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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  September 13, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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amnesty don caving on daca. amnesty, don, that's tonight's "last word." "the 11th hour" with brian williams is next. tonight michael g flynn, the son of the fired national security adviser now a subject in the russia investigation and it certainly looks like robert mueller is applying pressure. plus, breaking tonight, chuck, nancy and donald have dinner at the white house and to listen to the democrats, schumer and pelosi, they got a lot of assurances from the president as the 11th hour gets under way right now. >> well, good evening to you once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. we have suddenly a lot of news breaking right now. we'll get to all of it, and we want to take a moment here before our political coverage to talk about this horrible discovery in florida post
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hurricane irma where eight seniors have died while under the care of a nursing home facility in hollywood, florida. faced with what first responders found inside in the sweltering heat, 158 additional residents were evacuated. the nursing home is pretty much within sight of a hospital trauma center, while the main power was on, apparently the air conditioning failed when a transformer went out. the heat this week in florida has been a huge hazard to the elderly, as we've been reporting. the local police chief there says they are opening a criminal investigation, and the state has temporarily shut the facility down. we also want to let you know we're going to get a live report from hollywood, florida later on in the broadcast. now, however, in the world of politics, day 237 of the trump administration brings news tonight from that dinner with chuck and nancy as they've
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become known. much more on that in a moment, but first, once again, we have new reporting on the russia investigation that it may be looking into more people than we previously knew or thought. nbc news reports former white house national security adviser mike flynn's son is a subject of the russia probe. we'll talk to one of the journalists in a moment who says the inquiry is focused at least in part on his work with his father's lobbying firm. on twitter he diminished it as fake news. worked closely with his father, traveled with him to moscow in 2015 for that paid speech with the russians. attorneys for flynn senior and junior declined to comment. an attorney for the president says this story, quote, does not impact the white house to any extent with regard to its continuation cooperation with the special counsel. the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was asked about it in today's briefing. >> is the president concerned
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that someone who served on his transition team is now the subject of a federal investigation? >> i haven't had a conversation with him about that, but i'd refer you to outside counsel. >> bloomberg politics also has new reporting on part of robert mueller's investigation, headlined mueller probe has red hot focus on social media, officials say. they report, quote, mueller's team of prosecutors and fbi agents is zeroing in on how russia spread fake and damaging information through social media and is seeking additional evidence from companies like facebook and twitter about what happened on their networks. our lead off panel tonight, nbc news national political reporter carol lee, who was on the team that broke this flynn story, new york times political reporter ken vogue eland former chief of staff at pentagon and kraib, jeremy bash who also served as counsel to the house intelligence committee. carol, as i mentioned at the top of the broadcast, we have a lot going on. we have varying readouts of this dinner with the democrats at the
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white house. we have the president who in the past few minutes has gone after hillary clinton on twitter. we're going to get to all of it, but because this has greater effect on the republic, let's start with the story you helped to break here. talk about the role flynn junior played in the life of flynn senior. >> you're right, brian. it's a very significant role that flynn junior plays in the life of his father. these two were very close. they still are very close. they worked very closely together. one of the things that we know that investigators are looking at is what the younger michael flynn did in terms of work with flynn intel group his father's lobbying group. flynn senior we know has been under investigation. investigators are looking at his connections with foreign governments, including russia and turkey. and michael flynn junior was deeply involved in whatever his father was doing. he traveled with him to moscow
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in 2015 for that dinner that's become so famous where the flynn senior gave a speech and he sat at the same table with russian president vladimir putin. and flynn junior basically served as his father's chief of staff and was essentially his right hand man. so investigators really want to know what he knows and whether everything that he was doing was basically what they said he was doing, whether -- was he acting as a for act without registering. >> jeremy, answer me this. what's the legal exposure to flynn junior or is that barking up the wrong tree? is this a squeeze play fair and simple? >> well, carol's reporting utilized the word subject. subject to somewhere between a target, where you're obviously in the sights of the prosecutor, as well as a witness, a mere witness, someone who witnessed a
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crime. and i don't think we know yet exactly which category mike flynn junior is in. however, i think it's fair to say that because he was involved with the flynn intel group potentially engaging in unregistered foreign agent activity and he was priy to what his father was doing with the russians, he's probably going to be more towards a target than a mere witness. >> ken, a point we first heard nicolle wallace raise on this network this afternoon. can you get over the relationships, father's, sons, son-in-law, manafort son-in-law, trump sons and son-in-law and now flynn that is part of this over arching kind of vague, generic russia topic? >> yeah. i mean, at least in the case of flynn, certainly in the case of jared kushner, this is not like take your child to workday. like these people are intricately involved in aggressively pursuing some of these opportunities that have been become subjects of interest
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for mueller and the special counsel investigation. in flynn junior's case, he and his father were in a big rush to sign lucrative contracts after flynn senior got out of the military, after 33 years in the military in 2014. that's not that much time has elapsed between 2014 when he got out of the military and when he signed on to then candidate donald trump's campaign. and they were working very aggressively to sign some of these clients including some who we now learn either were linked to foreign governments or client entities that were controlled by foreign governments. so the point where it necessitated registering under this foreign agents registration act that they failed to do. there's a real feeling among the folks that i talked to that they were just moving quicker than they were able to do their vetting. and whether there was any, you know, intent as far as connection with russia ob or not is almost secondary.
