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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 26, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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this morning, nbc news exclusive. deadly ambush kills four american soldiers. trump administration paving the way for legal drone strikes. despite criticism, president trump is claim iing great unityn the gop. as some republicans reign in on the discourse. joe biden once again stirring up speculation about a 2020 presidential run in several new interviews. seems he hasn't ruled it out. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 26.
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i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian and louis be burgdorf. we begin on the fight against terror. u.s. coalition continues to gain ground in syria. could be escalation of the america counterterrorism operation. trump administration is moving towards using lethal force via armed drones in niger. planned armed drones in the region has been under consideration since before the deadly ambush this month. that incident ramped up the urgency within the administration to take more aggressive action. three u.s. officials tell nbc news pushing niger to allow for armed drones on bases. meanwhile military officials tell nbc news ambush control was conducting a far more complex anti-terrorism mission than previously believed. may have been tracking a isis
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mission. working in the area. that second team has been using unarmed drone which was rushed to the ambush site after the patrol call for help and currently unclear why that team did not send soldiers as well. in any event, echo of the fatal mission of yemen back in january, the commander in chief is not taking responsibility. >> did you authorize the mission. >> no what, no, i didn't. not specifically. i have generals who are great generals. these are great fighters. great warriors. >> i gave them a authority to do what's right to win. that's the authority they have. i want to win. we're going to win. my generals and the military have decision making ability. as far as the incident that we're talking about, i've been getting reports they have to meet the enemy.
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>> the house and senate armed services committee will receive classified briefings this morning about niger more than three weeks after the ambush. president tru after hearing the president stumble over her husband's name. >> he couldn't remember my husband's name. the only way he remembered my husband's name is because he told me he had my husband report in front of him and that's when he actually said la david. i heard him stumbling on trying to remember my husband's name. and that what hurted me the most. if my husband is out here fighting for our country and he risks his life for our country, why can't you remember his name? >> i was really nice to her. i respect her. i respect her family. i certainly respect la david. he is who i by the way called la
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david right from the beginning. just so you understand, they put a chart. la david. says la david johnson. so i called right from the beginning, no hesitation. one of the great memories of all time. no hesitation. moving to politics for a moment. hoped defiant rejection of falsehood, reckless behavior would be a tipping point, but as you can imagine, most members of his party was just another day as president trump tweeted wednesday morning, jeff flake with 18% approval rating in arizona said a lot of my colleague haves spoken out. really, they just gave me a standing o. in interviews yesterday, many of flake and corker's colleagues, some once harsh critics of trump, agreed. >> the president has his own way of communicating and it's worked. he's getting things done. he's performing. sure he's not the cookie cutter.
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ting republicans need to have a leader and takes the raneigns t way he wants. >> i try to not make it about personality. that's calling the pot calling the kettle black. one of the things the media missed on this, keep saying senator so and so is a conservative. why is there such a disagreement. because we've made this about personalities and less about policy. >> i think it's unfortunate the nastiness that pervades washington right now and the political battles and personality that consume seemingly every minute of media attention and an awful lot of the time and energy here in this town. it's like you're back in junior high. i really don't care who passed
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note to the cute girl in pigtails. we have a job to do. all of this nonsense -- i've got nothing to say. everyone shut up and do your job. sdiet tthe "new york times" this. those uneasy with grievance policy are either giving in our giving up the fight. speaking from the white house yesterday, president praised the state of cohesion in his party. >> ting republican party has a pretty good unity. the fact is, there was tremendous unity in that room. we're really unified on what we want to do. we want tax cuts for the middle class: we want tax cuts for businesses to produce jobs. there's great unity. >> joining us how, news desk reporter for axios, alayna
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treene, good to have you with us. do you think that they've had the kind of impact that they wanted to have with the way they increased the rhetoric? certainly senator bob corker, but more importantly the passionate speech by jeff flake on the senate floor. >> if you look at it, they both say they're not coming up for re-election. frees them up to speak more. if you look at the rest of the party, they did give him a standing ovation when he was on the hill. despite them griping about them in private, they will support him publically. they know they need to support him to favor with the voters. the party is very strong towards trump. and also to get things done. >> let's talk tax reform here, alayna. the house and secretary today. set up the parameters of the new tax bill. and allow republicans to pass
