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tv   MSNBC Live With Ayman Mohyeldin  MSNBC  March 11, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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has had with donald trump and the alleged hush money she was paid to keep quiet. and a proposed summit involving two of the most unpredictable leaders in the world with potential nuclear conflict hanging in the balance. i'm sure you're asking what could possibly go wrong when and if president trump meets with kim jong-un. all of that is coming up. but let's begin with that pennsylvania race. neck and neck in a district of president won by 20 plus points in 2016 and if there was any doubt that this contest is really all about the president, well donald trump himself put those to rest with a performance last night that was for the ages. vipta vipt vintage trump according to some. very little mention of the man he had come to support. watch this. >> remember i used to tell you how easy it is to be presidential. but you would all be out of here right now. you would be so board. maxine waters, very low iq individual. oh, i would love oprah to win. i would love to beat oprah. i know her weakness.
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without the donald trump the olympics would have been a total failure. true. true. might as well say it. nobody else is going to say it, right? might as well say it. a little hard to celtics when you think you're going to be nuked. >> i don't know, looks like a nice guy. i hear he is nice looking. i think i'm better looking. personally, i like rick saccone. i think he's handsome. you like me? i think so, right. i like you, too. i love you. all right. he is handsome. that's a lot to take in and the president kept up the focus on the race today as well. tweeting out that gop is 5-0 in recent congressional races hoping a pennsylvania win will continue to streak. a streak that we should note is nonexistent as simple look of a map of congressional races, clearly shows. i don't know if the president got that same map we do. but we want to break down a lot for you this hour. to do that let's start with the trump referendum. how this race for small district
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may not exist at this time next year became make or break time for the president. how could the president's recent decisions on tariffs impact this individual race? and what will the results of this race tell us about what might be coming in the mid terms for both parties. joining me now to discuss this, nbc news correspondent von hilliard, columnist and opinion editor with penn live and patriot news, and new york state democratic party and democratic strategist and republican strategist great to have all of you with us. von, let me begin with you. you've been covering this for the past couple of days, i should say, on pennsylvania. out there in the field. for voters, is this race more about rick saccone or is this more about donald trump? >> ayman, i think for once we have a race that comes down to policy and where the two candidates stand. you talk it a lot of voters here on the ground and ways just talking to one gentleman, daniel miller, retired coal miner.
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worked faux for 37 years in the coal mines and he said the issue driving him is miner's pension benefits and he said he is looking for somebody in congress to fight for them. he said he believes well donald trump he voted for him just two years ago and he still has faith in donald trump. he believes that conor lamb is the best candidate in this particular race to look after the likes of coal miners and communities like this. there is more than 80,000 union workers here in this district. you talk to voters and some they say were voting for conor lamb because he is a fresh face. others say they are are voting for rick saccone because he is going to back the trump agenda. a lot with these voters that i think should be taken into account. i do want to mention that we tried to ask conor lamb it respond to what the president said last night which you heard the plethora of there and he turned his shoulder to us and got in the car. i asked, how will you work with donald trump and there is a question he is pretty much persistently avoided in addressing here. >> speaking of the president, let me bring you into this for a
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moment. here is how the president talked about the race itself. take a listen. >> they are all watching. because i won this district like by 22 points. that's a lot. that's why i'm here. look at all those red hats, rick. look. look at all those. >> we're more popular now than we were at election day. this guy should win easily and he is going to win easily. >> so john, president is right when he says that's saccone should win this easily. that's what early polling suggested. this race has come too close to call falling within the margin of error. why is that happening. >> yeah. you're right. this is a plus 19 trump dirikt in 2016. as recently as two months rick saccone add 12% lead and by hundred day 3% point by conor lamb. within 3% margin of error. what they are fighting over is
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7% block who are undecided in this race. it has come down to personality and to policy. and in large part due to weakness for one, conor lamb is the strong person casting democrat but a lot of weakness on the part of rick saccone. who has been a reliable conservative vote in pennsylvania state legislature for about 3 1/2 terms now. what was interesting is tim murphy, republican congressman who held the seat previously, one of the reasons he withas successful is he builds bridges to organize labor and is strong on that part of the district. saccone while a member of the pennsylvania house cast toxic anti-labor votes. talking to people on the ground there that cost him support. there is a republican state senator out knocking doors out there i'm told not too long ago. these super voters who answered the door said i'm voting for you but not for rick saccone. >> an conversely now sort of these labor voters from these
