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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 13, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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find this bomber? didn't think so. that is our broadcast for this monday night as we start off a new week. thank you so very much for being here with us and good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. it's a special election showdown in pennsylvania today. voters in the 18th district will cast their ballots and new polling shows democrat conor lamb gaining ground. and republicans in the house intel committee ended their investigation into election meddling despite objection from democrats. plus, british prime minister theresa may has given putin's administration a deadline to explain how a former spy was poisoned in england.
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good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, march 13th. we begin with all eyes on pennsylvania. today, voters are headed to the polls to cast their ballot. a new monmouth university poll shows democrat conor lamb with a slight edge over rick saccone. if today's enthusiasm matches other special elections seen in the last year, that could be the game changer. even if turn out is higher or lower, lamb still leads, although by varying major yibs. donald trump won the district by 20 points back in 2016. but yesterday, the chairman of the republican party had some explanation for why the race is so close. >> this is a democrat district, notwithstanding the fact that the president won this by 20
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points. it's a democrat district and conor lamb is triegs ying to po himself as a moderate. >> as nbc news points out, that statement is actually not true. besides supporting trump in 2016, the district has backed republican presidential nominees by double digits for the two prior elections. and tim murphy, first elected in 2002 easily elected to wins. the president a's son, don jr., hit the trail with rick saccone. >> they say that the other side is energized. let me tell you, they're energized for hate for our president. i've talked to so many of these on the left and they have a hatred for our president. i tell you, many of them have a hatred for our country. and i'll tell you some more, my wife and i saw it again today, they have a hatred for if god. it's amazing. you see it when i'm talking to them.
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it's disturbing to me. >> hatred for god. >> strong words there. >> i had to listen to that. >> i was pretty surprised by that there at the end. vaughn hilliard is joining us now. i feel like it's alabama 2.0 minus the roy moore controversy, to say the least. good to see you this morning, vaughn. i understand that you spoke to don trump jr. yesterday hitting the campaign trail. do you think that his appearance there along with, of course, his father's appearance, the president, is helping rick saccone to resinate with republican voters in the district? >> good morning, you guys. you know, there's not an alleged pedophile in this race, but at the same time, there's a lot of comparisons to be made to that alabama race. the trumps were down there in those closing days in alabama just like donald trump was here saturday, saw don jr. there. it's an odd closing message to
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be coming from rick saccone. if you are a republican in this district, it's odd to suggest the other side is against god is against the country. when the intention among republicans was to come in and use this opportunity to sell their tax cut plan and to make their case to voters. so rick saccone specifically, in the southern part of district 18, greene county back in 2008, obama lost that county by just 100 votes. however, just two years ago, donald trump won it by 40 percentage points. if you are the democrat, conor lambing looking at this race, people are not so devotedly loyal to donald trump. there's evidence on the ground here that politics are local and they're willing to vote for conor lamb, a democrat, as they have in the past. >> that is why that foegz that somehow striking the fear into
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voters that the other side sfot in favor of god may not resinate with voters. >> yeah. thank you, von. republican lawmakers in the house intel committee concluded their probe into russian interference in the 2016 election, drafting a 150 page majority report which states that they found no evidence that moscow colluded with the trump campaign. one of their findings says the committee concurs with the incident tell community's assessment on russian meddling, quote, except with respect to putin's supposed preference for candidate trump, that is a rebuke of the january 2017 report of intelligence saying we further assess putin and the russian government developed a clear preference for president trump. the panel found, quote, bad swrumt and some in appropriate meetings we know members of the trump campaign and russians, last night, he unveiled the
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findings on fox news. yes, the russians had cyber attacks, active measures going on. we could find no evidence of collusion between either campaign and the russians and we also have some recommendations, will have recommendations to speak to what we do with elections going forward. >> no collusion that you found. >> no evidence. >> no evidence of collusion and the trump campaign. >> or the clinton campaign. you never know what you never know, but we found no reason to think had there is something missing in this regard. we talked to everybody we believe we need to talk to. >> so some celebrated the house russia probe announcement and others responded with dismay. president trump tweeted, quote, the house intelligence committee has, after a 14-month-long indeposition investigation found no evidence of collusion or
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coordination between the trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016 election. adam schiff responded by this was not the finding of the house intelligence committee, mr. president, but only a statement by its gop members who lack the courage to stand up to a president of their own party when the national interest necessitates it. john mclaughlin tweeted, i've never seen a party drive a stake through the process as house representatives just did. >> and just a day after the white house announced its school safety proposal, president trump used twitter to defend his plan to arm teachers. trump tweeted in part, quote, very strong improvement in strengthening of background checks will be fully backed by white house legislation moving forward. bump stocks will soon be out. highly trained expert teachers will be allowed to conceal
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carry, subject to state law. armed guards okay deterrent. the tweets came after some criticized the president for pulling back his support for more aggressive gun control measures, including aen plan that would have raised the minimum purchasing age for some weapons to 21 years old. yesterday, white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders told the press trump has not abandon his ideas. >> president trump said, quote, some of you are petrified of the nra. you can't be petrified. but based on the plan last night, it seems like president trump was the one petrified from the nra because he backed away from some of the ideas he brought into the discussion and i'm asking why he chickened out, why he didn't go forward with -- >> look, he hasn't backed away from these things at all. as i just said, they're still outlined in the plan, but he can't make them happen with the broad stroke of the pen.
