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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 22, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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thank you for being here with us and good night from all of us at nbc news headquarters here in new york. a war of words with north korea. kim jong-un hits back against president trump's speech. plus in the aftermath of this week's deadly earthquake in mention so, survivors are still being pulled from the rubble. and hurricane maria continues to leaf a trail of destruction across the caribbean as flood waters ravage puerto rico, residents face months without power. ♪ good morning. it's friday, september 22nd. i'm here with yasmin vas sosso n
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vossoughian. in new york yesterday president trump and his top cabinet officials met one on one with leaders of the countries on the front line of that conflict with south korea and japan. and in a joint meeting announced additional sanctions doing business with north korea. a move that president trump said china is actually assisting with. >> our new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to human kind. the order enhances the treasury department's authorities to target any individual or entity that conducts significant trade in goods, services or technology with north korea, and i'm very proud to tell you that as you may have just heard moments ago, china, their central bank, has told their other banks, that's a
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massive banking system, to immediately stop doing business with north korea. >> well, let's go to beijing china with our correspondent is joining us life. janice, good morning. thanks for joining us. how is north korea responding to president trump now and talk about china's position in all of this. >> reporter: good morning, yasmin. north korea has definitely lashed out to kim jong-un speaking personally and directly in a statement to president trump in reaction to his speech at the united nations and also this latest bucket of measures intended to try and isolate the regime. he is effectively saying that he's insulted and that he is justified in making his own threats. in this case very serious, implying that there are more powerful weapons that are in the works. and kim jong-un also warning that president trump will,
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quote, pay dearly for the things that he has said. this of course is very worrying for analysts in the region because it takes this rhetoric to yet another level, heading into perhaps unchartered territory, if you combine the hint from north korea's foreign minister that the next test could be of a powerful h bomb in the pacific ocean. analysts saying this is heading into an area that we're not familiar with and that if that test does go through, something could go terribly wrong. china getting on board with these measures, instructing banks to stop doing business with north korea and also to wind down old loans. coming in line with u.n. sanctions, yasmin, and the u.s. treasury secretary saying that these measures are not at all directed at china. >> thanks for the update. i want to turn now to mexico. rescue workers around the world
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continue to search. officials say the death toll has climbed too 273 with the majority of those deaths coming from mexico city. crews are using dogs, cameras, motion detectors and heat-seeking equipment to try to find those who may still be alive and trapped around the rubble. the president is vowing that search and rescue will continue until all of the survivors have been found. signs of hope continue to emanate. firefighters shared this footage of an elderly lady being carried out as the cheer erupted. mexico's navy is apologizing for incorrect information. officials say that all students at the collapsed school at mexico city have been accounted for and that the schoolgirl supposedly trapped under the building had either died or never actually existed. >> let's go now to mexico city
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and bring in our correspondent. steve, i know you're at the site of a collapsed factory there. rescue crews were able to find two survivors i understand last night. what's the latest on the operations taking place behind you? >> reporter: well, yasmin said it. they're using dogs, using high-tech technology to find any source of life inside ruins that scatter the city. especially here at this textile facility where they're using sledgehammers, backhoes and giant cranes. they're trying to break apart as much of the wreckage as they possibly can. they still believe that people could be inside there alive. and it's becoming a crucial point of rescue because of how long this has gone on. if there are people draped in there, they need to get them out immediately which means the rescue operation has only intensified as it goes on with the workers working, 24, 68
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hours round the clock with no breaks. so at this site local officials reporting 21 deaths in this factory alone. we were on hand as you mentioned as they pulled out two people alive. it was a joyous but brief moment before the workers got in and went back to work. there are ten sites like this one, although i would say on a smaller scale than this one, around the city where they're trying to dig out people. it's horrific and heartbreaking but also hopeful as they serge and still find survivors in the rubble. >> live in mexico city. thank you. and the latest on hurricane maria, a deadly category 3 storm roaring through turks and kcaics and on its way to the bahamas. causing wide spread damage and knocking out power to tens of thousands in the dominican.
