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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  January 11, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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last night we closed the show on a short news item and a reference of something that happened at the white house that apparently a lot of you guys thought fake. i did not realized that when i said it at the end of the show. late last night and over the course of today, it became clear that a lot of people saw the end of the show last night thought that i was being sarcastic when we reported at the end of the show last night that upon the visit of one particular world leader to our nation's capital. the white house put out a written statement announcing her as the prime minister of normay, we reported last night and i
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need to clarify that i was not kidding when i said that. the white house did put out that announcement. here is the daily guidance and press schedule that they sent out. quote, "the president will greet the prime minister of normay." there is a lot of country in the world that has a lot of syllables or consonants that makes it hard for you to remember. normay? they never corrected it. that's still officially the president's press schedule for yesterday. this white house does stuff like that all the time. right before the president went to israel, the white house put out a statement saying the president is taking that trip to israel to quote, "promote the possibility of lasting paeeach" okay. >> when theresa may came to visit last year, they misspelled
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her name not once, not twice but three times. the white house does this institutionally and the president does this kind of stuff himself while the president was hosting the prime minister of normay, i mean norway. there is no such thing as an f-52 fighter jet. >> in november, we started delivering the first f-52 and f-35. >> there is no f-52s. maybe there is a b-52 cover band some where. "washington post" noticed that there is a fake plane that's featured in the 2014 edition "call of duty" which is a video game. don't let that is extraneous factual information distracts
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you. and then does not even bother to correct once he said it wrong. this little stuff, this is grandular stuff everyday with this president and this white house. we have learned to fluff it off and move on. we proceed like it did not happen. this white house like no other white house before it screws up even the most basic and easiest stuff and they have literally from day one, do you remember the commemorative inauguration poster of the big smiling picture of the brand new president. that was the inauguration poster, misspelled the word "to." the nation needs to heal, and that's not the way he means it. we have to be stronger. this president in a cabinet room
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told a totally made up story of president obama not being able to land air force one in the philippines. that was a false story. the president told it in the cabinet room. that was a false story and he told it again with more completely made up embellished details to a group of reporters several days later. the first time he told it he decided to keep telling it and troy to g try to get it in the press. a guy on "fox and friends" told him to and he did not know what his own policies to be. it is everyday, every single day and in general as a country, we have adapted shockingly quickly to this being our new reality, right? when these things happen, we beat up and roll off. we are done. bizarre and blatantly false assertions, giant obvious mistakes and inventing a country
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called normay or namibia or whatever the latest drunken swerve formal is. as a country, we have started to learn just to go with these things. sure, the american presidency may never be viewed quite the same way again of the whole is steam for the office thing hopefully gets sorted out by some later generation, we have to own the fact that ours is the generation that lost it. but, on a day-to-day basis as these things happen from this president and the white house, we have adapted to a new normal of embarrassing and incompetence and dishonesty, i don't say that stuff lightly. it is been a year now and this is it and it is true. it happens everyday. at the end of everyday when it is happening again, okay, still standing. >> so i am uncomfortable with the piece that i have arrived at as a person that talks about the news for a living.
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i don't necessarily cover the president's tweets or stuff from the briefing room or misstatements in lives from senior administration officials and the president himself or the vice president. i mostly try to stay away with it. i have an uneasy piece of the day-to-day grandular, embarrassing. there is stuff happening on another level even if we are inert of the day-to-day of the white house. >> i do not look forward to that day. >> on december 23rd, right before christmas this year, the new york times publishing the article, started the article with an antidote that i don't
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think anybody quite knew what to do with. this is how the article started. quote, "late to his own meeting and waiving a sheet of numbers, mr. trump began reading out loud from the document, given him just before the meeting, the document listed how many immigrants received visas in the united states." the president complained that afghanistan is a nation of aids. 40,000 people have come from the nation of nigeria. mr. trump says once they have seen the united states, they would quote, "never go back to their huts in africa." >> this piece came the day before christmas eve. the white house denied these
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claims and quotes. >> the white house officials insisted that mr. trump never used the word huts or aids to describe people from any country. the white house put out statements in the name of a lot of administer officials reportedly inside the statements in the name of those people, they all as a group denied that trump has used that word. secretary tillerson and all other senior staffs in the meeting denied these outrageous claims. the "times" published itsthe stories and they explain their sourcing. the president says people from haiti all have aids was quote according to one person attended the meeting and another person that was briefed by a different person that was there.
