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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 8, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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mids the of a massive relief effort following hurricane irma. good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. snoo we're very concerned. we are working very hard. we have tremendous groups of talented people there. the people of florida are like the people of texas, louisiana. you have seen how the people of our country have reacted under this tremendous pressure and these horrible things that very call hurricanes. this is something that is probably beggar not as much water, but much more power than harvey. breaking overnight. a powerful earthquake hits off the coast of southern mexico triggering tsunami warnings. >> plus, the senate passes a
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hurricane relief bill, but top republicans are still stung. is it a sign of things to come? zbleerjts good morning. it's friday, september 8th. in a moment we're going to get to the news breaking over the massive earthquake just off the coast of mexico on the pesk side. registering an 8.2 in magnitude. it happened off the coast, and there have been a number of after shocks in at least four people dead this morning. we're going to get to that story in just a minute. >> first, we're following irma. of course, this morning millions of people across florida and george goshlg and the carolinas are under a state of emergency bracing for hurricane irma. the monster category five storm has already been blamed for at least 12 deaths across the caribbean overnight. hurricane irma pullermmelled th turks and caicos, and the storm
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is on track to make a potentially catastrophic strike on florida over the weekend. >> more than 650,000 residents of miami dade county were ordered to evacuate jamming highways up and down the same. it's stronger and could be much more devastating than andrew. >> let's get a quick update on how the path of the storm was playing out. let's bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> nothing too major. still looking at very kroes to worst case scenario for the state of florida. the bigst change in the 5:00 a.m. have had advisory, no longer a category five. we're now looking at a category four. it's as strong as you get from category four. that's down from the peak. remember, 185 when it was near
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barbuda. now it's heading south of the bahamas. it's going to play an important role. how cool as it gets to cuba. this is the new forecast. when taking it out, this is saturday at 2:00 a.m. 155-mile-per-hour winds. just off the coast. >> it could weaken the storm more. bad for cuba. it's just off shore and only continues to weaken slightly. at 150-mile-per-hour winds. very close to landfall at 2:00 a.m. here in the keys, and then heading pretty much due northwards straight up through the state of florida. this is pretty much unchanged from when everyone went to bed.
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it's still areas from florida, south of florida, miami, in front of the worst of it, and then the storm surge would be all the way through the southern half of the peninsula. still a category two over the top of orlando and even the tarp tampa area. then it weakens rapidly as it heads up to gornl george. forecast has kbraufd for areas of eastern north carolina and also for our friends in coastal south carolina. some minor tweaks and changes overnight, but we're still looking at a brutal storm. 155-mile-per-hour winds versus 160. >> msnbc's tom hendricks is on the ground with a picture of what that looks like. thousands of people ievacuating. you've even heard of supermarket shelves running low. what can you tell us? >> we just experienced the gas
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shortage here live about a minute ago. this is when the pumps just went dark as people were here trying to fill up. the guy that just pulled out with the last remaining gas here filled up with $85 for his car and a couple of gas tanks. they only had regular left. i heard the colleglick. we saw the lights go out. this place will be dark. across the street there's already been a steady stream of cars at the gas station across the street. gas buddy is an app that a lot of people are using right now. last night it gave a demonstration of what was in the area in ermz it of gasoline for miami and fort lauderdale. it was showing at 9:00 p.m. a 42% chance of outages.
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>> we'll see you back at 5:30 for an update and the long stream of cars over there. >> live for us. thank you. marianna, how are residents preparing there from what you have seen so far? >> people are franticly stocking up on anything they can get their hands on. bread, canned goods, water, batteries. any supplies. i've been on the ground in miami for 48 hours now, but i've also seen how those supplies have started to run out very quickly. it took our crew two hours just to find any water at all. here in broward county at this public licks in hollywood, florida, people tell us there was a line of about 100 people yesterday when the doors opened. you can start to see some folks trickling in waiting to see if they can get their hands on
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anything that is left to ride out the storm. we also saw delivery trucks delivering what they can. one delivery man telling us they can't get the stuff down here fast enough. for those people that are deciding if they'll stay home and ride out the storm here because of the shortage of gas, because they can't get out through my mie international airport, stocking up on supplies in the last window to do that may be closing in on them today. >> we'll check back in in just a bit. thank you. we want to turn now to that massive earthquake in southern mexico, we were telling you about at the top of the show. the associated press is reporting that at least five people, including two children, have been killed in the tobacco state of the country north of the epicenter. the initial earthquake was so strong it could be felt 700 miles north of the capital, mexico city, sending people fleeing into the streets.
