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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  October 7, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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capri sun has four updated drinks. now with only the good stuff. do you know how to use those? nope. get those kids some new capri sun! good day to all of you. i'm alex witt here in new york. it's 1:00 in the east and 10:00 a.m. out west. some scary moments in london. a car rams into pedestrians fueling fears in this times of terror. he's at it again, president trump reaching out to the most powerful democrat on capitol hill, so what does he want? >> the issue is that tillerson, everyone in d.c. essentially sees him as a lame duck secretary of state. >> next to go, is it secretary of state rex tillerson? reports of a white house in chaos flourish. growing stronger, hurricane nate bears down on the gulf coast. how bad will it get?
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first the breaking news. new video following the car incident in london. you can see police pinning down a person on the ground there after a car plowed into pedestrians outside of a museum. officials say 11 people were injured. let's go right to ali arouzi joining us with more from our london bureau. what can you tell us, ali? >> reporter: that's right. you've just shown the video of the driver of the car being pinned down on the pavement by a combination of civilians and policemen. we're hearing that he tried to flee the scene on foot and that's why he was pinned down. other witnesses say that he was handcuffed on the ground. now, we've just heard from the london ambulance services that 11 people were injured in this incident. nine of them were taken to the hospital with leg and head injuries. now, we don't know the severity of these leg or head injuries, but i'm sure we'll get more information from the london ambulance brigade during the course of the day. but no fatalities thankfully have been reported. what we do know is that this
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incident took place at 2:20 in the afternoon, about 20 past 9:00 eastern in a very busy part of london called south kensington which has a bunch of museums all clustered together. it's a very popular place with tourists and also a very well heeled residential area. on a saturday afternoon this place would have been teeming with people. apparently there was a scene of pandemonium there. i think we have some video from a witness on the scene describing what had happened moments after the car rammed into people and the police were on the scene. i think we can play that video now. >> all right. let's see, do we have that, guys? >> running the business in a normal situation. people start to -- we see people running, police running and, you know, some people start to come in. everyone -- the police bring us
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here and that's pretty much all actually. >> reporter: and then we've heard other scenes of pandemonium there, groups of armed police descending on the scene, cordoning off the entire area. police helicopters buzzing above the scene. they poured into the london underground there to make sure that there was nothing else untoward going on. all the shops there have been closed but we're hearing they're going to be opening up in the next five or ten minutes. when we get a statement from the police, we'll bring that to you as well. alex, sorry, just to interrupt you, we're just hearing now police again are saying that this was not a terror attack. again, i have to say that these things may involve -- there was an attack if you remember outside buckingham palace several months ago. initially police said it wasn't a terror attack. they revised it the next day after the investigation had gathered speed. right now they're saying it's not a terrorist attack but this
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could change. as soon as we get more concrete information on that, we'll bring it to you. >> i appreciate it. thank you so much for that. joining me now, msnbc law enforcement analyst, jim cavanaugh. jim, regardless whether this turns into an act of terrorism or not, here's the question. it highlights how vulnerable public spaces are. is there anything that can be done to help protect these areas? >> whether this is an accident, like you said, or terrorism, it seems like they're leaning towards it's an accident or a guy with a stolen car or hit and run or something, the preparations for a possible vehicle attack have probably kept death and injury down even if it's just an accident or stolen car. there's large cement ballards in front of the national history museum. i've been to that museum, i've walked that sidewalk. it's a beautiful place. it's a leafy, upscale neighborhood and a lot of people go there. those cement ballards coming out
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of the sidewalk, they can prevent vehicles and trucks from successfully driving down the pathway like we saw in nice, france. so it even helps when you have a driver trying to flee a crime or a drunken driver or a reckless driver or some berserk person. even those terrorist preparations can help keep us safe in those events. so people who manage those kind of properties and police have to always look at those are good moves to put those things up in highly traveled pedestrian areas. >> okay, jim cavanaugh, thank you so much. appreciate you weighing in on this one. we'll let you know the results of the investigation once we get them here at msnbc. meantime the day's other big stories. at the white house, president trump is reviving the health care battle tweeting i called chuck schumer yesterday to see if the dems want to do a great health care bill. wa obamacare is badly broken, big preel yums. who knows.
