ready. his son, by the way, is talking behind closed doors to a senate committee about his possible ties with russia. new report out this morning from inside the oval office with republican leaders blindsided by the president's latest move. we're expecting to see what will probably be a victory lap from leader pelosi later this hour. we're bringing it to you live from that podium. we just heard from paul ryan. forecasting the fallout here in
7:00 am
washington and forecasting that massive storm developing in the atlantic with our team this morning. we want to get a quick check on the preparations in florida. there are more evacuations from the southern part of the state happening right now as you heard from governor scott just a couple of moments ago. >> the size of this storm is huge. it's wider than our entire state and could cause major or life-threaten iing impacts on bh coasts, coast to coast. >> msnbc's marriana artenzio, people have to evacuate. if they go to the east coast they may still end up in the path of irma. >> reporter: because the storm is so huge, hallie. now we know there's a shortage of gas. hitting the road is also a challenge. i've been at the airports since 4:00 in the morning today. this is the line for


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