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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 16, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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i'm sheinelle jones. news continues with gigi stone woods. this is my baton. highlighter. passing it to you. >> thank you. i'll take it. hello everyone i'm gigi stone woods at msnbc headquarters in new york headed for a vote, the massive tax bill. could a christmas present for the president be a lump of coal for middle class americans?
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pardoned or pass, damage control. plus a new banish you'd by the white house. seven forbid ten words the cdc can no longer use and why. but we begin this hour at the white house where president trump is feeling the holiday spirit you could say. >> great gifts to the middle income people of this country that they've ever gotten for christmas. >> that gift is a massive tax bill congress is expected to vote ton and pass next week and could end on the president's desk by christmas. cut the corporate tax rate. and double the child tax credit. it would also according to the congressional budget office and joint committee on taxation add nearly $1.5 trillion to the nation's debt over the next decade. in just a moment, we will be talking to vice president mike pence's former press secretary about the plan.
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but let's start at the white house. and with nbc jeff bennett. jeff, the president says pretty upbeat about this bill's prospects? >> reporter: yeah, great to see you gigi. the president sound upbeat and good reason to be. has secured all the notes it needs to get the bill across the fini finish line and to the president's desk before the christmas break. yes votes from senator rubio who insisted on boost to the child tax credit. and huge reversal from tennessee senator bob corker who didn't get any concessions but says he's voting for this bill because he sees it as a once in a generation, rather, opportunity to cut taxes and spur job growth. now the president was headed to camp david a little this afternoon. before he bordered the airplane, he stopped and talked and touted
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tax breaks for profits earned overseas. take a look. >> we think $4 trillion will come back into the country, that's money overseas stuck there for years and years. it was 2.5 trilli$2.5 trillion, was $3.5, this is money stuck there for years and come pouring back into the country. >> reporter: so ta couple of things about that, as you know from having covered the business beat for so long, the president is giving an estimate there that is far above what many economists say that the win fall of these companies could bring back from overseas. then beyond the issue of the money, there is the issue of what these companies choose to do with it. economists say something like this was tried a little over a decade ago, and in that instance these companies did not do more hiring, what they did was pass that money onto shareholders in the form of buy backs and dividends. really was no job growth that resulted from it. still, the politics is not really getting in the way here. substance rather is not getting
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in the way of the politics. the house is set to vote on tuesday. senate a day later sending this to the president's desk in short order. >> a lot of evidence trickle down economics may not look. thank you. >> with me now former special assistant to the president and former press secretary for vice president mike pence. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me on. >> that seemed to be popular. but doesn't seem to be happening here. so how do you reconcile that? >> what you have right here is president delivering on promise to cut taxes for middle class, for lower level americans, so we can accelerate job growth in this country, get the economy moving faster than it is, since the president has been elected. >> but yet majority of americans don't feel that it's going to be a cut to the middle class, doesn't seem supportive of this tax plan. why the rush to get this passed?
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>> well, there is not a rush. a lot of misinformation about what this tax cut actually means for the average american. and polls can be weighted and questioned in many ways. as americans are finding more information out about this, when you are doing informed questions, you are seeing the popularity of this increase dramatically. but here's what it means, for an average family of four making about $75,000 a year, you are talking about $2,000 tax cut starting next year, your paycheck will go up beginning in february, and really some rough math there fwhaes $150 a month that you'll have in your pocketbook that you can spend, you can save for your child's education. you can pay pay credit cards. maybe buy a new car. go on vacation. good things for the economy. >> biggest tax cuts go to corporations. historically that doesn't seem to be pa lot of evidence those tax cuts go to corporations when they have extra cash will spend
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it on raising wages for average american. how do you respond to that? >> what you are seeing is again targeted towards the families in america. more than half of these tax cuts are targeted toward in terms of dollars are targeted toward american families. on the corporate side, let's go back to when we last had a significant reform in our corporate tax structure which was in 1980s under president reagan. you saw 15 million jobs create nd the years that followed. and 20% increase in people's income. that's why some folks are estimating that the average american is going to see about $4,000 in higher wages in the years ahead in addition to the money that they are saving immediately under the tax cuts. >> well, it does seem there is a lot of conflicting evidence out there. and a lot of heads of corporations are saying they are not necessarily going to spend this on anything but dividends and possibly giving money back to their shareholders.
