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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 22, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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we have news on the russia front tonight. for starters, what really happened in that oval office meeting with donald trump, the two sergeis and only russian media on hand? new details from "vanity fair" tonight on that controversial encounter. plus a one time business associate of mike flynn now a subject of the mueller investigation. the reporter who broke that story with us tonight. and trump spent nearly five hours at his golf club today, but the white house did not want us to refer to as a low-key day for the president. "the 11th hour" on thanksgiving eve begins now. and on this wednesday night good evening once again from our nbc headquarters here in new york. day 307 of the trump administration. and as the president begins his thanksgiving holiday, there is news tonight on key players and events in the overarching russia investigation. first, we begin with former national security advisor and retired general michael flynn who lasted in his job just 24
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days before he was fired. tonight julia ansley reports for abc news that robert mueller is zeroing in an an associate of flynn's who was one of flynn's business partners. according to this report mueller wants to know what role he played if any regarding the flynn lobbying groups failure to disclose foreign governments. he's already discussed work on behalf of turkey. subpoenaed e-mails also showed he joined him on a meeting september 15 with dana rohrbacher. it's under scrutiny by team mueller. tonight's other report comes from "vanity fair" writer howard blum, and it's about the
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controversial oval office meeting back in may between donald trump, russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov and then ambassador to the u.s., sergey kislyak. a day after it took place james comey was fired, a day which american media journalists were barred and russian press journalists were allowed in. in a report, blum writes about a covert israeli mission to stop an isis bomb plot described to him by israeli intelligence sources. that mission was then disclosed to the russians by president trump. blum also writes in the article, quote, there are some petulant voices in official washington who insists that the president's treachery was deliberate, part of his long time collaboration with the russians. it is a true believer orthodoxy, one that predicts the meeting will be damnening in an
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indictment that robert mueller, the special counsel, will ultimately nail to the white house door. with that let's turn to our lead off panel on a wednesday night. jill winebanks is back with us. attorney, form assistant watergate counsel and nbc legal analyst. and jeremy bash. i'd like to begin with you, jeremy. talk about uralliance with israel. talk about its importance, how many shared secrets we've had over the years, and the danger if those shared secrets including danger to humans on both sides -- the danger if those shared secrets get out. >> well, brian, america has almost no greater partner on the counter terrorism issues, the counter proliferation issues. and in the middle east ourdommic ally, israel. we cooperate very intimally with
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them on human intelligence collection, on a range of missions that are very sensitive. we have a long history with them. and it's really predicated on trust. and the idea is if they share their intelligence with us and our leadership, we want share it with russians and possibly risk having it fall into the hands of iranians. first, that the israeli operation if the reporting is correct, is very sensitive cross border operation deep into the isis territory where they conducted recognizance and conducted a conversation about this isis bomb plot. and that's the information that trump reportedly revealed to the russians in the oval office in may. and the second, although it's further down in the piece but very interesting, that career professionals at cia warned officials before the inauguration, don't give your secrets to this president, to
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this administration because he's under investigation for his close ties to russia. he may spill those secrets to russia, and it may fall into the hands of iran. >> and jeremy, the article speculates towards the end. he could have been trying to brag to the russians. this could actually be a result of collusion and a freestanding relationship he had with them. but there's another unlisted reason i suppose should be listed among the possibles and that is not knowing how the world works, thinking somehow he was speaking to the same team. >> yeah, it could be naivety, but i think it was overall negligence. and i think its overall covert with russia and eagerness to please is puzzling. >> what do you pull out of this? how do you read this? >> i would say it's on indication of how much longer the investigation will have to continue because it opens up some areas that i would want to
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pursue. i want to find out more details, talk to more witnesses. and one witness leads to another. and that leads to another. i think there's some reason to be fearful of what he did in terms of our relationship with the israelis, but it is also with the rest of the world. because every other democracy is looking at the fact that he revealed these very secret and very important methods of the operation. and they will all be fearful of sharing intelligence with america because of that. so that's beyond perhaps mueller's -- his jurisdiction. but i think even within it we have to look at whether it was part of a collusion. >> julia, your superb reporting has given us another figure with a difficult to pronounce name among other things. can you describe the relationship to flynn and put it on the board with overall