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let's go to the white house and peter alexander. peter, with a good day to you, what more are you hearing about that phone call and is the president strictly focused on repeal and replace? >> reporter: we are hearing from both sides, a little from the president on twitter and chuck schumer posting his own statement. this is what chuck schumer says. he says that the president wanted to make another run at repeal and replace. i told the president that, as you noted, is off the table. if he wants to work together to improve the existing health care system, we democrats are open to his suggestions. a good place to start might be the lamar alexander, a republican, and patty murray negotiations that would stabilize the system and lower costs. so the bottom line is there is a bipartisan bill in the system right now. it's what the democrats want the focus to be on. republicans have been campaigning from the very beginning saying they would repeal and replace obamacare. democrats say repealing is a nonstarter for them.
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so unless both sides are willing to find something close to the middle, it's not clear exactly how far this can go. >> thank you for the latest from the white house. let's bring in elise jordan, former senior advisor to senator rand paul, also peter emerson, a veteran of three democratic administrations and a "huffington post" contributor. big welcome to the both of you. ladies first here, elise. so how do you think republicans on the hill are reacting to all of this? is it likely to have any sort of impact on their agenda? >> i think that republicans see this as yet another donald trump move in the direction of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and are thinking about how this is going to affect their midterm strategy. if trump does continue to try to move closer to pelosi and schumer, that isn't exactly helpful for driving republican base turnout next year in november when they're trying to keep ahold of a lot of tough seats, and especially have a lot of tough senate races. >> peter, given the response the
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president apparently got from senator schumer, what do you think is his strategy behind sending out that tweet in the first place? >> first, let me just say how great it is to be back with elise. i'm glad she's back with us. i think that trump is trying to make yet another pact with the democrats for his own advantage. schumer and the democrats have to be very careful because they're making a pact with a political devil and unpredictable and unreliable one at that. the republicans could be penalized for this overture and so could democrats, although i think it's smart for democrats to continue to be showing themselves willing to talk with the president if not to move forward with it. >> elise, do you think there's a chance republicans would be willing to forego the repeal and replace and work with democrats on stabilizing obamacare, making it the best it could be in its current form? >> well, there hasn't been much
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support for that already. the bill that senator schumer is referring to, senator murphy and senator alexander trying to forge a bipartisan solution hasn't been well received among republicans in congress. you look at president trump and his incentive to do this, he received such great feedback and praise from cable television in the days following his previous pact with schumer and pelosi, so this for him, he is just going tactically for things he sees as promising quick wins. you look at some of the moves that he's made in recent days too that are just completely nonstarters with democrats, such as the birth control mandate within the aca and repealing that. it really makes you wonder how they actually could achieve any common ground. >> in terms of promise, peter, judging from senator schumer's response, do you think this will lead to any real cooperation on health care? >> no, i don't think so.
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we have to put it in context. at the same time that trump is enlisting schumer in some sort of bizarre pact, there's a cynical proposal for tax reform, the most cynical since trickle-down economics that i've heard. if you don't put it all in context, i think then it might look promising. when i put it in the context of tax reform coming up literally maybe next week, i don't see any possibility of this moving forward. >> two huge issues there. okay, elise, i want to get your take on the president saying it's the calm before the storm. it all went down at a photo op with military leaders and their wives. yesterday he was asked again what he meant by that and here's how he then responded. here it is. >> mr. president, what did you mean by calm before the storm yesterday? what did you mean by that? >> thank you very much. you'll find out. >> what's with the wink, in case you missed it.
