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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  April 2, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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should have his credentials pulled because he shouted a question at donald trump during the easter egg roll. >> this is troubling to me that if you are somehow independent from the station you are labeled an enemy of the state. if you are on board with the administration you are probably going to have your multibillion dollar deal approved by the federal government. this is what you see in putin's russia or erdogaireerdogan's tu. that should not happen in the united states. we were talking, that's the norm around the world, we thought we were immune, it and turns out we're not. >> that's something we should pay attention to. that does it for us tomorrow night, rachel will be back tomorrow. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." >> good evening, joy. the boycott continues this hour and david hogg is going to join
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us in this hour. he got it started. >> excellent. i'll be watching. >> once again we learned what the president of the united states is up to today from the kremlin, instead of the white house. two weeks ago when president trump called president vladimir putin in what was supposed to be the do not congratulate phone call after putin was re-elected in a completely rigged russian election, we learned from "the washington post" that donald trump did make the mistake of congratulating the nondemocratic c ly elected head of the russian government. but was it a mistake? it would have been a mistake from any other president. but it's been the goal of president trump since the start of the campaign to cozy up to president putin. it doesn't look like a mistake with donald trump. it looks like a deliberate,
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consistent choice. donald trump's public behavior with and about russia and vladimir putin has always been peculiar to put it mildly. we don't know if the trump campaign violated the law in conspireing with russia and russian agents to win the election. but we know donald trump behaves as if he is owned by vladimir putin. so today it was an aide to vladimir putin who revealed in the do not congratulate phone call a couple weeks ago, donald trump invited vladimir putin to the white house. when our presidents spoke on the phone it was trump who proprosed holding the first meeting in washington, in the white house, an aide to putin said. diplomatic visits to the white house are not granted to those behaving badly like poisoning people around the world, jailing
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candidates, or interfering with the election of the president of the united states. and because president putin has been behaving badly for a while now, including invading neighboring countries, it will be vladimir putin's first visit to the white house since 2005 and in the 13 years since his last visit, vladimir putin's behavior has become worse and worse and worse. and in those 13 years, wikileaks founder julian assange has developed fondness for vladimir putin's regime. and according to u.s. intelligence has served as a conduit for information. and special prosecutor robert mueller is looking into roger stone's claim that he met julian assange. in an e-mail dated august 4, 2016, mr. stone wrote, i dined with julian assange last night, according to a copy of the message reviewed by "the
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washington journal." the note to former trump adviser sam nunberg adds to a growing number of times mr. stone claimed during the campaign to be in contact with wikileaks. the next day, mr. stone publically praised mr. assange via twitter. roger stone is now using the, it was a joke defense. in an interview with "the washington journal," roger stone says the e-mail doesn't have any significance because i probably didn't go. there was no such meeting. it's not what you say, it's what you do. this was said in jest. when sam nunberg was a little boy he wanted to grow up to be roger stone. he has come close. he has become a confidant of roger stone and served as a trump adviser. here's what sam nunberg told ari melber last week.
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>> he'll say i was joking. the joke is essentially on me because that's why i got called in, i think one of the primary reasons by mueller. >> was it a joke? >> i don't -- that's not the way i recollect it. that's not the way i recall it. >> is that a no? >> was ait a joke to me. >> was it a joke? >> i don't think so. >> in response to that, roger stone called sam nunberg a psycho and a lying a hole in an interview with the daily beast. tomorrow alex van der zwaan is to be sentenced tomorrow. this is the first to reach the sentencing. alex van der zwaan was aware of
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conversations between rick gates, who also pleaded guilty, and a person with ties to the russian intelligence service. joining us is rick booth, evelyn f farcus, and harry litman. and harry lit man, i want to start with you on the last point, which is roger stone's e-mail saying i dined with julian assange last night. that obviously gets the interest of the special prosecutor, sam nunberg is brought in to testify about that, he has revealed, possibly among other things. and the roger stone defense it was a joke. >> no kidding. that's his defense to this one, lawrence. and there's some reason to think
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that it would have been very hard for him to make it all the way to assange to dine the next day. but remember, that's not all we have. he called assange my hero, he previewed that john podesta and tony podesta were going to get in trouble with the wikileaks, there's many different arrows pointing him to assange. we're like traveler huddled over a radio, getting transmissions as they come out of mueller's office but they're all saying russia, russia, wikileaks. there's a lot connecting stone and i think the latest revelations put him in the most pearl of the trump people. >> do you remember when obama were calling each other psychos.
