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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 19, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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fix it but what do is does he do about it. >> you'll eyes on washington. i'm stephanie rhule. >> i'm ali velshi. now it's time for andrea mitchell on "andrea mitchell reports." >> right now, the final count down. we're just 12 hours away from that government shutting down. now it's all up to the senate as republicans press hard for a short-term funding plan while dras are not budging without a deal for dreamers. >> just hours away from an entirely avoidable government shutdown. this vote should be a no-brainer. what has been shoe horned into this discussion is an insistence that we deal with a legal immigration issue. >> the best that the republican leader in in the senate can offer us is another band-aid. this is about a heart wrenching issue that is before us because president trump made a decision september 5th to end a program.
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it was president trump that challenged us to do something about it, and we have done nothing, nothing. >> flight delay with air force one ready for takeoff. the white house says the president will not be leaving for his florida resort tonight unless a spending agreement is passed. >> there's no way you could lay this at the feet of the president of the united states. he is actively working to try to get a deal. and change of heart. president trump's amending his shift on abortion after in the past supporting the right to an abortion, now the first president today addressing the annual march for life protests via satellite. >> administration to be on record in support of life. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington waiting to see who blinks first as the senate marches the country toward a
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government shutdown. joining me nbc's garrett haake and kasie hunt on capitol hill. chuck todd will join us, as well. nbc political director the moderator of "meet the press" and host of mtp daily" at 5:00 eastern. first let's talk to casey and garrett on the hill. casey, we hear the pressure tactics from the house we're going home, it's up to the senate to adopt exactly what the house did last night or else there will be a shutdown, now is there breaking news that the house is going to stay awhile? >> reporter: the majority whip's office steve scalise advising members that they are to remain flexible is the terminology that was used in the official whip e-mail. they say additional procedural votes are possible in the house. so we're not sure what that means. when i was talking to -- i talked briefly to patrick mchenry earlier. he in scalise's absence who is still recovering from another surgery relating to the gunshot
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wound. mchenry does all the vote counting. he was direct in saying we did our duty. this is on the senate democrats. so what that tells me is that there is something going on behind the scenes with the white house, they do want to keep their options open. at least to a certain extent. that is a little bit in contrast to the tone we saw nick mulvaney take at the podium that seemed pretty like they were setting the stage for a brawl. quite frankly, everyone here on the senate side is digging in. mitch mcconnell went to the senate floor to open things up and beak left no room for maneuvering. said the senate democrats were putting themselves in a box and democrats are saying right back at at them, we can't keep quicking the can down the road. they want a deal for daca for those dreamer kids who are here through no fault of their own. but andrea, i have to tell you both sides, nobody seems to be giving an inch. and i just don't see right now how they are going to find a resolution to this.
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>> they're going to keep talking for sure. garrett haake, you were with lindsey graham when he got a call from dick durbin. i want you to bring us up to date. one person not seen is chuck schumer. you had dick durbin on the floor, mitch mcconnell on the floor. chuck schumer is talking to somebody behind the scenes. somebody is working out or trying to see what the flexibility is. that may be what led to that indication from scalise there could be some procedural action on the house side, as well if the senate does do something. tell us what you know. >> reporter: yeah, i think it's increasingly clear there's two ways a shutdown gets averted. there is a deal or an off-ramp for democrats who now have drawn the line in the sand over this and have to essentially follow through on their threats to withhold votes if they don't get a deal on daca. i did have this conversation just a few minutes ago with lindsey graham. he painted a different picture of the way this gets done.
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that's that this is a question of presidential leadership. at the end of the day, it will come down to the president of the united states being willing to lead in a big picture and in a more macro sense, make a decision what he can support and pull the trigger on it. here was lindsey graham in our conversation just a few minutes ago. >> what the house sent over is unacceptable to me. the cres can i the militar chs kill the military. i appreciate house colleagues but we need to get this done. we're inside the 10 yard line. we need a white house that can make a decision and stick to it. and andegreeia, lindsey graham has cultivated his relationship with the president and the attempted skill of talking to the president through the television. and i think there's a lot of message sending going on that look, the way out of this is for the president to live up to what he talks about as the tuesday
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version of the president from last week when he seemed to embrace willingness to deal with a bipartisan solution to dealing with this problem, not the thursday version of the meeting so infamous between graham and durbin and other republican senators and lawmakers one of whom lindsey graham kind of threw under the bus talking about tom cotton, his colleague from arkansas ho said has essentially turned into the steve king of the senate. steve king the ultimate immigration hard liner in the u.s. house, not exactly kind words there, but that's the opportunity for a deal here is one that gets led by the white house, not by the operators here on capitol hill. >> thanks to garrett and casey for that. chuck todd, we've seen this movie before. we've been through shutdown traumas for the nation. but we've never seen it with donald trump in the oval office. that's the big differentiator. also we've never seen it with a unified party controlling the house, senate and the white house. you don't usually have these kinds of disagreements.