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is the president making light of serious national security issues? what is the effect of this approach? i'll let you have it first, elise. >> well, alex, the president frequently says "we'll see" in response to questions that he leaves unanswered. so the calm side of me, the side that wants to be reassuring to everyone who finds this baffling and a little bit scary is just that he was casually dismissing this the way that he has so many things in the past. it is just unfortunate that it comes at a time of such instability and so many concerns over north korea and icbms and the nuclear program that the president could perhaps, i would like it and i think a lot of people in the country would just be more comforted if he calmed it down a little bit. >> so, peter, given the context and where this happened, military leaders all flanking him on both sides in a large way, is there some strategy behind this cliff hanger response? do you think there could be something related to foreign
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policy? >> oh, i wish there was, but regrettably there has been no calm, number one. there's been a storm since trump was inaugurated so that's a falacious statement. often, he says "we'll see" -- >> you mean it's buying time? >> i don't know and let me get back to you. >> so you think it's buying him time? >> it's buying him time. i will say there is a slight possibility, and i'm hesitant to raise it, but there is that his unpredictability may turn out to be valuable. but the problem is, the unpredictability is not a strategy, it's a behavior deficiency. >> okay, point taken there. elise, let's talk about where the president has been this week. he's gone to puerto rico, he went to vegas, he took on the role of consoler in chief in both places. but here is one of the more memorable moments from the trip to puerto rico. the president throwing paper
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towels out to the crowd. what doesn't he understand about why he might be criticized about that? what did you think of that? >> alex, you remember these big moments that presidents have in these times of extreme crisis. you know, president george w. bush with the bull horn at ground zero. president obama after newtown and the sandy hook massacre, so many children, teachers dead. and you remember how they were trying to comfort and rise to the occasion, responding to the pain that so many people are feeling. i saw president trump throwing paper towels to an audience of people who have lost their homes, who don't have water, who don't have communications, who are suffering a food shortage, and literally pitting people against other people in a dire situation to grab and pull at resources. and it made me incredibly sad and it made me think that it's somewhat a metaphor for what he constantly tries to do in this
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country, pitting people in hard positions against one another. >> i'm going to add another one to that, though. president reagan and the challenger disaster. i remember that was a big moment watching him and the compassion he showed there. but peter, let's look at the flip side. the president had a visit to las vegas that got a lot better reviews. so why don't you think his performance there was so different than what we saw in puerto rico. >> first of all, puerto rico is greatly in debt. puerto rico is primarily made up of hispanics who are lazy and want the federal government to do everything for them -- >> and you better attribute to what you just said to president trump. >> i am, i am. and thank you, because you're right. but also the fact that the heroism in puerto rico and in the virgin islands, let's not leave them out, they're suffering mightily right now as well, is just as great as the heroism in las vegas. but for donald trump, somehow through his filter, he's able to differentiate heroism in puerto rico from heroism in las vegas
10:15 am
and give higher attributes to those folks in las vegas. and as elise said, we want a comforter in chief. we don't have one. we have a divider in chief. and that whole scene you just played in puerto rico, it was the court of louis xiv with his queen, marie antoinette with people that had just been devastated begging for crumbs. it's pathetic. >> all right, guys, good to see you. >> thank you. preparing for the worst. what gulf coast residents can expect when hurricane nate makes landfall tonight.
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we're keeping a very close eye on hurricane nate in the gulf of mexico as it intensifies. it's a category 1 storm and
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picking up steam. the storm surge on the gulf coast is the most worrisome issue at this moment. in st. bernard, louisiana, officials have closed an 18-foot wall to defend against that expected surge. we've got the latest on hurricane nate covered with raphael miranda tracking the storm. kristen dahlgren is in orange beach, alabama. we'll go first to raphael miranda. so what is the latest on all of this? storm surge, that's what you're concerned about? >> that has us very concerned. we're talking about 7 to 11 feet of water above ground level, especially for the mississippi coastline. this is a serious life-threatening event. this storm is overperforming, stronger than we forecasted it to be at this point. the winds now at 90 miles per hour. here's a look at the satellite picture. a more well organized storm this morning, that is hurricane nate. again, the sustained winds now at 90 miles per hour. a strong category one storm moving very quickly towards the north-northwest around 26 miles per hour.
10:20 am
we've been worried about high tide times tonight because as nate makes landfall later on this evening, probably just around midnight, that is when high tide happens for all of these areas, and that's why the surge could be 7 to 11 feet above ground level in many spots. you can see nate expected to strengthen some more, maybe a category 2 storm at landfall around midnight. eventually making that turn bringing rain to the northeast where we need it. again, the mississippi coastline, biloxi, gulfport, that's the bull's-eye for that 7 to 11-foot storm surge. even mobile bay, 6 to 9 feet above ground level, widespread flooding and power outages expected here. pensacola, 4 to 6 feet, less storm surge as you head away from the center of the storm. we could see up to 10 inches of rainfall, widespread power outages are expected as nate moves into the southeast over the next day or so. we'll get another update at 2:00 with the latest advisory.