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so how about all the americans who don't invest in the stock market? >> you also have companies out there talking about investing in their companies, growing, one of the big features of this tax cut plan is that all of the new equipment that is being purchased by companies can be written off on their taxes which should spur investment, spur innovation which will then create more jobs. but in the long run, even having some companies having higher shares and revenues that's also good for the american people. those who have a 401(k) saying for long time retirement, i know many of americans do the same thing. >> let's hope the corporations do the right thing. as you say, thank you. >> thank you. >> president trump again this week not ruling out the idea of pardoning former national security adviser michael flynn who pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi. let's listen. >> what about michael flynn, would you consider a pardon for michael flynn? >> i don't want to talk about
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p pardons for michael flynn. we'll see. >> coming after he criticized fbi role in the russia investigation once again cast ago shadow of doubt over the intelligence kmupt and offending people in the fbi. let's bring in our panel. and co-host of slate magazine, trump cast, and nbc news national political reporter mike as well as nbc legal analyst danny. great group here. thank you for being with us. we have trump, danny, not ruling out the possibility of pardoning flynn, which may be a little bit too late. where do we see the mueller investigation heading next? >> the mueller investigation is going to actually meet with trump's lawyers in the next week. and trump's lawyers are going to try to find out the direction of the investigation. if the practice of the doj and
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u.s. attorneys for their entire existence is any indicator, he had are not going to give them a lot of information. doj investigations are kept very quiet. and the mueller investigation is no exception. it is a textbook example of how they keep their cards close to their vest. >> right. and what we are seeing now is this increasingly firey rhetoric against the fbi from donald trump and many of his supporters which some could see as dangerous. are we going to see donald trump firing him over the holidays? are we headed towards a constitutional crisis? what's going to happen. >> it's interesting to watch the kind of right wing machine at this point gearing up two minutes hate against the mueller investigation and everything. trump's lawyer is not -- ty cobb is not talking in that way. that side is not talking about
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pardoning michael flynn because they will are smart enough to know what's going on. michael flynn the moment he's going to get pardoned will get prosecutored at the state level and trump can't do anything about that. there is it a lot of preparing the way for trump to make these actions, almost as if people are trying to pull him in that way, but i don't think his legal team is it pulling him until that direction. because mule seller is creating tight legal box in will trump family is it in ensnard in. >> we are hearing soma lance armstrong bells. tell us about that. >> that's right. i spent a lot of time covering investigations into russia. and what we have been hearing both seniors in-house intelligence committee and both saying, listen this is something we are nearing the finish line. republicans say we perceived every lead. they have had at least one interview a day this month, sometimes twice a day, doing
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interviews in new york next week. and add am schiff we heard him yesterday this is pressure from the white house. this is pressure from steve bannon and the republican base and republicans and congress to prematurely end investigation. and i think that is where they are heading. when you combine it what we saw on the judiciary committee and rosenstein republican after republican bringing up text messages from emerge from mueller team as pretext for under mining the larger probe saying that not only is our house investigation going to need but mueller's needs to as well. >> what are they thinking, if they end the vicks it will influence mueller investigation to end more quickly? >> i think we have seen mule ser immune to political pressure no matter where it's coming from. especially the president. and democrats i spoke to even if republicans in the house try to end the formal investigation from the committee, democrats aren't going to drop this. they'll continue to do t they'll speak to witnesses when they can. and as mueller's team continues to work and as revelations continue to come out, republicans are going to have to be held accountable for why they
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said that they were done when there is new information still coming every day. >> right. there is going to be a lot of backlash if any one gets fired in this. now, virginia i want to bring you flew this, because jared kushner a big focus of mueller investigation. and we hear reports he has hired a crisis pr team. is this standard operating procedure or a sign that perhaps they are afraid of something? >> poor guy, he really does look like he's in crisis, and it must feel very emotional to him. as i mentioned he has been facing this week a payment due on 666, 5th avenue, his tower in manhattan, and definitely at his door. people speculated he will be next in mueller's sights after flynn. so he is worried and shopping for a crisis management firm. >> i can imagine that the crisis management firms are be set with requests. i can't imagine that harvey
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weinstein and fellow travelers administration and their circle haven't hired all the crisis management firms. almost a job creations program of this administration. not just lawyers. but they need and for people who don't know what a crisis management firm is, they do press control, they control leaks, they place stories. they create momentum. they are lawyers that work for them. but even security people that work for them. this can be a giant operation. and i do think it reflects jared kushner's fear. >> and this is really highlights the pr war we are dealing with right now, which is one side trying to discredit the fbi and mueller's investigation in an attempt to sway the american people that this is not valid. >> that's where we can get into a place that looks and smells more like a constitutional crisis down the line. but again mueller is covering his tracks. i think least behe's been doing investigation that answer being fired and what happens next. the investigations do not stop
