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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  January 24, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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henchmen, started attacking the men and women of the fbi, started talking about a secret society, that harry potter and ron weasely were meeting somewhere in a cave trying to undermine the president of the united states. this is the stuff of dictators. this is how erdogan went after democracy a decade ago. this is how democracies start to die. it's up to responsible members of the media and responsible members of the republican party to fight back. >> let's have those harvard professors back on, how democracies do. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage. >> i'll disagree with mika, i happened to love that picture of secretary mnuchin and his wife at the mint. coming up, michael flynn
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failed to tell the white house about his meeting. and sally yates and mike pompeo have been talking with mueller, less than 24 hours after we learned that james comey and jeff sessions had met with the special counsel. the president seems unfazed. >> did you talk to -- >> no, i didn't. i'm not at all concerned. >> could he be next? team trump negotiating the terms for the president to meet with robert mueller. and off the table. chuck schumer pulls his offer to fund the border wall as the white house says the bipartisan agreement reached last week is dead on arrival. i'm tired of getting empty promises. >> a tragedy in kentucky. two are dead and more than a dozen injured after a 15-year-old student is accused of opening fire inside a high school. >> how did you make it out? >> i mean, we just -- just ran. we begin today with the russia investigation. and a ton of new headlines that
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seem to show bob mueller focusing on obstruction of justice charges. interviewing folks in trump's outer circle. his inner circle. his cabinet. and potentially, the president himself. and i've got a great panel here to break all of it down. first i want to walk you through what we have found out in the last 24 hours. we're going to start with attorney general jeff sessions, interviewed by the special counsel for hours last week. not only did sessions have a front row seat to jim comey's firing which sparked allegations of obstruction, he also talked to russian officials while on the campaign trail. jim comey also interviewed by bob mueller's team, according to "the new york times," comey was asked about memos he wrote regarding private conversations he had with the president about, you guessed it, the russia investigation. and here's what nbc has learned in the last 24 hours, that mike flynn, who talked to the fbi one year ago today, tried to keep the entire thing secret from the
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white house. he didn't even bring a white house lawyer with him or a lawyer of his own. yikes! one white house official says flynn did not know what the interview was about. we also learned that former acting attorney general sally yates was the one who told the white house about flynn's interview. she is now cooperating with mueller as well, and that is not all, according to nbc, mueller's team has now spoken to cia director mike pompeo, director of national intelligence, dan coats, and director of the nsa mike rogers. all three were reportedly pressured by the president himself to either publicly defend him or to intervene and help end the russia investigation. nbc reporter carol lee wrote this stunning report. carol, break this thing down. what have you learned? amazing reporting, by the way. >> thank you. what we've learned is if you go back one year ago today, it's
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really, we knew this was the first time that the russia investigation had basically infiltrated the trump white house. what we didn't know was that the president and the people, his most senior advisers, were unaware of that. the fact that michael flynn interviewed with these two fbi agents in the west wing, didn't tell anybody, and didn't have a lawyer present, and then, you know, not only didn't tell anybody at that time but didn't then tell anyone in the next two days, it was only when sally yates came to the white house and told white house counsel don mcgahn that michael flynn could be susceptible to blackmail from the russians and that he had been interviewed by the fbi two days before, that then senior white house officials learned about this. it kind of shows how that one day a year ago today really set into motion a lot of things we're seeing now, in terms of
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the obstruction of justice inquiry involving the president, because we know that after the president learned that flynn had talked to the fbi, he invites jim over to t james comey over to the white house and has that dinner with him. there was that decision not to inform the vice president about any of this even though mike flynn had misled him about conversations with the russia ambassador. it's a window into how things have transpired over the last year. >> carol, i'm ticking down the list. who am i missing? it seems like every major player in intelligence and law enforcement that was around president trump in the early days is now at least speaking to mueller. >> right. and what's interesting about that is that it didn't necessarily, if you go back a year ago where things were, that didn't necessarily have to be the case. the reason why a number of those individuals have been interviewed by the special counsel's team is because of the
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obstruction of justice inquiry. and that did not begin until after the president was in office, 'til after michael flynn talked to the fbi and the president made a number of steps that then became part of this investigation into possible obstruction of justice. so you can see how the president's own actions, since he has been in the white house, have created this whole other dimension of the investigation that has roped in a bunch of the people you think referenced. >> a whole other dimension. this thing is complicated. i want to bring in period of time alexander, live at the white house. peter, we shared a bit of sound earlier. the spray pool asked the president about this. he said, nothing changed, i'm unfazed. but is that really all, is the administration truly saying nothing about this? the list is only getting bigger of how many people are at the very least speaking to mueller. it feels like the only names not on that list are jared and the president. >> it's pretty striking, donald trump jr. spoken to the special
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counsel as well, including the vice president. a couple of key names whose interviews are yet to occur if they are to take place. the president likes to dismiss this as a media obsession, sarah sanders trying to say that again in the briefing room yesterday. the president pressed on these questions, claiming he's not impacted by it. take a listen. >> reporter: are you concerned about what the attorney general told the special counsel? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: did you talk to him about it? >> no, i didn't, but i'm not all concerned. thank you very much. >> that was president trump in the oval office yesterday. sarah sanders also pressed on whether the president would sit down with an interview with robert mueller. again, we know there are active discussions still under way, no commitment for any face-to-face meeting between the president's team and robert mueller's team yet, though we are told an agreement could happen within the next couple of weeks.
