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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 19, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. with the botox® savings program, most people with commercial insurance pay nothing out-of-pocket. talk to your doctor and visit botox® to enroll. ♪ this morning, students are demanding change after last week's deadly shooting at a florida high school. they're calling on president trump and congress to act on gun control. plus, the department of justice announcing indictments against 13 russians as part of robert mueller's probe and president trump lashes out on twit per. new in the russia problem, aide rick gates has agreed to testify against former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. good monday morning,
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everyone. it's february 19th. in the wake of last week's deadly mass shooting at a high school in parkland, florida, students now are taking call to the debate across gun laws across the country. students from marjory stoneman high school are planning a protest. recent polling from harvard's institute of politics finds momentum is building among millennials. 61% of 18 to 29-year-olds believe america's gun laws should be stricter. >> and new development after coming under pressure following last week's shooting, some congressional republicans say they could support some gun safety bills. take a listen to this. >> i have no issue with slowing down purchases for people with all the warning signs. >> what we need is congressional
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leaders, specifically in my party, to allow these builts to come to the floor for debate. there are a lot of republicans prepared to support reasonable common sense gun safety laws, new laws, stronger laws that protect rights for responsible citizens, people who are responsible gun owners, but will prevenlt those who want to do harm to innocent people from obtaining these weapons. meanwhile, president trump will reportly hold a listening session with teachers and students over last week's gun shootings. he tweeted just like they don't want to solve the daca problem, why didn't the democrats pass gun control legislation when they had both the house and senate during the obama administration. because they didn't want to and now they just talk. and he wrote, quote, very sad that the fbi missed all the many signals sent out by the
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florida school shooter. this is not acceptable. they are spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion with the trump campaign. there is no collusion. get back to the basics and make us all proud. >> and that tweet angered a lot of people. myr a-ra rodriguez, let's t about what students are calling for. >> ayman, there's a couple of things happening here today including what you just mentioned. this has to do with the a report done by niklas cruz. nbc news has obtained a that report. in the report, it talks about a video that shows cruz cutting himself, saying he wanted to buy a gun and that he was depressed. but in the report, counselors say they found him to be stable enough to not need to be
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hospitalized. in the meantime, you talked about that tweet that trump sent out over the weekend criticizing the fbi. here is what one student, emma gonzalez had to say. listen. >> he's trying to blame somebody and we can't let him do that. so the best thing for us to do is to ignore him and to continue fighting our fight, the fight that he refuses to acknowledge, the fact that he refused to even tweet the word gun in any of his tweets. yet he insists on tweeting. and he insists on blaming the democrats for something that he did wrong. something that look back into the past rather than looking forward into the future. it's disgraceful. >> students here are organizing and there are several events set for this week.
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tomorrow, about a hundred students from parkland will be heading up to the state capital to tallahassee to meet with state leaders. you mentioned that march that is coming up next month in washington, d.c. called a march for our lives. in the meantime this week, there are several more funerals planned for the victims here. ayman. >> thank you so much. and you and i were talking about this particular tweet, implicit in it is children were killed because the fbi was somewhat distractsed distracted by the russia investigation. >> so many powerful voices coming out of parkland right now, especially that young woman would spoke to eloquently about how she feels about how gun control measures need to change there. the.department of justice
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unindicted 13 russians forming an organization that sought information warfare against the united states of america through fictitious personas on social media and other platforms. they engaged in operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about hillary clinton to denigrate other candidates such as ted cruz and marko rubio and to support candidates, initially instructing use any opportunity to criticize hillary and other candidates. on friday, rod rosenstein signaled that the justice department was fully behind the findings. watch this. >> the indictment allege easy
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that the russian conspirators wanted to promote discord in the united states and undermine public confidence and democracy. we must not allow them to succeed. >> now, president trump sent more tweets in the hour since friday afternoon's indictments than he had sent all week, including 13 tweets about russian interference in the 2016 campaign posted at all hours from early in the morning to shortly before midnight. the white house called him glad with the charges. quote, the results of the elections were not impacted. the trump campaign did nothing wrong. no collusion. but as the weekend went on, he tweeted if it was the goal of russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the u.s., then with all of the committee hearings,