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as a result of this. so i think it puts trump and his allies in a very dicey situation. nuclear option for them to do that. and it's not clear if he does all these things, not clear to me that this stops. i think it continues and the legal jeopardy of jared kushner and everybody else continues even if all that happens. and i think trump's legal counsel recognizes that. >> that is the trouble that he could face, absolutely. danny, i want to switch gears to this judicial nominee and what it tells us. because everyone is crazy about this video. because as uncomfortable as it is to watch. >> me too. >> it really is very telling. so let's take a watch at it. >> have you ever tried a jury trial? >> i have not. >> civil? >> no. >> criminal? >> no. >> bench? >> no. >> state or federal court? >> i have not. >> as a trial judge you are obviously going to have
12:15 pm
witnesses. can you tell me what the doe ber standard is? >> senator kennedy i don't have that readily at my disposal. but i would be happy to take a closer look at that. >> okay. >> that is not something that i've had to contend with. >> just for the record, do you know what a motion in limini is? >> i would probably not be able to give you a good definition right here at the table. >> so here's what we have, trump's judicial nominee failing to answer basic legal questions that by all accounts a first, second year law student would be able to answer. and he had heads up about this. he could have done his homework. so there is something clearly at play here. because kennedy who was asking him is a republican. >> true. >> and he knowingly knew this gentleman did not have the answers to these questions. so are we highlighting frustration among some of donald trump judicial picks here? >> maybe. but what i have to do is be
12:16 pm
fair. there are were some answers forgivable. for example, we saw in that exchange, what the senator asked him five different ways have you tried a case we know the answer is no, not criminal, arbitration, civil case. so it that might have been slanted against hmm. i also think it's forgivable not to have tried a case and not know what some of those esoteric abstention doctrines are. the two unforgivables is not knowing what a motion in limini is and bob bear? >> and they butchered the pronunciation. and the federal court is the trial court. if you have never tried a case, maybe appellate court would be better for you. but a motion in limini is how we decide what evidence comes in trial. hand dough berth standard is how to let expert testimony in. these are issues that come in every single trial. and if you are aware that you don't know that stuff, open up a book before the most important
12:17 pm
hearing of your life, and read a little bit about it. >> especially when you are up against a lifetime appointment. thank you so much for joining us. transgender, fetus, diversity, believe it or not these are words you cannot use at the cdc next. you'll want to watch. i accept i don't conquer
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welcome back. you're not going to believe this
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one. nation's top public health agency cdc can no longer use certain words in preparing its budget. this is according to a "washington post." a mid the phrases for forbidden by the trump administration, is evidence based and, wait for it, science based. now the department of health and human services hitting back in a statement today saying, the assertion that hhs has banned words is a complete miss characteristic of discussions regarding the budget formulation process. hhs will continue to use the best scientific evidence available to improve the health of all americans. hhs also strongly encourages the use of outcome and evidence data in program evaluations and budget decisions. so i'm joined now by two doctors, peter small head of the institute at stop i brook and adviser to the bill and melinda
12:22 pm
gates physician, and patel former adviser to the obama administration. thanks both of you for being with us. if this is true, as this report says, at first glance this could seem like some sort of state sponsored attack on science and free speech. so, peter, as public health scientist, what do you make of this report? >> well, i'm outraged. i think the dramatic increases that we have seen in health in america is a result of science and evidence. last 100 years americans are living twice as long. we don't even worry about diseases that we used to lose lives too regularly. all of that, in my opinion, is placed at risk when the white house sensors the federal agency that is responsible for all of our health. >> do you ever remember a time in history when something like
12:23 pm
this has happened? this seems sort of mccarthy word era banning if in fact it is true? >> it's unprecedented certainly in my lifetime. the fact is that the progress we have made is a result of technology that is science based. and i would also add that it's programs that are evidence based. and to exclude the use of that language by the organization that is responsible for that progress is absolutely insane. >> it is flabbergasting. i want to bring you in. you are a practicing physician. what went through your mind when you read this report? what could the reason be for this? >> if it wasn't for the "washington post" i had a hard time believing it was real. i'll give aconcrete example. a lot of your viewers are familiar with the zika issues
12:24 pm
potentially in people trying to get pregnant or who are pregnant, how can we not talk about fetus, that's a scientific word when we are trying to think of ha risks to a pregnancy? and that language around zika, hanging in my office comes from the cdc. so i understand that hhs, i used to work in the government, i understand that hhs is trying to say, well this was really about budget discussions, this wasn't about messages to the public. that's not an excuse. in fact, that's even worse. because we are almost telling officials, well, as you are thinking about preparing for your programs, you can't use these words. that's even worse. and so how are we going to separate all of this, honestly, it's in sane, and try to deliver good care. that's the real critical question. >> it seems like a part of a larger effort on the part of the administration to move away from science. how do you think this could effect medical research?