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>> we're going to be fully cooperative with the special counsel and we'll continue to do that throughout the process. we're also not going to comment on who may or may not or could be interviewed at any point. we'll continue to be fully cooperative with the process. >> again, the white house refocusing the attention on where the president views his best ammunition existing, step up this feud with the fbi. this is what he tweeted overnight, where are the 50,000 important text messages between, his words, fbi lovers lisa page and peter strzok, blaming samsung. he calls this one of the biggest stories in a long time. the two staffers engaged in an affair, exchanged tens of thousands of texts, some of them criticizing the president, referring to him as an idiot. peter strzok is one of the fbi
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agents who interviewed michael flynn at the white house. he was later removed from the investigation by robert mueller. it's not clear, the specifics of his personal views, whether they affected his work. there are some newly revealed messages that show he may have balked at joining the team in the first place noting he didn't think there was any "there" there, the context there not entirely clear. back to you. >> i need my panel to weigh in on this, a lot to unpack. msnbc national security analyst jeremy bash. former democratic senator from my home state of new jersey, bob f f toricelli, and nan hayworth. senator, i always go to my home state first. these latest developments sound more like obstruction. >> you know, i just don't believe my lyin' eyes. i agree with you, this morning it is overwhelming. everyone seems to be
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interviewed, and on the same subject, all headed towards the president. but indicting a president of the united states on obstruction of justice isn't like going after you or me. prosecutors call this, it has to be a head shot. you can't miss. it is hard to believe you could make an obstruction of justice case that's that airtight. i haven't changed my mind, despite all the evidence to the contrary. they're either going and realizing this president has engaged in such unethical conduct that he needs to be removed from office and they're going to set up a perjury interview, because whether you like donald trump or not, he is incapable of a multihour interview without committing percentage. it's just who he is. he can't stay on a script. or -- >> yeah, the last time he was deposed in the lawsuit against tim o'brien, he told dozens of lies. >> or they're rattling the tree, getting everybody interviewed, and this is what i've always believed this was at the end of the day anyway, this is going to return to a money laundering case or a case of collusion with russia. we'll see.
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but despite everything we're seeing this morning, i'm still not convinced that's what -- >> that is important to note, that they could be rattling the tree. bringing all of these people in for questioning, whether it's pompeo, jim comey, mike rodgers, it doesn't mean something happened. we agree obstruction of justice is a tough nut to track? >> i agree with the senator, there doesn't appear to be an obstruction of justice case. >> i don't think he said there doesn't appear to be obstruction of justice. he said it's hard to prove. >> and for the president of the united states, it has to be overwhelming. >> the president has acted entirely within his purview, even in the actions that we don't know directly from his self-reporting, but from what's been described, nothing he's done is something he cannot do, nothing he said is something he cannot say.
