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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  September 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coverage right now. see you tomorrow. >> thanks so much. good morning. i'm stephanie ruhle with a lot to cover today. starting with a show of force. the u.s. and its asian allies flying bombers over the korean peninsula. as president trump arrives in new york for the u.n. general assembly. with the world on edge of a possible war. >> if the united states has to defend itself or defend its allies in any way, north korea will be destroyed and none of us want that. >> violence in the show me state. protests turn ugly in st. louis after a white police officer is acquitted in the shooting death of a black man and more protests expected today. >> the people who did this are not protesters. they're vandals. today, they're in jail. >> this one breaks my heart. triple threat. three massive storms swirling right now in the atlantic. hurricane maria taking direct aim at caribbean islands which have already been devastated by
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hurricane irma. we're going to begin this morning with president trump headed to the united nations any minute. and to say there's a lot to talk about would be a grave understatement for the next four days. he's going to test the bonds of diplomacy, limits of american influence and possibly the patience of global leaders as well. i've got the best team in the business here to break it down, starting with nbc's peter a lexen der at trump tower in new york. peter, help us out here. give us an idea of what is on the president's plate starting with this meeting on u.n. reform. i mean, he has said a lot of negative things about the u.n. in the past. yet nikki haley, many people have said, is doing a great job. >> yeah, no, i think that's exactly right, stephanie. he had great criticisms about the u.n. as a private citizen, again as a candidate and even after his election, just a matter of months ago. in effect saying that the u.n. doesn't solve problems, it creates them. which will make his first
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meeting a very interesting one. as he hosts some leaders here. focusing on united nations reform. this kicks off what is going to be a dizzying week of meetings and meals with foreign dignitaries and leaders. it's going to be a visit with the prime minister of israel, beng benjamin netanyahu. they'll be focusing on the middle east peace process. perhaps more importantly on iran. beyond that, he'll meet with emmanuel macron of france. tomorrow, macron is hosting a gathering focusing on the implementation of the paris climate change pact. the u.s. will not participate in the paris climate change agreement. later today, he's going to be meeting with some latin american leaders. they'll focus on venezuela. the overarching theme for this week will be the tougher language directed towards the adversaries around the globe. as kellyanne conway communicated already this morning.
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here's how the u.n. ambassador from the u.s. described the president's role as being serious and tough this week, take a listen. >> the speech the president gives, i think you can see it for yourself. he hugs the right people and he comes out with the u.s. being very strong in the end. >> so to be clear, that speech by the president is scheduled for tomorrow, tuesday. this obviously is the president's united nations debut. it's not just the world that's going to be watching but is going to be listening, stephanie, to see how this president can handle a delicate balancing act, trying to present the america first vision that's true to the way he believes and have that fit alongside the sort of u.n.'s world first philosophy. it's going to be a tight rope for him over the course of the next four days. back to you. >> i want to bring my panel in. max booth, senior fellow in the national security studies at the council on foreign relations. elizabeth es te is a democratic
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congresswoman from connecticut. max, let's start with you. every time president trump meets with world leaders, there are harsh, harsh criticisms that he's isolating america, that other world leaders don't necessarily respect or trust him. do you think it's going to be different this time? others have said, guess what, it's a new president, he reaches across the aisle now, steve bannon's not in the house. do you buy that? >> after seven or eight months of people saying we're going to see the new trump, we could say there is no new trump. he sort of teed upped for this by tweeting this picture of himself, you know, hitting a golf ball and, you know, hitting hillary clinton. that's a sign of where his head is at. i just hope we can avoid some of the fiascos we've had in the previous conversations with the prime minister of australia or the president of mexico. i mean, bar is very low for
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trump. if he can just avoid openly insulting any world leaders. if he can get through his teleprompter speech tomorrow without any major gaffes or additi addition, people will be happy because the bar is so low for him. >> congressman reid, there's a lot of talk giving the president some bipartisan credit. that tweet yesterday, that was a lot. this is the president of the united states retweeting a video of himself, and i'm going to throw it out there, with a horrible swing, for a guy who is -- hitting hillary clinton in the back with a golf ball. like, that ain't funny. >> i agree, he does have a terrible swing. the tweeting and all that, the rhetoric, all the concern there. i'll let the president speak to that. >> but all that, i mean, like, all that's a big deal. >> what i'm looking at is what the president is doing for america and where he wants to take us. i appreciate what he did over
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last few weeks reaching across the aisle because that to me is a different tone, that's breaking the culture of washington, d.c., to get things done for the american people. you know i've been an early supporter of the president. because he represents the biggest opportunity for change in washington, d.c. because he's a disrupti ivive force. >> i shouldn't have said -- clear live been off the grid for a few days. would say america first is who this man is. how hard is it that that is the president's message? seeing he's meeting with other world leaders this week? i mean you're someone who came from russia. how do you read that america first moniker? >> it's been appalling to me from the very start because if you think about the historical echoes of america first, it was a slogan used by the american fascist movement, the isolationist movement in the 1930s. trump has picked that up. if you give the most innocuous meaning possible.