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importance especially to mr. mueller? >> i think the easiest comparison here is look to how rick gates was. bijan is a similar person. really kind of the front man, and he was setting up a lot of these meetings. a lot of people who worked with flynn intel group over 2016 said they didn't even meet flynn himself but they met bijan himself. and his connections have sort of permuted through a lot of washington circlds. we know he's one of the founders of the no rouse coalition. they have a very populent ball every year. he's someone a lot of people know. but he's also sort of seen as a formidable figure. he really pushes what he wants. and the fact he was part of a group that did not disclose
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$130,000 lobbying they got on behalf of the turkish government is important to mueller and the filing of the facts didn't include the rohrbacher meeting. and these are the same questions the grand jury is going to start asking about in the weeks to which. so it's really important on that fact. >> and jill, back to you, you see it in the fact that these names once considered fringe, not main players who would be listed six months ago as we kind of mapped out where we thought this story was going. you see a signal this says something about the depth and breadth and length of this investigation. >> it does. it says something about the timing of it, but it also says these are people you go to build a case against the higher ups. these aren't the people that you're really targeting. obviously flynn is much more important character because he
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was in a position of great power and authority. and if you can use kian to get more information about flynn and flynn's son, and even flynn's son can be used to pressure to tell what he knows. and there's been some indication possibly witnesses like jared kushner were called in before all the documents and minor witnesses were called in. and then you get information from the minor witnesses and documents that you want to re-question someone like jared kushner about, and then you have to bring him back. so it's a tricky process as to what the timing is. and i think that's what's part of involved here. >> jeremy bash, do you think we're in for a quiet thanksgiving break? and here's why i ask. mueller, though not a showy person, has some powerhouses on his staff, and he has shown he's not above of a move especially
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where the manafort pre-dawn raid was concerned. he certainly has the power and means to do something like serve a warrant over the thanksgiving break, which really would get the attention of a lot of people. >> yeah, he could possibly if there was a reason to do it, but i think bob mueller is more like the kind of prosecutor that does things when the circumstances merit it, not just to send a signal. so i suspect if he and his team taking a little bit of a breather over the holiday, you will see this intensify. >> jeremy, what did you make of "the wall street journal" article we talked about here last night of jared kushner's potential entanglements? >> again, this is tricky one because jared kushner was charge would the responsibility of working with other foreign governments, other foreign officials. the question is really did he do anything improper? i think is a theory in the bob
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mueller investigation that the entire trump campaign and organization had a for sale sign around its neck. and that everybody whether paul manafort and mike flynn and others around the president were willing to do almost anything if they could advance their own business interests. >> julia, same question. >> i think bob mueller right now is in a time line where he's going back and interviewing a lot of people. the fact that there are grand jury interviews coming up in december means that he's probably unlikely to be serving a warrant on michael flynn at this point. as far as jared kushner goes, there's been a steady drum beat. just like that pointed out last night by "the wall street journal," jared kushner didn't disclose a lot of these foreign contacts, and this is now the subject. so it could be like jeremy said, flynn becomes the next piece we look at, the next shoe to drop but that kushner may be soon to
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follow. >> jill, we had a former u.s. attorney on this show last week that made two points that got our attention. one he feel's mueller is just getting started. and number two i asked him in terms of an iceberg, 5% to 10%, we're able to see on the surface. he said that sounds about right. you have any reason to disagree with that? >> no, i think we don't know what mueller knows and it is just the beginning. and we have to take this one step at a time as the pieces of the puzzle are put together. but i think that wall street journal article was really brilliant reporting and really is very good reading for all of your viewers because it lays out obstruction, lays out collusion. it lays out the false testimony. it lays out not disclosing things. it lays out not revealing documents. it's a very, very insightful piece and brings it all together. and it also shows why it's going to take so long to get to the bottom of this.