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>> ahead, stephanie murphy of florida joins the discussion to continue that conversation. now to the latest regarding the poisoning of a former russi russian living in the uk. prime minister theresa may laid blame squarely on russia. watch this. >> it is now clear that mr. skripal and his daughter were poisoned by a nerve agent developed by russia. based on the positive identification of this chemical agent by world leading experts of the defense science and technology laboratory, our knowledge that russia has previously produced this agent and would still be capable of doing so, russia's record of conducting state-sponsored assassinations and our assessment that russia views some defectors as targets assassinations, the governments has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was respond
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for the act against sergei and yulia skripal. there are only two plausible explanations for what happened on the 4th of march. either this was a direct act of the russian state against our country or the russian government lost control of its potentially scat stroficily damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others. >> the prime minister demanded russia give a full explanation by the end of today. at least 19 others, including a police sergeant have been on or are still being treated for exposure to this agent. predictably, moscow is denying any role in the assassination attempt, adding that london is creating anti-russian propaganda and that the british parliament is a, quote, circus show. still ahead, stormy daniels offers to return her hush money so she can break her silence. and the front lines of the
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conflict in syria. those stories and a check off your weather when we come back.
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welcome back, with everybody. now to some breaking news overnight. defense secretary jim mattis arrived in afghanistan this morning for an unannounced visit the there to the assess the war. he seemed encouraged that at least the taliban fighters showed interest in reconciling with the afghan government saying the u.s. would take advantage of fractures in that group. the trump administration has stepped up pressure on the battlefield in the last year with more pressure and increased air strikes. it's aimed at bringing the taliban to the negotiating table. ambassador nikki haley yesterday warning that the u.s. remains prepared to act if we must if the international community does not do more regarding the assad regime's continued assault on ghouta.
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at least 1140 people have died in the last 22 days in eastern ghouta, including 402 women and children. joining us now, a journalist and author of the new book no turning back life, loss and hope in wartime syria. that is out today. great to have you with us here. >> thank you. >> on set. there's so many different nations now involved in this conflict in syria. sometimes for us here in the west, it's hard found or wrap our head around it. how did this become such a global proxy war? because of syria's geopolitical position, it was allied to iran and to russia. and the syrian -- so on the one side, you have iran and russia and lebanese is backing the assad regime. then you have the gulf state, saudi arabia, turkey on the other side with the backing of the u.s. and europe. so it's a proxy war and it's a battlefield for so many different nations. >> i want to talk a little bit about your book.
