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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 15, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that people are making of sort of a panic and kind of mass stampede, that gives you and idea of how frightening this was and, again, anyone would want to get off that train. it's a point at which they've seen something. some people said they were involved in the stampede, if you like, without having known what happened and hearing people -- >> if you smell smoke, if you hear an explosion, if you see people running i think a lot of times your natural instinct is to do the same. we heard reports of a fireball and people screaming as well but not necessarily having confirmation of what took place. keir, stand by. i want to bring everybody up to date as we get in the 5:00 a.m. hour. it's the top of the hour. we continue to follow breaking news. there's been an explosion of some kind at the parsons green
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tube station in london. police were called to the scene at 8:20 a.m. local time and aware of what they are calling quote an incident as of now. these images this were posted on twitter of what is believed to be the source of the incident which reportedly occurred inside of a train car, a train car we just showed you the london fire brigade said 50 firefighters and officers are on the scene. keir simmons is on the scene. bring everybody up to date right now what we know so far. >> reporter: we have limited information. showing that picture of what appears to be exploded. looks like it's some kind of plastic construction worker's bucket wrapped in a bag. that caught fire according to witnesses and according to the social media images we've seen at around about 8:20 this morning london time. that would have been a very busy time on the subway, many
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commuters would have been packed in that train i suspect into their way to london to jobs across the city. the place where this happened is a line in a relatively upscale area of london once it leaves parsons green, if anyone knows london area, into chelsea and places that are famously wealthy. this is an upscale subway line for many, many middle class people heading in to jobs across the stiff london and at a time of day like that, in the rush hour, it's possible that there were people crowded around the bucket that you're seeing in that image, people often squeezed much like in new york and other cities across the u.s. people squeeze into these subway cars in order to get to work on time. what people are saying they saw some kind of an explosion, that there was panic, people dropped their belongings and ran for
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their lives. that there was an explosion and that caused further panic and now the area has been sealed off. first responders have arrived very, very quickly. police there, it looks as if there are security, the security services there engaged in establishing what this, what this is and whether there's any continuing danger, any chemicals involved. we don't know what this is. we don't know who is responsible for. we don't know if this is a construction worker that accidentally left something on the train or whether this is perhaps somebody with darker intent who may be somebody acting on their own, inspired and have tried to put together some kind of a crude device and exploded on the subway car. again, as you see from those pictures there's very little sign of damage and perhaps and we can't know for sure this is a
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picture that this was not a large explosion but a limited kind of extent of damage. >> so far we don't have confirmation of what took play. i know you'll stay on top of this for us. we'll checking back with you. now i want to get to our other top story. north korea latest ballistic launch. it occurred early this morning from the airport in pyongyang and flew two minutes over japanese air space before landing in the pacific ocean about 20 minutes after launch, roughly 1240 miles off the coast. there was a warning for people to take shelter. u.s. pacific command it tracked the launch and believes the missile of intermediate-range. the longest distance why for a
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north korea ballistic missile test. second time a north korea missile has been fired into japanese air space including the most recent august launch. the other tests by pyongyang landed in or around the sea of japan. the test comes days after the united nations security council unanimously voted in favor of additional and very harsh sanctions against pyongyang. let's go now to seoul, south korea. ron allen standing by for us. ron, good to talk to you this morning. we're hearing in response south korean president ordered live fire exercises simulating an attack on the airplane. what more are you hearing about this? >> reporter: exactly. simulating an attack on the launch site where the north koreans launched that missile from immediate response. that's what the south koreans have been doing for the past week or so since that nuclear test and since the previous launch over japan. they raised their military
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profile trying to prevent north koreans from conducting these tests. that posture is not working. the north koreans are moving forward with their missile program. as you point out this was the longest flight yet of any missile over 2,000 miles. clearly putting guam the u.s. territory in the range of north korean missile and that seems to be what the message is the north koreans are sending. that's what they want they want the united states military to back off. they said they would target gooum. this missile flu in the other direction. the question is what does the united states, u.n. security council do. they are meeting yet again friday afternoon in new york calling for more sanction. some members of russia and china said they have done all they can in terms of sanctions. so a very difficult situation as this tense escalation continues to get worse and worse.