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it doesn't surprise me at all that special counsel mueller would seek to interview these various parties, none of whom have evinced any sign of unease or doubt about what they're doing in this administration. but in fact the real story is that -- and by the way, the president, neither the president nor the administration is going after the men and women of the fbi. what we're saying is or what they're saying is, what i would agree with them -- >> president trump goes after the men and women of the fbi all the time. >> stephanie, he's talking about peter strzok and lisa page in particular. to the extent andrew mccabe was their supervisor, you know, they're superior, and james comey, all of which have committed acts, it appears have committed acts that would definitely appear to be leading toward an attempt to sabotage the trump campaign and advantage hillary clinton. this is a story that's not completely told by peter alexander this morning when he
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was mentioning strzok and page. they actively corresponded about matters that sounded very much as though they were trying to sabotage this campaign. peter strzok edited the language in comey's announcement about hillary clinton so that the language comey used would not be language that would be specifically actionable from a legal standpoint. i mean, there's just tons of evidence that they were conspiring, this cadre within the fbi, it's 99% of the fbi i'm sure is not involved in any of this, but within the fbi there's a lot of power to throw wrenches into presidential campaigns and it certainly looks as though that's what's been done. >> jeremy bash, do you want to weigh in on that? >> i also want to comment on carol lee's reporting from earlier. i think the correct analysis of that is not that flynn kept secret his dealings with the special counsel's office -- or excuse me, the fbi. i think in some ways it is appropriate when you get
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approached by the fbi not to start telling everybody in your chain of command, hey, they're interviewing me, because you don't want flynn to coordinate his story. what we don't know is what he told the president afterwards. we do know from carol's reporting that within two days, the president knew that flynn had talked to the fbi, and it's possible he knew that flynn had lied to the fbi, and that means that when the president fired sally yates, he did so because he did not want the justice department investigating him. when he invited jim comey for that candlelight dinner on january 27th and asked for the loyalty pledge, he did so because he knew that flynn was under scrutiny. when he had that february 14th oval office meeting when he cleared the room and said to comey, i want you to go easy on my guy flynn, he knew that flynn was under scrutiny by the fbi. the comment earlier that the president acted appropriately within presidential powers, why did he clear the room on february 14th? those are the big issues that bob mueller is going to be
6:15 am
looking at. the fact that flynn kept secret his interview with the fbi i don't think is a big deal. >> sally yates was fired because she refused to comply with the president's executive order on immigration. >> you really think that's why sally yates was fired? >> yes. it's obvious she refused. she's within the department of justice. it's her obligation to carry out executive orders. >> you in no way think that the white house or don mcgahn, there's no way he would have told the president that sally yates had told them about mike flynn, had urged them about interference, no chance that happened? >> why would they then take a step to fire somebody and bring even more -- and for that kind of reason, and bring even more potential trouble upon themselves when it was obvious that the reason sally yates was fired was because she refused quite publicly to comply with the president's executive order. >> how about the context of the entire administration being
6:16 am
about getting control of the fbi investigation and steering us away from the russia investigation? you could be right, but that's a stray fact from what appears to be a pattern. >> the entire pattern of behavior of the fbi under james comey, including mr. comey's notable leaks of information that was classified to his friend on the faculty of columbia university, mr. comey clearly was not performing his duties in a way that would reflect integrity. i mean, there's nothing here that has to be somehow put together that inevitably is put together as evidence of a collusion story. in fact, just the opposite. the fbi under comey and under mccabe and with strzok and page, certainly strzok, strzok was communicating with page, were clearly colluding, that's the pattern that is developing. >> just real quick, then.
