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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  March 16, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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block? adding to that chaos, stormy daniels who her lawyer says someone threatened his client. crossing the red line, special counsel robert mueller takes aims at the president's business dealing as part of the russia investigation, something the president said would cross a line for him. the president set to tackle the opioid crisis which could include the death penalty for drug dealers. we've got an awful lot to get to this morning starting with that new clime from stormy daniels attorney about how far someone was willing to go to protect the president from the porn star's claim of affair with donald trump. >> was she threatened in any way? >> yes. >> was she threatened physical harm? >> yes. >> can you tell us whether it came from the president
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directly, the physical threats? >> i'm not going to answer that. >> will you deny that the president of the united states threatened your client? >> i will not confirm or deny. >> i'm joined by ashley parker and katy feng. so, ashley we know the president is an avid consumer of the news, with these allegations of stormy's case i'm imagining what might be going through his mind. talk to us about what's likely going on behind the scenes right now at the white house? >> what's going on bond the scenes with hi inner circle, cabinet and senior staff, the president feels sort of emboldened and unleashed and years of a yearn to his presidency for confident in making his gut decisions as we was. last night he's decided to
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ultimately oust h.r. mcmaster although the timing is an open question because he wants to have a strong replacement ready. there was a hope in the white house that mcmaster could leave in a way that was not deeply humiliating and had a soft landing. everyone whose work there and left because they've either been fired, or left on their own accord. they do want to prove that you can work in this white house and not leave beaten and bruised. >> that's hard to see how that happens when this is a topic of conversation that's been going on for weeks. katy let me ask you about this new allegation in the meantime when isle that is going on been a physical threat against stormy daniels. could that threat be a crime? >> yes, so very keely the lawyer for stormy daniels did not say
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who made this threat and when was it made. those are two key questions. i do not believe donald trump would dirty his hand and make the threat of harm himself. how far because we don't know whose done it we need to have that answer. when was that threat made? if the harm was made, chris, before this settlement agreement was signed then what does that mean? that means perhaps stormy daniels has yet another argument to validate that agreement. she could say she was coerced, forced. and that in and of itself would be of legal ground to violate that agreement and any agreement of confidentiality is out of the window. >> and all of the questions her attorney wouldn't answer this morning, he says a lot will be next sunday. we know the physical interview will be next sunday. is there anything, katy, you
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could see that would stop it from airing? >> yes, we've been talking about this, it's been a rumor that perhaps someone was going to go to court to stop this. you can bet your going line now that's going to happen. might be michael cohn, his company or donald trump himself is going to try to stop the interview. she, meaning stormy daniels goes ahead and done this interview and 60 minute airs it's not on 60 ins there's going to be -- for each breach, stormy daniels is on the hook for $1 million. and that would be the remedy for donald trump. that would be the release that he'd get from the court. so t not going to stop that interview from going forward, chris. >> yeah, and it was made clear he wouldn't represent stormy daniels if he didn't have proof. jonathan came on and vouched for
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a good lawyer that he is. i want to play a little of that interview. >> you could not take on a client like this without proof if. >> yes. >> you would not take on a case like this unless there was proof there was a sexual relationship between stormy daniels and donald trump and that they tried to silence her about it? >> correct. >> there's more. he said there are six other women that have come to his and his law if i were, hee not ready to vouch for them, but they have similar stories. two of them, according to him have nondisclosure agreements as well. if this continues to escalate, ashley, if it continues to be headline, whether there are more women coming forward or whether the 60-minute interview is going to air, it's going to be interesting to see whether the president stays quiet. his lawyers clearly briefed him
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on stormy daniels he haven't been tweeting about this. >> all of the alleges have not stuck and broken through. remember the hollywood alleges happened in october before he was elected president. a lot of women came forward and proved him of sexual behavior and he still won the presidency. on daniels's news that happened then there's not a lot of chaos in this white house. rob potter was getting forced out of the white house for saul abuse, it didn't stick. sarah sanders was asked about it a frm of times in the briefing room last week. she was forced to respond. stormy daniels's lawyer is on t.v. making claims. if that em boldens other people to come forward and violate, they're allowed nondisclosure agreements. the president will have a real issue and he will be forced to address or pay ignore the advice
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of his lawyers, whether it's on twitter and that creates another cascades of problem for this white house to try to manage. >> ashley and katy stay with me. our white house team has been working all morning long as there news have been breaking. jeff bennet is there now. what are we hearing from the white house on these two stories, one by the agriculturals of stormy daniels's lawyer and that there's going to be a big storm coming? >> reporter: the white house isn't saying anything about the stormy daniels storm. make of that if you will. the official i spoke to wouldn't even intertan the question about all of this. the president denays ever having a relationship with stephanie clifford, a/k/a stormy daniels. another thing we're following is the firing of mcmaster.