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>> seems to matter what sanctions are leveled against north korea they keep driving. there was caution and uncertainty among both party yesterday as president trump as plan with democratic leaders to protect undocumented young people in exchange for border security moved forward. yesterday the president and house speaker poul ryan emphasized the republican congressional majority was not being left out. take a listen. >> i just spoke with paul ryan. he's on board. everybody is on board. they want to do something. we're not talking about amnesty. we're talking about taking care of people. >> there is no agreement. the president and chief of staff called me from air force one today to discuss what was discussed. and it was a discussion not an agreement or a negotiation. the president wasn't negotiating a deal last night. the president was talking with democratic leaders to get their perspective. >> if they do you say --
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>> i think the president understands he has to work with the congressional majority to get any kind of a resolution. >> mitch mcconnell said as congress debates the best ways to address illegal immigration, daca should be part of those discussions. we look forward to receiving trump administration's legislative proposal as we continue our work on these issues. democratic senate majority leader, minority leader chuck schumer was adamant the democrats had a key role in laying out the basics of what will become the solution. >> we all agreed on a framework. pass daca protections and additional border security measures. we agreed the president would support ensling the daca protections into law. >> and as some conservatives
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brist bristle, the president put his signature on a border wall. >> we're renovating large sections of law, massive sexes making it brand new. we're building four different secreta samples of the wall. we have to have a wall. if the wall is constructed, we'll be determining how much we need then we're not doing anything. >> no relief for daca recipients unless you get the wall. >> they can't obstruct the wall. the wall to me is vital. if i don't get the vital then we'll become the obstructionists. >> nine months into the trump presidency no plan for constructing the kind of wall the president promised. a study ordered in january in how to fully secure the board has not been completed. his transition team -- officials
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had hoped to deploy this summer are months behind schedule. in the face of the president's demand democrats not stand in the way of construction, they voiced fresh opposition. >> we're not for the wall. we'll never be for the wall. it's expensive. it's ineffective. it involves a lot of difficult imminent domain, taking people's property. and apparently it's not being paid for by mexico. >> lots of mixed messages. who better to talk about mix messing than our report for capitol hill. so the president attempted to reassure republicans about his deal making on immigration but there was some opposition, to say the least on capitol hill, specifically from the freedom caucus. talk to us about it. >> well, you know, you have this freedom caucus of three dozen members on the right, very conservative, and they had an
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agreement or guarantee, so to speak from speaker ryan before being elected and chosen as house speaker that he would not bring a bill that has to do with immigration to the floor without a majority of the majority support. so the conference right now, republicans have 240 members in the house so that would be more than 120 members of the conference agreeing on the measure that would come up in front of the house. and so they are falling back on this issue and saying if we don't have a majority, a majority that supports an immigration bill like daca it won't come up. however the math is off. again they only represent about three dozen members and a lot of republicans want to get something done especially on daca. >> i want to play for you a clip of what president trump said yesterday on air force one. he talked about how he was treated unfairly on health care and he had to work with democrats. take a listen. >> i'm a republican through and through, but i'm also finding
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that sometimes to get things through it's not working that way. my relationship with the republicans is excellent. many agree with what i'm doing. >> is it excellent, and do people buy it? are they confident that the president is on their side, the republicans specifically? >> reporter: we actually talked to some republicans last week after the deal to raise the debt limit, democrats have struck. a few said there's a little bit of trust that we have a trust issue with the white house right now. of course this conversation that he had with chuck and nancy as he calls them earlier this week an daca which is such a hot button issue does add another layer of mistrust. on the other hand if you talk to republicans that supported the president like mike kelley from pennsylvania, he said president trump is lighting a fire under our membership because we have a bunch of members including members of the freedom caucus who are all or nothing. so he wants us to work together
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and get something done or else he has to work with democrats. one can look at this as lighting a fire under the republican caucus to get-together and support something unlike what happened with the health care bill. >> isn't i want interesting they are chuck and nancy when things go well as opposed to some other name? thank you. still ahead the latest on the recovery efforts in florida following hurricane irma. we'll take a look at president trump's visit there and we're following breaking news, reports of an explosion at a london tube station. another live report in a couple of minutes. those stories and a check on weather, of course, when we come back. this is a story about mail and packages.
