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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  September 8, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the teams that are marshalled by the federal government. they were preparing for environmental losses as we should. we can't speak to each and every company's preparation efforts, we can stand up here, i think they take a warm shut down posture at some point depending on the track. we monitor those things. i was comfortable with the position of most of them. okeechobee is a big overflow risk. >> is there anything you're not comfortable with that is a overriding concern? >> this is the governor at this point, and to be honest with you, i am setting expectations appropriately here. i am extremely comfortable with
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the government efforts. >> taking a step back, you have wildfires out west, places in texas where people are coming from. the resources of the federal government are not unlimited. at what point do you worry the resources are being stretched too thin? >> i don't, the chief of staff general kelly says they should be able towalk and ch-- walk an gum at the same time. so i'm pretty comfortable in our ability and capacity as leaders and as institutions to handle the various things that come our way. i'm extremely comfortable with president trump's ability to do so. what i worry about is the financial resources, congress came and stepped up in a
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bipartisan way, i think president trump deserves a lot of credit for putting that together. they need to not put that in the way of efficient services. as the storms continue to hurt our states and our citizens, but for now we're taking responsible action. getting better estimates and we're not doing it in a way that will stop or slow down operations. >> do you know what a number would be on that yet? >> a subsequent question? too early, so approximately the 7.5 billion that came for fema was a calculated estimate. there is a 6.8 figure that would be a regular schedule replenishment for the disaster relief fund. we assume a passage of both.
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>> there is stig -- still a question of daca recipients. when might they be able to expect an answer. >> i can't tell you. he put it back on congress, and in the inner wind, i'm not sure what the answer is. on the military part of daca. >> there have been reports that you are all reconsidering a flood, reversing the flood regulations for the obama administration. can you talk about if you are, in fact, reconsidering that, putting back those regulations or drafting new regulations that would once again toughen and
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back up the flood regulations given that we're going to be facing a lot of the issues. >>. >> i will answer to the spirit of it. it is about smart or not smart. the answer here is that we should not use federal money to rebuild in ways that don't anticipate future flood risk. we need to build back stronger and longer. what happened in the president's infrastructure and executive order was the decision of a obama era order that had a broad scope. at the time we rescinded it, in the hope of infrastructure in this country, the president certainly did as well. what you have to do is replace the thoughtful, the executive order, regulations or both, the
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building expenditures and practices so -- >> it will be an affirmative effort to -- >> i should point out two things here. first that obama era executive order was not a regulation yet. it didn't change if we acted or didn't act. if we put forward an executive order or not, we have the latitude for other laws to put into these rebuilding practices in texas and florida. they will think through to qualify that for the future. >> what is the threat level, and what is the administration doing as it moves to this tragic
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anniversary. >> i was personally motivated into vservice on that day. counter terrorism is the one that i take most seriously. and president trump will receive a comprehensive picture of the terrorist threat environment and what we do to counter it. or on monday, we will do this given the timing of that to you. he will do that, that is a practice that we have started since 9/11. bush and obama maintain that practice, and then i will let the team announce scheduled events for attending any ceremonies and paying some respects. for the most part i encourage the administration that will give appropriate speeches to not talk too much about policy. >> what is the threat level as go into 9/11 and the
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vulnerabilities we are seeing? >> yeah, we are vulnerable right now. second there is no actionable measure right now. there is no current credible actionable threat against the homeland, but we will continue to track that. if we learn of such a thing, we communicate to the law enforcement and public as soon as we learned it. >> in addition to the supplies of oil and gas, there is an issue of price. i remember in an earlier briefing, you said you would be monitoring. it can be a pretty good excuse, and to make sure it is databased? >> yeah, it is trying to determine it now. the difference between gouging
