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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  March 6, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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picture. this picture courtesy after that gallery visitor ben hides. heading over to the white house for that pre press conference i few hours from now. i'll see you here and on nbc news today. i'll be seeing you all afternoon as well i'm sure. >> thank you. >> i do love that picture of that little girl looking at michelle obama. she is wearing a dress designed by an american woman entrepreneur. >> thank you. >> is today march 6th? >> yes. >> there you go. >> all right. good morning everyone. aim ale velshi. >> and i'm stephanie ruhle.
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let's get started. >> a series of head spinning -- >> what was that? >> i with was really concerned. >> i was transfixed. >> i want to hear directly from you. do you think they have something on the president? >> i think they may. >> what? >> i think he may have done something during the election. >> i think they were interested in something with his business. >> with his business? >> yes? >> let me ask you about the trump tower meeting. do you think that's true? >> no. >> you don't think that's true? >> no. >> they are not going send me to jail. if he wants to send me to jail he can send me to jail and i'll laugh about it and i'll make a bigger spectacle than i am on your tv show right now. >> telling nbc news he will
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likely cooperate. the white house insisting he doesn't know what he is talking about. if it holds talks with the united states. >> it's coming out of rare talks. north korea also reportedly said it has no reason to possess nuclear weapon if it has a security guarantee. >> we still don't have an ambassador to south korea. >> are you going to back down? >> no. we are not backing down. mexico, we have had a very bad deal with mexico, very bad deal with canada. >> paul ryan is warning the administration not to move forward. >> i don't know of any trade war that ends well. all right. moments ago the treasury secretary made a major announcement about russia.
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take a listen. >> there is an enormous amount to work. i expect in the next several weeks we will be moving forward with sanctions on russia as a result of the act. so i can assure you that both in my discussions with the president he is fully supportive of the work we are doing. >> the trump administration finally enacting sanctions authorized and meddling in the 2016 election and on the investigation side we are getting a much deeper look into the special council's probe today all thanks to a very interesting mind blowing monday across cable news. >> i was watching it. it was unbelievable. >> unbelievable. former tramp campaign did a media blitz appearing on msnbc
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or cnn four times in six hours. >> that's more tv than you do. >> not as much as you do. >> maybe more than me as well. it was all in reaction he got from the special council we told you about requesting any and all communication with these ten people involved in the trump campaign including the president hips. he served for a few months before being fire department over facebook posts that contained racial slurs. yesterday he aired his feelings about the if he would cooperate with the subpoena. listen to this. >> the president is right, it's a witch hunt. i'm not going to cooperate. why do i have to spend 80 hours going over my e-mails. >> did you find an e-mail that made you worried? a text message you didn't want
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to hand over? >> it's a very good requequesti. i'm spending a lot of money on legal fees, a lot of other people are. donald trump caused this because he's an idiot, because he decided to give an interview to lester holt the day after he fired james comey. >> they did tell me i was not going to be a target but they wanted something. now, let me say something. >> did they offer you immunity? >> yes. donald trump is responsible because he was so stupid. he had the russians in his office. >> now the katy tur interview. >> yes. if you with respect watching it let's take a look at what he revealed in his special day on cable. he told katy tur i'm telling you
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he may have very well have done something during the election. the significance is that he gathered this information from the direction of the special council's questioning. after sitting down with special council he walked away with the impression robert mueller already has on the president. he doesn't know what. he said all you had do is say yeah, we met with the russians. none saying that the president knew about the trump tower meeting. beyond that he alleged that the president covered up the fact that he knew about a statement. pressing the president's credibility even further he said i was told if you ask president trump about the miss universe pa je ge
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-- pageant he would lie and say putin was there. he said yes, i believe carter page was colluding with the russians. he made several remarks about carter page yesterday, something that would involve dad that the president and many americans have called an abuse of power. finally this to msnbc, they want me to come into a grand jury to insinuate that he was colluding with assange.