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>> and jeremy, you get the last question. and it has to do with our loved ones on the move on a busy holiday weekend. we all want to believe they're moving in safety, in a secured world. is it your impression that intelligence agencies are continuing their good work and their close alliances yet maybe not sharing it up the chain because of examples like this? >> that's possible, brian. but i've been talking to intelligence professionals, and i think they are pretty much nose down, doing the difficult work of collecting, analyzing information about your adversaries plans and tensions. and they're hard at work at this hour away from their loved ones this holiday trying to protect us. i will also say some prayers have to go out to the families of those naval officials who are lost at sea in that plane crash off the coast of asia. and i've been on planes like
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that. it's a tough ride, and it's a situation where we have to really hand it to those navy officials who had to conduct that harrowing rescue. >> yeah, we have a special segment on that in tonight's broadcast. tough time for the seventh fleet and the u.s. navy. our great thanks to jill winebanks, jeremy bash, and julia. and still ahead, roy moore's democratic opponent doug jones out with a tough new ad using the names and faces of the accusers. and up next why there was some mix-up about exactly where the president spent his time and more when "the 11th hour" continues. take-off. we're invested in creating the world's first state-of-the-art drone testing facility in central new york and the mohawk valley, which marks the start of our nation's first 50-mile unmanned flight corridor.
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it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by a shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> president trump's thanksgiving message from 2016. he was, of course, president-elect when he issued that call for unity after a divisive political season. well, fast forward a year. he's president now, and here is how he started the day on twitter. marking this day the 54th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. and we quote, it wasn't the white house, it wasn't the state department. it wasn't father lavar's so-called people in china that
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got his son out of prezzen sentence. it was me, too bad. lavar is just a poor man's version of don king just without the hair. just think, lavar, you could have spent another five to ten years during thanksgiving with your son in china. remember shoplifting is not a little thing. it's a really big deal especially in china. ungrateful fool. speaking of sports, the president continued. "the nfl is now thinking of a new idea keeping teams in the locker room during the national anthem next season. that's almost as bad as kneeling. when will the highly paid commissioner finally get tough and smart? this issue is killing your league." and that is how the president started his day in mar almar-a-n
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florida. quote, the president will not have a low-key day and has a full schedule of meetings and phone calls. i'm joined by shannon pettypiece white house reporter for bloomberg, and michael crowley senior correspondent for politico. sean petty piece when we were told he had anything but a low-key day he went to his golf row sort in west palm. >> right, the motorcade drove to palm beach. they dropped him off. the press then held for about five hours at the nearby library, return today the golf course and followed the motorcade back to the mar-a-lago resort. this is the pattern that happens whether it's bedminster, whether it was last year at mar-a-lago
8:21 pm
where the white house refuses to acknowledge the president is golfing when he spends four to five hours at a golf course. sometimes we'll even see him in golf clothes getting in and out of the van. sometimes he shows up on instagram golfing with people and club members post photos. and all the white house will say is he may have hit a few balls. >> kimberley atkins, i am old enough to remember when presidents laid breathes and offered statements and statements on our assassination of our presidents. today's twitter storm, the first part of it was directed at a private citizen. the power presteej and words of the president directed at a private citizen. what was that about? >> yeah, it was about the president clearly being angered that this person did not thank
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him for doing what presidents and anyone in washington, whether it is in the white house or state department, is expected to do when americans have been arrested and they're being detained in a foreign country. you would think that the united states would do everything they could to secure their release. it seems that that in president trump's eyes is predicated on receiving praise and thanks for that move. and what you said is absolutely right. this is the anniversary of jfk's assassination, the president who said ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your countrych and in recent years president obama would go out to help give food to the homeless and the veterans. and i i remember president george bush would go to the
