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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  September 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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roll. >> i hope you had a great week. that does it for the beat. i will see you here monday night 6:00 eastern. hardball with chris matthews is up next. feeling the pressure. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. the special counsel probe is close in on the white house and with each turn of the vice robert mueller makes it more clear that the president is at risk. also today senator john mccain of arizona has dealt what could be a death blow to the republican plan to repeal oba obamaca obamacare. mccain announced that he can't vote for the republican plan which which was scheduled to come up with a vote next week.
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we'll get to that in a minute. but today the president is showing what it feels like having investigators breathing down his neck. resulting to twitter. with former rival hillary clinton. most tellingly he's resumed his denials of russian interference in the 2016 election. this time casting doubt on the russian-linked propaganda campaign on facebook, something that facebook's own ceo confirmed. quote, the russian hoax continues. now it's ads on facebook. what about the total biassed and dishonest media coverage in favorite of crooked hillary. that was followed by another. quote, the greatest innuance over our election with the fake news media screaming for crooked hillary clinton. next, she was a bad candidate. well the president's outburst comes in the wake of mark zuckerberg's announcement that facebook would give congress the ads the russian operatives had last year.
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as a putin spokesman said today, we have never done it and the russian site has never brn involved in this. it comes as the white house faces a slate of document requests from the special counsel, requests that indicate that mueller is building a case for obstruction against the president himself. joining me now is jonathan swann, carol lee, a reporter with nbc news and democrat congressman joaquin castro of texas, sits on the house intelligence committee. congressman, i want you to start tonight. you're a politician. you know how politicians behave. how is trump behaving right now, yelling in every direction, tweeting in every direction, getting up at dawn. is mueller getting to him with these demands? is facebook getting to him with the acknowledgment that the russians were running dirty ads in the campaign to help him? >> well he's obviously a politician right now who is very agitated and disdushturbed and see him respond with the same
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thing whenever he feels the heat so to speak. he deflects, usually tries to go back to crooked hillary or talk about somebody else. and then the second thing that he try to do is undercut the credibility of the people investigating him. you saw him do that with james comey. and the investigation itself. and today's tweet exactly those >> it's funny -- it's not funny, a little sick funny. but he seems to go back to the same redundant language about the media, like he hasn't thought of a new way of saying what he's saying. he says, i'm mad and i'm going to talk. i'm mad. it's almost like it's pout more than a thought. >> well and i think he realizes that in some ways, look, if this thing does pan out, if robert mueller does find for example that there's cause for declaring that there was obstruction of justice, then donald trump is essentially in a race to undercut the credibility of the investigation before that finding comes out so that by the
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time it comes out, at least a significant portion of the american people will say, look, i don't believe anything that comes out of the mouth of robert mueller or anything that comes out of this investigation. and i think that's exactly what he's trying to do. >> i'm trying to figure out what started him at dawn this morning. some people says he reads the papers at dawn. if you're the president and your lawyers are saying now they want your e-mails, your phone calls, maybe they have transcriptions, they want the transcripts of the phone conversations with the russians, perhaps, they want to know everything he said at any time. air force one transcripts. they're really coming to him. and also on this he's hearing that facebook is about to come clean and turn over state's evidence all of these ads that the russian people have been paying for and that will lead to which americans helped him. your thoughts on how close this is getting to him personally. >> what we've seen in the last few days are those three things. the investigation into possible obstruction, those tent calls are expanding to include air force one, the president's firing of the national security
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adviser, michael flynn, you see the pressure on paul manafort is really heating up. it's every day that we learn something new about that and then the facebook piece. facebook has said there are certain ads that were targeted to specific geographical areas and that is going to be the key question that they're going to look at is whether or not anyone helped them target those ads, whether it's republican operative, somebody in the trump campaign. the trump campaign has taken a lot of credit for winning the election based on how they strategized on facebook and twitter. and twitter, we haven't heard from them but they're going to be talking to the senate intelligence committee next week. >> and this is the essence of collusion. >> that is one piece. if the trump campaign helped the russians target ads that they bought through social media, you could, yes, that is one thing -- >> that wouldn't be an impulsive move. that would be a deliberate move for the russians to help them
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win the election. let me ask you about this thing, john. i want to talk about trump himself. the psychopart of this thing. no psycho. psychobasketball part maybe. why does he get up in the morning and show that they're getting to him. why does he want the prosecutors to know this hurts. he seems to show it with his face. >> i don't know. twitter is basically his last toy. kelly has taken away of his phone during the day. the last moments of freedom in the resident at night and r residence in the morning. i'm just saying that kelly has really nailed it down during the day. and he used to have so much fun with ska vino -- >> who is ska vino. former caddy, former trump organization and runs hi social
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media and goads trump, batits him, agrees with him. >> president trump has repeatedly called the russian investigation a witch hunt fueled by democrats. let's watch him. >> the reason why democrats only talk about the totally made-up russia story is because they have no message, no agenda and no vision. they have phony witch hunts going against me. they have everything going. and you know what? all we do is win win win. the entire thing has been a witch hunt. how many times do i have to answer this question. >> can you say yes or no. >> russia is a ruiz. i have nothing to do with rus a russia. to my knowledge, nobody that i deal with does. >> i don't know how well we define obstruction of justice. he's showing motive there. crash this prosecution down to nothing right now, i don't want it to exist.