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tax reform without those democratic votes. >> so there's some debate about that. i think that most of the core gop party thinks they'll be able to get it through easily. they really want to get it done. a lot of debate they're putting off to the side to move it forward quickly. especially after some of the losses they've seen with health care. they're really want to move forward with tax reform and just pass something at this point. >> i want to ask you about this. there's a new poll essentially that shows trump's approval rating falling this month. especially among his base and independent voters and, certainly, his base is something that matters to him. we always talk from political perspective how he makes decks and throws red meat at his base. how does one explain this recent drop among his base and independent voters. >> right. what we're hearing is his base is still very strong towards
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him. a lot of this pitiney nesiness hill, they see this. has taken a toll on them. they recognize it as holding the administration and trump back from passing the things they voted for. they want things to get done. five weeks since hurricane maria devastated puerto rico. there are new questions being raised about the company awarded the largest contract to rebuild the grid. montana firm has signed $300 million contract to repair puerto rico's electrical infrastructure. the company is based out of white fish montana. hometown of interior secretary zinke. at two years old, white fish energy only had two full-time
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employees when maria made landfall. largest previous contract had been 1.3 medical to upgrade lines in arizona. the senate of the committee told reporters yesterday, we need to figure out what's going on here. and democratic senator is calling for the government accountability office to investigate. governor of puerto rico is calling an audit. after the mayor of san juan called for transparency white fish tweeted we have 44 line men rebuilding lines in your city. and 40 more men just arrived. do you want us to send them back or keep working. white fish later apologized for those comments. congressional budget office is leading in the plan to sooif lives. obamacare. saved the government $3.8 billion. did not change the number of people with coverage. too late to impact the 2018 insurance premiums.
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said it would help rates in 2019. also give states more flexibility to customize health care markets through federal waivers. no indication when the proposal will be voted on. has support of the senate. president hasn't clarified whether he will support or oppose it. has criticized the cost sharing program calling it a bailout for insurance companies. in a series of new interviews, former vice president joe biden is discussing a potential 2020 presidential run. biden explained to in style magazine what he has to offer the presidency, saying, quote, i think this moment in american history sortd of fits into my wheel house and the strengths i have. i am fairly knowledgeable at foreign policy. i'm pretty good about diplomacy. and i think i have authenticity.
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i haven't decided to run, but i've decided i'm not going to decide not to run. we'll see what happens. the editor in chief of in style will talk about her interview with the former vice president coming up later on morning joe. speculation officially beginning. all right. fats domino died yesterday. his style later inspired generations. like john lennon. ain't that a shame was the first song he ever learned to play. a modest man who rarely gave interviews. instead preferred to focus on his craft. fats domino was 89 years old. >> what an absolute legend. he will be greatly missed. still ahead, new screening measures. why it could take you longer to get through security.
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>> houston astros tie up the world series after 11 innings last night in los angeles. what a game. we'll check on weather when we come back. ♪
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welcome back, everyone. starting today. new security measures take effect on all incoming flights to the united states. both u.s. citizens and foreigners. nbc news correspondent tom costello has all the details. >> reporter: the new security measures applying to every flight coming into the u.s. from a foreign airport. from london to amsterdam to taiwan. 2100 daily flights, 325,000 passengers. security upgrades. including closer inspections of personal electronic devices. beefed up security in passenger areas and around the aircraft. and more thorough interviews with passengers as they check
2:17 am
in. hoping to identify terrorists. the changes were announced this summer after intelligence suggested isis was able to smuggle explosives into laptops. homeland security even required passengers flying from ten middle east airports to check laptoping unt ins until securit airports improved. which they did. terrorists could travel multiple countries before boarding a flight to the u.s. >> they're challenged because they can't control as much access from one country to another from border to border. >> from 180 airlines flying to the u.s. including u.s. carriers, the deadline is now to upgrade their security. many airlines are telling their passengers who are going to overseas airports to fly back to the u.s. get there even earlier. 30-60 minutes earlier because of the new security protocols. some airlines are requiring that all of their passengers fill out detailed forms answering more
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questions. the tsa says the vast majority of airlines have already added the security protocols. more than half a century, release documents related to the kennedy assassination. 5 million pages come result of a 1992 congressional order that set a 25 year deadline for all the remaining records to be public. according to "washington post" last week, unnamed federal agencies have requested that president trump withhold documents to protect information on the sources and methods, but as he confirm instead a tweet last night, jfk files will be made public today. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, it is the first snowfall of the season. i guess winter is here. >> it's coming. we have winter storm watches and it's going to get snow later today. michigan and wisconsin. also get rid of this pesky storm in areas of new england.
