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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 1, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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ive re tailer today at good morning, everyone. it's wednesday november 1st, i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. we begin with the halloween day attack on manhattan's lower west side. eight people were killed and at least 11 injured in what authorities say is an act of terrorism. officials say a man drove a rented home depot truck to a bike path. and mowed people down before crashing into a school bus. that's when he got out of the vehicle and screamed "allahu akbar" which means god is great. police said he was armed with a pellet gun and paint ball gun.
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he was eventually approached by an officer and shot in the stomach. here's a photo of the suspect being detained. listen to one witness. >> when i was going to cross the street, i hear a loud commotion coming from behind me. so, when i go back across to where i was crossing the street from, i look down and i see a truck going down towards sandy street. i'm saying what's going on? then i go down more -- he's in the bike lane. clearly in the bike lane. when i go down, i see two gentlemen laying there in the bike lane with tire marks across their body. you could tell that they're not here no more. >> let me be clear based on information we have at this moment, this was an act of terror. and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians. aimed at people going about their lives who have no idea what was about to hit them. >> we've lived with this before.
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we felt the pain before. we feel the pain today. but we go forward together. and we go forward stronger than ever. we're not going to let them win. and if we change our lives, we contort ourselves to them. then they win and we lose. >> all right. the suspect is described as 29-year-old sayfullo saipov that entered the u.s. in 2010. law enforcement officials tell nbc the suspect left a note in the truck that he committed an attack for isis. and officials say he rented the truck at home depot about an hour before carrying out the attempt. they say sayfullo is a truck driver and driving for uber. the friend described him as a good guy and happy guy who liked
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the u.s. >> let's bring in our very own louis burgdorf. if you watch the show every morning, no stranger to anyone. one of the first reporters on the scene. we were texting throughout, louis, and you were giving us a harrowing account as you rushed to that scene. describe for our viewers what you were telling us, what you saw yesterday as you got to that? >> reporter: yeah, ayman, yasmin, i live about ten blocks north of here. and what i saw was a lot of commotion, a lot of confusion. as i crossed over the west side highway and got on to that bike path, i realized that something very, very severe and tragic had happened. i could see multiple people on the ground, very severely injured. and as first responders started to make their way to the scene, nothing was blocked off at that time. you know, the west side highway
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is a very, very busy thoroughfare in new york city. and cars were stopping. and people were wondering what was happening. during, during that time, it's so chaotic, we hear, you know, reports of an active shooter. you hear people saying they saw a truck go extremely fast down the bike lane hitting people. one of the most difficult things for me was to see cyclists on the ground motionist next to his bicycle. with a first responder attempting to resuscitate him, giving him mouth to mouth. giving him chest impressions. this went on for about three, four, five minutes when she realized that she could not save this person. and had to stop. as i said before, this is a very long stretch, this bike path. so, first responders were running up and down long distances, attempting to find victims, to tend to victims. and in the very beginning, there
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weren't a lot of ambulances here yet. so, you know, these police officers were doing everything that they could to save -- to save these people. >> it was such an incredible beautiful day out yesterday as well. >> yeah, halloween. >> with halloween, so many people being out. around the time that kids were getting out of school. so many schools around there, two or three schools just in that area as well, important to figure that. louis, just thinking about halloween in general with tribeca being an area where a lot of kids are out there trick or treating, and then you have the parade just a couple blocks north really happening in that area. what was it like in your neighborhood after this awful, awful incident took place? >> reporter: yeah, i just want to make one point. there's never a silver lining in any of this, especially when you have so many people who lost their lives, so many people injured and people's lives change forever. but i will say timing in these things as we've seen in past