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>> what's the latest you're hearing from casualties in the wake of this earthquake? >> identify heard there's a lot of damages in the state of -- which is the state that is also under the tsunami warning. there's a lot of buildings and other things. here in mexico city we don't have a lot of damage. not in the part, areas that i'm at. yeah, it was a really strong one. it was very scary. we felt this around midnight. >> all right. alex live for us in mexico. thank you. the president is one chamber away from getting his first major deal of his administration up for a vote in the house today. it guarantees nearly $8 billion in hurricane harvey aid raising the debt ceiling and continuing the budget for the next three months. it easily cleared the senate yesterday with 17 votes against all from republicans. >> what we're doing in this body
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today is not draining the swamp. what we're doing is running a whole bunch of hoses to the edge of the swamp turning them on to the highest possible volume flow and then turning our backs on the swamp and shouting there is nothing to see here. haets that's what we're doing. we're doing the opposite of draining the swamp today. >> i was a little surprised, quite frankly. i think negotiatesing against ourselves. the debt ceiling doesn't get in the markets sort of the long-term certainty we need, and democrats have us in a box in ermz it of the end of the year. other than that, it was a pretty good deal. >> the president sort of sell out his own party here? >> i think he did what he felt was right. he didn't talk to a lot of people. snoo the president savored the deal. the president was upbeat as he phoned the house and senate leaders on both sides, and later in the day during a meeting, the president referred to the democratic leader by name as he
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looked ahead to a new chapter of bipartisanship. take a look. >> i thought it was a very, very friendly -- it was a meeting that we all wanted to get together and do something, and i think the primary reason was because you look at north korea, you look at the hurricane, you look at what's going on in the middle east, and i said, frankly, it's time that we walk out and shake hands and have a deal. they agreed, and i will tell you, it was -- there was a lot of spirit in that room. a lot of good spirit. >> republican house speaker paul ryan may soon be facing a challenge from the idealogical edge of his party. the washington post reports that members of the freedom caucus are weighing a challenge to ryan. in fact, the paper reports that for weeks the group's leader congressman mark meadows of north carolina has been meeting with ousted steve bannon at the capitol hill office of bannon's website breitbart. in conversations with friends and associates, bannon has reportedly described the potential move against rooen as the beginning of a war against the republican establishment. the group has gone so far as to float the idea of recruiting
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former house speaker newt gingrich or, in fact, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum as potential replacement for ryan should there, in fact, be a rebellion. the speaker does not have to be a sitting member of the house. sfwloot swamp is in full control as far as we're all concerned. both sides -- >> who is -- >> is the president part of the swamp now? is that what you believe? >> he couldn't get what he wanted done. >> you don't blame him for being frustrated and saying why should i trust the republican leadership? they couldn't deliver to so imauto going to work with these guys? >> i wouldn't go that far. the swamp is beening in ermz it of the forgotten man.