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no one seems to know when that will happen. publicly president trump says he respects mcmaster but the relationship has been rocky for months they've had public disagreements over policy issues. last month the president rebuked mcmaster for failing to defend the president's 2016 electry move. the white house is denying that mcmaster could be eyeing the exit. here's a tweet sanders sent out. just spoke to potus and mcthat'ser. contrary to reports they have a good working relationship and no changes at nbc. it should also photo that the white house also released reports about james comey, michael flynn well before they were fired. that's what we're watching about the developments.
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>> another busy day at the white house, jeff, thank you for that. joining the conversation with ashley and katy is my panel for the hour. nick and shelly holiday. nick, so not only is the white house dealing with all these report that have been going on for weeks about there's going to be a lot of shaking up in the president's i wanter circle. now you've got just within the last couple of hours these allegations involving stormy daniels, how in the world do they navigate this one? >> if you talk to anybody they'll say it's more than the chaos that dominates the trump white house. this is the rebirth, the fire that have to happen. >> couldn't get two more different views than what's going on at the white house. >> right right. trump is causing a lot of problems for himself because he has the stormy daniels stuff. he need people who are strong and supportive of him right now.
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and hee not showing loyalty to these people who are loyal to him. saying no to him, which something mcmaster and john kelly has don is a soon of disloyalty to him. going forward, who does he surround himself with. he's not to lock at all this stuff. >> so, about these two stories they seem to be unrelated at least on the surface if there's any sort of legal implications that would affect the robert mueller investigation. listen to what congressman jim heinz has to say about all of this. >> the possibility the president wakes up one modern and decide it's time to go to war with country a, b and c because of something he saw on the news. i think it's the adults in the room that have talked him down and it's scary to see those guys
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leaving. >> maybe it's not something he saw on fox news maybe it's something he saw on morning joe, i know he's tweeted during show before. are these two in that sense intertwined so much about the president's decision making he's shown us in his presidency so far is impacted by hi news if. >> there was talk concerning this thing with stormy daniels multiple times a day. there was speculation, president woke up wanted to change the news cycle and sent out a tweet following rex tillerson. i think it's interesting he want to afford mcmaster a grateful message than a quick tweet -- >> i foe people are saying that but again we had reporting on that a couple of weeks ago, it's like this long prolonged thing. >> what happened with mcmaster a few weeksing a the same week hope hicks announced she was
7:12 am
leaving the warehouhite house. >> i think a key problem for the president right now there's a lot of fear that general kelly might be the next one out. general kelly pay not want to put up with all this hoaring and firing revolving door thing he does not like. the wall street journal's reporting for now his relationship with trump is okay. he's really the eye of the storm for a lot of the people. advisers look to general kelly as the studying hand. i remember speaking to leonel pruneda when kelly was hired. and he said we'll give him six months, we'll see if after six months he'll be successfully. we're at this point right now. >> so, stephanie what are you hearing on when the president will pull some key points on tease people? >> the true point is we don't
7:13 am
know. we've heard conflicting things about general kelly. if general kelly, i think leaves the white house it will be the president's decision not general kelly's. general kelly's often very frustrated with the processes, with the way the president behaves. he believes he's there doing a public servant and in some ways protecting the country from the whelms of the president. my sense it will be the president making the decision to oust general kelly and we've heard both things, he could be gone by this week. you look at the president's cabinet, five members are engulfed if scandal. the one thing that seems to be in the toughest position is david shul ken at the va. doesn't seem like his departure is necessarily imminent. he'll have to endure the president's anger until he is forced out in a tweet or statement. the reason this is so confusing
7:14 am
and hard to report on is that literally no one in the white house knows what the president is thinking. >> well, there you have it right. they have no idea. >> they have no idea. i have senior people who are calling reporters to ask us what we've heard and got our read on whose in and out. you go with them with a tip or piece of reporting. their response is that sounds crazy but that sound entirely plausible. until the president says or tweet something his own staffers that are helping him manage the government in the white house knows just as little as the media and the public. >> there is so much playing catch up it's john bleechbl. ashley and katy thank you. the scope of the mueller i want investigation widening further. what the white house is saying and not saying about the investigation, and whether mueller has crossed a line but
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. as of today the white house is not talking when asked whether the spsh council has acrossed the president's so-called red loan now that mueller is reportedly looking into the family business. the mueller team subpoenaed the family as far as a wide ranging probe ordering them to hand over records relating to russia and
7:19 am
other topics that mueller is investigating. in another russian news the department of home land security is stating that russian -- had targeted and compromise infrastructure. including nuclear, energy, commercial facilities, water and may haveuation factors. katy back with us. katy, here how the trump organization respond to that report and i'm quoting them. since july 2017 we have advised the public that the trump organization is fully cooperative with allen investigations including the special council and responding requests. why subpoena the trump organization, why not just ask for the documents. why do you think this is all happening now?