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they have the exposure. it's something that mushl can exploit. can exploit both of them to give any potential information about donald trump and donald trump's inner circle which is the real target here. >> so jeremy bash, were you just nodding your head no? things got too crazy, i was too busy. >> basically yeah, brian. the argument that they were too sloppy to follow the law won't hold water here. >> can you bring us up-to-date on what the flins have been doing? have they been enjoined from making a living, traveling the world that kind of thing. >> well, we don't know much about michael flynn jr. michael flynn sr. has appeared here and there. he's not spoken publicly. their lawyers both declined to comment. interestingly michael flynn sr.'s lawyer when i asked him whether -- what his response was to accusations of collusion with russian, he said no comment. whereas others have said that
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they deny that who we know that the investigation is focusing on. broadly, you know, this really raises the stakes for michael flynn sr. in the sense that his son is now involved and, you know, to the extent that robert mueller, the special counsel, can get him to cooperate with the investigation, this is just another tool that he has. >> ken, if you have the clarity and the distance to look back a whole couple of days, what have we learned about the mueller effort this week thus far that perhaps we didn't know this past weekend? >> well, certainly that there is a great focus on these people who are no longer involved in the trump administration. flynn, flynn junior, paul manafort and that there is a focus on their activities that don't necessarily relate directly to the core motivation of this investigation, which is
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to find russian meddling in the election. rather it's, again, the exposure that these folks have on issues that could be used to leverage them to give up something on that core topic, that being the russian meddling in the election and any possible collusion with trump and his ner circle. >> and jeremy, are you surprised? do you wince a little bit to hear these attacks on comey in the white house briefing room? >> i do. i mean, i think this is this a very concert effort by the president and his spokesperson to undermine someone who will be witness number one in any case against the president or his inner circle on the obstructions matter. and i think in some ways they are thinking far ahead, thinking of potential, for example, impeachment case or a trial in the senate where in essence jim comey would be the star witness, because if the president is going to suffer some political and legal and constitutional challenge here accident it's going to be over this obstruction of justice matter. >> carol, you're going to get the last word. what could the possible below
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back be making an enemy out of a guy like the former fbi director? >> well, i mean, there's a number of ways, but i think from the white house's perspective, you know, this is a president who is extremely irritated by this investigation. he broods about director comey and he's still very fixated on that and, you know, what was interesting to me is that this is happening -- the backdrop to this is this comes after the president had a very public spat with his attorney general and his press secretary was essentially daring the attorney general, you know, not to do something about this. i'm very curious to see how this shakes out. >> also people should remember that mueller comey relationship, close and complicated, but it makes it all the more interesting. hey, our great thanks to the members of our lead-off panel tonight. after a long day for each, we sure appreciate you sticking around to talk to us tonight. now our first break.
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and coming up, as i mentioned, there's a little disagreement tonight. this was bring the democrats to dinner night at the white house with schumer and pelosi. they put out a statement that seems like it might have been too rosy. the white house has already disagreed with their assessment of the dinner. oh, and the president has attacked his opponent in the election again. as i said, a lot to get to. we'll go to a break. we'll continue on the other side.
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attacked his opponent in th why not also invite mitch mcconnell and paul ryan? >> look, you've got the leader of the republican party sitting at the table.