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and supply and demand. the refineries, five or six of them, are down. we have a refinery issue on one side, and increased demand issue on one side. it is necessarily going to raise prices, but it is a short term price spike in our experience. we will try to differentuaiate that now from gouging. so, i'm not of the opinion that i have to issue too many warnings from this podium again, but if anyone missed me last time, gouging will not be tolerated, period. i know sarah is here with more to do. scott of florida, abbot of texas, you're all in our minds. you're all our clients, our customer base right now, you
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will set the basis. i'm pretty certain that the country saw the people of texas show us compassion is all about. let's say a prayer for them and i will come back out and speak to them as the situation dictates. thank you. >> thank you, tom. >> as you can see the safety and security of the american people is the president's top priority and we will continue to work with our public partners. looking ahead to this weekend, the president and the first lady will be hosting cabinet members. it will include the fourth meeting since the president took
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office. he will receive briefings on hurricane harvey. secretary mattis will be among the cabinet americans, today is also his birthday. i would like to wish him a happy birthday. in a let tore his troops in the field in 2003, he encouraged them to fight with a happy heart and a strong spirit. >> you have been listening to the white house briefing with top bossert. irma dominated that briefing. the monster storm, already taken 17 lives, is being described as a "nuclear hurricane." here is why. she is screaming through the caribbean right now, turks and caicos got hammered overnight, cuba is getting it, the baa hha
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is next. the state issues their largest evacuation order in 12 years. 700,000 people being told to leave. that mass exodus is causing long lines at the pump and the airport. that is churning frustration as gas runs out and thousands of flights are canceled. irma is now category four, but this storm is still dangerous and it is still deadly. >> hurricane hir ma continues to be a threat that hurts the united states. >> this is last day they have. >> this is a catastrophic storm that our state has never seen. >> this is a storm of historic destructive potential. >> the worst case scenario for florida. >> the entire storm is bigger
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than all of the peninsula. >> in less than 30 minutes, we're expected to g a update from governor rick scott. let's get to sam champion. the national weather service is warning that places in florida might be uninhabitable. is that one of the biggest concerns right now? >>. >> yeah, high casy. -- katie. let's give you the new numbers we just got. we have been telling you all day long not to relax off of the category fife number and think a four is better when we're at
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this 155 marker. a category 5 starts at 156. it doesn't give anyone the ability to collapse. moving closer to cuba, it could have eye interaction with cuba, i don't think it will make a big deal of strength. we have it making that northern turn and making toward florida. 145 storm moves into the keys of florida. here is the long track on this, this is why it is not just a concern. it is an all florida storm. . watch what happens as it as it
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weakens. it will end up in tennessee and kentuc kentucky. >> because it is moving to the west, should that give people on the earn side an easy feeling or is it still bad everywhere. >> no, it is such a big storm, such a big storm, they extend 70 miles across. the eye is almost that big. the winds will go from coast to coast on this storm. little western move to the eye won't believe a big difference to a lot of people. the storm is going on shoerm, where we think it will, that means that the strongest push, that right front quadrant is the strongest wind and storm surge push. it puts that very populated
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homestead to miami to palm beach area right in the path of those driving onshore winds, and the models are going from five to ten feet of water, way way way up there. i'm six feet tall. that is how much water we're talking about possibly moving in those areas, just as much on the west coast of florida as well. >> that would swamp the keys. >> absolutely, and that is why we're telling people who think they have ridden out other storms before, and they mention strong storms that moved through before, no storm has taken this track before. >> sam champion, thank you, sir, stay safe down there. are residents going to be prepared in these shelters.
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let's take a look at the staging area. the school may house 1500 peo e people. they opened the doors initially saying at 1:00, but there was such a long line they decided to get it going. first of all, i myself have spoken to several people who are maybe here on their honey moon, tell me what you're finding and those coming here. they followed the direction of government. i'm coming across a lot of individuals who were staying in hotels in miami beach.