7:20 am
>> well, the subpoena is compelling the production versus this, hey can you turn it over to us. the subpoena has the force and pow of the court. it's coming from special counsel mueller. this is no surprise and the concept of a red line is a complete red heir hairing. mueller was always going to be looking into the business with russia and others. mueller has been looking into michael kcohen's representation. there was going to be a spa in ivanka's fame. none of it is new. we're going to be looking at thing like documents for agreements, contracts, communication. these are going to be timely and timing is key. mueller's asking for it now. he's already received tons of other documents so far and other
7:21 am
evidence. he's going to see will the trump organization comply and turn over everything that they have. >> the president said you go into my personal family and personal dealings you've crossed the line? >> they are very intertwined. the trump organization is the family business. they're not putting up a fight, there are a lot of concerns about the so-called constitutional crisis should the president decide to defy mueller. we're not there yet. >> again, we've said this so many times, he seemed very confident by the end of last year this was gone to be over. >> oh, yeah, thanksgiving. >> clearly we're seeing when you talk about a serious investigator who's going to take this investigation where ever they need to poll the loan of
7:22 am
investigation, he's doing it. >> trump was serious in saying he thought that this was a red line. mueller is more serious. what he's doing here is he's investigating intent. when you're looking at something like this you're not going to sit oddly and say what they're doing you're going to say why. >> i also want to make sure we get to these attempted cyber intrusions by the d s a yesterday. the agent detailed some of these tactics. spear forring, e-mails, watery holdings. host space, exploitation. according industrial systems. infrastructure. any of this stick out to you? what do you make of this list? >> this is exactly what i think many suspected but didn't know, which was the russian attack on america starting in 2025. it had the dnc breachings,
7:23 am
podesta e-mails. then there was this third part that came along the time ukraine suffered a blackout. that means they also tried to purpose trait this on the united states. this gives them the ability to control u.s. energy infrastructure command systems. sometimes when we ask why hasn't the united states responded to russia, maybe this is a reason. they have tapped into the a vulnerability in our country that they can use and exploit and this may cause problems inside the u.s. government. >> i think t causing problems for anybody who read on these stories. if you look at the- it was intimidating. having said that how worried should we be? are we prepared for it? are these bad actors willing to take these steps which could be
7:24 am
considered way too far? >> yeah i think they would be willing. russia can wheel this against other countries, particularly united states at a time when we're posing sanctions or moving more aggressive in certain intervals. they can use this as a weapon. it is a far more devastating impact to us. our ability to counter with offensive cyber attack we've seen before, much like the not pet you cyberattack mentioned in some of the indictments. with the attacks we never know what the spill overs going to be. we saw massive spill overs with that russian attack last summer. it limits our hands in how we can respond to this going forward. >> that is the challenge. this is coming at a time when we're talking about major changes within the administration. people who have been dealing with this. i remember when i went into, and even had exit interviews with the folks in the balm administration. they talk about the month and
7:25 am