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we're following the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico where the extent is just being realized. major flooding, no power, little food and water and utter devastation. yesterday we saw people carrying empty plastic bottles to collect water and waiting in long lines for bread. fema says it will start flying supplies to the devastated island today. more food and water, generators and temporary shelters. the airport in san juan may open to commercial flights meaning if they have the resources, residents can evacuate if they choose. tammy, a critical situation for san juan right now. what's the latest where you are? >> reporter: hey, lewis. the situation is absolutely dire and not adding anything to the situation is the fact that it continue to rain. we're under a flash flood warning right now, just making it worse.
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let me give you an idea of what we saw when we hit the streets and started talking to people. roads are completely washed away. they've turned into rivers. people have to wade in knee high, waist high deep water. at one point we saw a boat pulling a car down a flooded road. we spoke with a lot of people who are already starting to run out of rations. they stocked up. but keep in mind, since the power is out, they have no refrigeration and in way to cook things. as people are becoming more desperate, police feel that the situation with the looting will increase. they've already seen some looting. yesterday they arrested eight people who were looting a greasery stogrease -- grocery store. things are not looking up here. >> tammy leitner, stay safe there. there is growing scrutiny as the senate republicans plan to yor haul health care. buried on page 95 is a provision
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that exempts alaska and montana from medicaid funding block grants that are likely to affect most of their states. the provision is seen as a way to win over alaska senior republican senator, lisa murkowski. now spokespersons for the legislation sponsors, lindsey graham and bill cassidy have denied that there would be more carveouts for alaska and less than three months ago senate graham said this about special deals for the states. >> i worry about cornhusker kickbacks and louisiana purchasers and if they start doing that crap they're going to lose me. i'll vote to proceed. if you take the money in savings and buying off votes, that's what got us obamacare. i would rebel against that. >> independent senator bernie sanders and a democrat senator will start the week with a nationally televised debate on
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monday. it's a move that has some democrats concerned, including former obama spokesman tom vetter who tweeted i'm not sure single payer versus graham-cassidy is the vote that we want to have right now. >> i want to begin with health care, that's what we were just talking about and the response nbc's frank thorpe received after the news of bernie sanders taking on the republicans. this ask what he said. quote. this is the debate that graham and cassidy wants to have. sanders is looking out for himself rather than being a team player. what are your thoughts on this and what do democrats want sanders to do? >> keep in mind, only 20 senators, democratic senators have endorsed what bernie sanders has put forward. that leaves almost 30. and it's less than 20 actually. but that leaves 30 democrat senators who are at odds with
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what bernie is proposing. that show as split in their party. when it comes to lindsey graham taking on a debate, he's very well educated, quite articulate and he's seen as a very passionate and convincing spokesman for his legislation. so we'll see. it's not really -- it's not a debate you want to be engaged in, especially when the republicans are trying to coalesce around a plan and graham is trying to make an argument to independents out there. >> let me ask you about the tactics that we've seen as a result of this bill which are, you know, being described as sweeteners for some of those skeptical republican senators like lisa murkowski in alaska. what are the prospects for graham-cassidy to pass next week given that the sweeteners are put in this bill? >> they are a little bit better. we do get the alaska aid in this
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measure. that could help lisa murkowski go back to her state and say guess what, we're not disadvantaged in this because we won't be included in the per capita requirements that the other states are going to fall into when it comes to the medicaid restrictions. essentially they can keep obam obamacare until 2026. that's the key thing for senator murkowski. and really lisa murkowski is the key vote because susan collins says he's not going to vote for it. rand paul said that he's not going to be voting for it. so lisa murkowski is key in this vote and is the person that graham and cassidy and mcconnell are working to get support for it. >> it's interesting to see how that's going to play out given the fact that lindsey graham said he doesn't support sweetening the deals. thank you. still ahead in the wake of
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the deadly earthquake in mexico, with we're talk to a search and rescue engineer about the search for survivors. we're following new developments overnight. those stories and a check on weather when we come back. boost. it's about moving forward, not back. it's looking up, not down. it's being in motion. in body, in spirit, in the now.
