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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  October 9, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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welcome back, everybody. following hurricane maria, puerto rico suffered a setback in restoring power yesterday. according to nbc news, a substation failure dropped the share of san juan residents with power through the electrical grid from almost 12% to about 7%. yesterday the mayor of san juan tweeting, "increasingly painful to understand the american people want to help and u.s. government does not want to help. we need water!" and power collapses in san juan hospital with two patients being transferred out have requested support from fema administrator brock long and nothing. long responded to the mayor's tweets yesterday. listen. >> we filtered out the mayor a long time ago. we don't have time for the political noise. the bottom line is, we are making progress every day in conjunction with the governor, and in regards to the power failure, we're restraining a very fragile system every day.
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as we make progress, simple thunderstorms pass through, knock the progress out. >> meanwhile, in a new interview, president trump is defending tossing paper towels to hurricane victims last week during his visit to puerto rico. >> we did a great job, and we weren't treated fairly by the media because we really did a good job. i mean, one example. they had these beautiful, soft towels, very good towels, and i came in and there was a crowd of a lot of people, and they were screaming and they were loving everything, and i was having fun, they were having fun. they said, throw them to me, throw them to me, mr. president! so i'm doing some of the -- so, the next day, they said, oh, it was so disrespectful to the people. it was just a made-up thing. and also, when i walked in, the cheering was incredible. >> okay. >> head-scratching there. still ahead, how vice president mike pence up staged indianapolis colts legend peyton manning yesterday. that story and more coming up next. this, but i found bladderk underwear that's actually pretty.
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welcome back, everyone. let's switch gears a little bit and talk about the weather now with meteorologist bonnie
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schneider. bonnie? >> well, we're still tracking nate, believe it or not. the storm made landfall over the weekend, but it's bringing plenty of rain to areas across much of the ohio valley, and we're going to see substantial rain into areas of upstate new york. how much? well, check this out, 3 to 4 inches in isolated areas of northern new york. so, even though the storm is just a depression bringing remnants, it's going to be a rain-maker, and it may impact your business travel for today. be aware there could be airport delays due to nate. depending on where you are in the country, that really depends on the season you're experiencing. it feels like winter across wyoming and colorado, where we have snow in the forecast. and to the south, it's feeling like summer in texas, where high temperatures will be in the 90s today. look for 93 in houston, 95 in dallas. so that's above normal. atlanta also warmer than what we typically would see at 82. and with the warmth and the tropical moisture coming into the mid-atlantic, look at d.c., 84 degrees in october. wow. that is 13 degrees above normal. even here in new york we'll climb to 77, but we are going to see stormy conditions. it's not going to be a beautiful beach day or anything like that.
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looking ahead through the middle of the week, the warmth sticks around with temperatures in the 70s and the 80s. that is not the case across colorado and wyoming and well into the northern plains. we are looking for morning lows right now, if you're up early, maybe about to walk the dog, temperatures are going to be in the 20s. in many locations, you'll have to wear the winter coat. that holds true as well for areas of nebraska and certainly colorado, where temperatures are dropping by 30 degrees from yesterday's high to today for denver. look for heavy snow and gusty winds, and this is going to make for really treacherous travel. windy conditions as well. and of course, as we just look at the denver forecast, there is the difference. today's high 35 and snow in the forecast for denver. so quite a change from what we saw yesterday. >> bonnie, i've got to say, i commend anybody who's up this early walking their dog. if you're out there walking your dog, that is appreciation for your animal, for sure. >> all right, thank you very much, bonnie. well, there are new questions after vice president mike pence made a short and controversial appearance at sunday's nfl game between the
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san francisco 49ers and the indianapolis colts. it began when the 49ers took the field. the former indiana governor was in his home state for a ceremony to honor former colts quarterback peyton manning, but he abruptly left the stadium after several 49ers players took a knee during the national anthem to protest bias against african-americans in the criminal justice system. now, pence quickly tweeted afterwards, "i left today's colts game because #potus and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag, or our national anthem." and a short time later, president trump tweeted out, saying "i asked vice president mike pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled, disrespecting our country. i am proud of him and second lady karen." now, pence flew in from las vegas to appear at the game for just a few minutes and then immediately left for california for a trip that includes three fund-raisers and an event on tax reform. reporters traveling with the vice president, they were told to stay in their vehicles outside the game and expect a quick exit. the vice president's team did
