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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  January 9, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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you might have heard his name in national news recently when president trump apparently saw him on the fox news channel and volunteered publicly how great he thought ron desantis would be as florida governor. since then congressman desantis has stepped up his involvement in the republican campaign against the russia investigations. tonight he has written to house speaker paul ryan telling the house speaker to declassify documents held by the house intelligence committee about the trump russia dossier. congressman desantis is not on that committee. but he is running for governor of florida with the president's support, and now he says he would like the speaker of the house to force house intel to release classified documents about that dossier. mr. desantis says, quote, the people have the right to know if the fbi used its considerable resources to interfere, period. we don't yet know whether speaker ryan has replied whoor he wi or what he will say, but anything is possible. that's it for us tonight. november we'll see you tomorrow. now it's time for "the last word
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with lawrence o'donnell." >> good evening, rachel. . when i got the transcript today, i knew you had it in your hands. surely before i did, before we managed to get it printed, because it takes a while. as i started reading, i thought you know, rachel and i could just read the whole thing. she could do an hour. i could do an hour. >> okay. i'm going to be glen simpson. now you're going to be glen simpson. >> but you just did it. you just read basically the whole thing, the real meat of it, everything that was worth highlighting pretty much. you saved people a lot of reading time. >> i gave you some earmarks at least. some corners to turn down. >> but it is. it's really irresistible and dramatic stuff. i hope it's not just us when we hold those pages just find it just read aloud to be truly dramatic and revealing stuff. and senator feinstein getting it out there changed our understanding of this in a way that nothing else could have. >> and lawrence, do you know of any other example of a senator
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doing something like this? i thought about you today, not just when we got the transcript, but when i was thinking about what feinstein did in terms of making this decision. this is the ranking member. it's a minority member of this committee, releasing information that belongs to that committee in defiance of the committee chairman. it relates to this incredible presidential national security scandal. i don't know of any examples of senators doing something like that before. >> you know, i'm going talk than. >> okay. >> as i get into the show. >> good. >> but i was thinking exactly that today. and i had to go all the way back to 1984 to find anything. >> wow. >> anything that even resembles this kind of boldness and unusual step. and it was actually senator moynihan. it involved the senate intelligence committee. but that was nothing compared to what senator feinstein did today. >> but, of course there is something in 1984. that's the closest analogy. and you knew about it and had something to do with it. of course. this is why you're here, my
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friend. >> but it's such an important point. because the senate is a very careful place with the most behaviorally careful people in america. >> yes. >> and there is line you follow there are traditions. there are rules. those things and those mores are never violated. to see dianne feinstein do that today, for me was truly exciting not just because of its rarity, but its boldness, and what became the absolute necessity to do it. >> yes. and i think -- i'm not -- i can't get inside senator feinstein's head. i grew up in california. when i was growing up, she was the mayor of san francisco. i've known her as a public figure my whole life. i don't think i have incredible insight into the way she thinks. but i can't help but think that the prospect being raised by other democratic senators, that they might do something nuts to get this transcript released, that they might read into it the congressional record, that they might do something else that would essentially be a gambit
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and a stunt to try to get this out there 3450ig9 hamight have impact on her in terms she is going to do this herself in a dignified and open way. she is a cut to the chase senator. and she just short circuited all of this fighting happening around this transcript. and now we've got a lot of new material and a lot of new information that we didn't have before. the republicans have created this really big narrative around what kind of organization fusion gps is and why they did this dossier, and what led them to the russia sources that gave them this incredibly dramatic narrative. they created a whole story about where this came from. today we got the real story. and it just breaks this thing open. >> and the so-called uncooperative witness was pretty cooperative witness, as we saw. >> that's right. >> thank you, rachel. >> thanks, lawrence. thanks, my frighten. >> what dianne feinstein did today was the single most important act by a united states senator since donald trump took the oath of office.
