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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 26, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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just want to reup the strange breaking news we got this hour from the "new york times." the office of first lady melania trump has announced tonight it has severed its relationship with the first lady from a company that received $26 million from the inaugural fund. they were displeased by how much stephanie wilson has been paid. that's it for us, now it's time for "last word with lawrence o'donnell." >> i bring greetings from dublin ireland, you have a lot of fans there. >> i grew up in a down called
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dublin, california, i was wondering why you were hanging out in my high school parking lot. >> rachel, the only incentive you may have for trying to catch some of this show, this is serious jet lag tv. i woke up in dublin this morning. so i could forget how donald trump is. >> this could be tipping and topping, swear words, all sorts of stuff? >> anything that could go long i think is likely to go wrong tonight. >> god bless you, my friend. >> thank you. in the fantasy land that is trump world, the character named donald trump who is played by the man donald trump is a truth selling super hero not a pathological liar and most cowardly president the united states has ever had. no president has exhibited the
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cowardess to russia that the president has. or commenting on the chinese comment moving back term limits on its president. every president would have had some kind of objection to china taking this disturbing check back into democracy. but not donald trump. all he has ever been able to say about the president of china is i like him. nothing else. as if nothing else matters. so today the most objectly cowardly man who has occupied the presidency of the united states said something that no previous president, including the presidents who were shot at in combat would have said. >> you know, i really believe you don't know until you test it, but i think i'd run in there even if i didn't have a weapon. and i think most of the people
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in the room would have done that too because i know most of you. >> donald trump who like most of us, has never run toward the sound of gun fire in his life. says he would have done that in parkland, florida at marjory stoneman douglas high school to save children he is not related to. consider for a moment how he has treated the children he is reler related to. here he is on a rainy day this year protecting his hair as his hair climbs the stairs of air force one. at first he seems to be alone in the rain. but then, his 11-year-old son appears behind him. the son he left behind in the rain because protecting his hair is more important than protecting his son. he also left his third and current wife behind him in the rain. she's used to that. she handled it the way she always does as if she and donald
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trump are just two strangers boarding the same airplane. donald trump jr. went ten years not speaking to his father because of the way his father treated his mother. there is no hint that donald trump was ever troubled by that break in contact with his first set of children with his first wife. he actually bragged about being disinterested in the lives of his children. so it is that man who asked us to believe today that he would have been the super hero of the to stoneman douglas shooting and he would have been doing it for other people's children. before donald trump went into the business of tricking voters to vote for him, he did not pretend to be a super hero. >> i'm not good for medical. in other words if you cut your finger and there's blood pouring out. >> you're gone? >> i'm gone. i'll tell you what happened, i
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was at mar-a-lago and we had this incredible ball, the red cross ball in palm beach, florida, and you had all these rich people, a man, about 80 years old, a lot of people didn't like him, he fell off the stage. he falls off on his face, hits his head, i thought he died. you know what i did, i said that's disgusting and i turned away. >> oh, my god, that's disgusting and i turned away. that's the only story we have of donald trump's reaction to another human being in distress, possibly fatal distress, another human being whose life is in danger. oh, my god i turned away. there's more to the story. >> he's right in front of me, i turned away. i didn't want to tell him. he's bleeding all over the place, beautiful marble floor, didn't look so good.
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and you have this poor 80-year-old guy turning away, this is terrible, disgusting, nobody wants to help the guy. his wife is sitting next to him, she's screaming. >> she's screaming. donald trump insisted today that if he heard screaming from inside a school that he would run toward the screaming. he would run toward the assault rifle that was causing that screaming. but in his own telling of a shocked woman screaming about her husband possibly dieing on the floor beside her and beside donald trump, all donald trump is concerned about is, quote, the beautiful marble floor. it didn't look so good. it changed colors. it was very red. and the trump story of the injured man on the floor, the man didn't die. but donald trump was very proud of being utterly indifferent to
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whether the man lived or died. after the man suffered his life threatening accident on a donald trump property, donald trump didn't bother to make a phone call to see how he was doing. >> i forgot to call to say is he okay? he was okay. it's just not my thing. >> you were afraid of catching a disease through the phone. >> i don't like looking at blood. >> i don't like looking at blood. just not my thing. today super hero trump character asked americans in the world to believe that he would have run into that school that was filled with blood and he would have run into that school to save children and he would have done it even if he didn't have a weapon. and in classic trump style knowing that he was stretching even his strongest supporters' abilities to believe in that fantasy, he made everyone in that room with him complicit in
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his lie. >> i really believe i would run in even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in that room would have done that too because i know most of you. >> most of them would not have done it. heroes are called heroes because they do things that most of us would not do. and that's what donald trump doesn't understand. and that's what donald trump disgraced today. he disgraced the very concept of hero by trying to steal that concept for himself. most people would not run toward the sound of gun fire in that school. most parents might. most parents of the children in that school probably would run toward that gun fire to try to save their children. but most of the 39 governors that the president was speaking to today when he said that would absolutely not run into that school with or without a weapon to save the children in that school who they did not know.
