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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  December 10, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PST

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that is a wrap of "msnbc live", and i am alex witt and look forward to seeing you later. now "am joy" with joy reid. >> the fight to end segregation and the right to vote and to achieve the sacred birth right of equality here -- that's big stuff. that's big stuff. very big phrases and very big words. >> good morning. welcome to "am joy." donald trump may have been going for irony when he spoke at the civil rights museum in jackson, mississippi. it was a speech undermined not
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just on his entire record of african-americans but hours before in front of a crowd of supporters he played all the race-baiting and then through in another one, a endorsement of a certain alabama senate candidate that mothers ago said this. >> what does trump mean, what does he mean? >> i think it was great at a time when the families were united, even though we had slavery, they care add for one another, and people were straupbd in the families, our families were strong, and our country had a direction and we corrected many of the problems. >> even before all the allegations of sexual misconduct emerged, roy moore was on the record about longing for an anti-bellam days of slavery, and feeling a kinship with russian
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president, vladimir putin. and now moore's campaign is warning for, wait for it, voter fraud, and kraeupling that so soros's army. msnbc contributors are here. derick, i will come to you first. roy moore has a history that i think a lot of americans not familiar with him beyond his ten commandments fight are getting to know, and my producers were not forewarned, and he addressed a white supremacists group, and he addressed the seminational
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conference of that white supremacist group that alleged that dylann roof cited on his online manifesto. what should roy moore know about his racial views and things like monuments and his dating preferences? >> the ccc is an offshoot of the white citizens counsel from the 1950s and '60s. it was the linked grouped to u.s. former senator, trent lott. it's a racial hate group and headquartered for many years in mississippi. the fact that he was invited and spoke to that group speaks volumes to his empathy or beliefs around race. he is a racist. there is no other way to put it. anybody that will speak to that
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group or supports their platform can be nothing more than a racist. >> this is roy moore from december of 2016, and this comes from cnn's andrreporting. derick, are african-americans in the state familiar or do they know this part of roy moore's history, and do you think black voters are energized around this race? >> when you look at the history of the south, particularly states like alabama or south carolina or mississippi, this type of personality have always been around. african-americans, we can identify individuals that hold the same views as a roy moore. i would not be -- i will be
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surprised -- i will be surprised if there was an african-american in alabama that could not clearly see through or see roy moore for who he is. he's somebody that has little race tolerance. for him, the good ole days were the days when segregation were in place and perhaps slavery, and white supremacist are those who are situated in his views truly believe in the concept of white supremacy. >> african-american voters are 26% voters in the state, and if 100% turned out it would still be the white voters who determine the race, and roy moore is appealing to them, and in addition to being a child molester, there was a flyer put out that is essentially, accusing doug jones of doing
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something, supporting nfl players and kneeling. >> doug jones is supporting the first amendment? my goodness. we have seen time and time again, roy moore has no respect for the constitution, and he said the constitution is one set of laws and god's laws supersedes that. i never have seen roy moore be there for the constitution. right now roy moore is going on doors and asking for votes. the only reason he should be going to doors is to tell people he's not allowed 500 feet from a school. alabama voters are saying, you know, it's okay, because we want to get that vote. donald trump's behind it. he has opened the door for people to say things they believed are not normally acceptable and it's really within the republican party.
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>> this is a pro jones -- sorry, donald trump is -- let me switch to number six. this is a panel that frank luntz d did. take a listen. >> roy moore is not a miserable man. he has more integrity than you can find in the entire congress. don't fall for the george soros assassination plan. the truth will come out. these women will all be proven, just like the 16 that went against president trump. >> people are not embarrassed about supporting roy moore, and they don't believe his accusers and think he has integrity. >> roy moore came out and said they are the ones doing this, the establishment.
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the woman who are accusing roy moore, they voted for president donald trump, and now if that doesn't give people pause i don't know what will. >> yeah. >> it's very distressing. >> let me come and open this up to jason and corina as well. this is a clip i saw for the first time last night, actually. this is roy moore talking not just about his views on lgbt americans, which i don't think will be surprising to people, but revealing something else, his pro putin view. >> to say what ronald reagan would think, i just simply couldn't begin. >> he said the russia was the focus of modern evil in the world. >> you could say that very well about america, couldn't you? >> do you think? >> well, we promote a lot of bad things, you know.
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>> like? >> same-sex marriage. >> that's the very argument vladimir putin makes? >> then maybe putin is right. >> and then he goes on to speak some pretty good russian, and he greets vladimir putin in the russian lange weuplg, buage, an interesting they have the pro putin view and line up on the idea opposed to being on lgbt rights. >> not surprising at all, joy. i think we have to step back for a quick second and remember who had the seat for 20 years, and that's jeff sessions. we have to go back to 1986, and jeff sessions was deemed to be too racist to become a federal judge and 11 years later alabama decided he could be a u.s. senator. he was in that seat, as i mentioned, for 20 years and now he's at the department of justice and pushing the most rapid, you know, bigoted races and pieces of legislation that we have not seen in a long time
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coming out of the doj, and roy moore, in september, when he won the runoff, he was already racist, he was already islamic phobic and homophobic, and he won the runoff by ten points. this is all before we found out about him being a pedophile. this is alabama. this is the state we are talking about. >> absolutely. look at the polls here, jason. you have another poll that shows the race locked up. not sure what to make of all the polls. these seem to be more in line with the evidence on the ground, that roy moore is genuinely ahead. and more people believe the accusations than not and i am not sure that's hurting him, jason. >> it's not. if you look at the history of the state. i went back and looked at jeff sessions ran against sanchez, and democrats can't break 40% in
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this state. they just can't. the fact that judge jones, doug jones is around 43 or 44, it's impressive. for a democrat to break 40% in the state you have to be running against a man that is a clear bigot and an alleged pedophile and that says something about how alabama voters look at democrats in general. i always thought roy moore would win, and then the republicans will have to deal with that guy talking in the senate all throughout the 2018 midterms. >> if roy moore wins, and let's not call the race before it happens, people still have to vote, and if roy moore wins your party is stuck with him and they will not have the excuse of pointing to al franken, he will not be there. >> good, because we should judge each case on a case by case basis. roy moore, if he wins, i don't think they should seat him. it would be good for them to
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stand up -- >> they are not going to do that. >> they are saying we will let the ethics investigation play out. my big concern is with ethics investigations, they are toothless. when do they achieve results? they are built to protect the incumbent. one thing they have is it will be a shot in the arm and move forward for 2018. >> it's going to refocus the attention on the guy in the white house that has serious allegations hanging out there, too. let's listen to roy moore's strategist talking about trump's role in this alabama race. >> last night we had doug jones, the liberal democrat with one of his senate buddies, cory booker, who says the president should
7:13 am