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this is the president's opportunity to have a very open and honest conversation with members of the senate, and i think anybody that tries to distort it into something other than that is just misunderstanding what the purpose is. if anybody thinks that the republican viewpoint isn't being represented is completely misunderstanding that the president is the leader of the republican party. this president's done more for bipartisanship in the last eight days than obama did in eight years. >> so that's the background. sarah huckabee sanders from the white house podium today reminded everybody the president was indeed a republican and not only that, is a leader of the republican party. the president then had two of his new friends over for dinner tonight, chuck and nancy as he's fond of calling them. two people that have been targets of his in the past, but in a joint statement tonight, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi said, quote, we had a very productive meeting at the white house with the president. this is where it gets interesting. the discussion focused on daca. we agreed to enshrine the
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protections of daca into law quickly and to work out a package of border security, this is real interesting, excluding the wall that's acceptable to both sides. we also urged the president to make permanent the cost-sharing reduction payments and those discussions will continue. well, responding on twitter tonight, sarah huckabee sanders said, quote, while daca and border security were both discussed, excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to. we have to discuss this at some point, and to do that jeremy peters is with us. new york times political reporter. and we welcome to the broadcast jill coven white house reporter for the "associated press." before our discussion, it gets even more interesting, and here is why. based on the initial report about daca, steve king, republican stalwart from wai tweeted this, if ap is correct,
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trump base is blown up, destroyed, irrepable and disillusioned beyond repair. no promise is credible. the president made clear he would continue pushing the wall, just not as part of this agreement. so everybody is backing up. and then here is breitbart. breitbart is on the scoreboard tonight. their headline, report, trump caves on daca. jill, luckily, it's going to be your job in the next 12 to 24 hours to explain this. what is going on? was that just too rose why i a statement by the democrats? >> well, it seems like there was something that was premature here with the statement put out, the joint statement by chuck and nancy, as the president has taken to calling them. what appears to have happened here, now, this is the latest -- there were more than one meeting today. the president also sat down ba bipartisan group of lawmakers from the house. during that meeting the president made clear that he was comfortable with a deal in which daca, continuing the daca
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protections would be separated from funding for the wall. he told them he would be okay if they existed in two separate legislative vehicles. that gave a lot of democrats this that room a lot of optimism saying that they really felt that they'd be able to reach a deal with the president. then he goes in, he sits down, he has this chinese food dinner with pelosi and schumer and the two sides agree that these issues were discussed. but there seems to have been a last-minute disagreement about exactly how that wall funding would be handled. it seems like the white house were frustrated over the framing of that issue in the statement. >> so jeremy, does it equally sound to you like pelosi and schumer maybe got over their skis a little cheeky in their review of dinner and now they're hearing about it from the white house that said, wait a minute, we dient do a deal that kisses away our entire political base? >> i don't think, brian, there's anything wildly inconsistent with what sarah huckabee sanders is saying and what chuck schumer
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and nancy pelosi are saying. what they're saying is that this is just going to happen essentially in two separate votes, two separate bills. so i do think, though, the danger for donald trump here in dealing with his base is very real. there is not enough dim sum in the world, enough chinese food summits you can have to repair the relationship that donald trump will have shattered with his hardest core conservative followers if he does what is -- anything even close to being perceived as amnesty on daca. and the truth of the matter is that, you know, while most americans, polls show, want some form of leniency for these young immigrants who were brought here as children illegally, there are a lot of conservatives who will see anything that shows them any leniency at all as amnesty, and that's a huge problem for donald trump and it undercuts a central
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premise of what he ran on. >> so, jeremy, what about you'll forgive the phrase the sunshine boys, mcconnell and ryan, did they get like ash i didn't see take out and are they at home waiting to gt a call from chuck and nancy to see how dinner went? >> let's not forget republicans do command a majority in both houses of congressment they are the leaders of both respective houses. they would have to agree to go along with what donald trump and chuck and nancy have agreed to tonight in theory, although there may be enough republicans who want to get a fix on daca through fast in you have so they don't have to deal with it. i don't see it getting to that point. i think one thing is certain. when sarah huckabee sanders had to go out and reassure everybody that donald trump was a republican, that showed just how much he had undermined his own party.
