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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  September 30, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief. flonase sensimist. ♪ good day, everyone. i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters in new york. here's what's happening right now. tweet storm fury. president trump unleashing on the mayor of san juan after her plea for help and criticism of federal response. >> i beg you to take charge and save lives. >> what more could or should the president be doing to where you people from puerto rico? the trump tax cut, how does it add up? >> a middle class miracle. >> a miracle? how does it help the middle
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class if the tax cut saves the president more than $1 billion? and eight men out the charter plane scandal forces tom price to pack his bags. are more departures on the way. but we begin in puerto rico, new reaction after president trump attacked the mayor of san juan and other officials in puerto rico in a series of tweets this morning. in one tweet the president accused the mayor of partisan politics after she criticized the administration's response to hurricane maria. this morning the mayor had this to say. >> i am not going to be distracted by small comments, by politics, by petty issues. this is one goal and it is to save lives. >> meanwhile the situation on the ground is dire. residents waiting in long lines to get basic needs like water and gas and the hospitals they're struggling to treat patients but officials say there is some progress. as of today about 60% of the islands gas stations are pumping
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and 5% at least of the island's power has been restored. we've got it all covered for you. kelly o'donnell is following the president in new jersey. tammy leitner an dr. john torres both in puerto rico with the latest on the ground there. we'll start with you, kelly, right near the president's golf resort in new jersey. the president spending his weekend there. kelly, are you hearing anything more from the administration following the president's twitter rant this morning when he was attacking the mayor of san juan, puerto rico? >> reporter: no comment from officials we have asked about the president's tweet. we've seen in just a two day span two different messages from the president, different tone emotionally and that is very notable. when he was departing the white house to come here for his weekend in new jersey, the president spoke at length with reporters. he was asked about puerto rico and the response. he talked about some of the resources that have been sent. he talked about the need to rebuild the power grid, citing his own history as someone from
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the building world and construction, so a tone of wanting to reach out and be helpful. very different tone reading the string of tweets early this morning where the president was critical and seemed to take it very personally. let's take a look at those tweets where he lashes out directly at the mayor of san juan where he writes, the mayor of san juan was very complimentary only a few days ago. has been told by the democrats that you must be nasty to trump. such poor leadership ability by the mayor of san juan and others in puerto rico who are are not able to get their workers to help. they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 workers on the island doing a fantastic job. not only picking a fight with a local elected official but also suggesting that there is an absence of work ethic among those on the ground in the midst of the crisis to do what is necessary to try to help themselves. very different image from our colleagues who are covering it directly in puerto rico and seeing the community effort
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there, but needing they believe more resources and more organization and communications help as well as gasoline and other very basic elements of recovery. when you look at what happened to florida and texas, you've got a very different circumstance. you've got first of all the political allies of the president who are governors there, but wealthy states that are very large and were able to mobilize additional resources, they're own as well as from other states. puerto rico in a very different category. the president appearing to be testy and petty today in these tweets at a time when american citizens in puerto rico are looking for more help from the federal government. alex? >> thank you so much. we appreciate that. let's turn right now to puerto rico, tammy lightener is in san juan. i want you to bring us up to date on the situation there. watching you report from there the last few days, i'm in complete disagreement with what the president tweeted out. i've watched you trek through areas that were unreachable,
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you're getting to people who were cut off in different regions with locals trying to find their loved ones, first responders as well. they're doing what seems to be everything they can? >> reporter: you might be right about that, alex. the situation is still very, very bad. we have found a way to get out and tell these stories because, quite frankly, they need to be told. there's still a lot of people desperate. i'm in a line for the grocery store and i mean there's at least 150 people in line here, the woman tell front of the line tells me she's been waiting for about two hours. you can see people with fans. it's very, very warm here. now all of these people are waiting in line to go in and just buy a few items of groceries. some grocery stores are rationing how much people can buy. there is no milk, no frozen goods, no refrigeratored goods in any of the grocery stores that we've been to. they have been actually completely closed off so nobody can buy anything. a lot of grocery stores have no water or batteries.