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the comment of nigerians going back to their huts, that was described to officials. the white house denied that the president used the words aids or huts. two officials who described the comments found them so note worthy that they related them to the meeting at the time of the meeting. >> door number one or door number two? people who believe the "times" who were reporting are disturbed by comments attributed to the president. these comment havscomments. >> frank sherry, executive director of a group called "american voice." the president's immigration agenda is motivated by racism.
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he's coming to office with an aggressive strategy trying to reverse the demographic changes under way in america. there is somebody involved in the immigration fight. those comment fs from the president tells you where he's coming from policies. it tells you where his agenda is coming from. at the time the story came out during christmas, you either believing the story from "tthe "time" or you believed the denial of the white house or you think it is ridiculous that the president would talk like that. which story would you choose? the white house or the "time"? tonight we know which door had the truth behind it.
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what the white house had going for them around the first story that was printed in december was about a meeting that reportedly happened in june. >> the one thing that's going for them was the only other people in the room were administrative officials. it was all trump's folks. even though two of them leaked words of what they heard of the new york times because they were distressed by it or thought it was notable. you know everybody else in that room, administration loyalist. now, this time what is being reported is a meeting that happens not months ago, it is a meeting that happens this afternoon. this time it was not just a meeting with people to whom the president have given jobs, was
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not just a meeting with cabinet officials or staffers. today the meeting was with members of congress. the members of congress in the room at least one democrat and a whole bunch of republicans. >> nilyndsey graham and durbin have been working together. they reportedly thinking just the two of them meeting with president trump but also in the room, congressman kevin mccartney, the number two republican in the house and david purdue and arkansas senator tom cotton a, so all of those guys were in the room. we have contacted all of those members of congress tonight to try to get from them, their confirmation that this in fact happened and the president said these things. we want to find out how did you
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guys react? and what did you do when the president said these stuff, if you can confirm that he said it. we know at least somebody in that room reacted to what the president said by leaving the room and going to tell reporters about it. >> "the washington post" was the first to publish these alleged quotes from the president today. >> so far the white house is not denying that this is what the president said. graham and durbin thought they would be meeting with trump alone. the meeting was impromptu and it came after a phone call this morning. they came to outline a potential by partisan deals for countries that's been removed from the temporary protective status visa
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program while adding money for a border wall and making changes to the visa/lottery system. president trump grew frustrated when they floated restoring protection from immigrants from haiti, el salvador and african countries. according to two people briefed in the meeting, trump said, i have to tell you, i am going to swear here and i am going to say it once but i have to say it once in order to convey this. trump said, quote, "why are we having all these people from [ expletive ] countries"? >> these remarks from the president today. it is not the typical grandular stuff, right? it is not typical white house president trump screw up stuff.
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this is not calling it normay or lying o f the size of the inaugural crowd. right after the white supremacist rally in charlottes virgin , virginia last year. one of whom who's on trial facing murder charges for driving into protester and killing someone. how speaker paul ryan was asked on cbs news, how he swears his role as washington leading republican with president trump's views on race. >> like i said before, he's learning and i know his heart is in the right place. >> how do you know that? >> i had some candid conversations with him about this. >> i had a candid conversation so i believe his heart is in in the right place. >> by that time, he means right after trump praise the neo-nazi. in a post there, how do you know
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his heart is in in the right place? >> on what bases does, paul ryan and other republicans who support the president in congress. on what base do you think the president's heart is in the right place on this subject? whatever your own views on the subject. the president has been nothing but consistent on this subject. you know if we are being honest of ourselves as a country, we have to admit we knew what we are getting on this subject when he was elected. >> two million criminal aliens are now inside of our country. two million people, criminal aliens -- we'll begin moving them out day one as soon as i take office. my first hour in office, those people are gone. their days have run out in this
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country and the crime will stop. they're going to be gone. it will be over. >> the president has not made accidental or incidental screw ups. he's been consistent on this. >> donald trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. we have no choice. we have no choice.
