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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  December 28, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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we continue live coverage on msnbc next with the 11th hour with brian williams. tonight, donald trump tells "the new york times" the russia investigation makes america look the new york sometimes the russia investigation makes america look very bad. this as "the washington post" reports there are already white house worries about what's to come in 2018. plus roy moore's last stand. doug jones declared the winner in alabama, but what damage has moore left behind for the republican party? how one 13-dispan in july set the tone for all out chaos in the trump white house. the 11th hour on a thursday night begins right now. good evening from our nbc news
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headquarters here in new york. i'm katie turr for brian williams. day 343 of the trump administration and we have breaking news on the russia investigation in the form of a new interview with the "new york times" posted a short time ago. michael schmitt sat down with the president in west palm beach for a 30 minute impromptu conversation. president trump said thursday he believes robert mueller the special counsel in the russia investigation will treat him fairly, contradicting some members of his party who waged a weeks long campaign to try to discredit mr. mueller and the inquiry. the president did not demand an end to the russia have investigations, but insisted 16 times that there has been no collusion discovered by the inquiry. it makes the country look very bad and it puts the country in a
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very bad position, mr. trump said of the investigation. the sooner it's worked out the better it is for the country. michael schmitt also poke spoke to the president about how long the investigation will last. the democrats at about whether the special counsel would be fair. mr. trump said that he was not bothered by the fact that he does not know when it will be completed because he has nothing to hide. mr. trump repeated the assertion that democrats invented it as a hoax and a ruse and an excuse for losing an election. he said that everybody knows his associates did not collude with the russians, even as he insisted the real stories are about democrats who worked with the russians in the 2016 campaign. there has been no collusion, but i think he is going to be fair, mr. trump said of mr. mueller. he tried to put distance between himself and his former chairman
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paul manafort indicted for his work in the pro russian government, a charge he denies. he said paul only worked for me for a few weeks. paul worked for ronald reagan & bob dole for far longer than he worked for me. you are talking what paul was many years ago before i heard of him. he worked for me for what was it, 3 1/2 months? >> the washington correspondent and msnbc contributor. thanks for calling in. this was an imp promptu sit down. what sort of mood was the president? >> thanks for having me. i think the president is his best spokesman so he wants to pick the arguments about why things are going well and why they are not. he was eager to talk about taxes
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and that accomplishment and the interesting thing to me was the tone he struck that bob mueller would be fair to him. that is sort of in contrast to what republicans are saying today. republicans say love mueller is an unfair person who is completely out of control and the president said i think mueller will be fair to me. he was on a conciliatory note from a person who doesn't strike that tone. >> interesting since so many republicans are going after him and so many allies are going after mr. mueller. in the transcript of your interview he seemed to be trying really hard to stress that there was some sort of collusion not on behalf of his campaign, but on behalf of the democrats in 2o 16. >> he likes to turn the collusion on the democrats and say there is far more evidence on their side than his. the interesting thing that i thought about john podesta's
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brother, tony. what ever happened to tony podesta who was under investigation and they had big problems and the president is saying wapd to podesta and he was looking at that and that will be interesting to see what happens. if mueller wanted to make a move on him, he could strike a tone where he was going after democrats and republicans. >> he did not mention michael flynn. we have been hearing a lot about michael flynn. there is a "washington post" report out that they are trying to paint flynn as a liar. why not mention? >> the president is very difficult toy interview because he can move very quickly from one issue to the next and the next thing you know you are off on a different tangent. there were so many different issues you can talk to the president about and i tried to get him to talk about north korea because he tweeted about
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it that day and we didn't get to it. he had gone on about manafort and trying to put distance between himself and manafort. we never addressed the question of a pardon of flynn or anything like that. the president moved quickly with language in a way that i have never seen. >> i understand you on that one. this is getting a lot of pick up. he has the absolute right to do what i want to do with the justice department. in your estimation from this interview, do you get the sense that he believes he could stop this investigation if he ultimately wanted to? >> he seems to have adopted an argument where as the head of the executive branch you can do whatever he would like in the executive branch and the department of justice is in the executive branch as is the fbi. if he wants to end or begin an investigation, he could do that as the president. that is the central argument