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donald trump may be a republican in name, but there are no tangible benefits that republicans have to show for any of their republican leadership across washington so far. and there is very little in the way of a functionel republican majority in either house. >> so, jill, all the evidence points to you that this is a thing. this is going to be the president's new mode, do we think? >> i think for the time being. look, the president feels like he had a very good reception when he reached that deal. just over a week ago with democrats to -- the three-month deal that included all the money for the hurricane funding. he felt like that actually looked pretty good to him. and he's been deeply frustrated by the fact that the republicans were incapable of actually passing an obama repeal and replacement bill. you also have to go back to the campaign and remember that the president never ran as a traditional republican. this is somebody who ran
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promising that he was the ultimate dealmaker and because he had this interesting history as a businessman, as somebody who hadn't been a republican his whole life, his pitch was that he could actually work across the aisle and do the kind of thing that he's attempting to do right now. >> and jeremy, what's going to be, again, for all of 2017, if you're a member of congress, what do you go home and say to the folks i brought you this? what's going to be the net outcome, the dlivls from congress of the united states? >> a big fight over immigration come february or march. that's -- you've hit it exactly on the head, brian, is that not only are republicans do they appear to be headed toward having very little to show for their republican majority, what is donald trump going to say to his supporters? i deliver on what i said i was going to deliver on after i have no wall to show you, after i've cut a deal that the hardest core of you will think is amnesty? this could be terrible for donald trump. and i really don't think that you can overstate that.
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this was steve bannon's biggest worry when he left the white house is that donald trump would do something on immigration like this to undercut his relationship with his base, and it looks like that has happened tonight. >> jill, what about using this new bipartisan spirit for something like infrastructure? >> i mean, that's the pitch he's been making that he, you know, has been frustrated are republicans' ability to come behind him and he might as well work with democrats not only on immigration, also on infrastructure, also on his tax plan. he was meeting with them talking about that today making promises that potentially rates on the rich might go down or at least the amount they're paying in taxes might go down. i think he's trying to figure out how to govern here and how to come up with a coalition that's actually going to be able to pass things or at least one, check mark on the board. >> jill, you work for the "associated press" which is really the first draft of the first draft of history. if you were in the headline business, what do you think
11:25 pm
summing up tonight post dinner, post dinner spin, the rakz to the post dinner spin? what do you think the headline is going to be tomorrow morning? >> i think the headline is that this experiment, trump's experiment in bipartisan deal making hit a bit of a blip. i think it's far too soon right now to make any conclusions about where the daca fight is going to land. >> taking into account it's more fun to work at the "new york post" than the new york city times, what do you think the headline is? >> trump relationship with base in jeopardy. i really think -- it's not just steve king, as you pointed out earlier, brian. u p conservative commentators like laura ingram who are already weighing in saying what did we vote for? the pile on tomorrow is going to be immense. >> thank you both. what a fantastic conversation with this news breaking all around us with two people whose by lines we read constantly. our great thanks.
11:26 pm
welcome to the broadcast. thank you both. two members of congress when we come back from a break. one republican, one democrat. let's keep this theme going. both of them met with the president today. we'll talk to them when the 11th hour continues. try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®.
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we are back with all this political news dropping all around us. if this is indeed invite a democrat to the white house week, there was another gathering today we should tell you about. there were eight house democrats
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and five house republicans invited to the white house to meet with the president today. out of those 13 members of congress, two of them are about to be on our broadcast. congresswoman stephanie murphy, democrat from central florida. she was there. congressman tom read, republican from upstate new york. he was there. an area we affectionateel refer to as the southern tier of new york along the pennsylvania border. thank you so much for joining us. congresswoman, beginning with you, why do you think you were invited to the white house today? >> well, i've always said that i am committed to working on behalf of my constituents in central florida to get things done and to move this country forward, and so that's the way that i've been operating in congress. and i'm really looking for ways to advance the agenda on maf of the american people. and so i think that's the reputation that led to my being
11:31 pm
invited today. >> congressman reed, if indeed the president has back tracked on daca, which is part of the story people are fussing and fighting over tonight. isn't there just going to be holy hell to pay in your party? >> well, i don't know about holy hell, but i'll tell you from the meeting today, i was so pleased with the meeting today, brian. i'll tell you what we had in that room were pragmatic governing members who want to get things done for the american people and i applaud stephanie for being there. we'll get through theish eyes otherwise of beidaca, border security. >> just looking at you on the video we just saw from the white house, it looks like you were seated next to him and the congresswoman one over. with that much proximity, programs you can answer this, has he changed at all? >> well, un, i was one of the first on the republican side to endorse him, campaigned with him, spent time with him. he's a fellow new yorker and i
11:32 pm
just appreciate what he's brought to the table. he's trying to find a way to get to yes, to get things done. that's what this town needs, somebody who is not beholden to the extremes. it's about time we break this gridlock and get things done to the people back home. >> let me ask you a tough question. i spent the first eight, nine years of my life in your district and i've been back and i follow it enough to know that these have been hard times. what are the deliver abls you have to go home to to run again in 2018 and say folks in the southern tier of new york here is what i've brought you from washington. >> working with joe kennedy on the other side of the aisle from the kennedy family. whoo we're going to deliver today is tax reform. i am very optimistic. being on the committee that writes the tax code and we're proud of you, brian, growing up in the elmie ra area and i will tell you the people back in our area as you know are suffering.
