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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBCW  January 19, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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i'm david gura. that wraps up this hour. i hand things over to chris jans jansen. >> it is 11:00 a.m. out west, 2:00 p.m. on capitol hill where democrats and republicans are in a high stakes game of chicken. less than ten hours until the government could shut down, so the question is, who will blink first? right now chuck schumer is meeting with the president at the white house at trump's invitation. this comes just hours after members of the administration took aim at schumer and the democrats. >> we're preparing for what will call the schumer shutdown. it will look very different than it did under the previous administration. the obama administration weapon nized the shutdown. they could have made the shutdown in 2013 much less
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impactful. >> as senator feinstein her position and she said if the government shuts down, people whether die. as follow-up question to how she will vote, she said she hasn't decided yet. this is not about policy, it is about politics. i don't think it is clear what the democrats are asking for. >> democrats on the hill are saying they are not shaken. >> we believe in governance, we believe in meeting the needs of american people. democrats are not about sthhuttg down government. >> we will not being bla blackm because republicans are unwilling to compromise. >> last spring president trump said our country needs a good shutdown, about will he take responsibility if he gets bon? let's flashback 2013 when he was asked this question. >> the brunt of the responsibility if indeed there is a shutdown? >> if you say who gets fired, it algsz h always has to be the top. >> we'll speak with one of the
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republicans in the house that helped send the short term funding bill to the senate, but first the latest from you are on team of reporters and we start with garrett haake on capitol hill, jeff bennett is at the white house for us. garrett, any hope on the hill right now that a deal could come from schumer's meeting with the president? >> reporter: there is definitely some degree of optimism including from senator schumer himself. and also maybe a small degree of concern from republicans who don't have any of their capitol hill leadership or any republican member of congress in this meeting as we all know, the president tends to take some direction in from whoever the last person is he talks to in these situations. so having him one-on-one with chuck schumer in the room could indeed produce a result that inverts a shutdown, but not something that the republicans are excited about. there are a number of different negotiations almost simultaneously. remember there were two working groups trying to come up with a daca solution, there is
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leadership members in the senate side trying to figure out what democrats want. and then there is the lindsey graham/dick durbin group who are still hoping to get the president to sign on. i know that they are still working because dick durbin called lindsey graham in the middle of our interview a short time ago. take a listen to what he had to say. [ phone ringing ] >> this is durbin. hey, dick, can i call you back? i'm not going to vote for 30 days of chaos without any concept of how to bring to an end. i want to keep the government open, i want to fund the military and i want to do right by the daca population. we're inside of the 10 yard line. we need a white house that can make a decision and stick to it. >> reporter: a little bit of humor, the phone call aside, graha graham's point at the end seems to be the one that may be getting addressed maybe as we speak. democrats believe and somes believe it will be up to the white house to lead the way out of this. this is a big test for president
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trump's skill in working with the length lagislative body and see how it plays out. >> i'm still registering the fact and i saw it actually happen live that lindsey graham told dick durbin he'd call him back because he was talking to you. okay? so much so let that register for a minute. in the meantime, i wonder if there is any concern at all when you look ste poat the polls and show clearly that if there is a shutdown that people will blame the republicans and the president, is that registering on the hill? >> reporter: it is not. both parties really do believe that they have the upper hand here. there has been this massive preemptive finger pointing effort going on over here over the last couple of days to assign blame to this. and both parties really do think if they get tested on this, if the shutdown happens, they can ultimately win the argument. democrats whether point to the idea that the republicans on paper control everything here in
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washington. and they have this mercurial president who they feel like they can potentially paint as someone not willing to come to a deal. republicans will look at the math and say look, senate democrats, we needed their vote, everybody knew we needed their votes and if they don't provide them, they can point at that. and already you are seeing a preview in some of the competitive and house and senate races where outside groups are already saying look at democratic congressman so-and-so who just refused to vote for the children's health insurance program and things like that. so you are starting to see the dye being cast. but i don't think we'll know who gets blamed quite honestly unless it maps. both parties are pretty confident in their position right now. >> and to that point, the whole sort of messaging out of this, the administration was labeling this the schumer shutdown just a few hours ago. what can you tell us about what
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the president might have to say to chuck schumer, what do both sides want now? >> reporter: interesting you point that out because it was mick mulvaney who labeled this shutdown, that clear lay has not happened, but he said it was a schumer shutdown. as he was making that comment earlier today, he along with mark short the white house ledges lake-effe legislative director were already coming up with a plan for the president for invite schumer to the white house to take you can good what happens next and what on the democratic side has been the holdup. i can tell you that meeting as we believe is still ongoing, not too far behind me here in the west wing. and a source familiar tells us that the idea for the president to reach out to the senate democratic leader was an attempt to show that the president is engaged in this issue, doing his best to find some sort of solution. >> and what is the feeling about this, gash receirrett?