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towards who he is in terms of mueller. mueller is looking at the question of obstruction and whether the president did anything wrong when he asked comb tow end the investigation. by putting that forward, he is saying look, these accusations of what i have done, nothing wrong there because i'm the president and the head of the executive branch. >> earlier on this network, the presidential historian, he said not even nixon would have dared say that in person. thanks for calling in. now to the lead off panel. josh doszy, former u.s. attorney who spent 25 years as a prosecutor and white house reporter for the associated press and msnbc political analyst. reading, jonathan, michael's interview and hearing him turn the tables on democrats, i was struck by how much he did that on the campaign. you are not fit for office. he would try to turn every
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criticism of him around and tla label it or hand to to the democrats. >> the famous puppet line. you're the puppet suggesting that hillary would do vladamir putin's bidding. this is something he likes to do. he likes to have an adversary. an attack on him deflect and send it back on the other person. the what aboutism. you accuse me of something, i can point to three examples about you. one of the most striking things about this interview is that it happened at all and congratulations to michael for it. the president sat down for a 30 minute unstaffed interview. the aides did not know until tonight. as much as general kelly received kudos for organizing the white house and controlling the flow of information there for installing more discipline
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on the building. he is yet to do any with the president himself. >> this is the sort of thing we heard about happening where somebody would call sean spicer and say what do you think of the president's remarks and he would not necessarily know about it s. you tweeted that you called a somewhat senior aide to the president and they didn't know about it. >> he destroys reparty in the give-and-take. you have top aides who said let's not do the press conference and stick with the momentum we have on the tax cuts he designed. let's try and stick to the message and the president as we have seen time and time again is most comfortable when he is unfilter and unstrip theed. that's what we saw to michael and kudos to michael for getting the interview.
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he is sitting in the middle of the trump golf course and he is stopping and chatting and if you read the transcript, he is talking to club members. it's his natural habitat and that's what he likes to do. >> he likes to talk. if you are donald trump's legal team and looking at the interview, are you cringing? >> you are definitely cringing. what strikes you most is a slap in the face as someone who worked in the justice department for so long. this idea that the president has absolute control over the justice department. it's penitentiaimportant to say not true. it might seem logical to people who never worked in the department that the president is the head of the executive branch gets to control what employees do skpa and what separates the united states from a banana republic and a dictatorship, the president can direct policy and doesn't get to decide who goes to jail and what doesn't go to
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jail. that's the essence of the rule of law. the president's legal team i think has to be cringing seeing this basic failure by the president to grasp how our legal system functions which really colors then all of these comments he makes. there wasn't collusion. if there was it's not illegal. this is a president who just doesn't understand how the law works. >> it's glaring that michael flynn didn't come up in the interview and his legal team was thinking about participating michael flynn the former national adviser as a liar. one of donald trump's lawyers denies this, but what do you think of that strategy? >> it's interesting. we heard it both ways now. the president is going to come out and say flynn is a liar and the president is not going to do that. but at the end of the day, it's awfully dangerous to characterize someone that you selected as your own national security adviser as a liar after
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you have gone on record asking the director of the fbi and you can't just give in the past. can't you let this one go, director comb he? this is treacherous for the president no matter which way he plays this one, it won't affect his own personal chances and those of his inner circle in a positive fashion. >> also as the president has repeatedly offered a lot of praise for michael flynn after he fired him calling him a wonderful man saying he was treated very unfairly by the press. josh, you also have respecting about donald trump's staff readying for 2018 making some changes and worried about potentially a tough year ahead. >> right. you have seen the president tweeting and golfing and meeting with friends and meanwhile his staff back at home has been looking at the landscape of a 2018 election and trying to figure out how they can bogster their political team and who
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they should bring in and what apparatus and people that need to have a successful year. a lot of republicans we recorded, the head of the freedom caucus and concerned about republicans losing dozens of seats. that's something the white house is trying to stem the tide. if the president loses a majority in the house of representatives, it changes the fabric of his presidency. it's a difficult terrain ahead. if you are at the white house, you are trying to get the pieces in lace to make 2018 as palatable as possible, but it's a difficult proposition. >> party of the problem is nobody wants to work in the white house. not a lot of people are willing to go into the administration given how volatile it is. they got taxes passing and they seem to be embracing trump a little bit more depending on who you are looking at. is that going to make it easier to find a suitable staff that will help them prepare?