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the hotels put them on a bus. folks from germany, belgium, braz brazil, entire families. is that why it becomes a shelter beyond the structure itself. they can withstand winds of category four or five level. we are collaborators in this ende endeav endeavor. we provide the principals to help manage these sights. our staffs are at the shelters
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well birdie the managers from the red cross. the red cross needs to show up earlier to allow these folks in. we have opened shelters even though we're not the shelter manager. we need help in this endeavor. >> appreciate you stopping with us. he has been to five schools today, many look like this, many done have the english language. it is very hot. after the hurricane blows through, it will be very hot. the florida power and light company that provides power here is estimating nine millied 9 mis
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they serve, 4 million will be without power. how the structures handle it means that some people may be inside these shelters for some time. and of course the heat, the mid -- misery and the experience can cause nerves to fray. it will not be easy for anybody. take a look at this now. people with bags getting whatever they can grab. the process of we can't get out. >>. >> and jacob soberoff is at a fire station, how are they preparing there? >> the beach is separate from
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the city of miami-dade. they have their independent first responder beaches. first responder organizations tasked with getting people out of this area, which is evacuation jozone a. what we're looking at right now is the first responders, right now some folks are coming out of the building and they're doing welfare checking. we can see the vehicles that are ready to go on callouts once they get the calls from people. what the fire department and the first responders are doing is if they get the calls, they're doing welfare checks. they can't force anyone to leave the area, they're telling them
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they need a lot of help to get out. they're waiting by the phones to hear them. if they call, they will do everything they can to help you get out of zone a. this area where we are here is in that low lying zone a. it could get five to ten feet. very dangerous not for the seniors in the area there. we're going to see what it's like getting people out of their homes here in world famous yam beam, casy. -- katie.
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>> jacob, 91,000 people that live there, thank you very much. >> this storm's track has shifted slightly putting more of the west coast in harm's way. that is where we find kristin dahlgren on sanibel island. >> we're in a neighborhood here. here is why. take a look and you can see the storm surge. the these houses are so low lying, so close to the water, that any type of storm surge could be steph stating here. the local city of sanibel is going door to door to make sure everyone gets a shift in the track. it is maybe silly, but these are elderly, they may not be
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watching tv. they maybe have dementia and don't realize the severity of this. they're knocking on every door to maybe sure everyone knows to get out today. they're making sure everything they can't bring with them are up higher in their home. a lot of last minute preps going on. a lot of people going to shet r shelters. people are finding all of the hotels are booked at this point. we heard from one family that stayed in a rest area in their car with their kids. >> lots of retirees down there in that area. thank you very much. and get out now. that is what florida officials are saying. it is time to heed those evacuation orders and prepare themselves. so far, it looks like people are listening. the roads are packed and supplies are few and far
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folks still have a few hours left to prepare for irma and
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here is what they're preparing for. that is irma whipping through the dominican republic. the keys are expected to be hit hard this weekend. here is a look at key largo a little bit ago. all of the folks that have not necessarily heeded these evacuation orders. the ones that think they can ride out the storm in the keys, what happens to them? >> katie, after our hospital shut down, our first responders and our firemen and other folks are not responding to calls. so we're getting to the last hours of any kind of assistance
11:29 am
that may be provided by our first responders. make no mistake, a category 4 from a five is a very dangerous storm. a category three is very da dangerous. now the storm is taking a westerly track and covering the whole state of florida. the big concern that we have here is because it is a statewide situation that we will not get the response that we are expecting. >> and in the right hand corner of the screen we're live pictures of people going to the north you're saying basically first responders will not be
11:30 am
there. they are saying it is unclear for how long they will be there. >> with the intensity of the storm, housing will be lost and be uninhabitable. the storm surge of seven or eight feet of water or more, houses will be flooded and will not be habitable by none hungered down in those, so we're looking at a very long time recovery. >> serious business. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and i want to go to ft. lauderdale. how is your city preparing, are you in a good place right now. >> we have been preparing for a few days. just how big and bad it was put
11:31 am
us all on notice. we have been playing for a few days. staff has done a great job of first responders and fire and rescue. we're geared up and ready. we feel like we can handle the effects of rain and some of the rain factor. but our biggest concern on the east coast here is the storm surge. we get into our seasonal high tides, we have a full mood, and it comes ie shore with a seasonal high tide, a full moon, and they will be pushing water. we have over 200 miles of navigateble water ways. >> what is your message to those
11:32 am
still trying to evacuate? >> we wanted people to be out today. we are asking every in the low lying areas to evacuate. most people have cooperated fully. most people have understood the storm surge issue. i think they understand that that is the most significant factor. so we are putting police officers at the causeways. we had them out there last night. we had them out there again today, and we will be enforcing a curfew out there tomorrow. not residents, not visitors, not neighbors. we don't want to create a situation where people are taking advantage of an
11:33 am
opportunity to take advantage of those who have been disadvantaged. >> the last plane is expected to leave the airport at 7:45 p.m. tonight and all broward bridges will be in a lock down position starting at noon today. >> yeah, we locked them down just a few hours ago. >> good to know, jack sieger will -- siegler, thank you. joining us now from one of the planes at the national oceanianic and atmospheric institute is rirchlg -- richard penning, you're calling us right now, what are you seeing and experiencing. >> can you hear me okay?
