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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  March 23, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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jackson live and in the flesh. when it is last time that we saw each other here in person? >> i can't remember. but i love you come to d.c. and do a kicker in your show. we woke up this morning the tell you the threat of a government shut down was over. guess what happens, a wrench he was into the this thing with the president threatening a veto 24 hours of the top legislature on this show says the administrate was down with this. this is not the first time we seen a whiplash. the resolving door in the west wing is spinning again. we're looking at the top three ways john bolten will change u.s. policy and why that has american allies, particularly in asia, on edge. wonder how summon with such views are going to play in already a tense part of the world. john's not only thing that's
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making asia nervous, stocks down a -- trump's tariffs on china. we got our eye on the justice department, the deputy ig is about to make a major announcement on law enforcement. pete williams in this that room right there. when we know the news you will know the news. our team is hear and ready to go. i'll start with nbc's jeff bennet at the white house. jeff, this white house whiplash situation with the president issuing the veto threat after his own administration repeatedly said he was good with this on any bus bill is to say, the least surprising. we'll play what mark short said on this show yesterday about the exact situation. listen. >> he's totally fine and down? >> halle there's several thing we'd ask for in our budget we should go back to and say are
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you happy and those are this thing we wanted to see. >> so jeff, what happened? >> well, halle, president trump says he intends to veto the bill because it doesn't fully solve the docket issue nor fund his border wall. the president writes i'm considering a veto of the omnibus bill based on the fact that the the daca recipients have been abandoned by the democrats, not even mentioned in bill and the border wall which is desperately needed for our national defense is not fully funded. government funding is final midnight. this could be the third shut down on the president's watch. senior aids informed us yesterday that president trump would sign the measure. yesterday, nick mull via any came into the briefing roam and answered his own question. he said is the president going to sign the bill, the answer is
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yes. why, because it funds his priority. mark short sotood in this spot and said 24 hours ago and says the budget wall funding is what was asked for. kellyanne conway the s the third white house official who made statements about the president's intention to sign the measure. here's what she said earlier today. >> this president gave us the most historic middle class tax cut ever. and what that means is, he's able to build on that economic message through the spending priorities. people are trying to go back on the taxes, now it's not important -- >> well it's -- >> we'll continue to brag about that all year long because it's key. >> and no government shut down. >> reporter: now, there's one thing to mention, the president might be trying to position himself politically among the conservative base who have blasted this omnibus is waisting, wasteful spending that
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can blow a hole in the deficit. that said, i want to read to you what is the briefest of brief white house statements. the tweet stands for itself. halle. >> they all do and they always do. jeff bennet. i'm going to ask you to stay right there. > i want to get to msnbc garrett hague on the hill. the president has tweeted something like this as a negotiating tactic. in this instance you are in an empty haulway, the negotiation is over, members of congress has left. this thing was supposed to have been a done deal. >> reporter: absolutely, the opportunity for negotiation was over the last several weeks when the white house was working with congressional leaders on putting this bill together, not after post houses have passed it and everyone has left town. yeah, it's an empty hal way,
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there was one hearing scheduled in the house today rkt i've showed up. it's been postponed. we have bob corker who voted against the omnibus. he said he'd bring the president a pen to sign that veto. i'm outside bob corker's office, hee not here and not coming in today. these folks have gone home. if the president does veto this, you'll be looking into the face of a potentially prolonged government shut down. if there was an agreement on daca and the border wall it would have been on this bill. second, you'll have a massive credibility problem for republican leaders who have been saying the president was on board with this bill. who was paul ryan yesterday. >> when we do big legislation it's very common for me to brief the president on big legislation. we do that all the time.