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not say how much the trip cost taxpayers, but the "washington post" cites a 2012 air force estimate that found that air force two costs about $43,000 an hour to fly and that six hours of flight costs over $250,000. well, the president certainly has many advisers, but he has an unexpected one outside of the white house, his ex-wife, ivana trump. in an interview with cbs, the president's first wife gave surprising insight into their current relationship after their marriage ended 25 years ago. ivana revealed that trump offered her the position of ambassador to the czech republic and says trump seeks her advice frequently, including asking her whether he should continue one of his most controversial habits. >> we speak to each other. >> how often? >> maybe once a week. >> he asks for your advice? >> and he's still asking me for advice, yes. he ask me about, should i tweet, should i not tweet? i said, i think you should tweet. it's a new way, new technology,
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and if you want to get your words across rightly without telling "the new york times," which is going to twist every single word of yours, this is how you get your message out. >> and president trump has turned his eyre to late-night talk show hosts, raising the question of whether late-night hosts give democrats and republicans equal time on their shows, tweeting "late-night hosts are dealing with the democrats for their very unfunny and repetitive material, always anti-trump. should we get equal time?" adding that "more and more people are suggesting that republicans and me should be given equal time on tv when you look at the one-sided coverage." they fired back, including the host of "late night with seth mire," tweeting out, we'd love to have you, studio at 15 penguin avenue, ant arc ka," and
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then "excellent point, mr. president! you should quit that boring job. i'll let you have my show all to yourself." the latest on iran's nuclear deal. we'll have a report. and the latest on the las vegas shooting investigation. we're hearing from officers first to reach the gunman's hotel room. you know what's difficult? adulting... hi, guys. i'm back. time to slay! no,i have a long time girlfriend. you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral. build a better website in under an hour.
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i'mas minu . federal investigators searched the home of the las vegas shooter yesterday, exactly one week after the deadly rampage, as investigators continue to look for a motive. we're hearing a harrowing account from the officers who raided stephen paddock's hotel room that night. an ad hoc s.w.a.t. team made up of just one s.w.a.t. officer, a detective, and two officers from the canine unit who reached the scene just 12 minutes after the first shots were fired. >> you enter the room. what do you see? >> an armory. >> an armory. >> so many guns, so many magazines, stacks and stacks of magazines everywhere, just in suitcases, all neatly stacked, against pillars that were in the room, all stacked up, rifles placed all throughout, all kinds of monitors and electrical equipment he had in there. it just looked like almost a gun
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store. >> shell casings all over the floor. i could smell the gun powder that had went off in the room. we were tripping over guns, tripping over long guns inside. there were so many. >> that many? >> yes. >> did you go to the window? did you look out? >> no, because i know that s.w.a.t. had deployed sniper as also, so i didn't want to put my silhouette in front of a window, because communication was still horrendous at that point. >> and you can also just see still how emotional they are. >> yeah. >> having seen that firsthand and what went down and just how many guns were in his hotel room. you can't even imagine what it was like to be them and finding what they did find there. all right, let's go for the latest on nbc's ron allen, who's standing by for us in las vegas. ron, i know there are so many memorials there in las vegas, one particularly powerful one behind you. how are people reacting to the fact that we still don't necessarily have a definitive motive here for what stephen paddock did just a week ago?
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>> reporter: i think it leaves an emptiness. i think it leaves a big void. it makes it difficult to find that thing we talk about called closure, which is that emotional point where you have some sense of peace about all of this. and as to those officers who were in that interview, remember, they were in the crowd, some of them. they were there enjoying the concert. some of the officers who were there were off duty. some were just on routine patrol. nobody had any expectations that some guy was going to open fire on a crowd of 20,000 concert goers, so they were really scrambling under a hail of bullets to try and locate this individual. they had no idea where he was coming from. they couldn't even see a muzzle flash from down on the ground because he had put himself in the room, further back in the room, so that the officers couldn't see where the bullets were coming from. it was just a depraved plot, carefully planned out, and there was indications, according to some investigators, that paddock thought that he could survive this and escape.