11:33 pm
i hear their voices at the town halls i do. and tax reform is going to release the economic might of america worldwide and we're going to benefit from that in the southern tier. >> did anyone at the meeting express any anger, here you are from central florida. your state is reeling from this natural disaster. is there any consensus to make call infrastructure all the work that now has to be done in texas, florida, georgia, north and south carolina, fortifying shore -- shoring up the shoreline, if you will, and making sure that tourism as a business is going to stay in florida and employ all those floridans? >> well, today was a great opportunity for me to address the issue of making sure that central florida and all the other areas that you just mentioned that were affected by the natural disaster have the resources that they need when they need it. and i believe i heard loud and clear from the president that he's committed to ensuring that
11:34 pm
that happens. in the past we have found that sometimes even though we've appropriated and authorized the resources from the congressional perspective, that the agencies and departments take a little bit of time to get those resources into the communities. and so we were able to dress that issue, flag it for the president and he assured me that he would work with congress to ensure that all of those communities would have the resources they need to rebuild and reconstruct after this disaster. >> well, i hope it was suitably flagged because the news we have to report again tonight out of your state is just so, so dire. and we're thinking of all those people. our great thanks to congresswoman stephanie mufby and congressman tom reed. thank you both after a more eventful than not day in washington i'm sure for both of you. coming up after this break, everyone thought it was a little strange that with hing's book out now two days, we haven't heard from the president on the topic, not really, not until
11:35 pm
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welcome back to the broadcast. again, we thought it was odd, unusual at most that the president hadn't commented on hillary clinton's book and media appearances. that's over. just before we came on the air tonight he wrote this, crooked hillary clinton blames everybody and everything but herself for her election loss. she lost the debates and lost her direction says the head of the free world. the dplor abls came back to haunt hillary. they expressed their feegz loud and clear. she spent big money, but in the end had no game. let's talk about this, shall we? along with a lot of other topics from wisconsin tonight we're joined by long-term conservative radio talk show host and friend of this program, charlie sikes. another friend of this program steve submits, veteran of the
11:39 pm
bush white house and mccain campaign. both happen to be msnbc contributors. steve, you get home-field advantage tonight. i just feel like starting you off. you can start on what the president says about hillary. you can start on invite a democrat to dinner week at the white house. anywhere you wish. >> mag nipplety in victory, right. you know what? every day it's an assault really on the dignity of the office. hillary clinton was not someone i supported over the course of her political career as a member of the republican party, but she's a historic figure. secretary of state, the first female nominee of a major party. someone who gave it her all, spent her life in public service. a defeated opponent from the presidency is a title to be treated with respect, and she has a right to go out and to communicate her experience. it's interesting. i can't wait to read the book and hear her perspective because
11:40 pm
it's history and i'll learn something from it. and maybe a young woman out there who is thinking about a career in politics will be inspired. but he ought to leave her alone. there's a lot of problems, a lot of challenges in this country, and the president seems just pepper wale distracted, unable to focus, unable to grasp -- strive to their best selves and he constantly finds his worst self. >> charlie, how do you think your buddy paul ryan is looking at this dinner with the democrats tonight at the white house, looking at any of it, including the notion of attacking a former fbi director from the white house podium? >> yeah. well, it was clearly a calculated big middle finger to the leadership of congress. but i want to go back to what you were asking about, the attack on hillary clinton. sort of connect the dots. you know, think about what
11:41 pm
happened earlier tonight. you have breitbart saying that donald trump has caved on immigration. you have steve king tweeting out what he's saying here, no promise is credible as if he's just now suddenly figured out that maybe donald trump is a con man. you have speculation about what is going to happen with the base. an caughter is probably having her head explode. he says it's time to go after crooked hillary. it's like playing the greatest hits all over again. this is the way he has always framed itself. it is a binary choice. so at the very moment that you would think that he would be, you know, perhaps, you know, growing into this presidential stature of saying, look, i have just brokered this big bipartisan agreement, what he's doing is he's looking over his shoulder, recognizing that his base is recognizing that essentially got rolled on this, now, this is good news for the d.r.e.a.m.ers, if you're donald trump, you're the art of the deal and you've just basically