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attacks is extremely important. if this suspect had happened to do this even an hour, 20, 30 minutes later than when he did, i think things could be even worse than they are. because, you know, as we reported that school was kind of locked down. but those kids were about to leave the school. and that path gets much busier as the day goes on, as we get into the rush power, 5:00 p.m. hour. as far as halloween goes. people were on the streets. they took cues from the governor and mayor saying we can't be frightened by this and change the way we live by this. as a new yorker, it made me really proud to see people on greenwich street still out trick or treating, with their kids and pushing their strollers and living their lives. that was amazing to see last night. >> louis, we'll talk to you again at the bottom of the hour. thank you. we're also learning more about the eight people killed in the terror attack. officials say about six died at
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the scene while two died later. argentina's foreign affairs minister has confirmed five died in the aek celebrating their 30th anniversary of their high school graduation. officials have not released information about the final two victims yet. the investigation has led to police activity on the other side of the hudson river. has reported that law enforcement ascended on paterson, new jersey that includes an sapt building where the attacker reportedly lived. and a mosque as well. and the activity was led by new york fbi task force but that paterson officers were in control of traffic. a 64-year-old neighbor told that saipov lived in his
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building in an upstairs apartment for less than a year with his family. he said he'd seen him at the local mosque. but called the alleged attacker, never says good morning, never says good afternoon. paterson told that he was adding we have 52 nationality eyes, hard working people that come to paterson to start a new life. first lady melania trump was in new york and posted her heart breaks for the city. president trump reacted. in his official statement the president offered his thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families. he pledged the administration's full support with the nypd with the fbi. he also thanked the first responders on scene. in twitter he initially posted in new york city looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged person. law enforcement is following this closely.
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not in the usa. he also said, quote, we must not allow isis to return after defeating them in the middle east and elsewhere. enough. and then this tweet, quote, i have just ordered homeland security to step up our already extreme vetting program. being politically correct is fine but not for this. yesterday's attack was just the latest in which the attacker has turned a vehicle into a deadly weapon. it's something that isis and al qaeda have both called for in the past to employ such low-tech attacks. nbc's tom costello has more. >> reporter: it's a growing terror tactic that's been used around the world with devastating results. july 2016, a truck on the boardwalk in nice, france, plowed through crowds of people on holiday. 86 skikilled, 200 injured. similar tactics on the london bridge last may. eight dead. another five in march. around the world in barcelona,
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stockholm, berlin. and in the u.s. last year, ohio state university, 11 injured. for years, isis and al qaeda have called for just this type of low-tech attack using cars and trucks to mow down and kill as many people as possible. >> these skulmall-scale attacks using tools that are readily available make this not just difficult for truly impossible. >> reporter: in new york last may it wasn't a terror attack but a deranged suspect on drugs who killed a woman and injured 22 after driving through a crowd in times square. nypd commissioner james o'neill told us last now using city trucks to wall off large public gatherings including thanksgiving. >> we had a ring of sanitation sand trucks around the whole route to make sure there were no unauthorized vehicles on the ramp. we did the same thing on new year's eve. and fourth of july is always a challenge.
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>> reporter: after isis called for targeting new york's thanksgiving parade last year, police visited 120 rental truck facilities telling them to be aware of any suspicious persons who might try to rent a truck. >> our thanks to tom costello for that report. much more ahead including what we're learning about a pro isis message posted before the attack. and the relationship to president trump, and those stories and a check of weather when we come back.
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shortly before we began taping tonight's show, we learned about the horrific events here in new york city. it appears a terrorist has attacked incident citizens in lower manhattan. in all of our hearts, all of our broken hearts go out to everyone affected. and to all those who live and work in this great city.