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. welcome back. in the wake of hurricane irma 3 million people across florida are still without power. president trump visited naples and ft. myers yesterday to survey the storm damage and meet
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with victims of hurricane irma. >> we love the people of florida. they went through something the likes of which we saw nobody has ever seen before. they never saw a category like this because it came in as a category 5. we love these people. and we're going to be back and we're going to help them and the job that everybody has done in terms of first responders, everybody has been incredible. i just want to tell you we're there for you 100%. i'll be back here numerous times. this is a state i know very well as you understand and these are special, special people and we love them. >> this was the third trip president trump has made in response to a natural disaster. he made two stops in texas following hurricane harvey and the president of puerto rico said president trump will visit his country and the virgin islands in the aftermath of mayor. no date has been set. in south florida investigators
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continue to gather evidence to determine whether charges are brought in the deaths of eight elderly residents in a nursing home in hollywood. more than 140 people were evacuated from that facility. some with temperatures of 106 degrees according to the state senator who represents that area. a spokesperson for the city government said yesterday the fire and rescue crews have responded to that facility 127 times in the past 12 months. the nursing home is defending its staff and blaming hurricane irma for knocking out a transformer. the mr. straight orsaid they are cooperating fully with authorities. joining us live from miami, florida, mia rodriguez. you've been on the ground tore sometime. how are the recovery efforts faring. >> reporter: the cleanup is well under way but much working to be done. all these boats are still smashed up against the seawall in coconut grove. but there are more than 7,000
2:19 am
people in shelters spread across 87 shelters in the state. the hardest hit areas remain the florida keys. national guard and red cross have been making their way down there. here's what they said about the needs down there. take a listen. >> we're trying to put support in, something that people have the least of. we have water and food, two other big things we're pushing out. >> reporter: the good news is that 8.2 million people have gotten their power back. 3 million people still do not have it. florida power and light says by this weekend most of the customers that don't have it along the east coast of florida should get it back. >> extremely serious situation still happening down there in the florida keys. thanks so much. let's turn now to your weather. nbc meteorologist bill karins standing by. we're done with mayor. jose, those trending towards the coast. could be feasibly a threat.
2:20 am
>> here's the latest. 70 mile-per-hour winds. tropical storm. this was the 5:00 a.m. advisory. about 510 miles to the south-southwest of bermuda. here we go. this is the new forecast path from the national hurricane center. overnight trends are once again to the west and closer to the coast. this is the cone of uncertainty. we've learn you don't have to pay attention the centerline. the cone is determined by the average forecast air and when you get out here about five days the forecast air is about 250 miles in elter direction. for the first time with jose in the cone of uncertainty is the outer banks, ocean city, jersey shore, new york city, long island, connecticut, rhode island and southern portions of massachusetts. the reason why is because our computer models overnight trended a little bit closer towards the coast here as we take the lines to the north.
2:21 am
here's our squiggly lines. our different computer models that tell us what jose will do. this is the general trend towards eastern new england. we'll continue to monitor this. if you're in the coastal areas of new england have your hurricane preps now, do it early just in case the storm does come our way. have all the water and everything which you should have had at the beginning of the season. >> can take a breath this hurricane season. police have declared this morning's incident in london a terrorist incident. we'll have the latest coming up.