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welcome back. let's get a check on hurricane maria with nbc meteorologist bill carnes. it's exiting the do men can republic, then it's going to hit turks and caicos and hopefully become a fish storm that's the case. the bands in this are still giving heavy rainfall to areas of puerto rico. they need a break here. it's been two days and the story is continuing to get worse. the pictures are going to be breath takes once we see more of the island. here's some of the other pictures. the water has been a huge issue.
2:17 am
we did see one rain gauge that's up to almost 40 inches of rain and this is in hilly terrain. there's water everywhere in puerto rico. a lot of the rivers are starting to recede. the record flooding is overwith but there's a lot of standing water that has to exit. so you know we still haven't seen the pictures of where the eye made landfall yet. at least the aerial pictures from the helicopter. we said two to three days it takes to finally get a grip on the situation and it already looks ugly. here are the outer bands of the storm over puerto rico. we don't have the radar up because the power is out. underneath the clouds is the heavy rain bands over the island. and because of the mountain tops, that's where we get the flash flooding. they're concerned with mudslides and life threatening mudslides today. here's the center of the storm. turks and caicos, you're the ones that got hit twice by ir many and now by maria. winds are 100 to 125 miles an
2:18 am
hour. storm surge nine to 12 feet. here's the flash flood warnings for areas of puerto rico. the wind field is continuing to expand with the storm. tropical force winds into the bahamas. the five-day forecast save from bermuda, safe from the outer banks, weakening to barely a category 1 storm by the time we get to wednesday of next week. a lot of big waves and rip currents and that will be the worst of it. jose is dissipating too. we're looking okay. >> good news i guess considering the damage to puerto rico. thank you for now. we want to go back to the ongoing search and rescue efforts in mexico right now in the wake of this week's earthquake. joining us from london, a structural engineer. thanks so much for joining us this morning. there is so much wide spread damage in mexico city, especially, but throughout mexico. how do these search and rescue
2:19 am
teams prioritize where to begin? >> that's a really good question. the issue of coordination is one that's handled by the local emergency management authority whoever that is in this given disaster. in mexico, the mexican authorities are the ones who take the information of which buildings are collapsed, where they are in the city and what resources they have, what search and rescue teams are available and prioritizes accordingly. when the search and rescue teams are on site, it's their decision to look at the building, discover or figure out where the people are likely to be in that building and then to access and get those people out. >> as you mentioned, this is a search and rescue operation at this stage president at what point do you think it becomes more of a recovery operation. and certainly obviously with time the chance of finding survivors decreases. what are they racing against here besides time? >> again, a very good question and that is again one to be
2:20 am
answered by the mexican government. so you will always continue your search and rescue operations until you're asked to stop. that's a call base tond situation. you can find survivors up to a week after an earthquake or after a collapsed building but that would be very rare. you're looking at the first 48 hours, 72 hours, so on and so forth. what you're looking for is for people to be trapped within survivorable voids. when you contrast them, what's happening in mexico is what's happening in nepal two years ago. the buildings collapsed and disintegrated and didn't leave voids for people to survive in. here you have concrete structures which are pancaking. if that's the case, if there are people in voids relatively uninjured, then you're racing against the issues of food and water in which case you have a little bit of time. but it's the mexican government's call as to when
2:21 am
they think there's no more life safety then the attention moves on to recovery, learning the lessons, building back better and meeting all of the shelter are, food, water needs of those people that have been affected. >> as you've been talking, we're looking at the live pictures of the factory that steve patterson has been stand in front of all night. obviously a tense and sensitive situation. thank you for your time. still ahead, testing reveals aaron hernandez had signs of severe cte and now there's a lawsuit. those details and much more in sports. alous romance, to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. doctor poses!