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nothing less than that. senator feinstein reached the breaking point with her republican colleagues on the senate judiciary committee. it was her howard beal moment, that moment in patty shievski's moment when he shouts i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore and the entire country starts shouting with him there is nothing more rare than the howard beal moment. they happen once in a generation, if that. the last one, as i said to rachel, the last one that comes to mind for me is from 1984 when daniel patrick moynihan announced his resignation from the vice-chairmanship from the intelligence committee because the cia director had violated his obligation to fully and openly brief the committee, privately brief the committee on the mining of the harbors in nicaragua before going ahead and mining those harbors.
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the republican chairman of the senate intelligence committee then, barry goldwater, was as outraged as his democratic colleague, senator moynihan. and he too sharply criticized the cia for that. filibusters are commonly mistaken by the press to be howard beal moments. they are not. they are perfectly normal and traditional and very rare uses of the senate rules and procedures to prolong debate. that's all they are. what senator moynihan did in 1984 and what senator feinstein did today was a break with senate norms and traditions. something senator feinstein was loathe to do. in her 25 years in the united states senate, dianne feinstein has mastered the norms and the traditions and the rules of committee procedure and senate procedure and respect for her
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colleagues. some say she has mastered all of that to a fault to the tune of being too deferral to process and definitions and tdeferentia to her colleagues. i was work when dianne feinstein was first sworn in as a senator. in my experience watching her work as a senator ever since, i could think of no one, and i mean no one on the democratic side of the senate less likely to have a howard beal moment than dianne feinstein. but in her years in the senate, especially her last few years in the senate, the obama years, and now worst of all, the trump year, she has watched senate tradition, senate decorum, senate respect for process, not to mention senatorial integrity virtually collapse with republican senators like lindsey graham on the judiciary committee who went from trying to expose donald trump as a
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fraud and a charlatan during the presidential campaign to now running interference for him on the judiciary committee and trying to steer the judiciary committee's investigation of russian interference in our election away from donald trump and the trump campaign and toward one of the people who believed it was his duty to alert the fbi to what he had discovered about that russian interference. christopher steele, the former british intelligence agent who had written memos now called a dossier on donald trump's russian connections for fusion gps. today senator dianne feinstein decided to release the transcript about that dossier that the republican chairman of the committee chuck grassley was refusing to release. now normally testimony given to the committee privately behind closed doors would only be released as a result of an agreement by the chairman of the committee and the ranking
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member. but dianne feinstein violated that tradition and just released it herself. ranking member is a term that has absolutely no meaning outside the capitol hill campus of the united states congress. it is the title that goes to the highest ranking member of the minority party on a senate committee, the person who would be chair of that committee if their party was in the majority. in the old days of bush and the clinton era, that distant period, ranking members on committees that operated in true bipartisan style had real power. not even half the power of the chairman, but more power than anyone else in the minority. chairman and ranking members of committees always try to use the power of their seniority in their reelection campaigns, but very few voters ever notice that or care about it. it's not exactly the rousing part of a campaign speech to say
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hey, i'm the ranking member of the senate judiciary committee and therefore -- in this republican congress, in the house and the senate, the ranking members on the committees are largely powerless, largely ignored. until today. today dianne feinstein taught all of her senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle the lesson that we are all suppose todler know. extraordinary times call require extraordinary measures. almost since the day glen simpson was interviewed by the senate judiciary committee staff on august 22nd of 2017 about the dossier that his firm, fusion gps, commissioned christopher steele to write, his testimony has been lied about by republican senators. chairman grassley publicly called that testimony, which he refused to release, quote,
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uncooperative. glen simpson wrote an op-ed piece in "the new york times" last week urging the committee to release his testimony. the person chuck grassley was accusing of being uncooperative wanted to show us how cooperative he actually was with the committee. chuck grassley was never going to release that transcript. and senator feinstein knew it. and so today dianne feinstein willfully took an action that humiliated the chairman of her committee, chuck grassley, something she hated to do. and in the process, she proved that the chairman of her committee has been lying about glen simpson's testimony, publicly lying about it. the transcript shows that glen simpson was fully cooperative, as he described christopher steele and himself believing they were witnessing a crime in progress. those were his words, "crime in progress" with russian interference in the election.