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all you mccain people had that -- >> i think that happened on the mccain campaign. didn't go well. >> you're reading of a campaign that had the likes of stone and nunberg and how much linkage to wikileaks was there? >> reporter:. >> i would say the conventional wisdom in 2016, trump was the candidate getting the bottom feeders, he couldn't get the professionals. that's how he ended up with this motly crew. i think you can also reach a different conclusion, there was perhaps a concerted russian effort to infiltrate the trump campaign through people like george papadopoulos, carter page and rick gates and paul manafort. all these people have russia j linkages and roger stone is another one of those. so it seems to me there is a pattern of facts coming out,
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and, of course, robert mueller knows more than we do, but to me this is very strong circumstantial evidence of collusion, which is emerging here. you have a special prosecutor investigating possible russia illegal interveerns in our presidential campaign and presidential election, you also have a russia leader who has invaded the ukraine, seized crimea, you have these poisonings that are occurring, which the civilized world is reacting to and blaming russia for, and amid all of that, donald trump invites vladimir putin to the white house. what are the diplomatic precedence here that usually would be followed? >> usually, lawrence, if your adversary -- the international adversary right now of the united states is russia, and you went through some of the reasons why they're an adversary, if that adversary, you know,
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conducts an operation like try to poison, assassinate two people in your best friend's back yard, you don't invite that adversary over for a beer the next week. we're supposed to be standing in solidarity. there's a huge difference between president trump saying i'm going to sit down with kim jong-un. and the difference is the japanese, south koreas, and the russians and the chinese are fine with the idea of us sitting down with kim jong-un, it's a unified stance. but the problem with the approach to russia, as i said before, they are the adversary, you mentioned a few of the things they've done on the international stage, these two poisonings are the latest of about 13 other looks like suspicion assassinations and attempted assassinations on russia's hands in the uk. and then the president turns
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around and pretends this didn't happen. he has the weird charade going where the official policy is we stand by our allies, we punish russia with sanctions, although he's not implementing them. and then he has this wink and nods with putin, where they pretend russia and the u.s. can cooperate. but i see no cooperation given russia's foreign policy on t objectives. >> i want to go back to the russia investigation and the president's lawyer situation. the last time we left him on this, he lost the lawyers he thought he had. his lead lawyer had left the case. there was an inexperienced lawyer from georgia who was going to join the fray. but joseph digenova who was unable to join the trump team because of conflict. is now being reported in
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politico saying he participated. they said, former federal prosecutor joseph digenova said monday that he and his wife have still speaking with trump and his lawyers despite parting ways due to a conflict of interest. victoria and i are playing the role of lawyers on television and in real life, we have spoken to the president several times since our respective statements last week and we continue to chat with his lawyers and him. harry, if you're conflicted to the the point where you can't represent the president, what's the legal propriety of speaking to him in this situation? >> none. it's -- if there really had been a conflict of interest such that he couldn't represent him, you can't play footsie with him in the way that they're describing. but you know, joseph digenova was hired on a monday and he withdraws on a friday. no lawyer, no lawyer takes an engagement like this without
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having checked conflicts first. and his statements in withdrawing were kind of squirrely. so i suspect we have a soft conflict, a business conflict, or that's a charade for a whole different reason. but if he's truly conflicted in the ethical sense of the term, he's just got to say 6 miles away. obviously that's not the case. and, of course, with every new person who comes forward to play trump's lawyer, we have a whole new style, strategy, and the bottom line is he's in the middle of a grave criminal crisis and he has not only no lawyer but no strategy. it's stunning. >> tomorrow, max we're going to see an actual sentencing for the first time in this case, and that's going to be a moment of reckoning for some of the people who have already pled guilty and others who know that they are in the prosecutor's sights.