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could the meeting backfire? >> hashed rd to see how it coule things worse than staring into a shutdown. i think i mentioned republicans are a little bit nervous, some of them anyway, that you could have another chuck and nancy moment where the president potentially deals arm some of his own political priorities or some of his base in an effort to be the closer, in an effort to appeal to be the deal maker. but again, it would be funny if it weren't so messed up that it is actually how our government is functioning, the game of chicken going on where both sides are looking for an opportunity to claim victory. while both sides think that they could win the political argument, it is a business messy distraction and now how everyone wants to run the railroad. >> garrett haake, jeff bennett, thanks thanks to both of you. this started on september 5 when jeff sessions rescinded daca. that same day, trump said congress had until march 5 to save it. a week later, nancy pelosi and
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chuck schumer said they had reached a daca deal with the president who then denied that ever happened tweeting that he needed massive border security to make the deal and tweeting does anybody really want to throw out good educated and accomplished young people. so fast forward now to december, congress passed the stopgap bille funding tbill funding the government through today with pressure ramping up to find the daca fix, the president held the bipartisan meeting last tuesday leaving a deal up to congress. on thursday, they announced they had a deal but the president made his s-hole remark leading to bipartisan outrage. the next day january 12, the president rejected the durbin/graham deal which brings us to last night. the house passed a short term funding bill, but it could fail in the senate because of course there is no daca deal. republican congressman tom cole voted gentlemen on that gop
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spending bill last night. always good to talk to you. they could keep the government running by negotiating a daca fix. why send something through that you know has so much opposition? >> first of all, we think there shouldn't be any opposition to keeping the government open while negotiations are under way. it is democrats who have taken something that is unrelated, an immigration issue that frankly we've got until march to deal with and they linked to on funding the government. i think they have done it pretty cynically because they think they won't take the blame. frankly, having lived through my party making the same mistake i see democrats making now, they will take the blame in the end. >> that is not what the polls show. i'm sure he know this. >> intervening events. >> this is a brand new poll. 48% of americans will put the blame on you and the president just 28% would blame the democrats. what bhmakes you think the poll
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are wrong? >> i think the event will change the polls. that's what always happens. and frankly, when we voted almost everybody republican voted last night to keep the government open. almost every democrat voted to shut it down in the house. we see the same thing in the senate, there they actually do have the ability, senator schumer and his democratic colleagues do have the ability to shut down the government. look, we haven't set any conditions. we're at the table negotiating the other items in the bill were noncontroversial, things democrats have been asking for. so there is really no excuse. frankly if it happens, i think the american people are wise enough, i think that the media is astute enough that the truth will come out. republicans voted to keep the government on open and keep negotiating. democrats voted to shut it down. >> truth of the matter is that the american people, and i've been talking to trump voters over the course of the last year, i just talked to a group in pennsylvania two days ago, so here is what they tell me. we sent the president to
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washington because we were tired of business as usual. we were tired of the two sides fighting and the civilian donald trump back in 2013 had this to say about a shutdown. take a listen. >> who will take the blame? board room here, who is getting fired, who will bear the brunt of the responsibility if there is a shutdown of our government? >> if you say who gets fired, it always has to be the top. problems start from the top and they have to get solved from the top and the president is the leader and he has to get everybody in a room and he has to lead. >> are so if that was true back then, is it not true now? >> frankly, i don't think it was true back then. if that were true, then barack obama would have gotten the blame for shutting down the government. he clearly didn't. republican congressional action is what led to the government shutdown. >> the point donald trump was making was that the buck should stop at the top. >> maybe that is a point he is making, but it didn't stop there. clearly what he predicted would happen in that case did not
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happen. in this case it is pretty clear to point to people who voted to shut down the government, to end funding the government as opposed to keeping negotiating. democrats in the house did it last night, democrats in the senate are flirting with it today. it is a big mistake. they should benefit from our experience. but you want to cite poles before the event occurs, that is whatç opinion is today. once the event occurs and you see your senator refusing to vote to fund the government is, the american people are pretty smart, they figure it out pretty fast and they tend to put blame where it belongs and i think they will in this case. >> you know what the argument is on the other side. there are many, but one of them is that you guys are the ones who are holding up a deal because you want to kick d.r.e.a.m.ers out of the country and there is a new poll that shows almost 9 in 10 americans support daca. are you listening to the american people by delaying the fix? >> we're not delaying the fix. we're in negotiation for a fix right now. why would you shut down the government in the middle of a h