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labor activist now democrats who are trump voters in 2016 are now coming home to conor lamb in part at least because of some of the anti-labor votes that rick saccone made in anti-laborcy appleably. >> i want to ask you about what president said yesterday about his tariff plan. take a listen to this. >> your steel is coming back. your steel is coming back. those plants are going to be opening. what we have done with 25% tariffs for those guys that come in and dump their steel all over the place and by the way, it's not good steel. you guys know what i mean. it's crap. but your steel is coming back. all coming back. >> von, so much much issue is the steel debate, tariffs and what have you, weighing in on the minds of vote rs out thers you think? >> exactly. we're in coal country right now. just over this morning in washington, which is about half hour south of pittsburgh and
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washington i was talking to a gentleman on the streets and still registered democrat, life-long democrat, voting for donald trump in november 2016. he said he is voting for rick saccone and five-generation family of steel in this very district at the same time you should note that conor lamb is similarly suggesting he backs the tariff and united steel workers union that backed conor lamb in this race. the democrat. and had rally for him in pittsburgh two nights ago. both are taking the high road along side the president knowing there is about 18,000 steel workers and their family members in this district alone. >> all right. thanks for that. >> let's talk about the national implications. i know you wrote a piece where you looked at this. obviously the president touted the fact he won this district by 20 plus points. but in some ways this is now seen as national referendum on his policies and could be a signal going into mid terms later on this year. what are the implications of it if in fact rick saccone loses
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this district? >> well aside from just looking at hol spolicy implications and think the country is all over the board on that i'm looking at style and some of the things he said last night that were so offensive. he was racist. took off after oprah, maxine waters, an african-american congresswoman from california. i'm looking at this a primary calendar as i wrote in usa today this week, and people and filing dates with the primaries, i think a lot of republicans will distance themselves from the president and a lot of congressional races around the country unless the ones heavily jerry mannedered in their favor because they can't win. he is under 40 percent e in polls. some polls, 35%. that is where republicans in congress are as well. you can't win with that. they will wait until they are safe from some sort of a primary challenge.
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mercer funded primary challenge. once there is no chance of them being primaried, i think republicans will have to start distancing themselves. they will ask themselves do i want what i saw last night in pennsylvania in my district campaigning for me is risky. i certainly wouldn't want somebody like trump up there talking to my candidate about my candidate that way. or talking about members of the press or about african-americans or women. >> especially with the language. >> it is too risky. >> you have someone like conor lamb running. he is by some considerations a blue dog democrat. very conservative by democratic standard. he said he would oppose nancy pelosi. are democrats playing with fire in that they are fielding a candidate trying to sound somewhat conservative just to win this district or moving away from their base? >> we are in the midst of that discussion now, right? in the sense we have always talked about a big tent. but to what extent should every democrat running speak from the
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same script? that challenge that we have had certainly since 2016 but even back before that. but i also look at how in the governor race in virginia you have the governor sort of not embracing the removal of confederate statutes at that time because he was, you know, campaigning very specific for his state. i that i that's one of the things we have to pay attention to. number one, do we national the raises so much, thinking of georgia, do we nationalize the races so much that folks in the district feel there is all th happening in their homes. i this i conor lamb has been doing good about doing that balance and walking that line. so the hope is that you know should he win, and i hope he does and i think he will, that we can start to use his leadership to bring his constituent to where we need them to be on gun control. >> john, let me ask you quickly before we let the panel go here,
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what is your prediction for who wins? >> 2016 told me ton make predictions. >> taught all of us that. >> maybe lamb by a whisker but we will all be up late tuesday night, i think. >> yeah. sherry, you want to go out an limb here? >> no, i won't go out on that limb at all. but i think this is the last time that special elections are are easier to nationalize. i think in mid terms, it'll be every man and woman for themselves. >> why make it hard prediction? >> you obviously haven't learned since 2016. >> i'm doing my ncaa brackets with the same conviction. >> that may be a safer bet. thank you all very much for joining us this afternoon. will president trump actually sit down with special council robert muler? a new clue from the white house. and effort to keep stormy daniels silent. the porn star ready to tell her story to the world, including