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it's a connection to the stolen dnc e-mails and to russian intelligence. having not been here yesterday, was that a good sum up of the good points? >> it's pretty good. i too was watching it. let's talk to the woman. sheer katy tur. zblp >> for many years he told him where to be and when and what to say. he was more than a scheduler. he was also a political strategist with gop strategist. >> when he says he wasn't in the white house, he was with us a
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short time it sounds like -- >> he was fired in august of 2015. he goes back with donald trump and donald trump's political aspirations for many years. >> really? >> one of the reasons he could be interesting to robert measurimueller is he knows the positions he wanted to talk. he was asking donald trump why are you being so friendly to russia? a gop primary is not going to want you to be friendly to russia. it could hurt you in some ways. >> he would also know if it's not collusion, if it's money laundering he was in the trump -- >> he was in the trump orbit. he was in trump tower. he would have heard things. he has a long standing relationship with roger stone. >> right. and he said so. we th he said i'm not going to look --
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>> and he is not somebody that was directly in the trump administration or in the inner circle. he was in an outer circle getting those who were in the inner circle. >> what i couldn't glean is does the guy like trump or not like trump? >> he hates him and loves him and hates him and loves heim. >> it seems like in the span of a few hours. it's like when i'm not liked by donald trump i'm going to decide to be agresive about it. >> he has taken a very different approach. steve bannon has a love-hate relationship but has not come out guns ablazing. >> the one thing i wonder about is how carter page, this is weird. these guys going on tv, not
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consulting a lawyer. >> he the a lawyer. it is odd. i can tell you a little bit about how it came to be. i was talking to him about the subpoena. he had september me the subpoena that mueller's team had sent him. all kplun cases and all documents, records, faxes, recordings, e-mails, notes, spread shets, anything he had on a nrm of peopumber of people. he said i have nothing on them. they hated me or they did get me fired from the trump campaign. he didn't say he would defy the subpoena. he said that he was going to cooperate with the subpoena.
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>> you know, the question is did he find something in his e-mail in that time that raised red flags for him. >> yes. >> he was saying on the air i was looking through my e-mail and i decided i shouldn't have to do this. >> that is what a real journal itself does during commercial breaks, instagram. >> i know you're tekixting with sources all of the time. >> i know you'll be with me watching katy tur. sam, you think you would laugh if you were in jail? i want you to watch this. katy tur will be speaking with susan mcdougal. she was jailed for refusing to comply with a subpoena during the white water investigation.
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she went to jail over it. that is today at 2:00. sam, if you're around you'll want to watch that. you refuse to comply you'll go the mcdougal way. >> he did not offer a special incite. it shouldn't take away from the weirdness. >> yes. >> there are otherens withes that have also been talking and describing their experiences. they do line up with a lot of what sam has described. >> robert mueller and his investigation, they could get no information out of it. zb >> mueller thinks she enough to have hip sit before a grand
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jury. that is a big deal. >> let me say i agree. i find him very interesting. >> we'll be watching you this afternoon. let's bring in bill about the other side of this equation, the significance of the fact that secretary of treasury says they will impose some of these sanctions on russia. tell us about the cig nif kasig of this. >> my mind goes to two bookends if you would like. the sanctions would finally fall away because donald trump was going to be more amenable to moscow than previous presidents. the other bookend is what happened with putin's state of the yupon address in moscow and those threats which were clearly
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directed at the united states of nuclear weapons, five new systems and making russia great again. they were authorized last year in response to the meddling in the 2016 election campaign. congress voted nearly unanimously to pass that law setting sweeping new sanks on moscow. trump has always wanted or had wanted warmer ties with moscow. the legislation worked its way through congress. he signed it last summer. you were the measure the administration faced a deadline this week to impose sapnctions doing any business especially with russian defense an intelligence sectors.