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>> to throw the election to hillary clinton. >> stephanie, just to believe that theory, with all respect, you would have to believe that donald trump's motivation was because he was looking out for hillary clinton. i don't think anybody believes that. i think what we're seeing, you zoom back the lens, you see three elements basically attacking the fbi, launching a war on the men and women of the fbi. you have the russian intelligence services, you have the trump organization, and now, i'm sorry to say, you have some congressional republicans who want to defend the president even though they used to be pro law enforcement, pro intelligence community. they used to defend them against attacks. now that view has shifted and they've morphed, strangely, into attacking the men and women of the fbi. again, it doesn't comport with the facts, but more importantly, it's dangerous for our national security and for our country. >> from your perspective, congresswoman, paul manafort,
6:18 am
mike flynn, good guys, the meeting that took place in trump tower last june that the white house lied about what the meeting was about, saying that it was did adoptioabout adoptiot clearly wasn't, a coverup on top of a coverup, that's no biggie? >> there's no evidence that anything substantive came of that meeting. >> that's not what i asked. that's not what i asked. >> because there was nothing to cover up, in other words. >> then why did they? >> they didn't cover it up. >> why did they lie about what took place in the meeting? >> it was presented as -- by natalia veselnitskaya, it was presented as about tabout the magnitsky act. >> why would they change the story multiple times? >> there was nothing of substance that came of that meeting. >> that's not what i asked you. >> it was presented -- >> when people lie as to the purpose and intent, there's a
6:19 am
usually a reason. >> it was presented to donald trump jr. as a meeting about the magnitsky act. >> stephanie, i'm sorry. that's not correct. because the e-mail from rob goldstone to donald trump jr. setting up the meeting said this is part of the russian government's support for the trump campaign. that's the way it was set up. when they came forward, they said we have dirt on hillary clinton. donald trump jr.'s response was, i love it. the fact that adoption was discussed, adoptions is part of the magnitsky act, that's evidence that what the russian delegation was doing in trump tower was saying, if we support the campaign against hillary clinton, we're going to hopefully get sanctions relief from you. that's a quid pro quo. >> and when a foreign power -- >> they didn't succeed. >> that doesn't matter. when a foreign power does that, you pick up the phone and call the fbi. >> here's where the russians got
6:20 am
involved. the dnc produced the russian dossier with fusion gps. that was presented to the fbi. that was used as pretext for investigating and invading and surveilling members of the trump campaign. it's obvious from the context and the content of the strzok texts that we have. >> i think there's nothing that is collectively obvious to this group, but it is obvious that the situation isn't going away anytime soon. >> my regret is hillary clinton is not here to hear allegations that the fbi was helpful to her and her campaign, because she would leap off this table to take any of this. >> we're going to leave it there. jeremy, thank you so much. you two please stick around. coming up, the battle over immigration, taking a dramatic new turn. the white house how says it will not accept a compromise that was put together by a bipartisan group of lawmakers. as schumer says, the wall is now
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i would like to leave no doubt where the white house stands on the flake/graham and durbin agreement on immigration reform. it would not secure our border, encourage more illegal immigration, increase chain migration and retain the visa lottery system. in short it's totally unacceptable to the president and should be declared dead on arrival. >> well, it's not even 10:00
6:25 am
a.m. and that sure seems like a smackdown is on the horizon. that of course was white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders dismissing a bipartisan, i'll say it again, bipartisan proposal on immigration. it is proof that still, there is no clear way forward to break the deadlock over dreamers and border security. and time is certainly running out. politico senior writer jake sherman joins me. jake, the proposal didn't have much of a chance. we knew the white house didn't like it. at this point it's not even like it can get reshaped. for sarah huckabee sanders to say doa, that's suv one. >> listen, we're only a couple of days, again, two weeks from the government shutting down once again. mitch mcconnell has promised some sort of action on immigration reform on the senate floor in that time frame. so senators are meeting. they're trying to figure out if there is a pathway forward. it doesn't look good for many reasons. and let's start with the fact that the president and chuck schumer disagree on whether
6:26 am
there will be a wall on the border. the president says there needs to be. chuck schumer says no. let's forget the senate. the house, which is the more conservative of the two chambers, is never going to accept something that the senate produces on a bipartisan basis. i don't want to say never, but unlikely. i've had people come to me over the last couple of weeks saying anything that's acceptable to unanimous see pel nancy pelosi and chuck schumer is unacceptable to us, that's conservative republicans. this is a little west wing tv drama, a long way from being a reality. >> we should point out it's no surprise that chuck schumer doesn't want the wall. but you've got republicans in border states who said the wall is a third century solution to a 21st century problem. so chuck schumer and nancy pelosi don't stand alone. but they are in a position now where they're basically waiting on mitch mcconnell to do something. but as politico puts it, senators cannot even agree on the terms of the negotiation. and i want to share what chuck
6:27 am
schumer said just last night. listen. >> i sat down with president trump on friday and offered him quite a bit. he made an offer for a wall. i said, if we do full dreamers, we'll give you the deal, and he basically agreed. so we were close. then he pulled out and backed off. so now i've taken the wall off the table because he backed out of that deal. then he shut the deposit dogove down. >> people inside the white house have told us, yeah, they had a deal on friday and then the president said uh-uh. how does that change chuck schumer's strategy now? >> i think that's yet to be seen. i don't think democrats are willing to shut down the government again. there are a lot of republicans who disagree with the border wall solution. then there are many republicans who will vote for nothing if it doesn't include a border wall. so i think we're -- and in our story today in politico, we put it in the right context.