years it take you to get up to speed. and a lot of people are people who have been inside an administration. you start with an administration, it's not enough time to get up the speed and people who are critical to these kind of issues being gone. >> the revolving door is a major concern for one reason. the cyber attack in ukraine was -- with a slew of fake news. russia may be trying to figure out how to spread all this fake news and chaos surrounding these events. it's something we need to be aware of as more than and it's not something the administration is talking about or raising that t flag about. there's little concern coming out of the warehouse when it comes to the serious events. rescue teams still at the scene of a collapsed bridge in miami. hours after six people were killed, many more seriously hurt. new information about what might
7:26 am
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7:30 am
western iraq. early kaegs this did not involve enemy fire. a spokesman says all indications point to an accident during routine troop movement. newly released document shows steve mnuchin has cost tax payers nearly $1 million from his plane travel. this comes from e-mails and documents on tanned by watchdog groups. mnuchin is the latest official under fire for government flights. the treasury spokesman responding to the report says it's quote, falsehoods and mischaracterization. thousands of people fleeing demass cuss after syria moving into the area. this is one of the largest
7:31 am
exoduses since the civil war. a major investigation is underway and mts b officials are on the scene in miami today where at least six people are dead after a pedestrian bridge collapsed. a catastrophic failure. this was supposed to minimize disruptions for travellers. cashed were crushed and law officials say that scene is now a rescue rather than a recovery operation. gabe gutierrez is on the scene. what are you learned? >> reporter: officials say this is now shifted from a rescue operation to a recovery operation. they say the focus is to remove the victims still trapped. to remove them from the scene in a dignified manner. we learned in this news briefing
7:32 am
that wrapping up a moment ago, one of the victims is confirmed to be a student. police say that is still a bit far off. what we are asking the question is, why was traffic not shut down if the construction company here was in fact conducting tests on the bridge. overnight senator marco rubio says the cables had loosened, the energy order was ordering that they be tightened and the workers were in the process of doing that wen this came crashing down. we're hearing stories from sir voofr students who said he was trapped under the bridge that collapsed into his car in the d driver's seat. his best friend was still
7:33 am
missing. he was able to survive. here is his amazing story. >> we were parked at a red light. i started to hear the bridge creek. we looked up and i saw it fall on the top of us. it came through the roof and on to my neck, kind of smushed me down. i didn't foe what was going on. i saw people around. i saw like a lot of blood. i wasn't hurting so i don't think it was mine. >> reporter: he said he and his best friend were driving back from a doctor's appointment and stopped at that intersection at a realid light wen he heard the sound of the bridge beginning to collapse. he wants this to never happen again. he's asking those questions about why traffic was not stopped on the business 8-lane road street right next to florida international
7:34 am
university. this is what local if you believes will be looking at. we asked them why it wasn't stopped. at this point it seems as no one want to give an answer. we hope to learn more details about what led up to all this. chris. >> thanks for that update. a controversial plan to combat drug deaths. the push back against the plan and why some some it's targeting the wrong part of the opioid epidemic. and seamless experience across web and tablet? do you want $4.95 commissions for stocks, $0.50 options contracts? $1.50 futures contracts? what about a dedicated service team of trading specialists? did you say yes? good, then it's time for power e*trade. the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. looks like we have a couple seconds left. let's do some card twirling twirling cards e*trade. the original place to invest online.