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it implies that previous presidents did not put american interests first? i mean, that is a gross liable against president obama, president bush, president clinton. every president has put american interests first and pretty much all of them since 1945 have understood america's interest in is global leadership, that we have to lead the world. they've been pro-free trade, pro-international institutions. trump has governed in a different way. he hasn't done some of the worst things he could possibly done but what he's done is bad enough, pulling out of the tpp, transpacific partnership. this is basically giving a middle finger to the receive ste world. you know, he's not going to be able to repair the damage even if he gives a good speech tomorrow at unga. >> the president has said in the past i and i alone, america first. but he's got to be learning as it relates to north korea, he needs international partners here. can he bring them in this week? the game has changed.
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>> the game has changed. i think, you know, what's at stake is very, very serious now. and he gets that. and i frankly think -- >> the president gets that? >> i think his advisers certainly get it. i think he realizes this is a serious matter. frankly, i see those tweets yesterday as a way of him giving his base, his personal base, some red meat to allow him to do some of what we've been doing in our bipartisan problem solver's caucus, his meetingings with pe pelosi and schumer to say hey, i'm still your guy, i'm still with you, to give him a little space. i think he's trying to figure out how he can keep his base together to get himself some credit to get some wins. he's not going to be able to get wins without votes. for votes, he needs democrats. i think he's learning. he disrupts all of us. what are we talking about this morning? we're talking about his tweets rather than north korea. change the subject from pell
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lolgsy and schumer. that's giving him a little space. >> i hear this argument that you're making. it does make sense to me. how hard is it going to be for you as a democrat for the left to hear you make that statement? could they not say to you you're rationalizing awful behavior here? >> i think what i need to do is get good things done for country and help keep us safe and strong. right now that's at risk with north korea. frankly, i would hope in addition to being strong and tough we clearly need to get klein to the table and helping and russia to the table helping with north korea. we can't do that by ourselves. we have no leverage now at this point. we don't. we're going to need china and russia. but china in particular. >> i want to go back to paris because we heard a lot about it over the weekend. a lot of confusion. some said this was sort of tillerson going rogue. also as it relates to paris, it's not like we'd even be out of it until 2018. i'd like to show what h.r. mcmaster said over the weekend.
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>> what the president has said is we're withdrawing from the paris accord. he left the door open to re-entering at some later time. if there can be a better deal for the united states. >> it is possible the united states would stay in if you can get a new agreement? >> if there's an agreement that benefits the american people, certainly. >> what do you make of this? >> this is utterly incoherent. >> i'm so glad i'm not the only one confused. >> this doesn't make a lick of sense. keep in mind what the paris accord is. it does not set numerical targets for the member nations. so the notion we're going to renegotiate paris it doesn't make -- it literally is nonsense sense call. trump has the power to reduce the u.s. targets with remaining within the paris framework. the only reason he chose to pull out is basically to throw red meat at the bubbas out there, his core supporters by feeding them this fantasy he's protecting american sovereignty from these evil globalists insulting america. it's ridiculous.