2:19 am
looks same now as it did yesterday morning. still raining in hartford. cape cod and all of the friends in new hampshire and maine. not going to be flooding rain. this is about a half inch to inch of rain. here's the timing on it. new york city down to philadelphia, d.c., we're clear. don't need the umbrella today. long island is going to be on and off showers. same for hartford this morning. 5:00 p.m., rain is mostly confide to areas northern new england, hitting scattered showers and southern new england. early tomorrow morning, just areas of main. should be really nice friday for many areas of new england and through the northeast. today's forecast, beautiful weather from texas to oklahoma. all through the southeast. florida looks good too. here comes cold shot. talked about the potential for the rain and snow. again, you're warmer during the day today. minneapolis and temperatures begin to drop. snowfall forecast over the next two days. this is light.
2:20 am
again, early season snow. usually doesn't accumulate much on the roads or sidewalks. mostly on grass and cars. 1-3 inches possible. much of michigan and minneapolis. maybe an inch for you. northern portions of minnesota and wisconsin. going to get high early totals with the border of canada and northern michigan. also let you know, talk more about this coming up in the infection half hour. big storm for new england. a lot of heavy rain and potential for gusty winds and power outages. talk about that coming up. still ahead, a stunning four hour extra innings thriller in game two that featured a record number of long balls. stayed up and watched every second of the game. >> every second. >> sports is next. except for one of us. i write them a poem instead. and one for each of you too. thats actually yours. that one. yeah. regardless, we're stuck with the bill. to many, words are the most valuable currency.
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talk to your health care provider today about diabetic heart disease. and find out more at your heart and type 2 diabetes. make the connection. la had a lead going into the ninth. that wouldn't stop the astros. top of the seventh. tenth. jose altuve and hit back to back home runs. giving the astros a 5-3 lead. the scoring wouldn't end there. hit a solo shot. singles to right with forsythe
2:24 am
beating the throw and tag tieing the game again. in the 11thth. george springer becomes the hero of the night. blasting a two run shot. give the astros a 7-5 lead. pull off the comeback winning 7-6. tie the series game three. heads to houston tomorrow. what a game it is amazing. all right. let's go to another houston team. they pulled off a big comeback last night. this time in philadelphia. with a # two point lead. rockets show he had defensive game. the shot clock expires giving the rockets the ball. with five seconds remaining. down at the other end. harden passes to gordon. in the corner. buries the game winning three. the brooklyn nets. russell beat lebron james and the cavaliers. knew the strategy all along. joined the cavs huddle until he
2:25 am
noticed him there. later in the day, gets a layup to go. giving four point lead. lebron james ended up with triple double. really wasn't enough. nets with that one 112-107. college hoops. carolina has lost senior point guard. the tar heels broke his hand after reportedly punching a door in frustration. he lost to a teammate in a popular sports video game. the school said the most outstanding player of ncaa tournament will be off the floor for about four weeks after that injury. i can understand breaking a television, but not your hand. >> i can't imagine what the coach of the tar heels must be thinking that he's going to be losing his star player because of a video game competition. what kind of conversation are you going to have with the player after that. >> it gets heated in those games. >> have to be excited for the
2:26 am
astros. if you're an astros fan, the next three games being played in houston. i think that's going to be exciting for the fans there to see. >> feels great to have an exciting world series. still ahead, president trump weighs in on the news of the dnc paid for some of the research. plus the white house facing scrutiny about the russia sanctions and directs the questionings elsewhere. those stories and more coming up next. paying less for my medicare? i'm open to that. lower premiums? extra benefits? it's open enrollment. time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. so, be open-minded. look at everything-like prescription drug plans... and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. ♪
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moving towards using legal force via armed drone in niger. officials say the u.s. government is now pressing niger to allow for armed drones at the bases in the country. the plan has been under consideration since before the deadly ambush there this month. note the incident is fueling urgency for the administration to take action. congressional budget off weighed in on the plan to stabilize obamacare. according to the analysis, save the government $3.8 billion and would not significantly change the number of people with coverage. the cbo says it would also give states more flexibility to customize health care markets through federal waivers. new security measures for all incoming flights to the u.s.