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tomorrow and the next day new yorkers will wake up to new details about what happened, but tomorrow and the next day, new yorkers will also wake up and keep going. because in an uncertain world, one thing is for sure -- new yorkers will never live in fear. >> amen to those powerful words from stephen colbert yesterday. as we mentioned that was him reacting to the terror attack here in new york city. yeah, we're following latest but now following the headlines. president trump distanced themselves from the former foreign policy adviser with the actors in the 2016 election. but "the washington post" shows documents that reportedly so george papadopoulos in general contact with most senior officials and meeting with foreign officials and reporter as broad as a campaign surrogate. a source at the meeting told that papadopoulos sat at the
2:16 am
elbow during a dinner with sessions. the post reports that papadopoulos met months later in september 2016 with a midlevel representative of the british foreign office where he said he had contact with the senior level of russian government. and papadopoulos reportedly conferred at one point with the foreign minister of greece in a meeting in new york. all of this reported activity comes after the young aide was told about the russian dirt and thousands of e-mails involving hillary clinton according to an admission at the filing. at the white house yesterday, sarah sanders continued to reject what papadopoulos did. >> i think papadopoulos is an example of somebody actually doing the wrong thing while the president's campaign did the right thing. all of the e-mails were voluntarily provided by the special counsel to the campaign and that has led to the process we're in right now with the
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campaign fully cooperating. what papadopoulos did is lie. and that's on him, not on the campaign. >> joining its now from washington defense reporter from "politico" jacqueline klimas. thank you for joining us. how has this been received in washington, both the indictment and guilty plea from papadopoulos? >> it definitely causes a start here. there's a lot of watching and waiting to see what's going to come next. this indictment or guilty plea by papadopoulos is the clearest thing that the trump administration at least attempted to collude with the russian government during the election. everyone is watching and waiting to see what's going to come next in the special investigation. >> let me switch gears and ask you about somebody who has become somebody if you will, a face of the republican party that is senate candidate roy moore in alabama. he's gotten praise from supporters in kansas. senators like ted cruz said he's going to stand by him if he gets
2:18 am
elected. but these drawn controversy for his views on muslims. he's also talked about homosexuals. he was on the hill yesterday. how did that go? >> it seems like to went pretty well. both sides seem to be trying to make nice, given that if this man is elected to congress, the senators are going to need his vote to advance their agenda. so, he seemed to pull back a little bit on his criticisms when asked about them. he sort of declined to comment. and republicans are definitely trying to distance himself from some of his more controversial comments that you mentioned. but mostly all are supporting him now that he's the gop candidate. >> i know our producer yesterday frank thorpe had staked him out on the hill and asked him a question and said he didn't want to talk about the issues. it seemed like a strange place to not want to talk about the issue. >> jacqueline, you've been reporting on president trump's ban with transgender troops amidst all of the news that's
2:19 am
happened this week and it's really only wednesday. it was blocked this week by a federal court. are we expecting the administration to push forward with this, to continue fighting? >> yes, everyone is definitely expecting the government to appeal. that being said, this legal decision is a big victory for advocates pushing for it. it comes from a well respected judge. legal experts tell me that going forward, this statement is likely to be held off and could advance significantly through the courts. because at the next level, it's likely to be held up. >> all right. jacqueline klimas live for us in washington, d.c. this morning. let's switch gears and get a quick check of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill? >> good morning. now, we're starting to head into november -- actually, we are in november. we're adding up the numbers from october, head-scratching, eye-opening, alarming whatever you want to call it the northeast was exceptionally warm in october. new york city, burlington all the warmest weather ever recorded.
2:20 am
the records in new york city go back 147 years. in burlington, vermont, as of this morning, they're still waiting for their first freeze. i had a lady tell me she still has peppers and tomatoes in her garden in november still growing. it's the first time she's ever had that happen. again, how are we looking towards this upcoming november? we're start out pretty warm. 60s in boston. and new york city, 60s. the warmer color, you see the probability of warmer than normal temperatures including the northeast, southeast and texas. koorlg than normal is possible until areas of the northern plains all the way back to the pacific northwest. so, for this morning, what we're dealing with right now, a little bit of light snow. if you check out your door in indianapolis, you'll see snowflakes. it's not sticking on the roads, but it is on the grass. this is a light rain, messy cloudy light rain through kentucky and heading through mississippi we're watching a rainstorm through montana.
2:21 am
just a lot of messy weather there. no huge storms just getting snow here and there. the mountains of the north rockies and yellowstone, 4 to 6 inches, 1 to 2 inches possible in minneapolis, duluth and northern portions of wisconsin. those numbers for the northeast for october, you know, we felt how unusually warm it was. warmest october ever. >> wow. >> i'm not complaining, to be honest with you. i like the warmer weather to start off november. >> i am, just a little bit. >> thanks bill. still ahead -- we continue to follow the very latest on the terror attack here in new york city. we're going to get a live report from the scene in just a few minutes. stay with us. t online grocery. this job that they created to do online grocery and to have that one-on-one experience with the customers, he's meant for it.