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paris addresses a vital international issue, global climate change. but it does not set a numerical target so it doesn't make any sense we're going to renegotiate. this is just a brainless mantra trump has been repeating about i'm a great deal maker. there's no evidence of that. but he's breaking up perfectly good deals for no other reason than he can say i'm going to protect american sovereignty. >> congressman reid, you're also on the climate caucus. do you understand what's happening here? >> absolutely. i'm glad to hear max say the paris deal is -- >> i don't remember saying that. >> i think he said -- no, hold on, congressman reid, i want you to make your point, but we're not going to put words in his mouth. he didn't say it was a useless agreement. >> essentially saying there's no deal there and there's no harm -- >> that's not what he said. >> that's what i heard. what i also heard it was extreme -- >> hold on, let's let him make his point -- >> -- reductions without actually setting hard caps. the result of paris would be a decline in global emissions which i think is a positive
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thing -- >> i think everyone shares that commitment. i think the president shares that commitment. he wants to do this right. he wants to address climate change in a way -- >> really? does scott pruitt support that? the president clearly believings that climate change exists -- >> i don't know a member of congress or anyone in washington, d.c. that says we want to pollute our air and water more. what we're all united on is reducing the negative impacts on our environment. that's common ground. when you talk about reducing pollution, it brings people together. >> when you roll back regulations that protect our environment, that doesn't help it. >> you have to do it in a reasonable way. look at the people behind the impact of those regulations on small businesses and businesses across america. those are hard-working taxpayers being put out the business. and the hard workers being put out of their operation because of these regulations. not taking a reasonable approach to it. i'm not going to just sit here and allow these attacks to go unaddressed. my good friend here max booth. >> congresswoman. >> i serve on the science
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committee and i can tell you, i do disagree on this. there's pollution. there's also these long-term trends around climate. we're seeing aggravated storms. now climate change didn't cause the storms but there's widespread consensus that it's making them worse. that is costing real money right now. i think, again, the president can renegotiate with himself. you know, renegotiate those targets from the united states down. keeping that deal together is good for america. because frankly we've been a leader. we want other countries to get with the program by pulling out, we're sending exactly the wrong message. we want them in. we want everybody rowing in the same direction. and that's why it's so important that, you know, set new standards but stay in. stay in. and i think we're seeing cost. we're seeing the cost right now of not doing it. and it's going to cost. we're going to be voting on supplemental bills. rather than building new infrastructure, which you want to do and i want to do, we're going to be spending more money
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to put the virgin islands where you spent last week back together and they're about to get hit by another storm. >> indeed. >> real cost right now and lives right now. we need to get with the program. >> when we come back, we're going to stay on those storms. puerto rico and those virgin islands. this breaks my heart. are racing to prepare for yet another powerful hurricane. and i can tell you firsthand they can't take it without our help. we're going to take a close look at how dangerous maria will be. and three nights, three nights of violent protests in st. louis coming after a white former police officer is acquitted in the deadly shooting of a black man. nearly 100 arrests with more demonstration expected today. we want the people in the city to be safe and we also want their voices to be heard. plus, this surprise appearance on tv's biggest night that everyone is talking about. nobody thought sporty spice would be in the house but there he was, sean spicer. >> i mean, is there anyone who could say how big the audience is? sean, do you know?