2:16 am
you tracked four different individuals over six years. you were there for the protests in syria, not knowing what it was going to become. >> march of 2011, right? >> yeah. >> thinking that any day bashar al assad was going to step down. how do you feel like this war, this civil war has changed those individuals that you were following specifically? what did you see in them? >> their journeys, honestly, one of the reasons i wrote this book is because i had a positive very playing in my head and the movie was full of characters like this. honestly, i don't think hollywood could have scripted some of the story lines in terms on of what happened to some of these people. there are epic, epic journey of six or seven years. let me ask you about one of the major solutions to this conflict that a lot of people always bounce around as abdomen idea. president assad has to step the down from power. it seems like that is unlikely to.happen right now. is that the only way a solution can emerge in this conflict? >> why would he negotiate his
2:17 am
own demise? why would he leave, especially when he's making gains on the battlefield. >> so you feel like he still has the upper hand, there's no reason for him to go anywhere. >> no. >> no advantage whatsoever. >> no. >> out of what you did in the last several years, which touched you personally? >> every one of they will. was there a theme among all four of them that you noticed? everyone of them has a different trajectory. you follow free syrian army fighters, you follow a little gill and her family, their paths at times intersect even if they didn't know it. but they illustrate different elements of what happened in syria over the past six years. >> and where are some of these people now? where is this little girl that you followed for so long? they're all in different places. some of them are still in syria
2:18 am
and some of them are in europe. some of them are in neighboring states and some of them are dead. >> and you talk about this little girl that you were following and how she was such a young girl yet she sort of had this the adult way about her because of what she was experiencing in her hive. >> yeah. >> why did you think she had that? what did you see in her? >> she was very precocious and she was very aware of the things happening around her. she tried to understand like a little girl. so she would sit in the basement of their home when the planes were overhead and she would make paper planes pretending to shoot down the real ones above them. that was her way of sort of coping with what she was seeing and her way of maybe having a little bit of control to think i'm making a plane and that this is -- you know, so she would do things like that. >> absolutely heartbreaking. >> so many children affected by this. >> it was great to have you with us. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> her new book, no turning back, life, loss and hope in
2:19 am
wartime syria is out today. switching gears, let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. how is the nor'easter looking? >> blizzard warnings have been expanded. it's another miserable morning compute. schools canceled all over the place in new england. we have 3.5 million people under blizzard warnings. winter storm washings include roughly about 13 million people. once you include the white with the winter weather advisories, it jumped up to 45 million or so. usually middle of march you get a lot of mixed type storms. that's what we have right now. the green is the rain. we have that early but now the column of air has cooled off and now we're all snow from boston out to the cape. but the issue is that some areas have temperatures in the boundary layer towards the ground that are marginal or above freezing. in some areas, you'ring going to get wet pavement with snow
2:20 am
accumulating on the grass or on the snowpack, so that's fifteen. from hartford through providence, boston, the cape, 12 to 18 inches of snow in boston. somewhere south of boston, could easily get 20 inches of snow today. this is where it will be white outconditions during the day. as far as the wind gusts go, this isn't going to be 90-mile-per-hour gusts. nantucket towards cape cod, down to boston or even in maine. third nor'easter in in ten days. >> unbelievable. i was seeing reports of the boston storm, bill, is going to be as bad as it was in 2015 where there were those huge pile ups on the streets of boston. >> they didn't melt that until may, so let's not do that again. in march madness, the women's bracket is out with everyone once again chasing a very familiar name. details next in sports. .
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scoot, score, foul. >> may be the best in the game. >> brandon jannings nearly recorded a triple double in the ten-day contract with the bucks after spending time on their g-league team. let's turn now to the nhl where several players were reaching milestones of their own. alex ovechkin scored his 600th goal last night becoming the 20th player to ever accomplish that feat doing it in fewer than 1,000 games. the 32-year-old is the third youngest player to reach 600 with only wayne gretzky and mario lemieux doing it sooner. the caps won 3-2 in overtime. meanwhile, marc-andre fleury saved 38 out of 40 shots to become the 13th goalie in history to do that. he recorded 400 career wins, helping his team defeat the
2:25 am
flyer, 3-2. president the president welcomed the houston astro et yesterday after their won their first championship in franchise history. while the president praised the astros for their quick turn around from one of the worst to best teams in the league, he didn't refrain from delving into his admin vacation. >> i just want you to know your country is doing fantastically well. we had one of the best economic days in our history on friday. we're not letting the world take advantage of us any more and it's being changed very rapidly. >> and the president had some awkward moments with the american league mvp jose altuve saying the player was much taller than he thought and skipped over altuve during the conclusion of his speech. >> and finally, following the release of the men's ncaa tournament bracket, the women's bracket is revealed awarding the uconn huskies with the number one overall seed with north carolina as the number two seed.