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>> ryan there referring to his visit to the white house today before mitch mcconnell was on speakerphone. they felt they had sold the president on this bill. it's another remind for people on the hill that speaks for this president expect this president. >> this does highlight wen adviser to the president come out and talk about his position, we don't foe that this is the case because this is this third or fourth time that we have seen a major issue like this, the president come out and contradict exactly what his adviser said. as you're pointing out it's also a credibility problem for republican leadership. i have to say was stunned by your tweet this morning. senator lange ford was on the hill giving a tour right if. >> reporter: yeah. i ran into james lang ford of oklahoma here with his family, he was walking around showing them the capital. i made it sort of a passing comment to this as i was running to a camera, we might be here all week if there's a shut down
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and he laughed. i saw him later and said, no real have you seen this tweet. he said he thought he was the only senator in the house today. it just goes to show congress thought this was a done deal and they were out of here. >> we're going to see out this shakes out throughout the date. garrett hague thank you for that. as you guys know this is not the only big headline out of washington. there's also this staff shake up that happened late yesterday. today the big story is how this will dramatically shift foreign policy. john bolten starting at the white house, april 9th, seven days from now. all eyes will be on that supposed meeting with kim jong-un supposedly in may. now, he's tasked with being one of the point percent for
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diplomacy. then the nuclear deal. bolten wants to rip this up just like his new boss promised when he was a candidate. also the relationship with russia. bolten has suggested their relationship was a false flag allegation although he later walked that back. nbc's jeff bennet still with us. this is sort of the other hat for the today, the national shake up. this unlike the veto threat sitting well with a lot of republicans right. >> reporter: right. marco rubio owe and also tom cotton. take a look at what lindsay gram had to say about this. >> i think he's going to help the president shape policies that make us all safer. the year of leading from behind is over. john bolten is a leading from the front kind of guy. he's the right guy at the right time where the view i think will
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reinforce the president's instincted to go after our enemies and be a better ally. >> this is a shift we've seen over the last couple of weeks. the departure of rex tillerson, gary cohn and mcmasterism people who have at times tried to put the breaks on the president's america first instincts. they're all gone replayed by pompeo and now bolten. this is coming weeks ahead of major policy decisions that could effect u.s. foreign policies for decades to come. >> jeff bennet there. i promise we're done with you at least for now. with us ash carter and our panel for the next 51 minutes. nancy cook and jonathan allen. thank you for being here on what turned out to be a real business
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friday morning. mark, i'll start with you. you have john bolten on the global stage again. you made an interesting point earlier when you were talking with our team that the veto threat is tied to this national security issues we're talking about. >> sure. let me first respond to what senator gram said. john bolten is the wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time. we can talk about that later. >> i saw you scribbling on your photos. >> it's just wrong. he has the wrong temperament. he has policies that's going to reinforce trump's worse ideas. we've got the policy changes, the inevitability of conflict i think is in bolten's mine. and finally it's his -- if you've talk to people who have worked with him -- relentlessly effective when working a trump's able. >> which donald trump is going to love. >> this is a trump guy.
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>> right. >> bolten was accused of being a quote, serial abuser at the state department in terms of the way he treated his people. item not going to say that managerment is everything, but the way he manage that staff has to be the number one concern we have here. we know he has trump's policy ideas. one of thing mcmaster was able to do was put together an effective national security team. bolten's going to take all that down. >> when we talk about the policy implications for this. david sanger has that smart piece in the "new york times." he talks about this is one of the most aggressive teams surrounding the president. i want to play you a bit of what bolten had to say on north korea, iran and russia. watch. >> the president should get out of the nuclear deal with iran, resume all of our previous
7:12 am
sanctions, put an increased economic pressure on the ra gem. thank you for this opportunity to address the russian people on the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the russian constitution. i think this session between the two leaders could well be a fairly brief session where trump says tell you you've begun total de-nuclearization negotiations. you can tell me right now or we'll start thinking of something else. >> how can you be tasked with helping to have these two guys talk? >> i think bolten has not been super interested in the diplomatic channels and we saw that a few weeks ago at the warehouse when south korean officials came out and said we're going to have this meeting. i think he has much much more hawk ish views as we've seen with the pompeo coming in, the president is building a team now that reenforces his ideas.