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this one has no ice. so supplies are very limited. some of them are only letting people buy a few cans of sausages, beans, things like that, yet this is the only option people have. we spoke with one family earlier, alex, and they drove for an hour and a half to come and stand in line for two hours to go and buy one little bag of groceries. so things are by no means getting back to normal here. >> are people at all talking, tammy about the president's upcoming visit on tuesday? are there things that they want him to do or say while he's there? >> reporter: no, i can tell you the people in puerto rico are not talking about it and you know why? because they is have no tvs, they have no power, they have no cell phones still most of the island, they don't know what is going on outside of puerto rico. a lot of people don't even know that the president is coming. >> that makes sense. thank you so much. with us now former senior adviser to senator rand paul,
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alyss jordan along with contributor peter emmerson. ladies first here, the president as you know going to puerto rico in three short days. why is he stirring the pot right before his visit? what narrative does this change? >> alex, i'm not going to pretend to know or understand how someone could tweet such vial things as people are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis and losing their lives. hospitals aren't able to take care of their patients because they don't have electricity. it's just yet another demonstration of the president's very thin ego and it's not about serving the country, it's not about doing the most that he can do as commander in chief to help the men and women on the ground, suffering this tragedy it's about how he feels and his ego. >> okay, peter, how about this, john kelly, where is he the man who was supposed to bring discipline to the west wing and now you have a headline of the
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president attacking the mayor of a hurricane ravaged city this while sitting in his exclusive golf resort in a very beautiful end of september day in new jersey? >> it's also the question of where's the president as you pointed out. you know exactly where he is. john kelly is obviously not in charge of donald trump but merely the staff to some degree and what's really sad and tragic here ads you pointed out earlier is the governors of florida and texas are republicans and in the case of puerto rico, we've already seen some basically villed anti-latino along from the president and what we're seeing is once again latino community being disregarded, they often are in elections, voter suppression is rampant in the latino communities whether in nevada or even in florida and now i think we're seeing very, very severe disaster relief suppression and consequently,
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i'm indignant, i can't imagine the president of the united states not just ignoring american citizens but criticizing them. it's really quite remarkable. >> you know what's interesting too is this response or lack there of. i asked kelly o. several times today while they're adjacent to the trump golf recourse there what the reactions been from the white house. we know no one's ever going to present the president from teeting, the u.s. is working with the mayor or maybe here's an update on our supplies and where they are. why are we not hearing anything? >> i would suggest now having just learned a new word from my wonderful bride that's used among millennials it's called bread crumbing and i think that's basically what we're seeing on a daily basis with donald trump. he bread crumbs his core base and they love to hear him rant and rave at times and they love him to appear compassionate and
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empathetic at times but it's this constant, constant dissembling and disruption and keeping everyone off balance. that's the goal. he's very successful, obviously, we're talking about it and so at the end of the day the people of puerto rico and, by the way, let's as you pointed out earlier the people of the virgin islands are suffering as well and now we have a president whose playing golf indifferent it seems to the suffering and deaths of millions and millions of people. >> i just want to say apparently you're so much cooler than i am. i've never heard bread crumbing. thank you so much for that. alyss, this would be like the president criticizing the mayor of new orleans in the wake of hurricane katrina. all of this only makes a very complicated and urgent situation even more serious. if you were advising him what would you say? >> i would take away his twitter first and foremost. i think it's the root of so much
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of the evil that comes out of donald trump's mouth just because it gives this this trash bin to say things such as earlier today are utterly vile, inappropriate and just wrong and shouldn't be coming out of the commander in chiefs mouths. that's first and foremost, but no one has been able to do that so far. general john kelly has not been able to untether donald trump from his twitter and we'll see more eruptions like this throughout the rest of his presidency because what matters for donald trump is shock value and he's going to have to keep shocking and there's no limits to the boundaries that he is restrained by simply because he has shown no respect for the norms that normally govern the office. >> okay. you guys stick around, please because in just a moment, the president who said americans would get bored of winning confronts a rather challenging week of losses for him. i'm going to talk to my panel about how bad it really was next.