8:23 pm
troops. >> michael crully, what's your own barometer on how far we are from normal? >> you know, brian, there are a lot of days in this presidency where i try to rewind and imagine reading these tweets or these headlines even 18 months ago, two years ago and it would have been just incredibly surreal. and now it's just another day in the trump presidency, and we marvel at it. in the nourker they wrote a great piece talking about the russia investigation. but the metaphor was a frog being slowly boiled. and the point was these revelations about trump and russia are trickling out. and individually we're sort of concerned and surprised by them. in the aggregate it's not clear what affect they'll have because this stuff happens gradually. but if you could have all had it come at at once a couple of years ago people would have been
8:24 pm
shocked and scandalized. we risk becoming jaded to it. i'm glad you asked the question. it's a good moment to reboot. and let me just say one more thing. which is the the contrast here between the way we traditionally thought about the presidency, which was this grand platform, this world historical position. and presidents would not pick small fights. they were above the fray. and on a day like this maybe a president would be talking about john f. kennedy or the american character. and instead donald trump is constantly getting into fights with individuals so many rungs below him on the power ladder. again, we're sort of boiling the frog. and i think we shake our heads some way and say it's another day of trump as the president of the united states of america. >> by that standard, even last thanksgiving the world was a
8:25 pm
different place. >> right. but even last thanksgiving i don't think people would have expected something like a tweet about basketball players getting caught in china being the case. i think last thanksgiving i saw another article today oh, around the thanksgiving people table and how people felt thanksgiving and the thought of so hopeful, or what could be, and maybe there'll be a pivot and he'll be more presidential, remember the grand pivot. and yes, here we are this thanksgiving. i don't think anyone could have imagined the president would be in a twitter war with the father of a college basketball player. yes -- >> and yet it's a presidential utterance. you guys who have covered this administration every day have learned the kind of bake in, there are apps on the web that print these tweets on white house letterhead. there have been attempts to publish them. this is what the president is saying. contemporaneously this is the
8:26 pm
daily batch of history we get. >> and i think what is interesting there's how reporters handle this, and i think it's interesting how the world international community handles this and even people in his own administration take these. some of my colleagues have done reporting overseas where foreign leaders have come to acknowledge these are show of domestic audience and not a reflection of who the president is or what his priorities are. and i've talked to some people in the white house, too, who feel again this is some sort of a show or persona. it's not the trump they feel they see and interact with every day. sometimes they feel they have difficulty reconciling the difference between the tweets and the person they work with every day. but near universal everybody seems to say they wish he would stop tweeting from supporters to people in the white house to some of his closest longtime friends. >> kimberley, i think the president is scheduled to come back to washington sunday night, which of course light-years and
8:27 pm
many dozens of tweets from now. but he comes back to washington to what exactly? >> well, it's a tense time. i mean between still trying to find an elusive legislative accomplishment in the form of this tax bill to this -- to the ongoing probe by robert mueller to the fact that sexual harassment has essentially taken the u.s. capitol as one allegation against a lawmaker comes after another. and that, of course, reminds everyone of the allegations that have been made against the president. so it will be a tense time. i have a feeling that the president's twitter feed will be very full in the days and weeks ahead. >> and michael, i know you don't like making predictions, but what's the chance we come to the end of 2017, and when the president is called upon to list his accomplishments, has to reach way down into the that bag to pill out the name gorsuch all over again? >> i think there's a pretty good
8:28 pm
chance, brian. and it's -- it's not clear how he turns that around in 2018 either. and the republicans are going to have a tough mid-term election in 2018 the way things are going. i mean it's entirely possible now that trump is going to lose the republican majority in at least one house of congress and may find himself back to the kind of gridlock that president barack obama faced for so long. so i guess my point is, brian, get while the getting is relatively good should be the motto. but it's not working out that way for him. and it's not clear how much he will be able to get done before the voters express their opinions about how things are going. and that's not looking so promising for the gop right now. >> it's been a mean season of late. but we want to wish a happy thanksgiving to three of our best friends on this broadcast.