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will come back, everyone. the most popular guessing game in legal and political circles right now. will the president agre to sit down for an interview with special counsel robert mueller in the russia investigation? today a white house spokesman gave us the latest answers straight from the top. >> president has told me twice now, once last year and once this year, that he will meet and
2:16 pm
talk to the special counsel, answer questions, under oath. i assume the president plans to keep his word on that? >> look, he also said that would be in consultation with his attorneys. they have been in touch with special counsel and they will be communicating back and forth. >> he said 100% to me. 100% yes. >> i'm sure he intends to. but what i'm saying is that his attorneys are speaking with special counsel on the specifics. >> trump's lawyers were mull ang offer it mueller to trade presidential interview for a concrete date to end his investigation. we begin with the potential for a mueller interview and what it could mean for the president. second, report that president is shaking up his legal team and bringing in a lawyer who worked on the clinton impeachment case. they report that got pushed back from the president himself today and other big legal challenge. efforts of porn star stormy daniels to talk publicly about
2:17 pm
her alleged affair with donald trump. for that, i'm joined by benjamin, msnbc legal analyst and at brookings institution and editor in chief of law fair. ken vogel and white house supporter for the associated press. great to have all of you with us. ben, let me begin with you. rashaw was clear, mathat in consultation with the president's lawyers, if you were his lawyer and i hate to give you that position given everything he is facing. but if you the president's lawyer, what would it do for a sit down with mueller? would it hurt you or help you? >> he will have to do some kind of answering of interogtories even in the form of interview or grand jury testimony or some other format because special counsel has the ability to subpoena him if he wants to.
2:18 pm
and that means that they can negotiate to some degree around the edges of you know the circumstances, terms and conditions of an interview. but they won't realistically escape somehow answering special counsel questions. so the first piece of advice i would give the president if he were my lawyer would be to shut up about it and let his legal team negotiate the best terms they can for him. and so that when he eventually has to do something, he does not -- will not have contradicted himself in ten different ways. >> you're asking for an awful lot of the president to not weigh in or comment on anything that is happening around him. let me ask you if i can. sam nunberg who appeared before the bragrand jury on friday, he appeared with alex witt earlier. here is what he had to say.
2:19 pm
>> if it was up to me the president would have fired james comey the day after he was elected during transition. but he has to explain why when he based logic on the rosenstein memo and then the next day interviewing lester holt saying it today do with russia. okay, fine. maybe then we don't have special counsel. but then he has russians in the oval office. by the way, who the hell in the white house let this happened? he was so ill-served by his staff. >> so aside from the unlikely hood of the president taking advice from sam nunberg, what indications do we have of what the president thinks about whether he would like to talk to mueller or not? >> well we know that his lawyers have been telling him for a long time that if they are allowed to be forthcoming and to disclose documents and information to the special counsel, that that would expedite the end of the investigation and would result in him being cleared.
2:20 pm
however, we also know there is some deseptember on his legal team about that strategy. we -- fame usely overheard at lunch at blt steak, that thai cob, president's personal lawyer, saying he is impressing this, and white house counsel is urging a more cautious approach when it comes to document production. clearing donald trump to go testify before the special counsel would be the ultimate in that forthcoming approach and i know that there is still resistance on the white house legal team to green lighting that type of approach. and particularly when you're promising the president as they continue to appear to be doing that that will result in a more he expeditious end of this investigation. while there is no signs of that and i think it would be highly unlikely that mueller would accept any kind of deal to bring the president in to testify that would come with a date certain end of the investigation. that's just not the way these
2:21 pm
things work. >> darlene, the president today reportedly, he definitely called fake news a story that reportedly was suggesting that he was considering shake up his legal team with the hiring after lawyer who worked on the clinton impeachment. does the fact that you know if this report were true, does the fact that he is considering shaking up his legal team bringing in somebody who has experience with the issue of impeachment? is that a suggestion perhaps that there's a concern or there's a change in tactic here within the president's legal team? does it reveal anything at all? >> it could signal that there is some sort of change in tactic. remember the president's legal team, a number of attorneys that have come and gone from the team already. and the president considering whether he is in fact considering bringing someone else on could just be another step in shuffling of lawyers in and out of his legal team.