resign, so this is donald trump on trial in alabama. if you vote for this liberal democrat, doug jones, they are voting against the president. >> some are saying out if al franken has to step down, so does trump. are you going to start to hear some of the democratic women that said al franken should resign from the senate, if roy moore comes in, make the same demands of roy moore and of donald trump? >> that's what democrats should be doing. as they tried to do this week, they have the moral high ground on this. if you have the moral high ground on this let's focus on the man at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. say he has to step down. he's a sexual assaulter. we have more than a dozen women that came out and said this and sound credible, and if we are in the me too movement and we say we believe the women we should
7:14 am
go after the president of the united states, president donald trump. it's troubling that donald trump is using the prestige and power of the white house to give a full throated endorsement and to campaign for a pedophile. you know, if credible people came out and said he's a pedophile for going after 14-year-olds and teenagers, and if you think about it, it's not surprising that donald trump, himself, would walk through teenage dressing rooms for beau beauty pageants is supporting somebody that was kicked out of a mall for trolling teenagers. >> i want to get your comments on the boycott of the event by john lewis and benny thompson of mississippi. what did you make of that? was that the most effective way to respond to donald trump
7:15 am
showing up? >> the opening of the civil rights movement was an opportunity individuals of their accomplishments and sacrifices, and neither congressman lewis, thompson or i were willing to give the president a photo-op. the values they stood for and the fight they took on, and you think about the man fighting to insure that everybody had access to voting and a quality education, and the president doesn't support that. and then access to health care was a civil right and they created a community center that still exists today, and the president doesn't want health kale for all citizens, so why should the president be given a stage for a photo-op when he
7:16 am
cuts funds to support all of the things that civil rights workers fought for. yes, it was the most effective because we are still celebrating the civil rights heroes, and we are talking to them and will have another ceremony, but by no means should we have a photo-op for the president. >> we will be back in our next hour. derick johnson, thank you very much, sir. thank you. up next, trump and his allies in the media found the real villain in the russian scandal. i will tell you about that after the break. mike and i are both veterans, both served in the navy. i do outrank my husband, not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates? it was an instant savings and i should've changed a long time ago. there's no point in looking elsewhere really. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life.
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can anybody explain to me how robert mueller's investigation is described as pair, impartial and not biassed. a lot of questions being raised about, okay, this team that literally has covered for hillary clinton and put all these biassed people going after donald trump, what would it take to get rid of a special counsel. >> it's no coincidence the only people raising questions about the impartiality about robert mueller and his investigation on russia are trump and his allies. the hunt for something, anything to impugn mueller has been a white whale of sorts not only for the fox news, but for
7:21 am
republican law mackemakers and activist. it's a multifront attack with one goal, to impede mueller's investigation, or to build a case for trump to fire mueller out right. joining me now, our former special agent, clint watts, and natasha, a political correspondent for business insider, and a senior adviser to the democratic coalition against trump. clint, let's listen to florida congre congressmen questioning the credibility of the fbi with the director, christopher wray. >> we have a question about how this dossier was generated for political purposes and ended up in the fbi's possession. what did the fbi do with it? >> we don't know if mr. mueller
7:22 am
recruited people as a result of his bias, and we don't know if they used taxpayer money to go and buy a dossier to discredit the president. >> you have ever heard any members questioning the core credibility of the fbi? >> no, and it's quite ironic. the lead up to the election, somewhere saying the fbi is trumpville and overly supportive of trump. they can't come forward and really defend themselves in these arguments because they are trying to be professionals. what is most alarming from the hill and the president is they are degrading a u.s. institution which is law enforcement officers and the fbi, which then not only makes their job harder in this case, but also makes it more difficult for them to meet out justice and do investigations around the country. why would you want to harm a u.s. institution that is now going around and trying to do
7:23 am
law enforcement and national security cases and investigations, and both entities, the hill or the president, it's just hurting the fbi. >> yeah, you talked about how some people in the fbi are feeling about being demonized, and this is the exert from the late great wane barrett talking about the trumping fbi and the renewed probe leaked on friday, and guiliani went on a radio show and attributed that to the pressure of the fbi agents, and the other rumor i get is the revolution going on inside the fbi about the original conclusions not to charge hillary clinton, and almost a slap in the face to the fbi. guiliani was claiming the fbi wanted to go after hillary clinton and was not able to.
7:24 am
fast-forward to today and republicans are going the other direction and saying the fbi is not complaining they can't go after hillary clinton, but biassed in favor of hillary clinton. and this agent was removed after sending text messages that were anti-trump. tell us how this is going. >> i spoke to some fbi retired agents, and they said the notion that they are for liberals supportive of hillary clinton is ridiculous. if anything the bureau is a predominantly conservative place. last year there were multiple reports and guiliani said he was getting information out of the fbi about hillary clinton and about the fbi reopening the investigation into her e-mail server, and somebody in the fbi was leaking directly to him, and many of the agents worked with
7:25 am
peter strzok and they told me he was a professional agent and he did not express his views and nobody asked because nobody cared. and the idea that agents are not allowed to have political biases or beliefs, and the idea that the fbi screens beforehand to make sure the agents are able to put aside their beliefs in order to pursue an objective investigation, and if they show they are not able to they are not allowed in the fbi in the first place. >> does that check out with you? fbi agents are allowed to have political beliefs, right? >> yeah, and they have the right to vote as well. when it comes to their job, you are talking about fbi agents working in teams and they follow the letter of the law, and they have strict procedures, and there's a lot of governance of oversight, and so all of the accusations don't do anything for the american people, and actually harm them. >> let me go to you, and when
7:26 am
you were more on the fbi, and i want you to listen to a congressman interrogating and reading off a list of fbi employees to acquire as to their political potential bias. >> are you aware of any of the following people openly aligning themselves with the political bias expressed by mccabe or openly speaking against this administration? first, karl gattis? >> i am going to coral a little with the premise of your question about deputy director gabe, but as far as gattis, as i said, he's been a complete professional. by that i mean to include -- >> you have heard him openly align himself with political bias against the trump administration tph
7:27 am
administration stp administration? >> no. >> ryan parman? >> no. >> thank you. >> you have been briefed by members of congress in the past and what do you make of what you just saw? >> it was reading off names, threatening fbi agents. these people he is referring to, these are the top senior people. this has an impact to the people that actually do things. an assistant director in the field are doing things. and the counter intelligence division, i spoke to an agent and he was telling me about pete and he said when the call came out and they were doing a manpower call to do the mueller investigation, i am glad i didn't join because i don't want to go through this. this has an impact on national security. when you have fbi agents leading to them being pulled through the mud and having their beliefs
7:28 am
exposed, it's a chilling affect. this is not what we should be doing. as clint said, these are dedicated professionals. i would go to where i thought the russians were going to harm me and i had to trust them and i did. i wish america could have that trust. they are professionals and their biases and beliefs, whether they are democrat or republican, who they voted for, it didn't impact their job and they were just dedicated and devoted professionals. >> it's interesting to see the turn about here. democrats have traditionally basketball been less trustful of the fbi, and you know democrats were defending the agencies and republicans interrogating them and reading off names inside the walls of congress, and i want to get your comment on this, the turn about from the top of the republican party.