11:42 pm
become president march corubio on the immigration issue, his signature issue and i think his knee jerk reaction is to lash out at crooked hillary clinton as a way of distracting from this particular story line. >> steve, i always ask you this. what is your party right now? who is your party right now? where do you think it's centered? >> the collapse of the republican party intellectually, it's becoming an empty vessel with regard to its principles, has built over a long time. but this is what you get when you have a pinlist party that stands for nothing, that has accommodated donald trump, that has cow touchdown to him. they find themselves in the predicament that they are. the republican party has become an entertainment industry and has become an organized conspiracy to hold political power, but absent any public
11:43 pm
virtue or policies that are advancing through an ideological prism through that viewpoint to meet the challenges of our time. the party is in terrible, terrible shape. both parties have problems. the but the problems in the republican party are different than the parties in the democratic party. the problems in the democratic party are ideological problems. democratic party is moving to the left. the problems in the republican party are just the application of any principle. and this used to be the party of ideas over the course of the 80s and the early part of the 90s and it's tragic. >> the obituary tonight of pete -- he died and meant so much to his party while alive. >> charlie sikes, a serious question, though, about paul ryan. he's just -- is he in stand by mode now? >> well, he has to be on stand buy mode, but again, the speaker of the house of representatives
11:44 pm
is a powerful position, as is the leader of the senate. if donald trump thinks that he can simply brush them aside and make himself the titular leader of the republican party, i think once again he's showing his nooifty about how the congressional process works. now, this daca deal i think was probably in the works. who knows how messy it's going to be. but going forward, it's hard to imagine that donald trump could have humiliated or insulted the leaders of his own congressional -- the congressional leadership more than he has done over the last seven days. this was a calculated act of humiliation, and i'm sure that it's felt that way. >> i also want to show people with just the wif of this daca news our friend robert costa from the "washington post" put this out on twitter tonight. my phone is like a flickering candle right now. 11:24 p.m. the nationalist conservative base is lighting up. texts to reporters, each other. bob costa always a good follow.
11:45 pm
steve, i want you to spend a moment on something you and i talked about during the break, something presidents get to do. the american people love seeing when those bags of food and containers of water arrive and says gift to the people of the united states. we have profound suffering going on in our south and in the caribbean, american citizens suffering, and it's something this white house, if it were functioning the way others have, could so easily do and be big and be who we are. >> exactly. you know, in particular with the virgin islands, i think as a general proposition real credit to you, to nicolle wallace, to rachel maddow, to o'donnell who have covered it, but broadly speaking we've ignored the virgin islands. we have profound devastation on the island of santd john. it's been obliterated, on saint
11:46 pm
thomas. we talked when is irma going to hit the united states. it hit the united states days before it hit florida when it hit the virgin ielz. these are american citizens, our countrymen. they're part of the united states. we have an obligation here. it will take years to recover. the suffering that the people down there are enduring. you look at the images of these beautiful islands. they've been completely defoley yatd. it looks like an atomic bomb has been dropped on them. what's the plan? what's the amount of money for the recovery? there's so little in the way of images emanating from these islands and it was a great time for donald trump, the president of the united states, who in my view collapsed his moral authority after charlottesville to at least take a step towards rebuilding it by being able to communicate to the country we are all in this together. when one american suffers all americans must care about it in times of crisis. and i don't think he's been particularly effective at
11:47 pm
communicating the tremendous human suffering in parts of this country and uniting the country around it. he'd be much better off tweeting about that and the actions that we can be taking than attacking hillary clinton. >> profound words tonight. gentlemen, thanks to you as we thank you always. two of our great friends. thank you. coming up, with the power out in so many places across multiple states hit hard by hurricane irma, things turn from bad to truly tragic today in south florida. live report when we come back.