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>> there's actually look, lindsey graham is right on this. not just that it needs presidential leadership, there's a real opportunity for this president. there's always been a chunk of supporters who voted for hip. they didn't like him personally, didn't like his -- but thought maybe his style will shake up this place. will sort of keep washington from being this constant and maybe having somebody who doesn't have any true ideology is the way to make the place work. so there's a part of donald trump who claims he likes to be the negotiator, the art of the deal guy and an opportunity to sort of separate himself from congress. remember, you know, one thing both parties, members of both parties agree, they don't like congress. so these shutdowns are usually opportunities for presidents to lead, to be the adult in the room, to bring everybody together. now, president trump when he's given the opportunity to be the adult in the room usually chooses not to be the adult in
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the room. so that's the wildcard today. but i think the only way this gets averted today is if somehow the white house actually tries to play a meaningful and a slightly above it all role here a little bit and try to find some -- and try to find a way to give the democrats an off-ramp here a little bit. but i'll tell you, i still think we're headed to at least a mini shutdown. right now both parties, i'll say this both mcconnell and schumer just specifically but then larger both the democrats and republicans think they can win this argument. republicans believe they can win the argument certainly in the short term, hey, what's another 30 days? we just want to buy more time. democrats think they can win the argument in the long-term. enough is enough. how often are we going to keep kicking the can. when you have two parties both are convinced they can win an argument, then you're not going to have enthusiastic ways to find an off-ramp. >> one quick question. when you talk about presidential
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leadership, we saw what happened yesterday when he tweeted incorrectly about the chip, the child's health care program and had to be corrected on twitter by republican senator leadership member john cornyn. so if he's engaged, he has to have the facts. it's not just him deciding what he can live with. he has to know what's in the deal. >> there's no doubt i may be what i'm describing of what this president has an opportunity to do may be fantasy here. this would be maybe it is aaron sorkin's version of what a president could do in a situation like this. i'm telling you what the opportunity is there. obviously his past performance says something else. but there truly is an opportunity here and frankly the only way i think a shutdown is averted today is if the white house attempts to play a meaningful negotiating role. you know, what i don't get is, where is the urgency? and by the way, i think the house -- i want to believe in some green shoots that somehow
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the house deciding to stay in means there's something happening. it would have been political malpractice if the house went home without a deal. if they went home before knowing what the senate would do, that that would be malpractice and look like they wanted the shutdown. i think for optics sake, the house has to stick around this week. the government shuts down, no member of congress can leave town, period. >> and certainly no president go to mar-a-lago. you guys hang on a second. we've got one of the big players on the hill, democratic senator chris coons who opposes the republican short term government funding bill and jones me now. what do you think is happening behind the scenes? is chuck schumer trying to negotiate something with the caucus or with the white house? >> none of us want a shutdown. democrats in particular see the ways in which a shutdown government hurts people. but we are out of patience for short-term patches for unmet promises. and i do know that senator chuck
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schumer is working hard and diligently. i spoke with, listened to more than a dozen other senators in the gym here this morning, senator schumer was working hard moving back and forth between folks in senior leadership and more junior members. one of the things i was working to do was to help republican colleagues understand how we hear it when mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate takes to the floor last night and says this is all about illegal immigration, something that has no urgency to it and we don't need to fix now. when we saw last week president trump on tuesday choose to convene a bipartisan meeting and welcome legislators to come bring him a daca fix and then on thursday a strong bipartisan group of senators come back and say here it is. we've worked it out. big investment in border security, some of the issues in terms of family migration that the president demanded and daca, and then the president blows it up. it is hard for democrats to
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believe that there is seriousness on the part of republicans about addressing it at another time. this also will hurt lots of other things unaddressed. disaster relief, children's health insurance program, community health centers. it's just stacked up to a point where we need a deal. andrea, within the next hour, believe, you will see senator schumer bring to the floor an amendment to the house cr bill, the bill in front of us that would put on the table all the things that we think we can agree on and we should agree on today to avoid a shutdown. >> let's drill down. what will be in that package? you talked about a list of things just now. are we talking about border security? c.h. i of i.p., dreamers, disaster relief for puerto rico? >> yes. a robust disaster relief package that addresses puerto rico and the virgin islands, western wildfires as well as texas and florida and the hurricane recovery funding. there's also a pension issue