2:22 pm
>> ben, ken, darlene, i will ask you all it stick around. i want it talk about legal issues surrounding the stormy daniels story. all of that later on in this hour. if you don't miepd, hand, hang e for us. >> the president accepting a meeting with kim jupg ong-un. the high risk and reward stakes of this gamble. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™.
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welcome back, everyone. time few from we said they said. dr trump makes a startling talks about meeting with kim jong-un. >> meeting with little rocket man. president trump saying he the meet with kim jong-un in an historic meeting between the two leaders. taking the u.s. by surprise and comes after months of growing tension in which the two men traded unsults. we begin with news of a historic meeting in the making. white house officials confirm the american president accepts the idea of meeting with north korea's leader by may. donald trump is tweeting, great progress is being made. and south korea tell gates make initial announcement at the white house. >> we begin tonight with the jaw-dropping contradictions of donald trump apresidency on a
2:27 pm
day when he hit his allies with new tariffs and agrees to treat a global pariah he once threatened with war as equal at negotiating table. >> if donald trump knows what he is doing, what is he doing? >> difficult question, chris. this is a president who prides himself on acting intuitively. he believes himself master deal maker who is unorthodox and who builds his power with these kind of memorable theatrical moments. like the one he staged last night with proclamations that don't necessarily move much in substance but that builds his presidential brand. >> so the impromptu decision catching even white house staffers off guard now scrambling to put together a high stakes meeting with a country they don't have relations with let alone time for preparation. is the u.s. on the right path or collision course with highly volatile and ub predict al regime. that depend on who you ask.
2:28 pm
>> i think is too early to talk about foreign policy triumphs. >> many problems ahead even before you get to the negotiating table. >> this whole process and what makes it so difficult and why it is it broken downsome times in the past is that you are starting from zero in terms of trust. >> on the streets of seoul, trump/kim meeting was met with skepticism. >> it is good news. everything is heading right way. >> given kim jong-un's character i don't think he will give up weapons easily. >> i can't believe either of them. i don't know what is in trump's head and i'm doubtful he is serious about the meeting. >> in china, giving president xi saying the u.s. side highly appreciates the values. the japan times sounding a note of caution however with this japan has long insisted that
2:29 pm
talk too and washington are firmly of the opinion that dialogue for the sake of dialogue is meaningless. the daily noting kim jong-un's to washington highly around the world except for in south korea. that's they said they said. >> who knows what will happen. if it happens, doesn't happen, we may leave fast or it may be for the greatest deal of the world or these country and including north korea. that's what i hope happens. >> i want it bring in "daily beast" columnist and author of nuclear showdown north korea takes on the world. back with us again ken vogel and dorene superville as well. mike pompeo did the morning round this morning talking about north korea. take a listen who what he said and i'll get your reaction it it. >> trump isn't doing this for
2:30 pm
theater. he is going to solve a problem. what's most important is what's discussed and clarity and strength and resolve of this president and administration to achieve the outcome that americans so desperately deserve. >> we are expecting national security adviser hr mcmaster to brief security counsel tomorrow. let's pick up on the mount that mike pompeo is talking about there. what is the presentation tomorrow and pfrom the presiden regarding this meeting? >> i think most important thing isn't what is said at meeting. the north koreans will be intransigent. what is important is we are having the meeting. south korean president wanted this. he is our ally. most important thing is to maintain strong relations with seoul. overriding reality is that the united states and south korea is much stronger than countries on the other side, china and north korea. so as long as we maintain those relations with the south koreans, we're okay. and going to the meeting, that's good enough. so i think it is it --
2:31 pm
>> for who, though? good enough to prevent war? push war further down the road, you think? >> good enough to prevent war. kim jong-un wanted to drive a wedge between seoul and washington. this has been kim family policy for seven decade. intimidate south koreans into submission. trump with impulsive decision said no, i'm not letting that happen. that's a good thing. the way the north koreans will give up their nuke says because we sanction them to the point where they have no choice. north koreans aren't there yet. >> can you make the argument that north koreans win by having this meeting? they wanted a high level defacto recognition by the united states world leader to world leader? maybe even opening some kind of diplomatic direct talks? >> yes. they wanted this and do get that. there will be pictures of donald trump and kim jong-un side by side that elevates kim. north koreans have given up a lot for this. they have said according to the south koreans they are committed