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i'm trashing it every day i can. he's showing motive. he hates the prosecution. but you're allowed to hate the prosecutor if you're a defendant. where does obstruction come in and where does president crazy man end? >> robert mueller is obviously doing a very thorough job in requesting all of these documents, if all of the reports are true. and he's been doing it at a quick pace, a lot faster than either the senate or the house investigations. i'm glad to see that he's moving at a brisk pace. it means that donald trump is brooding over this, he's concerned about where it's going, how tags it's moving, the fact that it may touch upon his direct family members, like donald trump jr. so i'm sure that's got him very concerned. as far as obstruction of justice, i've said before that it will be a big problem in the congress if we find -- if we confirm either through our investigations or if robert mueller confirms that donald
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trump ordered the firing of james comey specifically because of the russian investigation. >> i'm looking at the allah mo over your right shoulder there. just curious about one thing. speaking of that, supposing robert mueller finds an article of impeachment, he sends the indictment over to the house judiciary, the speaker's office. do you think it's possible that the republican leadership in the house and the judiciary committee will say we're not going to act on it. can you imagine them saying prosecutor says you should be impeached. we here not going to act. >> i can't imagine that. we should act on it if that's the case and it's confirmed. the main difference between now and watergate is that in watergate the opposing party to the president was in control of congress. here you have the president's party in control and these guys have shown for a while that their tolerance for ignoring bad deeds is pretty high. i wouldn't be shocked if that
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happens. >> of course the opposite party was in charge during clinton's problems too. seems to work that way. let me look at two things you've said about the eventual outcome of this investigation. the first statement was in april and the second in july. let's take a look at two of the thing you've said about this. >> have you seen any hard evidence of collusion yet? >> i guess i would say this. that my impression is, i wouldn't be surprised after all of this is said and done that some people end up in jail. >> when i gave that answer, i was speaking not only of the bopossibility of collusion but also based on everything i've seen, possible obstruction or coverup or other things. and so i stand by that answer. >> well here we are all these months later. it's late september. where are you on that? do you want to update what you said there? >> i stand by my answer. and obviously if the reports are true about what we've heard from what may happen with paul
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manafort, then there's one case there. and the obstruction of justice question is still one that needs to be answered and confirmed. so i wouldn't change anything that i said. >> okay. well amid the russian investigation politico reports that moral at the white house is very very low among the staffers. according to an adviser everyone is unhappy and fighting everyone else. one republican lobbyist predicts there will be an exodus for this administration come january. we've heard stories about people are afraid each other a wired. they're afraid to give ammo to somebody to use perhaps against them. corey lewandowski the other day says they may all go to jail. it's cat on a hot tin roof there. >> yeah, we haven't seen anything like this before. moral in the white house, it's very low and people are suspicious of each other. there are all sorts of infighting despite the turnover that they've had that was
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supposed to resolve all of that. there were frustrations, concerns about whether russia is going to touch each individual staffer in some way, are they sitting in a meeting that's going to be under scrutiny. it's a really -- it's a very increasingly -- you would think at this point things would be getting better and they seem to be getting more tense. >> don't do the crime if you can't do the time. thank you carol lee and joaquin kas tro. coming up, the battle to save health care. john mccain says he's a no in the republican's last ditch effort to dump obamacare. all this as truplus, president t just lash out today about the russia investigation, he blasted the dictator on twitter today calling him a madman saying he'll be tested unlike anything before. and who best to make sense of the schoolyard bully stuff.