10:21 am
alex? >> thank you so much for that. let's go to mobile, alabama, from kristen dahlgren is standing by for us. kristen, good afternoon to you. it looks a little windy, i can tell from your shirt. >> reporter: yeah, just a little bit, nothing compared to what we will be seeing. really there are two big questions as we go into this afternoon and evening, and that is whether or not people heeded the warnings. they may have hurricane fatigue. there's some worry among officials that they may have that. and then the other question is if they have been sort of lulled into thinking this isn't going to be that big a deal because we are talking about a category 1, potentially category 2 storm when we have this season seen cat 4s and cat 5s. so officials really worry that people aren't maybe taking the preparations. that said, the officials are taking their preparations. you can see the bankhead tunnel already closed. they have it sandbagged on the other side. they actually have a flood gate
10:22 am
up because we are expecting a 6 to 9-foot storm surge in this area. this is where i was during hurricane katrina and i can tell you during that storm these streets were full of water. so potentially the storm surge could be really devastating here. the port here already closed as it is in new orleans. there was a carnival cruise ship supposed to come back today. that ship is now staying out at sea until it is safe to get back here. and then talking about the gulf, a lot of oil production out there in the gulf. there are some rigs and platforms that have already been shut down in anticipation of this storm, so that's something even if you don't live here in the southeast that could affect you when we're talking oil prices. so still a lot going on as we try to figure out where exactly this storm is going to come ashore. it could have widespread impacts and it could potentially be the fourth billion dollar hurricane of this season, alex. >> it's absolutely incomprehensible what this season has been like, just extraordinary.
10:23 am
okay, about 12 hours or so until that is supposed to make landfall, so lots of time to continue preparing. kristen dahlgren, thank you so much from mobile. still ahead, what did president trump mean when he referred to the calm before the storm? republican congressman francis rooney will join me to try to solve the mystery behind that message. before we go, check out splendor in the sky. it is the 46th annual albuquerque international balloon fiesta. hundreds of colorful balloons lifting off for that festival which will attract about a million people through next sunday. pretty lovely.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. as we approach the half hour,
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here's what we're monitoring for you. some new developments in the russia investigation. as nbc news reports, the author of the trump dossier, christopher steele, is in talks with the senate intel committee. this comes after special counsel, robert mueller's team recently interviewed steele. let's go to ken dilanian with the very latest. ken, with a welcome to you, there is some new reporting out from "the new york times" that says that the trump legal team is charting a new course. what can you tell us about that? >> it's an interesting story, alex, that nbc news has not confirmed. it suggests that white house lawyers are deciding they want to cooperate with special counsel robert mueller and be more generous in handing out documents and not resisting in the hopes that robert mueller will eventually clear president trump of collusion. and they also suggest that perhaps the senate intelligence committee will clear the trump campaign of collusion in a public report. i think that is a pretty fantastical notion based on everything that i know in my
10:31 am
reporting. we are a long way -- just last week, the leaders of the senate intelligence committee had a press conference and declared that the question of collusion is still open and they have a lot more work to do, a lot more interviews to conduct so i think we're quite a ways away from any clearance. >> thank you for the very latest there. but let's get to what intel chairman richard burr said, which is the committee is hitting a wall in terms of talking with steele. how do you explain this development? >> well, burr was pretty hard line and suggested that basically steele had refused to talk to them. but my sources are telling me the situation is more complicated. christopher steele, the former british intelligence operative who author ed that dossier has offered to talk to the senate intelligence committee but there's certain conditions he's not willing to meet. he's not willing to say who paid for the dossier. >> republicans started it and then democrats picked up. >> exactly.
10:32 am
he's also not willing to reveal the identity of some of his sources and burr said it was important to know that. i wouldn't rule out that he would cooperate with the senate intelligence committee. clearly he has agreed to be investigated by investigators working for robert mueller, so he seems more comfortable working with the fbi and the special counsel. >> do you have a sense as to why he'd want to talk to mueller before talking to senate intel? >> yes. he is comfortable with the fbi. before all this trump stuff started, he worked with the fbi in their investigation of international soccer corruption. he's a professional intelligence -- basically an ex-british spy with relationships with u.s. intelligence professionals. he knows these people and he has some kind of relationship of confidence with the special counsel and the fbi that he doesn't necessarily have with senate and house investigators. >> is there anything that has been clearly verified by the dossier and anything that has been clearly debunked? >> well, there's a lot of haziness here, alex.
10:33 am
but there's one example that i can give to you which is that the dossier says at one point donald trump has said that he has no business interests in russia but it's not for want of trying. he's been pursuing various real estate deals. all during the campaign for presidency he said that's not true. then we learn that in fact his lawyer, michael cohen, was pursuing a deal to build trump tower moscow during the republican primary. that was completely undisclosed and donald trump knew about it, had signed a letter of intent. that's something that the dossier said something that we late learned was true. let's go now to a new poll showing americans of all stripes increasingly pessimistic about the direction the country is heading in. just 24% of americans think the country is heading in the right direction. this according to the associated press norc poll. that's down 10% since june and republicans are down 16% in that same time period.