11:34 am
>> i can hear you. >> what we're doing here is we are flying the plane that flies over the top of hurricane irma and samples the environment surrounding the hurricane and the environment of the atmosphere throughout the path of the hurricane. we're dropping a pattern of 32 instruments that we drop that are the opposite of a weather balloon. they fall by parachute from the bottom of the aircraft and transmit information including gps and direction. all of that data gets fed back
11:35 am
to the aircraft, and we send it back to the commuters models that everybody in the state of florida and the rest of the southeastern u.s., there is no interest in it. >> we got look at what is looks leek from inside of the storm, it is category 4 thousand, but how in your experience does this compare to other storms that you have seen? >> i encourage all of your audience to not pay too much attention to that fluctuation and intensity. when you have very strong storms, it is very difficult for it to maintain and continue it's
11:36 am
intensi intensity. it is something called an replacement cycle. even though the winds have gone down, it is in the process of reforming that new eye wall. so we could very well see throughout the day the pressure beginning to fall again in the center and the windis beginning to increase again. so you should not see anything like it again. >> have you seen anything like this? >> i have been doing this 24 years and it reminds me a bit of hurricane katrina. i flew hurricane katrina back in
11:37 am
2005, and it is a very large storm in terms of size, like katrina was, and it had a relatively large eye through most of it's life. sometimes you have hurricanes with very tiny eyes, and sometimes you have larger eyes. katrina was like that, and irma is like that. with a storm like katrina or irma is the swath of hurricane force winds is very wide. when you have hurricanes, you have a very narrow area that receives deadly damaging winds. this storm will be from one end of the peninsula to the other. . >> we're watching on the radar
11:38 am
as it is smothering a giant portion of the peninsula. richard, thank you for joining us on the phone, stay safe out there, sir. any minute we will get a briefing from rick scott. first airports in florida lines are nuts. finding a flight out is nearly impossible. we'll go to here is what airport looked like earlier. >> the problem is those seats are going quickly. they do not have flight
11:39 am
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hours. six to 12 feet aboveground will be affected. this is a life threatening situation. the storm surge will rush in and could kill you. six to 12 feet. that issaler than some homes. it will rush in. you're not going to survive this if it happens. if you have been ordered to evacuate, now, not in two or three hours, now is the time to evacuate. if you live in an evacuation zone, lee, henry, palm beach, broward, monroe or collard, you must evacuate or find shelter to
11:41 am
avoid life threatening impacts. it will not be safe for you or the law enforcement needed to protect you. again, if you're in these counties, if you're not gone by midnight tonight you're riding out the storm at extreme risk. school buses are being used for evacuations. i'm a father and a grandfather. i love my family, i can't imagine live without them. do not put your self or family in harm's way. if you have been ordered to evacuate and you're home, please go to a shelter. today is the day to do the right thing for your family and get to safety. this storm is wider than our entire state. think about that. wider than the entire state.
11:42 am
it is expected to cause major and life threatening impacts from coast to coast. remember hurricane andrew was one of the worst storms in the history of our state. irma is more aggressive. every floridan should take this seriously and be aggressive to protect your family. your possessions can be replaced, your life and your team cannot. you have to evacuate. you can't afford not to do it. think about your family. you have to keep your family safe. to private business owners, be compassionate with your employees as they prefair for the storm and evacuate.