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and while senator feinstein was at it today, she participated in a bipartisan meeting with the president and n the cabinet room about immigration policy in which she forcefully led the president to an agreement to quickly pass legislation legally resolving the status of young beneficiaries of the daca program, which provoked republicans to immediately jump in panic, and try to steer the president back to his own position of holding any such legislative progress hostage to building a wall. we'll have more on how senator feinstein cornered the president today later in this hour. but first, we'll consider what we've learned today from glenn simpson's testimony, thanks entirely to the bold use of the power of the ranking member of the senate judiciary committee, dianne feinstein. joining us now ron klain, former chief of staff to vice presidents joe biden and al gore, and former senior aide to
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joe biden. he is also former chief council of the senate judiciary committee. also with us, tim o'brien, executive editor of bloomberg view, author of trump nation, and an msnbc contributor who was mentioned, it turns out, in this testimony. ron klain, first to the committee, to the procedure. your reaction to what the ranking member did today. >> well, lawrence, i couldn't agree more with what you said at the outset. it's hard to imagine a more unlikely person than dianne feinstein doing this radical act today. but she really had no choice. a game of liars poker was going on in the senate judiciary committee. and it was time the call an end to it. just last week senator grassley, senator graham proposed a criminal investigation into the british intelligence agent who put this material together. so i think senator feinstein had no choice. she did the right thing today. sunshine is the best disinfectant. and senator feinstein proved tobacco to be the real advocate
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of sunshine, the real advocate of truth, and made a big difference for what we know about this investigation and we know about the shenanigans that now have been going on the republican side of the judiciary committee. >> tim o'brien, in the testimony today, we see glenn simpson's description of how fusion gps, a firm like, this goes about this kind of research. and as he said, before even getting christopher steele on the case, the very first thing we do, when fusion was hired to look into the affairs of donald trump, he said the very first thing we do is we buy all the books on amazon about the subject, the subject being donald trump. one of the books being tim o'brien's book. and he was especially grateful to the lawsuit that was provoked by your book because he found that a gold mine too. >> yeah, i think glenn simpson is a former investigative reporter at the "wall street journal." he approaches this stuff the way journalists approach it, which is to gather all known facts, assemble a fact pattern if you can, get up to speed about what's going on. and then send out some feelers.
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and it's very clear in this system that's exactly how he went about it. he didn't dodge a single question that he was asked. you could quibble with some of the facts here and there. but by and large, the portrait that emerges from this testimony is something who had an assignment from a client and followed it through. i think this is also an environment in which the gop has tried to make the steele dossier the foundational document for the fbi investigation. and the reason everything got started. and as we now know from this testimony and from reporting in "the new york times" and elsewhere, it wasn't the foundational document. the fbi believed chris steele because he was confirming things that they already knew to be true through their own investigations. and the testimony today really puts a lot of narrative clothing on what went on and what led steele ultimately to decide to tell the fbi what he knew. >> ron, one more point on senator feinstein's decision to do this today. if you were still on the judiciary committee staff, she would have asked you your advice about what to do in this
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situation. what would you have told her? >> well, i would have told her to do what she did today. look, it is definitely an extraordinary act, but these are extraordinary times. and i think what happened recently where the republicans on the judiciary committee went all in on trying to spread a false narrative about this investigation, to get an investigation launched into mr. steele and into fusion, that really left her no choice. it was creating a false impression about what had happened in this deposition. and so i think it was very important for her to correct the record. it was like watching past few weeks has been like watching a 007 movie where in the second reel, the bad bureaucrats try to get you to believe that james bond is actually the bad guy. senator feinstein stood up, stood up for truth today, put chips on the table and helped people understand that what christopher steele was doing was a patriotic act by someone who isn't even an american citizen of letting the fbi know of a