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>> right and mueller has said that alex van der zwaan has information not available to others. so i would think that donald trump has to quake every time he reads this. there's always another shoe dropping and you know there are many more down the road. the facts we have before us in the public are damming enough, you can imagine what mueller knows and the information he's accumulating from flipping people like michael flynn and george papadopoulos and rick gates. my goodness, what that man must know and how trump must be afraid. and i think that helps to explain why, of course, he keeps lashing out against for example today the department of justice, putting justice in sarcastic quote marks. >> thank you for joining this round of discussion. >> thank you. president trump spent the weekend watching fox news and tweeting what fox news told him
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to tweet. and then watching fox nooews report what he just tweeted. we have evidence how that cycle works. the boycott continues and laura inggraham continues to be on vacation. and david hogg will join us. ♪ when heartburn hits...
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matthew gerts has given us the definitive study of how fox news governs the thoughts of the person who is supposed to be governing the united states. he did it in a tweet that will guide historians for centurys unless they give up writing about the president because they consider it a joke of the american presidency. here is the tweet series in which matthew gerts explains it all for us. president trump's hard line immigration tweets this weekend are the result of a, advice he received from private from fox hosts followed by b, him reacting to fox coverage. on friday night, trump reportedly dined at mar-a-lago with sean hannity. the next morning fox and friends ran multiple segments criticizing california gof jerry
7:19 pm
brown's decision to pardon five immigrants. trump responded fra furious twe. later saturday trump met with pirro. saturday night trump dines with trump again this time joined by bill shine. sunday morning fox does a series of report osa buzz feed article on a caravan of migrants headed for the u.s./mexico border. and one of those reports border patrol union head criticized catch and release immigration policies and called for nuclear option to pass gop immigration legislation. within the hour trump responds with a wild tweet storm echoing judd. much of this makes no sense but trump reiterates the comments
7:20 pm
when asked about them by the press pool as he is about to enter church for easter services. the tweets up end the administration's efforts to heal the u.s./mexico relationships. fox is excited the next morning. here is how they open the 6:00 a.m. hour. trump is apparently watching again and does another angry tweet storm about mek koe, reiterating the points from the day before. trump was tweeting about a fox and friends segment about trump tweeting about a fox and friends segment. the feedback loop is tighter than ever. joining us now is matthew gertz. and kurt anderson is with us. and matthew, as soon as i saw your series of tweets today, i realized my work was done for me. i'm just stealing that. that's my script for this segment. it was really -- you've been
7:21 pm
doing this regularly. and you've done this often. this was, i have to say, the most beautiful sequence i had had seen unfold and it really is this loop that's just constantly going back and forth like this. >> thank you very much. yes, i've been tracking this since mid october. every morning, waking up seeing whether the president is tweeting and when he is, seeing if i can match it to whatever is happening on fox and friends that morning. fox and friends is the president's favorite show. he frequently praises its hosts. he thinks they do great work. and often what i found is whatever the president is tweeting about in the morning, it is often based on what he's seeing on that program. you know, you will have him echoing the exact same bizarre conspiracies that no one else is talking about.
7:22 pm
you will see him talking about three or four or five different topics in a row that mimic fox and friends segments from that day. so what i eventually concluded is this is what is happening, the president of the united states gets up every morning, he turns on his television, and he watches fox's morning cable news program and tweets in realtime about whatever he sees. you know, i also spend several hours a day watching cable news and tweeting about it, but i am not the president of the united states. this is very strange and i think disturbing for a couple of different reasons. you know, the cast of fox and friends are not exactly the brightest and the best. these are not rhodes scholars they once attempted to roast
7:23 pm
marshmallows over an open flame with their bare hands and that didn't go well. but that is what's happening. several hours a day, getting a briefing from fox and friends. >> kurt, the ignorance of the president knows no bottom. every previous president when they walked by a tv and there was news on, they could look at it disdainfully, whatever we were reporting on, whatever we were saying about what the president was up to, we know the tip of the iceberg of what he was up to. that's the most we're going to get out here and that's what we're analyzing. this is the only president who knows less than the people on tv talking about the presidency. >> he's a guy who's been covered a lot by the media for 30 years. so he knows how off and wrong and sloppy press coverage is of anything he's been involved in for years. so yes, it's extraordinary.
