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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 25, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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what got to him. >> and he cared more about money and power than he did about -- >> his own family. >> that's all for many addition of "dateline." i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. good morning. i'm dara brown in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it is 7:00 in the east, 4:00 out west. a coast-to-coast demand demand for gun control. hundreds of thousands speak out sending a message to congress and the nra. >> if teachers start packing heat, are they going to harm our pastors, ministers and rabbis? >> i am here today to acknowledge and represent the african-american girls whose stories don't make the front page of every national newspaper. >> stand for us and beware, the voters are coming. and stormy daniels' story is set to hit the air waves tonight. what she says helped to prepare her for the public scrutiny.
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and new world order in the oval office. and a report that says more jobs are on the chopping block. we begin with a live picture of the white house. and the big question this morning is exactly how is president trump going to respond to the long-awaited interview with stormy daniels that airs tonight. the adult film actress telling "the washington post" in an interview last night that working in the industry prepared her for the public scrutiny she's faced since filing the lawsuit against donald trump to talk about their alleged affair. meanwhile, heightened pressure on lawmakers after the march for our lives that drew hundreds of thousands across the country and 800,000 in the nation's main event. kate snow spent the day at the who test a protest and has the story. >> welcome to the revolution. >> reporter: a sea of young people, parents and teachers shoulder to shoulder filled pennsylvania avenue. >> get ready to get voted out.
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>> reporter: talk of changing laws, voting out politicians who support the nra. >> i say get your resumés ready. >> reporter: but also uncomfortable, painful silence. tears streaming down the face of emma gonzalez as she paused. her presentation lasted just over six minutes, the length of time it took the shooter to kill 17 at margery stoneman douglas high. grief was a unifier. >> i raise my hand in honor of my twin brother. >> my name is naomi and i'm 11 years old. i represent the african-american women who are victims of gun violence who are simply statistics instead of vibrant, beautiful girls full of potential. >> ricardo was his name. are you with me? >> ricardo! >> i lost more than my brother that day, i lost my hero. >> reporter: 1300 children under 17 are killed by guns every year. gun violence is the third leading cause of death for that
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age group. the voices of a younger generation saying enough. >> this is the time to do something about it instead of sitting in the white house and not doing anything about it and tweeting everything he feels. >> coming from a community where guns are important for hunting and other things like that, we felt, i felt unsafe and a lot of my peers did. >> reporter: worth the nine-hour drive? >> yes. >> this is the best lesson we can give our kids, is to come out here. >> reporter: more than 800 countries around the country had ralli rallies. >> the march on washington, this movement is powerful. all across america and around the world. keep it going! keep it going! >> this is not a miraculous city stunt. >> reporter: and this young gal
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said this is not just a stunt. >> we are not going anywhere. we are going to keep fighting every day of our lives. >> an amazing day and amazing moments. thank you, kate snow. we'll bring in jonathan allen, national political porter for msnbc news digital. jonathan, is there really a sense of change there in d.c.? or even the sense that the pressure if it continues will lead to change. is that too much of an expectation? >> i don't think it's too much of an expectation, dara. there is ample evidence of change, not only did you see some very modest changes in the law surrounding guns in the sound of the appropriations bill just passed. but if you listen to the rhetoric of pro-gun lawmakers and politicians, it's changing. you have marco rubio and president trump yesterday trying to sound like they were with the gun control advocates. there is something going on here that is different, you know, i can remember back to the
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post-columbine time where republicans in congress were unable, some wanted to, but they were unable to get gun reform legislation done for the gabby giffords shooting, for newtown, you go through las vegas and nothing gets done. we have not seen before 800,000 people marching on the lawn of washington. there's something compelling about the kids from parkland and more broadly this sort of palative america of all society owe socieeconomic classes. and it doesn't appear to be ebbing soon. >> let me play one of the most touching moments during the washington rally. take a listen. >> i am yolanda renee king.
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i am granddaughter of martin luther king. i have a dream that enough is enough. >> erin, what a moment there for organizers to pull off that kind of appearance. the granddaughter of dr. king, where does it go from here? >> dara, i spoke with the organizers of the movement, both the students who came together to unite the groups across the united states and the adult allies teaching them how to organize and giving them the institutional support they need to turn this moment into a movement. and they told me that they were intent on making sure that this movement was intersectional. and they want to make sure that it touches not just students affected by gun violence in their schools, also students affected by gun violence in their communities, in their places of worship. the movement by the women's
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march group says it is nothing more than an assault weapons ban. that is very hard to achieve in this political climate, but if students turn out in force in november and again in 2020, they can make that affect for change. >> we know this was focused on kids, but you mentioned the adult allies helping them. who are the adult allies in this. >> your looking at the women's march who turned out the enormous event in january of this year and last year. and you're looking at the million hoodies march and black lives matter. these organizers came together and brought all their young members, not only to washington yesterday, but to sister marches. more than 800 of them around the country. >> that follows what jonathan mentioned. it is not about color or race, gender, anything, it is everybody coming together. jonathan, i hate to do this sharp turn, but we need to talk about this upcoming stormy daniels interview.