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that i think is not widely known but is a long-standing unevolved issue that would be addressed in this. it would also ensure in the event of a shutdown, department of defense personnel would be paid. it addresses a wide range of issues from funding for the opioid crisis to disaster relief to our now months overdue budget agreement that would allow us to move forward on appropriations for the fiscal year that started in october. >> is your caucus united behind this? is joe manchin on this. >> it hasn't been put in front of the whole caucus. but what from i can see the basic outline put out this morning, i would expect our whole caucus would support it. >> what does that do in terms of procedural votes in terms of cloture and what the republicans are putting forward? >> that's a great question. at this point, the leadership of both caucuses would need to agree that we're going to take a vote on this. it includes the bill that has been worked on so hard by
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senators graham and durbin and that now has a broad group of bipartisan cosponsors. it is important we have a chance to see when or if that will get taken up. i think if we then put on the floor a three or four-day cr to hammer out the details and to finalize an agreement that followed that architecture, it would readily get support. by me and others. but there would have to be clear presidential leadership committing to move forward with this and leadership from senator mcconnell saying fine, it's time for us to address all of these long overdue issues. it's possible but sadly from the tenor of things last night and some of the deep misunderstanding and mistrust between the parties, it's unlikely without real leadership from 1600 pennsylvania avenue, the white house and from senator mcconnell. >> well, to be blunt, given the lack of trust, given the experience last week from tuesday to thursday, from thursday morning to thursday two hours later, let's be frank
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about this, what kind of guarantees would senator schumer and the rest of you democrats demand in order to proceed with a cloture vote and do a short-term three or four-day continuing resolution? you have to get it written almost in blood to be sure that the president won't change his mind or mitch mcconnell will go ahead with it. >> that's the challenge. senator mccanal last night said without presidential leadership, without clarity from president trump exactly what he's willing to sign op to, how can we negotiate over daca. that is the unresolved question. i'm encouraged that president trump has apparently chosen to delay his trip to go play golf at his resort in florida and his $100,000 a head fund-raiser tomorrow to celebrate his inauguration. i'm encouraged to hear the house is choosing to stay in. we've got all the players in. we know what the menu of issues is. this is a perfect moment for the president to exceed our expectations and show that he
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really is the dealmaker that i think millions of americans who voted for him thought he would be. this is also a moment where we could fail to come together and the result would be an unfortunate and unnecessary shutdown. it is a place where the leadership of the senate it can start by being the folks here who show that we are sincerely committed to moving this forward. that would be a critical first step for the leadership of the republican caucus to say we know this is going on too long, several of our own members, there are republicans you just heard senator graham, senator flake and others who vote against the house passed cr. this is the time for us to be mature bipartisan leaders who will avert a shutdown and move forward on a broad, bold resolution to these challenges. >> thank you so much, senator chris coons. get back with us with any updates please. chuck todd is still with me. you heard the outlines of what the democrats are about to offer. do you think it can fly? >> i think it all depends on the
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white house reaction. it all goes -- i think it's -- it certainly sounded like to me dras would like to find a way not to shut down the government but not agree to the cr. right? they're looking for to see if there is any movement there. can they make an offer that will look, will make the republicans look bad if they can't, at least agree to that or something like this. let's see what it looks like. i think ultimately, again, i think the white house has to be the lead player here. and this is the problem. i think the trust issue. it does feel like we're probably going to end up short of because of political paralysis and polarization that led to paralysis that we'll stumble into the shutdown for the weekend. but there's also, it's so obvious how you sort of could break this impasse semi short term. split the difference, go ten days.
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i mean, this doesn't seem to be, we're negotiating how much more time we're going to have negotiatiations gauche negotiations on daca. agree how much more time you need to negotiate on daca. >> exactly. chuck todd, of course, you'll be all over this. make sure to watch chuck this afternoon at 5:00 eastern from mtp daily" and on sunday "meet the press." coming up, presidential precedent. donald trump about to become the first sitting president to speak live at the right to life march. had jackie speier joins me with her reaction next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" here on msnbc.