7:24 pm
however, i guess although it resembles a certain kind of psychiatric disorder, the kind who think the tv is talking to them, there is a thing called truman show disorder, you think you're the center of a tv show and you're getting directions from a director. i will say as someone who has followed his tweets that go from one thing to another erratically in the mornings and you think, has this guy lost it? at least this gives a sense he is not mentally ill in the way we imagined in flitting from one subject to the next. he is, for better and worse, mostly worse, following fox and friends, and that's all he's doing. which is pathetic, but not perhaps as troublingly disordered as we might have imagined. >> and when he's not having dinner with fox anchors, he's bringing fox personnel into white house meetings through
7:25 pm
speaker phone. there's a report today indicating lou dobbs, that the president puts him on speaker phone talking about tax policy, trade policy. and here's just one example of the intelligence level of lou dobbs. this is the person, the voice, the person who the president wants to hear from more than he wants to hear from his cabinet. let's listen to this. >> i think u.s. marshals should follow him. and any -- follow the president like he is and behave. i mean, this is just bad manners, it's boarish, absurd, he doesn't realize how foolish he looks. he should be brought back by the marshal marshalls. isn't there a lot that presidents shouldn't be attacking sitting presidents. >> he's talking about president obama. and he believes, his
7:26 pm
understanding of the constitution and the first amendment, that there should be a law or there is one that says previous presidents shouldn't say anything about the current president. >> yes. you say that he has a very tiny audience and that's true, but one of the members of that audience is president trump himself. i actually traced a tweet that the president sent this evening at around 8:00 to a segment on lou dobbs earlier this evening. so he's watching the program and taking cues from that. he's getting advice from him over the phone and in person. we're seeing a similar relationship with sean hannity. and janine pirro who has decried the mueller investigation and said it needs to be shut down and people at the doj and fbi need to be taken out in handcuffs. >> i have to leave it there for tonight. thank you for joining us on that
7:27 pm
one. coming up, bill o'reilly says the boycott of the laura ingraham show is a dark conspiracy. the leader of that conspiracy, 17-year-old david hogg, will join us next. thanks to the dedicated technicians at the american red cross... who worked with vmware... to develop technologies to help redirect the flow of blood to the areas and people needing it most. helping them recover... and refilling everyone with life-affirming hope. magic can't make digital transformation happen... but we can. that's the power of vmware, part of dell technologies. hello. give me an hour in tanning room 3. cheers! that's confident. but it's not kayak confident. kayak searches hundreds of travel sites to help me plan the best trip. so i'm more than confident. forgot me goggles. kayak. search one and done.
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taking tzds with insulins like lantus may cause heart failure that can lead to death. stay together with the lantus $0 copay. ♪ let's stay together talk to your doctor or visit when an advertiser boy scott closed in on bill o'reilly last year, fox news announced he was going on vacation. he never returned from vacation. and last week when an advertiser boy scott started by my next guest david hogg, started against laura ingraham, she announced she was going on
7:31 pm
vacation. vacation is the scary place to be when advertisers are boycotting a show. there are now 15 advertisers boycotting the show. way fair, hulu, jenny craig, office depot, bayer, today was the first day they did not lose another advertiser to the boycott. they issued this statement today. we cannot and will not allow voices to be censorsed by agenda-driven intimidation efforts. we look forward to having laura ingraham back. that overlooks the fact that bill o'reilly was indeed driven from fox news by an agenda driven effort, the agenda was to
7:32 pm
stop sexual harassment in the work place. specifically stop bill o'reilly's sexual harassment. and it worked because all of the names you see behind me right now boycotted bill o'reilly's show. and that's who drove him off tv, the advertisers. fox news was doing to let bill o'reilly sexually harass women for as long as he wanted to, for as long as he wanted to, and they were going to help him settle lawsuits as long as he wanted to do that, but they were not going to let him lose advertisers for fox news. that was crossing fox news' line. so those advertisers who drove bill o'reilly out of television probably saved an unknown number of women working at fox news right now from being sexually harassed by bill o'reilly in the work place. and now, of course, bill o'reilly hates boycotts.