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. down -- down to see where the truck went. i hear nine or ten gunshots. that's when i duck out of the way. all of the police, you know, came running towards where i was, not knowing what's going on. they don't know what happened. you know, they're just as much confused as i was. it was just a scary, scareia -- you know, i just came out of work. i just wanted to watch the baseball game tonight and this is what i see. >> that was a witness yesterday recounting what he saw. a very dramatic and harrowing situation. we will be following it.
2:25 am
we want to give you a quick update on the world series game that the witness said he wanted to go home and watch at the end of the day. it will obviously be new a winner take all. after the dodgers managed to beat the astros. top of the third, a solo shot from george springer. making it five home runs for george springer. he's definitely on fire. meanwhile alcs gets him to strike out. chris taylor, you know what happens, he doubles into right bringing in austin barnes. tying the game. josh peterson notching his third home run of the series giving the dodgers a 3-1 lead. the astros, though, could not mount a comeback effort like they did in game five as closer kenly johnson gets him to strike
2:26 am
out. dodgers point to a game seven tonight in l.a. and the fans of major league baseball, i know mike barnicle is going to be up tonight watching that one, right? art all right. still ahead, house republicans postpone their tax reform rollout. will members of the party get on the same page? plus, we're going live to the scene of the terror attack in downtown manhattan. for the very latest. we'll be right back, everybody. helping keep shoppers safe. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a skyscraper whose elevators use iot data and ai to help thousands get to work safely and efficiently. this is not the cloud you know. this is the ibm cloud. the ibm cloud is the cloud for business. yours. ♪ ♪
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. we begin with halloween day terrorist attack in new york city. eight people are dead after a man drove down a bicycle lane on the city's lower west side. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more. >> reporter: bodies and mangled bicycles strewn across this new york city sidewalk, at least eight people dead after a truck sped down this popular bike track intentionally hitting pedestrians and cyclists. >> all the people on the ground. >> reporter: the attack targeted a school bus injuring two adults and two children inside. and this shows the suspect running from the scene with something in his hand. >> i saw the guy with two guns. the guy with two guns for some
2:31 am
reason was running around. he was getting chased. all of a sudden four shots went off and we started running this way. >> reporter: he was shot by an on duty patrol officer and taken into custody. the suspect is now being treated at a local hospital. >> this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civili civilians. >> reporter: the nypd that had been focused on heavy security for the halloween parade a few blocks away now consider it an act of terror. the man screamed sal eed allah. >> we will be more vigilant. police everywhere. you'll see them in the airports, you'll see them in the tunnels. it's not because there's any evidence of any ongoing threat. or any additional threat. >> reporter: the suspect's
2:32 am
vehicle, a rental truck, like so many other recent incidents traveled several blocks before stopping in the shadow of the world trade center. the hero officer who stopped the carnage moments after it began credited with preventing more lives from being lost. >> let's bring in our own louis burgdorf. one of the first reporters on the scene. he's been describing for us all morning long what he witnessed as the eyewitness to the deadly aftermath. louis, through the moments and what you were able to see. walks through the rest of the evening and how it's played out. >> reporter: ayman, yasmin, on chamber street where it meets canal street -- yeah, west side highway, excuse me. you can see over my left shoulder here, the truck, the pick trup truck that the suspect was driving. i was ten blocks north of there. and as i left my building it was a chaotic scene. there were a lot of people running. a lot of people unsure of what
2:33 am
to make of what just happened. people said they saw a truck barreling down the bike path. the hudson river bike path. as i got closer and got on to the bike path, i could see there were multiple people injured down that long stretch. and the first responders starting to arrive at the scene it was by no means at that time contained. it was not blocked off. people were just trying to save the lives of people injured. as i told you earlier in the show. there was one gentleman on the ground, a cyclist, laying next to his bike, in the brush, very injured. a police officer there she was on the ground giving him mouth to mouth and chest compressions. and after about four or five minutes of that, she seemed to stop. and he lay motionless there. to have something like this happen on your door step, it's terrifying. you asked me what happened later on in the evening.