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>> we will see. there is a list of republican establishment and the foreign policy realms who were so anti-trump. the never trumpers during the campaign. and for some sort of job even after their own career and for the country. this is a president who holds grudges. they are score settling here and those are people who are not going to be welcome with open arms into the west wing. this is a president who still -- the russia cloud hangs over all of this. people can see the headlines about aides being interviewed by robert mueller's team and others being pulled up in front of congressional committees. some folks who would normally be interested in working in a white house would be nervous about going into this one particularly for a president though he has this legislative win, got the taxes done, still saddled with very poor approval ratings. >> would you be nervous if you
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were jared kushner in the white house right now? >> it's a difficult time for anyone in the white house or in this administration who has had problems with filling out forms with information and background clearance forms or in testimony. mueller's team has demonstrated with this first wave of indictments that they are serious about enforcing laws against lying to the fbi. so kushner has had this problem where he had to resubmit his security clearance forms over and over because of failure to disclose foreign meetings and foreign contacts. that certainly has to be of concern to him. weave heard he is out looking to hire a public relations team. that's something that you typically see happen with an individual who believes they are close to being indicted. >> donald trump sounding somewhat zen to michael schmitt saying he believes robert mueller will treat him fairly.
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thank you very much. it's been a year of nonstop news from the white house, but two weeks in july stand out for their extraordinary volume of breaking news. a look back at 13 days that left its mark on the trump presidency and speaking of nonstop news, donald trump calls north korea a nuclear menace in that "new york times" interview and weighs in on roy moore, the very same day doug jones was declared a winner alabama. the 11th hour is just getting started on a thursday night. get awesomely fast wifi
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>> if there has ever been a doubt the people of alabama are given an opportunity to do so without hindrance, that has been eliminated. anybody else that continues to perpetuate that myth is doing just that. >> that's the general defending the results of the special senate election. the state officially certified doug jones's victory today, but republican roy moore is not letting his loss go. he is refusing to concede even after a judge tossed out a lawsuit challenging the results. dave weekle explains it this way. moore's campaign cited rumors of election fraud that had already been invest gay and refuted by the alabama secretary of state argued that high democratic turn out in key areas was statistically unlikely and reported that moore himself had taken a polygraph test to disprove allegations he made
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unwanted sexual advances to teenager when is he was in his 30s. about that polygraph test, it was supposedly taken after the election. a spokesperson for moore was on cnn today to talk about the results. >> he passed the polygraph test and he said i will go before any polygraph that you guys want, you as a state organization choose. he will be tested and you don't see that from the accusers. forget about the secret software and the fact that they destroy all the evidence. that doesn't seem to bother you, but it bothers the people of alabama and i believe the people will come out in a primary election against john merrill and same with steve marshall. >> porter didn't say moore might be that primary challenger. president trump explained why he supported moore despite the sexual misconduct claims. he told the "new york times" that he supported his opponent in the primary because he knew
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mr. moore would lose in the general election and insisted he endorsed mr. moore later because i feel that i have to endorse republicans as the head of the party. with us is national political k correspondent for "the washington post" and garrett hang. thanks for being here. it's so interesting, dave, to hear the president talk about roy moore and say that he had to endorse him as the head of the republican party when not only does he talk about the party as they and them, but republican leadership and republicans in general had distanced themselves from roy moore. >> they had. the president had proved exception by sticking by him by disbelieving the accusations made about moore based on his experience in the campaign. his own memory of what it was like to be accused of these things.
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the president endorsed moore at a time when the polling suggested that moore was going to pull the election out. it's convenient for him in retrospect to say moore never had a chance. >> moore is taking a play right out of donald trump's playbook. if the election does not go my way, claim voter fraud. we heard the president talk about this a lot in the 2016 campaign when it looked like he was not going to win. we heard him say that's why he didn't win the popular vote. he has a fraud committee out there investigating that right now. is this what we are going to see from republican candidates who do not win their races going forward or bannon candidate that the don't win their races going forward? >> it's entirely possible. everything about this complaint filed by the moore campaign today felt like it was designed for reputation management. you don't make a serious complaint about election fraud and lump in in the same press
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release that oh, by the way you have taken a polygraph test that presumably you paid for that clears you of these alleged wrong-doings otherwise. it seemed like it was designed to dust off what roy moore could of the allegations against him and all the mess that he himself and his campaign made in this election. maybe to preserve his future prospects to run for another office in the state of alabama. you mentioned a statewide office and the other republican senator in the state, richard shelby is 83 and he is not up again until 2022, but he was instrumental in defeating roy moore. if roy moore has a vengeful tact he wants to take, that announcement that frivolous eachlt could be designed for something in the future more so than relitigating the race he lost. >> is this hurting the