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we are just hours away from hearing her side, although we don't know how forthcoming she's going to be. she told "the washington post" last night that i didn't do this to get any sort of approval from anyone or recognition. i simply wanted to tell my personal truth and defend myself. jonathan, have you gotten a sense by now of what her motivation is? is it the fame? is it the money? or just her trying to give her story to say she's there? >> i'm going to sidestep that and not go to mrs. daniel's compelling story. a lot of people are interested in that, it will make for good tv and for everybody that will talk about it for a while. but it's important to remember the allegations of consensual affairs with stormy daniels and with the former playboy playmate.
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there are other allegations that are not consensual against the president of the united states. and i think that sometimes gets overshadowed about the headlines of stormy daniels because she was a porn actress. >> what is the best case scenario out of this interview? >> it all depends on who you are. stormy daniels' lawyer has a different goal here than the white house inner circle. but part of what makes this such a big news story is it is not just a story about an alleged affair, there's also questions of a person, a woman, being silenced by trump's inner circle. there are allegations of inpropriety when it comes to campaign finance law. there are so many elements you can expect to be picked apart. and you can expect president trump to take the spotlight back with whatever his reaction to this interview is. >> and jonathan, i want to ask you about that because president trump is going to be coming back to the white house just before this interview airs. and he spent the weekend in mar-a-lago, so he has a new
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attorney, he's represented first lady melania and somebody else, hulk hogan, is somebody he's represented there. how is he going to prepare for what is coming out of this interview? especially, if she speaks directly to president trump, how is he going to be able to respond to her? >> well, a couple things. erin is absolutely right in terms of this being a bigger story than just the affair in terms of the issues surrounding the potential hush payments by michael cohen. in terms of responding to her, while the president loves a good celebrity feud. it has benefited for him in the past to have the fights in public. but i cannot see strategic advantage to him in responding dro dro directly to stormy daniels. maybe through his attorney he'll respond. one of his responses is to sue whoever he sees as an enemy, but it would be shocking if the
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president decided to take to twitter or to address a camera to talk about the porn actress who says she had an affair with him and to pay her hush money. >> what is the headline tomorrow? >> stormy tells all. there are drips and dabs that we have seen dabbled by the legal team. if people put a face to the story, it will latch on. >> jonathan, what do you think the headline basketbawill be fo morning? >> i think erin hit it on the head. maybe check out what the new york post says in the morning. >> jonathan allen, erin delmore, stick around, we have more headlines to discuss. and stormy daniels will air her story tonight. defined by the things we share. and the ones we love. who never stop wondering what we'll do
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tonight all eyes are on stormy daniels as she talks about her affair with donald trump. joining me now is msnbc legal analyst danny sovalos. is there anything that donald trump can do to prevent this interview from airing? >> in a word, no. there's no court action that can prevent this case or this interview from going forward. this is because the supreme court has made very clear that prior restraint, the government or court involvement preventing speech in advance of speech is to be so sparingly used that rare is the case that we can even articulate an example where it is appropriate. so the answer to your question is, there is nothing that the trump team can do to prevent this interview from going forward as scheduled.
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>> and stormy daniels is suing the president for signing the nondisclosure agreement. mr. trump may have to testify in depositions and her suit could provide evidence of campaign spending violationslviolations. do you see the president testifying? is there anything he can do to get out of it? >> i've been saying this for weeks. if the president is forced into the discovery process and depositions as a result of any of these cases, it could be cataclysmic for his administration, his presidency and possibly even for his criminal liability, if any. the reason for that is this, unlike many of these other situations where you have executive privilege, if the president is drawn into a deposition, which is an interview under oath in a civil case for nonofficial conduct, this is not related to any of his access as president. he will not be able to invoke
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the executive privilege that he may be able to invoke in other arenas. so for that reason and given the incredibly broad rules of discovery, particularly here in new york, that the president will be forced to answer virtually any question that is reasonably calculated to possibly lead to the discovery of admissible evidence. the rules in new york, for example, prohibit instructing a witness not to answer, unless it's the most egregious question. so hypothetically, the deposing attorney could ask the question, what was your involvement with russia during the campaign? even though trump himself may not believe that is relevant to the stormy daniels case. >> danny, you brought up a good point because you said any of the cases that are against him now. because the former playmate karen mcdougal has filed a complaint filing an agreement to the national inquirer to whom she sold her story that was never published, but is this an agreement she'll be able to get out of? >> the agreements between
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daniels and mcdougal differ significantly. but the overarching mission of the trump team is the same, to silence the women who entered the agreement. mcdougal entered a licensing agreement, the same way a music artist may license his or her song. she licensed her story and gave that exclusive license as a work of art, so to speak, to ami, the company that owns "the national inquirer." so the goal is to get out of that licensing agreement based on three arguments, two of which are very significant. first that the contract was illegal because it sought to -- it was really just a thinly disguised campaign contribution by a corporation. and number two, her attorney defrauded her into entering the agreement because she didn't understand the essential terms of the agreement because the attorney allegedly was working in collusion with the trump team. those are very, very strong arguments for voiding the contract as if it had never been
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created. so these are solid contract defenses. mcdougal has a decent chance at winning if she can stay out of arbitration. >> and danny, this past week, john dowd resigned from the president's legal team. and when asked about the information, investigation, the president said this. >> would you like to testify in the special counsel of robert mueller, sir? >> i would. >> how does this all reflect a change in the president's approach to the russia investigation? >> it does not reflect the real change. nobody, anywhere, wants to speak to u.s. attorneys, including the symbolic head of the executive branch and the doj, the president himself. sitting down to speak to u.s. attorneys in an informal interview, and i use air quotes with that phrase, is fraught with peril. because even an unsworn statement that is false to an fbi agent or a u.s. attorney is a separate crime.