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there is a debate among some trump observers among is donald trump a liar or is he dilutional. it doesn't have to be either or. he can be sometimes a fully conscious liar and at other times fully dilutional. this appears to be a case he knew he was lying about himself which is why he roped everyone else in the room. that was a choice to use everyone in the room to insulate him from his own lie. donald trump came in second for the vote for president and first in the electoral college, with voters some of whom were rational, who wanted lower taxes and didn't care about anything else or opposed to all abortions and don't care about anything else, or those who want to be tough on immigration. those are policy based votes. but donald trump could not have
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won the electoral college without the hate based vote, the racists, the white supremacists like david duke, and a very, very important of the trump vote, the believers in fancy. donald trump would not be president tonight if millions of his voters were not living in the grip of fantasy. fantasy that donald trump is a super hero. so the worst thing for america today about what donald trump said is not so much that the pathological liar lied once again, it's that some unknown number of utterly dy luilutiona americans will believe that donald trump would have run in there even if he didn't have a weapon. the president's daughter was asked this weekend by nbc's peter alexander if she believes her father or the women who have
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accused her father of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and she said this. >> i believe my father. i know my father. so i think i have that right, as a daughter, to believe my father. >> okay. do you believe your mother? do you believe your mother, who accused your father of raping her? is that one of the reasons your brother, donald trump jr. did not speak to your father for ten years? we'll have more on that interview with ivanka trump later in this hour. but that interview occurred before her pharmaceutical said i'd run in there even if i didn't have a weapon. does ivanka trump believe her father would do that? does ivanka trump believe her father would run toward the sound of gun fire to save children even if he didn't have a weapon? is there any chance that ivanka trump would try to say, i believe my father about that
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horrible lie? or would ivanka trump offer some wordy variation on the white house press secretary's answer to that today? >> i think he was stating as a leader he would have stepped in and hopefully been able to e help as a number of individuals in the school, the coaches and adults, and even students stepped up and helped protect other students. i think the point he was making was he would have wanted to play a role in that as well. >> even the white house press secretary, who has been willing to support virtually ever lying fantasy president trump offers was unable to say, of course, he would have run in there even if he didn't have a weapon. ivanka trump will no doubt revert to her practice of hiding from reporters for the
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foreseeable future. in the meantime chaos and madness will be piled on in the white house. and today's super hero will be far behind us so she will never probably be asked if her father will have run in there if he didn't have a weapon. but if she is asked that question, this, this will absolutely not be her answer. >> i believe my father. i know my father. so i think i have that right as a daughter to believe my father. >> joining us now tim o'brien, the executive editor of bloomberg view, an msnbc contributor and curt anderson, an author, and jennifer rubin is joining us, a writer at "the washington post" and msnbc contributor. before i get to my trump
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scholars, jennifer, i wanted to start with you on the dimensions of the lie the president told today because here we have 17 dead in florida and certainly more than 17 families wondering what might have been, what could have been, how could this have been different, and for the president to insert himself and say, if only donald trump were there, if only donald trump were there your child might be alive today, for him to insert himself into that grief with this ugly fantasy is such -- in my view such a vile violation of the grieving that is going on in florida. something only donald trump would be capable of. >> it is always about donald trump. even the death of 17 people, including the death of children. it's always about donald trump. the truth be told, he's a five hch time deferred wannabe.