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potential crime in progress. and for the republicans to besmirch that and say that that was crime, that was something that senator feinstein couldn't let stand without being answered. >> and let's listen to what senator feinstein said today when she was asked about why she did this. >> why did you decide to do that? >> because i think people are entitled to know what was said. and the lawyers also wanted it released. i see no problem with releasing it. >> but senator feinstein, senator grassley says you jeopardized their ability to get certain witnesses like kushner. your reaction. >> oh, i don't think so. that's been difficult in any event. >> tim, jared kushner doesn't want to testify to that committee. but one of the things chairman grassley tried to say today, this will inhibit witnesses who want to come and testify to us privately and testify to the staff privately. the trouble is this witness was
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begging to have the transcript released. >> and chuck grassley has no standing right now on this issue. let's remember it was just last friday night as ron pointed out that lindsey graham and chuck grassley decided to make the first criminal referral in the congressional -- at least the first one we know about publicly in the congressional investigation targeting the very person who had played a role in bringing some of this to light. i don't think he's got any standing to criticize the release of this document. and what we now know that it's a public document is that there is actually nothing explosive in it. it elaborates on some things we already knew. and it's a good document for the public to have. >> and ron, as we read through the story told in this transcript, we see glenn simpson. but primarily christopher steele taking it upon himself to try to bring this information to the attention of the fbi. he did that. he wasn't sure what the fbi was doing with it. he wasn't really getting any feedback what he was doing with
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it. also brought to it the attention of senator john mccain through a totally separate channel. john mccain's aide who wanted to have this information. senator mccain gets involved in this. and you never hear any references from lindsey graham about what was senator mccain doing looking into this fusion gps report. >> yeah, lawrence. i think that the pivot here by senator graham for being side by side with senator mccain as a trump skeptic, trump critic to now being the biggest cheerleader for donald trump, his golf course and agenda is a stunning and very sad pivot from someone who had independence in the senate. and i think that's another reason why i think senator feinstein did what she did today. she saw her republican colleagues -- the judiciary committee is not the most partisan committee in the senate. historically, it's been a place where there has been bipartisanship on investigative matters. and to see her republican colleagues go so far and so hard to the pro-trump side i think
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provoked the kind of act, the extraordinary act we saw from her today. >> tim o'brien, your organization, bloomberg reporting tonight that michael cohen, donald trump's long-time lawyer is now suing buzzfeed for releasing -- being the first one to release the fusion gps so-called dossier and suing fusion gps and suing christopher steele. what do you make of this lesson? >> i think michael cohen, like everyone else in the trump universe, needs to get schooled on the libel standard. it's actual malice. they would have to show that buzzfeed published this document with strong -- either outright knowing or strongly believing that anything in the document, everything in the document was false. they clearly didn't. they thought there was a public value in publishing it. and they did. i don't think a new york court is going to give him much hearing. >> he knows this is a hopeless lawsuit. he's got enough experience even with trump's idiotic lawsuits with you to know that. did he do this today in reaction to this testimony being released?
7:21 pm
did you think he was sitting there waiting timing, deciding i'm going to have my lawsuit ready to file when we need a counterstory? >> i don't know. there is an extraordinary amount of stars lining on this. ben smith, the editor of buzzfeed wrote an op-ed in "the new york times" published tonight that said he was glad they published the transcript. you had the simpson document released and michael cohen suing over all of this. i doubt he knew any of this was coming. i think one of the things we see in the trump family so to speak is that they're all willing to please the master, and that they'll follow in his footsteps and essentially try to weaponize the legal system and go after people they perceive to be their opponents. this is very trumpy. >> tim o'brien, congratulations on at least one book sell to fusion gps so they can begin their investigation of donald trump, and you taking your rightful place in this testimony. tim o'brien, thank you very much for joining us tonight. ron, please stick around. coming up, the breaking news tonight. this headline from the daily beast. white house official float ed
7:22 pm
withdrawing u.s. forces to please vladimir putin. and also coming up, senator feinstein, you'll see her on video, cornering the president in the cabinet room today on daca, and then setting off a flurry of panicked republicans in that room. okay. enjoy. thanks. ♪ ♪ when i touch you like this ♪ and i hold you like that. ♪ it's so hard to believe ♪ but it's all coming back me. ♪ baby, baby, baby. ♪ if you touch me like this ♪ and when you hold me like that. ♪ all you can eat is back, baby. applebee's. eatin' good in the neighborhood. the center of the how canneighborhood?r house first, mix liquid gold velveeta with the one-two kick of ro*tel's diced tomatoes and spicy green chilies. then, find space for extra parking.