10:34 am
joining me now is republican congresswoman francis rooney of florida, a member of the foreign affairs committee. always good to see you. thank you for joining us, sir. >> thanks for having me on, alex. >> so these numbers, how do you make sense of them? what do you blame for the decline in optimism, particularly among republicans? >> well, i talk to a lot of republicans around the country and certainly in my district, and i think the frustration over the senate's failure to either pass the ahca or one of the multiple options they had that would have improved health care delivery and insurance for america is a big problem for republicans right now. >> okay. and what would you say would be the second biggest problem as you talk to them? what else do they clamor about? >> i think everybody is pretty sick of the partisanship and the inability of anybody to reach across any line. we didn't have one democrat vote for the budget, thursday, not one. >> the fact that the president just talks about reaching across party lines to talk to chuck schumer to try to do something,
10:35 am
try to resurrect repeal and replace or work with them on some level, will republicans give him credit for that or will they not because chuck schumer says repeal and replace, that's off the table? >> well, that's the problem. the people that elected donald trump and our half of the country, if you will, wants to repeal obamacare and replace it with something that will work and the democrats don't seem to want to do that. i don't know how this thing is going to play out. >> okay. i don't either, so we'll move to another headline from this weekend, that being the president's very cryptic remark with military leaders saying it's the calm before the storm. it happened on thursday in a photo op with military leaders and their wives. the president again promising we'll see what he means last night. how do you read this? what do you think he's referring to? does it concern you at all, sir, with respect to national security? because it would seem, at least some could interpret it like he's threatening some action. >> i have had the feeling that he's referring to the continued
10:36 am
strong narrative versus north korea that some 20-something years of talks haven't done any good so kim doesn't need to talk to the united states, he needs to talk to china. that's kind of been the line the president has taken. it seems to me it's worked a little bit. >> all right. there's another theory out there that the president might have been referencing the widening rift between him and secretary of state rex tillerson after the nbc news report where tillerson called the president a moron during a meeting in july. you've got senate foreign relations committee chairman bob corker saying this shortly after it came out. >> i think secretary tillerson, secretary mattis and chief of staff kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos. as i watch, and i can watch very closely on many occasions, you know, he ends up not being supported in the way that i would hope a secretary of state
10:37 am
would be supported. >> representative rooney, is he right? do you have these three men that you named, mattis, kelly and tillerson, all three of them, are they the ones that are keeping this country from descending into chaos? >> no, i don't think senator corker has got that right. we have a president of the united states that's taken a hard line with north korea, and i think that's been a good thing. i think what he said about rex, your talking is not going to do any good, he may be right about that. talking hasn't done any good yet. nonetheless, i think what secretary tillerson has said has also been a good cop side of this good cop/bad cop duopoly. he said we don't want regime change, we just want you to join the community of nations. so i'm perfectly comfortable with where the president is going. >> okay. i want to switch gears talking about iran and the new reuters report saying iran may be open to talks about its ballistic missile program coming with just days left until the trump
10:38 am
administration's decision on the iran deal. what are you hearing about this report, and is there any indication iran is serious about talking? >> well, you know, my hope -- one of my problems with the iranian agreement was that president obama and his administration wanted it so bad and so overtly that it had to be a signal of weakness to iran. we got an agreement that's got some holes in it, as senator cotton and the president were talking about. i just wonder what's the spin-off effect of iran feeling that they're being emboldened versus us. the ink wasn't even dry on that thing when they launched ballistic missiles, so hopefully taking a strong line with iran from senator cotton and the president refusing to certify might actually get their attention. >> okay. representative francis rooney of florida, thank you so much for your time. have a good one. >> thanks for having me on. an unusual moment of political bipartisanship after the mass shooting in las vegas, but will that momentum turn into
10:39 am
law? and next hour, the frantic preparations under way across four states along the gulf coast as hurricane nate expects to make landfall tonight. my mom's pain from
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do you know how to use those? nope. get those kids some new capri sun! let's turn now to las vegas, where vice president mike pence will join faith leaders in a citywide unity prayer walk. this in the aftermath of last sunday's tragic mass shooting. nbc's ron allen is in las vegas for us. ron, what do we expect to see with this? >> reporter: we expect hundreds of people to come here, alex, in prayer and unity, trying to do things to help the city continue to heal and come together in the face of this tragedy. we're outside of city hall. we're expecting vice president to be here in a couple of hours and deliver remarks. hundreds of people are coming. they're marching from different points around the city, trying to wrap the city in one unified voice, one unified community and come here and hear from the vice president and others. with me is lisa morris hibler