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there aren't a lot of people around him that push back and offers other ideas. >> the next deadline is mid-may here, who in the president's orbit is not going to tell him to not keep that deal in place? >> no one. the president doesn't like the deal, he's been convinced he shouldn't completely back out of it time again. i think you're right to point out the voices against it. i assume some people on the secure staff will be there, professionals at the state department will be there. it's only a matter of time before they're overridden by the politicals. what's interesting is i think that's true of all the people surrounding the president right now in these foreign policy rules. >> the other piece about people surrounding the president. i was speaking with author chris ripple yesterday with another piece i was doing separately about how the president was releasing people in march without having a chief of staff.
7:14 am
ripple said listen, this is rit riddled with presidents who have used this as a model and that's important of a president having people around him who can tell them no. he's not surrounded by a ton of people who will tell him no, perhaps say for john kelly mark. concerning? >> i'm not sure john kelly will tell him no all the time. it's very concerning. during the vietnam -- reinforcing the worst ideas that come out there, not thinking about the alternatives. what we've seen, trump like the muscular policy, blow them up. no one's there to tell him, have you thought through the ramifications of the action, is this the best course? are you going to have a preventive war with the koreans that's going to kill millions when you have an opportunity potentially for some diplomacy?
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>> also talk about who john bolten is. i've got to imagine he's a sighing brett of relief. >> you spoke about the asian markets. i'm concerned about china with bolten. we think of bolten in pcoa, north korea. >> right. >> bolten's been outspoken in terms of the u.s. should consider itself relationship with taiwan. if there's a hot button issue for china, it looks like is what it's going to be is taiwan. >> let me leave with this, with richard's point this morning. the president is spoiling for war on several fronts. on the political front with robert mueller. on the economic front with china with tariffs. and potentially on the actual sort of military threat front bringing in john bolten look at this aggressive stance, for example, iran. >> i'm worried every day we're
7:16 am
going to walk backwards into war. there are good reasons to be prepared for the iranians to go become on their word. there's good reason to worry about kim jong-un. we don't need the president to create more of those reasons. >> mark i appreciate you coming on. i want to get to some of the news with the justice department. that live announcement happening now. you see on the right of your scene, department rod rosenstein. leader from the treasure department from the fbi are also there. nbc's national security and justice reporter julia amesly is watching it for us. this is a new announcement on the cyber warfare front correct? >> correct. it's not the first we have seen where the justice department and fbi has launched a very deep investigation, used treasury to issue sanctions against people who they will probably never be able to bring to the united
7:17 am
states for charges. in this case it's nine iranians who has been charged with stealing properties, from hacking into universities and even some government institutions. we know the u.s. has a lot of policies that they try to prevent people from countries like iran, klein and russia from getting this high level research. one reason why some people from this country aren't allowed to participate in that government research. these nine iranians were able to hack into universities, 144 of them and was able to get into the properties without having to come on u.s. soil. >> they increasingly attempt to property from american's inagain nudity by infiltrating our computer systems, stealing or select call properties and invading our control on technology exports. >> what this means is that this is not just fine individuals
7:18 am
that were sanctions but this was government based. these people worked for what they called the magna institute, that is backed by the iranian government. this has happened in china and just recently with the russian hackers who were also sanctioned as well. >> julia answerly there. thank you very much. i wanted to get to some breaking news happening now. we've been telling you about this hostage situation at a supermarket in southern france, it is now over. the gunman who took those hostages is now dead. we confirmed two he or she substantials is dead as well. president e e manuel mc-cone says -- one officer in stable condition after being shot. back here in washington we are told by the white house that the president had been informed about this situation.
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d.c. here's what former vp biden told nbc's mariana ar tense tense owe watch. >> how can they achieve -- >> watch, i did it. >> -- to -- change the -- the school board, do it again. >> you've been speaking with the parents. >> t kind of private. i can tell you -- >> why is it important to you? >> -- >> nbc's marianna ar tense owe and our colleague mike mentally watching up with former vp
7:24 am
biden. more on the rally tomorrow. we're also watching what's happening on wall street. stocks are trying to bounce back in its first 50 minutes of trading. the trade war sent the dow into a dive yesterday but the big board is showing it's up about 50 points, at least at this point. that's after china announced plans to retaliate against the united states. msnbc's david is live with the new york stock exchange. explain why the market is concerned about this potential escalating trade war? >> there's a lot less anxiety there was. the big dow up about a quarter. it was up higher this morning. when you go back to the length back in 2016, you remember how on lebs fight we saw a deep dive in the markets as the votes came in.