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ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. time now for sports and thursday night football. the los angeles rams facing off against the san francisco 49ers and this would be a nail biter. jarod golf for the ram having a great game. the defense had trouble containing the rams running back todd gurley who found the end zone three times. late in the 4th the 49ers score but fail to complete the two-point conversion. the final efforts were dashed by brian hoyer who is sacked to effectively end the game. aaron hernandez was found to have a severe form of cte, a degenerative brain disease linked to repeated head trauma. a lawyer for the hernandez
2:25 am
family said researchers who examined his brain concluded it was the most severe case they hads ever seen for someone of aaron's age. this is a stunning revelation. hernandez committed suicide in april while serving a life sentence for murder. message cognitive disorders are attributed to cte. hernandez is among several former nfl players to have been found with the disease after committing suicide. turning now to major league baseball, wednesday's incident at the stadium send a young girl to the hospital is prompting ball clubs to increase safety precautions. cincinnati reds plan to install additional netting to the end of the dugout and replacing the existing netting behind the plate. hours later the padres followed suit as well.
2:26 am
plans for adding more netting for the 2017 season. that's a good preraucaution. >> how incredible was that aaron hernandez story. >> it begs the question are you going the let your child play football. he was convicted of murder and the most severe case of cte in a man of his age. unbelievable. still ahead, president trump imposes new sanctions on north korea. kim jong-un reports back. new over night, the iranian president says tehran will boost its missile capabilities. we have the very latest coming up next. this thing is like... first kid here we go second kid you coming in mommy? ahh not a chance! by their second kid, every parent is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time parents. luvs with nightlockplus absorbs wetness faster than huggies snug and dry. for outstanding overnight protection at a fraction of the cost.
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welcome back everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. it is the bottom of the hour. we begin in mexico as rescue workers there and around the world continue to dig around the clock as they search for survivor from this week's massive earthquake. officials say the death toll has climbed to 273 with the majority of the deaths coming from mexico city. crews are using dogs, cameras, motion detectors and heat-seeking equipment to find those who may still be alive and trapped underneath the rubble. the president is vowing that search and rescue operations will continue until the last of the survivors have been found. let's go to mexico city where steve patterson is standing by. we saw people carrying things and moving blocks around on top of that rubble there. what more are we learning? >> reporter: we've been here
2:31 am
since yesterday evening. we've seen the same thing continuing into this morning, only now it is more dire. we're heading into the fourth day. that is a critical period for rescuers who are trying to find any sign of life in rubble like this. take a look at this. this used to be a textile factory about three floors that completely pancaked on top of each other when the earthquake struck. people were strapped inside. now the search is on for survivors. we were here when two people were pulled out of the rubble. it was a joyous occasion for workers very briefly because they knew they had to get back to work. you see the people up there with sledgehammers, a backhoe, a massive crane that will pull pieces, huge chunks of debris off of the work site. what they're doing obviously is looking for survivors. they've had dogs, audio technology, infrared technology to get inside there to see if there's heat signatures, audio signatures that would indicate a source of life so they could go
2:32 am
in there, dig inside and grab somebody out. that's work that will be done in the next 24 hours to find as many people as humanly possible. >> thank you. now to the latest on hurricane maria, a deadly category 3 storm roaring through the turks and caicos islands. this after pummelling the dominican republic. and in puerto rico, humanitarian disaster continues to unfold there. the extent of the crisis is just being realized. major flooding, no power, very little food and water. yesterday we saw people carrying empty plastic bottles to collect water and waiting in long lines simply for bread. fema is to start flying supplies to the island today, including food and water, in addition to others like generators and temporary shelters. puerto rico's largest airport in san juan may open to commercial flights, meaning if residents
2:33 am
have the resources, they can evacua evacuate. joining us now is tammy lightenligheitner. good morning to you. what do you get a sense if the airport opens for commercial flights. would people try to leave the island? >> reporter: that's unbelievable. i don't know. i don't know that people have the money or the resource to get to the airport to get out. this is literally like a war zone here. there is no power, no running water and food is starting to run desperately short. when we were out on the streets talking with people, they told us they had bought enough rations for a few days or a week. not thinking that the power and the water was going to be out for possibly months. roads are washed away. they've turned into rivers. many people have to wade through water that's knee high, waist high. at one point we saw a boat