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doing. nobody is trying to push you anything on them. we've had some give and take on both sides, movement of each extreme toward the middle. so again, to me, why would you stop the negotiation by shutting down the government, changing the subject? i think the only reason is because you think it's going to work to your part son political advantage. i will just tell you, hurting the american people, which is what shutting down the government does, never works to your political advantage. and republicans have tried it and failed. democrats do it. they will fail and they will pay a price for it. takes big m it is a big mistake. >> well, we'll see. hopefully we won't know because -- let me ask you really quickly, do you have any optimism that this meeting between chuck schumer and the president could change the equation right now 1234. >> i did because democrats have consistebltsly argued against closing the government. but i think the president again, he doesn't want to shut down, he hamas this clear. so i do hold some degree of
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optimism for the discussion. >> well, he's said that he would welcome a shutdown, so not sure, but congressman, allege gooñ to have you on the program. and joininggood to have you on the program. and joining me now, a correspondent for pbs news. what do you imagine is going on in that room? >> reporter: well, i think what is going on is that two new yorkers who essentially i think pretty much get along pretty well, that they are sitting down and really talking through whether or not that either one of their parties can afford to have the government shut down. i think donald trump is probably trying to flatter chuck sheer in ta schumer in talking to him and schumer is making the case that donald trump and republicans who control essentially every part of the government that they will be blamed for this. i think that they are in some ways arguing about the details of the deal. outside of that meeting, there are probably a lot of republicans on the hill including mitch mcconnell who are worried in a chuck schumer might walk away with a deal that
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is better for the democrats. donald trump is known to be someone who will be influenced by the last person who spoke to him, so ifschumer is the last person to talk to him, that could be dangerous for the republican party. >> there is another side to this and that is that obviously he could say one thing to chuck schumer and then change his mind because part of the problem here has clearly been that the president has made conflicting statements about some of the details of this deal at that meeting that was open to the public. it seemed very clear that he didn't have a clear idea about where he stood on some of these specific parts of the immigration fight. i don't think there is any doubt that certainly among democrats the president by his comments, s-hole, s-house, whatever you say, he definitely made it worse. so you do wonder if the president decided not go to mar-a-lago, they have a big rnc
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fund raiser going on, might this process move forward we are if he stepped out of it? >> i think the process is going to be i think complicated either way. i think donald trump actually staying here is something about optics, the idea that he wants to be seen as someone doing the deal, trying his hardest, but he is also actually meeting with chuck schumer, that is different in an just saying that -- >> can you turn around? there seems to be a crush, maybe chuck schumer is coming out. it doesn't look like they had set up a podium. so we can't really -- our camera can't really see. but there is a possibility i suppose that chuck schumer -- you see people there. give people a sense of perspective where guests go intointo the west wing. often they will set up a podium and microphones if we think that people who have been in there in meetings with the president will come out. but now can you just see that, can you see that there is a crush of people there behind you? >> reporter: yes, dwrekts rk, dy
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left, about two dozen reporters pushing their way into a corridor. i can't see who they are surrounding. it probably is chuck schumer. from my understanding he talked to a kooucouple reporters sayin hoped to work out a deal. so if there is someone talking, i would bet it is chuck schumer. >> and you and i have been there and know how it works. sometimes it is just somebody from a staff coming out. kristen welker is there as well. she is inside the briefing room. what can you tell us, what is the expectation on the part of the president going into this meeting with chuck schumer? >> i can tell you that things were looking pretty grim prior to the white house announcing that there was going to be this meeting with chuck schumer, significant that the president
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is only sitting down is with the democratic leader of the senate. i think he clearly wants to talk directly to him to see what needs to happen to potentially overt this looming government shutdown. we know that they have reached across the aisle, struck a deal in the past when it comes to a short term spending measure, can they do that again this time. i just spoke with a senior adviser kellyanne conway about that and i asked her how the president sees his role right now. take a listen to that exchange. >> the president could not be more clear that he wanting the government to stay open, he wants a two year deal. we need to keep the government going and this is a spending bill. and so theimnu
11:19 am
don't stand in the way. >> reporter: i also asked if the president would ultimately bear responsibility after all he is the president. you will recall that back in 2013, then citizen trump pointed the finger at then president obama and said look, any shutdown is his fault. he is the president. so does the same rule apply to this president. and kellyanne conway basically reiterated one of the big talking points here which is for point the finger at the democrats to say look, they are the ones who are holding up the works here. i think to be a fly on the wall inside of the oval office right now where the president is meeting with chuck schumer, but obviously we have cameras outside, we're hoping to talk to chuck schumer once that meeting
11:20 am
is over. i was talking to kellyanne conway about the march for life. she was touting some of the president's pro-life policies, what he plans to do in this coming year. but obviously the government shutdown looming over everything. >> kristen welker, we'll have more of that interview on "nightly news." thank you. and you can again watch more of what kelly an conway had to say tonight on "nightly news." up next, the president and the porn star. new reporting on the payoff the president's attorney allegedly made to keep stormy daniels quiet and what daniels says really happened between her and donald trump. the full "in touch" interview is out. (singing) riblets, tenders! (singing) tenders, riblets! (singing) $12.99 (singing) all you can eat... (singing) at applebee's!