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>> as you can see, it's a head shaker, and that's what a lot of republicans are doing, and, actually, quite a few democrats are doing it as well because they too were shocked at that deal came together. nick mull veiny coming up to capitol hill to talk to the house republicans. in their congress meeting trying to sell this deal. this three-month deal. many kwvgz, especially the ones that he was closely associated with as a co-founder -- okay, let me say that again. a co-founder of the house freedom caucus opposed to this deal. they think if you heard dave brat, i mean, they're very upset with their leadership for being taken by surprise and not working with the president as much, and actually not working with the conference as much and those individual caucuses within the conference, those various interests like the conservatives in the freedom caucus to come together and do eye debt ceiling
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or at least get ideas out there to pursue once congress came back from recess. the leadership didn't have that. like you heard dave say, it's not necessarily president trump's fault, it's more so the gop leaders issue and right now trust between the white house and the gop leadership on capitol hill, it's a little shaky according to jeff duncan, a republican of south carolina. >> i want to ask you about paul ryan. werp that he had dinner with president trump last night. in fact, afterwards the speaker had to go out and put on a happy face for the press yesterday about a deal he had actually come out against earlier in the week if you remember. in fact, here's what he said yesterday. >> look, i know there's a lot of interpretations and all this stuff about the meeting yesterday. isn't it a good thing that congress yam leaders talk? i mean, that's probably a pretty good thing. number one. number two, the president made it really clear and what he was aiming for in that meeting
2:14 am
yesterday was a bipartisan moment while the country is facing two horrible hurricanes. >> compare that to what he said earlier in the week when he was adamantly against that deal with the democrats. where does their relationship stand as of now, you think? >> you know, the relationship between paul ryan and president trump, i think, is better probably than the relationship between mitch mcconnell and president trump. mitch mcconnell -- paul ryan can only deliver the president so many -- i mean, so many "wins." you'll see president -- you'll see paul ryan say, listen, in the house we've passed something like 200 pieces of legislation. it's sitting over in the senate. in fact, i hear that from frustrated members of the freedom caucus who talk to paul ryan the other day about their frustrations. i think that on that level it's not, again, as tense as it is between mitch mcconnell and president trump. it's going to be interesting as we saw 17 republicans voted
2:15 am
against that three-month deal. what will be interesting is how closely mitch mcconnell worked with the president and the white house moving forward in terms of pushing a tax reform package that can actually get approved in the senate and perhaps the president thinks that i've heard this from one or two republicans that by reaching out and doing this bipartisan deal with democratic senator chuck schumer that that could perhaps help him get some democrats to weigh in and to buy in to tax reform. >> all right. live for us in washington d.c., molly hooper, always good to have your insights. freedom caucus chair mark meadows will be joining morning joe later this morning. still ahead, donald trump jr. goes in front of senate investigators. we're going to show you what happened on capitol hill. >> we'll be following the latest on hurricane irma as the category five storm barrels towards the united states. we'll be right back.
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special counsel bob mueller has been investigating. the story had to be changed several times as details kept trickling out. three sources telling cnn that mueller's team was asked about interviewing staffers who were on air force one when president trump -- mueller's focus could be purposely excluded from the original response, which made no mention of the offer of damaging information about hillary clinton. donald trump jr. stayed away from the cameras as he appeared. he was interested in the offer of russian sourced every research on hillary clinton, to the extent this it was about the qualifications of her being a presidential candidate. i thought i should at least hear them out. it was simply a way of saying that i appreciated the gesture
2:20 am
of the music promoter who arranged the meeting. he also said he did not collude with hush in a statement after his five-hour interview. he said i answered every question posed by the committee reeld to this topic as well as of this questions on other topics until both sides had exhaust the their lines of questioning. i trust this interview fully satisfied their inquiry. ranking judiciary committee chairman says they will have a hearing or face a subpoena. >> still ahead, historic loss by the super bowl champs to kick off the nfl regular season. i don't know if anyone is ringing the alarm bells yet in bogs, but we'll tell you about that. sports is next. holy- shh... you are an airline pilot. that's how you support this family. this is gonna be good for us. based on an incredible true story... we need you to deliver stuff for us. just don't get caught. of c.i.a.'s biggest secret. i helped build an army, defend a country and create the biggest drug cartel this world has ever seen. that sounds made up barry. tom cruise. stop now if you want.