2:31 am
take effect today. screens procedures which are set to be done before takeoff short security interviews with americans and foreign citizens. more on this story in just a couple of minutes. president trump is speaking out about the revelation that hillary clinton's campaign and democratic national committee paid for some of the research that led to the dossier on the alleged ties to russia. meanwhile, new details are emerging about what they knew about the document. "new york times" report the former secretary of state found about the research on mr. trump after busby accomplished the information back in january. sources tell nbc news mrs. clinton was, quote, disappointed with the research along with the fact the fbi was looking into connections between mr. trump's associates and russia was not actually made public before election day. now speaking outside of the white house yesterday, the president slam democrats for helping fund a document and also
2:32 am
discussed the fact it was initially funded by an unknown republican. >> i think it's very sad what they've done with this fake dossier. made up and i understand that paid a tremendous amount of money and hillary clinton always denied it. the democrats always denied it. and now only because it's going to come out in a court case they said, yes, they did it. they admitted it. they're embarrassed by it. i think it's a disgrace. it's just really very -- it's a very sad -- it's a very sad commentary, our politics of this country. >> do you have any idea who it was. >> they say it began with the republicans. i think i would know, but i won't say. it will be determined. hillary would have never announced it was them except for the great course case going on where the judge was going to reveal it. they figured we'll do it first. they're very embarrassed by it.
2:33 am
it's a disgrace. it might have started with the republicans early on in the primaries. i think i would know, but let's find out who it is. >> president trump has strongly denied allegations in the dossier that his campaign colluded with russia as well as other verified allegations against him. clinton campaign declined to comment on the reports of the dossier finding. president continued attack last night saying the document has been discredited, but remarks cricket those by the chairman senate intelligence committee earlier this month. suggesting the committee investigations have in fact corroborated some parts of the dossier. >> what i was amazed, it's almost $6 million they paid and totally discredited. total phony. i call it fake news. it's disgraceful. >> i think her word she likes to use, dossier. debunk. it's been debunked.
2:34 am
>> though we have been incredibly enlightened at our ability to rebuild backwards, the dossier up until a certain date. getting past that point has been what impossible. and i say this. >> the trump campaign is trying to down play the connection with the head. trying to team up with wikileaks. first to report that ceo of cambridge rieached out to julia assange. confirms the offer was made and he declined. mentioning wikileaks 137 times during the campaign and he mainly called request from the president during the summer of 2016. watch this. >> i will tell you this, russia,
2:35 am
if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. let's see if that happens. >> trump's campaign released a statement claiming it relied on the rnc and data experts as our main source for data analytics, but failed to mention the campaign cambridge. almost $6 million in the firm. owned by the mercer family. close ties to steve bannon, mike pence, jared kushner and others tied to the trump team. steve bannon once on the board of cambridge and according to news, divested stake in the company to join the trump white house. earlier this month, house intelligence committee is looking into the firm as part of its investigation into russia's metaling. it's been more than two months since the president signed russia sanction bill into
2:36 am
law. yet to be implemented. asked about the delay, the white house deflected and referred questions to the state department. asked corker if he would make calls to figure out why the administration missed the october 1 deadline to impose those penalties. senator will talk about that and feud with the president later on morning joe . fell to new low. just 38% approve. down 4 points since september. trump's disapproval rating hit a new high of 57%. also seen a dip in approval numbers among core supporters and eight point drop since september with white evangelical voters and whites without a college degree. down to 66 approval. and six point drops among another three groups,
2:37 am
conservatives, men and white voters falling below majority with men and whites. down to 46 and 45% each. self identified trump voters and republicans, the president's approval remains steady. 87% of approve from trump voters. 83% support from republicans. with millions of dollars already spent, republican civil war brewing in next year's midterm elections, becoming deeply personal with allies and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell new attack. challenged senator dean keller in nevada to sign a mcconnell replacement pledge. mitch mcconnell tweeted back, here's another pledge to sign. the blister new york daily news
2:38 am
headline claiming that bannon is anti-semitic. bannon has denied the claim. attack on his character was, quote. >> reporter for axios, alayna treene, good to see you once again. you heard "the washington post" reporting allies and mitch mcconnell declared war against steve bannon. not surprised. bannon has had to say on the public stage with all of this. how nasty is this going to get, do you think. >> i think it could get pretty nasty. i think there's still a disconnect. co-founder of -- telling me the grassroots really kind of still aligned bannon and when they get upset with these primary can candidates, they take that view of it and more so see that
2:39 am
mcconnell and the establishment gop really aren't getting it. i do think that mcconnell, ryan, they're going to keep endorsing these incumbent senators in these primaries. there will still be a lot of back and forth between the bannon and mcconnell factions for sure. >> let me ask you to look into your crystal ball for a moment and talk about former vice president joe biden speaking to vanity fair, not ruling out a possible 2020 run against donald trump. we know back in 2016, he was still reeling from the passing of his son. that weighed on the possibility of whether or not he could run the campaign back then. will it happen in 2020? what are you hearing. >> reporter: such a biden answer of him to say i have decided i'm not going to not run, but people are taking from that that he's going to run. i think there's a good possibility of it. he wanted to in 2016, but of course what was going on in his family decided not to. i think he has a good chance of