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we're hearing chuck schumer just left the white house. here is lindsey graham. >> have you heard from your republican colleagues? they must not be pleased with this meeting. >> all i can say is i have confidence in the president. to me this is a little inappropriate to say that you don't want the president to talk with the minority leader in the senate, that somehow suggests that you don't believe the president is capable of conducting a meeting. i do. you know, he beat me. he beat 16 other republicans. and he beat hillary clinton. i think he is a good deal maker. he needs to be more certain in
11:23 am
what he wants, but the tuesday trump could deliver a lot of good solutions for the country. the hope we can give get back to that tuesday trump. but i find it odd that members of my party would not want the president to talk to the senate leader of the other party. that is just not appropriate because i do believe president trump should be talking to people. and i applaud him for doing that. we will not get a deal done until the president tells us that he is behind it. negotiations are complicated. these are emotional issues. but i think we're inside the 10 yard line and we can't get there without the president and i hope that he gets us in to the end zone. >> so at least a small amount of optimism there by lindsey graham. and you heard the question being asked about whether or not republicans were worried about this meeting. it goes back to what we were
11:24 am
talking about a short time ago, the concern that the president listens to whoever is the wlaths person who had his ear, in this case chuck schumer and he also referenced the tuesday trump and that is when lindsey graham says that the president seemed open to a bipartisan solution that he had reached with dick durbin and then of course they went to the white house and found a bunch of hard liners there. we'll obviously continue to watch this because the clock is ticking down it a possible government shutdown. in the meantime, there is an interview in "in touch," storm daniels details an alleged affair with donald trump back in 2006. in that interview in 2011, daniel says that they met at a golf tournament and later had dinner. she claims that trump suggested he could get her on the apprentice and said in all their conversations he almost never spoke about his wife who by the way was pregnant and gave birth to their son that year. the interviewer also asked daniels, quote, after you two
11:25 am
excellent for example, together, did he say anything like don't tell anyone on ont anything like those lines? stormy said no, he didn't seem worried about it. he was kind of arrogant. it did occur to me that is a stupid move on your part and it is not like i went around and told anybody. into o no within ever really knew. and while melania trump didn't often come up in conversation, trump's daughter ivanka did. daniels said he bragged about his daughter quite a bit. he was very proud of her, which is nice, he told me once that i was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful and smart, just like his daughter. at the same time, a "wall street journal" investigation suggests that a trump attorney paid for daniels' eye excellence silence. the paper citing people familiar with the matter claims michael choen used an llc cohen used an
11:26 am
give daniels $130,000. the co-author of the report is with us. tell us about your findings, what happened, why create a private company and specifically why in delaware? >> well, we reported last week that this $130,000 payment had been made in exchange for stephanie clifford whose stage name is stormy daniels not talking about the affair that you were just talking about, at least her account of that affair because president trump and michael cohen, his lawyer, deny it. and so this week we reported that he had created this company in delaware which is typically done to distance yourself from a settlement agreement or in other cases of real estate deal, something you don't want people to know about in connection with your name because you wouldn't be on the bank account personally, you wouldn't be seen as somewhering sent the money there. >> cohen has not addressed the $130,000 payment, but he has said that president trump once
11:27 am
again treemently denies any such occurrence as has ms. clifford. so is this gistjust a he said/s said? >> they are referring to the affair, but they haven't addressed the settlement payment. >> so why pay somebody a settlement if it wasn't an affair? and she talked about it with "in touch" magazine years before. so why suddenly in 2016 weeks before the election. >> well, what was happening at that time was a lot of women were coming out and talking about, oh, president trump or -- actually he wasn't president yet, but that donald trump had tried to kiss me, he had assaulted me, and then there was a tape that came out of "access hollywood" where he was talking about groping women. so there was a lot of pressure on trump at that time surrounding these types of issues. and so theoretically if he thelt
11:28 am