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we're just moments away from history being made at the white house. president trump will become the first sitting president to address the anti-abortion march for life in washington live via satellite. he will have gathered there in the rose garden some of the supporters, as well. nbc chief white house correspondent halle jackson joins me now. this is a big deal, hallie. >> it is. it is obviously a message and i'm going to moderate the volume of my voice here. behind me we have rows and rows of invited guests as we are live streaming now the white house's live streaming the events on the national mall here to the rose garden to the people watching.
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you're right it is a big deal. this is a renod to the president's base, members of the president's base who elected him because of his stance on obviously being pro-life during the campaign. remember this is not a position that the president has always held. he has talked about how he used to feel differently on this topic and has changed had his mind over the years. remember too the actual event is only happening what, a mile or two away from the white house, not even. yet the president is choosing not to go in person and to do this live via satellite. it is a step further than any president in the past but it is not quite the step of going to the event and being there in person. remember of course, vice president pence last year was involved with the march for life. and so we do expect to see the president any minute. i'm checking the podium, walk out of the west wing of the white house and come and speak via the satellite link in the rose garden in front those gathered here. all of it happening against the backdrop of this potential
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government shutdown. i am not expecting the president to mention the shutdown in these remarks. they'll likely focus on the issue he is here to talk about, but it is possible as i look at my fellow white house press corps colleagues lining the roads garden that the president will be asked about it after his remarks. in the audience i see kellyanne conway here who has been one of the president's point people on this issue along with a number of people, including younger kids here. you can see them behind me here, as well. >> and hallie, stand by for a moment. your colleague white house correspondent kristen welker is with the crowd along the march route. kristin, i don't know if you can hear me. it's pretty loud there. we can hear you. >> reporter: i have to tell you a lot of emotion here today. throngs of people energized by the fact that the president is going to speak.
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via satellite. the people who are here, they find this significant, a significant moment for their movement. now. >> kristin -- >> reporter: yes? >> it is a little difficult to make you out because of the loud speakers. if you could stand by. we're going to go back to haie and come back to you if there's a way to get farther away from the speakers, those loud speakers on the mall are pretty loud. hallie, let's talk for a moment how presidents reagan and bush telephoned in to the march when they broadcast that but never took the step. they always wanted to kind of mod due late their tone on this. >> have distance. and have a little distance between them and this. of course. that's a good point. yes, it is very loud where kristin is. we can hear the cheers coming through on the live satellite feed here in the rose garden. you're right.
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in the past, presidents have wanted to, as you say, moderate or put some distance there. so again this president is doing -- this is a first. this is a first for a president is to beam in live via satellite to address the crowd. you are hearing the organizers of the event too talking about the rose garden event and people are applauding now. this is mentioned over on the national mall. i believe this is a tee up for the president as a hear the speaker on the mall introducing this. andrea, i'm going to toss it back to you. i believe the president is expected to walk out any second here. >> we're expecting him to come out, the vice president mike pence also had another event in the white house complex with his wife, karen pence. i think that is the introduction i believe for the vice president who is a very strong supporter of the anti-abortion movement. and we'll be leaving later today for the middle east and i'll be on that plane for a five-day
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trip to egypt, jordan and israel. >> americans young and old on our national mall at this very hour. welcome back to washington, d.c. and welcome back to the largest pro-life gathering in the united states of america. the 45th annual march for life. more than 240 years ago, our founders wrote words that have echoed through the ages. they declared these truths to be self-evident that we are each of us, endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 45 years ago, the supreme court of the united states turned its back on the unalienable right to life. but in that moment, our movement began.