2:32 pm
to denuke cleadenuclearation. we have step owned a lot for giving them much less. >> let's pick up on that point. in the past things haven't worked between the u.s. an north korea. they certainly haven't kept their end of the deal. promises to move things forward between these two sides as gordon was just saying right now, do you think that north korea is expecting some concessions in return for this meeting? >> i'm not sure if they are. i agree with gordon and you. they sort of already won here. so much of this is about the reception that it'll get domestically in north korea as well as here for president trump. you heard him last night. bringing this up isn't yet another talking point. in his rally prompting boos from the audience. saying wait, wait, we have to
2:33 pm
give him chance. maybe after the meeting can you boo. how much of a domestic feeder on -- >> on both sides. >> exactly. it will be so interesting to watch out readouts from this movie occur. we have seen a great disparity in the way that different countries whose heads of state met with trump presented those meetings. pri private meetings. we are talking about allies of the united states. australia. and the white house presenting very different read out of meetings that occurred. imagine a meeting between two heads of state where countries haven't talked in decade and they don't have the track record so much will be left to sort of the spin the two countries put out. >> just organizing how this is choreographed, darlene, let me ask you quickly, syria huckabee sanders saying that trump has an incredible team helping them with north korea bp senator
2:34 pm
warren doesn't agree with that assessment. take a listen. >> i'm very concerned that president maybe taken advantage of here. i want to see the president succeed. it is important for the defense of the united states. it is important for the security of the entire world. but i'm worried about going into the negotiations without a full strong backup. >> we don't even have an ambassador to south korea. a lot of the high ranking diplomats, nikki haley, rex tillerson, hr mcmaster didn't have a lot of experience on the job so to speak before they took these positions. what are your thoughts about that? >> well, one thing that the white house will say to you when you raise the issue of north korea in this upcoming meeting is that the president is a good negotiator. they talk about his negotiating
2:35 pm
skills. but meeting with north korea and sit doung with kim jong-un is different from negotiating a real estate deal to build a casino in atlantic city. i imagine the president would have his national security adviser, secretary of state, defense secretary, some other state department officials with him. there is currently no ambassador in south yee korea as you mentioned. the meeting is supposed to be in may. a couple of months from now if it goes off at all. there is a lot of preparation to be done for the president to sit done and do this. >> let me ask you something. in past, president trump has been very critical of a another high stakes negotiation that was unfolding under president obama's terms especially americans held in iran critical of the obama administration for not securing release of americans prior to those negotiations taking place. watch this.
2:36 pm
>> we have the president who gave away $150 billion to iran. for a deal that is no good and our hostages should have been released four years ago. and before they were even put in jail they should have been released immediatery. >> and we should never have negotiated until the hostages or prisoners or whatever you want to call them until they were releaseed. >> so let's flip the script. fast forward to where we are today. north korea has three americans right now held. are we going to see them released should the president have said they must be released in order for this meeting to go forward. is that likely a position that could emerge? that it would emerge from the white house and be accepted by north koreans? >> i don't think we will see consistency on the part of the trump administration on this. and by the way, it is not just three. there is suspicion of one
2:37 pm
grabbed in china and very well may be others. i would like to know how many americans the north koreans have. then you get them release ped p this is one of the issues i think is sloughed off and people say look nukes are more important but i think it is important to get the north koreans to the point where they you know release hostages first. that will show who is in charge. >> all right. thank you very much. ken vogel, darlene, i will ask you both to stick around as well. attempt to keep porn star stormy daniels from telling her side.