2:34 am
pulling a car down the road. even the president is weighing in on this situation. let's listen to what he had to say. >> puerto rico was absolutely obliterated. puerto rico got hit with winds, they say they've never seen winds like this anywhere. their electrical grid is destroyed. it wasn't in good shape to start off with but their electric grid is totally destroyed and so many other things. so we're starting the process now and we'll work with the governor and the people of puerto rico. but puerto rico is a whole different category, in many ways. in many ways. but it is if -- in fact all you have toe do is read or turn on the television and you'll see a place that was practically leveled. >> reporter: i was speaking with police just a few minutes ago and they were telling me now the big problem that they're starting to see is looting. looting at the grocery store and that's going to continue to get worse as the supplies run low
2:35 am
for people. >> nbc's tammy leitner live in san juan this morning. thank you. we're following developments out of iran. the president saying that the country will boost ilts missile capabilities. rowhani made the remarks this morning. he allegedly added a that iran will not seek permission to boost its missile capabilities. it's interesting, a lot of people are asking if this is a direct result of president trump's speech. i'm going to say yes. that's what president trump has been referring to, the loopholes. investigators, they're saying there's been no violation of a nuclear deal. >> that is the point the administration has been making in saying that iran is maybe technically complying with the nuclear deal but it's the spirit of what iran is doing in the region. and only boldened by the fact that the obama nuclear deal maz
2:36 am
given them a lot of money. the u.s. and north korea are going to a head with the confrontation. i think the iranians feel -- >> why would we trust the u.s. >> exactly. if the deal is not going to be held up, why not develop the technology. >> and then you have countries like france and germany saying don't cut off the deal, instead close the loopholes. president trump says chinese banks are on board with new sanctions on north korea as president trump met one on one with leaders in south korea and japan in a show of solidarity against the north's missile tests. the cabinet officials planked the president in joint meetings where trump announced additional sanctions on doing business with north korea. joining us from beijing once again, janney mackeuarice macke. how is president truchina react?
2:37 am
>> reporter: kim jong-un made a personal statement addressing the speech by president trump where he called on totally destroying north korea. what kim jong-un's statement implies is he is insulted by what president trump said and justified in making his own threats. and he's threatening that north korea still may have more powerful weapons in the works. he''s saying that president trump will quote pay dearly for what he has said. we combine that with the hint from the north korean foreign minister that perhaps there is the test of a powerful h bomb in the pacific ocean that's in the works. that they just have to await orders from kim jong-un. this is ramping up the rhetoric and the sense of tension across the region and analysts worried that we're heading into unchartered territory. this has become a very personal war of words between these two leaders and this with another test there is the very real
2:38 am
possibility that something could go wrong which would put obviously populations in the region at risk. this latest set of economic measures, though, in the executive order from president trump suggests that he is still looking at financial tools. in this case trying to cut north korea out of the international banking system before he would move to military options. and again, very important that china was on board in instructing its bank to stop doing new business with north korea. >> all right. janice, thank you. president trump is waking up at his golf club in new jersey where he will spend the weekend. that with the exception of a rally tonight in huntsville, alabama. a critical region in the u.s. senate runoff for senator lew therstraing, an ally of majority leader mitch mcconnell appointed
2:39 am
to t . and last night president trump tweeted senator luther strange has gone up a lot in the polls since i endorsed him a month ago. now a close runoff. he will be great in d.c. >> first question is who does the president support. president supports me. if you have not followed the president on twitter, i urge you to do so. he just tweeted a great tweet out about his enthusiastic support for me and my campaign. >> if you took everything that he said about the president this and the president that and about everything about the president and the vice president, there wouldn't be much left to talk about issues. this race is not me against the president. it's not me against the vice president. it's me against luther strange. >> and speaking of the vice president, mike pence will travel to his home state of indiana today to push for tax