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happening right now in the nation's capital a march for racial justice. organizers plan the march to the capitol and past the department of justice before ending up at the national mall. we'll keep an eye on things there for you and bring you updates. let's now go back to our panel and reaction to the republican plan for tax reform. alice jordan along with peter emmerson joining me once again. alyss, analysis released friday by the nonpartisan tax found this plan would benefit wealthy americans president trump is calling the middle class miracle where's the disconnect? >> it's a very common approach by the trump administration to
10:16 am
give claims about a policy that are simply not backed up by facts. i really see this plan as having a hard time building support even among republicans just because a lot of the projections are that it's really going to balloon the size of the deficit. by as much as even a trillion dollars. if you don't have anything that is actually going to help the middle class, what kind of case can you really make for this tax reform when you see how the administration struggled this week to make their case for tax reform when gary cohn the head of the president's national economic council stood up and said, he wasn't sure how this necessarily would effect the middle class just because there were always exception. this is an administration that doesn't have a grasp on what their actually policy is or their messaging strategy too. >> considering that this is alleged to balloon the deficit by over $2.4 billion specifically, you're an old
10:17 am
boss, rand paul, he's a deficit hawk, how will he view this? >> i don't see deficit hawks getting behind this at all. there are so many republican senators who have lrp they were elected and one of their promises coming into office was that they would help cut down the deficit, they would cut spending and that they would cut waste. so why would they get behind this uncertain tax plan that only seems to be promising, you know, to really balloon the deficit. >> by the way, in the echo in my year i might've said billion i meant trillion. what is worse here, the plan or the rollout? >> it's both. first of all, donald trump's middle name is debt. he got $900 million written off of his own personal debt. so he knows all about debt. and so alyss is absolutely right, the deficit hawks are going to have a really tough time with a man who absolutely loves, embraced and benefited from debt in the past.
10:18 am
second, even the appetizers that gary cohn was talking about for the middle class, remember he said, being able to renovate a kitchen, go on vacation or buy a car. he's either got a time machine that's taking him back to the 1950s. >> you mean with that $1,000. >> or he's just totally delusional. the appetizer that the middle class are being offered in this bill are basically peanut butter, celery it's not even pigs in a blanket. it's insulting. it's a total tax adjustment including multi-trillions of dollars added to the deficit, so i think, if any, one looks at it seriously they're going to have to oppose it. >> alyss, why do you think the president will not admit that he will benefit from this tax plan? aren't taxpayers already finding out? we're putting out the number. >> president trump never admits anything about himself that he
10:19 am
doesn't want to disclose as we've seen. this is a president who still has not released tax returns and he won't unless those tax returns are never going to see the light of day unless somehow they come out during bob mueller's investigation. and there is some kind of financial improprity with overseas investments. this president of course is just going to barrel ahead per his usual and dismiss what the facts and what the analysis tells us and just dig into what his belief about fantastic notion, whatever notion that he has about what he wants it to be. >> right. >> so peter, can i just recap the week here with you? you've got the president's health care failed, his candidate lost in alabama, his health secretary resigned, he got pretty bad headlines for his tax plan, growing crisis in puerto rico. >> yes. >> how does he play all this out? >> he does just what alyss said. i'm reminded that when i was 5
10:20 am
or 6-year-old i had been stuffing chocolate bars in my mouth, chocolate all over my mouth and my parents would come in and say what are you doing i'd say nothing. why are you eating chocolate? i'm not and trump does that time and time again and again as i said, for his base, they're not going anywhere, they're staying with him so really trump had a great week because now we're talking about the tax bill or the tax adjustment plan. the real loser i think this week is the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> sometimes i think childish analogies are appropriate here. thank you very much. appreciate it. putting a stop to kim jong-un's nuclear ambition. new developments today that could offer hope of avoiding a military showdown. i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪