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>> thank you so much for that. we'll see if it actually happens. we have been promised these sanctions f sanctions for a long time. all right. a deal has been reached that will take west virginia teachers off of the picket lines and put hundreds of thousands of students back in class. >> we'll find out the exact details f details. first, 2018th forbes billionaires. i was in audit, were you? >> i didn't make it. >> man. bezos with 112 billion. >> bill gates is worth about 90 billion. warren buffet down one spot to number three with a cool 84
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billion. >> president trump does make the list. he is number 766 worth 3 ppt 1 billion. he fell 222 spots. forbes says it is because of falling revenues at the trump golf properties. >> now he wants to are the presidential seal at every seat. >> we'll be right back. and reward points on prescriptions. so no matter where you're going or who you are, it's worth the trip. we'll help you find low cost prescriptions including zero dollar copays on select medicare part d plans. walgreens. trusted since 1901. but i'm not standing still... and with godaddy, i've made my ideas real. ♪
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welcome back. breaki breaking news from west virginia. lawmakers reached a at the present timetive -- tentative agreement that will end the picket lines that kept kids out of class for two days. >> it is over. they say the strike is over and a huge celebration. >> reporter: i have with me two teach thae teachers that made this happen. the question is this really over? is this strike over? >> we have the house and the senate passing the bill, we believe, as we speak. we know that all of the namthin that our members wanted to see has happened. so far we have the task force.
8:22 am
what this is an uprising. we believe they will work together to go back in. >> you have been here before and you had a deal last tuesday night. the governor -- >> well, we will have documents that everything has passed and the real winners are the students of west virginia. west virginia is now making an investment in education, an investment in their future. while teachers stood strong hay did it for their kids. now they are making that investment. >> when it kicks in as far as readings but the last time we did get a raise it did boost us up. of this is an opportunity to at least retain the highly qualified educators we have and
8:23 am
hopefully have people start looking at west virginians. >> are people going back to school tomorrow. >> we have to evaluate the school to make sure they are ready. we have been gone for nine days. you to ensure they have the supplies and schools are ready. >> this is very important. >> a lot of teachers have been watching to see how this goes. did you feel that? >> yes. because the last two weeks it felt like we were up and down, up and down, roller coaster. for these folks to pull together to make sure that we all agree and to do what's right is really -- it's exciting and energizing and inspiring but it's also been a long two weeks. people are still processing it.
8:24 am
>> they can succeed. >> reporter: it is not just teachers getting 5%. all state employees -- >> all state employees. >> reporter: how do you go from nothing to that? >> we said we would stand united. we kept insisting it was going to happen and they made it happen. >> reporter: and this is not fiscal improvement. >> we passed a road bond last year. there are things. the governor said that the state is turning a corner. the difference between where we are now and the beginning is the 5% is now all happening right now. we do believe that. we heard from the chief of staff
8:25 am
and from the senate. we believe it. we have done that for years. >> and this strike is over. are we sure -- >> as soon as both houses accept this and make this bill official, then yes. >> they believe the strike is over, right? [ cheers and applause ] >> they want to go back to school. >> reporter: that's what they are saying. there were 55 counties out, 270,000 students. it looks like it is back to school. >> there are students in that hall with you. the teachers have seemed to enjoyed the support of the families and students. it did you want always happen in a strike. >> reporter: exactly. nine days later we were hearing rumblings from parents about the hardships of trying to find child care and some had to take
8:26 am
off work. it was remarkable they stayed bethiend teachers. many came every day to support them. this is union country. a lot of them telling us stories again, the union stuck together. we don't see that happen. how did that happen here? >> it happened here because we don't have collective bargaining. we have to get all of the organizations together. we also have always said we work with them all of the time and the support of roberts and our national president. it was a collective effort. >> it happened because the organizations put the kids first. >> reporter: do you think this is a turning point of some sort for teachers around the country? >> absolutely. i believe this historic action
8:27 am
woe have take in west virginia will inspire others to know they can teach their children by doing what they do in west virginia. >> we have heard so many stories. teachers are underpaid and under appreciated. do you feel better today? >> yes. it shows an appreciation for that. they know how important it is. that's why they did this in the first place. >> this is the first step. we are making the initial investment in west virginia. we'll continue to make that investment. we'll continue to insist that our voices are heard. this is the first step. >> that was the point made, this is about investing about education and putting money into the school children. the state was very concerned. there are so many about those getting money in the neighboring states. there are some 700 vacancies in
8:28 am
the school system around the state and some are occupied by substitutes or trying to plug holes. they are hoping that changes too. they are hoping it sends a message that teefrpeachers are different cat gegory. you hear people are feeling much better today than they were yesterday. >> thank you so much. i do think it's important that not just the teachers are there but the students and the families. when you hear about teachers unions you hear when are you putting this about kids first? in a place like west virginia where there are hallowed out towns. >> yes. >> the public education system, a good education will get those kids moving up. >> so it becomes hard to attract teachers. there are places that pay more.