7:25 am
we'll see a dramatic chang to trade policy. it seems like over the last couple of weeks we've seen the makings of this happening. i think the pivotal moment came when -- that list was going to be widened. you have australia, argentina, the countries in the european union. they bought more time, a little more than a month to negotiate with the white house over whether or not they're going to be exempted from those tariffs. >> we also have learned david, what china is exactly going to retaliate on right? >> we had this announcement there were going to be $3 billion forecasted on fruits, wine and orr products. what's interesting is what's not on the list. soybeans is not on the list. that's a usage agricultural
7:26 am
export from china. >> msnbc david go ra there at the new york stock exchange. so, we spoke with the soybean farmer in illinois who talked about being very concerned about what this means for this farm that's been in his family since the 1800s. these are trump voters here. >> yeah, there's been this whole time with all these trade questions within the administration, secretary perdue has been pushing back on this, a lot of senators from other states have been pushing on this trade war because of the the way it will effect farm products. trump is basically decided to do the tariffs on steel because he thinks it will help a tiny sliver of his base. if the price goes up on all
7:27 am
these things orb china decide not to bring u.s. products over there t going to affect another part of his base. >> he's also looking at a kplaigs on the market. >> nobody whose an orthodox republican in terms of trade policy like this trades policy. i've talked to donors to the president who don't like the trade policy and have let him know. the audio that we were able to hear the other night from when he was doing campaign've in missouri, when he talk about trade at length, you could hear a fork drop in the room. >> so not exactly why would applause for that? >> right. when you talk about these markets you talk about today going up, like a frog in boiling water that doesn't notice what's going on. you got 26,600 dow, did you know
7:28 am
under 24,000 now. >> the president views the to be market as a key thing. >> weaver going to have to leave it there. we want to get into the major protest in sacramento. this happens after police shot and killed an unarmed man in his grandmother's backyard. how the police department is responding to calls for answers. appear important story after the break. ♪ a wealth of information. a wealth of perspective. ♪ a wealth of opportunities. that's the clarity you get from fidelity wealth management. straightforward advice, tailored recommendations, tax-efficient investing strategies, and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management.
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it's 10:30 on the east coast, 7:30 out west. in california where protests shut don sacramento yesterday when police fired 20 shots at a suspect who they unmistaken dpli had a gun. joe, there's been developments on this of night, right? >> reporter: yeah that's right. hundreds of protesters took to the streets for hours in sacramento yesterday expressing their anger of what happened. this all comes after police released video of this shooting, warning some of the footage is disturbing. >> we demand change, when do we
7:33 am
demand it? >> reporter: days after stefan clark was fatally shot by police, his community up in arms. >> she was judged, sentenced and it was executed without given the opportunity to live. >> reporter: a massive protest at sacramento city hall. demonstrates calling for change, blocking an interstate, and later interrupting an nba game. between the sacramento kings in atlanta hawks, delaying tip off for nearly 20 minutes. entries to the arenas closed to fans for safety reasons with just a small crowd maybing it in. owner of the kings addressing the protest after the game. >> we are going to work really hard to bring everybody together to make the world a better place starting with our own community. >> reporter: clark a 22-year-old father of two was unarmed when shot and killed by law
7:34 am
enforcement in his grandparents' backyard sunday night. officers were responding to a report of a vandal breaking car windows. police thought clark was holding a weapon when they confronted him. >> show your hands, gun gun gun. >> reporter: officers shot 20 rounds, found no weapon only his cell phone. police recognized the officer who opened fire was black. both officers who shot were on paid administrative lead. police body cameras stopped recording audio. it's unclear why they muted the audio and what was being said. thursday's negotiable protest calling for justice and demanding ans as a family tries