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and we're talking hurricane season because it is certainly not othver. we're keeping a close eye on two storms. the most pressing storm right now is hurricane maria, taking direct aim at several caribbean countries including the virgin islands which is still struggling to recover after hurricane irma. last week, i was there. i got a firsthand look at just how devastated the people were. touring the widespread destruction. and to think they could lose even more, it's mind-blowing to me. nbc's meteorologist bill karins is tracking maria. bill, please try to give me good news. >> this storm is rapidly intensifying. it's going to hit some land areas in the caribbean. that's without a doubt. it can't escape now because it's about to hit some areas crossing from the atlantic into the caribbean. so guadeloupe, dominica and martinique. it just increased to 1
6:20 am
110-mile-per-hour winds. almost a major category 3. and it could get higher than that by the time it gets to puerto rico and virgin islands. it's 85 miles east of martinique. we have hurricane warnings for the island i just mentioned. in st. kitts. hurricane watches for puerto rico. could it miss? it's not going to miss both puerto rico and the virgin islands. the red line is the hurricane center forecast path. you can see the model are also towards the virgin islands. we have about 48 hours to figure out exactly who is going to get hit the worst in this area. we showed you the pictures. those were devastated. especially the british virgin islands and the u.s. virgin islands from irma with british virgin islands going right through the core of the eye. the other big storm out there, this one is right along the southeast coastline and now off the outer banks of north carolina and those clouds are spreading to the north. this is an inconvenient storm compared to what maria is going
6:21 am
to do to puerto rico and the virgin islands. still barely holding on to hurricane strength. it's mostly going to be like a nor'easter without the snow. we'll have a lot of beach erosion. we'll have a lot of high surf. that will be about the worst of it. it does do a little loop and hook here and then just kind of weakens and hopefully slowly dies off. the timing of this for any impact. if you have flights, airport, that type of thing, we're mostly going to be concerned as we go throughout tuesday morning. some rain bands come in. as we go through wednesday, that's when the heavy winds and rain will be with us, especially boston down to the cape. jose is a minor inconvenience compared to what maria could do to puerto rico. puerto rico hasn't been hit by a category 4 or 5 hurricane since 1928. and this is expect be to be just that. no one alive really has seen what could happen. >> puerto ricans feel so grateful that for the most part they missed the wrath of irma. i took a boat to puerto rico on
6:22 am
friday and at the harbor where i arrived, there was -- must have been 20 different nonprofit groups there who organized aid and relief efforts to help their neighbors in the virgin islands. now here we are in just a couple days. they could face a wrath just as bad. >> stephanie, they could need the aid. >> these are scary times. bill, please stay on this. right here in new york city, just moments ago, the president left his home in trump tower, headed for the united nations for his first u.n. general assembly. the annual meeting of world leaders and diplomats. it should be just a five-minute ride. well, it should be for the president. for the rest of us, traffic this week, forget about it. st. louis, there is no good news to report. more than 80 people were arrested overnight after peaceful protests during the day erupted into violence at night. it marked the third night of violence following friday's acquittal of a city police officer in the deadly shooting of an african-american man back in 2011.
6:23 am
nbc's blake mccoy is in there in st. louis. it sounds like city officials are preparing for more protests today. >> in fact, those protests have already begun, stephanie. about 150 protesters have gathered here in downtown st. louis. so far, these protests have followed a pattern. peaceful during the day and then when they go to break the protests up at night, that's what he about 100 or so agitators stick around and start causing problems. you can see here some of the windows that were bashed in last night. that's a sushi restaurant. a nail salon and another business. protesters came by and just kicked in those windows. really sad news for these business owners who have to come here today and see the damage that was left behind. over the weekend, some of the other places that were damaged. two dozen businesses in a neighborhood about 20 minutes from here were damaged. also, the mayor's house became a target on friday night with protesters throwing rocks and red paint at the mayor's house. all of this as you mentioned follows the acquittal of a white
6:24 am