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chase. make more of what's yours. time now for sports. the return of the nfl regular season. yasmin's favorite part of the year. the new england patriots began the celebration before the kickoff last night unveiling their newest championship banner after a stunning super bowl victory that earned the franchise a fifth lombardi trophy. the kansas city chiefs had different plans. spoiling the patriot party, serving new england a big loss in the season opener. the patriots had the early advantage, but the chiefs would get a boost from rookie running back karim hunt who scored his first touchdown at the end of the second quarter putting kansas city to within three of flupd at the half. the chiefs would have their first lead of the game in the third quarter after a 75-yard hookup between quarterback alex smith and receiver tyriq hill.
2:24 am
the offense was stunned in the fourth. you fell billioned away the ball on the first carry of the game and would find the nepds two more times in the final quarter. including a 75-yard catch and run that put k.c. on top for good. hunt finished with 246 yards in the game. a record for the most by a player in his nfl debut. it's the first time the patriots have posted a loss at home after leading at halftime since december of 2000, folks. while the 42-27 final marks the most points allowed by bill belichick coached patriots team. the nfl will not investigate seahawks defensive end michael again bennett after an encounter with police in las vegas last month. an incident that bennett alleges is a case of racial profiling. now, according ai leaked spokesman there's no allegation of a violation of the league's personal conduct policy. therefore, there is no basis for an nfl investigation.
2:25 am
the association is urging the nfl to take appropriate action into michael bennett's obvious fake allegations against our officers. finally, at flushing meadows the u.s. open women's tennis final is all set, and it will be headlined by a pair who will be each playing in their first ever grand slam title. unranked sloan stevens upset ninth seeded venus williams yesterday eeking out a victory after three sets. it will be the first all american women's final. >> an unprecedented evacuation underway in south florida ahead of hurricane irma regarding the storm surge. the national weather service warns of structural damage to buildings with many washing away. we're going to go live for to south florida coming up. plus, another national disaster to tell you about. a 8.1 magnitude rocks mexico overnight triggering several
2:26 am
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welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top story. this morning millions of people across florida, georgia, and the carolinas are under a state of emergency bracing for hurricane irma. the monster storm was downgraded to a category four storm just a short time ago. it has already been blamed for at least 12 deaths across the caribbean. >> overnight hurricane irma pullerlied the turks ask caicos
2:30 am
and parts of the bahamas, and the storm is on track to make a cat frovg strike on florida this weekend. starting today all public schools, including state colleges and universities across the state are closed through monday. more than 650,000 residents in miami dade county were ordered to evacuate yesterday jamming up highways, up and down the entire state corridor. let's get a quick check on weather where nns meteorologist bill karins. the pa of the storm and the fact that it's been downgraded should not be deceiving anyone at this stage. >> it's gotten weaken. that much less damage. it will still be history being and catastrophic even as a strong category four. if it hits that population center around miami, forty lauderdale, west palm beach and sou south florida. is it more towards the everglades. less populated and still horrible for emthis, but it wouldn't be as bad as damage-wise because of less population. again, 155 strong as you can get for a category four.
2:31 am
it will probably borderline on a category four, maybe category five right until landfall for now. here's the new forecast path. sflooits a rare snowo, and we could get storm surge flooding on both coasts, the east and the west. about 150 miles wide. the storm itself is about 800 miles wide. just gives you perspective of how huge the storm is and why we do think all areas of florida will have impact. the storm surge will be on the east coast and on the west side of this storm. when you consider it's 150 miles wide, the storm is up to 600 to 800 miles wide. kind of puts it into perspective that florida will not be missed.
2:32 am
>> scary trajectory. >> let's go to hollywood, florida. thomas roberts standing by for us. the last half hour we were saying that one gas station was running out of gas. how are people fairing now with the evacuation orders? >> we moved across the street because the gas station over there, ran out. the pumps went off. we got over here, and within minutes of our arrival, the same thing. next thing you know, we had a big tanker truck pull up as if almost like they knew that they had just run out. this is the typical schedule for this gas station. it's the first run of the day for the gentleman that's just over here who is filling up. he says it takes him 20 minutes to do so. this stick right here that was used to check the gauge, the level of the tanks, came up pretty much bone dry. as you can see right here, this would typically give you an education of where the levels are for the gas. you can see there's really no gas on this stick.