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he has to equate going to boarding school or avoiding sexually transmitted diseases to his own vietnam. he's afraid of blood, sharks, germs, he's afraid of vladimir putin, he's afraid of robert mueller. this is a man who is deeply, deeply insecure, deeply damaged. and so i think he makes up for it with this ridiculous, pompous boasting that probably no one, even he does at some point, believes it. but it is galling. and it's particularly galling because in the job he's elected to do, we don't ask that he run into buildings. we simply ask that he be true to the united states, that he stand up for america, that he stand up to our enemies, that he take a stand when a foreign power, for example, meddles in our election and even that he cannot do. so regardless of whether he thinks he could run into a building or he doesn't think he could run into a building, the
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man is a coward, he will always be a coward, he was in his personal life and has been as president. and as far as he tries to spin his way out of that, that's a reality that i think most americans in their hearts know. >> tim, donald trump has hid behind lawyers his entire life, including dealing with you and other reporters, so i don't think there's anyone other than the most -- the people who have absolutely no connection to fact who can imagine donald trump doing what he said he would do today, but his ability to step into the grieving process that's going on in florida and in a larger sense around the country, and say, you know, this could have been completely different if i was there. >> this is not a new performance by donald trump. in the 1980s two of his casino executives were killed in a helicopter crash on their way to atlantic city and he was interviewed the day of the crash, i believe, about how he
7:17 pm
felt about it and what the loss of the executives meant to him, and he turned the whole thing into a yarn of how he just missed getting on the helicopter and thank goodness because if he would have been on the helicopter he would have died to. and rather than consoling the families or talking about the services these executives provided to his company, he talked about himself. you're seeing this repeated again with the parkland shootings. rather than get into gun control or go out of his way to deal with grieving families and traumatized students he uses the moment for self-aggrandizement. this is in keeping the way he's always rolled. i think most of the time he's boasting, he's boasting about things he's most deeply insecure about, i'm worth 10 billion i'm a rich guy, he's not. i'm a smart guy, i went to wharton, when he's not
7:18 pm
particularly smart. i would have gone into the building with gun fire to save the students when i don't think he would have gotten near any of it. >> one of the defenses you were seeing from the president up until today when he started calling the officers who did not go in cowards, some people were saying, well, trump isn't saying he would have gone in himself, well, now he is. >> and now the defense subsequent to that is, he's not saying he would have saved the day, but that he would have gone in. well, for -- but oc, of course, he's saying he would have gone in. and as you're suggesting among his many lies in his life, it's among the most preposterous. and anybody who has a sense of not just him but reality and anybody without a child there would do, who isn't a police officer, running in unarmed it's ridiculous. there are those people as you say who will continue to support and believe him because they are his true believers and can
7:19 pm
accommodate any fantasy to keep that up. but let's remember what he said about his true believers when he was president. they would support 34e me even if i shot somebody in the middle of fifth avenue. that's how shooting came up in his various fantasies before, he could shoot somebody and they would love me. he could say he would go in there unarmed and into the hail of semiautomatic weapons fire and they'll still believe him. >> the brave donald trump is already backing away from what he said he was willing to do on gun legislation after having lunch with the nra. >> yeah. wouldn't you know. donald trump always wants to be the hero and never can quite bring himself to do so. he did the same thing on dreamers, he love dreamers and then threatens to veto the only bill that could spare them deportation. he's really going to do
7:20 pm
something about guns, he feels terrible. let's have lunch with the nra and forget about it. he can always play the hero. he wants to be the star. but he never has the guts to go against his party whacky base. he never has the nerve to stand up to people who he perceives as powerful. instead he surrounds himself by people who are powerful and misunderstands the notion of valor. remember james mattis had to talk him out of a policy of torture. he has no idea that soldiers are bound by the laws of war and the united states. he likes to be around police officers he told them go go ahead and rough up your suspects. he has no idea the vast majority of them take an oath and behave in exemplary fashion. so he's trying to be one of the
7:21 pm
guys, the hero, but he can't be because he's not made of the stuff. he's an empty damaged, soul. if he was a decent person i would care about it but frankly the only care is this behavior is damaging to the country and frankly appalling to the president of the united states who is supposed to kpefrp fly some decent qualities. >> tim, i know a number of you authors have examined his family relationships and there's some dispute about how long donald trump jr. went without speaking to his father. i know the author of "the art of the deal" suggests it's a significant time. and donald trump was content with dealing with his kids if they want to come to the office and watch me work that's okay but he would brag about not taking them for walks. >> he's not a hands on father with any of his kids, and not
7:22 pm
with barren. it was up to his wives to take care of the kids, make sure they got to school, got fed. he didn't do anything with his kids until they got to college. >> we're going to break it there. thank you all for joining us tonight, really appreciate it. comi come. coming up, hope hicks gets her shot tomorrow before the house intelligence committee behind closed doors. eric swalwell will be there and he will join us tonight. ivanka trump says she believes victims of domestic violence so does that mean that she believes her mother? or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both.