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welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news. there's been an explosion at a london tube station as we've been bringing you all morning. police have declared this a terrorist incident. police were called to the scene at 8:20 in the morning local time. these images were posted on twitter. it occurred inside of a train car. you see fire enveloping what looks to be a bucket sitting next to inside of a passenger car there and you can see sort of what looks like a tube train, as many of us have traveled in london. london fire brigade 50 firefighters and officers are on the scene. we have reports of injuries there as well. also this happened at the parsons green station an area for a lot of commuters where
2:25 am
people come in to switch trains. 8:20 a.m. a time when people are there to change, to change trains. a big time for people going and coming from work as well. this report first coming through social media with those pictures that we just showed you bringing up that bucket once again. investigators outside of that train. again we're just learning now it's confirmed as a terrorist incident and reports of facial burns for passengers on the train. we'll bring you more as we get it, again breaking news coming out of london declared a terrorist attack at a tube station in the west london area. we'll bring you more as we get it. keep it here everybody you're watching msnbc.
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welcome back. we're continuing to follow breaking news there. an explosion has taken place at the parsons green tube station in london. metropolitan police have declared this a terrorist incident. this explosion taking place at 8 lone 20 a.m. local time. again in west london. report of injuries taking place inside of this tube car after this explosion. we have live pictures also as well or pictures of what may have been the source of this explosion. police, of course, still investigating everything else. i want to bring in kelly who is on the way to the scene. kelly, what more are you learning about what took place? >> reporter: this now has been declared a terrorist incident as you mentioned by the counterterrorism police and that police unit in charge of
2:30 am
counterterrorism. they say a number of people have been injured. not clear how serious those injuries are or how many have been injured. we're hearing, according to witness reports on the scene that there was some sort of explosion just as the train was pulling into the station this morning around 8:20 this morning. and then the doors were opened, there was a panic, people fleeing from the train, trying to get off the train, off the platform and out of the station. we understand, again, from witnesses that possibly some of those injuries may have been suffered when people were simply trying to get out of the station. there have been pictures posted on social media of what appears to be the source of this fire or explosion. it's sort of a plastic bucket in a plastic shopping bag, and there are wires coming out of it. unclear what this is at this point. again police say they are still
2:31 am
investigating that. witnesses did say they heard what sounded like a blast and there are also reports of at least two people being treated or being carried out with what looked like burn injuries. >> kelly, i want to read a tweet from theresa may, the uk prime minister who just sent this tweet out and i'm reading it from my phone. she writes my thoughts are with those injured at parsons green and emergency responders who are responding bravely to this terrorist incident. a lot has taken place in london over the last couple of years. is it unusual to declare this incident a terrorist incident so quickly after having it take place? >> reporter: it is a bit. you'll understand, of course, that the uk has been under a severe terror threat now for several years, meaning an attack is likely. but you remember after some other incidents that have taken place, after the westminster
2:32 am
bridge incident and others, it did take some time before they came out and said yes, in fact, this is a terrorist related incident. they must have some sort of information from witnesses on the scene, perhaps some sort of intelligence that they've been holding close to the vest to tell them that something like this may have obviously not told everything at the beginning of something like this, but, you know, surely police have talked to witnesses on the scene and they have more information on this than we do. >> as i was talking to keir earlier the london police have a high degree of intelligence when it comes to following terror cells in that area. we'll learn more throughout the hour and the rest of the day. i know you'll head to the scene. we'll check in when you do arrive. i want to turn now to north
2:33 am
korea's latest ballistic missile launch. the launch occurred early this morning from the airport in pyongyang. i flew for approximately two minutes over japanese air space before landing in the pacific ocean about 20 minutes after launch, roughly 1240 miles off the coast of cape erimo. the missile was of intermediate-range. it's the longest flight distance wise for a north korea ballistic missile test. the second time natural a north korean missile has been fired into japanese air space including most recent august launch. the test comes days after the united nations security council unanimously voted in favor of additional and very harsh sanctions against pyongyang. joining us once again from seoul, south korea, ron allen. ron, good to see you again this morning. secretary of state rex tillerson said the latest sanctions represent the floor not the ceiling. seems like these are not having
2:34 am
the desired effect that everybody wants when it comes to north korea. >> reporter: well i think there's general agreement sanctions take time but also agreement that there's a big question about enforcement here. the russians and chinese, questions whether they will do what's necessary to enforce these sanctions. we know the sanction imposed a couple of days ago by the u.n. fall short of what the united states wanted. they want a total oil embargo on oil flowing to the north korean regime to cut its energy supply. but the chinese don't want that because they want the regime to survive intact, they want stability on the peninsula. they don't want the united states military and south korean military to take over. a real question as to what more kind of sanctions can to be done. the united states is trying to push hard at china which has some measure of influence with the north koreans but unclear how much further along the chinese will go. what will happen when the u.n.