2:40 am
reform. he's going to be joined by joe donnelly who is up for reelection next year. donnelly met with the president to discuss tax reform last week. meanwhile the trump administration's plan for tax reform is moving forward. this week key republicans reached a deal to allow for $1.5 trillion in tax cuts over the next ten years. house republicans are planning to huddle on tax reform during a retreat next wednesday. but mark short says the president wants to make this a bipartisan bill. take a listen. >> we've engaged many democrats, infact over 250 members of congress to date in both parties to talk about our plans for tax reform. our aim is to make this bipartisan. we think it will make it a better bill, it's better for our country to include their deals. but at the end of the day, what's most important is we deliver tax reform for the american people. >> joining us is molly hooper. good to have you back with us. i want to ask you about the
2:41 am
alabama senate race. you have luther strange endorsed by president trump. he's struggling in the polls compared to roy moore. what are the implications if luther strange loses here for president trump. what message do you think that's going to send if in fact one of trump's you know supporters loses? >> reporter: well there's two messages here. number one, if he loses, if luther strange loses, this is actually a win for grass roots, potential grass roots primary challengers to other republican senate candidates. we've seen sarah palin and sebastian gorka, the breitbart crowd go down to endorse roy moore, hold rallies for roy moore saying this will be a big win for the grass roots conservatives who want to take on the swamp and mitch mcconnell. one of the issues that came up -- i guess the other issue that came up in that debate last night was mitch mcconnell. and luther strange has the backing of mitch mcconnell
2:42 am
obviously. mitch mcconnell's super pac has sent millions of dollars down there and luther strange is mcconnell's candidate. one of the reasons that president trump is so invested and mike pence is going down there is because mitch mcconnell, you know, is saying that we need to keep the senate. we need to basically prevent these potentially fractious races with trac race. >> ealet's talk about the developments in regard to the mueller investigation and the investigation into president trump's action and of course the revelations aboutface book and what took place there. how is capitol hill specifically responding to this? and are they concerned that there could be an overlap in their investigation versus the mueller investigation? >> reporter: at this point it feels like there's a little bit of an overlap.
2:43 am
the senate intelligence committee is going to be having an open meeting with the facebook folks last month. they're holding an open meeting with president trump's attorney. there does seem to be a bit of an overlap. but the fbi and the doj is holding firm on witnesses that they're allowing to go in front of the senate judiciary committee, like paul manafort for example. chuck grass rley said, you know we've been trying for weeks and week to get paul manafort to come up here and testify in front of us but his lawyers won't return our calls. at this point i don't know if it's worth it because he could be indicted soon. and chuck grassley has learned about the potential indictment via the news channels hourve that however that's what's being considered. we're seeing it play out but it's moving faster than people anticipated. >> molly hooper live in washington, d.c. thank you.
2:44 am
still ahead, we have some dramatic video in the aftermath of murck maria. crews are racing to rescue people on top of an overturned boat. plus, bill carnes is back with us, he's going to have the latest on where maria is headed next after ravaging the caribbean. ♪
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welcome back. extraordinary video from puerto rico yesterday with u.s. coast guard, the navy and the british royal navy rescued three people in the wake of maria. officials were waved down by a woman with two children standing on top of an overturned vessel there. officials were unable to get to the scene in time to save a man inside. he died in a section of the ship. search and rescue crews were unable to access. with that, let's get the latest on hurricane maria with our meteorologist. bill, you mentioned that it takes multiple days to get a
2:48 am
picture of how bad it is on the ground but by all accounts the situation is dire. rain is still coming down. >> a lot of the river levels are coming down and you know we don't even have any basic estimates on how many houses are uninhabitable. or how many people drowned. they're starting to report the drowning deaths. when we get a confirmation, we'll bring them to you. the numbers are going to be staggers when we hear, the totals are all in. the storm is near the turks and caicos. they're taking it on the chin this morning. 30 miles from the eye. puerto rico right here, still thunderstorm band. we have the north eastern tip of the i ooh land under a flash flood warning and we have flash flood watches throughout the day. we could still get 4 to 5 inches of rachl. and there's one gauge that's already about 38 inches of rain. that's just an incredible amount of water that has fallen.