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welcome back. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. approaching 27 past the hour. here's what we're monitoring for you. the dramatic events in puerto rico as hospitals struggle to treat patients. some don't have enough medication while others are running out of fuel and last night a desperate plea from the mayor of san juan. >> i am begging, begging anyone that can hear us, to save us from dying. if anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying and you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy. if we don't get the food and water into peoples' hands, yes,
10:28 am
what we're going to see is something close to a genocide. >> medical correspondent dr. john torres is in the puerto rico capital there so good to see you. how are the hospitals functioning right now? what does this all mean for patients? >> reporter: what it means for patients depends on the area you live in. in san juan, the big hospital here, is doing better. they have electricity, they have water, they're able to see the patients they need to see and take care of the communities. in the smaller communities, it's not the same. they're having trouble, struggling. sometimes they're running on generators about to run out of diesel. might not have water. in these small communities, the situation is still very serious. >> the health situation here is critical because we have a lot of patients that don't have any access to care and the ones that do have very limited access to care. we're seeing patients with chronic issues such as diabetes. and basic needs of water for
10:29 am
eight hours a day and those are causing complications because of the heat. you're seeing acute critical issues that aren't being cared for. >> reporter: and again, the situation in these small communities is very serious as to the critical point. i talked with the mayor earlier, is the hospital system here in puerto rico about to explode? she said we're not there yet but we're certainly at capacity. we really can't take much more of a strain. we need that federal help in here and we need it to come in a robust fashion. she's very thankful what's come not guilty here. she's thankful of the private groups that have taken over in the smaller communities. we went to different houses where people were bedridden or had high blood pressure, they're running out of supplies and patience and they need to make sure they get that help to help save these lives. >> you have to worry long-term about things like the heat borne illnesses, water borne illnesses
10:30 am
when they don't have absolutely clean water supplies. do you think about that long-term and what the potential ramifications of that will be? >> you're exactly right. we passed a lot of standing water. because of that the mosquito borne diseases are going to start cropping up. those are things that happen here and they can be very, very serious on top of that. if people don't have clean drinking water, they'll drink what water they can find. sometimes it's sewage contaminated and river water. that's a big concern. these public health concerns are just going to grow as the days go on. she needs that clean water first and foremost. that's the one thing she's asking for and electricity. she needs those very badly in these small towns and the infrastructure has just fallen down in those areas. >> they need everything very badly. okay. dr. john torres, thank you so much from san juan. also today the governor of puerto rico stressing food and gas remains a top priority. officials are hopeful operational roads and the
10:31 am
beginning of the -- the opening of the airport will expedite distribution efforts across the island. as of today, 60% of the islands gas stations are operating. 5% of the island's power has been restored. they had zero power at one point. dozen of the medical facilities are at least partially functional and 49% of the supermarkets had reopened. joining me now -- what you're seeing on the ground? what's a sense of it like there? >> things have been bad and i think the delay in starting to receive federal help worsened the situation. now we're starting to feel that the calorie is arriving but still there's a lot more that is needed. if you look at the comparison that i think "the washington post" did of how fast and how much was sent to haiti versus how much and how fast things have been sent to puerto rico there's still a ways to go.
10:32 am
the federal government is starting to do what it's supposed to do but it was delayed at the beginning and it hasn't gotten as far as it has to get. it's important for the president to name a national incident commander because to the extent that he doesn't name a general to that post, then you will have the immediate help but you're not going to have the long-term restructuring. in katrina you had a national incident commander and that helped in not only getting over the crisis for the first month or two months but it also helped new orleansens, baton rouge and so many other places to be able to rebuild. we need that, the national incident commander not simply the joint commander that we have in general bu cannon and it might be him but it has to have the title and powers that he doesn't yet have as somebody after katrina. >> you're giving some very detailed good practical advice on this. it is also interesting just in terms of charitable donations.