12:25 pm
>> well, what really troubles me is this was brought out in budget preparations for the centers for disease control and prevention. they administer billions of dollars in grants and programs that lead to the kind of research that peter just talked about and that we take for granted now, like, for example, smoking is actually bad for our health. and if we are restricting the words around these programs and these grants, there is a real pocket we would pock possibility that we don't have funding that tell us, basically most of what is causing illnesses in america. so i'm not trying to sound alarmist, but it really concerned me when i saw the reply from hhs that said that this was taken out of context and that these were budget discussions. that means it could be even worse than we are realizing. >> yeah, it's really troubling news.
12:26 pm
and thank you both, doctors peter small, and patel for trying to explain this flabbergasting report for us. now we will talk next about how it can completely change how you access the internet, so stay with us, net neutrality. but on the inside, i feel like chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions.
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welcome back. following the fcc controversial move thursday. moving back net neutrality rules which internet service providers to have all do equally. we should note comcast is the parent company of msnbc has stayed in a statement. commitment to customers remains the same. and the company will not block throttle or discriminate against lawful contempt. content. so joining us now is technology editor for ad week. and waegs column for the los angeles times. thanks for being with us.
12:31 pm
so i want to start with you. what do you make of all of this? the concern is that it will really stifle innovation and that the facebook's of the world, the next facebook's of the world creating a small company won't be able to stand a chance. >> exactly. so what the isp internet service providers are saying this will slow down innovation and keep them from building up five g which is the next wave of wireless internet we don't have yet anywhere. but on the flip side if they are doing this in the internet it will be tough for snapchat that doesn't have much chance to build that up like facebook did years ago. >> what do you think of this? >> people say too much regulation and causes them to think twice about what kinds of companies are going to have that access. that's one of the things against
12:32 pm
it i guess you can say. but the internet just is not changing as fast as some people would like. and so i guess they want to have more power and they want to have more control over what kinds of companies are broadcasting content on there. >> and biggest fear is these companies would put the content in our hands and seem like the price is lower for consumers but in actuality they'll have less choice what they can see on the internet. >> yeah, that's a problem, because they have massive amount of content they can stream through. but at the same time at&t of course was trying though acquire time warner, so if these two have all the power, a lot of advertisers are wondering how are we going to get in there? it will do some sort of switch they are worried about, but consolidation who has the air waves. >> and this is actually nor than more than a roll back.
12:33 pm
it allows them to block content. how this will play out? will we see carriers take advantage of this new power? >> well, clearly going to see the carriers take advantage of it one way or another. because it's a big transfer of power to those carriers. the companies that now provide your telecommunications services like at&t, like comcast, and verizon. so if you want to trust them with your service this is is a good deal. they all say they won't block sites. they won't do that. they'll want to give consumers the most access to the most stuff they can. but two cautions there, number one, there is some history. back in 2011, at&t actually did block people's access to facebook, the communications app that apple provides because at&t wanted to be the communications provider. they didn't want you turning to apple's product to have your video chats with your family. and the other caution here is that clearly what this new
12:34 pm
regime will allow is it will allow those service providers, the verizon, at&ts, to have a fast lane or a slow lane. they are going to be able to give you fast streaming, i think we'll see it in streaming first, fast streaming, from sources they like or own, and slow streaming from sources they don't like or that aren't paying them as much. >> okay. i want to thank you you both for joining us. and there is a lot of push back on this from netflix. it's important to note as well as attorney generals from different states. so it's not over yet. >> now we, have al franken, conyers, politicians accused of misconduct, including president trump. but is there a double standard when it comes to the highest office in the country? all-new chevy equinox. it's gorgeous. it offers rear seat reminder, built-in 4g lte wifi... apple car play compatibility... wow... ...and teen driver technology. that's crazy... now to get all of these features,
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all of a sudden he's all over me, kissing and groping, and groping and kissing. when his hands started going up my skirt, i'm not a small person, i managed to wiggle out. >> looking me over like i was a piece of meat. you know, i was not a human being, i didn't have a brain, i didn't have a personality. i was just simply there for his pleasure. >> so he kept kissing you? >> yeah. i don't know how many times back and forth, multiple, and then he kissed me on the lips.