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investigations and party issue, they are laughing their asses off. he said i never said russia did not meddle in the election, i said it may be russia or china or another country or group or it may be a 400-pound genius sitting in bed and playing with his computer. despite his claim, the president has repeatedly cast out on russian meddling since the intelligence community reached a consensus more than 12 months ago. >> you read those tweets so well. >> i practice all throughout the night for this. >> tweet storm in this weekend. a report from the la times claims that rick gates is on the brink of a plea deal and with agree to testify against his business partner paul manafort. while one source said he does not believe gates had any information to offer on president trump, a person
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familiar with the talks says gates is likely so serve about 18 months in prison and forfeit illegal profits. gates' attorney did not respond. this as we learned the special counsel's office added a new claim of bank fraud to the charges against manafort last week. he has pleaded not guilty. joining us from burlington, vermont -- >> looks like he's hitting the slopes this weekend. >> i didn't see you guys on the slopes. yeah, sorry, we have to work. we can't take the studio with us wherever we go. >> obviously, big guy david litman can. >> yeah. >> thanks for joining us this monday. we appreciate it. >> tell us about the sort of scope of bob pmueller's russia probe. >> i think it tells us the scope
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is almost all encompassing. you saw trump lash out over the weekend. we don't know for certain that her or other associates could get indicted, but mueller hasn't gotten into donald trump jr.'s meeting with the russians, jared kushner's false filings and trump's obstruction of justice when he fired jim comey. so there's a lot more that we are expecting from robber mueller. >> let me ask you about president trump's tweet storm over the weekend, particularly on the russian investigation, russian meddling. what do you think it tells us about his mind-set about how everything is going on and whether trump is going to refuse outright knowledge in russia's meddling in the upcoming midterm elections. i saw david fromm on twit wither say something funny which is that president trump is not a fan of the don't sweat and let them see that you are nervous
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theory of crisis management. >> yeah. and i think trump himself, he acknowledged that russia meddling in the election. 126 million americans saw russian-sponsored facebook posts during and after the election and that group in st. petersburg, the internet agency that were paying, for all we know, that that group is still active. you saw a few weeks ago that the this has not stopped. so a lot of people are worried that trump himself, even though he acknowledged the meddling, he doesn't seem to be doing much to stop it in the 2018 election and to prevent their wildest dreams from coming true again. >> something tells me we're going to see a lot more tweets in the days ahead. >> there was a really good article in the "new york times" yesterday that was titled we are
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basically leading without a leader against russia. basically, the entire government acknowledged russian meddling in the 2016 election and the president himself is not leading any repercussions about that. >> we'll talk a lot more about that in the bottom of the show. david, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. still ahead, president trump once again criticizes the iran deal as tensions escalate. >> that and is check on your weather when we come back.
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welcome back, everybody. during his weekend tweet storm, president trump went after the iran-nuclear deal tweeting, quote, i never gotten over the fact that obama was able to send $1. billion in cash to iran and
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nobody called for an investigation. trump's tweet comes amid a series of escalations between iran and israel over the past week and a half. benjamin netanyahu addressed the situation at a security conference yesterday while taking a play out of u.n. ambassador's playbook. >> israel will not allow iran's regime to put a noose of terror around our neck. we will act without hesitation to defend ourselves and we will act if necessary not just against iran's proxies that are attacking us, but against iran itself. iran also denies that it committed an act of aggression against israel last week, that it sent a drone in our air space to threaten our people. well, here is a piece of that iranian drone, or what's left of it after we shot it down. >> so iran's foreign minister
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responded to netanyahu and discussed the situation with bill feely on the sidelines of that conference. >> and for once after, i don't know, 30 some years, the syrians are able to down one of its planes. so the myth of the ability of the israeli military has crumbled. and now he's trying to repair that. >> but this is a threat. >> if they try to exercise that threat, they will see the response. >> so mean wile, israel launched a bombing campaign against a dozen targets in gaza. this morning, israel launched a series of rockets.
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this morning, joe biden is reportedly considering a run for president in 2020. either attendance or briefed by those in the room. the former vice president said a run is a real possibility and that he was keeping his options open, although biden reportedly stressed that no decision has been made nor does it need to be made just yet. a biden spokesman declined to comment. however, the former vice president who has emerged as an outspoke.en critic of president trump said he hopes and expects strong democratic candidates to emerge, but if not, he would throw his hat in the ring. >> keeping your openings open sounds like a big yes to me. >> let's check on your weather. >> we had a mini snowstorm in the northeast over the weekend, now the big warm-up. but the firfirst, we have a wea
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pattern. we have winter weather out there. it's snowing in areas of wyoming, minnesota and south dakota. as far as the winter weather goes, 16 million people at risk with advisories for minneapolis, omaha, rapid city back through wyoming. this snow will fall as we go throughout the day today and into tomorrow, a lso. snowfall amounts, between 3 and 6 inches. minnesota in between dilution and minneapolis, someone will get 3 to 6 inches. minneapolis, 2 or 3 for you. in the mountain of colorado, getting some much-needed snow. now let's talk about the incredible warmth which is sneaking up the east coast over the next couple of days.