2:38 pm
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welcome back, everyone. adult film actress stormy daniels said she wants to speak freely about her affair with donald trump. it goes against the agreement she signed. the lawyer for daniels whose legal name is stephanie clifford says money is no object. >> has anyone offered to pony up the million dollars to protect her and say here, i'm good for it, go tell your story. >> at least ten individuals in the last three days alone. >> are any of them larry flynn? >> no, not that i know of. >> is she contemplating taking any of those ten offers? >> no. >> let's bring back msnbc analyst ken vogel and darlene superville. ben, let me begin with you.
2:42 pm
if the million dollars isn't keeping daniels from telling her story, what is? >> i don't pretend to have insight into their legal strategy. but it seems to me the, first of all, nothing is holding her back from holding her story. she is telling it without telling it. telling it in the form aftof a lawsuit. telling it by being there. right? secondly, the manner in which is th is playing out and there are efforts to stop her from telling this story, are actually max mally advantageous to her. there is a little bit of crying crocodile tears there in a situation that is actually maximally to letter advantage right now. >> how are they keeping their distance from a story they are asking about everyday.
2:43 pm
why do they go to such great lengs and efforts to silence a woman they deny had a relationship with the president tp it doesn't make sense why they are going out of their way to silence a woman if they say there is was no affair with the president. >> a hugely difficult story for the white house. all you have to do and i'm sure do you is listen to the press briefings everyday. >> oh, yeah. >> at least for the past week where sarah huckabee sanders, press secretary, gets asked about this a couple of time at least every briefing and the answer is this has been addressed. the president addressed this and she refers us to outside counsel, michael cohen, who quote unquote facilitated this payment. my colleagues and i have reached out to michael cohen and he doesn't pick up the phone or answer e-mail. it is obviously not a subject they want to talk about and really who would want to stand up there and talk about these issues involving the president of the united states so they are doing whatever they can to just avoid saying anything. basically. >> ken, let me ask you about
2:44 pm
implications of all of this to the mueller investigation. some are suggesting mueller could tackle the issue because of campaign finance. it could be a leverage the russians use to blackmail the president if in fact they know about it. so many angles to it. could this also be used by the mueller investigation to squeeze michael cohen or put the squeeze on him for other information pertaining to russia? >> yeah. potentially. we have seen the various committees investigating this. i believe the actuary has spoken to mueller but i'm not sure about that. there are campaign finance laws that prohibit over the limit that there is a federal limit of $2 $2700 that a person can give during election. there is hush money as it was deemed in the amount of $130,000 to someone who could hurt the campaign could be seen as over the limit contribution. also the question of coordination.
2:45 pm
he has told people he wanted to talk to trump before he made this payment. that would be considered as well. >> thank you for breaking it down for us this hour. fighting in syria. more than a thousand people have been killed in a matter of we s weeks. next, warning from the secretary of defense following a suspected chlorine attack by the syrian government. stay with us. most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonase allergy relief is different. flonase relieves sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose, plus nasal congestion, which pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. and 6 is greater than 1. start your day with flonase for more complete allergy relief. flonase. this changes everything. ♪ burned me up and down, shno way to cool it. ♪ ♪ ♪ every time you kiss me it's like sunshine and whiskey ♪
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welcome back, everyone. ongoing civil war in syria has taken another deadly turn as rebels in the eastern ghouta region fight off to stave off the government assault. today defense secretary james mattis warned syria it would be very unwise to launch a chemical gas attack. international monitors put the death toll at more than 1,000 people since the russian-backed government assault started three weeks ago. base for human rights says regime forces now control more than 50% of ghouta and on friday a u.n. convoy was able to deliver much-needed aid after previous attempts were hindered due to shelling. here with me more, senior member of the syrian negotiation commission and the middle east based jeern allist and author of the book no turning back life
2:50 pm
lost and hope in war time syria. great to have both of you with us here in new york. heddy, if i can begin with you, the significant of happening right now in ghouta. some portraying this as victory for the assad regime they are shelling this part of the country part of the country and slowly retaking control of ghouta, what is the said victory there? >> the most important issue here is syrian factor. we are talking about besieged area 425 civilians, most of them women and children, they are now the target of literal attacks, using weapons, napalm, even bombs, and the community is not doing what it should do, you talk about convoys exceeding to bring some place, actually, the supplies we are supposed to own