8:29 am
if somebody is dedicated they will have temptation to go elsewhere. >> more than a temp targtation. >> they are thinking we don't need our public education system to suffer more than it is. it is important. i know our viewers will know it's hard when you kids are not in school. >> for me if my kids had nine unplanned days off of school. >> we'll continue to cover that and hopefully they are back at school tomorrow. and voting in the primaries underway in the state of texas. here is a live look outside the polling station in houston. this primary could reveal if the so called blue waver is comingr if texas is strong and red forever. you're watching live on msnbc. whoooo.
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during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event. with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. welcome back. here are the top stories we are watching. it has been 20 days since 17 were killed and 14 injured at a shooting in parkland, florida.
8:34 am
the snaenate a proved a ban on bump stocks and raises the age to buy firearms from 18 to 21 and requires a three-day waiting period. the future is uncertain in the florida house. now to the hunting of elephants. the u.s. fish and wildlife service will consider all permits for importing elephant trophies from african trophies on a case by case basis. it made them promise to keep up president obama's ban. science base risk assessment will be considered with ranting requests to import trophies. can i say one thing here? we hear all of the time when president trump follows through
8:35 am
with something, we hear it from sarah sanders the president is living up the a promise. this is a promise president trump made a couple of months ago. if a promise is a promise, sir. >> a key aid has been given permission to work a second job with private clients. an epa ethics lawyer approved for outside work but noted there might be a financial conflict of interest. and nation's first midterm primaries are officially underway in texas. why do we care so much? they are seen as early tests of democratic enthusiasm. democrats might be excited but are they voting? >> democratic voters have shown up in force. early voting among republicans
8:36 am
increased just 15%. joining us now an investigative reporter for the texas tribune who has dug deep into state politics. we are not texans. you are. what does it really mean? >> we have to wait until we see what happens today. you know, people are turning out in races for the legislature, there's a lot of excite m. the -- excitement. there are races that have a lot of people motivated. three congressional seats held by republicans where hillary clinton won in 2016. democrats didn't even feel the candidate two years ago. today there's a multitude of candidates, a big scramble going on. >> is that a problem where there are lots of democrats running?
8:37 am
>> there will be ruboffs noffs lot of these. there will be runoffs in a lot of places. looking at runoffs those won't be determined. >> all right. jay, good to talk to you. we'll follow it closely. >> all right. several republicans trying to change president trump's mind on tariffs. it's more than republicans. ceo's, his own administration, the market. coming up the state of trade right now. and starting off to the upside we are now down about
8:38 am
half a percent on the dow and major markets. it could be that the market has been down far tu days. when it came up people were selling off. >> those pushing against president trump for moving forward saying it will kill the markets, it did you want help the argument. >> and some stuff helped get get us off to a higher start. >> all right. stay with us. i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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president trump is holding strong to imported steel and aluminum. many are pushing back saying the tariffs could trigger a trade war. >> we are encould your honorira administration to focus on a fairly legitimate problem and be more surgical in the approach to go after the true abusers without collateral damage. >> european union state canadian are slamming the idea during the latest round of talks. >> so with all of this talk about trade and tariffs let's take a look back and look exactly at what we are talking ability. all right. tax are a duty on specific imports or exports. in this case tariffs put an
8:43 am
extra cost. rather than pay for it companies typically pass this onto the consumer meaning you end up paying more for items that use either of those. the idea goes that people will then purchase those goods domestically spurring that particular industry. the u.s. currently has trade agreements with 20 countries around the world. some multi-lateral. the u.s. is involved in two regional trade agreements, the north american free trade agreea agreement. the 7th round is well underway takes place in mexico city. the president's trade announcement has thrown a wrefrwrench in the works. yo beyond those were the w tto, d
8:44 am
body they traded between 164 nations. it's complicated. the wto helps even if they don't have a direct trade agreement. if the tariffs escalate and he ignores a decision that is unfavorable to the united states it could set off chaos for global trade. that's not a good or an easy win. but not everybody is against it. joining us is alliance for american mac which canturing. i have seep your tweets. one of the president' key adviser saying this tariff will be great for american jobs and there won't be pli retaliation.