7:29 am
newt gingrich said this about robert mueller who is the counsel investigating russia gate. here is the same newt gingrich on wednesday on fox. >> mueller is corrupt. the senior fbi is correct. the system is corrupt. >> are we just in the upsidedown? what is going on? >> this is a little crazy. i mean, think of this. mueller caught those texts, so he's tracking everybody's communication. that's a plus. when he caught those texts, he removed the fbi agent. it's not like he kept him on. if he kept him on, there might be an issue. they are trying to concoct another scandal linear to the actual trump/russia scandal and it's absurd. when you attack the fbi you are attacking former police officers and former people that are
7:30 am
military officers, and so it's attacking our intel agents. it's just absurd. the whole thing is absurd. it's really disheartening to see them trying to rip apart our intel agency like this. it's really, really absurd is the only word that i can come up with. >> we know from the hill that rod rosenstein is set to testify in front of the judiciary committee next week. there do you think he will take the push to tell donald trump to fire mueller. >> he already talked about it with his counsel and advisers and he's trying to find an opening, and congress is apparently trying to give it to him. i really don't think there's going to be an opportunity because it feels like mueller is out in front of this and looks like he has a feel on where they are going to try and go with this. i think mueller has them out
7:31 am
flanked. >> same question to you in your reporting, natasha, are you seeing an increasing effort to convince donald trump he could get away to fire mueller? >> there's an effort to discredit the entire investigation. this is the best line where they could say, and the text messages, but with trump firing mueller, that's a difficult process. he would have to get the deputy general to agree to fire him, and of course, if rosenstein did so we all remember what happened back when he wrote that memo outlining the reasons why director comey was no longer fit to serve in the fbi. there was a huge amount of backlash and did a lot of damage to rosenstein oso you would hav to wonder if he would take that chance again, and then mueller,
7:32 am
then, could undertake those orders. it would be an entire process and lengthy. >> we shall see. clint watts, and all of you, thank you very much. coming up, it's here. stay with us. ♪ what i got's full stock ♪ of thoughts and dreams that scatter ♪ ♪ you pull them all together ♪ and how, i can't explain ♪ ♪ oh yeah, well well well youuuu ♪ ♪ you make my dreams come true ♪ ♪ well, well, well youuuu ♪ topped steak & twisted potatoes at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ that was a clip from the feminist punk collective, pussy riot, their protest song is dedicated to russia's prosecutor general, an alleged putin loyalist accused of corruption and having ties to the mafia. they bursts on to the stage five years ago when they performed an anti--putin song, and vladimir putin announced on wednesday he would seek re-election in march of 2018. the one and only nadya from pussy riot joins me now. thank you for being here. >> hello. thank you for having me here. >> i love playing your phamusic.
7:41 am
it's good stuff and it's very brave. you young ladies have gone out and taken incredible chances in an authoritarian country, the way russia is run by vladimir putin. how did you manage to do that? >> we didn't have a choice. when it was announced putin will run for a third presidential term, which we had to form a punk band and protest against it and go to public forum and we wanted to share our message and that's what we did, we just did what we got to do. yep, we ended up in jail, but that's kind of how everybody who is in protest in russia feels right now. we don't want to go to jail. we want to live our lives. we want to share our lives with our family and friends and lead joyful lives, but we have to be prepared to go to jail for our
7:42 am
beliefs. >> the video take not only does it looks at torture and authorize tearammism and et cetera, and it goes to the prosecutor who is a putin loyalist and for a lot of americans he's also the guy that is supposedly going to offer dirt on hillary clinton on the infamous donald trump, jr. meeting. how much of young russians following this side of the pond, as it were, regarding the russia scandal and donald trump? >> it's not actually surprising that russian prosecutor is involved in schemes like that, because that's what he does professionally. and it's a weird situation when you have to look for real criminals, you have to look at the government and when you are looking at people that have to be really in jail, you have to
7:43 am
look at the general prosecutor. it is extremely logical that he is involved in this. >> the lyrics to the -- the clip of the video you played in the top, i am a patriot, and here in mother russia where i live, and et cetera, et cetera, and you are talking about vladimir putin's attitude toward the lgbt community, which interestingly enough is shared by some people on the right in the united states. and it doesn't matter to you in russia, but roy moore is running for the senate in alabama. take a listen to this. >> that's crazy. we heard about him. >> we promote a lot of bad things, you know. >> like? >> same-sex marriage. >> that's the very argument that vladimir putin makes? >> well, then, maybe putin is right and maybe he's more akin to me than i know. >> what would you say to him?