police officer on friday in the 2011 shooting death of anthony lamar smith. he was shot and killed after a high-speed chase. he was a suspected drug dealer. his case became controversial because only the officer's dna was found on the weapon in the car and there was talk maybe he planted that weapon. that was alleged by prosecutors. the officer claimed self-defense in that shooting. now, last night, when police came to break up these protesters, one local reporter reports that they chanted whose streets are these, our street, in a sense, taking back streets. these have been at times very tense protests. and they look to continue today. i asked an organizer how long all of this can go on. he says he expects these protests to ebb and flow for some time because he says the lessons of ferguson were never learned. they never got the change they wanted. stephanie. >> all right, blake, please, stay safe. wishing safety to all the people in st. louis today. we're going to take a quick break. up next, show of force. the u.s. flies warplanes over the korean peninsula on the heels of pyongyang firing
6:25 am
another missile over japan. with the u.n. general assembly in new york this week, is there any more action that could be taken to slow down the rogue regime? and after president nicknamed kim jong-un rocket man over the weekend, this was quite a funny troll. former white house photographer pete sousa weighed in on instagram who he thinks the real rocket man is, not president obama, not kim jong-un, you remember, the one and only ro rocket man of course is sir elton john. i count on my dell small business advisor
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. it is time for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. in london british authorities have arrested a second man in connection with friday's subway bombing. the 21-year-old man was arrested saturday evening in west london prompting city officials to downgrade the terror threat to severe. four american students from boston college are recovering after an acid attack at a train station in southern france. french police have arrested a 41-year-old woman who they described as mentally unstable. secretary of state tillerson
6:30 am
says the u.s. is considering closing its embassy in havana, cuba, following a string of mysterious incidents leading to serious health problems for american diplomats stationed there. and a show that haunts me. the hand-maids tale was a big winner in last night's emmy awards, taking home five. big little lies, veep and snl also walked away with multiple emmys. big win for pay networks, hulu, as well as the net works. just moments ago, president trump arrived at the u.n. where he will meet with world leaders, leading up to his first ever speech to the general assembly tomorrow. there you have it. president trump arriving. he is joined by u.n. ambassador nikki haley. it looks like he's speaking to cameras. let's listen in.
6:31 am
president trump entering the building with nikki haley and just behind him h.r. mcmaster. we know one of the topics is going to be north korea. i want to focus on that. the u.s., japan and south korea conducted a joint show of force on sunday in response to north korea's most recent missile launch. and president trump just yesterday launched a new line of attack against kim jong-un, giving him a nickname. he tweeted, i spoke with president moon of north korea last night, asked him how rocket man is doing. long gas lines forming in north korea, too bad. here's what his national security adviser h.r. mcmaster said on north korea on sunday. >> this regime is so close now to threatening the united states and others with a nuclear weapon that we really have to move with a great deal of urgency. on sanctions. on diplomacy. and on preparing, if necessary, a military option. >> nbc news janice mackey friar
6:32 am
is in beijing. i think rocket man could be a nickname kim jong-un likes. everybody loves elton john. in all seriousness, we need to talk about what's going on there and what's happening at the u.n. how exactly are world leaders putting real pressure on north korea? >> well, a lot of attention will be focused on what president trump has to say. he's going to have these world leaders gathered before him. to this point, there's been mixed messaging about north korea coming from his administration. you have nikki haley talking about the potential destruction of north korea. rex tillerson taking a more conciliatory tone. and trump openly mocking kim jong-un and calling him rocket man. the u.n. secretary-general has been more clear in his position in that any solution to the north korea problem has to be political. despite the discussion of military options that the u.s. is apparently weighing. but noticeably absent from that audience will be china's
6:33 am