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today, glenn simpson said, quote, trump said weird things about the russians and putin and things that are very atypical for a republican and that people found to be odd. tonight the daily beast is reporting on a proposal about russia during the early days of the trump white house that at least one former trump official thought was also to put it mildly, odd. quote, a senior national security council official proposed withdrawing some u.s. military forces from eastern europe as an overture to vladimir putin during the early days of the trump administration while the proposal was ultimately not adopted, it is the first known case of senior aides to donald trump seeking to reposition u.s. military forces to please putin. something that smelled to a colleague like a return on russia's election time investment in president trump. the proposal came from kevin
7:26 pm
harrington, the national security council's senior official for strategic planning, who joined under michael flynn and continues to serve on the national security council. joining us now, david frum, a senior editor for the atlantic. also joining us ned price, a former senior director and spokesperson for the national security council, and a former cia analyst. he is also a msnbc national security analyst. ned price, your reaction to this report tonight. >> lawrence, i guess i would start with a couple of caveats. namely that the office in question here is an office charged with taking an outside-the-box stand-back even blue sky look at some of the challenges and opportunities we face, which may explain where this came from. it's also worth noting i think what the article says that these were largely musings. it wasn't anything like a formal proposal. and it doesn't sound like it went to the president. so i think what this underscores for me more than anything is that the danger this administration posed to the american people is layered. we have been so focused on mall
7:27 pm
leave lens, whether it is potential conspiracy, during the election conspiracy on the part of the trump campaign with the russian, or during the trump administration, the actual presence in the case of michael flynn of a foreign agent in the white house that sometimes we lose focus that it's not only malevalence, but times it's naivete. kevin harrington is a person who had very little prior government experience, very little military experience. it's not all surprising that he would come up with such a hare-brained idea that fortunately in this case didn't go anywhere. >> as is typical in this white house, someone with less experience than is the norm for that job making this kind of proposal. what's your reaction to it? >> i happen the know kevin harrington a little bit. and i certainly have heard his views before he went into government. he is a very intelligent and creative person. but as -- he has no national
7:28 pm
security background. he is a finance guy. he worked for peter thiel and came into the government as a peter thiel protege. i don't think there is anything wrong with having people in government who have out-of-the-box ideas including bad ideas. if the only ideas you listen to are ideas that begin as good ideas, you're not going to have enough ideas at all. i would draw attention, though, to understand what is happening here to a couple of dates. the did of this memo is february 2017. the date of steve bannon's departure from the national security council is april 2017. after april 2017, steve bannon no longer has access to national security council materials. before april 2017, he does. who is there? who would have an interest in leaking a blue sky document as neil said that solidifies an allegation that he wants to make that the people he didn't like in the trump administration were too close to russia? i think this is the beginning of
7:29 pm
steve bannon's revenge. and i think we'll see more chapters of that in the days ahead. >> ned price, i want to get your reaction to what we learned today about the testimony that dianne feinstein released. this was testimony that only senate judiciary staff had heard. there were no senators in that room. so it is very likely that very few of the senators, possibly even on the republican side, none had actually read all of this. and now we all visit. >> yeah, lawrence. well, reading that transcript, look, if there was a modern day rip van winkle, someone who had fallen asleep a year ago and woke up today, read the transcript, you really couldn't blame that person for thinking that glenn simpson, the gps fusion founder was the person who attacked our democracy, was the person would engineered this multipronged campaign to sway the election to donald trump and to denigrate hillary clinton that is how the republican staffers treated this individual and the tone and tenor of their questions. it didn't reflect the fact that
7:30 pm