7:44 am
>> [ speaks russian ] . >> what did roy moore say at the end, if you heard him? >> i don't know. i want to punch him in the face. if you live in a country where gay people are kidnapped and tortured, you probably heard about this investigation, about gay people where they are tortured for months and they can -- the torturers let them go for big sums of money and some are killed and i have lots of my friends who are gay and trance people, and the level of trans is really big right now, and the problem is our government is really pushing it, pushing it really hard. they got this law, which is called propaganda gay values,
7:45 am
which we don't understand what does it mean, because the whole notion is really awkward, and it supports violence toward the lgbt community. and i want to punch roy moore in the face. >> at the same time, for a lot of young russians, vladimir putin has been president most of the time you have been alive and he's trying to run again. there's a guy named alexei, and he has been charged with crimes and he said not to be allowed to run because of that, and do you think it's possible for alexei to win? >> it depends on how hard he will fight. i am a supporter of him for a long time. he's our good colleague and friend and we run lots of operations together with him,
7:46 am
and we have our own independent media outlet who he supports and he supports our initiatives, and he has a foundation against corruption and he shows people how russian and government and criminals are grabbing and murdering russian people, and he's using all this money in the west. and i do think that supporting him is very real, and this year really amazing events happened in march and in june. it did not just happen in moscow, but in other big reasons and he has huge support all around russia, and significantly here is young people started to support him, because for a lot of people, putin is something really old and something that really has to go away. young people, people from high school, they are joining this
7:47 am
demonstration and asking for a simple thing, justice. >> you are very brave, you and the other members of pussy riot are an inspiration when we talk about russia. we have to remember that putin is on to one side but the people of russia are fighting to have the freedom to live a normal life under a normal democratic regime. you guys are doing great work. thank you so much. i hope i pronounced your name correctly, and thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. my honor to be here. coming up in our next hour, donald trump thinks that people should get fired for lying about crowd size. it's true that he thinks that. more "am joy" after the break.
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clashes and unrest continue in the middle east of donald trump's registraticognition of m as the capital of israel, bringing fatalities to four. the israeli army shot and killed two in gaza on friday. jerusalem sits at the center of the pal spti palestinian confli
7:52 am
palestinians want the eastern part of the city for the capital for their future independent state and sacredize for jews, muslims and christians. so you just came back from the region yesterday. >> literally this morning. >> this morning. >> this morning. >> fresh off a plane. >> fresh off a plane. >> give us a state of play on the ground. how bad is it? how bad is the violence? >> you can describe it as low-intensity conflict. through the west bank clashes, clashes with the troops. gaza remains very tense. i think the question going forward, though, is going to surround the diplomatic maneu r maneuveri maneuvering. what can they do? do they want to do? a lot of pressure being put on them in the palestinian society because of the fact they were not able to prevent this and not able to have a say at the table about this so to speak. i don't want to say we're at a transformative point but at a dangerous point for the future
7:53 am
of the palestinian authority of what it can do and what it means for the future. >> we saw the palestinian authority and will not meet with mike pence. they did not get a heads up. this was the state, we reject the american decision with this position the united states is no longer qualified to sponsor the peace process. if the united states is not qualified to sponsor the peace process, what would they turn to? >> that's the problem we're in because on one hand the palestinian authority has been saying to people over the past several decades they have been part of the process. we'll work with the united states. they bankroll to a couple hundred million a year and that pays the salaries of employees that essentially makes the palestinian authority survive and function and support the palestinian people there. but the people knew the united states was not an honest broker but couldn't say as a matter of policy. the fact you have that from senior members of the
7:54 am
palestinian leadership across the factions, puts the united states in a difficult position. the european union is not going to be welcomed by israel. the european union is much more neutral. they don't recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. you heard strong words from teresa may say it's illegal palestinian occupied territori s territories. they are keen not letting it get nationalized, even things controversial like the boycott die vestment and sanctions has more traction than it does have here in the united states and so as a result, the israelis will be keen to not let any other party try to work as a broker and mediator between the palestinians and themselves. >> for those not familiar with boycott die vestment and sanctions but attempts to legislate and you can't do business with state governments if people support it. >> this is the only alternative because if you look at the peace process over the past 20 years, that is effectively dead.
7:55 am
palestinians look at this on the ground and say the palestinian authority is not able to deliver state or liberation. the international community failed. that's the only way to make this change. the only way to get the israeli government to change policies is through the same tactics and methods we saw used in south africa international corporations and businesses put pressure on the israeli government withdrawing and boycotting to get the government to recognize a change of course. >> very quickly, yesterday when we talked about this, they suggested that we may be moving toward one state solution meaning palestinians fight for equal rights for their own separate state. could that be happening? >> we live in a one-state reality. controls over every part of that territory from the river to the sea. what you already have and the palestinians will be surprised we'll have this on my show later today. hearing from palestinians all walks of life, this used to be an intellectual con.
7:56 am
people saying yessing th, this e we're going. saying this is the only way forward. that's why it will be a transformative point in the conflict. >> it would be an interesting change because of the different population group. very different. much faster. >> a lot of people say this is a threat to israel. >> they have to choose apartheid and not be -- >> exactly. >> this is a fast it thatticina conversation. watch him every single -- give us a promo. >> monday through friday 5:00 and 9 a.m. >> the war on the media continues. f more after the break. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate.