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last ditch effort to repeal and replace obamacare. the graham-cassidy bill is in critical condition. john mccain announced in a state today, i cannot in good conscious vote for the graham-cassidy proposal. rand paul is also a no vote. one more vote is going to kill the bill. two no votes on the last repeal effort are publicly up in the air. mur cow ki is being heavily courted. politico reported that alaska could get relief from senate repeal bills. any way, analysis of the bill says $21 million would lose coverage by 2026 under this plan. 21 less million people covered than are being covered now by obamacare. meanwhile, the man charged with implementing the bill should it pass, tom price, is facing serious scrutiny of his own.
4:18 pm
politico reporting that price traveled by private plane 25 times since may. at the cost of taxpayer expense. he gets on a chartered plane private plane rather than taking a scheduled flight. let's bring in the round table. sabrina is a political reporter for the guardian. here's what i think. sabrina, you first. i think this thing is dead as a cucumber, whatever it is, dead as a door nail. and the reason i think, you've got 32 republicans now, no matter what they say in the leadership who haven't committed to the bill. >> it's hard to imagine that mitch mcconnell can bring this bill to the floor when the math doesn't add up. they can lose two republican senators. you had a couple of holdoutscol. but then you have senators privately expressing concerns and looking for a coffer to not have to take another vote on an
4:19 pm
obamacare repeal bill that's not going to turn. and they don't pass it by anywhere whether it's from the right or whether it's when you look down to tough reelection battles. >> john what would you rather do if you're a united states senator republican from a red state. would you rather face people mad at you because you couldn't repeal obamacare, or would you rather have repealed obamacare defending the system that you put in which sucks. >> those were afraid of the primaries voted for the thing, those afraid of losing in if the general election to a democrat were against it. susan collins in a tough spot. looks like she's waiting to see what the congressional budget office says about this. i'm waiting until they come out and say it's a terrible bill before i vote against it. >> 32 senators of the 52 republican senators haven't committed. >> to your prior question it
4:20 pm
seems to me that all republicans will be delivered from having voted for a bill that's going to destroy the health care system. i mean, this is the meanest and the worst of the bills. >> and you have to defend everything that's wrong with it. >> everything that's wrong with it, you own it, whatever. >> doesn't have an individual mandate, doesn't have an employer mandate. a lot of young people say the heck with this. the selling pitch is it doesn't have protection for preexisting conditions. it doesn't have the stuff that everybody fights about. >> it's hard to overstate the significance of the insurance lobby coming out against this bill. because they had kept their cards close to their chests in the previous iterations that were being debated. they have a lot of clout with respect to republican. >> every lobby. >> they're unanimously opposed the bill. >> jimmy kimmel is pop you lash with the younger people and he comes out saying this wouldn't have taken care of my kid and
4:21 pm
you said it would. >> the fact checkers said he was more right about the bill than senator bill cassidy. >> and the concerns still stands. they have not gone through regular order. the stam concerns over medicaid remain and they're amplified because that eliminates the medicaid expansion entirely. >> the better solution for the republican senators is to not have the vote at all. >> by midnight i think the president is going to pull the bill. they're going to make it official this weekend. they're not going to have a vote and why have a vote and have ten votes on it. they want to blame it on mccain. they've already blamed one of these on mccain. they know the mccain has a vendetta against this president. they can say it's personal. you can't hate the guy for what he's been through and what he's facing now. that's the smart move. blame it on mccain and walk away. >> i think that's been a lot of the narrative leading up to this. mccain is thinking about his legacy. he's weighing a lot more. >> what's his legacy.
4:22 pm
he's a maverick. >> there's a maverick component and he's dealing with his own health issues. he's weighing with how he wants to be remembered. and he's close friends of lindsey graham. >> didn't president trump say something nasty about the guy who spent seven years? >> he said a lot of nasty things about john mccain before. i'm sure that senator mccain is not bringing the personal into it at all. he doesn't think about that ever when asszing how he's going to deem with politics. >> that tells me that he is. >> it makes it harder for the president to convince him if he's on the fence. >> can you imagine that over the phone, we could really use your help john. imagine john, is this phone call ov ov over yet? who thinks the bill passes? >> i don't they get to a vote. >> anybody thinks it will pass?