this is tfelt there is value ins story should i should take advantage of it. >> so in the meantime as we're finding out all of this stuff, is there anything illegal with the way it was done? >> no, there is nothing illegal generally about paying someone for a non-disclosure agreement. that is something that is done all the time especially in cases of celebrities where there is some kind of damaging information reputationally. some lawyers have speculated that if michael cohen made this payment, it could be considered an in-kind campaign contribution. that all depends on what the actual facts are if someone were to investigate it and if some prosecutor felt there was some case to be made, but at in point, we don't know. >> so many details in this magazine article, this interview with "in touch." and she will also say i don't exactly remember, but there are other things that she talks about like him talking about a magazine where he was on the
11:29 am
cover, that you could finded in that there was a business magazine at the time where donald trump was on the cover. apparently donald trump told her she says people would think you are just an idiot with blond hair and big boob subpoe bchlb hair and big boob subpoe bchloo. you would be perfect for it, referring to the apprentice. you write, you direct, you plow and you're hot and you're beautiful and i was like nbc will never let a porn star on. and he was like i can make it happen and i was like you can't. i dare you. i was totally egging him on and that was kind of like a thing. he was like no, we have to work on this for you. and thafrts sort t was sort of tried to bates me wihe bait me entire year. an entire year. what do you make of the back and forth? >> well, it is a very detailed
11:30 am
account clearly. "in touch" apply did that interview in 2011 and only published it now in 20189. so it is unclear why they didn't publish it at the time.. so it is unclear why they didn't publish it at the time. but other outlets after we reported about the settlement, five or six outlets said she had given them similar stories before the election. so she has clearly told a lot of people about it and i mean, she has been consistent at least privately in that regard. >> it is fascinating stuff. people can read it on michael, thanks for coming in. and we're waiting for senator schumer to return to capitol hill, we'll try to find out what happened in his meet wgt 3ws wi president. did they reach any kind of agreement. did something happen in that meeting that suggests there ntd would be a government shutdown? but up next, we turn to my conversation with a group women who picked him instead of her in
11:31 am
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we'll take you to washington and chuck schumer. let's listen. >> we discussed all of the major outstanding issues. we made some progress, but we still have a good number of disagreements. the discussions will continue. thank you. >> are you going to shut down tonight? >> i see kasie hunt there. i don't know if she is hooked up. but hopefully we can get back to her again, chuck schumer was at the white house, he got called by the president. he went over there, they were frying to -- you can see that we have there clock going and it is
11:33 am
ticking. now less than ten hours before the government would shut down. so chuck schumer went over there. these are two men who have a history, they are both new yorkers, they have known each other. and so there was some concern, we heard voiced on capitol hill that republicans thought what is going to happen inside this meeting if it is the last person he talks to. could he give away the store essentially to chuck schumer. well, you heard what the mine on ority leader had to say. long and detailed conversation. they looked at all the outstanding issues. many of these are very, very complicated. they made some progress in the discussions but what he didn't answer was the key question, was the kind of progress they made the kooind of progress that cou avoid a shut down. let's listen. >> we discussed all of the major outstanding issues. we made some progress. but we still have a good number
11:34 am
of disagreements. the discussions will continue. >> are you going to shut down tonight? >> so what i will we're waiting for kasie hunt, let's me bring in heather mcgee, elyse jordan. elyse, what do you make of what chuck schumer just had to say? >> well, it didn't reveal very much. but i think that republicans are making a big mistake if they think that they will be able to skirt blame if there is not a shutdown and blame it on the democrats. just from all the focus groups that i've done over the past year and a half, what you hear repeatedly is even strong republicans, they will not blame trump. trump supporters will not blame trump, they will blame the republican congress about a they are less popular right now than donald trump. so this is a mistake for
11:35 am
congressional leadership to think that they will skirt responsibility on this. >> kasie hunt is with us now. and we heard what chuck schumer had to say, but i guess the one question he didn't answer that as i said is the key question, did any of this progress that was made on some of these issues mean that there might not be a shutdown? and we just don't know the answer to that. >> reporter: that's right. we don't. and he did not come back here and announce any deal which i think was the critical question we had. did he and the president go in a room and figure out how to keep the government open and right now the answer seems to be not yet. now, i will say mihis tone was t universally negative. he didn't come back either and say we made no progress, the white house has no understanding of where we are, and there is no way that we can keep talking. so i think in a at this point schumer is clearly trying to keep his cards close to his vest.