8:29 pm
thank you all for coming on with us tonight. coming up. what will republicans on the hill do if alabama sends them roy moore to take a seat in the u.s. senate? "the 11th hour" back after this. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪
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leigh corfman, beverly young nelson, gloria thaker deason, gena richardson, wendy miller, kelly harrison, and the list is
8:33 pm
growing. they were girls when roy moore immorally pursued them. now they are women, witnesses to us all of his disturbing conduct. will we make their abuser a u.s. senator? >> it's a powerful spot by any measure. and with that somber roll call of names democrat doug jones is launching another attack on his opponent in this alabama senate race. that ad is the second like it in just two days time. in all nine women have come forward with sexual misconduct claims against republican roy moore. they date back decades. some of the women were underage at the time. moore, we should note, denies all the allegations and maintains there are politically motivated. he hasn't appeared in public since last thursday. and his campaign tells nbc news he doesn't have any events scheduled until monday. a new politico poll out today
8:34 pm
shows even if moore wins the senate race 57% of respondents thinks he should be excelled from congress. moore's campaign staff is now down to a bear main. . his new communications advisor resigned today. joining us tonight to talk about all of it, charlie sykes, longtime radio show host, author and nbc contributor. importantly the author of the book germane to this discussion, "how the right lost its mind." and an nbc news national political reporter, gentlemen, welcome to you both. charlie, do you think there is undecided votes in alabama? do you think these numbers are on the move? do you think they're soft and
8:35 pm
changeable? >> i think they are soft. donald trump has a three fold strategy here. number one, convince people the women are lying. number two, he's arguing he's going to play the card, and watch how this play out, that the democrats are hip krts. why should we hold roy moore to a high standard it if the democrats don't hold bill clinton, al franken to a high standard. and number three, he's trying to make this a red, blue, binary choice. that this is not about these allegations. it's about abortion, the supreme court, about gun control, about immigration. these are actually when you put them to together, these are designed to get that republican base in line for roy moore. and it just might work. >> and to charlie's point, another way of putting it donald trump is signaling to republicans, look, i know this
8:36 pm
guy isn't the best senate candidate ever, but his vote is what i'm giving you. i'm giving you air cover and perhaps moral cover if you need it to cast a vote in this race for it the home team. >> that's exactly right, brian. he's giving permission to republicans to vote for roy moore. i think a lot of them are looking for that permission. i think you're absolutely right to ask the question of whether roy moore's support is soft and whether doug jones support is soft. there are a lot of votes up for grabs right now. and if the race is about the substantive matters, if it's about where alabama voters are on political and policy issues, that cuts to roy moore's benefit. if it's about sexual misconduct, that's going to benefit doug jones. and i think that's why you see doug jones talking about sexual misconduct and you see donald trump and his allies including
8:37 pm
kellyanne conway and others talking about this tax reform and seat in the senate. >> and this decision puts the president out on the edge of the envelope. there's very little support for the position he's taken in this senate race. does it do further damage to what is left of your beloved republican party? >> well, as i've said, i think it's potentially cat trophic because, you know, if roy moore gets elected -- and i think that's certainly possible -- then all the republican party is going to own this at least indirectly. and going into the 2018 elections, you know, think about the consequences of that to have roy moore be at least partially the face of the republican party? and then it challenges the republican party, are you going to take a stand or are you going to rollover like you have for the last year, and, you know,
8:38 pm
was this just a big bluff? and i don't think it's going to be a pretty picture. >> jonathan, the way they have garage banner on a laptop computer and maybe the next application may be a political ad. if that existed every could make the roy moore ad tonight on their laptop whatsoever. what application will this have, do you think, in real terms to 2018 when the entire house of representatives comes up? >> i think what's got to be very frightening to washington republicans is not only this particular issue that roy moore is dealing with is going to spread to other races but in roy moore's history he's never sat down and been quiet. this is somebody if he comes to washington you can expect is going to be very vocal about his views, which are perhaps -- you know, perhaps in the main stream for conservative republicans in alabama but certainly aren't in the main stream for the rest of the country.