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders
11:50 pm
on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. welcome back to our broadcast. officials in florida are launching investigations driven by anger into why eight residents of a nursing home just outside of miami are now dead. these were peoples' moms and dads and grandparents, all of them seniors, all of them put
11:51 pm
there to be under someone's care. while the building apparently had main power to it, the transformer pouring the air conditions failed with temperatures today reaching 90 degrees. florida democratic senator bill nelson called the disaster an emerging scandal of gar began u juan proportions. 158 residents were evacuated and taken to local hospitals. a second nursing home in south florida was also evacuated later today. for the latest, we want to turn to dan krout, a reporter for our nbc station in miami, w tv j. dan, how did the first report of this come in how did this come in to first responders and do we have a description of the power to the building just about right? >> good evening, brian. you certainly do. a 911 call was made from inside this nursing home at 3:00 a.m. this morning. a patient inside was going into cardiac arrest of the paramedics
11:52 pm
then received a second call at 4:00 a.m. a patient having trouble breathing. it was that paramedic who was inside who noticed the conditions inside, the oh pressive heat inside. temperatures reached 100 degrees. she lortd her concerns to her boss who then reported them to the city mayor and also the state, who eventually evacuated and shut down this building. >> we apologize to our viewers for a longer satellite delay. the hollywood florida fire chief today said they have heard from that nursing home. they've been called from there 127 times in the past year, a number he kaultd excessive. >> yes, brian. the fire chief did say that is excessive. you can imagine there are a lot of paramedic calls to nursing homes like this one. he said that was above the ordinary amount. they knew this building and they also knew the patients very well inside. we're asking a lot of questions
11:53 pm
tonight, but finding it very difficult to get i didn't tell cal answers. why wasn't this building evacuated sooner? there was literally a hospital right next door. that's where a lot of those patients are tonight. 12 of those parents in critical condition. i have also obtained the emergency response plan for this nursing home. in a place like this they're supposed to transfer patients just a few miles away to another nursing home thachlt did not happen. in fact, i called that back up nursing home. they do have power. they do not have any issues. a spokesman released a statement sending condo lessons to the family. saying they do have a generator on-site. it is on stand by. apparently that did not include a broken down ac unit. >> dan, thank you for that live report and again, if there's any good news out of this, it is now that more of the elderly will be getting more attention. they're in an early september heat wave after a hurricane with
11:54 pm
no power for 15 million people in florida. so conditions are already dire. another break for us and coming up, congress takes action after the bitter violence, the bigotry and charlottesville one month ago now. what it will mean for the president. what it's already meant for the president when we come right back.
11:55 pm
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last thing before we go tonight. here is a headline. president trump will condemn racism and violence a month after a young woman was killed at that white supremacist rally in charlottesville, virginia. he's doing it in writing and was pressured into doing so by congress. the house and senate were compelled to draft a joint resolution recognizing the victims of violence and, quote, rejecting white nationalists, white supremacists, the ku klux klan, neo-nazis and other hate groups. trump, you'll recall, was roundel criticized for not identifying those groups at first and for blaming both sides
11:59 pm
for the violence. the only black republican in the u.s. senate was among the president's critics back then. well, today south carolina senator tim scott met with the president at the request of the white house to, as the new york city times puts it tonight, give trump a history lesson on racism. >> i was encouraged and pleasantly -- well, not surprised but it was nice that he was very much listening. certainly i got the history of our nation in three or four sen traerz, rape, murder and death brought at the hands of the kkk and the -- i wanted to mention that we are clear on the delineation between who is on which side in the history of the nation. and so we had a good conversation. >> we should note when the white house reported on the meeting between the two men they did not mention charlottesville as a topic, and in their official photo of the sit-down, senator tim scott was identified instead
12:00 am
as tom scott. that is our broadcast for this evening. thank you for being here with us as always. good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. >> tonight on all in, another major development in the mueller investigation. >> what report is that. >> tonight, the nbc news exclusive on michael flynn's son becoming the subject of a mueller probe. and congress adam schiff on why he's calling for facebook and twitter to testify in his russia probe. then, why the white house is calling for the firing of an espn anchor who criticized the president. >> something they think is a fireable offense by espn. >> the growing danger for hurricane irma victims stranded without power. and democrats launch a push for medicare for all. >> health care in america must be a right, not a privilege.


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