2:35 am
security council meets yet another emergency session in new york friday afternoon, probably more questions about more sanctions, more enforcement. the military options seem somewhat limited and unsavory. most of the military fall into deterrence. after the north korean launch there was a live fire missile launch by south korea, an exercise set to simulate targeting the launch site of the north koreans. so, in recent days we've seen the south koreans significantly step up their military pose second-tour. there's been discussions in this country about deploying tactical nuclear weapons. some people here think is perhaps an idea who has come due to this athlete from the north. president trump's visit to florida yesterday was overshadowed by what he said on air force one on the way back to washington. the president reigniting the
2:36 am
firestorm over his remarks in the wake of charlottesville claiming once again both side were to blame for the deadly violence. it came a day after the senate's only black republican says he told the president this during their meeting in the oval office yesterday. take a listen. >> there's no way find equilibrium when you have three centuries versus the situation that's occurring today and/or the manifestation of antifa on one side. >> i think especially in light of the advent of antifa, if you look at what's going on there, we some pretty bad dudes on the other side also and essentially that's what i said. now because of what's happened since then with antifa, you look at really what's happened since
2:37 am
charlottesville, a lot of people are saying, in fact, a lot of people have written gee trump may have a point. i said you have bad people on the other side true. >> is it frustrating to see that maybe he didn't get the message? >> listen he is who he has been. we to assume immediately therefore he'll have an epiphany is unwellistic. >> the comments came as the president signed a congressional resolution condemning white supremacists and neo-nazis and other hate groups. no matter the color of our skin or ethnic heritage we all live under the same laws, we also live under the same great flag and we are all made by the same almighty god. a report in "new york times"
2:38 am
president trump went to jeff sessions and other top officials after an appointment. sessions recused himself. and when james comey was fired, rod roseason stein apointed robert muller to lead the investigation preventing a trump fbi director from oversight. the attorney general was in a meeting with president trump and vice president pence when they learned about mueller's appointment. president trump immediately blamed sessions and called him a quote idiot. the report alleges trump told sessions choosing him to be ag was one of the worst decisions he made and said he should resign. emotional sessions offered his resignation letter which the president did not accept. sessions told associates that the way the president addressed him was his most humiliating experience in decades of public life. let's talk about this. joining us from washington, our capitol hill reporter.
2:39 am
molly, a lot of reaction on capitol hill to president trump appearing to cut a deal on immigrants with democrats. is this a good change of pace for the first nine months? >> reporter: not just the daca conversation that president trump had with the democratic leaders it's the week before, last week when he did cut a deal that passed the house and senate to increase the debt limit for three months and fund the government for that time. that actually opened a lot of eyes on capitol hill. republicans and democrats. what i heard from republicans and several democrats is you know what this shows? this shows the end of extremes. end of extremes. because both parties have what would be considered extreme elements, you know, those individuals on the far-right and far left. and obviously things haven't been getting done. president trump is cutting through it and say if this is the best way i have to get my stuff done then i'm going to talk to democrats. republicans acknowledge that and
2:40 am
again hope this lights a fire one their colleagues. democrats to a certain extent as well because president trump does want victories. however the house and senate they need to govern and that's something that i hear from both sides. >> i want to read this report by politico. it reads quote trump huddled this week with moderate house democrats and republicans who are trying to sell him on a fix to the health care law. upon hearing it had bipartisan support the president had one question can i call it replace and repeal. you can call it whatever you want mr. trump a democratic lawmaker told trump eliciting laughter throughout the room. even if they were joking at this point does president trump want to fill campaign promises or doe he want to get victories? >> reporter: i think ate little bit of both, and what president trump is good at doing, this is something i've heard even from democrats is that he's good at messaging. so even those perhaps, maybe a full border wall won be include
2:41 am
in whatever we see come out as a daca bill or immigration fix there's a way he can nuance it okay we have border security like a wall. the drones are up there, you know, securing the border. he's good at that messaging and turning what could be seen as maybe not necessarily going back on his promises but nuancing what his promises were and turning those into a victory. i think if he has to, again, with democrats -- the democrat may have been joking but democrats if you hear the word repeal they will vote against it when it comes to the health care bill but they definitely need to do something about these markets and sustaining the individual markets. >> let's quickly talk about what i spoke about before which was addressing down of sessions in regards to president trump after hearing about mueller's appointment to the special counsel. how unusual is it to, for a president to dress down his