8:45 am
we are not sure it will be great for any jobs so what say you? >> i think these tariffs are both a last resort, they are en essential. it will be minor. we have to put this into perspective. we are talk about a maximum of $9 billion worth of tariffs. that is fractional. paul ryan who you quoted last year proposed a 20% border adjusted tax that would impact every import that would have raised a trillion in revenue. >> right. >> and that's the thing. >> when he is concerned about $9 billion which he acknowledges have faced a hard time. i'll be honest, i have been watching this far while. he has yet to propose any credible solution to deal with this problem.
8:46 am
>> and people don't like the president's plan. >> he ended up not going with the border adjustment tax. cooler heads prevailed you realized what that would do. >> it's ironic comes from wall street. trade enforcement actions happen all of the time. the united states has given an enormous gift to the rest of the world. we have an $800 billion trade deficit in goods. steel industry we closed down ten glass furnaces. it could have amounted from a technical recession.
8:47 am
>> let's talk about you represent manufacturers. there are lots of manufacturers that buy steel. the thing is the cost of teal will go up. you'll say hear them saying it won't go up by much. how do you feel about this? >> there has been a lot of conversation about the tariffs president bush put on steel in 2002 which seems like so long ago now. when the independent body looked at this they discovered that 71% of steel purchasing contracts department change in price, that u.s. prices in steel grew more slowly than the rest of the world, the year after the tariffs were put into place and that the steel consumers saw their profits increase year over year. so the impact was negligible.
8:48 am
they received enormous tax cuts. it is entirely their decision whether for instance miller/cools passes on that penny and a half impact onto the don s consumer. they are smart companies to navigate these tariffs. >> quickly before we go -- >> 90% of it is steel frill fro united states. >> when we started hearing from the president last week it was about us versus china. he is saying this is how we are going get china. we are turning the page. we are saying this is about canada who did you want treoesn fairly. what exactly is it? wednesday night it was all about china then suddenly about canada and mexico.
8:49 am
i'm confused. >> i agree. i don't think canada is the root of this problem. i do think that the way we get to a solution is through encouraging or compelling our trade partners. chiep that has moreover capacity by a factor of 7th or 8th. it is the challenge but chinese steel gets into other countries and then comes into the united states. it will require a global solution. >> a lot of questions have said why did we have a coordinated solution. i appreciate you pointing out canada is never the problem. scott paul was the president of the alliance for american manufacturing. >> reappreciate it. thanks so much. >> we have breaking news right now from tennessee. moments ago nashville mayor announced her official resignation.
8:50 am
>> it has been the privilege of my entire professional life to have the blessing and the opportunity to be your mayor. i thank you in the support, i'm sure you will give mayor briley in the weeks and months ahead. god bless this wonderful city. i love you, nashville. >> her resignation comes amid a guilty plea of felony theft over $10,000 which she says she will reimburse from the city, stemming from an affair she had to a now retired police sergeant assigned to her detail. there could be a major break in the nuclear standoff with north korea. kim jong-un reportedly says he's willing to negotiate with the united states on giving up his country's nuclear weapons. that could be huge. we've got president trump's response. i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off.