4:23 pm
now the question is fixing it. is there any chance that trump will now say, if he faces defeat next week, we couldn't fix it so we're going to have the democrats to work on the republican to fix the problems. will he be positive on that instead of letting it atrophy by killing the advertiser, not really supporting the recruitment of people to be a participant in it. >> trump called the house bill mean. he had second thoughts. he's not been plumping for this bill the way he did the house bill originally. he says go ahead, let it fail and then you'll see how much you need me. however nobody wants the health system to collapse and now he's surrounded by people who see that. so i think they'll go back to the way of fixing it. because no matter how partisan you are, you don't want the system to collapse. >> i hope trump has a heart. >> we'll find out. >> last night jimmy kimmel took
4:24 pm
on its cosponsor senator cassidy last week. >> i don't know what the point of speaking to him is. we spoke, he told me one thing, he did another. are we supposed to do that again? some people tell me i should give him the benefit of the doubt. i do give him the benefit of the doubt. i doubt all of the benefits that he claims are part of the health bill. >> kimmel tweeted thank you senator john mccain for being a hero again and again and again. what a duo. they're tag teaming this guy, jimmy kimmel and john mccain. >> a late night comedian and a senator defeated this really bad bill. >> democrats are pushing for a bill to stabilize the insurance markets which have suffered from a great deal of uncertainty. we saw trump team up with them for the debt limb. he teamed up for daca. . >> i think it's a break for trump to lose this baby. the round table is sticking with
4:25 pm
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here's what's happening. 70,000 people are being urged to evacuate immediately in north weern puerto rico. a hurricane damaged dam is in imminent danger of failing. the national weather service calls it a life-threatenings situation. the entire island of puerto rico remains without power with the death toll climbing to 13 people. next cois reeling after that devastating earthquake. 286 people are confirmed to be
4:29 pm
dead according to local officials. time is running out as rescue teams work around the clock to get the survives trapped under the rubble. president trump is heading to huntsville, alabama tonight to trump for loout strange. strange is in a tight runoff race. the race is pitting trump against a former strat zbis. the candidates are running to fill a state vacated by attorney general jeff sessions. now back to "hardball". we're back with the hardball round table. margaret, tell me something i don't know. >> trump is continuing to taunt rocketman but the airlines are showing him so respect. swiss airlines, and scandinavian airlines are reruthing their plans around the sea of japan and japan to not come in contact with anything rocketman might
4:30 pm
do. >> the congressional black caucus ledge day tif conference is in town. this year the big stars are the members of the caucus. all the chatters about whether they're going the run for president. >> yeah go ahead. >> trump is on his way to assembly the most male dominated government in decades. we saw ensuring 80% of nominations for top jobs in the trump amount have gone to men. men will outnumber women four to one in this administration. >> there needs to be a form of punishment. just kidding. still ahead, the war of words between president trump and the north korean dictator. plus katy tur on her new book "unbelievable" about covering the trump campaign. you're watching "hardball." for your heart...
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welcome back to hardball. a life or death state with the nuclear crisis with north korea. there is a risky side show, a
4:34 pm
tit for tat war of words between donald trump and kim jong-un. insults are flying in both directions. on tuesday president trump threatened to wipe north korea off the map and he gave the country's young leader a nickname. let's watch that. >> the united states has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself or its allieallies, we will have n choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> well yesterday kim jong-un responded attacking president trump threatening to paying him pay dearly. that goaded president trump to respond this morning via twitter, quote, kim jong-un of north korea is obviously a mad man who doesn't mind starving or killing his people will be tested like nothing he's seen before.