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a movement that continues to win hearts and minds, a movement defined by generosity, compassion, and love. and a movement that one year ago tomorrow inaugurated the most pro-life president in american history, president donald trump. from preventing taxpayer dollars from funding abortion overseas to empowering states to respect life in title 10 to nominating judges who will uphold our god given liberties enshrined in the constitution of the united states, this president has been a tireless defender of life and conscience in america. and today, president trump will do even more to defend the most vulnerable in our society. my friends, life is winning in america. because love saves lives. and know as you march for life
9:29 am
that your compassion, your persistence, your activism and your prayers are saving lives. and this pro-life generation should never doubt we are with you. this president stands with you. and he who said before i formed you in the womb i knew you is with you, as well. and i believe with all of my heart with your copied dedication and compassion, with pro-life majorities in the congress, with president donald trump in this white house and with god's help, we will restore the sanctity of life to the center of american law. and so with a grateful heart, on this 45th annual march for life, it is now my high honor and zing privilege to introduce to you
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the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. that's so nice. sit, please. we have tens of thousands of people watching us right down the road. tens of thousands. so i congratulate you and at least we picked a beautiful day. you can't get a more beautiful day. i want to thank our vice president, mike pence, for that wonderful introduction. i also want to thank you and karen for being true champions for life. thank you and thank karen. today i'm honored and really
9:31 am
proud to be the first president to stand with you here at the white house to address the 45th march for life. that's very, very special. 45th march for life. and this is a truly remarkable group. today, tens of thousands of families, students and patriots and really just great citizens gather here in our nation's capital. you come from many backgrounds. many places. but you all come for one beautiful cause. to build a society where life is celebrated, protected and cherished. the march for life is a movement borne out of love. you love your families. you love your neighbors. you love our nation. and you love every child born and unborn because you believe that every life is sacred, that
9:32 am
every child is a precious gift from god. we know that life is the greatest miracle of all. we see it in the eyes of every new mother who cradles that wonderful innocent and glorious newborn child in her loving arms. i want to thank every person here today and all across our country who works with such big hearts and tireless devotion to make sure that parents have the care and support they need to choose life. because of you, tens of thousands of americans have been born and reached their full god-given potential, because of you. you're living witnesses of this year's march for life theme and that theme is, love saves lives.
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as you all know, roe versus wade has resulted in some of the most per missive abortion laws anywhere in the world. for example, in the united states, it's one you have only seven countries to allow elective late term abortions along with china, north korea, and others. right now in a number of states, the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother's womb in the ninth month. it is wrong. it has to change. americans are more and more pro-life, you see that all the time. in fact, only 12% of americans support abortion on demand at any time. under my administration, we will always defend the very first
9:34 am
right in the declaration of independence. and that is the right to life. tomorrow will mark exactly one year since i took the oath of office. and i will say our country is doing really well. our economy is perhaps the best it's ever been. you look at the job numbers. you look at the companies pouring back into our country. you look at the stock market at an all-time high. unemployment 17-year low. unemployment for african-american workers at the lowest mark in the history of our country. unemployment for hispanic at a record low in history. unemployment for women, think of this, at at 18-year low.
9:35 am
we're really proud of what we're doing. and during my first week in office, i reenstated a policy first put in place by president ronald reagan, the mexico city policy. i strongly supported the house of representatives pain capable bill which would end painful late term abortions nationwide. and i call upon the senate to pass this important law and send it to my desk for signing. on the national day of prayer, i signed an executive order to protect religious liberty. very proud of that. today i'm announcing that we
9:36 am
have just issued a new proposal to protect conscience rights and religious freedoms of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. so important. i have also just reversed the previous administration's policy that restricted states' efforts to direct medicaid funding away from abortion facilities that violate the law. we are protecting the sanctity of life and the family as the foundation of our society. but this movement can only succeed with a heart and soul and the prayer of the people. here with us today is mary anna donadio from greensboro, north carolina. where is mary anna? hello. come on up here.
9:37 am
come. nice to see you. she was 17 when she found out she was pregnant. at first she felt like she had no place to turn. but when she told her parents, they responded with total love, total affection, total support. great parents. great. i thought you were going to say that. i had to be careful. mary anna bravely chose life and soon gave birth to her son. she named him benedict which means blessing. mary anna was so grateful for her parents' love and support that she felt called to serve those who were not as fortunate as her. she joined with others in her community to start a maternity home to care for hopeless women who were pregnant. it's great. they named it room at the inn.
9:38 am
today, mary anna and her husband don are the parents of six beautiful children and her eldest son benedict and her daughter maria join us here today. where are they? come on over. that's great. over the last 15 years, room at the inn has provided housing child care, counseling, education and job training to more than 400 women. even more importantly, it has given them hope. it has shown each woman that she is not forgotten, that she is not alone and that she really now has a whole family of people who will help her succeed. that hope is the true gift of this incredible movement that brings us together today. it is the gift of friendship, the gift of mentorship, and the
9:39 am
gift of encouragement, love, and support. those are beautiful words and those are beautiful gifts. and most importantly of all, it is the gift of life itself. that is why we march. that is why we pray. and that is why we declare that america's future will be filled with goodness, peace, joy, dignity, and life for every child of god. thank you to the march for life special special people. and we are with you all the way. make god bless you and may god bless america. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much. >> let's go to kasie hunt on hadn't hill with breaking news about chuck schumer.