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right now the trump administration is preparing a major policy roll out of a plan to battle this country's devastation opioid crisis. nbc news has learned that roll out could include a controversial proposal. the plan expected to call for tougher penalties for truck traffickers, presidentially including the death penalty. something the president was pushing just last week. >> if somebody goes and shoots and kills somebody they go away for life and can get the death penalty. a drug dealer can kill, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 people during course of his or her life. a captured a drug deal r they don't even put them in jail. >> katie joins us with more of her reporting. i know you've bumper talking to officials about that after he
7:39 am
was said. what are people telling you? >> on monday we're going to get a roll-out from the president on a broader plan of opioid pushers. this is something that's catching a lot of controversy. the president has been talking about this for months, he believes in strongeren formulate and penalty for those who traffic in drugs. he's been looking at single pore as a model. the white house officials tells me they're looking into who s singapore is doing is right. there's other method of education with prevention, substances abuse treatments and recovery and job programs for home who are in recovery. as i said, continue very y'all to say the death penalty for
7:40 am
drug traffickers. i want to play some footage from maria. >> he's trying to rally his base, he wants to get people worth excited to lock people up to go ra ra. he's not doing anything to provide mooningful answer to a problem that is ravaging much of the country. >> we expect the president to call on congress to take action on monday. there are bullets on capitol hill that are going to -- one of issues, feintal is very very strong. it's deadly if you get a little bit. police officers wear gloves when they're dealing with it bah if you get a drop of it you could day. the laws aren't build for fentanyl, the laws aren't for
7:41 am
fentanyl punishment. the president may have -- on the death penalty congress would have to take action for the death penalty to be used in federal drug offenses. >> i also want to stay in regina la bell. this is critical stuff, we all know how bad the opioid crises has gotten, how many people has lost their leaves. kate talk to barry who used to reason the office of national drug control policy. he said that this death penalty was an etchty gesture not suitable for our great country. we know already other polls that show a majority -- a majority of people who are involved in this but also just research shows death penalty does not prevent necessarily crime from happening. what's the feeling within the community of people who did with this day in and out? >> so, i'm in kentucky for a
7:42 am
conference at which public health and safety officials and before i came here i'll ask one individual whose been in the community for 30 years also what he thought about the death penalty. he said that we need to learn from 35 years of experience that those types of solutions don't solve, they don't prevent drug addiction from occurring and is not going to fete us out of the opioid epidemics. >> no one is saying the drug dealers could get off scott free but there's a serious questions about pharma, the role from doctors. what need to be in this bill from your perspective if the proposal is going to be in the coming? well, from what i read it looks like the proposal will be -- so
7:43 am
we look at privileges, how to prevent people from ever misusing prescription drugs and that's something that starts in the doctor's office often. and prevention also involves how to make sure that people are protected from overdose. treatment, how do we get more than 20% of people with opioid abuse disorders into treatment and recovery. how do we help people who are in treatment sustain their recovery so they can become productive members of society again. so they can be with their families. >> is something dpng to get done here, because there are lots of members of congress whose individual constituents have been suffering greatly. >> absolutely. some have come out and said they support the president. i think it's very political,
7:44 am
obviously the idea of the death penalty. if you separate that out, every community i've been to, chris, and i've been covering this for better than six years now wants help. their desperate for help. i was in dayton not long ago and i asked about the federal government response. and they all said what federal government response. they don't feel it out in the real world. >> it's very visceral to say i want to punish the people who are responsible for this, but this is a president whose called for the death penalty for central park five. i think drew peterson, i think for anyone who kill as police officer. >> the president has an interesting relationship with the rule of law and our rights here in the united states. but i do think you have to separate out the death penalty as you said. his plan includes expanding access to treatment drugs. there are parts of it that are legitimate and supported pong
7:45 am
people in the community. i also think there is a political aspect. not because he's talking about locking people up, but because hee going to states. his base relies in states that are so desperate for things to be done. >> i remember he spoke about this, this is personal to him. >> it is. in give and ohio maybe can butt a boost for republicans when they did something. you mentioned dayton, ohio. there was one place i was visiting there with the addiction recovery was two doors down from the funeral home and four doors down from the prescription area. this is a generation that's too easily found in they're own homes addicted to pills. >> kate we are of of time. thank you very much. nick and kelly you're sticking
7:46 am
around. congresswoman luis slaughter died at the age of 88. she passed away at the university hospital after an injury in her home last week. slaughter was the first woman to churn the competent on rules and has served since 1977. the deadly nerve agent that poisoned a russian spy and his daughter, how they think the poison found its way to the victims and what it means for rising tensions between the you can and the kremlin. lenol, he'de stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. and for pain relief and a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am.