2:42 am
appointed ag and on top of that for him to deliver a resignation letter right then and there and for the people to refuse it when he said i shouldn't have hired you in the first place. >> reporter: it goes to show the power of the republican senators up on capitol hill to a center extent because they used to be -- they were colleagues of jeff sessions for a long time and support him and respect him and admire him. and were calling to keep jeff sessions in that position and really push him along because that is. it's unusual. from what i understood it is unusual. quite a few senators including some democrats really took issue with the way the president was treating his cabinet official. the attorney general position is unique it enforces the law of the country and so to a certain extent it's different than the other cabinet positions. again when you're messing with somebody who is a long time colleague of the folks in the senate, just probably not the
2:43 am
wisest thing to do when you're a president and need the senate to support you for various bills including let's say health care. >> molly, thank you. have a great weekend. coming up next on "morning joe" -- we'll have the reporter that broke that story about jeff sessions. still ahead much more on north korea's missile launch. new reaction from the nursing home where eight patients died. we'll tell you where the facility is laying the blame. that's coming up.
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(vo) more "dper rollres for mom" more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty the quicker picker upper. welcome back. in the wake of hurricane irma 3 million people across florida are still without power. president trump visited naples and ft. myers to survey the storm damage and meet with victims of the hurricane. this was the third trip the president has made in response to a natural disaster. he made two stops in texas following hurricane harvey. meanwhile in south florida, investigators continue to gather evidence that could determine whether charges are brought in the deaths of eight elderly
2:47 am
residents at a nursing home in hollywood. more than 140 people were evacuated from that facility. some with temperatures of 106 degrees according to the state senator who represents that area. and the nursing home is defending its staff and blaming hurricane irma for knocking out a transformer that powered the ac system. joining us now from miami, florida, nbc correspondent mia rodriguez. i know there are some places in florida that are getting back to some degree of normalcy. others have a long road ahead. >> reporter: they do. you can see there are boats still tossed about. there are a number of trees down around the hurricane zone within the state of florida. some municipalities say it could be november before those trees are removed. but on the people side of things there are still so many people in shelters. more than 7,000 people are right now in about 87 shelters.
2:48 am
the red cross and the national guard have been making their way to the hardest hit areas of florida. that includes the florida keys which was devastated by hurricane irma and the storm surge that happened there. as you know, 3 million people do not have power in the state of florida. that's actually a low number considering that they restored power to 8 million people so far. we're told by florida power and light, the main electrical company here in the state of florida out of those 3 million people that don't have power most of those on the east coast of florida should be getting their power back by this weekend. the exceptions will be areas that were hard hit and that includes the florida keys. >> let's hope they get power back there soon. thanks so much. let's turn to bill karins. it's been a tough hurricane season so far. we're going on number three. this jose only a cat 1. >> hoping it will be a close call that misses but my word
2:49 am
advice to southern and coastal new england. if you live on the coast have your hurricane preps done. i'm telling you in southern new england and areas of long island you need to get your preps done now. if jose does come you don't want to go to the stores when it does come closer. jose is a tropical storm. here's the new forecast path. what's changed it shifted a little west and that cone of uncertainty forecast air cone includes agencies city, jersey shore, new york city, rhode island and cape cod. most at risk would be areas further east out in new england. here's our lines. the red one is the hurricane center forecast. you can see that trend it will come very close. we'll get large waves, rip currents. dangerous weekend at the beaches. we'll track our usa model and our european model. the u.s. model almost brings it
2:50 am
over land by long island and clips southern new england. if the usa model happens we'll have a much greater concern with storm surge not just rip currents and large waves and also if it's that close we'll have problem with winds even 40 to 60-mile-per-hour wind, leaves on the trees, we'd call it power out annuals, i'm telling people, get your preps now in case it gets closer, it will be a close call. >> still ahead, everybody, the trump administration takes new action against iran as a key deadline approaches with that country. we will go live with what officials are saying about the deal's future. not back. it's looking up, not down. it's being in motion. in body, in spirit, in the now. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for when you need a little extra.