9:40 am
>> hey, yes, we do have breaking news. we are learning here at nbc a source familiar telling us that president trump extended an invitation to chuck schumer to head to the white house to talk about how to avert a government shutdown. i'm told schumer has accepted the invitation and planning to go to the white house imminently to have this conversation. we were talking about this earlier in your broadcast as being probably the only way to break this impasse to have the president get involved because both sides, republican and democrat here on capitol hill, have become so entrenched in their positions refusing to move as we head towards this imminent shutdown at midnight tonight friday. so we will see what comes of this conversation. there had been some reports we had been working to confirm them, we hadn't gotten very far that schum her advised the president that tom cotton, the senator from arkansas, shouldn't be involved in any talks. we were unable to confirm that.
9:41 am
he has been somebody named as a potential sticking point here. so i think democrats are demanding that the president come away from the positions that he took in that very contentious thursday closed door meeting where the president used that languaging about african nations and about haiti. they want to see more of the president that appeared on tuesday in that public meeting. so i think the big question, what is the posture that the president is going to take? what is he going to tell senator schumer is potentially willing to accept and how intensely does the white house feel they need to avoid a government shutdown in one reality here on capitol hill is that both sides had essentially been saying hey, we can win the argument if we shut down. democrats saying look, this is republicans' fault. they're refusing to do a deal that they say they want to do. republicans saying hey, senate democrats could easily give us the votes. you saw mitch mcconnell open the floor this morning with that pretty belligerent statement. so again, some pretty
9:42 am
significant news here, andrea, as we wait to figure out when this key procedural vote might be scheduled. >> thanks >>. just in the last 30 minutes, we were talking to chris coons who laid out what chuck schumer's proposal is. i pointed out chuck schumer had not been seen all day. dick durbin did the opening statement on the floor and chuck schuper was talking to somebody behind the scenes. your reaction to what you're hearing about schumer heading your way. >> reporter: it's significant. the top legislative aide mark short told me the president would be making overtures and phone calls to leaders on the hill. clearly that has happened. as the president wrapped up his speech here in the roads garden, he did not mention the shutdown. i yelled questions. i tried to ask him about the schuper meeting. other reporters also asked about the shutdown. the president did not engage in this which is suppose to be his only public appearance of the
9:43 am
day. now, will that change? might there be one of those surprise movements where all of a sudden a bunch of cameramen rush to the doors of the west wing because we can see this meeting between president trump, chuck schumer and perhaps others? there's always the possibility. that is what we're watching for today. i thought it was notable president trump mentioned the inaugural anniversary. tomorrow one year since he has taken office with the very real possibility there be a shutdown on that anniversary. he did not mention the shutdown part but did mention the anniversary part of it. i will tell you that i have reached out to white house officials on this. it sounds like right now, most of the information they aret letting come from case hunt and garrett haake's side of things. we'll it be judgment dating you. knowing how this president works and how he's worked in the past, i wouldn't be surprised if we see a shot of the oval office meeting. i'm not a betting woman. if i were, i might take that
9:44 am
bet. >> i think you're right. thank you so very much. joining me now democratic congresswoman jackie speier who had a 2011 house spending dependent opened up about her deeply personal experience with abortion. i want to talk to you about this march and the president's involvement, the first sitting president ever to do that. first, what is your sense of this possible deal making, chuck schumer trying to avert a shutdown by getting some agreement for the dreamers? >> i'm very optimistic that we have a path forward conceivably now. it was looking pretty dire here where 45 minutes ago. and the rumors in the house floor were we were just going to shut down. and go home. which would have been just horrific. i would not have supported that at all. there's a lot of rupe mores that there is an interest in at least extending it for five working days because some of these
9:45 am
members really want to go off to davos this weekend. there's always a hidden agenda. and i think that's one of the agendas. i think the president wants to go on down to mar-a-lago to have his big $100,000 per person fund-raiser tomorrow night. there's a lot of other elements playing out. i think what we are most concerned about is governing by what continuing resolutions is not governing. that's why we're seeing the kinds of hits being take in our military where it's just the same budget year after year without the kind of augmentation needed for certain services and certain weapons systems and readiness. >> congresswoman, i wanted to also ask you about this march, the president's involvement, the rose garden appearance, giving a satellite speech to them. your reaction to that given your own experiences. >> well, you know, in 1999, the president was pro-choice. in 2016, he had five different