10:33 am
i'm looking at something that was printed out from fema talking about even in terms of donations, people are donating -- they donated rather four times more to harvey and yet there's only twice the population in houston's greater area than there is in san juan. i'm just wondering why you think the lack of cohesive approach to puerto rico, via the federal government and those charitable donations? what is it? what's the difference? >> out of sight, out of mind. most people in the states did not know that puerto rico was part of the u.s. and that puerto ricans are american citizens from birth. we're natural born citizens. so when you don't think of puerto rico as part of the u.s., you're not going to give as generously as you gave to florida and texas and georgia and to other states, as you gave to new orleans with katrina. when they see the five former presidents of the united states asking for help for puerto rico because puerto rico is america
10:34 am
that might help increase donations. many states things are being done. i'm personally co-chairing a campaign in new jersey and new jersey helps where people from new jersey are asked specifically to donate to a account that will be used entirely to help puerto rico. as you know in new jersey, it's one of the three or four states that most puerto ricans have on the mainland and there many people do know that we are americans. the two gubernatorial cabinets in new jersey have endorsed the program. and the best way to help is through monetary contributions because that's easier to ship to puerto rico. you don't have to wait for ships or put them in a trailer or anything like that. money will help to purchase here the goods that need to reach people. >> sir, do you get a sense that residents there are feeling an improvement or seeing some
10:35 am
progress? >> when you're still on the road and you're running out of gas and you have to wait for six hours to fill your tank, you don't feel that things are improving yet. we know that the governors doing an extraordinary work, others too. some are dedicating themselves to just talk about what should be done in national media instead of exercising the powers that they have as mayors or other kinds of politicians to just do the job on the ground that they have to do. if everybody did the job that they have to do on the ground like the governor's doing, things would probably improve. we have a lot of former governors from different parties who are helping out in this effort, doing it in a very nonpartisan fashion, so puerto rico is trying to do everything it can but when you have a disaster of this magnitude, there's just no way that was local resources alone you can get back up on your feet. so what we want is give us what you gave other parts of the nation in other disasters, give
10:36 am
us what you gave haiti several years back and we help haiti. we sent barges full of goods to haiti. i visited haiti eight days after the earthquake, but do for puerto rico what you already did for haiti. that's what we need. >> we hope people have heard you loud and clear. thank you, sir. best of luck. we'll keep our eyes very closely trained on things there. >> thank you very much. let's bring in dina titus of nevada as well as the transportation and infrastructure committee. congresswoman, i want to get your reaction to the president's tweets this morning, attacking the mayor of san juan accusing democrats of turning her against him. you think this would have been the weekend best opportunity he has to reset his response especially as he's getting ready to visit there in three days. >> well, it's just shameful. you think it can't get any worse and now donald trump wants to be the victim as opposed to the people who are in puerto rico.
10:37 am
you see pictures of the mayor slogging through the water with a bullhorn trying to find people. you heard reports that people are taking care of each other in rural communities where hospitals are down. it's the president who has no head -- he waited, eight, nine days before he sent the military, about before he lifted the jones rule and now he's going to say it's their fault, not his, nobody's buying that. >> we know "the washington post" called trump's initial response last weekend the lost weekend. they were detailing him at his resort in new jersey, how he held the rally in alabama and initialed 22 tweets about the nfl. might this be the president's hurricane katrina. >> when he is blaming other people not himself, i think it said it all when he gafz some kind of press conference and he says, you can't drive there, it
10:38 am
is an island, it's in the ocean, some really big water, it's almost like he didn't know where puerto rico was and he didn't know that those are american citizens and so what do you expect? >> okay. let's turn to the departure of hhs secretary tom price. what kind of pressure does this put on your republican colleagues to try to step up oversight of this administration? >> this is just one more scandal. i don't know why they're surprised that price did this, they knew he was kind of a crook going in. he had all these suspicious trades with stock and health care companies. i think he got there and he wanted to be like trump and take all these private jet trips. my goodness, you can catch the train and be in philadelphia in an hour or so, you didn't need $25,000 plane trip to go back and forth to philadelphia. the republicans have got to tail responsibility and it's not just price, you're seeing more and more information come out about other secretaries who are doing similar things, zinke was supposed to come out here to
10:39 am
nevada look at public land, he's off snorkling some wear on a holiday. when's he going to look after public lands? it just goes on and on. >> i do want to talk about the president's tax plan and the latest pitch to manufacturers, what is your biggest concern for how lowering their tax rate will translate to jobs and ultimately boost the economy? >> well, they've had eight months to come up with some kind of plan and they come with seven pages or so that give broad outlines. there aren't real specifics about how much this is going to add to the deficit, how much it's going to raise what categories fit into the three new brackets but it is obviously a corporate giveaway. it's not going to help the people that live and work in my district and it's obvious that it helps him. you do away with the estate tax, you have more pass-thru credits for business corporations. it's a rich man's tax break. >> all right. representative dina titus of nevada, good to see you again. thank you so much.