president xi jinping. china of course is key in having sanctions be effective because of the trade and energy that flows between the two countries. latest set of measures that was voted on by the u.n. security council, the toughest set yet, still had to be watered down in order to secure the necessary support from china and russia. so the subtext to that, stephanie, is that sanctions are at their max. even nikki haley is admitting that it's going to take some time to see them through. so add into that a lot of military messaging as well. with those joint drills that were held today over the korean peninsula. the u.s., japan, south korea, flying super sonic bombers and stealth jets, using live weapons to try to increase the pressure on pyongyang. one defense official in south korea's defense ministry said that it was a very rare maneuver that they performed today in having these aircraft go quite close to the demarcation line between north and south korea. so this is all trying to ininvestigation the pressure to
6:34 am
the extent that's possible on the regime and pyongyang to let them know that time is running out for negotiations. stephanie. >> all right, janice, thank you so much. we're going to take a quick break. when we return, we're going to talk about the underdog. did you know president trump is? he's announcing heading out to alabama to campaign for the very conservative luther strange in his senate bid, putting him in direct competition with former chief strategist steve bannon. what is the president up to? hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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welcome back. my favorite part of the show, money, power, politics. president trump announced on twitter he's headed to alabama this weekend, tweeting, quote, i will be in huntsville, alabama, on saturday night to support luther strange for senate. big luther is a great guy who gets things done. the announcement puts trump at odds with his former chief strategist steve bannon who is all in for strange's republican primary challenger former judge roy moore. the latest poll has moore up 14 points. politico wrote about the showdown in his late effort article and joins me now. alex, tell us exactly what's at stake here and why is there so much pressure being put on one single race? >> well, you know, it's a really interesting race, in part because it's going to have big implications for the remaineder of the midterms. on one hand, you have steve bannon who is the former chief
6:39 am
strategist who is behind moore, who is sort of this insurgent candidate. on the other hand, mcconnell is behind strange. what's interesting and unique about this race is that trump has been fighting with mcconnell a lot recently but he's actually more aligned with mitch mcconnell in this instance than bannon because trump is behind strange who he happens to like a lot and he's actually going to be heading out to alabama this coming weekend. it's a really interesting race. when you have the situation of bannon against mcconnell. it's seen as something that could tell us the way 2018 is headed to tell us whether insurgent candidates or establishment candidates are going to have the upper hand. >> this just used to be between moore and strange. why is it that trump is weighing in and trump versus bannon? why would trump invite this fight? >> well, here's the thing, is that in recent week, we have republican -- senior republicans
6:40 am
really saw luther strange's numbers were kracratering, far behind in this race, so they pleaded with the president to get involved. you had mitch mcconnell, bob corker, luther strange himself and others. really came to the president and said, look we need you to weigh in, come to alabama and campaign here. if roy moore win, if steve bannon wins in this race, you could see primary unsergeant-style primary candidates in races not just alabama but across the country in 2018. as mcconnell tries to find common ground with the president on issue, and that's been really hard recently, this is one area where mcconnell has really gone to trump and said, look i need your help in this race. mcconnell can't have a bunch of his incumbents getting serious primary challenges next year. >> what i don't understand is steve bannon's base, roy moore's base, is trump's base. >> well, and that's the really interesting thing about this. which is that, you know, trump -- the reason trump has
6:41 am
decided to get behind luther strange is he's actually taken a real personal liking to the senator, senator strange. but the thing is, there are actually a lot of republicans in recent week, including mitch mcconnell himself who are really concerned that after bannon threw his endorsement to moore that trump would throw his endorsement to roy moore as well. so you had a conversation where a few weeks ago mcconnell sat down for a meet iing with the president. and it just goes to show how high the concern was that the president might get behind roy moore. >> politics. it's wild, isn't it? all right, thank you so much. i know we're going to have all eyes on this race soon. we're going to take a quick break. next, is the media normalizing lying from the white house podium by using sean spicer for a laugh about the crowd size at the emmys? some people laughed real time. but, boy, oh, boy, twitter over this. om ethnically. so we sent that sample off to ancestry.