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in the northern plains, you're 20 below average. baltimore, 72. raleigh, close to a record high on tuesday. cincinnati should easily break yourer record high. same for nashville. and even into wednesday, this will be the last really warm day before the cooler air comes in. d.c., record high 76 degrees on wednesday. boston, near 68. this is kind of unheard of stuff. of course, when you get this warm like this, you worry about the areas that still have snow like northern new england. quick snow melt. we could have some problems with ice jams on the rivers. we'll watch that for some flooding problems. again today, streams, northern plains, cold snow in the southeast, 81 in new orleans, 87 in tampa. it's kind of a crazy weather map. >> it does, in fact -- where we were on saturday with that snowstorm and then -- >> it's incredible. thanks for that, bill. still ahead, the latest from pyeongchang where team usa's hock canky team as a shot of redemption. meanwhile, lindsey vonn slams on
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. louis is off. time now for sports. after suffer aing a 2-1 loss to team canada, the u.s. women crushed the next team in the finals. with a win, the u.s. advances to their next medal game. we're all hoping for a rematch
2:24 am
with canada, anterior we? team usa last won the gold in the 1998 games. meanwhile, lindsey vonn is playing mind games in the downhill games. she said she's purposely putting on the brakes near the end, she said she likes letting other people think that they're faster. she's still clocked with the third best time. the medal race, that takes place tomorrow. in figure skating, madison hobble and zachary donhu were the top finisher for team usa. team usa has fallen out of the top five in the medal count. norway still leads with 26. the americans still have ten and that includes five golds. in other news, no concerning team usa, the russian curling athlete alexander krusanivski
2:25 am
has failed a doping test. he won a bronze medal with his wife in the mixed doubles curling. according to the "new york times," reports the curler had traces of meladonium, which is a heart medication that increases blood flow. how that helps in curling, we'll never know. meanwhile, the nba all-star games competed with a new format where team captains picked their own rosters from a pool of players. the game had a bit of new energy and for one, a little bit of defense. lebron led his team to a 148-145 victory over team steph. he hit a three-pointer that tied the game. lebron is your mvp, his third time winning that award. bill, i know you're a big basketball fan. did you stay up late to watch
2:26 am
that game? >> i was up to midway in the third. it wasn't a lot of defense. >> they're usually a blowout from one side to the other with, but this came down to a three-pointer. >> i like west versus east. the whole playground thing -- >> i know you want to keep talking about this basketball thing. >> how funny was it, as well, to see kevin durant playing against steph curry. >> reporting lindsay vonn, does the help if you tell people what your strategy is? >> i've never competed at the olympics, so i can't say. bill may have some experience with that. >> all right. still ahead, new reporting that the white house is overhauling its security clearance process after the abuse allegations against former staff secretary rob porter. >> and we're going to go back to florida for more reaction from the community following last week's deadly shooting. now depex has their fastest absorbing material inside, so it keeps me dry and protected.
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z . welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. along with ayman mohyeldin. the governor of florida is calling on the fbi director to resign. the fbi says on january 5th, a person close to niklas cruz called the agency's public tip line to report information about cruz's gun ownership, desire to kill, erratic behavior, disturbing social media posts as well as his potential to conduct a school shooting. however, the fbi says established protocols were not followed and the information never made it to the miami field
2:31 am
office to be investigated. the fbi director released a statement saying, quote, we are still investigating the facts. i am committed to getting to the bottom of what happened in this particular matter as well as reviewing our processes for respond to go information that we received from the public. he also said, quote, we have spoken with victims and families and deeply regret the additional pain this causes those affected by this horrific tragedy. the families will spend a lifetime now thinking about how this happened. he said the fbi director needs to resign. however, the fbi was not the only agency that allowed cruz to slip through the cracks. a florida social services agency made a visit to cruz's home citing a state report. the times said he was questioned and it was determined that he was at low risk of harming himself or harming others. so while thousands xwaerd at an anti-gun rally in ft.