10:43 am
who is with the city of las vegas and you were involved in organizing this. it's a beautiful day. i guess the point of this is just trying to bring people together, unity and heal? >> it is. we're so thankful to our faith leaders and the mayor's faith initiative that they are walking from all points in the city, singing hymns and praying for our city and for the healing. >> reporter: one thing that struck me about this is in the group of 20,000 who were at the concert, it seems that everybody in las vegas knows somebody. i understand that a city employee was also lost, a colleague. >> yes. it's unfortunate. you're right, it happened -- there's been pain across the world. we lost one of our own, cameron robinson, a 28-year-old who worked in our city attorney's office. we also have other city employees that were injured. >> reporter: how do you think las vegas is doing right now? i know it takes time and just being around time, seeing all the memorials, this has really been just a profound thing that's happened. >> i think for many people they don't know that las vegas is a
10:44 am
community of love and a community that celebrates unity and diversity. i think that what you're seeing around town shows how much our las vegas community pulls together and how much we love being -- living in las vegas. >> reporter: so many people think of this place as casinos and gambling, but i've been struck, we were at a community park and there were so many families and kids. it's like any other place in america. so many of the victims are from all over america too. >> absolutely. last night that was our healing garden that was put together in less than 72 hours. i mean it just really shows how much people in las vegas care. >> reporter: just lastly, if you want to help, what's the best thing people can do? >> the best thing people can do at this point is make a donation to the las vegas victims go fund me page, continue to send thoughts and prayers. we are so thankful to have cards coming from across the country and we can give that information to the victims and the survivors. >> reporter: thanks very much. appreciate you joining us.
10:45 am
again, we expect vice president pence in a few hours for this event. back to you, alex. >> thank you so much from las vegas to you and your guest. new details now in the investigation into the mass shooting there. officials are trying to make sense of a piece of paper with numbers found inside the gunman's hotel room and whether anyone else was involved in planning. joining me now, john ralston, editor of "the nevada independent." john, with a welcome to you, you're there in vegas. i know politics is your beat, but are you hearing anything that we are not about the investigation? >> i don't think so, alex. i've talked to people in law enforcement and they are very, very frustrated. you can see it at all the public appearances as well. you had the undersheriff yesterday talk about that they have had a thousand leads. they clearly are just puzzled by what this guy's motive was. there's all kinds of theories floating around, of course, on social media and elsewhere, which is what you expect, but they keep saying it's highly unusual after an incident of this kind not to have some clue. think about the modern world and
10:46 am
the footprint that we all leave on social media in our computers, our laptops. they have not found anything concrete. if they had, they would have announced something. >> yeah. so look, jon, you live in las vegas. i heard you say that your son was trying to go to that concert. what's been going through your mind as you watched all this unfold this week? >> yeah. i didn't know about that, alex, until the day after it happened. my son called me and said that he and his girlfriend had tried to go to that concert. he's a big country music fan. the tickets were sold out. his girlfriend then called around to radio stations trying to win tickets in a contest. and then he gave me another detail of this just the other night. apparently she knew the answer to the question for one of them, was about to get on the air and her cell phone went dead. so there is -- i'm feeling that there was some divine intervention, but i'm sure there are plenty of stories like that, alex, and much more tragic ones
10:47 am
of friends and families who have lost loved ones in what happened. >> yeah. it's been hard to process all week, i think particularly for those of us who are parents or anyone who's ever lost a loved one, it's been pretty bad. how about the president's tone, did he strike the right one with his visit to las vegas this week? how was he received by both the survivors and the first responders? >> well, it seems like he was received very well. it was definitely the toned down donald trump and it was the teleprompter donald trump as opposed to the off-the-cuff, say things that he shouldn't say donald trump that we saw down in puerto rico. he really was subdued. he really did make some -- what i thought were very poignant remarks, talking about the endless sorrow that exists here. and so if you were supposed to be the empath in chief during a time like this, i think he did that very well while he was here. >> you know, jon, you'd
10:48 am
horrific, unspeakable crime throughout the country, you'd think it would prompt legislative change. but this move to ban the bump stocks kind of feels like a token. is there any greater sentiment out there for change there? that's the ground zero of this attack, than apparently elsewhere, and that would include congress? >> i think there's a legitimate debate to have about whether any gun laws are going to stop someone like this mad man from doing anything. but what is so depressing after something like this, alex, is to hear all of the republicans say, yes, let's have a conversation and even the democrats to grab on to what is obviously low-hanging fruit here by saying they want to ban bump stocks and even then they can't get sign-off on that. of course there should be a real conversation about this, but where does it lead? i live in a state where the gun culture is rampant.