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and we have seen individuals already charged with that specific crime in this investigation. mueller's indicated he is not shy about using section 1,001. so nobody, the least of the president, wants to sit down, really, with u.s. attorneys and submit to an interview. but yet, his attorneys may see that as a lesser evil than the president being forced to testify before a grand jury. >> what a difference a day and a week will make. danny cevallos, thank you for your time this morning. coming up, after constant staff shakeups, dozens of white house officials are reportedly about to lose their jobs. that's next. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you...
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a program reminder for you. catch "hope & furry: mlk the movement and the media" tonight here on msnbc. and president trump's new national security adviser is reportedly set to clean house. multiple sources telling foreign policy that john bolton is
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targeting those believed to have been disloyal to president trump. those who have leaked about the president to the media, his predecessors team and those who came in under obama. nbc news has not verified this report. we'll bring inner r erin delmod jonathan allen. >> i think john bolton is going to want to get rid of everybody he can and bring in as many people loyal to him, not just the president. one thing that is interesting, i talked to somebody in the room the other day, h.r. mcmaster gave a town hall for city council officials, a little bit of a good-bye for him, a five-minute event. he got a three-minute standing ovation. the folks are sad to see him go and sadder to see john bolton come in. >> what would disappointment mean for the meeting that president trump is supposed to
4:25 am
have with kim jong-un? >> the president is drawing more people into the inner circle who reflect his beliefs. when he talks about coming up strong against kim jong-un, he's pulled in the ultimate in john bolton. secretary mattis is seen as a three-person restraining order on president trump. with two of the people out, what kind of pressure does that put mattis under? and what happens next with trump on the foreign policy front? >> and jonathan, is a sense of a relationship with john kelly and what other top aides will look like? >> no, i don't think there really is. there is some speculation that the president may essentially ditch the chief of staff model. and have people report directly to him. several people who report directly to him. you would think the national security adviser would be one of these people that goes in that direction. and john bolton has just been given a huge vote of confidence by the president, which means he should come in with a lot of
4:26 am
influence. and that may cut into kelly's influence. >> erin, another issue on the table, what about bolton and the iran deal? >> president trump has been very clear about his intention to rip up that deal when he recertifies that he always says, this is the last time. he's had people in his cabinet say, stick with it. there's a reason to stick with our allies on the deal we made. expect to see a harder line being taken, especially with bolton in house now. but if north korea watches us rip up a pact with iran, what do they say to the president's credibility when he comes to the table? >> jonathan, mattis is apparently in favor of the iran deal, so how is that going to play out? >> i think we have to watch and see. i think people expected the president to be more aggressive in ripping it up before now. i think people expect him to be more aggressive in terms of naming the irtc, the running revolutionary guard, as a terrorist organization. so he's been somewhat constrained. it seems like bolton will push in the other direction. >> jonathan allen, erin delmore.
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great to have you here on this sunday morning. that will do it for me. i'm dara brown. coming up at 8:00, "politics nation." and stay with us, up next, "your business." [thud] [screaming & crying] ♪ [screaming & crying]
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good morning. coming up on msnbc's "your business," in spite of facebook's struggles, companies see it as a powerful marketing tool. but is it really working to increase your sales? it was one of the hottest topics at the southwest by southwest festival. future intelligence and how it may impact your industry. and how online disrupter shopify is the go-to site looking for those to attract the customers. we have the latest digital strategies you need to grow your business. that's all coming up next on "your business." >> "your business" is sponsored by american express


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