2:32 am
lauderdale saturday, the fund-raising arm for house republicans was in the middle of its scheduled winter meeting less than 40 miles away. ryan reportedly told her that he didn't want to talk politics. on sunday, speaker ryan met with president trump at mar-a-lago to discuss the republican agenda. congressman ted deutsch tweeted to speaker ryan, quote, as you go from your fund-raiser to the approximated president's resort, consider a stop at stoneman douglas high school where 17 people were slaughtered in a mass shooting last wednesday. i'll meet you there. congressman do you have included this map showing that the house speaker would pass the high school on the way to mar-a-lago. ryan did not make a stop at stoneman douglas high school. but his office tells nbc news, he did travel to broward county to meet with first responders, hospital staff and emts.
2:33 am
we are told he, quote, listened to their stories and thanked them for their horrific efforts. when asked about gun law necessary a radio interview, ryan said, quote, we don't just knee jerk before we have all the facts and the data. >> join withing us now, maya. talk to us about about any updates we have to this investigation and also about what the families and the students are doing in response to the shooting. >> yeah, well, yasmin, there is some organization happening here as far as the students are concerned. they will be heading to hall hassy to t tallahassee. also later today, there is a hearing regarding a report to the department of children and families having to do with the suspected shooter 19-year-old niklas cruz. in that report, cruz has posted a video supposedly that shows him cutting his arm. it also said that he was depressed, that he wanted to buy
2:34 am
a gun, but the counselors in that report said he was stable enough to not need hospitalization. this is one more of the missed signs regarding the shooter. we had the fbi the tip from last month that went ignored. it was not followed up upon. the sheriff's office here in broward county over the years received more than 20 phone calls regarding the shooting. all of this has come as a shock to people here. this is what one parent had to say. take a listen. >> i'm speaking here now, thank god i don't have to mourn for my child. but i think i have the moral obligation to speak for the parents that are mourning their children. this is not normal. we're in america. we're not -- we're not someplace else. we all know where those places are. i don't have to start going through it. but we're in america and we have
2:35 am
to worry about that. but does heads have to roll because he fell through the cracks? absolutely. absolutely. >> now, over the weekend, the broward sheriff's office put out a tweet showing a photo with sheriff scott israel and 15-year-old anthony borgess. anthony borgess is in the hospital. he was shot five times by the shooter and has gone through several surgeries. he is recovering. right now, four people remain hospitalized because of the shooting. they are all in fair condition. yasmin and ayman. >> thank you. we talk about how the community needs to recognize the signs in people that are having these issues that are posting things like this that could cause harm to others like themselves. in this situation, they did. >> president trump tweeted that the community needed to report individuals like this. as you're saying, they did and
2:36 am
it still slipped through the cracks. switching gears for a moment, president trump spent part of his weekend criticizing his national security adviser. h.r. mcmaster told the crowd that in the wake of friday's federal indictments by special counsel robert mueller, its was undeniable that moscow meddled in the 2016 election. mcmasters seemed to dismission the notion. watch this. >> i'm surprised there are any russian cyber experts available based on how active most of them have been against -- in undermining our democracies if in the west. we would love to have a cyber dialogue when russia is sincere about curtailing its sophisticated form of espionage, what you might call this modern day sort of form of moscarova
2:37 am
enabled by modern technology. and i think that day will be coming because we're becoming more and more adept at tracing the origins of this espionage and subversion. as you can see with the fbi indictment, the evidence is incontrovertible and available in the public domain. >> so hours after mcmaster's remarks there in germany, president trump took to twitter to rebuke his own national security adviser's comments. in a late night tweet with, the president wrote general mcmaster forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the russians and that the only collusion was between russia and crooked h, the dnc and the dems. remember the dirty dossier, uranium and the podesta company.