9:46 am
positions in three days. and at one point, actually thought women should be punished if they had an abortion. most abortions take place in the first trimester, only 1% of abortions take place in the last trimester. it is about choice. he talked about the woman who he brought forward and said she chose life. well, this is a choice between a woman and her physician and let us remind everyone that in this country, it is still the law, abortion is legal. there is something very painful to go through an abortion. and my abortion was late term at 17 weeks. it was not something that i -- it was a very painful experience. and it was a fetus that was not going to survive outside of the womb. and i think that there home run so stories like that. and there's a callousness with which some people, the president included, talk about this
9:47 am
because they don't live it. >> thank you very much for bringing your experience to us and on all of these subjects. thank you, jackie speier. joining me now is pennsylvania republican congressman charlie dent who voted for the short-term government funding bill that passed the house on thursday. first of all, your reaction to the schumer possibility of a longer term agreement which would include the d.r.e.a.m.ers. we understand border security, some of the other immigration proposals that the president wanted, chain migration for instance, those family members. but would be a longer term fix for some of these other problems. >> well, andrea, we do need a long-term budget agreement. we will not get that budget agreement though till we have an agreement on daca plus border security and the other provisions, family migration, that sort of thing. that has to happen. now, in order for that daca bipartisan agreement to occur, the house leadership and the senate leadership have to allow
9:48 am
a bill to come to the floor in the house anyway that will not get the majority to support it. i don't see any way around that. the house right now is talking about daca, but in terms of a bill that's republican only that has no chance of passing the senate. i think it's encouraging we're having this discussion conflating budget agreement with daca border security. it needs to happen. >> if the president and chusupe come to agreement and mish mcconnell would go with anything the president supports, how do you get the house republicans on board? >> we'll have no choice. the senate will end up forcing the hand of the house. then the speaker will have to make a decision. and i know that he's under pressure not to allow a bill to come to the floor that will not receive a majority of house republican votes but that is inevitable. we have seen this time and again and hear the hastert rule, the majority. we're all for that till we're not. this is one of those cases where to get that budget agreement, there are not 218 republican
9:49 am
votes for that or for daca or for the debt ceiling. they'll toll that in there too, my prediction. >> why did you vote for the short term continuing resolution? >> the only thing worse than a cr is a government shutdown. we need this budget agreement. >> thank you very much. thank you. let's go back to garrett haake on capitol hill. this is a breaking news story. garrett? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. we're expecting this meeting between the president and minority leader chuck shumer to happen any minute now. some of our team saw chuck schumer leaving the capitol will ten minutes ago. it doesn't take that long to get across town. the question we're trying to answer now, i'm reporting this in realtime here is whether or not this will be a one-on-one meeting as it appears to be right now. we've reached out to mish mcconnell's office trying to figure out if he or any other top republicans are in the room. it matters because what we've seen time and time again with this president which is often the last person to have his ear on these major issues is the
9:50 am
person who wins the argument. it's the complaints from lindsey graham that somebody got to the president between the time he thought he had a daca dealen at time he arrived later and learned he didn't. if this is one on one meeting between chuck schumer and donald trump who have shown some affinity, it could be a very big deal and something republicans may not be particularly excited about. >> garrett, just a quick question. my understanding from chris koons that the children's health program, c.h.i.p., would be part of this. >> can't confirm that. senator koons may know better than i. c.h.i.p. has been a bargaining chip so many times in all of this because it's such a popular provision. it gets added to almost every big package that gets discussed up here. >> garrett haake, thank you for being on top of it all. if congress does not get a spending bill passed in the next 12 hours, it's not only the
9:51 am
government that shuts down. starting tonight, many of the 9 million children who depend on c.h.i.p., the children's health insurance program, will lose their coverage. joining me is mark shriver, director of save the children usa. i don't have to tell you that we're at the height of flu season. one of the worst flus we've seen. children are dying. people are in ers. and the government could potentially shut down and all of these kids would not be covered. >> it's an amazing program started by senator kennedy and senator hatch. he said we had a moral obligation to our children. we're 21 years later using this as a big bargaining chip. the kids, poor kids, don't have access to the political system and they have been pushed aside. they don't vote or give money. and both republicans and democrats have let this happen. it's the fourth time we've had a cr. it's crazy, right? and the fact we're negotiating