6:28 am
senators can't even agree what to talk about. lindsey graham has said it's now gone from a group of 20 to a group of 60 and 70 senators who are talking. that's interesting statistics but that doesn't necessarily mean that a deal is any closer in the next 14 days. >> in fact, that's a lot more voices, and it sounds a lot messier. >> right. >> jake, i know you'll be covering this for the next few weeks, we'll leave it there. coming up, authorities say a 15-year-old high schooler opened fire on his own classmates, killing two and injuring 18 other students. a live report from outside that high school, next. brace yourself. hold together. a little to the left.
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6:33 am
undocumented immigrants. senator tammy duckworth has announced she's pregnant with her second child. she will become the first woman in the senate to give birth while in office. and we now know why it took 38 minutes for hawaiian officials to correct a false inbound missile alert earlier this month. turns out the hawaii governor knew about the mistake two minutes after it was sent. here's the problem. he couldn't send a correct tweet because he forgot his twitter password. that right there is a wow. now to a devastating story, one that i just wish wasn't true. in kentucky, two students are dead, teenagers, 18 other people wounded, after a 15-year-old allegedly opened fire on his classmates monday morning.
6:34 am
three of the victims are still in critical condition. gabe gutierrez is on the scene. gabe, what have we learned? >> reporter: stephanie, good morning. authorities aren't publicly releasing the suspected shooter's name, he is a juvenile. but we're told that authorities do plan to charge him with counts of murder and attempted murder, that he was seen being taken from this school, from marshall county high school yesterday, in handcuffs. authorities have not confirmed a motive, but several, multiple students tell us he was a member of the school's band. i asked authorities last night whether bullying, whether they're looking at bullying as a potential motive. at this point they wouldn't comment. late last night authorities confirmed the names of the two students who died. 15-year-old bailey holt died at the scene. her family told us overnight, her aunt says she was a precious, precious soul and no parents should have to endure
6:35 am
burying a child. preston cope, the other student who died, died at the hospital. the 15-year-old student barged in with a handgun and opened fire. some students told us of a harrowing experience. one student barricaded himself inside a classroom, then ran for his life. hundreds of students flooding into the street across the school, and taking shelter in local businesses. this one student described a horrifying scene. >> it was me and nine other kids. and we were all hidden in the carpentry classroom. when i looked through the door, i seen one of the students that had been injured. it was -- i had to back away from the glass, i couldn't look at it anymore. >> reporter: this is the first deadly school shooting of 2018. stephanie, so far since january 1st there have been already 11 shootings on school property throughout the country. back to you. >> gabe, no more of these
6:36 am
stories. too much. sending our prayers to those who are still in the hospital. all right. straight ahead, republican congressman patrick meehan says he did not sexually harass a young female aide but admitted he called her his, quote, soul mate. probably tough to go to a morning meeting after your boss calls you his soul mate. a quick look at the markets. the dow is up on the day. but the dollar, the dollar is down. why does this matter? because in davos, treasury secretary steve mnuchin broke with treasury secretary protocol and commented on the dollar, saying that a weak dollar is good for trade. why is this such a big deal? you do not see people in the position of treasury secretary weighing in on the dollar. there are huge advantages to the u.s. dollar being the reserve currency. mnuchin's comments were more like you would hear on the campaign trail as a surrogate, certainly not as a treasury
6:37 am
secretary. we should point out wilbur ross also breaking with the administration on his comments earlier today, saying that the u.s. has been engaged in a trade war for quite a while. that is in direct conflict with president trump's own comments, saying there will not be a trade war. wilbur ross also went on to say there is a good chance we renegotiate nafta, a view that is not universally held within the administration. there are factions within the administration who are urging president trump to leave nafta just as it is. don't forget what happened just yesterday, the trump administration moved to slap new tariffs on solar panels and washing machine imports. president trump making his way to davos certainly with an america first agenda. we'll be back with more. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well.