2:33 am
this tank is going to go directly all here at this gas station. this is one of four trips that this judge is going to be making today. let's just run back over here to demonstrate how popular we have become. >> it's not just the fuel that's being impacted, let's bring in nbc news correspondent mariana atencio who is outside of a supermarket. what are people there looking to stock up on, and who -- who is choosing to ride out the storm and stay in southern florida? >> so, i made my way inside
2:34 am
publix now. people are stocking up on this. water. that's what the people waiting in the line told me. it's a hot commodity in south florida these days. for people that are going to evacuate as well as for people that are going to ride out the storm because many of them are looking at potential hours inside of cars. they definitely want to get their hands on some of these. many of the customers outside also telling us they want to buy bread, canned goods, supplies, and there was a fury of delivery trucks trying to make their way here, but one delivery man telling me they just can't get the stuff here fast enough. let's listen. >> everything you put on the market is just flying right off the shelves. it's just anything that you have got put out there. they're taking. the problem is we don't have enough product for the demand. as soon as it gets into the deep po it flies right off the place. we do the best we can, and hope for the best. that's all we can do.
2:35 am
>> the store manager is telling me that they're going to limit the sale of these waters two per customer because if not, this would run out in about 12 minutes. back to you, guys. >> all right. a lot of mother nature happening this morning. we're also following the breaking news overnight of a massive earthquake in southern mexico. the earthquake of at least 8.1 magnitude just hit after 1:00 a.m. roughly 100 miles off the coast near the border of mexico, and guatema guatemala, the u.s. geological survey says that already there have been a number of aftershocks and at least six people have reportedly been killed, including two children. the initial quake was so strong it could be felt more than 700 miles north in the capital of mexico city sending people fleeing into the streets. this is video captured moments before the quake hit the city as alarms warned people there. officials also say a tsunami wave sent roughly three feet have been reported in that region. >> all right. back here in washington politics
2:36 am
are playing out. the president save overing his deal that funds hurricane harvey relief and extends the debt ceiling and budget for three months months. now, it's seen as a cue for congressional democrats, and some including the president himself seen as a glimmer of bipartisanship in what has been a frought term so far. then there's this. the president surprised many tweeting yesterday morning for all of those daca that are concerned about your status during the six-month period, you have nothing to worry about. no action. apparently during their morning call thursday, which was said to be warm, nancy pelosi asked him to reassure the children of ub documented immigrants and, in fact, he did. >> she called this morning and i said thanks for calling. this is what we need -- the people really need a reassurance from you, mr. president, that the six-month period is not a period of round-up. i was reporting to my colleagues. this is what i asked the president to do.
2:37 am
boom, boom, boom. the tweet appeared. that's good. >> wow. >> boom, boom, boom. >> i feel like it's a whole different movie that we're watching. >> boom, boom, boom. >> the president seemds to have evolved his approach when it comes to this. >> this is something i didn't realize. there was a deadline that he was facing because ted -- the attorney general of texas, ted paxton was about to file a lawsuit against daca. the same one he filed against dapa, the deferred action for parents of these minors that incidentally the courts upheld as unconstitutional and the homeland security department pretty much just dropped a few months ago. president trump was kind of up against a deadline, and paxton said he was going to do it september 5th. hence, that's why we saw the decision. you know, actually one republican who was very skeptical of what president trump did said to me, you know,
2:38 am
i can understand where he was coming from, but the way that he handed it entirely to congress wasn't fair. it seems that once trump made this deal with democrats as you saw nancy pelosi talk to him and boom, boom, boom, the tweet came up. i think this has to go to the trust that they have in the president working with gop leaders. they're not sure exactly where they stand with him. that's a big deal when you are a member of congress and this is coming up. >> molly, i want to ask you about the report from the washington post. that says that the president, chuck schumer, who you may recall one time, criticized for having crocodile tears, but they're now discussing a plan that could permanently remove
2:39 am
their requirement that congress repeatedly raised the debt ceiling. explain to us how that would actually work. >> well, technically i really don't think it's going to work. if, in fact, something won't through where the debt limit would not need to be voted on each year, there's a fear that congress would just keep borr borrowing and borrowing, and borrowing, and extending their limit as much as they could to the point where it would be very difficult to get the budget under control. it's highly unlikely that that's going to happen. especially given that the gephardt rule for former majority leader dick gephardt, back in the day, is the one that came up with this.