11:43 am
traffic. we still see traffic jams, but they are getting cleared. evacuations are not convenient. they're meant to keep you safe. we want all of the evacuations to be safe. i'm glad so many people are we still need southbound blaens to get needed gas and supplies. right now we have activated i-75 from wildwood to the georgia line. they're working to keep you and your family safe. realtime evacuation routes are
11:44 am
under way. you can find shelter in your family unless you're in monroe county. if you don't need to get on the road, don't. if you're convinced, you don't have a way to evacuate because of traffic, fuel, or whatever it is, call the florida emergency information hot line. it is a dedicated hot line, we will do everything we can to help you get out. but you cannot wait until the storm hits. fuel, state law enforcement are providing gas stations to get to the stations faster. the law enforcement es kors have continued through the night. for gas stations and evacuation zones, we need you to stay open as long as you can. we will arrange police escorting
11:45 am
for employees so they can get out safely. we need gas stations in the evacuation zones to stay open as long as possible. i worked with the white house, the epa, fema, i worked with everybody, the department of transportation, to get more fuel into the state and get it life out to stations. each delivering 1.2 million gallons of fuel. 8.4 million gallons of fuel was shipped in. state law enforcement continues to escort fuel supply trucks to gas stations in your community. we are aggressively working to move them in the north central
11:46 am
parts of the state. you need to leave now. port everglades will be closing and will not resupply fuel until after the tomorrow hits. we will do everything we can to get you out, but you cannot wait. shelters, last night i strekted all schools to be closed. k-12, state colleges, all schools and state officers to be closed today through monday. this is to ensure we have all of the shelters we need. shelters are available and you should follow the directions to go to shelters that fit your needs. volunteers, over 17,000 people
11:47 am
have volunteered to help in this. we need more. i know we will need more. i want to thank everyone that opened their hearts to help. national guard. all 7,000 members of the national guard that are available have been activated as of today. every member available has been activated in advance of the storm. they're working hard to make sure we all get to safety. you ti utilities. they are prepositioning resources. we're going to everything we can do before the storm hits. i want to thank the governors of other states. a lot of governors have reached out with me. everything i have asked for,
11:48 am
they have done. i know the entire country is behind us and we have the best first responders in the country spread throughout the state. but we're running out of times. it is almost here if you're in evacuation zone, don't wait, get out now. this is a catastrophic storm that our state has never seen before we can rebuild your house, we can't rebuild your life or your family. >> rick scott telling residents of florida that irma may be more devastating than hurricane andrew was. imploring them to take is seriously. the clock is ticking, and it is time to get out as the storm moves closer. now highways leaving florida are jammed as hundreds of thousands of people heed evacuation warnings. one huge issue is that gas
11:49 am
stations are running out of fuel. the president and first lady are set to leave for camp david at any moment. the white house says they will meet with the cabinet, dave price is in the weather center, marianna is at the airport. dave, i'm going to start with you, we were talking about the storm earlier downstairs. we were talking specifically about where this thing lands and whether or not it matters, ultimately, if it is category four or five. >> in the biggest picture, it doesn't. think about it, if you see an elephant charging down a hall way, you will not try to duck out of the way, you just try to leave because there is no room for error. this is an elephant of a storm, and again, the state is only 140
11:50 am
miles wide. a couple things to note, this is the first time the location has been tied to miami. 380 miles southeast of that city right now. 155 155-mile-per-hour winds. don't get stuck on whether it's a five other a four. this is powerful. but this is perhaps the most interesting to me. it is now moving west at 14 miles per hour. the big question here initially is what kind of encounter is it going to have with the island of cuba. and next, where does it head? this western movement is very interesting, and my eyes are on names and fort meyers right now as we take a look at the west just as much as miami. keep in mind as you mentioned, this is an issue which is going to envelope and affect the entire state of florida. but new concerns right now as this system begins to kind of inch its way to the west, katy. >> and, dave, if it ends up hitting on the west coast or
11:51 am
east coast, it doesn't matter, talk to me about the winds and those who might be staying in their high rise buildings thinking that's a safe place to hide it out. >> the interesting thing there you think you're protected the larger building you're in, but as you go up 20 floors you're basically increasing, roughly, the strength of the wind by a category. anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour of wind. now, keep in mind these numbers are just incredible as it is. 155, 165, 145. it doesn't matter. if we tweak these numbers up or down a bit. if you're standing behind a jet engine, you're still going to be thrown by it and that is the force with which these winds are going to roll through florida. people evacuated the coastline and took cover in some of these inland locations. you're going to see hurricane force winds potentially very dangerous rolling through places like orlando. we have a lot to watch over the next 48 hours. >> wnbc's dave price.