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republican party's image, dave? >> they would like to section off what roy moore ran on what he stood for from the rest of the republican party. that's why you see republicans blaming this on steve bannon who didn't have a lot to do with roy moore's career. he ran to the front of the parade when people thought roy moore would win. the complaints that roy moore made in this lawsuit which was filed late wednesday night and dismissed early thursday afternoon, they are familiar. there were complaints on rumors from the internet debunked pretty quickly by the republican secretary of state that he said the fact that they were debunked in one place doesn't mean they are debunked completely. that's not alien to the party in the trump era. so the reputation management point that garrett was making is true. even if roy moore himself does
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not run for office, this playbook of saying it's not just unfair to say i lost the election, it's fair to question every bit of reality around the election. every story you heard that might have alleged fraud. i think you are going to see that more with insurgent cantidates. no matter if they go out without a net. >> when you are talking about the party's image and someone like roy moore and questioning the turn out in certain counties saying it's unlikely for the democratic voters to turn out in a place like jefferson county where a number of the voters are african-american voters. that can't help the party's image of being an inclusive party and not just being a party for older white men. >> no, of course not. there absolutely is a racial tinge to the remarks and talking about how unusual or unlikely that the turn out turned out the
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way it did, yeah because roy moore was an exceptionally flawed candidate and that's what drew the strange turn out models other than an extremely irregular candidate. it happened towards the end and there was no person in america more thrilled than steve bannon got involved late and allowed his name to be attached to it than mitch mcconnell. someone wants to get the bannon brand disassociated, mitch mcconnell knows that bannon getting dealt what appears like a loss helps him hold on to seats he wants to keep and helps him potentially expand the map and not have to deal with bannon candidates in other races. mcconnell talked about this on friday and it got buried because it happened before the holiday weekend. we should listen if you have the bite to mitch mcconnell.
11:28 pm
dismissing steve bannon and his in the race. >> do you blame steve bannon for doug jones being elected in alabama? >> let me just say this. the political genius on display throwing away a seat in the reddest state in america is hard to ignore. >> that's about as cutting as mitch mcconnell gets, but the point won't be lost on would be bannonite candidates challengers to other republicans in particular in other states that may be this is not a guy who has the answers to getting elected to the u.s. senate. >> mitch mcconnell is a dry and subtle man. let's not for get there is a lot of moderate republican congress men deciding not to run for reelection. he doesn't want to deal with a bannonite candidate trying to primary a moderate republican in
11:29 pm
a lot of those races. thank you so much. coming up, president trump talks tough about china today both on twitter and in that times interview, but to what effect? his latest comments out tonight when "the 11th hour" continues.
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>> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and
11:33 pm
fury. like the world has never seen. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> little rocket man, he is a sick puppy. >> since taking office president trump has rarely passed up an opportunity to take a shot at north korea or its leader, kim jong un. he changed targets chastising china after a report that chinese ships violated sachgs on north korea. he said he has been soft on china and trade hoping the leaders would drop the weapons program. he said oil is going into north korea. that was not my deal. raising the possibility of aggressive trade actions against china. phi don't help us, they can do what i want to do.
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this was hours after he said on twitter, very disappointed that china is allowing oil to go into north korea. there will never be a friendly solution if this continues to happen. convincing chine on to pressure north corehas long been a key aspect in the region. secretary of state rex tillerson wrote in a "new york times" oped a central component of our strategy is persuading china to exert the leverage on pyongyang. president trump's unpredictable social media habits mean that policy can change in the time it takes to compose a tweet. hr mcmaster told the times the unorthodox approach has moved a lot of us out of our comfort zone, me included. here to talk about it, author of nuclear show dounch, north korea
11:35 pm
takes on the world. good to see you. you welcomed the tweets from the president today. >> this really evoked the june 20 tweet where he expressed for the first time disappointment in the chinese. they were minor ones intended to be a signal, but since then president trump a you loed the chinese to get away with this bad behavior. with today's tweet he created's showdown. if he doesn't impose real costs, they will think he is empty rhetoric. they will can't the north koreans even more than in the past. he has now sort of set this for a stage where i think it determines what happens in the following year. >> it's a rhett line for him. >> that's the way the chinese will see it, if trump doesn't honor his own red line, he's in
11:36 pm
trouble. >> he has been hard on china in a number of tweets, but he went to china and he was showered with praise from president xi and given a dinner in the forbidden city and came out feeling good like he was being respected by the chinese leader. >> have the chinese figured him out and is this them flattering him and giving themselves the ability of ignoring what he says a world away on social media? >> the face-to-face actions are one thing, but he made it clear that the initial security and foreign policy is the initiative to make america great again. that doesn't fly with the chinese and they have their own interests at stake here. the stability of north korea and any kind of coup that might destabilize the country is obviously very disconcerting for the chinese and they have a lot