7:35 am
to heal. >> it's a process. some moments are high, some moments are angry, some moments are remembering smiles. process of grief and everyone goes through that process differently. >> a vigil is scheduled to take place tonight. his family has hired a ipowered lawyer who represented trayvon martin's family. >> thank you for the report. coming back from washington we want to talk about karen mcdug l and donald trump. mcdug gal is telling cnn she had a relationship with trump after his son's birth. in this interview she offered allege apology to melania trump. >> if melania trump is watching this what would you want her to
7:36 am
know? >> it's a tough one. >> or say to her? >> yeah, what can you say except i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i wouldn't want it done to me. i'm sorry. >> mcdougal is suing american media, she says they silenced her using a method called catch and kill. she wouldn't talk about the affair in the election. the white house has denied the agriculturals calling them untrue. it is stated to not silence mcdougal calling those allegations untrue. guys, this was an interesting interview to watch, right. you had mcdougal in this lengthy interview discussing what she said was a relationship, again
7:37 am
the white house denies. she is not the only woman talking about this. here's the deal, donald trump denied the affairs prior to length, he still got elected. the issue now is the payment issued to stormy daniels and the cover up mcdougal alleges as well. it seems like this may be the crux of why this is different than before. is that fair? >> right. >> there have been other presidents who have been in that position. >> this is not the most shocking things that anyone's ever heard and certainly not about the president. what you've got here is a question of whenever there was an effort to silence people in order to further the president's chans of winning the presidency. there could be a issue there but there are a string of issues
7:38 am
there that some are legal but others are political. the question of hush money is one that's important. i get fist not eroding his base. what i hear from base trump voters. when i talk to them about this type of issue is, either they don't believe the allegations against him or don't care about the aelgss against him. >> and that include evangelical voters as well. >> i think those voters have decided that abortion is their biggest issue and he's with them on that. in addition to that i think they have certain attitudes about the justens of male behavior. i think that combination has led them to stick with trump. >> this is also the follow-the-money kind of issue. i want to talk about stormy daniels too. karen mcdougal in this interview
7:39 am
she believes stormy daniels coming forward played a part in her coming forward. seeing stormy daniels share her story impacted her. you have two women, the white house is defying everything and they both got lawyers who are not shy. michael avenati here's what he tweeted, this cryptic tweet of a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is this worth. it looks like a cd or dvd or something, eluding to the "60 minutes" interview coming up on sunday. nancy. >> the thing about this story is it just won't go away. it raises questions about campaign money, finance laws, politics. we have been in the briefing room and it keeps coming up different threads of it, it's sort of this drup, drip, drip, bad news story from the white house. the white house is keep changing
7:40 am
its story on it while they're saying the allegations is untrue. sara huckleby in the briefing room says this has been done with at arbitration. it just won't go away. >> it's also interesting, in this case you bot the porn star and the ex-playmate having consensual relationship with the president. that's so much different than the other allegations that haven't been refuted. i think it will be interesting to see how that develops too. >> allegations, by the way, that the white house has also denied. >> right a consensual affair is different than an allegation of assault. >> here's what i said to play about what karen describes. >> after he had been intimate he tried to pay me. i did not take that. >> did he actually try to hand you money? >> he did.