glenn simpson was the one who commissioned very broadly, commissioned a report to take a look at one broad aspect of donald trump's business relationships. they treated him as the culprit. and i think that comes across very clearly, and it's reflective, frankly, of how this republican-led congress has dealt with this issue from the start. >> david, your reaction to what we learned in the testimony. >> i have a much more parochial reaction which is about the press coverages. as ned said, the republican staffers treated this document in a way that is very different from reality. the journalists who relied on and trusted those staffers i think have been led into some dead-ends that make those journalists. i won't use names. but if you're familiar with this debate you know who they are. i think a lot of those people look a little silly today. they look like their confidence was abused. one of the things i hope as a journalist you do is learn the lesson. if the people you trust and rely on deceive you, that you need to hold them to account. maybe not even publicly, but in
7:31 pm
your own work to say you guys gave me bad information and you made me look foolish. and now i have to hold you to account and not trust you again in the future. i hope those journalists who have been giving the republican staffers a good time will take this to heart if they're enough minded or their institutions are independent enough to allow them to do so. >> we have to take a break here. before we do, i just want to go back and double underline a point made by david frum, which is the likelihood, the possibility that the source of this leak today about kevin harrington and the nsc and this proposal to move troops to please vladimir putin, that the possible source of that is steve bannon. that is one of the more fascinating developments and ways of looking at this story. and david, that would be a kind of bannon revenge that could keep on giving for a very long time. we're going have to leave there it for this break. ned price, thank you very much for joining us.
7:32 pm
please stick around. coming up, the banished evil genius who is typicalactually nr in that room. and thanks to michael wolff's new book, no longer even has a job.
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today in the cabinet room, it was the very stable genius versus the evil genius. but the evil genius of the trump white house no longer works in the trump white house, and no longer works anywhere.
7:36 pm
steve bannon was forced out of his job at breitbart today. steve bannon was fired from the white house by the president on august 18th of last year, and last week steve bannon was attacked by the president who now calls himself a very stable genius after michael wolff's book "fire and fury" revealed bannon's description and others' description of a president incapable of reading, incapable of processing information, incapable of in any real way fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of his office. and surrounded in the white house by his daughter and son-in-law and other enablers who are described in the book as incapable of doing their jobs, as incapable as the president is of doing his job. trumpism is bannonism. and there is nothing as important in bannonism than building a wall on the southern border and pushing back across that border wall the 12 million or more people that have crossed
7:37 pm
that border illegally, along with everyone related to them, including the young beneficiaries of the daca program created by povn ed bd b obama. today steve bannon had to be rolling over in his political grave as the president engaged in a televised discussion with democrats and republicans in the cabinet room in which the president immediately agreed with everything that every democrat said and then immediately agreed with everything that every republican said, never realizing that it is impossible to agree with all of those things, most of which i are in conflict. if the evil genius was still in the room with the very stable genius, either that meeting would have never taken place, or the president might have done a better job of actually holding to what used to be the trump-bannon position.
7:38 pm
here is senator dianne feinstein getting the president to agree to legislate a quick fix for the daca kids and put off all other issues until after that was done. then watch what happens. >> what about a clean daca bill now? >> i have no problem. i think that's basically what dick is saying. we're going to come out with daca. we're going to do daca. and then we can start immediately on the phase 2 which would be comprehensive. yeah, i would like that. go ahead. i think a lot of people would like to see that. but i think we have to do daca first. >> mr. president, i don't need to be clear, though. i think what senator feinstein is asking here, when we talk about just daca, we don't want to be back here two years later you. have you to have security as the secretary would tell you. >> but i think that's what she is saying. >> no, i think she is saying something different. >> he had no idea what she was saying. of course, back with us david frum and ron klain. and ron, you've been in those meetings in the white house, both as a senate staffer and as a white house staffer.