2:40 am
trying for this in 2020. there's still a lot of things uncertain. we don't know who else is going to be running. if he's going to decide to want to go against the other democrats so there's still uncertainty. i think him saying this shows that it's a possibility. >> if people were worried about his health, he would be in the same age group as president trump. so both the same age demographic. >> in you don't want to see a second terms of trump, a lot of people weighing in saying biden could be the man. >> also, president trump returning to texas yesterday for an update on the hurricane recovery efforts. and also to attend a fundraiser there. is this the president trying to do damage control considering what's taken place in the criticism that he received after u.s.'s response in puerto rico. >> i think that's definitely plays a part in it. his handling of the storms was initially not viewed well with
2:41 am
american voters. after puerto rico kind of slid down a bit. this is him going back to ensure people i'm here. i'm still paying attention. he's always more so had a bit of a better way of responding in texas than he did in puerto rico. they greeted him as we just saw. screaming usa and chanting for him. so there's definitely a difference between the response that you've seen there and in florida than in puerto rico. >> all right. alayna treene, thank you very much. still ahead, a peaceful meal is shattered for restaurant patrons after a car comes barrelling into the eatery. show you more of that video coming up next. unbelievable. bill karins is back with us. details on halloween weekend snow that is actually brewing in some parts of the country. potential for a foot of powder in some parts of the country. >> make that fun for some families.
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welcome back, everyone. scary scene in maryland. people enjoying a lunch at one restaurant. had their meal interrupted by a car crashing through the wall of the business. surveillance video from the restaurant captured the vehicle barrelling through the bar yesterday. >> unbelievable. so scary. >> very scary moment. ten people hurt. two of them suffering serious injuries. >> look at that woman just backs up. >> unbelievable. >> the driver says she lost control of the vehicle after she claims her brakes went out. no word on whether or not she's actually going to face any charges. >> look at that guy. and then he kind of collapses right there. >> that is unbelievable he wasn't injured that buy the right there. >> there were ten injuries. two of them are serious. fortunately, no fatalities. that in itself is a miracle. >> imagine sitting there, having
2:46 am
a drink, getting a beer, whatever. >> and witnessing that, experiencing that. luckily, no one -- >> let's turn to weather now. we got some snow coming, bill. i think i remember back in 2011, we had a halloween snow. i'm dating it because i do love my halloween, but in 2011. >> parents out there, listen up to bill karins report because it's going to determine what costumes you wear. >> we had snow, i think here. and now we're getting it out there. >> it's happening. put snow on the pumpkin before. northern half of the country. this snow will probably melt by then. time it out for you. as we go through the morning, snow is appearing in canada. go throughout the day today, this storm will be diving down to the south. you notice the blue. that's snow. fargo, see some snowflakes today. not a huge or deal. cold and windy during the day. icebox for a reason. probably get a couple of inches out of this. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. talking about the snow over the
2:47 am
top of minneapolis. we will get the winds with this. we're not going to see too many huge problems. 1-3 inches in general. here's the international falls area could get six inches. that's a different ball game up there. most of the state of minnesota is going to be 1-3. early season snow. more of a nuisance than anything else. long gone by halloween. now let's talk about the tropics. in october still get storms form down here in western caribbean. hurricane center 40% chance of development. why do we care about this. it's going to head northward. near florida on saturday. here's the development zone over the next couple of days. all of the moisture or the green and yellow, heavier rain over south florida. comes saturday afternoon. then this front comes through. sucks it up the east coast. this is the ingredients for our big storm in the northeast and new england on sunday. we could see 3-5 inches of rain from philadelphia to new york all through new england and on top of that, winds gusting 60
2:48 am
miles an hour. could be talking about trees down, power outages, things like that come sunday and monday. keep that in mind for your weekend plans. >> thanks so much. turn to business, more on new security measures we mentioned a few minutes ago affecting international travelers. live from london. what do people flying to the u.s. expect today with the new security measures. >> depends on the airline, but the threats and explosive consequence the passengers could be longer wait times, earlier required check ins, short security. if you're going with pacific, no longer have access to internal academic in. self drop bag services. if you're traveling to the u.s. other requirements are increased security on electronic devices and crazy stats. affect 325,000 passengers. 2100 commercial flights and over the course of the week, expecting 180 airlines from 280
2:49 am
airports and 105 countries to be affected. also facing increased scrutiny from the u.s. authority, chinese investors looking to buy into american businesses. thanks to a new bill in the senate right now. greater oversight over chinese investors looking to buy parts of u.s. businesses. joint ventures, minority real estate. and military bases. >> live from london, thanks so much. still ahead. president trump preparing to embark on first visit to asia. >> up next, live to beijing. preview of that trip.