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nbc news has confirmed that white house communications director hope hicks is scheduled to testify before the house intelligence committee tomorrow behind closed doors. hope hicks' previous hearing was postponed last month. a member of the committee tells nbc news that he cannot be sure if held run into executive privilege issues as they did with steve bannon that's a great question when asked if the scope of the questioning has been agreed to. drama is likely. the democrats on the house intelligence committee have asked for subpoenas to duetche bank. mike conway, a senior member of the committee told i don't see the link at this
7:26 pm
stage, deutsche bank is a german bank. >> how about this for a deutsche claiming on its website, in russia since 1881. joining us now is democratic congressman eric swalwell, a member of the house intelligence committee. thank you for joining us tonight, congressman, appreciate it. >> of course, lawrence. >> what are you anticipating with hope hicks. >> can't confirm any witness' testimony but it's no secret she's relevant for a number of reasons. she worked on the campaign, on the transition, of course, works there today. she's one of the closest persons to candidate trump we want to know what was his knowledge of what the russians were doing in the election, what were his thoughts about wikileaks. don junior met with russians at trump tower. it seems to be very interesting that the president was tweeting just minutes after that meeting wrapped up and then, of course,
7:27 pm
the multiple responses given by the white house once it became public a year later. so i hope she comes clean and is straight with the committee because -- and that the committee is consistent in how it treated steve bannon. because everyone else seems to waiver or pass when it comes to the privileges that are asserted. >> what about deutsche bank and one of the members of your committee saying it's a german bank and, of course, they've been in business in russia, as well as germany, since 1881. >> and more recently they've been in trouble in the united states in the state of new york where they were fined for money laundering using russian money. so we know the russians use deutsche we know they financed donald trump and donald trump has had past business failures and has a tough time getting funding in the united states. we know the funding comes from
7:28 pm
russia from his sons. unfortunately we're running a take them at their word investigation. witnesses come in, say one thing, and we show know willingness through our subpoena power to corroborate what they say, that just shows the american people how deep russia was in our election process. >> i imagine you'd have a different feeling if this wasn't backed up on by the special prosecutor. >> he is the insurance policy however he is under constant attack. and the nunes memo wasn't limit today our investigation, it was intended to take a shot at bob mueller and the credibility of their team. we should expect more of that because the chairman said there's going to be future phases. so they should put in concrete bob mueller's position and allow him to be fired if an
7:29 pm
independent panel of judges decide he's outside his boundaries. >> congressman swalwell we ran out of time. thank you very much. coming up ivan ta trump says she believes her father. so does she believe her mother? says she believes her father. so does she believe her mother? says she believes her father. so does she believe her mother? she believes her father. so does she believe her mother? priority boarding. and earn fifty thousand bonus miles after you spend three thousand dollars on purchases in the first three months from account opening plus, zero-dollar intro annual fee for the first year, then ninety-five dollars. learn more at ♪...nausea, heartburn,♪ indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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nbc news peter alexander interviewed ivanka trump this weekend at the olympics in south korea. >> your father has been accused of sexual misconduct by roughly 19 women. do you believe your father's accusers? >> i think it's a pretty inappropriate question to ask a
7:33 pm
daughter if she believes the accusers of her father when he's affirmatively stated that there's no truth to it. >> of course, in courtrooms all over the countries today daughters testified against their fathers in cases of domestic abuse and other cases where the fathers affirmatively stated there is no truth to the accusations accusations. peter stayed with that line of questioning and got a response. >> you think all the women are making it up. >> i know my father, and i think i have that right as a daughter to believe my father. >> do you believe your mother? do you believe your mother's accusation that your father raped her? that question will probably never be asked of ivanka trump, because she will probably from now on stick to the fantasy
7:34 pm
world of fox news and other friendly interviewers who will never ask anything she considers an inappropriate question. ivanka's mother is usually left out of the list of women who have accused donald trump of sexual violence. but for ivanka trump it has to be the single-most important accusation of sexual violence that she has ever heard. peter alexander asked her about her father's support for roy moore and she said absolutely nothing about that. but in the same question, peter alexander asked her about rob porter, the white house aide who was accused of domestic violence by both of his former wives. here's how that went. >> what do you say to those who say your father routinely chooses to empathize with the accused over the accusers, rob porter, roy moore and other circumstances? how do you explain that? >> i don't think that's true. i think that when there are cases of domestic violence, as
7:35 pm
we saw recently, that cannot be condoned. nobody would condone that. >> and what about the accusations of domestic violence within your own family, when your father was still married to your mother? ivanka trump just identified, quote, cases of violence that we saw recently that cannot be condoned. so she's saying she does not condone the domestic violence that rob porter is accused of by his former wives. she seems to be saying that is unacceptable unconditionally. she seems to be saying, i believe the women in those cases. i believe the former wives of rob porter. and so, again, does she believe her other mother who accused her father of even worse domestic violence than what rob porter is accused of? >> i actually think this is a really exciting and important moment in time, and i think many people are being exposed for
7:36 pm
doing some really awful things. and i'm proud of the women who are standing up in the face of -- of accusers with credible -- with credible evidence and credible stories. and we've seen a lot of those. a lot of them recently. >> and a lot of people think your mother's story about what your father did to her is credible. are you one of them? when ivanka trump was telling peter alexander that she believes her father, she said, quote, i know my father. and i believe that. the kids know. the kids have to choose sides in domestic violence. the kids almost always are on the side of the victim, their mother. some of the kids stop talking to their fathers. sometimes long after the violence is over the kids reconcile with their fathers. but they always know. they always know the truth.