10:49 am
where we pass the background checks initiative last cycle by barely 1%. here in clark county and las vegas it passed by 100,000 votes but almost failed because every other county, all 16 of them, voted against it. and to make matters worse, the republican attorney general and governor have refused to implement something that was passed by the voters. so it's very frustrating, i think, for some people. but you know, if they were not going to have a serious conversation about this after some of the other mass shootings, especially the one at sandy hook, i'm not sure why anyone expects it to happen after this one. >> okay. i say thanks with a deep sigh, jon ralston. thank you so much. we'll see you again. chaos in the white house. how real are reports of dissention in the ranks? that's next. darlin' i'm messing up every dish, pot, and plate... show my love. ta-da!
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i think that the president is the one that's keeping the
10:53 am
world from chaos. he has an incredible team around him that's helping him lead that effort. >> the white house press secretary and republican senator bob corker said matisse, kelly and rex tillerson were keeping the country safe from chaos. those comments came after tillerson called the president a moron. >> are mattis, kelly and tillerson the only ones keeping this white house from chaos? >> seasoned foreign policy experts, folks who have deep ties to these other country, been around for decades, not impulsive, by the seat of his pants as the president has. these guys have on several occasions had to clean up situations about president's tweets and positions that have conflicted themselves.
10:54 am
at least on the hill kind of diplomats hat the u.s. is accustomed to. the world is accustomed to dealing with. >> is there conventional wisdom out there on who might depart next? might it be tillerson or john kelly would go? >> tillerson is in an incredibly difficult spot. the white house doesn't want to see another high level departure. with that said if the president doesn't trust his secretary of state that's a problem. you want other leaders in other countries to be able to know that you have a secretary of state has the president's ear. at this point he's probably uncu undercutting him. >> let's look what happened this morning as i put up the president's health care tweet. he spoke with chuck schumer about revisiting obamacare. schumer fired back saying the president wanted to make another run at repeal and replace. i told the president that's off
10:55 am
the table. what kind of message is the president trying to send to republicans. >> you promised this for seven years. you said you were going to repeal and replace. you haven't done it. if you're not willing to play ball with me i'm willing to go to chump schumer and nancy pelosi. the problem is they are so opposed on policy especially health care. democrats want broad government mandate in the states. they want universal health care. republicans are more the free market. people should make their own decisions and be left out. kind of hard to imagine a scenario where democrats and republicans get-together on health care and come to a big deal. he's a president who is pretty mallable and likes to make deals. recognizes he hasn't seen it going anywhere. >> sarah huckabee sanders telling reporters they will have to wait and see what the president meant by his calm before the storm comments and
10:56 am
then you add that wink he gave yesterday. does that present a snags security issue for his administration. is this a strategy we're missing? >> with president trump we never know. each day is different. so i am really curious to see what this week will bring. on the health care point. yesterday they repealed or repealed basically the birth mandate. so actions like that democrats are not going to sign off on it. >> okay. i'm out of time unfortunately but look forward to seeing both you again. on the heels of that. thanks so much for watching. coming your way, political talk or a real shot. what the president and senate minority leader told each other. that's next.
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i'm alex witt here on msnbc world headquarters. we're approaching the top of the hour. my colleague richard lui will take it over here. what are the chances of the president get something done on health care. >> have a safe trip to los angeles. good saturday to you. i'm richard lui at msnbc world headquarters right here in new york city. we may have a new clue about what president trump was talking about in this cryptic message. >> perhaps that storm is health care reform? we'll look into that. with the president tweeting this morning he reach out to senate minority leader chuck schumer about working together on that very issue. we also continue to monitor the calm before a real storm, hurricane nate which could impact as many as 18


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