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8:00 am
by the way, did you see all the corrections the media has been making saying sorry, they -- they have been doing that all year. they never apologize. maybe that comes with being the president. i don't know. i don't know. they have been apologizing left and right and cnn apologized just a little while ago. they apologized -- thank you, cnn, thank you so much. you should have been apologizing for the last two years. >> good morning. welcome back to "a.m. joy." donald trump is engaged in his favorite hobby, festive media bashing. reporters who work for outlets fake and fraud steers and urgine
8:01 am
crowd to sue him, sue him. trump's latest complaints included facts that went awry in news outlets and promptly investigated and corrected because that's what news organizations do. last sunday brian ross was suspended for reporting michael flynn contacted russian officials at donald trump's request. abc says scott ross is no longer allowed to cover trump stories for the network. bloomberg and wall street journal inaccurately reported saying the request seeks records related to people affiliated with donald trump, not trump himself and on friday cnn said wikileaks notified donald trump junior about its stock of documents before the documents released to the public. despite the swift action and corrections, trump pulled no punches when attacking the media this weekend. why? perhaps because discrediting the
8:02 am
organizations' reporting on russia gate might diminish publish trust in muller's investigation. sure, the results unfavorable to trump and he'll be able to write off the conclusions. joining me now, msnbc joan walsh, eric and scott, senior advisor at the democratic coalition against trump. let's start with donald trump's attack on cnn. apparently according to the "new york times", he's obsessed with don lemon. >> that was interesting. i wonder why. >> don lemon, something triggers him. obsesse obsessed. cnn were caught red handed like lonely brian ross, i don't know why he's lonely at abc news should be immediately fired for his mistake. was it just incompetence? cnn the most trusted name in news, that could be a fraud on the american public. there are many outlets far more trusted than fake news cnn,
8:03 am
wonder who that would be. blah, blah, blah. the president of the united states calling for individual reporters to be fired is a thing. >> i'm sure you'll go on to this but he did with the washington post -- >> he did. >> who, you know, sent out a picture not the right picture of the pensacola rally and quickly corrected it when he found out. one of the most scrupulous journalists i know, excellent reporter, this is bizarre regime politics and you're right going back to the segment on what they are trying to do with bob muller, has a lot to do with the environment is corrupt and bias against him and none of these charges are real. it is unfortunate when we make mistakes but the stakes are high right now but everyone involved corrected them. none of this is malicious and we're waiting for donald trump to correct his many, many mistakes on twitter and elsewhere. >> absolutely. it is sort of delicious irony that the call by donald trump,
8:04 am
again, the president of the united states calling for individual journalists to be fired and calling for people to sue members of the media but on the dave wi gle front, he tweeted a picture early on so it wasn't full and donald trump is obsessed with crowd size for himself so he's calling on him to be fired but david corrected himself. this is both an obsession he has with his crowd size and himself but also something, is it dangerous and wrong to say it's dangerous for him to be punching so far down to an individual reporter? >> yeah, i mean, he's become sort of like this right-wing blogger. knit picking over photos and things like that. this is supposed to be the president of the united states. look, there were some factual errors and they are corrected. i think the president is incredibly accurate for the last ten months in the large picture. you look at the fires burning, all the fires that trump has set and all the different places, all the amazing stories reporters have to cover while administration lies to them every single day, imagine being a reporter covering this
8:05 am
administration and knowing you essentially cannot trust a single person you get on the phone if they ever call you back. >> right. >> these are incredible hurdles that the press is facing and i think by in large they have done an amazing job. i think it should be for aggressive. i think there is still too much tempid coverage. if you get this story wrong, everything disappears. watch the president's men, the best scene you get called into the office because they screwed up a story and republicans thought that was the end of watergate. it's not the end and won't be another russia investigation. >> in addition to that working in a situation where journalists can't necessarily trust the people that come to them with stories because you have these right-wing protrump activists groups purposely trying to send fake sources to jourp enalists get them to run fake stories and get them fired. >> one of the things i would point out, all of this stuff is a progression of dynamics that
8:06 am
we have seen for many years in media. i wrote a book in 2012 where i talked about some of the early elements of this and part of this is this idea of defining news particularly for trump and his supporters, defining news that benefits him as accurate news and news that doesn't benefit him as inaccurate news and in someways, the details don't matter so much. it's much more the result of the story. that puts jourp e journalists i difficult situation because the stories are technical. as we saw a mistake cnn made, they referred to an e-mail being received by donald trump junior, him receiving it on september 4 lt th instead of 14th and that difference in the date was crucial in whether or not the story proved that the trump administration got an early warning about e-mails from wikileaks involving hillary clinton. so these stories are technical.
8:07 am
journalists are human. they are going to make mistakes and going to poll littize the environment where these are defined if it's good for the president, it's accurate and if it's not, it's fake news. this is very treacherous ter tr -- territory right now. >> it's like where the regime says you're with the regime or you're the enemy and goes after you. donald trump in addition political reported this week donald trump is paying someone. he's got a staffer that the white house pays $89,000 a year to find and distribute positive stories from the main stream media because he emotionally, what do you think of that? >> he's petting his ego. it's a ridiculous path because really when it comes down to it, i don't think barack obama paid as much attention to the news. why is he spending so much time in front of the tv obsessing over this? it's absolutely pathetic.
8:08 am
what is he doing all day. he's sitting there watching tv, drinking his coffee and sitting back and, you know, eating chocolate cake. there is nothing else he's doing except for watching the news. honestly, i think he's watching right now. hi, donald. [ laughter ] >> it's ridiculous when it comes down to it. what are you doing, man? grow up. that's my message to him, grow up. >> you got a job. you triggered this story a bit and haven't read the story, it's extraordinary. it talked about donald trump's day hour by hour and it says that around 5:30 each morning, we know this because we're producing a show early in the morning he wakes up and tweets. donald trump wakes up and tunes into television in the white house's master bedroom and flips to cnn for news, fox and friends for comfort and sometimes watches msnbc "morning joe" because it fires him up for the day. energized, mr. trump grabs his iphone, sometimes tweets
8:09 am
propertied up on his pillow, sometimes from the den next door watching another television before taking off to think of each presidential day as an episode in a television show where he vanquishes rivals. trump spends at least four hours a day in front of a television with a diet coke. >> up to 12 -- >> up to 12 diet cokes and main lining news. >> not a good diet for the man. i'm concerned about him. that story -- he went -- he goes to a meeting in his night clothes i think they said. very timing. i want to know more about that. what are his night clothes and which meetings is he attending? it's a scary picture. it also has weird elements of normalizing him. he is growing into the job. he's shaping what it means to be president. that our discorded with you're learning these shocking and sometimes horrifying things but then there is also a message that he's learning he's growing. he's evolving. i don't know.