11:37 pm
of economic and historic ties with north korea. they have their own interests at heart too. this has been going on for years where the chinese have constantly been asked to get in line with the west's policies and try to take a tougher line on north korea. even the current administration in seoul right now with president moon, more liberal and at least wants to extend an arm of some sort of dialogue with the north koreans and the trump administration absolutely refusing saying that's going going to be their approach when it comes to north korea. we had this first year where the trump administration is trying to find the common ground with the chinese. it's very difficult when it am cans to the north korea issue. president trump had his skepticism about a number of issues with the chinese and not just on north korea. currency manipulation and unfair trade practices. i believe that a lot of these north korean issues and a lot of
11:38 pm
the president's beef with china also comes to those issues as well. the trait practices and what not. you have these issues building up and that's the icing on the take that is driving the president a little bit crazy. >> he vowed to label them a currency manipulator and they have been killing us on trait. what is the one thing he can do if he wanted to say this was a red line for him? >> declare bank of china a primary money laundering concern and that means it would no longer have access to dollars. it can do business where in dollars and that would be a death sentence for an institution like that and say look, the united states is taking action that hurts the united states as well. we would suffer from that
11:39 pm
designation and the chinese would say for the first time in decades, you have an american president willing to suffer cost to disarm the north koreans. the chinese would cream and yell, but do what the united states wants them to do. at least at this time they are willing to take that step. no american president has shown that political will. >> hr mcmaster said that this president with his erraticness and unpredictability on twitter is putting a lot of people out of their comfort zone. >> that's right. this is actually what we have seen with the north koreans. a lot of diplomats have been left out of the process because the president will ultimately tweet some remarks that really inflame and aggravate the situation with north do rhea. they see the rocket man and what not and they welcome very uncooperative and unwilling to really come to the table and so
11:40 pm
in that regard hr mcmaster is expressing sentiments that i heard from folks across the administration, both diplomats and national security. >> you don't know what you are going to wake up to on your phone with donald trump in the white house. thank you guys so much. coming up, our next guest calls them the 13 days that transformed the trump white house. shake-ups, break ups and setbacks. we are back after this. ♪ prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that?
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>> summer in the nation's capital is typically hot, muggy and quiet. the summer of 2017 in true trump fashion was unlike any other. it included firings, back stabbings, infighting and of course a borage of trump tweets. our friend and frequent guest from the associated press coauthored a terrific new piece on a less than two week stan of
11:44 pm
the trump administration that encapsulated both the promise and peril of president trump's first year in office and revealed aftershocks within the white house even as the calendar turns to 2018. the 13 days, july 19th through 31st were chronicled here on the lec11th hour when so much happe it was hard to keep track. >> day 181 of the trump administration. the headline here appears to be the president saying he regrets hiring his attorney general. >> how do you take a job and recuse yourself. >> day 182, trump has asked his advisers about his power to pardon aides family members and even himself. >> secretary of state rex tillerson wanted to quit and called the president a moron. >> day 183, the headline tonight, sessions discussed
11:45 pm
trump campaign related matters with russian ambassador. the long suffering and oftened on owed sean spicer is gone. >> a member of the president's inner circle faced questions on capitol hill. it comes as trump pours the pressure on his own attorney general, jeff sessions. he wrote about sessions on twitter this morning. our belegored attorney general. day 187, the senate judiciary committee dropped its subpoena, a former campaign chairman paul manafort after they issued it, manafort started cooperating. jared kushner spent his second day with lawmakers in the house intelligence committee. as for the president, after a morning attack on twitter, he continued his open rebuke of his own attorney general. >> i'm very disappointed with the attorney general, but we will see what happens. time will tell. >> day 188 of the still young trump administration and day
11:46 pm
seven of the president's public humiliation of his own attorney general. trump is talking privately about the idea of a recess appointment. the times indicates it is trump family member who is wants sessions out as they have been in the russia investigation and at the press briefing, sarah sanders reiterating his disappointment. >> i don't believe they have spoken this week. >> sessions was in the west wing down the hall from the oval office today. >> day 189 and the fighting inside this white house has blown up yet again in public. it was the new communications director who pulled the pin. ryan lizza of the new yorker got a call from scar mushy and scar mushy used language so barnyard we can't repeat some of it. reince priebus will soon be a private citizen again. his replacement is john kelly, a retired marine general who
11:47 pm
starts on monday and in trump white house terms, that is ages from now. day 193, anthony scar mutually is out as white house communications director after he walked into the podium announcing his arrival and yet it is not even the lead story here tonight. the headline is this. trump dictated his son's misleading statement on the meeting with a russian lawyer. the post is reporting trump personally dictated the statement while on air force one as he flew back from the g-20 summit where he met with putin. the thing that really stripgs me is the stupidit of involving the have the. they are treating it like a family run business and have a pr problem what they don't seem to understand is this is a criminal investigation involving all of them. >> got all that? 13 days in july.