2:51 pm
at least 70,000 people, this comes enough only for 27,000 people, all the medical shipment was taken out by the government, including medication, some trauma kits, so people are proper in there and their regime are not paying attention for civilian casualties. the skilled council should tomorrow see the compliance with the u.n. council resolution 44 and so on. >> let's be honest, the u.n. security council, russia vetos pretty much everything that can put an end to this conflict seems to be ineffective for dealing with this. for us here in the west, we have a hard time understanding what is happening on the ground that is preventing this syrian civil war from coming to an end? can you tell us why? >> because there are many issues a dictatorship, which will never
2:52 pm
go out of the power and which have some alliances to that regime, mainly iranian forces and russias. iran has an interest in spreading its influence and having control of the whole region and this is not something new. we know they are trying to create a similar situation in shareia to have control close to the goal. again we have russian interference in the crisis to the side of the regime and this has nothing to do with the syrian fight as much as the need of russia to get something out in asia region, so syrian conflict became a syrian, syrian region and international crisis and as long as this is no consensus between the u.s. and the russian side, there will
2:53 pm
never be a resolution to the syrian crisis. >> as he was describing there, this is now a full fledged proxy war with so many sides being involved. i know you've spent a lot of time there oak in syria when you heard the defense warning the regime from doing that, how does that play out among the ground and the ap situation on the other side? are those empty rooms that come out of washington? >> they have been empty words for years since the infamous red line comments. i was in a town in the province shortly after a chemical attack there and it meant nothing. the attack meant nothing. there were no consequence, there were no accountably, so the syrians that i know say it doesn't matter what's said, what matters is what's done on the ground. so that's what syrians are concerned about. >> so when we look at trying to
2:54 pm
bring an end to this conflict, what are you seeing to bring this to an end neighborhood? >> as he said, it's been a proxy war for many years, had you mentioned the ones backing the regime, also of course the golf states were involved turkey the european state, there were some parties with the regime, some against the regime, so it's a complicated battlefield. >> let me play you an exclusive interview with vladimir putin and my colleague megyn kelly. >> do you believe the chemical weapons attacks in syria are fake news? >> translator: of course. first of all the syrian government long ago destroyed their capital weapons. secondly, we are aware of the plans to make things look like
2:55 pm
the syrian army is using chemical weapons. thirdly, all of these are attempts that have repeatedly taken place in the not so distant past. >> let me ask you quickly about his comments saying this is fake news. what have you reported on? what have you heard from people on the ground who have lived through fees moments? what did they tale e tell yell ? >> there is a section in the book what the activists in that town have to deal with. so i will not give so much about. that but the fact is that this claim of fake news has bedevilled the syrian conflict from the beginning him people whoez who news and facts -- what news and facts they believe and what is convenience in terms of their world view. that happens on both sides and it's dangerous because it means there is a great gap between them and it's filled with misunderstanding.
2:56 pm
>> let me ask you finally, when you hear the russian president say there is fake news, why would they use chemical well e weapons if they have the advantage of the military might right now? >> first, let's say if it's fake news as we know, the u.n. could come to a resolution also and we can use them for investigation by the united states. >> that's fine? >> the finding of this committee was a clear recommendation by the regime. so nobody can say it was fake news and russian new ones. >> we were trying to say the russians constantly block these. >> i'm so sorry, we are out of time. i apologize, this is obviously a discussion we will continue to have. thank you very much for joining us. >> that will do it for this
2:57 pm
week, join me next sunday at 5:00 p.m. be sure to join my colleague casey hunt for casey d.c. first up, it's "meet the press." . your ancestors, you were pushed out of your homeland. can you never be broken. you walked together. you built your home again. my name is joseph reece, and this is my ancestrydna story. now with 10 million new family connections made every day. order your kit at i had a very minor fender bender tonight! in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car.
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