1:33 am
and the other player in this, in the whole situation, was a security guard, a hotel security guard who was on the 32nd floor responding to an alarm, a door open alarm up there for some reason, just coincidentally, investigators say. and he was the one who was able to determine where paddock was, and that led the s.w.a.t. team there. and you're right, here, this memorial, it's an incredibly powerful thing. we've been here all day. there have been thousands of people coming, sharing their thoughts, reflections, saying they wanted to be here to support the victims and their families. here's some of what people have been saying to us during the day here. >> you really don't have to know anybody here to feel the profound sadness. just very, very sad. >> so, i'm just in shock. i just think that we need to stop with this hatred and we need to start coming together as one. i just think this is -- i t just makes me feel like what is this world coming to, you know? you wake up in the morning and
1:34 am
you go on the news and something like this happens. >> evil, unfortunately, is a part of our life, but we want to make sure that we show love and just to reach out to everybody who is hurting. >> reporter: a lot of emotion. an incredibly powerful place this is. and one other headline from here, we understand that eric paddock, stephen paddock's brother, has come to town. he's here in las vegas working with investigators and fbi profilers trying to get into the mind of this gunman who did this. and again, try and help authorities find the answer to that question so many people have as to why this happened and just what was going on with this guy. >> all right, ron allen for us in las vegas. thank you. and the senate is out of town this week, but of course, as you can imagine, after something like las vegas, the gun debate is now raging, both in and outside of washington. in fact, our own chuck todd spoke to lawmakers on both sides of the issue. democratic senator dianne feinstein and house majority whip steve scalise, who just
1:35 am
returned to washington last week after he was nearly killed by gun violence. >> is there a point where somebody's right to bear arms infringes on somebody else's right to be safe and secure at a country music concert? >> absolutely! you know, if they break the law and take away your rights, you've got a right to be protected in your home and when you're out in public, and if you're abiding by the law, nobody has the right, whether it's a gun or a hammer or a knife, to go and deny your rights by trying to attack you. >> he believes all of these various attempts at gun control infringe upon those rights. and senator, that seems to be the pulse that we're at here, and why it seems that, frankly, both sides on this issue talk past each other, not to each other. >> well, i don't agree with that. there are a lot of things that could be done to make it safer, but every single one has been opposed by a very powerful
1:36 am
organization that then goes out to get any congressman or senator that votes to the contrary, and that's a fact of life. >> now the hope is that the momentum for this gun debate does continue and that it doesn't just fall off as it has in the past with some of these tragedies. all right, turning now to the russia investigation. president trump's legal team's reportedly working with special counsel bob mueller amid his ongoing investigation into russia's role in last year's election. according to "the new york times," the president's lawyers are cooperating with mueller in the hopes that he will declare in the coming months that trump is not under investigation, either for colluding with russian operatives or for trying to obstruct justice. the "times" says that the legal team is working quickly to respond to requests from mueller for e-mails, documents, and memos, adding that white house officials will be made available for interviews. the goal, the paper says, is to force mueller to wrap up the investigation, which has consumed the first year of the president's term. meanwhile, the former
1:37 am
independent counsel in the wh e whitewater and monica lewinski scandal during president clinton's presidency, ken starr, says the probe will likely lead to indictments. >> given what we do know, especially given what happened this summer with respect to the fbi's intrusion into paul manafort's condominium, in light of the revelations that we've seen about general flynn, i have a sense that there will, in fact, be indictments. >> and the man behind president trump's digital campaign is speaking out to discuss the role social media played in the president's victory. in an interview with "60 minutes," brad prescao said it was a key opponent po the win. >> i understood early facebook was how president trump was going to be how he won. twitter is how he talked to the people. facebook is how he won. >> and facebook is how he won. >> i think so. i mean, i think donald trump
1:38 am
won, but i think facebook was the method, it was the highway on which his car drove on. we had their staff embedded inside our offices. >> what? >> yeah. facebook employees would show up for work every day in our offices. >> whoa, wait a minute. facebook employees showed up at the trump headquarters? >> google employees and twitter employees. >> they were embedded in your campaign? >> i mean, they were there multiple days a week, three, four days a week. >> what were they doing inside? >> helping teach us how to use their platform. >> helping him get elected? >> i asked them by e-mail, i want to know every single button click technology you have. i want to know everything you would tell hillary's campaign, plus some, and i want your people here to teach me how to use it. i think it's a joke when they involve myself, because i know my own activities, and i know the activities of this campaign. i was there. this is a farce. >> it's a farce that you included with the russians? >> yeah, it's just a joke. >> wow. all right. yeah, facebook has responded to the comment regarding members of
1:39 am