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we have no choice. that's who he was when he was a candidate. we knew what was coming. that was who america elected. there is an institutional piece of this. there is a national piece of this. it is about us as a country and us as a country under the rule of law. yes, it tells you something about a man to know that he talks and thinks this way and seeks advantage by stoking prejudice and bigotry, you cannot take a measure of a man that way. but, him saying this stuff now that he's president has consequences and it has negative consequences for him and what he's trying to do as president to let those ideas of his lose in the world as a policy of the american government. on everything from the muslim ban to who's allowed to suing for his healthcare policies to the sentencing of bowe bergdahl.
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his verbal statements and all of it have been used against him in courts of law to stop him from getting what he wants. because his public remarks revealed his preferred policies to be unconstitutional. you maybe able to put together a temporary restrictions on visas based on national security threat that you are attributed to those countries or bases on what you can prove to the court, right? you cannot have a ban that's effectively a muslim ban if you also say out loud if what you are trying to do is ban all muslims in the united states. your statements mattered and it can be used against you in the court of law. the fact that you have not hurts you over and over again. just this week, a federal judge ordered the trump administration to restore part of daca.
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the judge ordered a preliminary injunction for daca, the dreamers. because of the president's ill advise, public remarks about those programs and immigrants. his remarks meant that his and his administration lost their ailment to pursue their chosen policy on that subject this week, thanks to the rule of law. >> today is the 16th anniversary of the opening military at guantánamo bay in cuba. george w. bush was the one that tried to open it. barack obama and mccain both agreed with george w. bush that it should be closed. barack obama won that election and he spent two whole terms trying hard to close guantánamo, neither he nor president george w. bush able to do it even though they wanted to. >> 11 men are trying to get out
9:21 pm
of gitmo by using trump's own words against him. >> not because he wants to but because of his public statements arguing that it should never be closed and nobody should ever be released from guantánamo ever. >> the supreme court is like for it to stay opened all the time. it needs to be treated on a case by case basis. trump blew that up with his, forgive me dumb public staples on guantánamo and insisting that nobody should get out of guantánamo regardless of circumstances. he maybe the one closes on gone mo guantánamo. the white house is not denying these sources tonight. why norway?
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the white house is not denying it in a meeting of members of congress immigration today has been reported of multiple sourcing and multiple outlets. the president referred to african countries as bleep hole country. >> congresswoman mia love -- she p puts out a statement tonight that the president's comment is
9:27 pm
unkind. the president must apologize to both the american people and the nation he so wanted -- this may end up being used against him in the court of law as the president implemented policies based on what he believes. joining us is california's attorney general, javier besera, thank you very much for being with us, appreciate your time tonight. >> absolutely rachel. >> can i get your reaction to this reporting tonight in general, just your top line response? >> you can tiptoe around these
9:28 pm
things so long before you have to come out and call it what it is. donald trump made racist remarks before and this is as much as people should tolerate. otherwise, we are at risk of allowing the exception which is donald trump become the rule and that's the last thing we should allow in a country that we have worked over 200 years to elevate our democracy and the principles that the statue of liberty stands for. >> the remarks reported today was that the administration suffered significant blow for immigration policies when a district attorney, federal court blocked their decision of daca in part based on the president's public remarks about immigrants and about the daca program. are you of the impression, do you have any impression that the president's remarks of this kind basically showing racial, those
9:29 pm
can be a problem for him in terms of implementing h his administration policies. >> we usually use his remarks in the case that you just cited that we filed against him and where we got that injunction to stop the reveal of the daca program. he made remarks that made it clear of where he stands. all remarks became evidence for the record. his remarks in the court of law tend to hurt his cause and i am glad they do. we are finding out what is cause is really is. >> i want to ask you about something else that has just broken before we got on the air tonight. it is on the subject of the daca program and the dreamers. it is basically remarks that i think you would put in the category of strange or confused from the president on this subject. this is just of a transcript of an interview that the wall street journal had today with the president. this is the part where he seems maybe confused or maybe he's
9:30 pm