2:26 am
games begin on friday as programs try to make their way to claim a title in columbus. some exciting times in men's and women's college basketball. >> he looks like a small man on camera. >> the chair is very low right now. >> giant. >> easy. no need for the name calling. still ahead, house republicans on the intelligence committee have shut down the russia probe and democrats have harsh words for their colleagues. plus, new reporting about who may be relacing gary cohn, those stories and more coming up. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. we start with the battle over guns and the new policy proposals from the white house. the trump administration denies that the president has caved to the nra after talking a big game about standing up to the gun lobby. pierre alexander has more on this. >> in the wake of last month's massacre in in parkland, president trump stunned guns rights groups publicly supporting tough, new restrictions. >> it's not going to be talk like it has in the past. it doesn't make sense. i have to wait until i'm 21 to get a handgun, but i have to wait until i'm -- >> we didn't he address it. >> because you're afraid of the
2:31 am
nra. but now it appears the president is bending to the n the ra. on raising the the age limit to pure the chas firearms, president trump tweeting not much political support, to put it mildly. the idea, instead, simply under review. with no clear timeline. >> what happened? what changed.? >> everything is on the table. and the commission that is being formed, of which i will lead, is going to be looking at this issue, along with a number of other issues. >> the president for now advocating fixing the the background check system, not expanding it. despite just weeks ago expressing an openness to comprehensive checks, improving mental health programs and arming some properly trained teachers. an idea that the majority of americans and and teachers groups oppose democrat dianne feinstein slamming president trump who she says completely caved to the gun lobby.
2:32 am
>> he hasn't backed away from these things at all. they're still outlined if in the plan, but he can't make this happen with a broad stroke of the pen. >> at that recent meeting with senators, president trump said he favored a proposal by a democratic senator that would make it harder for people convicted of abuse ago partner to buy firearms. but the plan makes no mention of any legislation related to domestic violence. switching gears for a moment, pennsylvania voters are preparing to head to the polls to cast their boll yot in the state's closely watched 18th congressional election. democrat conor lamb with a slide edge over rick saccone. lamb leads sacc on one 51% to 45%. if this matches the elections seen over the last year. even if turnout is higher or lower, lamb still leads,
2:33 am
although by varying margins. joining us now, vaughn hilliard. good to have you back with us. it's decision day in pennsylvania. sorry. i just saw that truck pass you by there. >> alarms are going off already and the polls haven't even opened yet. >> so it's the 18th district. i know that you've spoke ton a number of voters yesterday. we were on the air when you had a cans to ask donald trump jr. a few questions, particularly about the lack of support that seems to be coming from the republican national level political establishment, if you will. but what are voters there on the ground telling you? what are you hearing? >> you know, it's interesting because rick saccone there, it was a candy shop in which we were talking with rick saccone and don jr. yesterday. he caught my ear and i asked him the about some voters concerned about his stance on unions, particularly coal miners that i had talked to, democrats who
2:34 am
voted for donald trump and said they were concerned about rick saccone. rick saccone told me, i don't know who you're talking to, but i don't think there is any democratic coal miner out there that is not supporting me. it comes down to the fact that who is rick saccone going to be able to ultimately pull over? yes, it was a plus 20 trump district, but you can into a place, go up into allegheny, those are the is suburbs outside of pittsburgh. and i talked to numerous republicans up there and they told me they were willing to vote for c on onor lamb. >> interesting thing, vaughn yesterday, we mentioned the poll that came out showing he was slightly falling behind conor lamb and he responded, i am a walk poll. >> rick saccone is known as saying that he was trump before trump was trump. i'm not surprised by him saying he is a walking poll, yet he
2:35 am
probably doesn't believe the polls as donald trump didn't, either. what are we expecting in materials of turnout, vaughn? this is all going to come down to turnout today. >> exactly. where is the energy at? i was out had there over at trump's rally on saturday and i talked to several hundred individuals to try to get them to talk on camera. an interesting response from them was a lack of really excitement over rick saccone. you didn't see any rick saccone signs out or shirt. usually they get about 20% to 25% turnout. union family house holds is part of the electorate. they are aiming for one-third. if they are able to do that with the supposed most of the majority of those voters going over to lamb, they're hoping to put him over the threshold. >> i know that was an issue that they had, they were worried they
2:36 am
couldn't necessarily get their members on board with what they were thinking. >> exactly. it's a question, you know, and that's where it was don junior slammed joe mancion yesterday and pretty much trying to remind individuals that democrats from hillary clinton to barack obama to conor lamb are not on their side and want to see the coal industry particularly disappear and reminded them when it comes to steal that it was the president of the united states that placed those tariffs on steel imports. >> thanks, vaughn. republicans on the house republican committee concluded their russia meddling probe. democrats reacted, congressman jim hines responded last night tweeting, interesting, i'm on the house intel committee and
2:37 am
this is the first i've seen of this one-pager and its conclusions. ranking democrat adam schiff said the republicans had pushed a unserious investigative process by ending its oversight role in the only authorized investigation in the house. the majority has placed the interests of protecting the president over protecting the country and history will judge its actions harshly. committee democrats will get to see the report today. >> you've confirmed what we suspect all along, which is the collusion narrative was a lie. >> the democrats have additional evidence that they're not egg showing us that they make reference to over and over, that they have evidence of that, this drafting process, which we'll start in the morning will have a chance to -- >> yeah, let's see it. coming up on "morning joe," house intelligence committee member eric swalwell reacts along with seth moulton. all russia investigations with
2:38 am
the phrasing quotes not only in the u.s. are destined to end as mike conaway brilliantly concluded. only tom chanlancy could take t and weave it into a spy thriller that could go out there. they also tweeted, this photo last fight asking what was american helicopters searching for at the russian embassy's presence last night? strange. malfunction of navigation equipment in the center of the u.s. capital or another did desperate attempt to find traces of russian meddling? >> a little twitter rolling by the russian embassy. so democratic leaders in congress have sent a letter to the white house calling on the trump administration to do everything possible to demand russia extradite the 13 nationals taking last month.