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this morning, a new theory has emerged on the source of the military grade nerve agent that poisoned an ex-russian spy and his daughter. the uk's "daily telegraph" reports british intelligence aj agencies believe novichok had been planted in the luggage of the victims. the retaliatory measures, including the expulsion of diplomats from the russian
7:51 am
embassy, will come soon. tammy leitner, what are you learning about the investigation? >> chris, if the theory is true, that the would-be assassins planted the nerve agent in a suitcase in russia and never entered the uk, it'll make it more difficult for investigators. we know 131 people could have come in contact with the toxin, novich novichok. officials are taking no chances. the people are all been monitored. though we're ten days into this investigation, it still continues to expand. there are a number of areas in and around salisbury cordoned off. investigators are saying this could go on for months. >> moscow has vowed to, as we said, remove uk diplomats from the embassy, but is there word when it might happen, how the uk would respond? >> as far as the timing goes, we're told this could happen at any moment. it is unclear how many british embassy staff members will be expelled. keep in mind, this is a direct
7:52 am
response to british prime minister theresa may's decision to kick out 23 russian diplomats from the uk. a all of this following the assassination attempt of skripal and his daughter. theresa may was on the scene. let's listen to what she had to say out there. >> apparently, we don't have the sound right now. go ahead. >> what she said out there was they needed to act swiftly and immediately because of the nature of these crimes. another thing that has come out in the last hour, chris, we learned russia's investigative committee is opening their own investigation into the attempted murder of skripal and his daughter, as well as the murder of gushkov, who was living in
7:53 am
london when he died. >> the financial interest, the business interest that the uk has in russia plays? >> that is true. we heard the foreign secretary say this isn't a statement against russians but the kremlin. they are saying they believe the kremlin is behind this attack. i think an interesting point, a lot of experts thought putin may have underestimated the strength of nato and the uk's allies. we saw blow back from germany, france and the u.s. >> expressing support on thursday. what can they do about it becomes the question. >> what can you do? i think the timing of this is interesting. russian elections are right around the corner. there was talk about vote being depressed. what better way to rifle le up base than have something happen, point to the uk and the u.s. sanctioning yesterday and say, hey, they're against us.
7:54 am
they're the enemy. it is us against them. come out and vote. they want to see vote turnout over 70%. maybe they get it by putin pointing and saying, this is another example of western bias against us. >> there has been strong reaction on the republican side. washington is quiet today. everybody is home. ben sasse and john mccain sent a letter tomat matitis and pompeo saying the u.s. should lead a response. i'm quoting, sadly this attack will not be the last time russia tries to silence those against putin's regime. we need to react to russia's next brazen act. again, congress wants to lead the way. are they going to push for something? >> good question. it was a positive step. republicans and democrats alike were very glad to see the sanctions imposed yesterday. >> yup. >> not just for this act but for election meddling, for attacks on our cyber infrastructure.
7:55 am
yes, people are grateful the u.s. is doing something, however, there is, obviously, the talking point that we're not nearly doing enough and not as quickly. >> also, a lot of these same people were being sanctioned by the obama administration. >> they'd already been sanctioned, true. >> not much is different. look back to what congress passed last year. it was a bill to sanction anyone working with the military and security operations in russia. it hasn't been done. it begs the question of, you know, what was the point of doing it now? was it just to slap on the wrist and make president trump be able to say, no one is tougher on russia than i am? i don't know. it was not the steps passed into law last year and haven't been enacted. >> thank you for spending a chunk of your friday with us. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be right back with today's big picture. it's time for your business of the week. the unclaimed baggage center is in a league of its own. the scottsboro, alabama, store
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all month, we've been bringing you the best pictures by, for and about women for the big picture. today, we're going to combine march madness. take a look at this. sister jean dolores schmidt embracing loyola coach. sister jean is a 98-year-old nun and a hiloyola chicago superfan. she serves as the team chaplain, praying with the players and giving scouting reports on opponents. thursday, the ramblers won, beating miami on a three-pointer at the buzzer. sister jean, well, she kept the faith the whole time. the photographer, tony gutierrez for the ap. now, if i could get her to say a
8:00 am
few prayers for my cleveland teams, maybe they might win once in a while. thank you very much for watching this hour of msnbc live. right now, more news with my colleagues, ali velshi and stephanie ruhle. >> nice to see you, friend. >> cleveland cavs, lebron, you have the king in your city. you know what? >> another championship would be nice. >> relax. >> have a good morning, chris. i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. it is friday, march 16th. let's get started. >> the stunning interview with stormy daniels' attorney with my colleagues on "foreigning joe"m" >> was she threatened? >> yes. >> physical harm? >> yes. >> did it come from the president directly, the physical threats? >> i'm not going to answer that. >> signs the trump organization could be caught in the cross hairs. >> mueller subpoenaed trump organization. >> it was my understanding there were search terms in the subpoena, and the trump organization now


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