7:41 am
i just had this look of, i don't know, just -- i don't even know how to describe it. the look on my face must have been so sad because i've never been offered money like that perform, number one. number two, i thought, does he think i'm in this for money or why i'm here tonight or was this a normal thing. i didn't know. but i looked at him and said that's not me. >> nancy final thought? >> i just think will these be the only two or more coming forward. president trump throwing a wrench to fund -- a veto bill to pass the senate. the latest developments coming up in a couple of minutes. easy to analyze and take action? how about some of the lowest options fees? are you raising your hand? good then it's time for power e*trade
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if it's friday there's new drama here in the nation's capital. president trump has inserted it in the spending billism seems like this thing was on cruise control at some point this sena morning at the senate approved it sometime after midnight. the president is now considering vetoing the bill because he's got concerned about daca recipients and upset about his bord border wall. senator, you were up late at the capital just like all of your colleagues. let me get your reaction from
7:46 am
the president threatening to veto this bill. he says would have been tied to desperate needed wall. is this democrats fault? will the government shut down tonight? >> halle the government will only shut down if president trump veto this partnership bill pass the senate and 65 votes. what's laughable here is for the president to say hee going to do this to help protect dak ra. remember it was president trump who pulled the plug on daca. he eliminated the program. he then opposed the bipartisan legislation put together in the united states congress that would have been protected the dreamers. he said he wanted a bill of love, he got a bipartisan bill, he opoed it. so, it's just -- no one's being fooled by the president's cla s claims. with respect to the border wall, he's right, there's not money
7:47 am
here for a big border wall. after all he said mexico was going to pay for it. we're all for border security. the only way you're going to get the border wall provisions this president's asked for is an overall compromise which the president rejected. >> ronald mcdaniel was out in the last hour talking about the idea that in fact it is the democrat's issue when it comes to daca. she relaelts it to the midterm. >> democrats done want to deal with the president on this because they want to use it as a wj issue going into the 2018 midterms. their abandoning the daca issues and the president is right to point this out because it is a lie on behalf of the democrats leadership a that they care about the daca recipients than they do about this length. >> why is that not true? >> well, we work very hard to protect the deemers. that's exactly what we did wen
7:48 am
we put together the partnership bill which the president undermined. he totally torpedoed the bill which republican senators joined with democrat senators. we all remember when we went down to the white house and the president asked people to put together that bill. that was the president's opportunity. we would have been happy to deal with this as part of the budget agreement. we could have put that agreement into this budget plan that could have been something very possible. but that was refused by the white house. again, we're in this situation entirely because donald trump terminated the daca program. no one's being fooled by any of this, halle. >> let me add two other topics. number one the naming of john bolten as the president's new security adviser. this does not require senate confirmation. your opinion is more sort of interesting than necessary in
7:49 am
this put i'm curios to hear you take on this new national security adviser. >> i think this is a very dangerous development for the country. if you look at john bolten's history it's one war mungering. he was in on the war. few people acknowledging when we went in based on the false claims of mass destruction. he's talking about bombing iran or coming up with a decision on behalf of the president on whether or not to scrap a deal with iran. that would be a very bad development. >> before i let you go we've been showing some of the winners and losers in this omnibus spending bill. some of the losers are the parkland students who have been fighting for some changesism they got fix mix far narrow bill. how are you going to look the students in the eye and say this
7:50 am
is the% we can do? >> i'm going to look hem in the eye and say thank you, students around the country worth finally changing the conversations here on capitol hill. you're right, it was language that say government can engage in research on gun vie lanolenc. it'd been barred a long time. we need a check on people's mental stability. we shouldn't have guns getting into the hands of dangerous people. we'll have to demand a vote on this. as you know, the republican leadership has absolutely refused to schedule a vote. that is why we're going to have a march tomorrow. i'm looking forward to joining the students at the march. we're going to have to build the political pressure, here in the senate and also at the ballot box, so we elect people who care about common sense gun safety. >> appreciate you joining us ahead of the rally tomorrow. >> thank you. in the last hour or so, students from the high school, marjory stoneman douglas, were
7:51 am
joining lawmakers outside of the capitol, calling for action. trying to make schools safer. nbc's kerry sanders was there. he is working on this rally for us. kerry, this is one of a bunch of events happening in washington today, right? >> reporter: well, yes. the kids that are arriving here, remember, they're young. they don't even have the ability to vote. somehow, they actually have got a voice and feel they have momentum growing. 500,000 kids expected to be in washington marching here, but also around the country, at 800 other locations and, actually, around the world. of course, it takes a lot of money, and these are kids who don't have money to necessarily make it to washington. making their voices heard. one of the students who came up here from marjory stoneman douglas had this to say. >> we students have become victims of our government's glaring inaction, but never again. to the politicians of america, there is still time to do the