4:35 pm
both of you look, here's the thing. i don't take moral equivalence here for a second. kim jong-un is the aggressor. he's building nuclear weapons threaten to use them against the united states. we're not advancing past the 38th parallel toward him. he may feel threatened but that's psychological. he's threatening us with weapons. why does this president think this high school routine is going to force the guy to close in about himself and give up his nuclear weapons. >> he knows nothing about anything. he's a bully. this is how he's blusedder through his entire life, business and television. >> it worked. it got him the presidency. >> exactly. he thinks it's right. >> treat him like little marco. >> the real downside is that china wants to separate us from our real allies in this part of the world. and when they see this behavior, america looks out of control,
4:36 pm
unreliable and shaky. we're doing the chinese work for them. if they want to separate japan out and -- >> taiwan, japan. >> exactly. >> i've watch politicked for years. there's an old rule, nixon had it. attack up. if you're not president, attack lyndon johnson, he doesn't attack, you win. johnson got himself the nomination doing that. you continue taye tadon't attac. to attack a crock pot with a bad haircut is insane. it's the opposite in a way that maybe the guy will fight. suppose he starts bombing south korea because he's upset. we don't know. >> the calculation when you talk to people -- >> look at this crazy stuff he puts on, the crazy shows, with the parade and the medal. look at the ridiculous medals.
4:37 pm
they're deluded as to who they are. look at the big hats they wear, too. it's ridiculous. they don't know who they are. he thinks he's great looking. how do we know he'll react anyway. who is he clapping at by the way. this is real stuff. look at him marching. what a great day. everybody is afraid of him. >> you could do a show where you just have north kornarrate nort footage for an hour. i don't think trump would have tweeted that if he believed kim jong-un -- >> yes, actually. >> he's alpha male schik is his schik. >> he's been direct. >> uncles and fathers who fought in korea. nobody wants to go back to the
4:38 pm
korean war. >> when you talk to people in the administration, yes, they project we're worried and all of this stuff. but when you actually talk to them, they don't think of it. there's a reason he's firing missiles in the range of guam but not at guam. their genuine view is that this guy is not suicidal. >> what is that? >> kim jong-un. >> who is that? >> a lot of people in the administration senior level involved in the decision-making. if he shoots at guam we could shoot it out of the air and take him down. >> the liberals care about climate change. if there's a 1% chance we're burning up the planet, let's not do it. you think there's a 1% chance that he may blow up. >> a missile -- >> i'm talking about doing something against other people, a real missile. >> you mean -- >> san francisco. >> sure. >> or japan. >> we have anti-missile defense and take him out. >> you have point defense
4:39 pm
adequate enough to defend? s >> pretty good. >> the bigger risk is that he denieds to take out japan, not overfly them. but hit them. >> suppose the hydrogen bomb doesn't make it to its target and hits some place well. he's crazy. thank you. they did attack in 1950 when we thought they wouldn't and they did it on their own. jennifer ruben, jonathan swann, much more optimistic about this nut than i am. up next, katy tur covered president trump's presidential campaign. she's been on the receiving end of his attacks and knows why this guy continues to play the schoolyard bully. katy tur joins us next. a great interview coming up. we just taped it. she's something. later, john mccain topples the republican's plan to repeal obamacare. don't you think mccain really likes dumping this guy's truck?
4:40 pm
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president trump is in wlam tonight. he's set to attend a rally for republican senator luther strange who is in a tough battle with former alabama supreme court chief justice roy moore. moore is leading in the polls. he's the guy with the 10 commandments in his courthouse. trump is taking a risk backing strange. he will be bounced. moore is going to win. we'll be right back. or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar. the uncertainties of hep c.
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katy, you're not reporting it, katy but there's something happening, katy. there's something happening katy. she knows nothing about my campaign. she's said things about my campaign like she's an expert. we don't let her no. we don't let people talk to her because she's not a very good reporter. be quiet, i know you want to save her. she's back there. little katy. she's back there. what a lie it was. >> that was president trump of course in this case going after nbc news's katy tur during the 2016 campaign. in her new book "unbelievable, my front row seat to the craziest campaign in american history" she details what it was
4:46 pm
like covering president trump. now amplify the experience by 1,000 of the presidential candidate calls you a liar and fact on another knack tore of ten if that presidential candidate is named donald j. trump. trump hasn't moved on from criticizing the press. this morning he tweeted the russian hoax continues and now it's ads on facebook. what about the dishonest media coverage in favor of crooked hillary. and the morning the book came out president trump tweeted fascinating to see people writing books about me and yet they know nothing about me and have zero access. #fakenews. katy, i have been waiting for this book because -- >> you told me to write the book on like day one. >> i watched you as his weirdly focused nemesis and yet you were just reporting what he was saying. it was all fact. you're not a commentator. you're a stray reporter. >> you always said that, that that is what bugs him more than
4:47 pm
the commentator, more than those on television during prime time. >> do you think he reads the op ed. >> i think he did early on because she had beef with charles krauthammer and david brooks. >> tell me about this. i think this the book -- you write like new journalism. you wliet quick and brisk as it has -- it didn't boring prose. it's exciting. this is a page turner. you can read this on the plane. i'd tell you, too bad it's not coming out at the beach time because it's perfect for the beach. when he called you a liar and you're out there in your first huge assignment covering a presidential campaign and you're all alone, did you take it personal when he used words like li liar, whatever? >> i don't want to be called a liar, especially for doing my job. if i'm being called a liar i'm going to make sure that i didn't report anything inaccurately.