11:36 am
i think that he will likely go back to husbais caucus and perh wait for the president for say something. because he really is the big question mark here and the sense is that he is the one person that could potentially break this stalemate. mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer pretty dug in. but republicans also saying they want to know the president will do. so we have been talking to the respective players. lindsey graham is involved, but not talking to the president directly. he is still hopeful that a deal could be done. but it seems to me that we are still at status quo. we want to wait and see what happens at the othether end of white house and if there is a sufficient off ramp offered by the president of the united states. i think that is still an unanswered question. same as we started the beginning
11:37 am
of this what is going to be a very long day. >> and the key question again being could they make a deal that would allow both sides to claim some sort of victory, will the tuesday trump be the guy who spoke with chuck schumer, the way lindsey graham put it, the guy who was interested in the bipartisan solution. we'll continue to follow that. in the meantime, this saturday marks the one year anniversary of the women's march and tomorrow thousands of women are expected to make a return to those very same streets in washington, new york and hundreds of other locations to remember that historic day. so one year later, how do women wr rates donald trump's leadership and his actions? i went to wilkes-barre, a town that played a key role in flipping that state from red to blue -- actually from blue to red. three educated white women, one a democrat for 40 years until she switched parties for trump about why they are ever
11:38 am
trumpers. how many of you think he is not just doing a good job but doing a great job? >> i think he is doing a great job. >> all three of you. >> it seem like washington is more divided than ever. has he changed washington? >> he's done the best he can with no cooperation. as far as businesses, there are so many more who are investing in america, who are bringing jobs to america. and that is what we need. >> that is very optimistic thing that is happening. >> just in general i think people are feeling much more optimistic about the future. i also matter people talk about their 401(k)s or -- >> stock market. >> absolutely. >> stock market and absolutely iras, pensions. that is a positive thing. so how can you not look at that and say that is wonderful. >> when he says things in a are considered sexist -- >> you do realize that trump in business in the '70s was one of
11:39 am
the first big developers who hired women and put them in charge of projects. nobody else was doing that. and paying them equal wage. and that is -- i've been impressed by that for a long time. >> mass yohas your support of d trump caused any fight with families friends? >> high husband, i'm second wife. his flee old onnthree older dua his oldest one, we aren't allowed to mention trump in front of her. >> two totally different views. >> i've unfriended people on facebook because they just have been so vicious. that is the thing that has bothered me the most. the viciousness, the hatred. >> the comics at nighttime, it is just total bantering against trump. well, i'm sick of hearing it. you know, okay, you don't like him, but why is it -- and i know "saturday night live," that is
11:40 am
funny, but you know, it is just the constant. and a lot of movie stars. and again, they put you down like you're stupid, you're dumb just because you voted for him. really? >> and i think there is a difference of people who take any word he says literally versus we who just take what he says and -- some of it is funny, some of it isn't and we're looking at the results, we're looking at what is being done on a day for day basis. >> heather and elyse are here with me. so i need too point out that in this county and again we have one of these women who was for 40 years a democrat, this county lost a lot of industry, lost a lot of manufacturing over the years. struggling in many cases. they went for barack obama by five points. they went for donald trump by 220 points. a 25 percentage point swing. what do you think when you listen to those women? >> i think right now in america and frankly for the past 15 years we've been in a change
11:41 am
moment. year at record economic and equality, corporations are more profitable, but working families are struggling to get ahead. so barack obama was a change candidate in 2008 when that was his slogan and even in 2012 he represented a washington insider. because he was an african-american, he just talked differently than most politicians. it was clear that they were sort of -- voters were sending a signal to washington. and my main concern, i think hillary rodham clinton would have been a wonderful president, but she was not a president -- a candidate who would have shaken up the status quo. >> fwl >> but that doesn't speak to donald trump who a lot of people who understood that hillary may not have been the greatest candidate, but the don't understand given what they have seen that more of the educated white women have not left the donald trump camp. what do you make of that? two things strike me all the time when i talk to voters for
11:42 am
trump. one is they think i'm stupid. i'm not stupid. and i resent that. and we knew what we were getting. we didn't like some of rhetoric, we don't like the tweeting, but we knew what we were getting when we voted for him. we voted for changing and he is changing things. >> and i think that those women really are great example of how a lot of trump supporters feel a year in. they are digging in to their choice. they knew what they were getting. they weren't -- they aren't necessarily going to be surprised by a reported payoff to a woman a couple days before the election. they knew that it was an imperfect investigativessel tha voting in to office. the difference is that republicans are not realizing i think and you're seeing it with the talks of the government shutdown, donald trump is a political unicorn. and he might have that popularity and he might come in and take over districts that were previously democratic, but
11:43 am
it is not necessarily going to translate to the republican contender being in the same position and you look right now at what has happened with all the special elections this year from alabama to just in wisconsin, the special election that was just in week, a district that went to trump by double digits also just went to a democrat. >> and those women were not worried. they have great faith in the economy. it is the economy, stupid, the old james carville line. that is not something that they worry about. they saw the poll that said hillary clinton was going to be elect and look what happened. >> well, i think that the election has also shown us that this is a democratic wave year and i also think speaking of the economy, he really ran as a populist and what has happened since he's actually been in office? the women quoted the stock market, but if you look at the decisions that he has been in control of, passing a huge corporation tax giveaway, 80% of
11:44 am
which went to the 1%, spending most of the year trying to cut health care to working and middle class families, gutting a number of small rules that make a big difference for workers like the right to overtime and a new one that is coming down the pike that would let waiters and wait tretresses have their tips stolen by employers. these are things that the democrats can lead and say the kind of economy they want, they have ample evidence of the ways that trump is just another republican when it comes to the economy. >> if something happens today, and nobody wants a shutdown, we've all seen the numbers, we november what happened the last two times, the economic reality. how it affected people's lives. two times, the economic reality. how it affected people's lives. is in any built of tnany bit of who think if they avoid the shutdown that the president will say see? i invited chuck schumer to the white house and i got the deal done. >> absolutely. and no matter what, donald trump will probably emerge a winner from this because --
11:45 am
>> at least in his own rhetoric. >> and he will be very successful at selling that. he will blame the congressional republicans if there is a shutdown and he won't be blaming himself, he will blame the democrats and he will skirt blame. and at the 100 day point of donald trump's presidency back in april, there was another potential looming shutdown and i was in texas doing focus groups that week and again you heard from broth si both sides of the aisle that they would be more likely to blame congress than donald trump. so again political teflon. >> i wish we had more time. great having you both here. thank you. next, a look at what happens and who really does pay the price if the government goes dark at midnight. the senate is scrambling to make a deal. so next, i'll be joined by democratic senator ed markey for an update on where the talks stand.