11:48 pm
don't go any anywhere. jonathan is sticking around to discuss the lasting impact of what we just saw. next.
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>> the 13 days in july dove tailed with the breaking news the "new york times" interview with donald trump. he raised his frustration with sessions's decision to recuse himself from the russia investigation and hinted at his lack of faith in the attorney general saying "i don't want to get into loyalty but i will say this. holder protected president obama. totally protected him. when you look at the things they did and holder protected the president and i have great help for that. i will be honest". highlighting the beginning of trump's problems with sessions during a critical 13 days in july.
11:52 pm
welcome back. i really want to talk about scaramucci the next three minutes. >> everyone in our line of work. >> he was something else. that day he got fired. he was chasing sessions in july and it got worse. >> as we try to put our hands around it, we kept coming back to that period in july. it was a breaking point and an inflection point and we are feeling the after thoks to this day. the sessions thing is still angry with the attorney general for recusing himself from the probe. he believes that decision was disloyal and that gave him bob mueller which was shadowing his presidency and threatening to derail his agenda and feels like sessions even though he himself has not shown much loyalty, he demands it himself. he is still so angry at sessions
11:53 pm
we learned that he gymnastics is blaming him in part for the roy moore debacle. trump said if i knew he would recuse himself, i wouldn't appoint him. that senate seat would not have opened up and we wouldn't va roy moore. >> is that what he expects in high level positions to protect him for wrong-doing? >> looking to protect him and his interest. that is not in jeff sessions or eric holder's job distribution to protect the president. he thinks that. he thinks the government is at his beckon call. he had trouble controlling congress and trouble trolling what his aides like to control the deep state. he thinks the government should be run like the trump organization. whatever he wants, he gets.
11:54 pm
>> he is not the head of a private organization any longer. he has to answer not only to congress, but the american people. thankings so much and good to see you. one thing we know for sure is it will start off cold. really, really cold. and not surprisingly, president trump has weighed in. we are back after this.
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the last thing before we go
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tonight, across the country temperatures are falling and they are not going back up any time soon. from the midwest to the northeast, forecasters are warning people to be careful and avoid hypothermia. the tichl oms by the way include intense shivering, slurred peach and sudden confusion. a concern is frostbite. in one new york town, the low fell to minus 32 degrees and that's without the wind chill factor. here in new york city, the nypd is getting ready for the nation's new year's eve party in times square, but officials are not just worried about security. this new year's eve promises to be one for the record books becausest weather. the temperature is set to fall to 11 degrees here sunday night with a wind chill of zero. the only year it was colder for the ball drop, you have to go back to 1917 when it was 1 degree out. the president who we remind you is in south florida where the high was close to 80 degrees today chimed in on the cold
11:59 pm
weather using, what else, but twitter. in the east it could be the cold e69 new year's eve on record. perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old global warming that ourry but not other countries of going to pay billions of dollars. bundle up. it's cold outside, queue the trump global warming tweet. the report notes that the.seems unaware of the distinction between weather and climate. mr. trump's tweet made the common mistake of looking at local weather and made broader assumptions of the climate at large. climate is how the atmosphere acts over a long period of time and weather is on a shorter time scale. thanks for being with us. we will see you back at 2:00
12:00 am
p.m. good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. tonight on "all in." >> the country is really -- it's a big, big beautiful ship we're turning around. >> president trump's hard sell. >> we're in a very special period of time. it's going to be even mere so. >> how donald trump has accomplished less than he wants you to know. how a year of resistance is actually working. then two former watergate prosecutors on the most incriminating discoveries from the russia investigation. >> in fact, when i decided to just do it, i said to myself, i said, you know -- this russia thing. >> and the eerie parallels to the nixon probe. >> and guess what else he is? a consultant to president richard nixon's re-election campaign committee.


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