4:48 pm
i do take issue calling me a liar when i'm reporting the facts. did i take it personally? >> did it hurt. >> no, it doesn't hurt. i think he does it to discredit me and other journalists. it does it because he doesn't like the facts sometimes. he doesn't want to be held accountable for the words that he says or for the lies that he has a dtendency to tell. >> you talk about yourself, your boyfriend at the time, you talk about that. and that sort of gets in the way of being a professional. you got to get back to work, make a decision. it's very real, you know. and then you get into, you know, this guy gets in your face. >> it's whiplash. i was a foreign correspondent before i moved, came back to new york to cover donald trump. i just started a life there. i had a lovely. >> a french life. >> a lovely french boyfriend which is every girl's dream come true. one morning i'm in pir ris and
4:49 pm
the next morning i'm stand in the rain in new hampshire and donald trump is yelling at me from the stage and i'm thinking how in the world did i get here and what is happening? >> you think about what it's like to be a woman reporter. you've got to have variety. you said something earlier, saying guys could go on the air wearing the same suit every day and no one notices. women have to have variety. >> there was an australian anchor who did an experiment. for a year he wosh the same thing every day for a year. no one said a word and everyone was commenting on his co-hosts outfits. a sad fact and reality of the females in business period. but the way i got around it is i bought the same j. crew sweater in 17 different colors and rotated it. >> here's katy tur writing about the president. multiple people told me that he does respect what i do even when he criticizes me. he talks about how i'm
4:50 pm
boycotting nbc because blah blah blah blah and then he -- >> you remember that. >> he calls up and chats away with you. >> we had a phone conversation and he wanted to talk about whether or not i thought that he had a real shot. how against ted cruz? what did i think of the polls? and i told him, yeah, why think you have a real shot to win this. and i did at the time. and i said, that is precisely the reason why journalists are being so tough on you, because you're not just some joke any longer. you are seeing a lot of support. you're getting 20,000 people to show up -- >> i think he liked that, i'm sure. >> i'm sure he liked hearing it, just as when he was at a press conference and you could get him to pay attention to you if you just mentioned a good poll number. he likes hearing compliments. he wants to be liked. he does not like the pushback. i don't think he likes confrontation. he can do it from afar. but when it's one on one, he has a tendency to try and charm you into his corner. >> what did you make of that jimmy breslin line in your book,
4:51 pm
new york city columnist who said, he has gotten great ink and it's made his business career because he warms up to reporters, he makes them feel cozy with him. >> exactly. he creates a razzle dazzle. >> then it creates a sort of a vibe out there in the business world. people start investing in him again. >> he said, never count donald trump out. and he was -- he was cruel to donald trump in his columns. but he said, never count hem out because donald trump has the ear of journalists and helical, helical them, he'll create a razzle dazzle, he'll sell himself as this bigger than life businessman who can do things nobody else can do. and people will buy into it. and they'll prop up the image they have of him. donald trump is the living embodiment of the old adage, if you say it enough, people will start to believe that it's true. >> you describe how voters felt in 2016. you can't tell a joke without worrying you'd lose your job. you're 20-something, can't find work, your town is boarded up. patriotism gets people called racist. your food is full of chemicals,
4:52 pm
your body is full of pills. you call tech support and reach somebody in india. bills are spiking out, your paycheck is not. you can't send your kid to school with peanut butter. health, everything, language, ethnicity, you're trying to explain the people in the crowd. >> yeah, well basically those are people who just feel like, what happened? i just want to tell you a joke, i think it's funny, i'm not trying to be too offensive. but i feel like i cannot say what i'm thinking anymore because people are too pc. this pc culture has run amok. >> is that what you heard in the crowd -- >> all the time, donald trump says the things i am thinking, he says the things nobody else will say, and he never apologizes for it. >> you're talking about the crowd. >> this is what people would say in the crowd. i understand why they felt hike that. >> you're the first person to say that, when you say -- i'd be sitting here and you'd be on location, you were the first person i know to say, these people are going to stick with him. >> yeah, because they were devoted.