11:46 am
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breaking news from the white house regarding the oval office meeting between president trump and chuck schumer. let's go to jeff bennett who is back with us from the white house. what do we know about that meeting and who was there?
11:50 am
all right >> reporter: we now know there were four people in the room of course including president trump, chuck schumer and chief of staff john kelly and senator schumer's chief staff. and that is really it. and that is really it. the two having a conversation wanting to find out what the holdup was in the democratic side as both sides try to find some solution aimed at averting a shutdown and democrats want any agreement to include protections for the 700,000 or so d.r.e.a.m.ers in the country. but that is the latest color we have from the white house about the people who were in the room trying to reach a deal with a shutdown, time tick ago way less than ten hours. >> jeff bennett at the white house. thank you. i want to bring in senator ed markey from massachusetts. one of the democrats who is opposed to the current government funding bill. let me ask you, first, have you heard anything about what happened in the meeting between your leader and the president and if not, is there anything scheduled so you could get
11:51 am
briefed on that. >> the meeting just ended so obviously it is not possible for anyone to know all of the details of what transpired. but i think the bottom line is that senator schumer explained to the president that we're willing to sit down and to negotiate with the white house and with the republicans, thus far that has not happened. we are not in the room. there has been no debate or discussion. so this is a good sign. the president i think is finally realizing that if the government does shutdown, it will be his responsibility. he will be blamed for it. so it is a good first step. but i'm sure that senator schumer said we need prodirections for the d.r.e.a.m.ers, we need funding for child health, or community health centers, for opioids and at least now the president understands what we want, what we are going to need in terms of ultimate compromise. not a capitulation but a compromise and what the president is going to have to
11:52 am
say to the freedom caucus, to the most radical right wing elements of the republican party which thus par has served as an -- far has served as a veto in an agreement that keeps the government open. >> let me get an example of your parameters for an agreement. say the number two group came up with a temporary daca fix but agreed to continue working on a permanent solution, would that be enough to move forward? >> well, again, we want to create some sort of -- solitude for the 700,000 people. we've gone through october of continuing resolution, november, december, now they want another one. whole year will be completed without resolving theish you've. the protection ends in march. everyone understands the parameters of the problem and potential solutions and compromise, so there is plenty of time over the weekend to have all of the parties in the room,
11:53 am
including lindsey graham and john kelly and whom ever else who want to cut a deal to resolve the issues. we need don't to do -- temporarily and we could do it and keep the government open. >> we just got sound not far from where you are with senator cotton and let me play that and get your reaction on the other side. >> and the democrats are willing to shut down the government. not over the legal protection, for the daca population, we all agree to that. but they want to shut down the government because they don't want future flows of illegal immigration and future flows of arbitrary unscaled legal immigration and i don't suspect that will make much sense of the american people. >> what do you make of chuck schumer meeting with the president. >> i hope the president could talk sense into senator schumer so we could avoid the schumer shutdown. >> what do you make of his argument? >> i think that the republicans have a big problem because the abc poll this morning said 48% will blame republicans and 28%
11:54 am
blame democrats. and that 48% will be on the shoulder of donald trump. and cbs poll said said 87% of americans want protection for d.r.e.a.m.ers. so the republicans are on the wrong side of history and donald trump is starting to realize and the freedom caucus is trying to pull them further away from the table where a compromise could be reached to protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers. and also ensure the child's health and opioids and other funding get completed for a permanent solution and not this month to month hurkey jerky kick the can down the street way in which the government is being run by the republicans right now. >> one of president trump and the republicans main arguments and i'm sure know this, is that the democrats are putting the military at risk by forcing a shutdown in their way of looking at it. let me play a little bit of paul ryan for you. >> senate democrats are treating our men and women in military
11:55 am