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not in this house. 'cause that's no average family.
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that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up kraft mozzarella with a touch of philadelphia for lasanyeah! kraft. family greatly. okey-doke. let's talk about this one. republican congressman patrick meehan is offering an explanation to new reports he used taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment complaint last year. the 62-year-old married father of three expressed his romantic interest in an aide after she began a serious relationship with someone else and was angry when she did not reciprocate. he admits to a close relationship with her but denies his actions crossed the line, felling "the philadelphia inquirer" that he made it clear that he was not interested in a relationship but, quote, we were soul mates, i think the idea of a soul mate is that sort of a
6:42 am
person that you go through remarkable experiences together. okey-doke. i'm bringing back former senator bob toricelli and nan hayworth. nan, he met with the aide, told her they were soul mates over ice cream, then wrote a letter, in it he wrote, you are kind and sensitive and caring and infectious with your laugh. you are and have been a complete partner to me and you have brought me much happiness. he signed the letter, with all my heart, patrick. he may be putting this letter out to try to say there's nothing dirty here, there's nothing sexual. but there doesn't have to be hard core sex to make it completely inappropriate for your colleague, for your subordinate to go back to work with you the next day, after you said, you're my soul mate. >> you know, what, i was a freshman with pat meehan and he was the model of probity, i have nothing but the highest respect for him as a legislator.
6:43 am
>> i like michael weinstein's manife movies but now that i know about him, i think he's disgusting. >> nobody reading that letter would say he's a disgusting pig. that said, the definition of harassment is -- in some ways it's making someone uncomfortable, right, even if it's not overtly sexual. so i can understand how the subordinate on his staff, even though -- >> you mean if you work for someone -- >> stephanie, i'm fundamentally agreeing with you, you don't want to be put in a position as a subordinate in which you feel that perhaps, you know, the relationship that you think you have with your superior is different than the one your superior has. >> i don't know the guy, but you know him, apparently you like him. >> i do. >> do him a favor. move on in life. because he may not be harvey weinstein -- >> no, he is definitely not. >> but the letter is creepy.
6:44 am
the conduct was inappropriate. and while even that he might survive, the use of taxpayer money then to get himself out of this problem is completely inappropriate. >> in this environment especially. >> do yourself a favor, do your family a favor, move on in life. the whole thing is so creepy, i don't want to hear about it. >> why would he put the letter out himself? >> i suppose he thinks that will prove there is no sexual relationship and therefore it is all fine. but it is not all fine. it was unwanted attention on a young staffer that does not appear to have been mutual and covered up by the use of taxpayer's money. you can't do that, period. >> he spoke to an nbc affiliate. i want to share what he said. let's take a look. >> that's been termed as a love letter. somehow i've been harassing because i'm writing love letters. i was writing a letter to say i love the idea that you have found this new relationship and even though it hurts me that we're going to be separated and even though i'm struggling with
6:45 am
the idea -- >> i'm struggling with the idea, and it hurts me that you have a boyfriend. should that person be running for reelection? >> well, as i've said in all these situations, and i happen, obviously, politically to be aligned with pat meehan, that is up to his relationship with his voters in his district. it does seem to me that it could very much be a political liability this year. and pat meehan is the farthest thing from a harvey weinstein, i want to make that clear. that said, clearly we are in an era of defining what harassment means. >> well, the farthest thing from a harvey weinstein would be someone who conducts himself professionally in the workplace. so i'm not saying pat meehan is a harvey weinstein. but the farthest thing from a harvey weinstein is not somebody
6:46 am
who writes aler letter to a subordinate at work saying you're my soul mate. >> i understand, reading that letter and saying, wow, this is an outpouring of emotion that might be very tough to handle in an office environment. so i understand why she would have sought to -- >> but it's the use of government money. >> yes, i agree. >> that takes it to another -- >> i agree. i object to taxpayer money being used for that. >> all the people now who will be upset about meehan and how he's being treated, where were they on al franken? i would argue it the same way. >> i said al franken should be able to defend himself too. >> rather than a common standard, why can't --
6:47 am
>> seriously, use your own dough for stuff like this, not just ice cream socials with your subordinates at work. up next -- wait, one other point. if you have $130,000 out there and you want to send it to somebody, somebody who did nothing, there's nothing to cover up, send it to me, i'll take it. okey-doke. coming up, money, power, and politics. apple, amazon, facebook, and google spent a record $50 million trying to influence the government. what are they getting in exchange for all that money? we know they're bringing jobs back, apple is, there's a good thing. be... overlooking. it's your eyes. that's why there's ocuvite, from bausch + lomb. as you age your eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish those nutrients.