8:39 pm
so you have a candidate not only with this sexual misconduct allegations issue but also could be a problem for republican leaders in the senate when he gets here if he does. >> also i don't know if they have parking for that horse outside the capitol. but i suppose we can deal with that at a later date. gentlemen, thank you so much for coming on the broadcast. coming up soon one less building here in new york will bear the trump name. that story and more when we come back. mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow. but after an electrical fire from faulty wiring, mary's vintage clothing and designer shoe collection were ruined. luckily, the geico insurance agency had recently helped mary with renters insurance, and she got a totally fab replacement wardrobe at bloomingdale's. mary was inspired to start her own fashion line, exclusively for little lambs. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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8:43 pm
after the restaurant was shattered the lawyer for the business says, quote, obviously since the election business has gone down. like many of its properties the trump organization does not own the trump soho building. sometimes they just license the name. in this case they run daily operations and collect a portion of the revenue. since the president has removed himself from day to day operations the decision fell to his sons don junior. it's the second time after a similar move in toronto this past july. it was also removed from an apartment complex along the hudson river here in new york. "the washington post" reports revenues has fallen at trump golf courses located in new york city and los angeles. they write of the president's so-called winter white house in florida. ", last summer 19 charities canceled galas or other fund
8:44 pm
raisers they had planned costing the trump organization hundreds and thousands of dollars in lost revenue." despite these cancellations the president has remained loyal to any prompt named trump. it will mark the 100th day he has spent at a trump property and his 28th day at mar-a-lago since becoming president. 307 days in all of trump presidency thus far. coming up the u.s. navy fleet investigating yet another tragic accident and possible life at sea. the latest on that story when we come right back. ♪ one is the only number ♪ that you'll ever need ♪ staying ahead isn't about waiting for a chance. ♪ because one is... it's about the one bold choice you make that moves you forward. ♪ ...that you ever need the one and only cadillac escalade. come in for our season's best offers
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terrible news on the eve of thanksgiving as navy search and rescue operations look for three missing individuals after a navy transport aircraft crashed in the philippine sea.
8:48 pm
the aircraft was on a routine flight carrying 11 passengers in all and cargo to the deck of the aircraft carrier ronald reagan when it crashed into the water reportedly halfway between okinawa and guam. notably eight people were rescued from the water and are in good condition. the aircraft in question here is a c2 airground. while something like a flying bus, they are among the safest and dependable aircraft in all the u.s. they're sometimes known as a cod. a statement released by the navy said they're focused on efforts to find the missing sailors. but japanese officials say engine failure might have played a role. that's an educated guess.
8:49 pm
there have been 17 iftalities and at least five incidents this year alone leading to the removal of eight top naval officers and the appointment of a new seventh fleet commander, vice admiral philip sawer. with us here retired admiral jack jacobs. he's also an msnbc military analyst. i know one of the things you teach at west point is tempo. -wheel we're not firing back and forth, in this case it's readiness tempo. and a lot being asked of a finite number of pieces of equipment and a finite number of people in the seventh fleet. >> you know not too long ago we were talking about a 600-ship navy in an environment in which our threats were not nearly as fragmented, dispersed and as
8:50 pm
difficult as they are today. and now we've got fewer than 300 ships. my guess is not nearly enough sailors to man them. we've got a united states army that is about the years. it is extremely difficult to protect this very large country with lots of threats, worldwide responsibilities with the kinds of assets that we have now, and particularly in the -- in asia, where china is a threat, north korea is a threat. there are a lot of problems in the area, and we're trying to contain them all with a relatively small fleet and a small navy. >> we should probably even before we have any idea about to cause, put in a good word for this piece of equipment, this aircraft, because there's often a reaction in washington and elsewhere to just, you know, try to modernize and replace something when, in fact, this
8:51 pm