12:39 pm
and i was shocked, yeah, i mean, devastated. i didn't -- it happened so fast. >> to date at least 19 women have accused president trump of sexual misconduct. and that was just a few of their stories. trump is denying the allegations, it's important to note. but even with sex scandals ending careers across washington, somehow the president seems immune to any official scrutiny. this week more than 150 members of congress signed a letter calling on the house oversight committee to investigate these allegations. so joining us now are two of the authors of that letter, lois u.s. representative from florida, and brenda lawrence u.s. representative from michigan. thank you for joining us. congresswomen fran kel congresswomen frankle, i want to start with you, why is this needed? we have seen accusations that are more than enough to end
12:40 pm
things. why isn't the highest member of office held to the same question? >> first of all, thanks for having me here. and you are right more than 19 women have come forward with accusations of session you'xual against the president. and me too movement has arrived. we have seen allegations from hollywood in tv land from olympi olympi olympics gymnasts from a doctors abusing them, and the message has to be no man or woman is above the law. so our women's working group as well as many of the men in our caucus sent a letter asking them to investigate the allegations. we feel this is the proper venue to get to the truth. >> all right. congresswoman lawrence, let's talk about the response to that letter from the house oversight committee tray gowdy. what kind of push back will we see as democrats pursue an investigation and what is your next step?
12:41 pm
because he unequivocally said no we are not going to investigate. >> thank you, gigi. and happy holidays. this is the thing that was very telling about the response from congressman gowdy who is the chair of oversight. he said these are criminal allegations. so therefore they should be referred to the department of justice. where i serve on the oversight committee and i know that the factual information is that we have investigated previous complaints of sexual harassment in our federal government from the department of justice, from doj, from the military, we have brought those allegations before our committee. why is it that this republican administration refuses to have accountability at all levels? sexual harassment doesn't stop because you are in the white house. these allegations, i have repeatedly said, due process.
12:42 pm
we must allow any allegation to go through the due process. and the president is not exempt from that. >> president trump actually responded to news of the letter via twitter as he often does. he wrote despite thousands of hours wasted and many millions of dollars spent the democrats have been una ibl to show any collusion with russia so now they are moving on to false accusations and fabricated stories from women i have never met. fake news. so congresswoman frankle how do you respond to this? >> first, will et let me tell yd respond to the letter and reminded him that the oversight committee has investigated many matters that are criminal in nature. and in fact while there was a parallel investigation by the justice department. now, as to the president, maybe i should say he's got a fake media twitter going out, because
12:43 pm
the fact of the matter is the russian investigation is ongoing, most of us, and most americans don't think it's fake. and a recent poll showed that 70% of americans want the sexual abuse allegations against the president investigated. how do we expect, when we know sexual harassment and abuse is going on, hotel maid's are subjected to this, waitresses in restaurants, we have seen it in the military, we want victims to come forward, and abusers to be held accountable. and what kind of message is it when the victims of alleged conduct by the president are told they are liars and the president escapes? >> this is nothing new if we look before the election and "access hollywood" tape, many accusations for a long time and many americans knew about them
12:44 pm
and elected him anyway. how do we reconcile that and wait until now to pursue this investigation? >> gigi, i want to say alabama just happened. and we had allegations after allegations of complaints of sexual harassment, sexual abuse to a person that was held accountable in an election. this is a watershed movement. this is the me too movement. it is now. and we are having pressure from the public and our constituents to say we need to set a zero it will tolerance in this country and process for women to come forward. the second leg of this letter of investigation is that we can move forward, and in congress can create a process that's transparent, that has the ability for a person to have due process, and then accountability. and we have come together in the democrat caucus and said we should make sure that every
12:45 pm
woman that works on the hill will have all of those things, to have the ability to be anonymous if they choose, to have transparency and due process those accused, and then accountability when there is a finding. so we are not going to be silent on this issue. we are going to move forward. the curtain has been pulled back on sexual harassment in america. and it's time for us to act appropriately, from the white house all the way down to the waitress in the restaurant. >> now we are seeing changes on the hill every minute as we speak. representatives, frankle and lawrence, thank you for that. >> thank you. we do have questions about diversity in the white house following the exit of omarosa the woman who only needs one name. stick around. your smile
12:46 pm
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12:50 pm
many african-american activists and leaders who questioned her role in the white house. remember this heated exchange at the national association of black journalists. >> and that is how youjournals. >> that is how you move in the white house with a man who really is sending a signal to this country that -- hear the rest of my question. you're my guest. i did my best to try to put this as civil as possible. [ applause ] >> i have never -- ask a question -- >> i'll ask the question my way.