10:40 am
>> thank you. up next, big news coming after the secretary of state's meeting with china's president. why it could provide hope with diffusing escalations in north korea. crunching the numbers of the tax cut. next. this is the story of john smith. not this john smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his
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own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is.
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secretary of state rex tillerson revealing the u.s. has direct lines of communication with north korea. the secretary making those comments today in china, a nation seen as key to dealing with north korea as the rogue nation continues to expand its nuclear missile program. secretary tillerson met with the chinese president in beijing to help lay the ground work for president trump's visit in november. joining me now is ron allen. firstoff, this is encouraging i think having some back channels or even direct talks of pyongyang, couple three is what tillerson said, talk about that? >> a lot of people in the region are going to be breathing a sigh
10:44 am
of relief hoping they can because no one thinks there's a military solution to this. too many people in harms way potentially and the rhetoric has been really loud between -- from both sides from the north korean side and from president trump. president trump talking about destroying north korea, the north koreans talking about doll declaring war on america. north korea and u.s. talking is what most people think is the solution to this. it's all very preliminary and secretary tillerson didn't reveal what they were talking about or whether there was any hope of any solution but what a lot of people think is going to happen could be something like the iran nuclear deal, where essentially iran agreed to give up some of -- stop its nuclear program in exchange for sanction relief and united states is trying to keep the sanctions on north korea. that's the idea. and the hope is that diplomacy will solve this problem because people are very concerned about the rhetoric and the firing of
10:45 am
missiles. it's a very dangerous situation and it was always still a lot of concern about misaction, a misunderstanding leading to some catastrophe. >> something that also be used in diplomatic fashion is sports and we think about the olympics and notably right now interesting timing that these north koreans, pair of finger skating team, they've qualified for the olympics in february in south korea. >> exactly. the question is, will they go, will the north korean leader allow them to go. the hope is that he will. in the past the north koreans have participated in opening ceremonies together, they haven't competed together. >> there's a picture of north korean and south korean athletes that went viral. >> this is the great hope of so many people and there are a handful of other athletes from north korea who might participate and qualify and might participate and the hope is that, yes, on a skating rink or in a playing field, people can come together. this is an 18-year-old woman and
10:46 am
25-year-old man who are not involved in politics, certainly, and probably we don't think and they just want to live their dreams and -- >> and they're beautiful skaters. thank you so much for that. we have a call right now an important one joining me from on the phone is new york governor andrew cuomo. governor, i want to get to you and talk about puerto rico because i know, sir, that you traveled there just a couple of fridays ago. you've sent state resources to help. i'm not going to ask you directly to the reaction to the president's tweets, are the efforts by the federal government as bad as the san juan mayor has said or as good as the president says or some where in between? >> well, thank you for having me. i was there literally on the first flight out that landed in puerto rico. i don't think you have to get into what he said, she said here. everybody has seen the pictures
10:47 am
and facts are facts. i don't think there's any question but that the federal government was slow in their deployment. in situations like this, i used to work on disasters when i was in the federal government, when i was house secretary, if you get behind in the effort, you never catch up. and there's the concept of predeployment that i think was missed in this situation. i think it's a new team and i don't think they were ready for it. when they talk about the capacity of the puerto rican government is lacking, the nature of the situation is you have to factor in the capacity and the resources of the localality that you're going to serve. puerto rico needed help. they're basically insolvent.