8:10 am
the peace needed maybe another go-round. >> that makes a point. the times is a paper with this weird relationship with donald trump where they are both tough on him and doing tough journalism but have a core empathy because he's a hometown guy and you feel the core empathy of him and some media outlets -- you see that in some coverage. you have the story this week that an abc producer was reprimanded for giving da ta to the trump campaign. he's not at war with all media. >> ross was suspended four weeks without pay and his colleague was giving information to the trump campaign and got rep mendmen -- reprimanded. he's this media paster and we're trying to catch up. it's the exact opposite. this is a guy with multiple personality disorders. one being a seizeless demand for
8:11 am
attention. let's not say he's pulling the strings. he's delusional and way over his head. >> scott, we had a story that raised questions whether donald trump is tweeting for himself. this story didn't make reference and whether or not tom who is his social media director is creating tweets. from what you've been able to tell. you're prolific on twitter yourself, my friend, can you tell if this is all donald trump tweeting and if it is some strategy or just a stream of trump's consciousness. >> you know, one picture i was picking on him in twitter and one picture sitting there on his phone acting like he's tweeting using his pointer finger. i look at it like this guy is a fraud. there is absolutely nothing that's real. if you think about it, he's not going to be the one uploading videos. he's not -- he doesn't have a stream of con stream of conscienceness. people need to ask what is a
8:12 am
hashtag? how do you do this? videotape him tweeting for 30 minutes. i don't believe it. i think that things are -- there is intentional typos that are made. i think that, you know, there is trigger words they use intentionally to make people mad and it used as a propaganda tool and the thing behind it. the biggest fraud i think is he doesn't tweet. >> is it incumbent to find out whether or not the things being written are written by him or someone else? >> well, obviously, i think that would be a great scoop if somebody could figure out exactly which tweets are written by him and which are written by his staff. my hunch involving a lot of things involving donald trump is that he has these impulses where he does things and his staff and the people around him sort of evolve their approach to whatever they are doing to incorporate and perhaps even expand what he's doing. it seems that he's always been
8:13 am
active on twitter even before -- >> sure. >> -- he ran for the presidency and now it seems that people around him have figured out how to incorporate his twitter impulses and expand to the point it's impossible to know whether a tweet is actually written by him or someone from his support staff or even his lawyer as one of his lawyers has attested. >> that's a good point. the other thing is that it talks about how john kelly has adopted the grudges of donald trump. the people around him become more like him. nobody is changing him. they are changing to be like him. >> that was really kind of alarming to learn. but we sort of knew that before, he and kelly was chosen because of the personality affinity. i never expected him to change donald trump and i was right. >> has he apologized to the congress woman for -- >> i don't believe so. >> well, we'll wait for that. joan walsh and eric will be
8:14 am
back. thank you guys both for being here. a prominent alabama republican threw roy moore under the bus two short days before the election. stay tuned for that. that's next. so that's the idea. what do you think? hate to play devil's advocate but... i kind of feel like it's a game changer. i wouldn't go that far. are you there? he's probably on mute. yeah... gary won't like it. why? because he's gary. (phone ringing) what? keep going! yeah... (laughs) (voice on phone) it's not millennial enough. there are a lot of ways to say no. thank you so much. thank you! so we're doing it. yes! "we got a yes!" start saying yes to your company's best ideas. let us help with money and know-how, so you can get business done. american express open.
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8:16 am
8:17 am
are you comfortable that the leader of your party is all in for roy moore? >> there are many that are not including myself and many republican senators. >> senate republicans may not
8:18 am
support roy moore but donald trump certainly does and is he the only one that matters? joan walsh is back with me and u.s. republican strategy -- u.s. republican strategist guests. i'll play richard shelby the senior senator from the state of alabama and this was him on state of the union. >> i would rather see a republican win. you'll wake up and roy moore or doug jones will be your fellow senator from alabama. which one would you rather deal with on a professional level? >> well, i don't have to answer that question today. i had rather see another republican in there and i'm going to stay with that story.
8:19 am
>> evan, your thoughts? is that smart strategy? it's a big deal they have thrown roy moore overboard but not specific about what he thinks voters should do. >> i think voters should probably vote for doug jones at the end of the day because doug jones needs every vote he can get. >> why didn't shelby say that. >> the base can come for him next. wa we're seeing nationalist roots that turn on anybody that speaks out against president trump because we've gone from a party about what principles we stand for and policy to personality and now completely forgotten criticism. >> a cult of two personalities, a cult of two personalities because let me play tim scott saying what the senate should do if roy moore is seated. take a listen. >> should you guys be looking at the president's accusers, as well? >> once again, there are two
8:20 am
very different scenarios here. the one, the senate has responsibility and oversight over our members. i believe that the wins we'll exercise that responsibility. the people of this country have the responsibility of choosing the president. they have chosen. >> so i mean, we do not have a parliament. we don't have a prime minister a member of parliament. that's true. but it's not as if the senate does not have some power here in terms of donald trump. republicans have chosen to do nothing about donald trump and say anything. they have a cult of two personalities, roy moore and donald trump. >> in defense of the republicans if they go against president trump, they will be thrown out of office and we'll get more roy moores. we should have more tim scotts. two bad decisions but i take tim scott over roy moore. >> is the republican party on it's way to more tim scotts or roy moores? >> more roy moores.
8:21 am
shelby planned this. richard shelby didn't just figure out he doesn't want roy moore as a colleague. he waited until he thought this state would be the most effective and represents the fact you have senators. thank goodness in the republican party. there is two ways to hold elected officials accountable. vote them out or the rest of the party can say i don't want you here. they can say we're not part of what you're doing here and i'm glad to hear republicans, those that could be in red states can make those statements. >> you don't have a lot of pear on roy moore's camp that he'll face an ethics investigation if seated. this is his chief strategists saying there isn't going to be an ethics investigation. >> would roy moore go up there and testify under oath disputing these allegations? >> well, you know, mitch mcconnell and his crew have been threatening since get-go. i've spent $30 million down here
8:22 am
and all this fake news from "the washington post" surfaces. judge moore will go to washington. judge moore will win and i highly doubt there will be a senate investigation. >> i don't blame for the roy moore folks to not think there won't be an investigation. roy moore sees himself like donald trump. he's using donald trump's playbook at every step of the way. and donald trump hasn't faced any type of, you know, backlash. he became president of the united states after those 16 women came out. so of course, he doesn't. of course they don't. republicans have been completely come poliliolice -- comin this. on shelby, i'm not giving him any credit at all. why didn't he talk about roy moore during the primary after he won the run off. he's racist, islam phobic, he didn't follow the rule of the law twice and got removed and
8:23 am
now we hear prom shelby? give me a break. >> richard shelby, joan, could have talked to terry seoul from alabama. this is what he said. she say roy moore harkens back to the days of segregation. this is congress woman seoul on this week. >> this candidate roy moore will only take us backwards and get us back to the days of segregation and doug jones will take us forward. >> is it possible richard shelby never had a conversation with her or anybody else until he woke up this morning and decided he's against him? >> it's possible. he has said he's against him. he just hasn't been this clear. it's much sharper and yet, falls short of the one thing it needed to say. i'm voting for doug jones on tuesday because he's not a racist. he's not a sexual abuser, molester of young women. i don't like his politics. maybe he'll vote for tax hikes.
8:24 am
maybe he's not. he's a good man. and that -- this drove me crazy back during the election with trump that people wouldn't say vote for hillary clinton, the only person that would beat him and now we have people stopping short sounding principle and great and stopping short of saying we have to defeat him so you got to go out and vote for doug jones. why? >> you heard donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and they said what to do? write in mitt romney. there was not a definitive vote for the other candidate because they were democrat or republican, they couldn't do that. >> so many different views. conservative republicans and much more moderate and think he's unfit. so to unify behind someone in that instance much harder. in alabama, it's much more clear cut situation where it's doug jones or roy moore. there isn't anything else.