7:33 pm
so o'reilly rose in defense of laura ingraham today on twitter. he said that the boycott is being directed by powerful shadowy radical groups who want laura ingraham off the air. here is the picture of the leader of those powerful shadowy, radical groups. that's 17-year-old david hogg. that's his twitter photograph. and here is the tweet that publically launched the boycott. it got 55,000 retweets. 128,000 likes and that's something advertisers must pay attention to. it's impossible to conceive of a more peaceful form of protest than a tweet or a boycott. in fact, boycotts were invented at a potentially explosive moment in history as an alternative to violent protest. charles boycott was the local rent collector in ireland for an
7:34 pm
english lord who owned the land that pe sant farmers tried to scrape out a living on, or at least enough food to eat. with harvests dropping, charles boycott was ruthless with evictions, and the farmers refused to pay their rents. after that charles boycott's last name became a verb and within a year led to new rent laws in ireland. in the 130 years since, peaceful boycotts have been launched around the world with mixed results, sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don't. but every time boycotts are always called unfair by the people who are getting boycotted.
7:35 pm
including, of course, the target of the most successful recent tv tuesday advertiser boycott, bill o'reilly, whose irish ancestry once depended on the investigation of the boycott for survival. joining us now david hogg, a senior at margery stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. david, thank you for joining us. i want to go to what bill o'reilly said, he said you and the boycott being directed by shadowy, radical groups. what do you say to that? >> that's for seeing me as so powerful. i'm well rlit, i don't see shadw figures behind me. if he sees shadowy figures as
7:36 pm
corporate america standing by us, okay. i want to focus on what's ahead for our movement. we need to focus on the positivity and bringing everyone together. the first thing we have coming up are the town halls on april 7th we're trying to get in every congressional district. when bill says these things and laura says these things. i'm fine when they disagree with my policies, that's okay. what i have a problem with is when they attack me or anybody else personally. why? what does that accomplish? it doesn't make sense. i don't have any shadowy figures behind me. i'm just a kid that uses twitter. if he sees me as powerful, that's okay. i don't see myself that way. we're trying to use our first amendment rights, as is corporate america. >> i want to show you a photograph of emma gonzalez,
7:37 pm
this is another way in which people on the right, pro-nra people have tried to distort what's going on with you are as individual protesters. they took a picture of her ripping a target that's used as gun target practice and photo shopped a copy of the constitution and saying she was ripping up the constitution and that's what she was about. what's your reaction to that? >> i think the people creating this content are saying there's so much fake news out there when they're the ones that perpetrate it. it's disgusting and dangerous to our democracy. it's wrong. we're tikids trying to save liv. what we need to do is come together as americans and when people use divisive language like we see on the right and left of the issue, calling things right and left and not just american, doesn't help
7:38 pm
anything. we need to come together, go to the town halls, i don't care if you're a republican, democrat, we're all americans. let's get together and solve the issue together. >> i want to read a tweet from the former publisher of time magazine. he responded to bill o'reilly's tweet about the boycott being a conspiracy. he said, advertisers pull money when they come to believe the show they're sponsoring has crossed some line that is going to cost them customers and money. they are largely apolitical market driven capitalists with radar are the for brand damage. that comes from somebody with the maintenance with advertisers. so when you hear bill o'reilly imagining this about what's going on with you and what's going on with your classmates down in parkland, florida, if you could talk to bill o'reilly for a minute, what would you try to tell him? >> corporate america is on the
7:39 pm
side of justice. you, with the sexual harassment, they stood with the victims of that to ensure that nobody else would have to suffer through that. they're trying to stand with us too to prevent the bullying we've seen. i don't want this to be abthe negativity of the situation. i want this to be americans discussing it with each other. we need positivity and to work together. when people continue to try to divide us and distract from the mission here, which is saving kids' lives because they're attacking us on a personal level. i'm okay with people criticizing our policies. i'm not okay with them attacking me and my friends who are survivors of a mass murder. what does that accomplish? >> give us again what's going next. april 7th you mentioned. >> on april 7th we're trying to have a town hall in every congressional district. people can go to the town
7:40 pm to see if there's one in their area p and if there's not they can make an event. so i urge you to go and see if there's an event in your area. if there's not, make un. >> appreciate you joining us tonight, thank you david. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, president trump's lawyers went to court today in california to fight stormy daniels and they made the mistake of revealing, in a court filing, that they think everything stormy daniels said about donald trump on "60 minutes" is true.