11:52 am
thank you very much. and now from miami international airport, mariana, miami is batting down the hatches right now. what are folks who might have been hoping to get a flight out of there doing at the moment? >> katy, not a hopeful scene here in miami international airport. things have been winding down very fast here. you can see this gate behind me, it just shut down, and this is a completely different scene. it's a ghost town from the chaotic scene that we saw yesterday. but there are still a couple of families, these folks you see in the counters here to my right that are still hoping to catch a flight out tonight and get away as fast as they can from this monster storm. i'm going to let you go through. let's just talk to some people here to see where they're hoping to go. can i just grab you here. are you guys hoping to hop on a flight tonight? >> yes. we have a confirmed flight for dallas at 6:00 p.m. today.
11:53 am
>> and it is still confirmed. >> yes, it is. >> i see u a smile on your face. are you trying to get away from this storm here in florida? >> absolutely. so we definitely want to get away. we definitely want to be safe, stay safe. >> of course. >> and hope for the best. >> thank you and good luck to you. >> thank you. >> but clearly one of the exception, katy when you start looking at these empty hallways here at the airport and they've actually started taking stranded passengers to nearby shelters because people cannot ride the storm out at this airport. that is what airport officials are telling us. >> happy to see that lady is getting on a flight to dallas at 6:00. thank you very much. let's go back to jacob. jacob, we hear that you are -- you've hitched a ride with the fire department and you guys are going on check ims for the elderly s correct. >> yeah. this is lieutenant paul johnson of the miami amy beach fire democratic. where are we going right now? >> right now we've been asked to go to 533el ko lins, which is one of our buildings that has a pretty high elderly population. there's some people that are going to be getting picked up by
11:54 am
one of the transits that are going to help get them to the evacuation centers. and they just asked us to come take a look and see if anybody needs some assistance. >> so right now your primary mission is what? >> i mean, we are available to run emergency calls if we're in the area and they want to dispatch us, but we are an additional staffed unit that the city has put into place to help people with special needs that need, you know, like stretcher assistance or mobility assistance. >> and these are people that have not left miami beach in evacuations -- are we here now. >> katy, if you don't mind, come with us as we get out of the rescue vehicle here. file follow you. so like i was saying, the lieutenant and his fellow members of miami beach fire rescue are actually doing what are called welfare checks because miami beach as you were saying earlier on is in zone a. zone a is before 91,000 people live. you can see there are still some
11:55 am
people that are kind of gathered around here. the building as he said is 533. again, what's critically important is to get these elderly residents out, senior citizens. in fact, let me see if i can catch a quick word with this woman here. >> hi. >> hi. >> are you here -- are you waiting for the bus? >> i'm waiting for my son. >> you're son is going to pick you up? >> yes. >> how long have you been sitting out? >> i don't know. >> like for hours? >> yes. >> when is he going to be here? >> he's almost on the way. he's going to be here soon. >> yes. >> has he called you on the cell phone. >> he's working. >> he's working. >> yes. >> have you been waiting for a long time -- >> i live here. >> you live here. >> yes. >> are you worried about the storm. >> i go to my son's house.