6:42 am
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6:46 am
spicer making a cameo during one of the more memorable moments of the 69th prime-time emmy awards. some criticized that moment of making light of the white house press office that has been caught lying and exaggerating. i want to bring my panel back for reaction to this. we also laughed about it. when i watched it, i laughed about it too. coming up on the podium, melissa mccarthy-style. there is an argument to be made. sean spicer did get up there and lie. he lied about crowd size. the day after the president was inaugurated. all three of us are parents. we know. we teach our kids lying not acceptable. what's your take on this? >> well, i thought it was funny and smart of him to do it. you got to be able to joke about things. part of it is we -- >> but joke about what? >> the dysfunction. i'm very concerned about it. because frankly we need agreed upon facts. tom and i were talking during
6:47 am
the break about climate change. we were talking about negotiations on trade. and we need a set of facts we agree on. that is one of the most concerning things that we see coming out of the white house. is questioning of what our baseline facts. i think none of us know how to handle it. i know folks in the media are having trouble handling it. i think we have to be consistent. i try to just put facts out there as much as i can. links to trusted sites. it is hard. you have kids. i've got kids. mine are grown and they are furious about it. i don't know what i'd do if i had school-age kids right now. because it's hard. you want to respect the office. but hyperbole is one thing. and not telling what is true is something else. and it is concerning. but we got a lot of work to do. that's the problem. we're trying to get work done. it's a distraction from getting work done. that congress needs to do and the country needs us to do. >> you are working together. you are both at the white house recently. talk to us about this idea, this notion that the president is pivoting, cutting deals with
6:48 am
nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. how real is this? because i've got a fear that listen, the president turns and twists all the time and this could just be a september romance. >> well, as you know, we've talked about this before, i do believe the president recognizes that he wants to govern. he wants to get things done. in order to do that, it is, in my humble opinion, it is going to take working across the aisle with sincere good faith legislatures who want to govern for the american people. >> sincere good faith legislatures. do you know all the words he's called chuck schumer and nancy pelosi? >> i understand that. i'm a new yorker. he's a new yorker. >> here's the thing, i'm not going to give you that. i'm a new yorker too. i don't -- and i'm a respectful adult. and i don't call people sick pathetic losers. and i sure hope my president wouldn't. so let's not put that on being a new yorker. >> i appreciate that but at the end of the day he is our president, our president. >> yes. >> what we need to do is make sure that we're working together and cut the rhetoric out.
6:49 am
i think he is committed to governing. getting things done for the american people. i've seen that a long time ago. and now is the opportunity. the opportunity for governing members to rise. this is the moment to seize. >> before we go, how hard is it to work with republicans? the left, the extreme left of your own party? do they make it hard for you? >> not all of them support it but i'm fortunate in my district which is kind of a missouri show me-type district in connecticut where most of the voters aren't registered in either party. almost 50% not registered in either party. they want me to get stuff done. the very first democratic bill signed by this president was mine. i'll stand up and i will denoubs stuff i don't like. i don't like the name calling. it's not helpful. but we have so much work to do, i don't know if this is a september romance. i hope it can persist because frankly the country is eager for us to get things done. i think he doesn't care about ideology. that's an opening for pragmatic people like me and tom and we're going to try to seize it. >> that's what we want,
6:50 am
bipartisan to persist. we're taking a quick break. next, my conversation with prime minister tony blair. the former british pm has a lot to say about immigration, the recent terror attacks in london and the uk's exit from the european union lot to say about terror attacks and his surprising answer to this. what keeps you up at night the most? what are you most concerned about? and tomorrow, join joe, mika and willie as they celebrate, are you ready for this? ten years of "morning joe" with live audience from historic studio 8h. do not miss the special anniversary show at 6:00 a.m. eastern right here on msnbc. they have mike bloomberg, chris christie, they have bill de blasio. business is in my blood. i'm the daughter of two entrepreneurs and so i had a front-row seat to the excitement but also the demands that come with running a company. and as a business owner myself, i know that the challenges are every-changing. on "your business," we'll learn from decision makers whose
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i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. former british prime minister tony blair hasn't been in office for more than a decade but he hasn't given up on politics. these days he's working with the bipartisan movement, a group fighting for political parties to stop fighting and start fixing. i sat down with him last night to talk immigration, brexit and his biggest fears. take a look. friday marks the fifth terror attack in london this year. and whether it's those in the u.k. who voted for brexit because they have terror concerns or those who feel that their jobs were taken, it's a similar sentiment to what we see here that nationalist thread, those who believe their jobs have been taken by immigrants. how do you approach that? what do you do? >> i think what you do is, first