2:40 am
especially for fiscal conservatives in the democratic party. >> all right. live for us in washington d.c. molly hooper, thank you for that. >> absolutely. >>. another company is facing a massive data breach after ek question fax revealed that hackers were able to get access to the personal information of up to 143 million customers. now, the company says the breach includes data, like social security incomes, birth dates, and home addresses. officials say it was discovered in late july, but it wasn't disclosed until yesterday, roughly six weeks later. now, adding to the scandal three of the company's top executives sold equifax shares just days before the breach was discovered. a company spokesperson tells nbc news that they had no knowledge that an intrusion had occurred at the time they sold their shares. for more let's go to cnbc's carolyn roth live from london. carolyn, let's talk a little bit about the company trying to contain the fall-out from this massive data breach. >> look, first of all, they
2:41 am
issued an apology to consumers and business customers for the concern and frustration this has caused, and they say they're conducting a thorough review of their overall security operations. there are a couple of things that u.s. consumer you can do. equifax has set up a dedicated call center. you can call in and see whether you have been affected. they've also established a dedicated home page, which does the same. secondly, you could consider a credit freeze, eeven though that's a complicated step. thirdly, look at your bank statements, your credit card statements to look out for any unauthorized activity. then you can take the credit monitoring that is offered by equifax on the website. you can sign up for credit file
2:42 am
monitoring and identity theft protection free for one year. last but not least, you can visit the identity theft recenter. definitely there are a few steps that you can take if you think you have been affected by this massive breach, which probably is on an unprecedented scale. shares in the company down some 19% in after hours traigt trading. >> carolyn, live for us in -- i should clarify that those three executives sold their shares just after the breach was discovered. >> yeah, major breach for sure. still ahead, president trump's former chief strategist speaking out. how steve bannon says the republican party is trying to undermine the president and his agenda. plus, president trump weighs in on his administration's foreign policy, including the increasingly limited options for dealing with north korea. that's next when we continue.
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2:46 am
the white house, but his impact is being felt. according to reports, he still offers outside advice to the president, and he has a new many and blistering commentary for the republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in an interview with "60 minutes." take a listen. >> the republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election. that's a brutal fact we have to face. >> the republican establishment. >> the republican establishment. >> wants to nullify the 2016 election. >> try and nullify the 2016 election. absolutely. >> who? >> i think mitch mcconnell and to a degree paul ryan. they tent -- to be implemented. it's very obvious. it's obvious as night follows day. >> give me a story that illustrates that. >> well, mitch mcconnell, when he first met him, he was -- he said i think in one of the first meetings in trump tower with the president, as we're wrapping up, he basically says i don't want to hear any of more of this
2:47 am
drain the swamp talk, flat out. he goes a guy up on capitol hill came by a coke and unless it's got to be reported. he said i can't hire any smart people because everybody is all over him for reporting requirements and the pay, et cetera, and the scrutiny. you know, you got to back off them. the drain the swamp thing is mitch mcconnell is day one. did not want to go there. wanted us to back off. >> banon said they are motivated by money which he said that defending immigrants and refugees is part of biblical mandate. >> president trump hosted kuwait at the white house yesterday, and during a joint news conference the president touched on foreign policy issues facing his administration, including options for dealing with north korea following their recent nuclear test and ongoing icbm activity. >> military action which certainly be an option. is it inevitable? nothing is inevitable. it would be great if something else could be worked out.