7:37 pm
and i for one am sure that ivanka trump has absolutely no doubt about who she believes, her father or her mother. "the washington post's" route marcus will give us her reaction to the ivanka trump interview next. ♪ i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people
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it can be sculpted in beautiful detail. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both. joining our discussion now is ruth marcus columnist at "the washington post." this is an extensive interview
7:41 pm
that peter alexander did with ivanka trump and there's much to retoo react to in it and i leave it open to you to pick anything you want. >> a few things. first of all, i think we once again see ivanka trump -- she just has to live in this kind of fantasy land where her -- where things that happened didn't happen. where her father is a staunch defender of any woman who might have been the subject or victim of domestic abuse. so therefore, in the white house the minute they found out about it they reacted really strongly and immediately and, of course, he was appalled. at one point in the interview peter says well, it took him 10 days to respond, maybe it was 9, maybe 10, depending on when you start counting. and ivanka trump's answer to that was well, that's not really my understanding of it or i don't think that's what happened. you can say i don't think that's
7:42 pm
what happened all you want, but that is what happened. it took him ten days to choke out a shouldn't have to be said. in the interim he talked about rob porter, about what a good job he had done in the white house, what a brilliant career he would have ahead of him. that's point number one. point number two would be, i think even leaving aside whatever happened between ivanka trump's mother and her father, the way she responded to that question was just so telling and really a little bit galling to me because she is -- she's asked this question and she says, that's a very inappropriate -- pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter. and it may be an inappropriate question to ask a daughter. daughters have loyalty to their fathers, daughters love their fathers even if they're flawed. and that's why daughters shouldn't be working in their father's white houses. and if they're going to be
7:43 pm
working in their father's white houses and chafing at answering questions like that, maybe they shouldn't be working on things like women's issues and protecting women and families. so i had a little bit of a give me a break response to the interview. >> the reason we know about her mother's accusation against her father is because her mother had had made that accusation under oath against her father. and if it would have gone into full-blown litigation, it could have been that the kids were asked to testify about what they witnessed between their father and mother. so the information notion of it inappropriate even in the memory of their own family, even when their mother is on the record of having said that, even when the divorce got solved with money, as these usually are, she
7:44 pm
brought it back. >> if i recall, she pulled it back and said i wouldn't call it exactly rape, it was not the kind of loving encounter i was used to. but whatever happened there, and it's a very nice point to sort of kind of pierce ivanka trump's unwillingness to deal with this, but even if we didn't have that episode, she just is in an untenable position trying to have it both ways. she wants to be the daughter, and so not to have to answer any difficult questions, but she wants to be the white house staffer and have all the power. power that there's no way she would have if she weren't the daughter. and that's the sort of galling conone drum of it all. >> i'm told by the control room that it could be that donald
7:45 pm
trump jr. only stopped speaking to his father for a year or two. >> only for a year or two. >> yes. this is the kind of question left out there by this kind of family. and if donald trump behaved differently publically we would never be discussing this, this kind of thing could be left in their past. >> you know, i think, even leave aside what happens inside families and you can just judge from the outside, there are, as peter pointed out, an extraordinary number of women making a serious number of rather credible and, in many cases if not most, corroborated claims over the years against donald trump, many of which have the same mo. his lawyer paid $130,000, or somebody did, to cover up another encounter. so what do you think about that, ivanka? >> we're going to have to leave it there for tonight.