6:55 am
of all, you're very clear with people. the answer to terrorism is security. to deal with those issues and you deal with them on their own merits. in respect of immigration, you know, the system needs controls and it needs rules. but immigrants on the whole have yielded enormous benefit to our societies. your society in your country is a great country because of the way the migrants have come to it. the same as ours. so what i would say is you need rules but not prejudices. there is a huge amount of anxiety in security, post-financial crisis, economic a alienation, but people need solutions to immigration, communities and people who don't have proper chances in life. if you just ride the anger, that's the easy thing to do, providing the answers is tougher but much more productivity. >> but riding the anger wins
6:56 am
elections. >> it can win elections. but so can providing the answer. you have the french election, which was won by a centrist, general election is following a pretty noble path. people forget that two years ago in the u.k., a center-right candidate won, but i still think there's a lot of people out there who feel somewhat politically homeless at the moment because they actually do want solutions or interpolitics that provides real change for people that works. >> do you think people feel politically homeless or hopeless? >> both. i think the hopelessness can sometimes drive people to the more extreme political positions so the right will blame immigrants, the left blames business. but i think the homeless people, as it were politically, if the party goes to the extreme, want to provide some sort of hope but a realistic hope because it's based on the things that are going to make a difference. >> well, let's talk about brexit because you've come out against
6:57 am
it, but your people voted for it. why shouldn't they get it? >> i think if the people don't change their mind, they will get it. but what i always say to people is, when we voted for brexit, we didn't know what the new relationship in europe was going to be. those terms are now going to be negotiated. so in my view, it's entirely sensible for people to take a final decision once they see the alternative. so, you know, obviously it's a very tough and vigorous debate in the u.k., but i believe passionately that britain will diminish itself if someone will pull out of the european union. and i believe it is strongly enough to make my case when i can. >> you do know about the special relationship between the u.k. and the united states, from where you're sitting, do you believe theresa may and president trump can maintain that special relationship that people like you worked so hard to build? >> they can do, but this is a challenging world. >> will they?
6:58 am
>> i hope so. look, i mean, whatever disagreements i have with theresa may around brexit and issues like that, i will defend her always in seeking a strong relationship with america and the american president, because it's in the interest of both countries. you have so many issues in the world, you have north korea being an obvious one at the moment. >> president trump almost baiting kim jong-un, calling him rocket man, how does one handle north korea? >> it's incredibly a difficult problem, if because the military solutions are so difficult. you're dealing with a regime highly unpredictable, which is got itself to the position that it's got the capability that it has. and where, even if you try and stop it, the damage they can do, even through the conventional weapons they have, with south korea, are so enormous. but obviously the solution that you're going for is one that shows the north korean regime that it's root to survival is not to keep on provoking the
6:59 am
world but actually to resist those nuclear ambitions. >> what keeps you up at night the most? what are you most concerned about? >> what keeps me up at night is the anxiety that we take for granted, the freedoms and the values that have brought us this far. and that we don't understand that the world is changing very, very fast. and these types of populist solutions, if we're not careful and we start doubling-down on this division, you know, that essential structure of what you might loosely call liberal democracy could be threaten ld. that's my biggest fear and i guess the reason why recently i've felt so remotivated in a way about politics. >> we're going to turn now from tony blair to kick knee hailey speaking at the u.n. general
7:00 am
assembly meeting. next to her is president trump and she's giving the opening remarks now. >> the fact that so many are committed to seeing the united nations succeed is gratifying. it is a sign, not only that change is desperately needed, but that it will be achieved. you are the reason change is coming to the u.n. it is now my honor to introduce someone who is no stranger to change. donald trump has a businessman's eye for seeing potential. and he sees great potential, not just in this reform movement, but in the united nations itself. he shares your commitment to creating a more effective advocate for peace, security and human rights. we are deeply grateful he has taken the time to be with us today. ladies and gentlemen, president donald j. trump. >> well, thank you very much. thank you.


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