2:34 am
s there there was a huge police presence down here. and it was by no means normal. but it was halloween, and it seemed like the residents around here were really able to come out and, you know, still have their night be as normal as possible which was extremely surprising. just to show how strong new yorkers are. >> and people now waking up, taking in the reality of what look place in their neighborhoods, louis, we are thankful that you're okay. thank you. joining us now retired special agent in charge for the atf and now an nbc law enforcement analyst jim cavanaugh. jim, good to have you this morning. i want to ask you a two-part question. one, officials came up shortly after the incident feeling very comfortable in saying they believed this was an isolated incident but later labeling it as terrorism. walk us through that determination. how are they so quickly able to determine there is no other threat out there?
2:35 am
and what's next for the investigation, where does it go from here? >> well, it could have been a little quick on that ayman, you can't always tell there's not an aider or abettor or co-conspirator, even from everything you find at the scene. the note, the quick preliminary check about was anybody with this guy, where did he live. they got agents out to his residences in florida, new jersey, ohio, pretty quick. i think they wrestled with that. they got enough information to believe it was one actor, you know, acting at least on the scene. and no visible co-responsibconsr players or cell. that's how they did it so quickly. >> where does the investigation go from here as they try to piece together the time line of where he's been over the past couple of months.
2:36 am
his ideology, motivations, as you said, who may have helped him get to this point? >> yeah, that's exactly where it's going to go. sometimes, it's kind of really empty for the victims, we have eight new yorkers we lost. we have 11 other families suffering. it doesn't matter to them, really, these radicalized digitally, a handler over the net or agent of influence he physically met, it matters not. he still killed people for little or no reason. but inside law enforcement, and inside military and our world, we talk about these things, because the value of all of that is to prevent other attacks and to stop other actors so, yes, exactly what you said, we want to know who influenced him. was it just, the cleric, the
2:37 am
american preacher cleric we killed in drone strike was it him? whose preaching is radicalized so many, al awlaki, is he him, or rantings on the internet, is it who he actually encountered. does have he have other people as well? what do his family members say? you know, it's probably going to be an empty home when they find it all. it's not going to be different from these things we've seen before. a 29-year-old with three kids can you imagine who had opportunity in america to work. >> right. >> he had a job, and people don't now value those things like they should. here's a man, he had a job, a truck driver. a family. he could have made it. he could have made a life better than many people do in the
2:38 am
world. and yet he went into this terrorist jihadist scene, al qaeda, isis. not religion. >> yeah. >> people saying he was overly religious. no, if he was religious, he would have went to the mosque, at the mosque, they would have turned him away from this stuff. no, he's not religious. that's the tragedy of it all. >> there's still many questions and hoping we can get answers from this and learn from this incident as well, jim cavanaugh, we appreciate you joining us. thank you. switching gears, talking about new court filings to the extent which the government invited paul manafort. a 17-page document laid out that manafort has three u.s. passports each with different identification numbers and that he submitted ten applications over decade. and it also shows vast fluctuations in manafort's wealth. and it says it poses a risk of
2:39 am
flight based on conduct. and the potentially sensitive sentences they face. the strong evidence of guilty. the significant foreign res fors and foreign connections. manafort and deputy rick gates have pled not guilty. yesterday, the president had this reaction to a question about a potential pardon for his top campaign manager take a listen. >> are you going to pardon -- >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> now, this as one of the people who replaced manafort in leading the trump campaign steve bannon is reportedly now telling the president to take on special counsel bob mueller. "the washington post" cites three courses saying bannon has spoke with trump in recent days, and to counsel a shift in strategy. now, the president has not accepted bannon's advice so far.