aircraft, along with things like the a-10, the b-52, these are old airframes and yet they've never designed or built anything better for the task. >> you know, this aircraft, last time there was a crash of this aircraft was very nearly 40 years ago. you mentioned the b-52. the pilots who are currently flying the b-52, their grandfathers, literally their grandfathers also flew the b-52. we have some very good pieces of equipment. we have some fantastic people, not enough of either, in my view, to protect this country. >> jack, does anyone worry about how this looks? the piling up of these incidents, at sea and in the air? obviously, no one sets out to make a fatal mistake. no one sets out to allow one of our vessels in the dark of night to collide with a merchant vessel, even though the
8:52 pm
electronics on any one of our ships is more than was in the entire u.s. navy in 1940. >> i think everybody's concerned about how it looks, but more significantly, i think everybody's also concerned about protecting our people in uniform with the best equipment they can have, but also the best training they can have. you know, in difficult times when we have expenditures that are not sufficient to take care of the equipment or the people who are on active duty, a lot of things need to be cut back including training hours, aircraft repair parts and so on. i'm not suggesting that this is the problem here, but it's something we need to look at very, very closely, the defense department has suggested something like a 10% increase in the defense budget, but that's to recoup a great drop in real
8:53 pm
terms in the defense budget, over the last few years, especially since 1989, actually, when the sovt uiet union went o of business. there was a surge in the middle east after 9/11, but in real terms, defense expenditures have been dropping and, of course, the population of people in uniform to man all this equipment has been dropping, o too. something's got to give. >> a lot of civilians probably don't realize, whether you're part of a platoon in the mountains of afghanistan or in the desert in iraq or in the horn of africa, the u.s. military endeavors to get you a hot meal, especially on thanksgiving. it's a big deal and a lot of people try very hard. i've never asked you, despite having known you for years, if anyone of the thanksgivings that you spent as part of the u.s. army stands out in your mind. >> no, all the time i was
8:54 pm
overseas and in combat, i was never close enough to any place that had a hot meal to have a hot meal, let alone a thanksgiving dinner, but lots of american soldiers, sailors and airmen and marines did have a chance to do that and the military does strive to bring a little bit of home out to the troops in the field all the time. >> it also means a lot to everybody to note that the folks back home are thinking about them while we're enjoying the parade and the dog show and the football games and all of that. jack jacobs, happy thanksgiving to you. thank you for joining our broadcast tonight. >> and to you. >> a final break, and coming up, the annual tradition taking place on this eve of an annual tradition, when "the 11th hour" continues. this is what it's all about, jamie --
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last thing before we go here tonight, in mere moments here on the east coast, at least, it will be thanksgiving. that means we'll have nine hours to go until the start of the live broadcast of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. and so tonight on thanksgiving eve, on the west side of manhattan, it's the traditional night of inflation for the balloons that will be tethered to earth via strong volunteers, just hours from now. there are 17 balloons in all, all of them hoping to avoid light poles, street lights and all manner of sharp objects. among the newcomers this year,
8:59 pm
olaf the snowman from "frozen" coming in at just over five stories tall. "the new york sometitimes" remi that the balloons used to be released back into the sky. macy's offered a reward to those who found them. the practice, mostly in the 1920s, was stopped in the 1930s, large part because an aircraft flew into one of them. others ended up in the atlantic ocean over the years. so, look. if you're up early to start the mashed potatoes, the 91st annual parade, that includes time off for world war ii, the 91st annual parade gets under way at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. you know the drill after that. the dog show and then giants/redskins. that is our broadcast for tonight. thank you so much for being here with us. good night from our headquarters in new york and happy thanksgiving.
9:00 pm
thanks for being with us on a thanksgiving eve. it's not a friday, so that means technically there's no friday night news going on, but it is the eve of a national and very widely observed federal holiday, and so, yeah, there is stuff being dumped tonight. we've got, actually a much bigger show for you tonight than i thought we would have. we're going to start with a couple of dates you need to put on your calendar in the not too distance future. december 14th, we think that's the date that the fcc is going to have the vote on net neutrality, which sounds very boring, but that will literally determine whether you get to look at what you want on the internet anymore. that december 14th vote is going to come right on the heels of the december 12th senate election in alabama. if you have plans that night, you should cancel them. you will be staying home and watching election returns. that will be the senate election between roy moore and doug


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