8:25 am
it's not like you're in new york where it's going to go to hillary clinton overall. >> but jason, you have and there was a story this morning there is a progressive group that aren't going to support doug jones because they don't feel he's campaigned vigorously enough. there is this flier that got krcriticism that says think of black man going after high school girls, do you think anyone would try to make him a senator? there is talk his campaign is mobilizing african american voters. people on the left are quite comfortable saying we don't think he's good enough. he's not perfect enough. >> right. look, doug jones hasn't run a particularly good campaign in the community because most state-wide politicians don't look at black voters exempt to suppress them. i'm not surprised he's having that difficulty. there is one other thing to take into consideration. as much as shelby said hey, i'm a never moore guy at the last
8:26 am
minute, bear in mind him is and sessions were the most anti obama voters. not like being against a pedophile and makes you a half way descent person, you have one ryan you won't pass but that won't be enough to help jones. >> you know what doug jones should say or shelby? if doug jones ever wins and wants to retain the seat, if they are swing republican voters that say i want someone to vote for republican issues, doug jones will do it every time and some to stay in tune with the state. it will drive progressives crazy but a good message. >> you know, there is also this issue of, you know, republican women and democrats, if there is another white whale of democratic politicians, one of them is the white working close but other one is white suburban women and thinking they cob can converted over. had interviews and frank luntz,
8:27 am
it doesn't seem republican women in alabama are being moved against roy moore. >> no, it really doesn't. it really is playing just like 2016 of last year of november where it didn't matter. the ""access hollywood" tapes came out and donald trump talking about how he treats women and sees women grabbing them by the again 'ttil again g he got women votes. the same thing replaying that again. >> lightning round again and we're -- no time left so i'll make everybody predict who wins, moore or jones? >> john pierre? >> joy, it's alabama and we've talked about the history of alabama. i think roy moore will squeak this through. >> jasonson? >> look, roy moore will win
8:28 am
unless an r. kelly tape comes out. he's got this. >> top that -- let's go to you joan, we'll make evan close. top that. >> i can't top it. doug jones because my heart needs that. >> it's sunday. >> i'm not at church but. >> let's go ahead with evan. >> sadly i'm morality will win and we'll have a child predator in the senate. >> wow. with that, thank you very much. great panel, thank you guys. trouble as steve bannon's return sparks protest. could liberal talkers be the ones that pay the price? stay there.
8:29 am
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mitch mcconnell, you're like a deer that's been shot. you're just going to bleed out, brother. you're just going to bleed out. i got you, okay? you're done. you think you're going to do that and bail on this guy? you're blaming us for 5149. it the republican establishment. it's been proven and we're coming after you. >> the tones of stevenbannon, h he has one more platform, is returning to his old gig as the host of breitbart news daily on
8:37 am
sirus patriot channel but it's drawn protest. seth rogen said he was supposed to do a press tour but i'm no longer doing it because i can't bring myself to appear on the same service that decided to support steve bannon. apologize guys to the show i had to cancel and bleep steve bannon and melissa etheridge tweeted, after sirus news gave him a show i can't be on my show, which area on the music channel volume. we're joined by mark thompson who is the host of make it plain and mark, we asked for an executive at sirus to come over and talk to us this morning. that he declined and sent statements which i'll read a couple of what we had to say. the first statement about the backlash and since its inception from patrick raleigh the spokesperson, since its inception, sirus promised to
8:38 am
deliver view points from conservative to progressive to everything between and takes no political position of our own across the 175 channels but here to provide an open forum no matter where listeners stand in the political spectrum and said additional things, too. what do you make of the backlash is steve bannon a new hire, just clarify or coming back to the channel? why did this dust off? >> thank you for having me. he's not a new hire. he was on a channel all last year promoting donald trump and donald trump was on the air with him a lot last year. they both left to go into the white house and about two or three weeks ago, he came back, steve bannon did to breitbart radio every morning. the press release announced that he would not only be back regularly even though he had been there for a couple weeks but on night s and weekends so it's an expansion but not necessarily anything new. so he's been there. and let me just first of all say of course, i'm not a
8:39 am
spokesperson for sirus xm. >> of course. >> and steve bannon does not represent sirus does not represent me or my colleagues and in terms of talk, i would discourage people from boycotting and cancelling. as progressives and liberals, we conceded for three decades, air america was not as successful as we wanted it to be. the only place where progressive liberal talk is is housed as a network is only on sirus xm, h urban view and politics not on the right side, right wing. people should still support even though they have concerns about bannon and in the interest of sounding serving, he's on the air opposite of me. the battle is joined. so seth and everybody else
8:40 am
should feel free to come on my show. we can talk about him. joan and eric wear him out every day. the show sounds like he looks. >> you heard him say -- deer to be shot. >> terrible. >> let me read a couple of what other hosts on the channels said. dean, friend of this show who is on the progress network being muslim i'm aware how bannon is welcome with open arms. anti muslim big ots and i host because my number one priority is to use my show as a platform to crush bannon and gop candidates in the 2018 election and beyond. that's dean. he has a dean obeidallah show. he said the following and he says my job is to reveal the truth about him, expose him and allow those who know him to explain why he's a white
8:41 am
supremacist, biggo trkbigot dois the best thing and that's michelangelo and you have pete dominic, a friend of this show "insight" saying and other people on and he says this sucks. i don't think anyone should cancel their subscription because bannon wins but we should cancel steve bannon. it was wrong to bring him back. there isn't any other liberal ta talk. >> right. this reminds me of a boycott for rush limbaugh. a lot of the good remaining a.m. liberal talk shows, their advertising dried up because madison avenue said it's too controversial. we're withdrawing funds. that hurt the small portion of a.m. liberal radio. i think it's good people are mad about steve bannon being on
8:42 am
sirus. it's homophobic, racist, it's everything. it's disguessinesdisgusting. fy w-- if i were running sirus,i wouldn't give a paycheck. >> during the 2016 steve empowered patriot listeners to have a voice. the result was a lasting bond between steve and his audience that eagerly anticipated a return to radio. i should disclose i'm a fill in radio host at sirus xm. i should disclose that. >> she'll be on. >> do you support the cboycott? >> i don't. they are a bad idea for the opinions these men stated. i'm glad the people are angry and there should be other ways to express anger. he shouldn't have a show, but this is going to hurt the
8:43 am
progressive side. >> to the point -- >> go on. >> quickly, i would also say free speech doesn't necessarily include hate speech and any company that's brand is being damaged in this way may have to reconsider and ultimately sirus xm. even nancy is considering pulling the channel that plays her father's music. so we can't have that. i'm sure executives at sirus xm would want us to talkbility t a beetles and not steve bannon. we don't know that he isn't getting something out of this. >> the difference is before the 2016 election, was it was provocative and was what it was. the election brought out the direct connections with the white nationalism. that's a difference. you're not talking about somebody that has connections we've seen documented by journalists to white nationalism
8:44 am
and that's what they were promoting. >> i have to say. i do not support the boycott. i will be on with mark tomorrow but the second statement you read from the vice president with steve's bond with listeners and audience is really -- he needs a little help crafting a statement. that could push you to the edge of boycotting that anybody would be bragging about the bond that steve bannon has made with his white nationalist often racist listeners and bringing that voice into the white house? i would not be bragging about that if i were at sirus xm today. >> a great point, we want to separate sirus progress. that's important. >> and insight. >> anything that falls under that umbrella. the liberal broadcasting over there. that's an incredibly important pillar. we don't have many pillars. again, breitbart gets away with the media, right? they are in the news organization. they are a super pac and white national super pac at this point and if companies want to be part
8:45 am
of that, they have to come out and say yes, we want to be part of it. we want to be -- we want to be part of this corrosion of republican dialogue. >> last word. >> the greatest defenders of the first amendment after charlottesville have to alter their position after many, many years. there were certain things they wouldn't defend anymore and the aclu, sirus xm may have to alter. join me at 6:00 a.m. in the morning against steve bannon. i'll have fun. >> at 8:35. >> 8:35. >> thank you. >> thanks. a revealing look inside the black lives matter movement.