2:40 am
and that's according to the sources. the white house had this to say about the pressure that is now coming from its former chief strategist. >> steve bannon is saying that this relationship is in fact with special counsel mueller -- >> i'm not sure we'd push back against it so far. all they've done is come up with ways and shown more and more that was no connection between the trump campaign and collusion with russia. >> chief of staff john kelly said they're looking into the special probe as it's taking a toll on the president. >> we're in great hopes that it wraps up. it is very distracting to the president, as it would be to any citizen, to be investigated for something, while at the same time, trying to carry the weight of what being president of the united states means on his shoulders. >> all right. meanwhile, the final attempt for republicans, to pass a major piece of legislation in the first year of the trump administration has hit a snag. house republicans announced last
2:41 am
night, they will miss their deadline to release a tax plan. house ways and means chair said in consultation, we have decided to release it on thursday. we're pleased with the progress we are making and we are committed to next week. and the committee negotiations would continue, signaling discord within the party. and senate democrats seize on the gop's divide on 401(k) retirement accounts while letting americans have more. "the washington post" reporting that house republicans will stop a plan to lower the tox income tax rate to keep it at 39.6%. yesterday, president trump said some of his key advisers were staying behind from the upcoming asia trip to work on tax reform. and that ivanka trump will
2:42 am
return home from the trip early in order to boost the plan. >> while i'm in asia, members of my cabinet will be traveling around the country talking directly to taxpayers and focusing on the regional media which we find to be a much more credible media, to be honest with you. by thanksgiving, i want all of the people standing by my side when we get ready to sign, by christmas. hopefully, before christmas, it will be a big event, the biggest tax event in the history of our country. >> back from washington, our politico reporter jacqueline klimas. a pretty aggressive time line by senate republicans now they deleted. is this a sign that they may not get the job done? >> it just shows a fourth sign of the disorganization in the republican party. the fact that this bill is now delayed, it's a key part of the campaign and something that the party has been talking about
2:43 am
doing for a long time. the fact that they can't get the bill out to the deadline they set by themselves definitely shows it's not off to a great start. >> let me ask you, if i can, by switching gears to this bipartisan group, to get some legislation. to ban bump stocks. a month after the shooting in las vegas, congress entered a bill to regulate, not to ban, but to regulate bump stocks. how do you think that we're going to see legislation signed by the president? >> the fact that it's bipartisan is definitely a good sign. but in the wake of the las vegas shooting we saw bipartisan legislation fail. and congress has a long list to do, funding by the government runs out in december. so, they need to deal with that. because of the timing and opposition to basically any gun control reform, i think it definitely faces an uphill battle. >> jacqueline, we're hearing more and more from john kelly
2:44 am
these days. he's said pretty controversial stuff. in an interview with fox, john kelly defended robert e. lee saying the civil war happened because of a, quote, lack of ability to compromise. what kind of reaction are you hearing from that? >> there's been much backlash from capitol hill, even some republicans. senator scott is the only black senator in the republican caucus. and he came out and basically said that there was no compromise to make. this was a fight about slavery. and that the country needs to move on stop letting past fights divide us today. at the same time, you saw the white house defend his markings and say that kelly's remarks were being misconstrued. and he was actually saying that all leaders have flaws but on capitol hill, the administration and john kelly definitely faced a lot of criticism. >> jacqueline klimas live in washington, d.c., thank you. still ahead, everybody, president trump is just days away from his first trip as
2:45 am
president to asia. a stop in south korea. plus, bill karins is back with us. he's going to break down the weather forecast for us for the 1st day of november. stay with us. what's critical thinking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods? the value of capital is to create,
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hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground. welcome back, everyone. let's get a quick check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, november 1st, going to feel like fall at least in the northeast? >> yeah. it's starting to feel a little cooler but it's going right back up. wait until the end of this week, temperatures in the 70s so no check from mother nature. some other in indianapolis and snow falling in areas of ohio, areas of columbus, some of the first snowfalls of the region. there's a big region in louisiana, heavy rains in northern louisiana and alexandria. how about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of rain. lighter amounts to columbus,