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welcome back. the trump administration is taking new steps to punish iran as it weighs the future of the 2015 nuclear agreement with tehran. the treasury department announced a new series of sanctions targeting several firms and individuals. let's get into joining us from tehran, the nbc news chief. these latest actions by the white house, they're coming as the deadline is coming for the decision on the 2015 nuclear agreement. how is this being received there? oh, it seems as if we lost ali. we will try to get him back as we learn about this story.
2:54 am
coming up next, everybody, the latest on break news from london after police declare a terrorist incident. plus, adam schiff and eric swalwell and governor cuomo prepares to travel to the islands to see the devastation first hand. "morning joe" is minutes away. o. o. call in the next ten minutes to save on... and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every dollar. put down the phone. and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every cent. grab your wallet. access denied. and if that's still not enough to help you save... ooo i need these! we'll just bring out the snowplow. you don't need those! we'll do anything, seriously anything, to help our customers. thanks. ally. do it right. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community
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. welcome back, everybody. we continue to follow this breaking news from london. the explosion this morning is being treatmented as terrorism t. london mayor releasing a statement moments ago saying our city condemns the hidios individuals who attempt to use terror to destroy our way of life. often we hear from the uk prime minister, my thoughts are with those injured for responding bravely to this terrorist incident. we saw live pictures coming out of that area as well. we do know, we have pictures. if we can bring up those pictures, a bucket of some sort.
2:58 am
someone saying a fireball seemed to explode inside. someone saying a fireball seemed to explode inside a train car, we are getting reports of injuries as well. we den know how many have been injured. they don't flow if the person or person was are responsible, but we will bring you all updates on the top of ""morning joe." "we want to check on other stories will be following this morning. >> that's right. we continue to, excuse me here, the united nations security council is set to meet about the latest north korean missile tests. we have that there and, excuse me here, family and friends will bit their final good-byes to ltbt advocate, a memorial will be held here in new york city, windsor died tuesday at 88-years-o 88-years-old. >> that does it for us this morning. "morning joe" starts right now. good morning. we are following breaking news. there has been an explosion of
2:59 am
some kind at the parson's green tube station in london this morning. just in the last hour, metropolitan police announced, they're treating this as a terrorist incident. authorities were called to the scene 8:20 local time. these pictures were shown to twitter which believe to be the incident inside a train car. prime minister teresa may tweeted emergency services are responding bravely to this terrorist incident. let's go to london. kelly kobiaya, good morning, what else can you tell us? >> reporter: really, all of this started around 8:20. witnesses say they heard a loud explosion. they say smoke fills the carriage as it was pulling into this as it had pulled into this station parson's green in southwest london. there was a fair amount of panic. people ran off the train. they tried to get out of the station as quickly as possible
3:00 am
and some were injured in the process, trampled, et cetera, in the process. one of the witnesses tells us he saw a lot of smoke. he says he saw burn injuries. it looks like brown burn injuries on the backs of passengers. one witness says they saw at least one woman with burn injuries, to her face being held away on a stretcher. now, officially met police are not saying what may have caused this fire. they're not exactly calling it an explosion at this point. there have been pictures on social media of what appears to be some sort of device. it's a while, pale bucket in a shopping bag with wires sticking out and you can see a flame in this picture. it's not clear at this point how seriously injured a lot of these people were. we know there were a number of injuries. this information coming from met police t.


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