12:51 pm
>> that's good television. joining me now is ed gordon that journalist who squird osquared off with omarosa. host of interim this week. ed, first, your heated exchange with omarosa went viral this summer. do you think that was an early sign she was going to have a tough time in the oval office while advocating for issues in the african-american community. >> we all knew who omarosa was since before she hit the white house. she played this character on "the apprentice." part of why i engaged in what we saw there was simply because omarosa has, we saw with gma interview, a tendency to co-op the moment and take it in her direction. i chose to go toe-to-toe with her at this point. ening it's important we note her that we've got to be careful with the attention we're giving
12:52 pm
or omarosa. people leave the house early. there's a lot of issues, particularly of exhort to the african-american community that we're not paying enough attention to and perhaps paying too much attention to omarosa's departure. >> what it does is highlight the hack of diversity in the white house and the difficulty the white house has maybe attracting members of any minority community when trump has at times spoken out against certain communities and ank erld them possib -- angered them. and also using it as a prop. >> it's interesting. omarosa had no problem being used as a prp. she's been with trump for the last part of a decade. he's been the only person paying her bills since 2008. she had three turs on "the apprentice," a spinoff of her looking for a man. she worked on the show.
12:53 pm
and making nearly $180,000 in this administration, taxpayer money all. she's had a great relationship with trump. it's been transactional. he pays her bill. is it genuine? i don't know. some would argue they recognize, see each other, kindred spirits, motivated by the dollar. many people don't feel the united states is now divided states of america primarily because a person in the oval office does not appear to be a champion of people of color. >> i would also suggest for african-americans there was no need for omarosa's departure to know there was a tremendous lack of diversity with this administration. while i grant you the idea that there would be many african-americans who would not accept the position of someone in his administration, there are plenty of african-americans who if they believe this president was responsible and real about trying to make change would at least come to the table, i.e.,
12:54 pm
the urban league, naacp and others, to try to forge a somewhat tenuous admittedly relationship to make things better. >> that's interesting. piggy backing on what ed said, donald trump's pitch to the african-american community was a simple sentence, what have you got to lose? that's not a pitch when you're trying to cultivate a relationship with a community. what have you got to lose? you've got a lot to lose actually. >> going forward, we just saw it and we'll put it up ago white house dealing with backlash hen they posted this photo of the white house summer interns. young people in this country reflecting a majority who are all caucasian or caucasian looking, attacking the issue. does the white house have a diversity issue and what can be done about it. >> america has a diversity problem. the white house is on the far end of that diversity problem. i think it's important to note it's not about whether or not
12:55 pm
you had four or five or ten african-american or people of color in that income tax, i think the idea is when are we going to under it's going to take more than just dots within a picture. how many people can green light movements and the like within your administration. that becomes the real issue that we're not tackling. it's far beyond whether or not we see one or two black faces in a picture. >> ed gordon and loll ark, thank you so much for joining us and talking about this issue. we will be right back. stay with us. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions.
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12:59 pm
that's it for us at this hour. i'm gigi stone woods. now i want to extend a very warm welcome to aaron gilchrist from nbc's washington who picks up our coverage with expertise. aaron, welcome. lots to talk about on this saturday. >> absolutely, gigi. thank you for that welcome. i appreciate it. hello, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist msnbc headquarters in new york. win, lose, or dry. republicans say they have the votes to pass a massive tax overhaul but who wins and who loses if the bill becomes law? and how will the gop's legislative victory impact the party come midterm elections? plus talk of a pardon from flynn and a phone call from putin. the latest developments in the russia investigation. >> there is absolutely no collusion. that has been proven. >> we start with what could be republicans first major
1:00 pm
legislative victory of 2017, a sweeping tax reform plan after some last-minute changes, the final version of the republican tax plan was released last night. now, the proposed bill expected to cost $1.5 trillion. it would slash the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, would trim income rates for individuals, the highest would drop from 39% to 27%, eliminate personal exemptions but roughly double standard deduction to $12,000 for individuals, $24,000 for couples. the proposed bill would also eliminate the obamacare provision that requires most americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. president trump wants to sign this bill into law before the end of the year. >> we want to give you, the american people, a giant tax cut for christmas. when i say giant, i mean giant.


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