2:49 am
syracuse, pittsburgh, new york. light rain day with showers, a gloomy-type day, a little chilly. nowhere is it frigid. minneapolis at 29, bismarck at 30. frozen precipitation limited. at least if it's going to stick on the ground northern minnesota and northern wisconsin. still a cool morning, tallahassee down to 49. 43 in new york city. today's forecast, we're going to be plenty warm in the middle of the country, oklahoma to texas. not bad in the southeast. as i mentioned just fallish, cool in the great lakes region. tomorrow, all eyes on dallas. could be 93 degrees tomorrow in dallas. if that happens, that's the first time they've ever hit 90 degrees in november. more temperature head-scratchers tomorrow. >> that does not sound like a crisp fall day. that's for sure. president trump is set to depart as his first trip to asia as commander in chief. the administration has confirmed
2:50 am
that trump will not visit the dmv. all sitting presidents except ronald reagan and george h.w. bush have visited the site. there's not enough time in the schedule it's becoming a little cliche, frankly. it comes as a announcement that will the president will head home early. attempting to clarify, he will attend a gala dinner. adding that the president has to come back to work. we can't have him away from washington forever. a reuters is reporting a u.s. representative for north korean policy has been in quiet contact with north korea's u.n. mission using what is known as the new york channel. at the beginning of the presidency, heun's orders were to release and a broader
2:51 am
mandate. he's not been limited at all in frequency and substance of those communications. you may recall in more than one occasion trump has called diplomacy with north korea, quotes, a waste of time. depend silhouette briefs feature a comfortable, sleek fit. as a dancer, i've learned you can't have any doubts. because looking good on stage is one thing. but real confidence comes from feeling good out there.
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2:54 am
giants testified for the first time yesterday on capitol hill about russia's attempts to influence the 2016 election. reps from facebook, twitter and google were grilled how they missed the signs of foreign propaganda. day two of this testimony, so much information coming out. bring us up to speed as to what we will expect today. >> reporter: yes, okay. so this is the first of three, two of day thing. it's the first time executives from google, facebook and twitter actually on capitol hill and publiclying a knowledging the role they played during the presidential company. both democrats and republicans have been quite critical of the way these companies have handled all of this. it took them a very long time to come out and acknowledge they did have a role. facebook on monday announced americans were exposed to
2:55 am
critical ads sponsored by an agency, chief executive mark zuckerberg came under fire anne when he dismissed there were foreign affairs on their website, now since then, face b.c. has, indeed, hired a thousand people no manually review ads. google has said the same internet research agency used youtube to upload a thousand as well and twitter said they had 131,000 messages from the russian agency had been published as well. so many of these hearings are about whether or not these will combat more fake news this year on tear platforms. back to you smr just incredible the scope. >> the staggering numbers, one out of three minutes. >> thank you meanwhile, president trump and
2:56 am
republicans' failure to do health care reform may come back to haunt them. half of americans said they would blame trump and congressional republicans if he can heck costs increase under obamacare and more people lose coverage. 37% said they would blame former president obama and the democrats and when americans were asked how they felt ability some important figures in the republican party, former white house chief strategist steve bannon was the most unpopular, 42% viewing him negatively. only 18% viewed him positively. bannon doesn't fare better. much more on the deadly terrorist attack here in new york city as officials look for clues on what caused the suspects to carry out this violence, we get more from governor bill deblasio. >> plus police commissioner bill
2:57 am
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. >> when i was going to cross the street, i hear a loud commotion come from behind me, i come back from where i was crossing the street from, i look out and i see a truck going down towards chambers street, i'm saying, what's going on? as i go down more, i see two -- he's clearly in the bike laner, when i go down, i see two gentleman laying right there in the bike lane with tire marks across their body, you could tell they're not here no more. >> based on the information we have at this moment, this was ap act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror, aimed at innocent civilians. aimed at people going about their lives who had no idea what was about to hit them. >> we have lived with this before. we felt e


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