its staff being embedded in the trump campaign in a blog post on its site. the company wrote in part "we offered identical support to both the trump and clinton campaigns and had teams assigned to both. everyone had access to the same tools, which are the same tools that every campaign is offered." all right, president trump continued to saber rattle north korea over the weekend. on saturday, he tweeted this -- "presidents and their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years. agreements made and massive amounts of money paid. hasn't worked. agreements violated before the ink was dry, making fools of u.s. negotiators. sorry, but only one thing will work." it was not immediately clear what the president was referring to there, but his message seemed to imply that military action was a possibility. top republicans on sunday were asked to weigh in. >> what's the one thing that will work? >> i think what the president's clearly telegraphing, and this should not be news to anybody, is that military options are on the table are north korea. they absolutely are. >> what's been tried in the past
1:40 am
hasn't worked. i think that's obvious. and i think from my standpoint, the only thing that will work is get china fully engaged, use all of their influence. i think eventually, probably regime change. there is no viable military option. it would be horrific, and i don't think anybody wants to contemplate that. >> prior to those tweets about north korea, the president also raised eyebrows last week when he made a comment about the calm before the storm. here's what he said. >> you guys know what this represents. >> tell us, sir. >> i don't know, maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what's the storm? >> could be the calm. the calm before the storm. >> you talking iran or what? >> what storm, mr. president? >> we have the world's great military people that will tell you that, and we're going to have a great evening. thank you all for coming. thank you. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> give us a hint on your decision. >> thank you, everybody. thank you. >> so far, the white house and the preds have refused to offer
1:41 am
any clarity about what those remarks meant. >> was he referring to military action when he said "calm before the storm"? >> as we've said many times before, i know the president has, as i have from this podium on quite a few occasions, we're never going to say in advance what the president's going to do. and as he said last night, in addition to those comments, you'll have to wait and see. >> comment on your "calm before the storm" comment? >> nothing to clarify. >> what's the one thing that will work? >> well, you'll figure that out pretty soon. >> so, the chief of iran's revolutionary guard has now issued a warning for the united states. he said if washington imposes new sanctions against iran, the u.s. should move its military bases out of the range of iran's missiles. now, this comes amid growing speculation that president trump could decertify the iran nuclear deal by the end of this week. for more, let's bring in nbc news foreign correspondent lucy kafanov live for us in london
1:42 am
this morning. lucy, we're quickly approaching that deadline. what more can you tell us about this escalating tension between these two countries and what's going to happen to the iran nuclear deal? >> reporter: good morning, guys. well, that's right, we're seeing a lot of saber rattling and escalation of tensions ahead of this october 15th deadline for the trump administration to review the iranian deal, to decide if iran is keeping to its end of the bargain, and whether it serves u.s. interests. last week, president trump said iran had not lived up to the spirit of the deal. reports suggested he may discertify it, potentially causing the agreement to unravel. iranian president hassan rowhani, spoke on saturday, saying the deals, issues and benefits are not reversible, saying "no one can turn that back, not mr. trump or anyone else," adding, "even if ten other trumps are created in this world, these are not reversible." now, iran's revolutionary guards are the most powerful internal and external security force, the quds force, for effectively
1:43 am
espionage and paramilitary wing are on the american list of foreign terrorist organizations, but the organization on a whole is not, which is why you're seeing such a response from iran from this potential designation. iran today saying its action would be "firm and crushing," if the united states designates its revolutionary guards as a terrorist group. this is according to the foreign minister, according to one of the wires we have seen. again, whether that's actually going to take place unclear, but a lot of escalation here ahead of that deadline, guys. >> nbc's lucy kafanov life in london for us. it is certainly going to be somewhat of a definitive week here between the united states and iran, particularly when it relates to the iran nuclear deal. >> i could see what rouhani is saying, that could be an indication they're going to stay in as long as the europeans do, but we'll have to wait and see exactly what's going to happen there. now to the massive humanitarian crisis playing out in southeast asia involving ma hinga and myanmar. there are targeted sanctions being considered against the
1:44 am
nation's military leaders over its offensive that's driven over 500,000 members of the muslim minority group out of that country. janice mackey fair has more on the rohingya's struggles. >> reporter: they're still coming six weeks after the crisis started, carrying all they have or what little they could grab to begin life as refugees in bangladesh. thousands of them children making the journey alone. the scale is staggering. more than 500,000 rohingya refugees in what will become one of the world's largest refugee camps 37 this is a crisis deepening with thousands arriving every day and a refugee population that could hit 1 million. they are desperate to flee an offensive by myanmar's all-powerful army that the united nations calls textbook ethnic cleansing. their objective, to force the minority muslim group from the mainly buddhist country.