7:46 pm
ruth marcus, thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. daca is guaranteed to continue beyond the march 5th deadline, even though the whole world knows mexico is not going to pay for the wall, donald trump continues to get in arguments privately with the president of mexico about it. i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b,
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. mexico is not going to pay
7:50 pm
for the wall, everyone knows that. donald trump is demanding $25 billion of taxpayer money, your money, from congress because mexico is not going to pay for the wall. but president trump still managed the wall. president trump still managed to derail a meeting with the mexican president over paying for the wall. he admitted that mexico would not pay for the wall but he begged the mexican president to stop saying that mexico would not pay for the wall. as a condition for coming to washington for a meeting with trump, the president of mexico made it clear recently in a phone call that he needs the president of the united states to stop trying to convince his followers that mexico will still somehow pay for the wall. "the washington post" reports "one mexican official said trump lost his temper but u.s. officials described him instead as being frustrated and
7:51 pm
exasperated saying trump believed it was unreasonable for pena nieto to back off of his crowd-pleasing words of forcing mexico to pay for the wall. the first federal judge to rule in this case has ruled against president trump to end daca. daca will continue uninterrupted for at least several months pending the appeal and possibly become permanent if the supreme court upholds the current court ruling. here's the president's attempt to explain that today. >> daca is going to be put back
7:52 pm
into the ninth circuit. we tried to get it moved quickly because we'd like to help daca. i think everybody in this room wants to help with daca. but the supreme court ruled it has to go through the normal channels so it's going back in. >> our next guess t is an emmy-winning reporter had had the honor of being thrown out of a trump conference. he will join us. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all new 2018 subaru forester models. now through february 28th.
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7:56 pm
question. >> yes, in order. your turn. >> joining us now, jorge ramos, an emmy award winning journalist, and author of" stranger." >> i want to get your thoughts, the appeal is going to take several months. >> the president who killed daca is donald trump. he's not only calling mexican immigrants criminals and rapists but also questioning people because of their heritage and calling haiti s-hole nation. he's responsible for that. if we're going to depend on that
7:57 pm
person, the president of the united states, the most anti-immigrant president we've had in decade to save the daca kids, i think we got to start thinking on plan b. >> he's not the only one in the white house who is not being helpful here. let's listen to what john kelly said about daca applicants and the people who did not apply for daca. >> there are 690,000 official daca registrants. and the president sent over what amounts to two and a half times that number to 1.8 million. the difference between 690 and 1.8 million were the people that some were say were too afraid too sign up, others would say were too lazy to get off their asses but they didn't sign up." >> what would you say to that. >> we're going to become a majority/minority country and that's where we're going.
7:58 pm
they feel very uncomfortable with that. they have a nostalgic view of the united states. they want to go to 1965 when 80% of the population was non-hispanic white. what you are seeing is everything they are trying to do is to cut legal immigration, to end tps, hurting hundreds of thousands of central americans, cutting daca, hitting back and arresting more immigrants. so everything they're doing just trying to do that. >> what has it been like for you covering this administration? what is the particular challenge of a latino immigrant in the trump era to go to the title of your book? >> in 2044, everybody is going to be a minority. the final idea what america would look like is more like the dreamers. it's an inclusive tolerant diversive population. not the one donald trump is promoting right now. >> what would you say to daca
7:59 pm
kids? what should be their strategy going forward? >> as a matter of fact, daca kids and the student survivors in florida, they have exactly the same strategy, in your face. they won't take no for an answer. if if we're going to depend on them for the future, i think we're in good hands. >> on the mexican border, here is the president of mexico once again trying to schedule a meeting here in washington and it's the longest we've ever gone for the new president not meeting with our southern neighbor. and president trump blows it again over the wall. >> it's a matter of dignity for mexicans. how can anyone in mexico accept to pay for the wall for donald trump. and it's a useless wall. he want a little bit of his wall for the daca kids, we'll do that but not even that he's accepting at this point. >> jorge ramos gets tonight's last word. coming up on "the 11th hour ",
8:00 pm
the most experienced police commission in boston, los angeles and new york, he's going to talk about donald trump's plan to arm teachers. he has called it the height of lunacy. "the 11th hour with brian williams" starts now. tonight on the russia front, hope hicks just hours away from testimony before house intel, as former trump campaign chairman paul manafort faces two arraignments this week. and as robert mueller plows ahead. plus what's the status of jared kushner's security clearance and did he lose access to classified intel? the white house isn't saying and he was out of public view today. and the president says he would have summoned the courage to run into gunfire at that florida high school, as he calls out the cops who did not. "the 11th hour" on a monday night begins now. as we begin a new week together, good evening


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