2:38 am
>> the white house statement said, quote, president trump is glad to see the special counsel's investigation further indicates that there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia and that outcome of the election was what it was. watch this. >> what the russians were trying to do was outlined by deputy attorney general rosenstein was create chaos in the american election system. and i will just say this. there are two groups that have created chaos more than the russians. and that's the democrats and the mainstream media who continued to push this live on the american people for more than a year. >> all right. so amid the mounting questions over security clearances for white house officials following the abuse allegations against rob porter, dozens of top aides could soon lose their access to classified information. according to documents reviewed
2:39 am
by nbc news, new policies ordered by chief of staff john kelly would overhaul the processing of security clearances. among the most significance changes, any interim clearance prosecute for those pending since june 1st of 2017 would be discontinued. as nbc news reported last week, more than 130 staff and others in the agency closely associated with it were operating some form of an interim clearance as of last november. since nbc released the story, the white house says several officials have ataped permanent clearances of varying levels. >> among those on the list of the the president's most senior aides operating on a list of interim clearance was jared kushner. as "the washington post" reported this weekend, the positive by john kelly could threaten kushner's standing in the administration. kushner's clearance faces problems, including repeated amendments that he had to make to a form detailing his contacts
2:40 am
with foreign officials. two officials tell the paper they do not expect kushner to receive a permanent security clearance in the new future. and nbc news learned going forward, john kelly is looking to formalize the process in which the fbi would notify the white house of negative information raised during a security clearance background investigation. that move comes after the controversy over why rob porter had access to sensitive information despite red flags raised during an fbi investigation on him. coming up on "morning joe," nbc news national political reporter carol lee will have more on her new report on the overhauls by kelly. >> let's go back to burlington, vermont. daniel, the good to see you once again. trump's national security adviser, h.r. mcmaster, said there is incorespondent veteranble evidence but president trump tweeted saturday
2:41 am
night, general mcmaster forgot to say that the result of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the russians and the other collusion it was between russia, crooked h., the dnc, the dems. remember the dirty dossier, uranium and the podesta company. considering all this, do you think there is a divide between trump and the rest of the white house officials? >> i think president trump is pretty alone in his view that the russians were meddling and the real story was podesta and the dossier and it's pretty unprecedented that a u.s. president will criticize his own national security adviser on twitter. you know, it almost is like the head of msnbc saying, you know, why didn't you guys read the script differently? i don't like this segment. you just don't see this. you don't see the uk prime minister criticizing their own national security officials on
2:42 am
twitter. so it kind of undermines mcmaster's trust that president trump has given him. >> just imagine general mcmaster walk off stage and saying, the president has tweeted about you. i don't think he was probably surprised. >> could we see tech giants like facebook, google, twitter, back on the hill to answer more questions about the extent of russian meddling and what they could have done to prevent it? >> so we saw them come up to the hill in the last few weeks and months, but i think there are many more questions that they have to answer. facebook has hired thousands of people to monitor those political posts and they say that foreign governments and foreign actors, they aren't allowed to buy, you know, ads about candidates, but they are still allowed to buy issue ads and it kind of, you know, is one and the same often. remember the russians were buying ads about, you know,
2:43 am
african-american issues, and muslim issues to try to sew a divide. but that doesn't seem to prevent future russian meddling. >> good point, daniel lipman. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, guys. still ahead, rex tillerson speaking out about his famed moron comment. what he's saying about his relationship with president trump. plus, bill karins is back with us for a check on your presidents' day forecast. stay with us.
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you were made to move. so move. welcome back, everyone. secretary of state rex tillerson has opened up about his relationship with president trump. >> the president communicates in his own style, his own way, his own words. and from time to time, i will ask him, are you changing the policy? because if we are, obviously, i
2:47 am
need to know and everyone needs to know. >> you would have thought he talked to you about changing the policy before he tweeted. >> and to finish the thought, that has never happened. every time i talk to him, he says the policy hasn't changed. i'm good. that's all i need to know. >> why didn't you deny calling the president a moron? >> you know, that's a really old question. >> do you understand that by not answering the question, some people thought you were confirming the story. >> i think i've answered the question. >> you think you answered the question. >> i've answered the question. >> did you call the president a moron? >> i'm not going to dig phi the question. we've got so many bigger issues that we can be talking about. i'm not from this town. i understand this town likes to talk about a lot of things that are really not important. >> wow. >> oftentimes, a nonanswer is an answer. >> if it's not true, just deny it. >> exactly. >> he said other things that are probably on par with the
2:48 am
criticism. >> especially when he's criticized in washington for. let's go to bill karins and get a check on your weather. >> we've got rain, warmth, everything on the weather map. let's talk about the rainy stuff. it's heading into d.c. as we speak. umbrellas in you're heading out this morning. same thing for you in richmond. we have showers and a few lightning strikes in ohio. that is how warm this air mass is that is coming in. and because it's going to get rounds of rain, we have flood watches for chicago, madison, detroit, cleveland, and much of vermont is under a snow melt. today, much of the rain in ohio valley, northern new england. the cold side of it is up through south dakota today and into tomorrow into areas of minnesota and wisconsin. by the time we get to tuesday evening, these are thunderstorms through areas of arkansas up this cold front into the ohio valley and that lasts well into
2:49 am
wednesday, too. bands of heavy rain in this region will lead to the chance of significant rainfall and some flooding concerns in this region. someone could be seeing the possibility here for up to 4 inches of rain and that flood threat corridor is arkansas through the ohio valley. so kind of a strange week. here we are going towards the end of february and it's going to feel like april. >> 70 degree weather in some parts of the country. incredible for february. still ahead, a massive debut for marvel's favorite superhero film, black panther, smashing box office records, doing the same to racial barriers in hollywood. plus, wall street looks to keep the momentum going as stocks recoup their massive losses from that recent sell-off. we'll be right back. have you smelled this
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welcome back, everybody. marvel's "black panther" roared into the theaters breaking box office records. >> not a surprise. >> a staggering $192 million, making it the top grossing film in history by a black director with a majority black cast. the highest grossing february weekend and fifth highest grossing film debut ever. the ryan cougar-directed film holds a 97% rating on rotten tomatoes. "black panther" fever took over nationwide as movie goers came out in droves. they bust the classic hollywood argument with films with largely black casts could not spark foreign interest.