1:45 am
mona says her husband was shot as their village burned. and across the camps, everyone has stories of fire, rape, and fear. and here, there's suffering, malnutrition, a lack of clean water, and poor sanitation making them vulnerable to disease. bruce murray, a retired doctor from oregon, came to set up a clinic to help. >> how's the baby today? the recipe for development of an epidemic is here. this is the perfect storm for development of a cholera epidemic. >> reporter: world leaders are debating how to punish the country and aung san suu kyi, who won a nobel peace prize as a champion of democracy, yet has been powerless or unwilling to stop the army. it is getting harder to get across the naff river, but bangladesh border guards have yet to stop the tide of refugees determined to escape.
1:46 am
janice mackey fraher, bangladesh. >> unbelievable what they're dealing with. >> absolutely heartbreaking, and it's certainly one of the biggest international stories that's unfolding and one of the most underreported, at least here in the united states. still ahead, new developments in the explosive sexual harassment scandal rocking hollywood. the action of the board of embattled mogul harvey weinstein's movie company is now taking in the wake of the allegations against him. plus, the latest on tropical depression nate and where the storm is heading next after soaking the gulf states. that's coming up.
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1:49 am
welcome back. embattled hollywood executive harvey weinstein has been fired from the studio he co-founded following the revelation of numerous sexual harassment allegations against him. the board of the weinstein company made the statement yesterday, "new information about misconduct by harvey weinstein." it comes after a "new york times" investigation published on tuesday revealed allegations that weinstein had engaged in decades worth of rampant sexual harassment. >> following the "times" report, weinstein announced on friday he would take a leave of absence while an outside lawyer investigated the allegations and issued an apology. while his lawyer threatened to sue the paper, claiming the report was false and defamatory about a third of the all-male board resigned that day. brooks barnes reports that from thursday to saturday, he called more than 40 entertainment industry players and almost all
1:50 am
refused to speak for the record about the matter. barnes said, "as some said it was because their companies or publicists needed to improve anything they would say, while others gave reasons that painted a picture of a community hobbled by fear, self-interest and hypocrisy." >> amid the fallout of the report, democrats are ridding themselves of contributions made by the mogul and political donor. senate minority leader chuck schumer and several colleagues announced on friday that they will give money donated by weinstein to women's charities and to combat sexual violence. and the democratic national committee said it would give the money to groups helping democratic women win elections. the head of the republican national committee is slamming former presidential nominee hillary clinton for not publicly condemning weinstein. in a series of tweets over the weekend, ronna romney mcdonnell wrote "whose side is hillary clinton on, harvey weinstein's
1:51 am
or his victims." she went on "where is her criticism of weinstein? even "the new york times" is criticizing her" with a link to the opinion piece. it should be noted former president obama also has yet to weigh in. the trump administration faces criticism for the travel costs being racked up by cabinet members. in fact, the "washington post" reports inspectors general have launched at least five investigations into cabinet members' use of charter and military flights that have amounted to millions in federal spending. under scrutiny are flights involving treasury secretary steve mnuchin, transportation secretary elaine chao and energy secretary rick perry, interior secretary ryan zinke and epa administrator scott pruitt as well. mnuchin is reported to have spent $800,000 on flights on military jets, including a $15,000 round-trip to new york to meet with the president. the "times" reports that after he took a june flight to meet with the mexican finance minister for $44,000, the travel
1:52 am
office sent a note saying a commercial flight would have cost just $688. the inspector general is calling for rigor in justifying the requests. it comes two weeks after tom price stepped down over his use of cost of private travel in lieu of cheaper commercial options. a new poll shows americans have serious doubts about the direction president trump is leading this country in. the "ap" and orc poll finds 32% approve of the job the president is doing, a drop of three points since june. just over two-thirds disapprove. on his handling of the economy, 42% approve. a drop of eight points since march. over half disapprove. when it comes to health care, 31% approve of the job trump is doing and over two-thirds disapprove. and when asked if the president understands the needs and problems of "people like you," 64% say not very well or not at all. 19% say extremely or very well, and 17% say moderately well.