2:39 am
watch this. >> translator: they do not represent the interests of the russian state. maybe they're not even russians, maybe they're ukrainians, j he ws, even those with russian citizenship. maybe they have a green card. maybe it was the americans who paid them for this work? how do you know? i don't know. >> a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity by the russian president. in a letter, the democrats offer solutions, including an interpol red notice alert and bringing those suspects here to the u.s. and there appears to be a new front-runner for america's top economic adviser. larry kudlow is the leading contender to head the economic council and would take the job if it was offered to him. cramer said the president has not offered the job to kudlow. kudlow, who has declined to
2:40 am
comment on the matter, has previously helped to craft economic policy during the reagan administration and formally advised trump on taxes and other issues during his run for the presidency. he opposes tariffs. cohn announced his decision to leave the white house after president trump unveiled his tariff owes steel and aluminum. the report on kudlow comes after the "new york times" reported that weekend that christopher ladell was a fop contender to take over. but it was tweeted yesterday that the combo of our reporting and liddell's standing plus t"te wall street journal"'s editorial has moved trump off of liddell. kudlow wants the job and is a real possibly now. with that, let's turn to business. the white house has announced that president trump is putting
2:41 am
a stop to the purchase of broadcom. what's the president's reasoning behind this? i know there's some national security concerns, especially involving china with this buy kwout. >> yeah, absolutely. although the china angle appears to be a little bit of a red herring at the moment. let me back up a little bit. broadcom has been pursuing qualcomm for some time now. and they dangle the $117 billion carrot to try and get this mayorage over the line. but donald trump has now stepped in the middle and derailed the likelihood of these two businesses coming together. and the administration is saying just blooiuntly there are secur concerns. be aware, broadc on om is not a chinese company. it is a singapore county and singapore has a democracy. but perhaps the this is a sign that the president is willing to interfere more in these kind of
2:42 am
corporate deals where he sees the interests of the u.s. not being fully represented. i want to move you on here. lucy koe has ruled yahoo! must face litigation. you must face potential lit fwag investigation if respect of this. big nut for apple. the company has climbed to an all-time high yesterday. what's fuelling the surge? i know they have a larger market cap than all of their competitors and i also know that apple is also bought texture, which is a magazine subscription company that also could be fueling that climb. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, i think the underlying driver here is still the desire to own the iphone x.
2:43 am
that phone, given the price, a surprising success here. and helping drive apple stock up, that leading the market cap to $925 billion, apple is long on its way now towards this trillion dollar listing for a public company. it would be the first on of its kind in the world. what can you say, eat your heart out, amazon and google. they are training by some 100$1 to $150 billion right now. >> geoff cutmore, we always like having you live with us from london. >> eat your heart out, amazon and google. i actually still need you, amazon. so don't eat your heart out. >> and google. all right. still ahead, moves stormy daniels trying to make to speak about hurry affair with donald trump. and a picture is worth a thousand words. the story behind this photo of
2:44 am
donald trump jr. bill karins lk back with us, as well. he will have the latest on a major storm system hammering parts of the feast today and tomorrow.