11:56 am
>> this is the lieutenant, lieutenant johnson from the fire department from miami beach fire democratic. he just wants to know if you need help, if you need a ride. >> no, not now. maybe one day, but not now. >> what are you doing in your airport to make sure everything is okay. >> everything is closed. >> everything is closed. >> what's your name. >> dor ris. >> dor ris. >> i'm jacob from msnbc. it's very nice to meet you and lieutenant paul johnson from miami beach. katy, this is what's happening over and over again, the idea is people like doris, who need a ride, and you need -- >> people they are inside. >> there are a lot of people inside. >> a lot of people stay here. i live here nor 50 years. i don't want to stay here. >> so when you say a lot of people are going to stay here, how many people are inside the building? >> i think 20 people. >> 20 people are inside this building. >> maybe. >> dooumg they're going to be safe? >> safe? with this hurricane? 185, nobody is safe. >> nobody is safe. >> are you worried about your
11:57 am
friends, about your neighbors in your building. >> no. i don't have friends. >> you don't have friends. >> nobody -- >> that's like me. i don't have a lot of friends either. >> no, no, no. >> okay, doris, i don't know if they want to be your friend after you said you don't care about them in the building. >> jacob, i don't know how you imagine to do it, you always get a smile out of the coverage even when it's deadly serious. >> doris is having a -- >> hold on. i hope the firefighters for those folks that are saying they're going to stay in their home, jacob, are the firefighters going to be able to compel them to leave or do they just have to wish them the best and talk to them once this storm passes and they can get back in? >> that's a good question. so what the lieutenant is telling me is they're not allowed to actually force people out of their places of living. and in fact, once the winds get up to 40 miles an hour, we're talking about over a 100 miles an hour, if the winds are only over 40 miles an hour, the fire department is not allowed to go
11:58 am
out on to the streets. that's why they're making welfare calls like this right now with doris. and obviously a concerning thing to see. she's waiting for her son. we don't know when her son is going to be here. and that's what the lieutenant is checking in with her about right now. >> well, i'm very happy to hear that doris is taking this seriously and she is getting out. and i do hope that they're able to compel, convince those folks that are staying in their homes to approximate find some shelters because who knows when anyone is going to get back in. jacob, thank you very much. good luck out there. and good luck to doris. we've got to get her some more friends, ali velshi, don't you think? hold on. joe lean kent joins us now from a gas station along the evacuation route. folks are waiting in long lines. what's the frustration level right now? >> well, there's a lot of concern about whether or not you can get gas. we're standing on the florida turn peak going northbound. a lot of people trying to evacuate including matt here. thanks for joining us.
11:59 am
where are you evacuating from. >> business contain park. >> why did you decide to leave. >> we got evacuation orders. we're in a flood zone so we're heading north to orlando. >> there are a lot of people who don't want to evacuate. what are your thoughts on that? >> well, our neighbors aren't evacuating, so i understand the feeling to stay at your house and be there to protect things and some fear about not being able to get back home, but we're going to go be with some friends and hopefully be in a category 2 instead of a category 4. >> all right. well, we wish you the best of luck. lots of safety. i'm glad you dpot some gas here today. we're seeing a lot of lines. we've got state troopers here helping organize the gas leans. coming in going northbound. definitely heavier traffic going that way. we've seen city workers, law enforcement heading towards the storm and they're getting gas here as they hope to help those in need starting tonight and tomorrow. back to you. >> o, thank you very much. and one more thing before we go, as we watch hurricane irma,
12:00 pm
we're also watching mexico, which just experienced the strongest earthquake there in a century. the death toll has risen to 32 while more than 122 people were hurt by the magnitude 8.1 earthquake. it created a second national emergency for mexican agencies already bracing for hurricane cata. that's that other hurricane that was brewing in the gulf. mexico's gulf coast on saturday. that wraps things up for us this hour. a reminder that msnbc is your place for continuing live coverage. we will be here all weekend covering every move. ali velshi will pick things up right now. >> and we will stay with this kbleetel. it was great to have a little levity with jacob and doris. >> but this is deadly serious. >> thank you so much. and time is running out. leave now. that's the warning from florida governor rick scott as irma is barrel, barreling toward florida. the storm is wider than the entire state or at least that part of the state that is


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