7:39 pm
>> right. >> what did you make of what we saw there today? >> another sterling episode of the "the apprentice: moron edition." it doesn't read his briefing materials, doesn't have any idea what he was doing, and basically was just trying to put on a show and trying to make it seem that he was at least sane. i think he passed the sanity test perhaps for 55 minutes, but not the presidential test. he doesn't really know what he stands for. he doesn't know the differences between the democrats and the republicans. and, look, the idea he is somehow coming around on immigration to a more compassionate position seems profoundly unlikely to me in light of the fact yesterday he was revoking status for 200,000 salvadorans. it was a nice show in the cabinet room. another reality tv show program, but no presidenting and no progress. >> now let's watch him agree to the position that was absolutely unthinkable for donald trump or
7:40 pm
steve bannon until donald trump agreed with it today. and that of course is a pathway to citizenship. let's look at this. >> i've been for a pathway to citizenship for 11 million people because i have no animosity for them. >> i would vote for a path to citizenship which isn't very easy or the me, but i would do it just as an effort. >> that whole path is an incentive for people. it would be an incentive for people to work hard and do a good job. >> david frum, he is actually making sense there. but he has no idea that he is contradicting himself. >> well, president obama as you recall did two of these kinds of events. one with the whole republican caucus after the election of 2010, and one earlier in 2010 with health care. and in both cases, republicans resented the encounter because president obama was very forceful. he has strong views, and he took advantage of the power of the presidency to wrong foot his opponents. that's not what you -- it's the
7:41 pm
opposite here. donald trump, he just puffed with the wind. and for those people who look to donald trump to be an immigration enforcer, i think it must have been a very dispiriting event. there was no content to it at all. the core trumpian idea, or the core idea of trump supporters has always been that daca -- some action on daca had to be traded for some other things that republicans wanted. reduction in overall numbers, reorientation of american immigration policy away from family reunification towards skills. and he is giving away the center part of his negotiation for nothing. >> and ron, what used to be the bannon position and now that bannon is completely shunned and banished and now completely unemployed, it's being held up now by nothing other than ann coulter tweets the bannon position. here is what ann coulter tweeted today. the daca lovefest confirms a main thesis of michael wolff's book. when bannon left, liberal dems,
7:42 pm
jared, ivanka, cohn and goldman sachs took over. nothing michael wolff could say about real donald trump has hurt him as much as the daca lovefest right now. >> well, i'm torn, lawrence. because i kind of wish what ann coulter said was true. but i think we're forgetting one character here. the white nationalist stephen miller who still works in the white house and last week was writing donald trump's talking points about this daca negotiation. i think it's very unlikely that donald trump has changed his spots on immigration. and i think that, you know, just as unlikely as it is that lucy is going to let charlie brown actually kick the football this time. i think we're going see more of the same, more immigration bashing from donald trump and his white house. >> so to prove the president is of sound mind and body, they put him in a room and watch him agree with every single speaker who speaks in conflict with the previous speaker. that's their proof. ron klain, david frum, thank you both for joining us tonight.
7:43 pm
really appreciate it. >> thanks, lawrence. >> thanks. coming up, ivanka trump brings even more disgrace to the trump family by throwing a brick at the time's up movement. remember our special night? abdominal pain... ...and diarrhea. but it's my anniversary. aw. sorry. we've got other plans. your recurring, unpredictable abdominal pain and diarrhea... ...may be irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. you've tried over-the-counter treatments and lifestyle changes,
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she did not say time's up when her father admitted to sexual assault. >> you know, i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- i just
7:47 pm
start kissing them. it's like a magnet. i just kiss. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. do anything. >> she did not say "time's up" when over 20 women came forward with their accusations that her father had sexually harassed or sexually assaulted them. ivanka trump has been an active co-conspirator in the enabling and covering up of her father's self-confessed lifetime of sexual assault and abuse. and the same ivanka trump had the depraved audacity as we reported at this hour last night to tweet this. "just saw oprah's empowering and inspiring speech at last night's golden globes. let's all come together, women and men and say time's up." michael wolff, the author of the new book "fire and fury" was our
7:48 pm
guest last night when ivanka trump tweeted that. and here was his reaction. >> who does she think her father is? >> and michael wolff's book, steve bannon says that he and the white house staff realized very quickly in the white house that ivanka trump is, in bannon's words, dumb as a brick. we'll have more on the brick that ivanka trump threw at the time's up movement with ruth marcus and jessica leads, one of the women who has said time's up to donald trump, next. shooting pain in my feet. i hear you, sam. cedric, i couldn't sleep at night because of my diabetic nerve pain. i hear you, claire, because my dad struggled with this pain. folks, don't wait. step on up and talk to your doctor. because the one thing i keep hearing is... i'm glad i stepped on up. me too, buddy. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, step on up
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7:52 pm
joining us now, jessica leads, one of the women who has accused donald trump of sexual assault. also with us deputy editor and columnist at the "washington post." jessica leads, what is it like for you to hear ivanka trump say, let's all come together, men and women, time's up? >> it's very critical. it's unfortunate, too, because you don't want to speak badly of the president's family. they didn't -- perhaps they didn't ask for this job or whatever, but she's totally misread her whole position and what's going on in the world. totally. >> your incident with donald trump occurred on an airplane over 30 years ago?