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. all right. welcome back, everyone, sprump set to embark on his first asia visit with stops in china, south korea, and vietnam and everyone guessing whether he will go to the dmv him it comes with high tensions bounds to be a major discussion on the trip. yesterday a senior official told cnn the u.s. should take quote literally a threat from foreign minister pyongyang would detonate a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean, adding it has always brought its words into
2:53 am
actions all this is happening with a rare personal message, kim jong-un sent his congratulation toss china's president xi jinping at the communist party congress. the north korean leader wasn't the only one, president trump tweeted he spoke to president xi of china to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation. also discussed north korea and trade, two important subjects. some might call him king of china. you may recall trump praised erdogan after his power leap this year. janice, good to see you this morning. we appreciate you joining us him all of this coming ahead, of course, of trump's state visit to china next month. give us the sense of the stakes here for this visit. >> reporter: well, president trump's visit here will be very closely watched. he is arriving to a very
2:54 am
confident host xi jinping who now has absolute authority over 1.3 billion people, a growing economy and xi spent his first five-year term, purging the ranks of rivals and tightening restrictions on pretty much every aspect of chinese society from religion to culture to the internet. what happens significantly at the party congress which has concluded, his name and ideology were enshrined in the party's constitution, what that does, that dpifrs him statue held only by ma se tongue and xao ping. he is cheering author tain rule. as you mentioned, this is something he did to the leaders of they and the phillipine, ironically that other message of kim jong-un, that congratulation
2:55 am
toss xi, that's not unusual. china remains its greatest allie. this is the power dynamic that defense secretary james mattis is coming into as he meets officials in seoul, trying to see if there is a diplomatic solution to the north korea crisis. she worried there could be provocation during president trump's trip to asia. we should note it's 40 days since they tested the missile. >> we will be watching that. >> to say it is his tore sick definitely an understatement coming up next on morning joe, much more on the state of the republican party following the public condemnation of outgoing senators, bob corker and jeff flake and house freedom caucus on what the changes will mean for republican power if congress him plus, senator chris coons also jones the conversation. "morning joe" moments away, everybody. ♪ this is a story about mail
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2:59 am
president trump will formally declare today the opioid epidemic is a public health emergency t. president is scheduled to make a speech and different recommendations on how to address the issue. he will be joined by several give, including those from alaska, louisiana and kentucky. meanwhile, mike pence heads to colorado. he will tour a lockheed facility this afternoon before speaking at a fund raiser for the colorado republican party and documents related to the assassination of john f. kennedy never seen by the public will be seen today, president trump said he will allow it to be made public. that was made 25 years ago at the sitting president. "morning joe" starts right now. >> the bottom line is if i were to run a campaign that i could be proud of and where i didn't have to cozy up to the president and his positions or his behavior, i could not win in a
3:00 am
republican primary. that's the bottom line. it's not that you have to be with the president on policy, you can't question his behavior and still be a republican in good standing. >> do i wish these, these differences wouldn't be happening out in the public? yeah, i think people should settle their differences personally. i think it's better that way. i think it's in our interest to have party unity so we can continue to work forward on an agenda. >> well, if you listen to anything jeff flake said yesterday, his problems go far deeper than personal differences as the house speaker would like to describe it. for now the president is getting cover on capitol hill at least as long as the sweet smell of tax cuts happening in the air. good morning, everyone, it's thursday, october 26ing, welcome to "morning joe." we have mike


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