7:52 am
right thing. rectify your wrongdoings and actually do something to protect your constituents. >> reporter: we heard the senator mention about the cdc getting the go ahead now to begin studying gun violence, something they believed they were not allowed to do. that currently now is one step forward, the kids say, to a little progress, hallie. >> kerry sanders on the ground here in washington today and tomorrow. thank you. joining the conversation now is dante, co-founder of the million hoodies movement, founded after the 2012 death of trayvon martin. thank you for being here. we wanted to talk about not just what's happening tomorrow, but the other recent youth movements, you could call them, related to gun violence, before this hashtag never again moment. you have a piece titled "any march for our lives must include kids like trayvon martin." you have pastor mcbride writing in the "washington post," unfortunately, many of us have difficulty hearing each voice equally. the ears of our nation still have not been trained to hear
7:53 am
the prophetic voices of poor youths of color. somebody watching this, dante, somebody organizing, what do you make of this moment more broadly? >> first and foremost, i want to be clear that, one, we're so proud and excited and energized by the students in parkland who are really shifting a narrative about young people organizing and driving social change. every movement in this country has been led by young people, and we want to definitely lift them up and also mourn the lives lost in florida. and, at the same time, right, we can hold a multiple set of truths. at every single moment the last few years, right, we've always had to watch students of color, particularly black communities, ask, what about us? because when we look at the core issue around safety, right, we all understand, no matter what identity we are, how we identify, we all understand the
7:54 am
value of what it means to be safe in our communities. for generations, black communities in particular have not felt safe. when i talk about safety, i'm not just talking about crime and punishment. i'm not just talking about guns in the street. also, when we talk about safety, about how communities have been devastated by poverty, joblessness -- >> yeah. >> -- with housing, and how do we actually begin to re-imagine what safety looks like, when it is not prescribed to relationships to prisons or police or guns, as well. >> i want to bring in this moment from david, wone of the parkland students, from a school in a predominantly black neighborhood. here's what he said, and i want your response on the other side. >> we've seen again and again the media focus on school
7:55 am
shootings and, oftentimes, be bias toward white privilege students. it is important for people of the american society and in the media, work to solve this. >> i'm running out of time, but how do you make that the larger part of the conversation? >> yeah, i mean, if we look back to the death of trayvon martin in 2012, million hoodies was founded in response to the media's failure to report on the events leading to trayvon's death. i think he's absolutely right. >> okay. >> i also want to comment around the inequality of seeing how influencers, celebrities, gun violence prevention coalitions receive millions of dollars for these moments of crises, but black communities devastated by gun violence are really fighting for crumbs, to be able to save our lives. i think that we need to talk about that larger inequality. >> important point. >> if we keep repeating the
7:56 am
pattern, we're going to keep getting to this place, as well. >> dante, thank you. we are out of time, but i appreciate you coming on and talking this through with us. we'll be right back. it's time for "your business" of the week. dirty lemon has been making waves since they launched their premium beverage brand. don't expect to find their product on shelves near you. they're disrupting the traditional distribution model by pioneering a direct to consumer model. you purchase the product via text. watch "your business" weekend mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. >> announcer: sponsored by american express open. helping you get business done. yeah. ahhhhh. mm-mm. oh. yeah. ah. agh. d-d-d... no. hmmm. uh... huh. yeah. uh... huh. in business, there are a lot of ways to say no. thank you so much. thank you. so we're doing it. yes. start saying yes to your company's best ideas.
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for today's big picture, we are celebrating women's history month, bringing you the best photos by, for and about women. this one is really touching. it is going to tug at your heart strings. looking atsu d sudan, the last e
8:00 am
rhino in the world. this was taken by amy "national geographic," taken just before he passed away. it leaves the species at serious risk of extinction. the photographer says, if there is meaning in sudan's passing, all hope is not lost. this can be our wake-up call. inspiring words and a tough moment from her. we'll leaf yve you with that. i'll see you not just later today at the white house but this weekend on "sunday today," filling in for willie geist. i'll be hanging with my friend, dylan dreyer. hey, ali. >> the white rhino isn't really white. >> true. >> it is named after the nose they have. that's how you distinguish between a white and black rhino. we've been having this discussion decades. it is devastating that people continue to hunt these. this is one of the saddest pictures. glad you put it up there. >>


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