8:46 am
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every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ despite a year that included white supremacists creeping out of the shadows and attempting to go main stream with help of the president of the united states, in the disappearance of the beginnings of bipartisan agreement and the president launching a war against black athletes during protest over the national anthem, you might wonder what happened to the movement for black lives launched in response to a series of killings of unarmed black men, women and children by police and civilians. my next guest spend a year
8:50 am
meeting with those involveed to find out how the movement continues in trump's america. joining me is host of the terray show. guests including the movement. so talk a little bit about this year that you spent the "black lives matter" movement. what has changed if anything since the trump era begun? >> well, folks understand that the things have changed, they cannot interface with the federal government the way that they were able to during the obama administration. and they want to continue res t resisting and they don't want trump to shape everything. a sometimes resistance looks like a group of people in a park. black lives matter cares about deep care. some it would look like kids and adults playing in the park, but they understand that caring for your spirit is really important.
8:51 am
and they did not support hillary clinton and they don't regret that because they see institutional racism was not coming down with either of the candidates and they see a future which is radically different. some are abolitionists which they refer to to mean i want to abolish the police department entirely. >> do they really? colin kaepernick had this idea that there was no difference between trump and clinton. did "black lives matter" believe there is not a marked difference? >> they clearly see there is a difference between those two thin things, but would clinton have ushered in -- they say would li clinton have ushered in the end of institutional racism. no, those structures would still remain. so it is bigger than any one leader they understand. like i say, they understand that resistance is more than just shutting down highways.
8:52 am
it has to be filling your spirit. and that is what they will try to do over the next four years when they can't make substantive changes with interfacing with government. >> i want to read a piece, you say we live in a world where white supremacists are trying to become mainstream and the oval office is swinging at them, a country where jeff sessions is focussed on doubling down on the drug war adding private prisons and arming cops with military guns and tanks. part one, how about sha charlottesvilshare lots shape the "black lives matter"? >> one thing i found, ands there an official chapter near charlotteville that is small, but they understood that a massive rally is coming and they sent out a call to other people and lot of black lives matter o came to be in support of those who are resisting, those
8:53 am
protesting. we understand if we are violen ' violent', they will symbolically kill them even though many are worried about being literally killed. but as i'm writing this about their deep connection to nonviolence, and their sense that we cannot be swri leviolen must meet this with peace, i'm like i can hear people going what are you talking about, blm not violent, that is ridiculous? there it is not. this is a core part of black lives matter, nonviolent resistance. people have tried mess with that. there have been attempts by fox news to make you think otherwise. but this is a core part of blm, being nonviolence.miss that is misconstrue who they actually are. >> is "black lives matter" an entity with a set of tdemands? >> no, and there is a lot of discussion internally. the group out of l.a. that
8:54 am
patrice and opal started is not directly connected to the group that emerges out of what brittany and kayla and the folks who started it in ferguson. the folks in l.a. came and gave some assistance in various ways and they gave some signs and media said, oh, the ferguson group is "black lives matter." but they are separate groups. one is focusing with chapters, the other is not. th there are similar desires and similar it ctactics, but they a not the same. it is supposed to be a leaderless movement and they have succeeded nin that. there is misunderstanding that they are the shame aame and the not. >> he has a piece inside the "rolling stone" and you should pick it up. and also listen to the podcast. you're great. thank you so much. before we go, i'd like to shout out the men of kappa alpha psi at the university of virginia and the beta could i at
8:55 am
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thank you for watching. "a.m. joy" will be back next saturday. up next, my good friend alex witt. take it away. >> so the frat boys, they know it was all because of your birthday? >> i went out to dinner with friends and my husband for my birthday and they sent cake other. they were so nice. because my best friend is a member of a sorority, aka, and so they stopped to talk and all of a sudden next thing i knew, i was getting a song and free cake. >> keep it going for as long as you can. happy birthday. >> thank you so much. good day to all of you. i'm alex witt. it goes just about high noon in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. on the ground in alabama, new information this hour on absentee ballots and how that might affect the outcome in the senate race tuesday. >> we do know the russians offered help and campaign accepted help. >> a new twist on russia, some
9:00 am
of the strongest comments yet from the ranking member of the intelligence committee on the link between russia and the trump campaign. harder line, a new report today suggests president trump's supporters are ratcheting up complaints about robert mueller as he getting closer to the oval office. those details ahead. tweet storm. new york senator kirsten ghil bra gillibrand with a series of messages. we'll tell you what she said next. there are new details in alabama with roy moore's campaign trying to capitalize on president trump's full throated endorsement ahead of tuesday's election. and it includes robo call. this from an interview this morning. >> we had doug jones the liberal democrat with one of his senate buddies cory booker who said that the president should resign. so this is donald trump on trial


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