playing 3-dimensional chest here. >> there is a big difference between daca and dreamers. dreamers are different, i want american kids to be dreamers also. i want american kids to be dreamers. there is a big difference between daca and dreamers. when i was with democrats day kept on using dreamers. i said please use the word daca, you know it is totally a different word. >> the wall street journal replied, sure. do you know what the president is talking about there and can you explain why this seems crazy? >> well, i know he's not playing 3-dimensional chess. i cannot explain it that he's jealous that these young americans fighting so hard demonstrating that he belongs in this country have made him very
9:31 pm
jealous, i don't know. all i know that dreamers have become daca recipients and not all of them yet qualified. those who are dreamers who come to this country and trying to do the best they can deserve a chance. whether you call them daca recipients or dreamers, at the end of the day, the thing that made this country so great, they are the kind of people that at the end o f the day will be some of our greatest leaders. >> are you worry on a substance of level that sometimes the president does not know what he's tacticilking about. >> i look less at his words and i focus at his deeds. that allows them to know how to act. when we took action and file that lawsuit to protect the daca program, we worked on and focused on his deeds and that's why today we got the injunction against his deeds because he did them against the law. >> california attorney general
9:32 pm
xavier becerra, appreciable your time. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> we got more to come including news of the haitian resident have summoned a u.s. official. they're not saying summoning the ambassador. haiti government formally summoned a u.s. official to explain trump's comments. we'll have more on that including a reporter that broke that news, coming up, stay with us. ♪
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i am runing to be president. whether you vote or not vote for me, i will be your greatest champion. i am running to represent haitian americans and african-americans and the asian americans and everyone who lawfully resides at our borders. >> september before the election, i am running to represent haitian americans. that was september before the election, september 2016. the following june, the new york times report that the president was making disparaging remarks about haitians or issuing visas to visit the united states. haitians quote, "all have aids." the white house denied the president said that. tonight "the washington post"
9:37 pm
reports that a meeting in the oval office the president decided to expand on his feeling of haitians, calling haiti a bleep hole country and quote, "why do we need more haitians, that i can them out." >> according to nbc news tonight, someone this the room responded, because if you do take them out, it will be obvious why. according to a democratic aid. joining us now is a former national reporter, soon to be white house's correspondent for the pbs news hour. it is really nice to see you and thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> i have been following your twitter feed have been been reporting this tonight. you said you spoke with haiti ambassador after these remarks of the president were reported, can you tell us about what the ambassador conveyed to you?
9:38 pm
>> the ambassador conveyed to me several things that the haitian government formally summoned a u.s. official to explain what president trump meant by this comment. they did not do this when president trump made the comment about haitians and aids. they tried to let that go and trying to have a good relation with the united states. this is a time we need to understand how this president thinks and why he said these things. the government condemns these statements. haiti relationships of the united states goes back. there is a monument in savannah, georgia dedicated to haitian soldiers that came over to the united states to fight alongside other soldiers. haitians are feeling very upset about this and the haitian government is taking formal steps to let president trump know that they are upset. >> of the important point he raised that haiti and the government did not laze these
9:39 pm
kinds of concerns and did not demand the the u.s. government explain the president's behavior, that did not happen after this december reporting of the president previously made prejudice comment, "haitians all having aids." they are expressing themselves after what you describe of anger and dismay. is it your sense that the haitian government did not believe that the president made those remarks and the white house had some denials that he made those comments when he reported at the new york times back in december. >> it is my sense that the haitian government was trying to move forward. haitians in america that's been granted the status. it is been ended but the haitian government is trying to figure out what to do with that. you can imagine with this comment that the haitian government could not be settled anymore. all day today he's been hearing from dozens of haitian americans
9:40 pm
who are u.s. citizens who are demanding an apology from president trump and he said essentially that president trump's comment were an assault on the haitians people but on the country of haiti. it is a place where so many people are educated who are coming to the united states who are professionals and doctors, my father is a haitian. this feels of the core of what haitians have given to america and a lot of blood sweat and tears. there is a monument in savannah, georgia, dedicated to haitians, we want americans to be able to be free from britaiaibritain. there is some people that i can tell you, not the ambassador himself, other people told me that president trump indianapolis -- is hinting a
9:41 pm
cleansing. >> really appreciate your time tonight. i know you are actively reporting this story. i appreciate you are here to talk to us about it. >> thank you. >> we got much more to come tonight, stay with us.