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ask your doctor if 90 days of linzess may be right for you. welcome back. the latest in the stormy daniels scandal, the former porn star may have accepted $130,000 to keep quiet about an alleged affair with donald trump, but now she says she will give it back if she can speak clearly about it and release any videos and text messages and photos she has. the offer was made by a lawyer to cohen. the letter seeks an agreement that neither side would move to block an upcoming interview with "60 minutes." cohen was a deadline of noon today. cohen did not respond to a request for extent. the white house and cohen deny
2:48 am
mr. trump had an affair with danieles. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. this nor'easter that you're following is turning out to be a pretty solid one with bostoning looking in the rake of 12 to 18 inches of snow. yeah. the nor'easters have three components to them. one is the snow or sometimes you get rain or flooding. no problems with rain or flooding. we'll have minor issues like that with this storm. and then you also get the problems with the wind. now, the first one had winds up to 90. the second one, the wind wasn't too bad. i'm going to take you through the timing of it. this is 8:00 a.m. the blue on the map shows where you it's snowing. the white will show you inside of that where we get the heavier bands of snow setting up. the brighter whites are focused in here from boston to providence, out towards cape cod. 5:00 p.m., were done in new york city. also lower hudson valley, we
2:49 am
start to end the snow in connecticut. still snowing hard from boston to nantucket and then right through coastal maine, portland to portsmouth, back to concord and manchester. by time we go into tonight and tomorrow, we linker with the snow. the other problem is with the airports, bwi, 96 cancellations already. new york, laguardia, 170. and these red dots show you the destinations of where the cancellations are from. boston, 830 cancellations going all the way to the west coast and the total number is now over 1500 flights canceled. the nor'easter is literally just affecting the northeast, but if you're trying to travel by air, a wide ranging impacts. >> bill, i have one more story for you here. donald trump jr. gave a pretty sweet interview yesterday while out campaigning for republican rick saccone. trump junior was captured in
2:50 am
this photo giving a live interview to a clock lal bunny. andrew rush tweeted out, this is the danger of campaigning at a candy factory. the president's eldest son tweeted later, the chocolate bunny gave a hard hitting interview and was delicious afterwards. >> i'm surprised he didn't dismiss it as fake news. >> i >> so nice though. >> i guess that's what you would do. >> if i saw a chocolate bunny the size of me, i would tackle it. >> still ahead, britain is pointing the finger at russia over the poisoning of a russian spy living in the uk. >> the demand teresa may is making to moscow over that matter.
2:51 am
2:52 am
2:53 am
welcome back to the latest regarding the poisoning of a russian spy living in the uk. yesterday prime minister teresa may accused russia being behind the assassination attempt. let's talk a little bit about this, but now we're getting clarify from british authorities. what's the reaction been like to this major international incident? what are the some of the challenges facing the british
2:54 am
prime minister? >> russia has denied having anything to do with this and the european union says it will stand by brittan. investigators have been dealing with this for more than a week and they don't have a lot of answers as to why a russian spy and his daughter were poisoned and why it happened. they were found slumped over in salisbury. we now know they were poisoned with something, a nerve agent developed in the 1970s. the united states didn't learn of itself existence until two decades later rges but why target sergei skripal? he started as a russian military intelligence officer.
2:55 am
he ended up in a russian jail but was freed in a spy swap in 2010 and that's where he settled in salisbury where he lived a kwie rhett life until this happened. there's a lot in play over the next day. >> we're getting some reaction initially yesterday from the state department. we haven't heard anything from the white house so we'll see if they get pressed about that. >> we're live in pennsylvania for today's special election as republicans struggle to defend a seat won by donald trump. >> and was it finished or was it killed? republicans on his committee end their nv gags claiming there was no collusion. morning joe, everyone, just moments away.
2:56 am
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if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ welcome back. let's get a check on the stories we'll be watching on the day ahead. >> voters in pennsylvania's 18th driblgt are set to head to the polls today. the latest polling shows a very close race with connor lamb with
2:59 am
a slight lead over rick saccone. we'll have complete coverage and the results throughout the day and into this evening. >> president trump is set to head to california today. the president will also visit a marine corps air station. he's scheduled to attend a fund raiser in beverly hills this morning. >> and devosz will deliver the keynote address in virginia. that does it for us on this tuesday morning. morning joe starts right now. >> the report makings the assessment that russian president vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign aimed at the presidential election. it says that russia's goals were
3:00 am
to undermine public faith by harming her electability and we further assess putin and the russian government developed a clear preference for president trump. >> that was part of the report last year. the headline, russia wanted donald trump to win. now house republicans are breaking with the own intelligence community disputing that finding and suddenly shutting down their probe into russian meddling. it's tuesday, march the 13th. also with us we've got the politics editor for the daily beast.


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