who are putting their lives at risk and on the line for us as bargaining chips at this point. and they fully intent to should down the government unless they get their way, the group that loses big would be the military and we're never letting our military lose at any point. we're going to fund our military. >> we did see in previous shutdowns exactly what it did mean to the military. what would you say to the men and women and their families of the u.s. military? >> i would say is that in 2013 when the republicans and ted cruz shut down the government, the corp military functions continued. military training for personnel and in afghanistan and other countries continued. the military reported for duty as they have before the shutdown began. so they just -- they are misrepresenting what happens in the last shutdown. they should know it since they are the ones that forced the shutdown and made the case that
11:56 am
it wouldn't hurt the military. but if they care so much about the military, if the crocodile tears which they are shedding is actually turning into something that is real, then they should listen to what the military sent up to capitol hill last night, which is they want a permanent budget that is reliable, that they could deal with. right now we're still moving month to month to month without the military getting the servitude of the funding which they need. all of the democrats are saying is if you want an increase in military spending, give us an increase in opioids and child health and the programs that help other social programs in our society and we'll cut the deal with you. they do not want to do it. so it is up to them. >> senator, we are out of time. but if you were a betting man, give me a percentage, the chances the government shuts down? >> i'm hopeful that what donald trump did this afternoon in calling chuck schumer is an indication that he's ready to take over the leadership of the
11:57 am
republican party. and to isolate the most extreme wing. but what we're seeing over and over again is the base keeps pulling him back every time he starts to sound reasonable in any meeting. so that is his big political historic challenge. is he willing to be the real leader of the republican party. >> so what are the chances are that come midnight the government will have the money to continue to operate. >> i would have to get inside of the internal workers of the cerebral working of the president of the united states and the leaders but we are ready to sit down any time anyplace. >> could i ask you what kind of response this has been getting in your office? i know for example around health care, you were absolutely inundated with phone calls and e-mails. and sometimes i'm surprised by what does and does not spark reaction from constituents. where does this land? >> it is right there when the republicans who -- my way or the highway on health care. we were unundated when it was my
11:58 am
or way the highway on the tax bill and the same thing is happening right now. people are angry, they hate the fact that democrats and republicans can't get together, but they really hate the fact that donald trump is off on the side pretending he's not the president of the united states. in the broadway play hamilton, the best song is in the room where it happens and in that room jefferson and madison and hamilton cut the dual e deal and it's time to have chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell, nancy pelosi in the room where it happens and that he said that he will resolve it for the well being of the american people. that is what everyone in our country wants right now. and hopefully donald trump now realized that he is the only one that could put that room together. >> massachusetts democratic senator ed markey. thank you for your time, sir. good luck. just one more thing, you heard the senator arguing there would not be a significant impact on the military. we see from senator john mccain who just tweeted, he has not
11:59 am
been here fighting brain cancer but as a result of the congress's failure to reach a bipartisan budget agreement we are facing the possibility of a shut down or another continuing resolution, either option will have disastrous consequences for the military. hasht hashtag pass a budget from john mccain. we are going to continue to follow the breaking news. including, by the way, senator bob menendez, prosecutors notifying the court that they intend to retry the new jersey democrat on bribery and corruption charges. the senator's first trial ended in a mistrial in november. jurors then were deadlocked. that is things for this hour. i'm chris jansing in for katy tur. ali velshi picks things up right now. >> ten points for senator markie for dropping a hamilton reference. >> you can't do that without me dancing. we're going to be dancing because it is a long, long night. no cure on the horizon. have a good afternoon and i
12:00 pm
suspect we'll be doing business. good afternoon, i'm ali velshi. it is 3:00 p.m. in the east and that means we are nine hours away from a likely government shutdown. president trump deal making skills are put to the test when chuck schumer went to the white house and here is what he said about the meeting as he was coming out. >> i will be brief. i'm not going to answer any questions. okay. we had a long and detailed meeting. we discussed all of the major outstanding issues. we made some progress. but we still have a good number of disagreements. the discussions will continue. >> so right now a shutdown at midnight eastern is still on the table. as senate democrats and some republicans said they will vote no on the short-term spending bill that the house passed last night. >> i'm not going to vote for 30 days, four days is too short. i want to keep the government open. i want to fund the military and


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