9:52 am
around children's health and pregnant mothers is really outrageous. and i don't think anything is going to change until the people stand up and tell leaders of both parties this has to stop. >> we remember when your uncle teddy kennedy would be negotiate with orrin hatch and coming up with health and edge programs. he'd be negotiating with dan quayle. >> and that sense of bipartisanship seems to have passed by washington. and i think people outside the beltway are just appalled by it. the fact is, it's not only c.h.i.p. but another program called maternal infant, early childhood home visiting program which is $4 million which has bipartisan support which is not being renewed either. that's for young children, 0 to 5, to get home visiting that's been shown through results to have a profound impact on kids and families. but somehow kids and families that don't have money, don't have resources, don't have a voice in washington. it's really a terrible situation. >> they've got money to make the
9:53 am
entire cabinet to davos, switzerland. >> i heard that comment. that unbelievable. they're talking about going to davos and not taking care of our most vulnerable little citizens. it's a bad state of affairs. i think people have to get off their butts and get engaged. that's what the political process is. it's that line from teddy roosevelt about the credit belongs to the person in the arena. we need more people getting fired up, protesting in washington and their state capitols and demanding accident. >> mark shriver, thank you very much. a busy news day here. more ahead. we'll be right back. business is in my blood. i'm the daughter two of entrepreneurs and so i had a front row seat to the excitement, but also the demands that come with running a company. as a business owner myself, i know that the challenges are ever changing. on "your business" we'll learn from decisionmakers whose experience can help your company grow and proster. weekend mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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for the inside scoop, sabrina for the guardian, sam stein and msnbc contributor and david frum, former speech writer for george w. bush. now senior editor for the atlantic. a new book out called "trumpocrasy." schumer is headed to the white house to meet with trump. he doesn't want tom cotton there or anyone else there to ruin a possible deal. david frum, how do they get a commitment they can believe from this president that if they support averting the shutdown, they can then get this deal next week. >> who would be such a dupe as to believe a commitment from donald trump? certainly not chuck schumer who is going to try to dupe the president. it's worth noting here, united republican government for the first time in more than a
9:58 am
decade. everything is working worse. there's no budget. no hearings. the legislative process of the united states, as terrible as it was in the past, has reached a new low of chaos that hinges on the military. it has to embarrass and surprise everyone. >> sam? >> well, exactly. also schumer has been down this road before. remember, the origins of this entire standoff was he and pelosi went to the white house to resolve a daca mess he himself created, trump created, and that deal was broken. that's why we find ourselves in that situation. one deal, one commitment was broken by the president. i can't imagine chuck schumer shows up and gets an assurance from trump that he supports a deal because he's already broken that assurance once. >> there's a new "washington post"/abc news poll out showing the public is more likely to blame trump and republicans by a 20-point margin than they are democrats. obviously, republicans control both chambers of congress and the white house. what they are goerknegotiating
9:59 am
have more time to negotiate. there's the quiwhether he'd keep a commitment to chuck schumer. >> yes or no, shutdown toebnigh david? >> i'm going to guess no. i think they understand what sabrina just says. >> 20-point difiential. sam? >> everything i'm picking up from the hill is trending toward yes. maybe the schumer meeting will avert that but everyone seems to be bracing for a shutdown. >> the first president who somehow argues a shutdown is good politics so we'll see what happens. >> that does it for us. we have no more time. i'm heading out to the middle east traveling with the vice president to egypt, jordan and israel. we'll be reporting from israel on sunday and monday and tuesday. david gur is up next. >> good afternoon. i'm david gura here at nbc
10:00 am
headquarters in new york. president trump offered a message of hope to his evan evangelical followers. so far republicanss in democrats can agree on only one thing. if there's a shutdown, it's the other guy who is to blame. the house agreed on a spending bill. jeff bennett, i want to start with the man who made the trip down pennsylvania avenue from the capitol to the white house. that being chuck schumer. what do we know about this last-minute meeting between president trump and minority leader? >> we know that in just about's last hour, david, president trump reached out to senator schumer, the leader of senate democrats, invited him to the white house. senator schumer is now here. my colleague hallie jackson saw him just outside the west wing. asked if he might be able to broker some sort of deal, too void a government shutdown. the response from senator schumer is, i hope so. what's interesting about this is just earlier, just a f


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