2:48 am
we would have to look at all of the details, all of the facts, but we've had presidents for 25 years now. they've been talking, talking, talking, and the day after an agreement is reached new work ginds in north korea, continuation on nuclear. i would prefer not going the route of the military, but it's something certainly that could happen. >> the president also touched on his hopes for peace between israel and the palestinians, which has been so elusive to so many. >> a federal appeals court has ruled against the government in the latest test of the trump administration's travel ban. the san francisco-based ninth circuit court of appeals decided that grandparents, cousins, and those with other close family relationships should not be prevented from coming to the united states. the court also cleared the way for more refugees to enter the u.s. after rejecting the administration's claim thamg resettlement agencies don't have a relationship with individual refugees. the justice department says it
2:49 am
will appeal to the supreme court. >> the judge overseeing menendez's trial is vowing that the proceedings will not turn into a tabloid trial. his comments came after an attorney for menendez's co-defendant accused prosecutors of using the case as an attack on the entire hispanic-american community. also after the judge admonished the prosecution for focussing on irrelevant details while questioning their first witness. senator menendez is are accused of accepting lavish gifts, political donations, and expensive trips from a florida eye doctor in exchange for using the power of his office to lobby on the doctor's behalf in addition to other favors. menendez's lawyers say the gifts were based on a long friendship and were not bribes, and the sender has pleaded not guilty. testimony will rumor on monday. still ahead, hurricane irma is now on track to slam into southern florida. the national weather service just released its latest advisory. >> we'll ask bill karins if we know exactly what's going to get. that's coming up next. kevin, meet your father.
2:50 am
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welcome back. let's get to the very latest on hurricane irma. everyone wants to know do we have an exact target, where this is headed? >> it's headed for florida. are we going to get the direct hit on the east coast or or the west coast? those are still questions to be
2:53 am
decided. we know it's going to be bad, that's clear. it did drop down to a category four, it's at 155 miles an hour. and to get to a category five, it has to get five miles an hour faster. so cat 4/cat 5 looks to be a sure bet. it would be after midnight into the early hours on sunday. and the storm heads right up the peninsula on sunday. most of the damage will be caused by the wind and the storm surge. we will get lot of heavy rain but i don't think we're going to have horrible problems with rainfall in flamt. there will be isolated problems but nothing like what we saw with harvey. so five to ten feet of storm surges from west palm beach,
2:54 am
right down through miami and on the back side of the storm, the winds will reverse and put water through naples and the everglades. further up the coast we'll get a storm surge, too. we'll get those updates a little later on today. i want to show you some of our models. the reason we're so confident with the south florida landfall, all of the models are all really concentrated here. these are 5 a.m. sunday. these indicate where the center of the eye would be. very close on some of the models to miami or right on the close to key largo. and over here by the everglades,
2:55 am
that would be a little less damage. moon, we go right up the east coast of florida, from mel bourne, daytona beach, very highly populated corridors with a lot of tree there is, too. everyone who has evacuated, you've done that for a reason. the storm is going to be bad. >> up next, former governor jeb bush and bill nelson join the conversation. plus eric swalwell why he isn't buying the answers from yesterday. >> and reactions to the president's debt deal with democrats and why he's looking for a new house speaker. "morning joe" just moments away.
2:56 am
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2:59 am
on the stories ahead. the $15 billion package also lifts the debt ceiling and keeps the government operating for three months. they could be out of disaster relief funding as early as today. >> according to reports, the president is scheduled to meet with he is cabinet tomorrow a. >> that does it for us on this friday morning. thinking about the people in florida, hoping they stay safe. "morning joe" starts right now. it is literally a state of emergency. radar images show why.
3:00 am
hurricane irma is barrelling toward united states and is expected to mack a potentially cat traffic strike on florida. we want to go right to bill karins for the very latest. bill? >> when they say people won't be able to return to their homes for weeks, maybe even months. that's how serious it is. that's because of the wind damage and the possibility of the storm surge could even wipe away buildings that are existing on the coastline. overnight not a lot changed with this storm. we want to show you comparison images. hurricane andrew 25 years agos the storm of record. that had 16 mile-an-hour


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