10:48 am
they don't have the capacity of a lot of other governments that we deal with. they're not island, they're isolated. it's hard to get to. the power system is shaky at best on a good day. so those were all factors that should have been considered before and now they're trying to play catch-up and it is very hard. >> governor, you said this week that this is personal. why was it important for you to be on that first flight that was allowed to land after the hurricane? >> first of all, alex, it should be personal to every one in this country because we are talking about americans, okay? >> um-hum. >> we seem to forget that in our rhetoric. these are american citizens. my state, new york, happens to have the largest concentration of puerto ricans outside of puerto rico, but they're american citizens and i've been
10:49 am
involved in a lot of disaster situations and recovers, we are there one morfor the other. when new york had 9/11 everyone across the country helped. whenever state has trouble, we send resources immediately. i sent hundreds of people to puerto rico. tower authority experts, national guards, state police, black hawk helicopters. that is what this country does and frankly, it does it extraordinarily well. when things are at their worse, americans are at their best. it doesn't matter what state you're in, what political party we're americans and in an emergency and in the face of disaster we come together and we react. the federal government is the spearhead of that effort, and, yes this was going to be difficult in puerto rico. that's why i got on the plane
10:50 am
the next morning, because you knew the underlying situation of puerto rico and it was -- before storm. obviously it was going to be exaggerated after. >> well, new york governor andrew cuomo, we're grateful for your leadership and thank you for calling into us. it was good talking to you. >> my pleasure. >> health secretary tom price resigns after coming under fire for his use of private jets. the optics of this amid the president's promises to drain the swamp. ah, dinner.
10:51 am
10:52 am
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new reaction to tom price's decision to resign as health and human services secretary. price leaving the position after growing criticism about his use of private charter flights for official travel. joining me now, sara westwood and jeff mason. welcome to you both. sara, i'll start with you. the president, he ran on this
10:54 am
platform of draining the swamp. how many times did we hear that during the campaign? even though tom price resigned. talk to me about the optics. how does this reflect on the trump administration as a whole? >> obviously the private jet headlines did create some bad optics for the white house. it seems like tom price's firing was as much about his failure to get obamacare repealed as the relatively minor jet controversy. the entire rationale for picking tom price was he was a well-connected congressman. he already had a fully formed health care replacement plan ready to go. he was supposed to use his connections on capitol hill to grease the wheels for health care. but that didn't happen over the past six months tom price has been something of a nonfactor. it's been the vice president. it was steve bannon before he left. even budget direct nick mulvaney has played higher profile roles in the health care negotiations.
10:55 am
he has kept others on board because they had a had performance in their underlying jobs. they had a record of accomplishment to fall back on within the administration. but tom price was probably already on the bubble when this private jet situation came to light. >> but, jeff, relative to the draining the swamp thick and drooift charter travel, it's not just price. there's also steve mnuchin, and constitute pruitt and ryan zinke. all said commercial flights wouldn't suffice for what they had to do. is it ledge git. >> that's something the white house is studying. after secretary price's resignation, the white house saying because it's legal doesn't mean it's right. to piggie back, this is also going against president trump's brand. it's not only draining the swamp. this is somebody who has been very proud of the fact or likes
10:56 am
to trump at the fact that he's saving the government money. if you have a cabinet member costing the government extraordinary amounts of money for flights that just don't need to happen, that goes against the core of the trump brand. that's one reason that it really hurt him so much. >> guys, quickly, because we had governor cuomo calling in unexpectedly to the show, so i'm quickly out of time, but is this the president's worst week? sara, you first. >> i think it's hard to call it his worst week. he's had a number of weeks where the same question was asked at the end. clearly the troubles are mounting. they are rolling momentum at the end of the tax reform plan. >> not going to call it the worst week. i think we're in trouble if you call best or worst weeks with this white house. >> sara westwood, and jeff mason, thank you. at the top of the hour, a new poll are results that might
10:57 am
surprise that will tell us what most americans think about nfl players taking a knee and whether president trump should even weigh in on the issue. at o, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get.
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that's a wrap for me this hour. such a flash to have my colleague here in studio with us from across the pond. you have good stuff. you'll pick up on puerto rico and you have a former white house adviser taking apart the trump plan. >> absolutely. all right. good day. i'm keir simmons world head quarters in new york. we begin with the mayor of san juan responding to president trump after he attacked her this morning in a fiery tweet storm. he said such poor leadership ability by the mayor of san juan and others in puerto rico who are not able to get their workers to help. adding they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 federal workers now on island doing a fantastic job, the president said. the mayor earlier criticized the


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