4:53 pm
and they believed. they believed in the man, not necessarily the party. they came from a wide variety of idologies. different things were important to them. you couldn't just say, these are donald trump's supporters, they're this, that, this, period. it was a wide spectrum. and -- but the common thread was that they felt like donald trump was finally speaking his mind and finally standing up to all of the constraints that seemed to be getting tighter on american society. and they wanted someone to go to washington and to shake things up. they felt like it didn't work, it was in gridlock, they needed somebody to loosen up the gears. >> african-american guy, shining shoes in logan airport, told me the exact same story. and he said, i voted for trump. and i said, you can't make all these predictions ethnically and everything else. anyway, let's keep going, katy portrays president trump almost as a cartoon, his mouth seems to have two positions. one as perfect oval where his
4:54 pm
words seem less pronounced than ejected. the other is a straight line that cuts his face in two. no teeth. lips stretched. self-satisfied. i've been watching him last couple of days. and i'm beginning to think he begins to look like the cartoons on the editorial page. the distorted look of his face. >> donald trump has such a big personality, he's the kind of person that when he walks into a room the air ripples with his presence. >> he's going to like that. >> i'm sure he will like that. he is also somebody who, when he does smile, it does seem to cut his face in two. he just -- he's larger than life in every sense of the word. >> whether you hate trump, dislike him, are amazed he's even on this planet, this book is great. because it captures the iconic nature of the guy. and it's not a hateful book. it just captures the guy in a very tough, journalistic way, what it's like to have that guy in your face for a year. i think it's fun. >> thank you, chris. >> and it's journalistic. the book's called
4:55 pm
"unbelievable." my front-row seat to the craziest campaign in american history. thank you, my colleague. >> let me say one thing before we go. whenever i was at a trump rally, people would come up to me and say, you know what i love most? i love chris matthews the most at msnbc. >> thank you, and that was unsolicited. let me finish up with "trump watch."
4:56 pm
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"trump watch" friday, september 22nd, 2017.
4:59 pm
here's is thing. if the republicans pass this graham-cassidy bill, they will find themselves completely responsible for the country's health insurance system. the 21 million people that drop from coverage will have the republicans to blame in the next elections. if the system implodes again, it will be the republicans that people blame. if you or your loved one has diabetes or another pre-existing condition and can't get a reasonable health policy, you'll know it was the party of donald trump that did it to you. who will be the person tasked with managing the country's health insurance system? hhs secretary tom price. he's the one who will be standing behind the counter when people come demanding their insurance be restored, that their doctors and hospitals get paid. tom price. heard that name lately? he's the one who's been caught spending hhs money to fly on private planes and last week alone chartered five different private jets rather than take regularly scheduled flights like other business travelers. how's all this going to look to the family facing health challenges? getting cut out of the coverage by a government that has plenty of money to spend flying the guy running health care wherever he wants to go on a private plane?
5:00 pm
someone, i think the president, is smart enough not to want this republican bill to pass. it's the only way he, donald trump, escapes being ceo of the country's hilgtd care with the complaint window being right there in front of the white house. and that's "hardball" for now. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight on "all in." >> no. >> senator john mccain rides again. >> he can't have everything. boy oh boy. >> tonight the reaction from happy democrats, angry donors, and a late-night talk show host. >> we haven't seen this many people come forward to speak out against a bill since cosby. >> as john mccain deals president trump yet another setback. >> nobody knew that health care could be so complicated. then the new investigation into tom price's private jet travel. the nuclear gamble of the president's twitter beef with a dictator. >> rocket man is on a suicide


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