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lets go back to normal for a minute. lets try. it is helpful everyday to keep the muscle strong. president trump sat down for an
9:45 pm
interview with four reporters for the wall street journal today. the president accusing a senior fbi official committing treason. he says no, he wanted them to be strong. he then continued with this. quote, "what went onto the fbi where a man is tweeting to his lover where hillary clinton loses, we'll go back to the insurance policy, if they lose, we'll go to phase two and we'll get this guy out of office. this is the fbi we are talking about, that's treason, that's treason right there, that's a treasonous act when he tweeted to his lover." >> he was referencing texts between peter paige and the fbi
9:46 pm
agent. >> struck and paige were communicating on a personal level expressing strong political opinions during the campaign. their texts back and forth were at times strongly antibernie sanders and anti-eric holder and yes, anti-donald trump. the wall street journal published this interview where mr. trump made the treason claims. mr. strzok's lawyer responded. the president had the facts and the law wrong. a lawyer for miss paige released a statement tonight. the president attacked a 38-year-old lying attorney spent her entire career defending the
9:47 pm
constitution and up holding the rule of law. the president's accusation of treason is as shocking as it is baseless. if you are tracking direct attack on the white house on the fbi and the mueller's investigation. today is the day the president starts accusing doj officials of treason. that comes on the hill. that's where we are right now. i know.
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we soon must replace you, never fear. yes, we must report, now your time is short. >> those are members of the indy visible group in san diego. as you can see them there standing out in the rain serenading congressman issa. they're encouraging him to hang it up. they got a cake, sometimes when you get a watch when you retire, they are offering him retirement cake. at their protest, you can tell these folks know what they are doing. they seal their posters in
9:52 pm
cerame wraps so they don't get wet. >> cheerful and doing anything they can do to try to get their congressman daryl issa to please quit. they have been doing it for a years. yesterday, darrell issa, announced he will not run for that seat again at the end of his turn. he's joining a long and growing list. earlier this week, congress ed roy is announcing he, too is retiric is announcing he, too e retiring. that's two seats in california being vacated by retired republicans where the district leans blue.
9:53 pm
clinton won there. we are seeing this phenomenal not just in california but around the country. there is eight announced house republican retirements from districts that hillary clinton carried in 2016 or narrowly lost. republicans need to pick up 24 seats to take back the house, eight retirements already. that's getting democrats maybe a third of the way there. democrats got another goose this week. now, that ruling if it is upheld will put republican seats in plan by the next election, democrats could pick up as many as five seats, congressional seats just in north carolina if that ruling stays. >> so, eight republican retirements and clinton's held district and another five seats coming out of north carolina. if you are a democrat, you are having a dreaming moment at
9:54 pm
midterms. if you are a republican especially of a district that's won by hillary clinton, you will figure out what you will do. darrell issa is not running in his own district. he's considering running again in the district next door. the district next door won for donald trump by 15 points. maybe those people won't sit outside his office every week. maybe congressman issa thinks he can get away. we persisted. >> if congressman issa does try for a return by way of a much district. did you see this today? i retweeted because of the persisten persistent here. these are the same folks that's protested outside his office all
9:55 pm
year. they said if issa head to the district next door to run again, they'll follow him there, too. we'll be right back.
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9:58 pm
it shows no signs of stopping. reactions are still coming in. the haitian government is demanding a clarification and explanation. for our part, we are trying to figure out if any of the lawmakers in the room at the time while the president said this, told the president off once he made these remarks or had any kind of strong reactions. the kind of reaction where i think most americans would have even if we heard those remarks from some drunk guy in a bar led alone somebody that's occupying that office. we'll let you know if they're able to get anymore information of how lawmakers responded to the president's racist remarks. we have this reporting what the president was doing at the time that t"the washington post" firt broke the news. the tweet is from manu raju.
9:59 pm
trump was taping a video message for mlk jr. this afternoon as the story broke about his bleep hole comments. >> the president had to interrupt his martin luther king commemorative remarks resume bli to tell the white house's spokesperson whether or not he really did say people from bleep hole countries that he prefers norwegians. the white house's spokesperson did not denied this. >> it is time for "the last word" with lawrence o' donnel. >> good evening, this is one of those days of parenting in america when the president is teaching our children a new word. i think i learned in first grade
10:00 pm
or some where around there. i did not learn it from the president. rachel. this is one of the parenting challenges. kids coming home today and says mommy, what president viewed his behavior was that he once said he didn't give on a white house tape he didn't give a bleep about the lira, italian currency, talking about monetary issues and an object of shock and disgust across the country that the president would say that he didn't give a bleep about a foreign currency. and now, i mean, does nixon get whitewashed in retrospect contrasted to what we have to report tonight? it's just -- >> every, every president can thank donald trump for making every one of them look a little better in some way. >> yeah. exactly. >> by the way he conducts himself. >> recalibrating it.


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