7:53 pm
>> correct. >> the first person she could have enlisted in this, you would think, would be her father. she said let's all come together, women and men. >> if he had, at that debate, just stood up and said, oh, god, i was so stupid. that was years ago, i apologize, and move on, i wouldn't have come forward. >> ruth marcus, your reaction to this? >> i think jessica leads is really being awfully nice, so i'm not going to follow suit. michael wolff said last night, who does ivanka trump think her father is? but my reaction to the tweet was kind of along the lines of, who does ivanka trump think she is? really, she wants to pretend and act as if she cares about women and she cares about empowering women and she's going to champion what oprah had to say when she not only stood by when her father was credibly accused not just by jessica leads but of many other women of doing terrible things to them.
7:54 pm
look, i have some sympathy for that because daughters want to respect their fathers, but she also first said that there is a special place in hell for people who prey on young girls after roy moore was credibly accused of doing that. and then just stood by silently when her father and the rest of his administration decided that it was much more important to make sure -- to try to make sure, anyway, that a republican was elected to the senate rather than to stand up for what's right. so, you know, i'm sorry, don't "time's up" me, ivanka trump. >> alyssa tweeted back to her and said, great, you can make a large donation to the time's up fund used to support your father's accusers. that would be a thumbs up for the trump family. >> absolutely. >> you might want to make sure
7:55 pm
that contribution is actually made. i'm sorry to interrupt you. >> it's a matter of we've been threatened but absolutely there's been no movement. every once in a while, i get up in the morning and think, if i get in his face one more time, he is going to come after me, but the fact remains -- >> her father has specifically threatened you, among others, that he was going to sue you. he promised you that when he was a presidential candidate. he has not done that. >> no. he has not done that at all. i've had a lot of people come forward to say they'll represent me, but no, there's been absolutely no suit. >> jessica leads, thank you very much for joining us. i really appreciate your time. ruth marcus, thank you for joining us. i really appreciate it. >> thanks. tonight's "last word" is next. is where i think we have a potential to make a difference.
7:56 pm
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time for tonight's "last word." ruth bader ginsberg will not give donald trump a vacancy on the supreme court. the headline says, ruth bader ginsburg shows she isn't going anywhere by hiring law clerks for the 2018 firm. the justice announced she has hired all her clerks who will serve through 2020. in other words, until there is another president of the united states. as "newsweek" points out, justices who plan to step down
8:00 pm
usually don't hire for the upcoming term. ruth bader ginsburg has served on the united states supreme court since august 1993. ruth bader ginsburg gets tonight's last word. "the 11th hour with brian williams" starts now. tonight the full transcript is out the door from closed testimony. we now have details on what the fbi knew about the trump dossier. it's all because of a power play by senator diane feinstein. steve bannon out of work at breitbart, the first major casualty of that new book on the trump administration. and at a white house anxious to show the president large and in charge, the press gets unprecedented access to a bipartisan meeting where the president tells lawmakers he'll take the heat on immigration, all of it, as "the 11th hour" gets underway. and good evening once again from


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