2:53 am
but without its upcoming rollout, it's already ranked among the top 15 global debuts ever. disney predicts "black panther" to rake in 218 million domestic by the end of president's day weekend. i heard it was an exciting film. let's talk business. markets are closed today in the u.s. and china and india due to public holidays. early signs from europe and asia show the two-week tug of war are taking a rest. good to have you with us. so is the worst of the february correction over? are we still in it for a bumpier ride? >> it certainly appears to be the case. a lot of people were talking about the volatility that is now back below 20, so equity markets are breathing a sigh of relief. dow is back to 25,000 and s&p
2:54 am
was up more than 4% last week. its biggest gain actually in five years. now this week is light in terms of economic data. there isn't that much to watch out for. we should get a little bit of clues from that. so perhaps little more clues on monetary policy, but a light one so far and of course markets are closed today. elsewhere, analysts are turning a little bit nervous about some of the u.s. government spending plans. goldman sachs came out with a note saying that spending is heading into, quote, uncharted territory as far as the u.s. is concerned and the spending should widen the deficit to 5.2% in 2019 and serve to increase debt levels quite substantially. u.s. debt is currently at 77% of gdp. they estimate it should reach 85% by 2021 with these spending plans. >> before we let you go, let me ask you really quickly, elon musk not the only billionaire
2:55 am
with hyper loop dreams. he wants to join the race to transform transportation. i think something we would all welcome in this country. what more can you tell us about his plans? >> yes. so he has plans to open this hyper loop facility between mumbai and pune. it's a train service that loads passengers into a pod and then accelerates gradually via lek propulsion in a low pressure tube. bottom line is it's about two to three times faster than a speed rail and richard bronson claims it will result in $50 billion. >> i think some of us can use that faster way to travel. can you stay in a pod for a couple of hours. >> i would be okay with that. >> thank you. coming up next on "morning joe," the fallout over the mueller indictments.
2:56 am
more on the special counsel's charges over 13 russians over their alleged meddling in the election as president trump rails against everyone and any one but moscow in the wake of those charges. joe and mika will get reaction from jay johnson, democratic senator chris van hollen along with michael mcfall. "morning joe" live from washington, d.c. just moments away. this new day looks nothing like yesterday. trails are covered. paths aren't what they used to be. roads nowhere to be found. ( ♪ ) and it's exactly what you're looking for. ( ♪ ) and it's exactly what you're looking for. does your moisturizing romine does. an mvp? aveeno® skin relief.
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welcome back, everybody. before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's look at the stories you'll be following today. hearing whether the release of the confidential mental health records in the suspect in last week's school shooting in florida. it's to focus on a behavior health assess of nikolas cruz. one story that's worth watching for is the funeral services scheduled for three more of the shooting victims at that high school. family and friends will honor luke hoyer and alaina petty. >> that does it for us on this
3:00 am
monday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. well, it was a busy weekend for the president of the united states. >> very busy. >> very busy. he attacked the fbi and his own national security adviser. he fixated on hillary clinton and the size of a congressman. he plugged a nascar race. and called oprah insecure. he offered curious praise for the kremlin. and blamed the florida mass shooting on the russia investigation. yes, on this president's day. >> wow. >> it was a busy weekend for americans. >> some of those tweets more offensive than others. >> unbelievably offensive. >> it showed and you can see it in realtime that really started to the weight of the mueller investigation more so than ever before really started to weigh down on him because one of his most important escape routes had been cut


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