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we are back now with some breaking news. president trump reacting cautiously to news of a potential major breakthrough with north korea. >> the president tweeted quote,
8:55 am
possible progress being made in talks with north korea for the first time in many years, a serious effort is being made by all parties concerned. the world is watching and waiting. maybe false hope but the u.s. is ready to go hard in either direction. those comments came after south korean officials announced kim jong-un is willing to begin negotiations with the united states on abandoning nuclear weapons. they say he would suspend all nuclear and missile tests while engaged in the talks. in a statement, the office of south korea's president said the two koreas also agreed to hold a summit between president moon jae-in on the left and kim jong-un on the right in the country's border in april. >> so far, north korea has not corroborated any of this. until now, north korea has said its nuclear weapons program is not a bargaining chip. north korea has not conducted a missile test since late november when it launched what appeared to be a new advanced intercontinental missile. north korea claimed it could deliver a nuclear warhead anywhere in the united states.
8:56 am
nbc's kelly cobiyea joins us. this all follows a year of fiery rhetoric between president trump and kim jong-un and a series of missile tests. do you think he's willing to negotiate? analysts are saying be cautious, we have seen the likes of north korea do things like this to buy themselves some time. >> reporter: absolutely. this could be happening for a number of reasons. we have to keep in mind that back in january, for his new year's address, the north korean leader kim jong-un said that his focus was going to be on improving relations with south korea. it could be for a number of reasons. it could be because the north koreans believe they are already so far along in their nuclear program they can afford to take a pause. it could be that sanctions are starting to bite and they need a little relief, and their best
8:57 am
way in is to talk to the south koreans. they now have a friendly administration in moon jae-in and his government, a government that is open to talks it has always believed in engaging with the north koreans as the way forward. figuring out their motivations at this point is really just a guessing game. but analysts will tell you, as you mentioned, it's a good idea to be cautious here because things are never as they seem with north korea. >> so it's worth noting, i like to note this every time, i would think if you assume this presidency realized the issue north korea was, you would have an ambassador to south korea. we still have no u.s. ambassador to south korea. the state department's top diplomat on north korea has just left. are we equipped for talks? >> reporter: well, i suppose it depends who you ask. not having an ambassador here can certainly be seen as a handicap.
8:58 am
we were very close to having someone in place who is a very well-respected expert in the region, dr. victor cha. according to a lot of reporting, he had already passed the smell test on the part of the south koreans. they had given their sort of, you know, unofficial stamp of approval. he was on his way to being put in place when he withdrew his -- withdrew himself from consideration just before the olympics. there has been reporting about whether that was because he had policy differences with president trump and with some in his circle, whether or not the use of force was a good idea. but in any case, where we stand now is back at square one, presumably. the white house has to find someone to be a go-between in country to be the ambassador here, someone to talk to with the administration. >> kelly, thanks very much.
8:59 am
kelly cobiella in seoul, south korea. time for our favorite part of the show. before we go, monumental americans, where we honor someone who may be deserving of more recognition. today, it is rear admiral grace hopper, a pioneer in the u.s. navy in computer science. hopper joined the navy back in 1943 and was later assigned to work in computer technology at harvard. >> called the mother of computing and amazing grace by the navy, she built computers that helped pave the way for the computer languages we know today. she is also credited with introducing the word "bug" to describe a computer malfunction. grace spent 43 years in the navy as one of its longest serving officers. she earned the rank of rear admiral before retiring in 1985, a level reached by few women at that time. >> hopper passed away in virginia in 1992. she was post humously awarded the presidential medal of freedom in 2016.
9:00 am
yes, we are making an effort to specifically honor women because it is women's history month. grace hopper is an extraordinary and monumental american all day, every day, every month of the year. >> if you have a monumental american, tweet us. thanks for watching. i will be back at 3:00. time for andrea mitchell and "andrea mitchell reports." right now on "andrea mitchell reports," russian roulette. a former trump campaign aide putting on a show about cooperating with robert mueller while the real story could be in shocking new details about that controversial dossier. did russia manipulate the choice of donald trump's secretary of state? >> one of the things i think we will find with much of what's in the steele dossier, first of all, it's looking better and better every day, more and more credible, but i think it's going to take somebody like mueller who's got subpoena power to be able to really nail down a lot of the things that you need to know. time to talk? kim jong-un launching a


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