2:49 am
the wind field, here's the pirates well, this is the turk and caicos. the tropical storm and hurricane gusts still possible. then we're taking this harmlessly out to sea. after 24 hours, no more damage will be done in the turks and caicos or the bahamas. and jose by the way is also dissipating as we speak, will not been an issue, just more big waves up there in the areas of the cape cod. all clear from anything in the tropics for the first time in a while. >> we are hopeful that this will be the last hurricane that we see, but something tells me -- >> we've still got a ways to go in the season. still another four weeks of what i call the peak of the season. the steps facebook will take to help lawmakers and what mark zuckerberg is saying about that very issue.
2:50 am
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welcome back everyone. facebook and twitter stepping up to help yesterday facebook reversed its decision and announced it would actually hand over to congress and the special council 3,000 ads purchased by russian entities. it was hesitant at first because it considered the ads to be user
2:53 am
conte content. zuckerberg noted it was his first day back from paternity leave. >> we are actively working into russian interference. we have been investigating this for many months now and we had found no evidence of fake accounts linked to russian running ads. when we uncovered this we provided that to special council and also briefed congress. i wish i could tell you woe will be able to stop all interference but it will not be realistic. we can't prevent all governments from all interference but we can make it harder. we can make it much harder and that's what we are going to foc focus on that. >> he is allowing use toers visit the -- we also learned next week executives from twitter will meet which is also
2:54 am
investigating election interference. let's turn to business where they are dampening market and we are live from london. good morning. >> good morning, lewis. asian markets were rattled by comments from the north korean foreign minister. it could test a bomb of unprecedented bomb over the pacif pacific. but sea saw threats between president trump and president kim. we have seen that weakness continue through into european trade and all three major markets pointing to a lower open. they aproproved an $8 million hp package and it sent a confusing package. so let's turn around to hewlett
2:55 am
pa packard. lots ofrestrictions. it moved about 2.5% so far this year. let me wish you a good weekend and hand it back. >> thanks so much. all right. coming up next on morning joe the latest on the ongoing recovery efforts and the frantic search for survivors in mexico. we'll get live report frs our teams on the ground in both locations. plus more on kim jong un and his threat of destriks in his u.n. speech. chris murphy and nicholas burns are both weighing in on the continuing tensions. "morning joe" just moments away. you wouldn't do only half
2:56 am
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absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers. welcome back everybody. before we toss it over to morning joe let's get a check of the stories you'll be hearing about. trying to fill jeff sessions seat. the senate will campaign for loouter strange in tuesday's
2:59 am
republican nomination runoff. pence home to meet with local business owners and families to discuss the policy as the administration ramps up pressure on congress to get a plan approved. and jim comey will deliver the to howard university class. it will include a series of lectures by him. that's it for us on this friday morning. have a fantastic morning. morning joe starts right now. good morning. it's friday, september 22nd.
3:00 am
welcome to morning joe. >> we are getting close. >> i know it's coming. >> the comcast. >> that's right. >> good children all over the world. >> no. >> right where that space is right there their hearts will be filled. it. >> is darker earlier, that's for sure. >> less for commercialism that only goes to the hearts of little boys abdomen girls. >> their mom and dad will be separated from their hard-earned money. >> the true meaning of christmas. >> yes. this morning north korea's leader threatens fire and fury after president trump rolls at punishing new statements. he also called the president mentally der


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