1:53 am
in the poll, only 24% say the country is headed in the right direction, down ten points since june. 74% say things are going in the wrong direction. and just 44% of republicans now say the country is headed in the right direction. back in june, that number was at 60%. former bill clinton adviser doug sosnik says trump is on track to win ri election, citing his strength with his base and ability to create polarizing controversies. and politico reports that trump's campaign operation is zeroing in on 2020 battlegrounds, focusing on ohio while the president will focus on pennsylvania, ohio and michigan snp infighting among trump's top staff and cabinet members drew attention with john kelly scrapping a trip to las vegas in order to handle the fallout of an exclusive nbc report about the president's relationship with rex tillerson. and on saturday, the president spoke out about kelly's role.
1:54 am
>> john kelly is one of the best people i've ever worked with. he's doing an incredible job, and he told me for the last two months he loves it more than anything he's ever done. he's a military man, but he loves doing this, which is chief of staff, more than anything he's ever done. he's doing a great job. he will be here, in my opinion, for the entire seven remaining years. >> all right, so that was the president, but kelly has been known to publicly call another position of his as his favorite -- "the best job i ever had was as a sergeant in the marine corps." kelly said this back in august, according to the "washington post." and after one week on this job, i believe the best job i ever had is as a sergeant in the marine corps. all right, it has certainly been an active hurricane season, harvey, irma, maria and now nate. nate now a tropical depression, made landfall twice, first near
1:55 am
the mouth of the mississippi river in southeastern louisiana, then hours later near biloxi, mississippi. while the storm surge was bad, officials in the gulf region say the damage could have been much worse. almost 100,000 people lost power across six states. the storm also spawned a tornado in south carolina. we're going to take a closer look at the forecast, coming up later in the show. let's get now a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bonnie schneider. >> well, we are still looking at nate bringing in some heavy rain to parts of the mid-atlantic and the northeast. in fact, the remnants working very quickly to the northeast. look for periods of heavy rain and airport delays. i think that is likely with the cloud coverage as well. in fact, looking at northern new york, this is where we could see locally 3 inches of rain right along the great lakes there. kind of a soggy start to your week, unfortunately. well, depending where you are in the country, we're looking at summerlike warmth for much of the south, especially down in texas, where temperatures are in the mid-90s. winterlike, cold conditions across much of colorado and wyoming, where temperatures are dropping this morning into the
1:56 am
20s. highs today in the 30s and 40s, feeling like winter there. not the case along the south gulf coast, 87, 82 in atlanta. these temperatures are all well at least ten degrees above normal. we're also seeing that for the mid-atlantic. check this out in october, 84 degrees for washington. too bad it's going to be raining today, cloudy. we'll be seeing warm weather as well into boston, even, 74 degrees. and that warm trend for the east will stick around through the middle of the week so we're still getting that summerlike feel. not the case off to the west from the northern plains down through the central plains, temperatures into the 20s. that's not good for plants and crops, unfortunately, to get that hard freeze. we'll also be watching for a winter storm warning for cheyenne down through denver and just north of colorado springs. look for heavy snow, gusty winds, power outages and tough travel, especially on those mountain roads. and yes, in din over, your temperature's dropping by 30 degrees in denver from yesterday to today. it's going to be cold and snowy, quite a contrast from the rest of the country. >> i feel like people in the
1:57 am
northeast are kind of hoping for a little bit of a cooldown. >> certainly a lot less humidity than we experienced this weekend. that was brutal. >> yeah. thanks, bonnie. still ahead, more on the back-and-forth battle between president trump and senator bob corker. his war of words with the outgoing republican and what it could mean for his push for an agenda victory. plus, we'll have a live report from las vegas as investigators continue to try to figure out a motive for stephen paddock's deadly rampage one week ago. ♪harry's meeting clients... ♪...from far away. but they only see his wrinkles.♪ ♪he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal.♪ ♪better find a way to smooth things over.♪ ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry. ♪yeah!
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trading jabs. president trump is taking aim at senator bob corker, and in response, corker is warning that the president's recklessness could lead to world war iii. plus, tropical depression nate moves inland after causing major flooding, possible tornadoes and power outages to the gulf coast over the weekend. and new details in the las vegas shooting investigation. we're hearing for the first time from oic scene just 12 minutes after the first shots were fired. ♪ good morning, everyone. it's monday, october 9th. what a busy weekend that was. i'm ayman mohyeldin. the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee unloaded on president trump in a nowhere holds bard interview sunday night. senator bob corker of tennessee telling "the new york times" that the president's reckless threats could set the nation "on the path to world war iii." a member of the senator's staff confirming to nbc news his comments. corker said he w


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