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when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe.
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yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . top congressional democrats are calling on facebook and twitter to launch an investigation into their roles of russian bots in a new campaign. it is calling for the release of a controversial memo written by house republicans that alleged the fbi mishandled classified surveillance requests. enough already. new filings show that the top
6:52 am
four tell giants spent -- are you ready for this number? a record 50 million bucks lobbying is united states government last year. google, amazon, facebook and apple shelled out more money than ever. it's no surprise we know corporate america has lobbyists all day every day. what's going on here though? >> yeah. it's fairly old school for companies to shell out lots of money to shape what's happening in washington d.c. but 2017 proved to be not only the toughest year in washington but the costliest year. really it is for two reasons. first many of these companies were battled president donald trump on a wide array of issues. second, some of these same companies were facing new scrutiny. as you just pointed out it comes
6:53 am
to russia and the propaganda these agents may or may not be spreading on social media sites. they don't want that, hence the lobbying. >> president trump goes hard after amazon saying they rip off the post office, they don't pay enough in taxes. they spent almost 13 million bucks last year. that is four times what they spent four years ago. amazon bought whole foods, could there be any connection? >> it is online sales taxes. it's the size of the company. it's things like immigration reform and even net neutrality. amazon has a lot of issues on its plate in washington d.c. it is not just amazon, it's
6:54 am
really across the board. we are finding that the political temperament, in a sense it sort of turned against these. it had a smooth ride under president barack obama. i think there was more to work with tech companies. president trump has been a very vocal critic. there is this feeling that maybe they don't have enough friends in washington d.c. and that's why they are spending so much. >> isn't it some what justified? if you think about the obama administration, if there was one industry they were very cozy with it was tech. the tech industry exploded and the regulators didn't. now here we are a year after an election that was chocked full of russian bots. >> yeah. it is beyond politics. it's beyond party. there are lingering questions on both sides as to whether they are too big and need to be reigned in in some way.
6:55 am
it happened in the context of social media and russia. the thing is, there have been hearings. folks have been grilled on this stuff. it hasn't yielded any moving legislation under either president obama or trump. they are spending a lot. they are succeeding that they play. >> regulation simply hasn't caught up with it. >> thank you for joining us. coming up, republicans unleashing to keep their majorities in the house and the senate in the 2018 midterms. an exclusive behind the scenes midterm ahead. houston business owner travis weaver is one of the lucky wins. he made the bold move to shut down his store. he focused on web sales making sure the business didn't fall victim to the storm too.
6:56 am
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i'm in a dependable vehicle right now. woman 2: i want a chevy now. woman 3: i know!
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>> there's always good news somewhere and we want to share it with you before we go. southwest airlines and nonprofit organization air lifted cats and dogs out of puerto rico. in all 62 animals were brought to the united states. more than 20 of them have already found new homes after being put up for adoption at a pets part in the state of maryland. there you go. those are great americans with some big hearts. that wraps this up. i'll see you at 11:00 a.m. and all day long on twitter. right now a hand off to halle jackson. >> thank you. i'll talk to you in an hour.
7:00 am
we want to start with development in the russia investigation. we learn mike flynn noeever hol the white house. agented wanted to know why he had been wanted to talk to russia. more details on other former and current administration officials also talking with robert mueller. a failure to cooperate, house republicans not handing over a secret memo, a document shows government misconduct, so we break down what's behind this latest political flash point and what the justice department is doing now. >> we are watching what's happening in michigan. he could be sentenced as early add today. in the eyes of the victims testifying publicly it's clear where he is


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