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want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. humira. what's your body of proof? at the end of the business day today in california, lawyers for the president of the united states filed this 26-page motion in federal court that contained, deep within it, the admission, probably the inadvertent admission that donald trump did indeed do everything that stormy daniels said he did in her interview on "60 minutes" the motion is to force the case into private arbitration instead of allowing it to be heard publically. the lawyers are trying to enforce the confidentiality agreement that stormy daniels is trying to have determined.
7:45 pm
and the lawyers say stormy daniels violated the confidentiality agreement on the bottom of page 9 onto page 10. they describe how stormy daniels has violated the confidentiality. her real name as you recall is stephanie clifford fp and the president's lawyers say clifford has violated the settlement agreement and the temporary restraining order by among other things filing the complaint and first amended complaint in this action and also by disclosing confidential information to the news media including in a nationally televised interview with anderson cooper on "60 minutes" which was reported watched by 22 million viewers. the confidentiality agreement that she signed prevents her from telling the truth of what he did with donald trump.
7:46 pm
it is not a violation for her to lie about what she did with donald trump. she can say she played golf with donald trump, even though she never played golf with donald trump and that would not violate the confidentiality agreement. so when the president's lawyers say in here that stormy daniels violated the confidentiality by what she said on "60 minutes," they are admitting right here, on page 9 and 10, that it is all true. that everything stormy daniels said on "60 minutes" is exactly what she was supposed to keep secret about donald trump because it's true. that means, according to the president's lawyers today, that this really happened. >> i was like someone should take that magazine and spank you with it. i just remember him going you wouldn't. hand it over. and so he did. and i was like, turn around, drop him. >> you told donald trump to turn around and take off his pants?
7:47 pm
>> yes. >> and did he. >> yes. so he turned around and pulled his pants down and stuff and i gave him a couple swats. >> when we come back, there are more revelations in these documents filed by the president's lawyer. that's next when we return with curt andersen and harry litman. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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i've known stormy daniels a long time. and i'll be honest, she may have
7:51 pm
mentioned some of this stuff around ten years ago at the time when you ask a porn star who they've been sleeping with and the answer was donald trump, it was like the least surprising thing that she could have said. and so, yeah, she had mentioned it actually. she did mention it. >> and that memorable television moment was brought to you like so many other entertainment moments by judd appatel, the director of "40-year-old virgin" and knows stormy daniels. ken littman, i want to go to these revelations by the president's lawyers saying that she violated the confidentiality
7:52 pm
agreement, which she can only violate by saying things that donald trump believes to be true. seems to put it mildly they have not yet find a way to defend trump in this case. >> you're absolutely right. his lawyers stepped in it. cohen has made two personal statements in the last week that i think put him into deep hot water. first he avered on national tv that trump knows nothing and never knew anything about the agreement. and in in proceeding was the big argument is about is did they conclude the agreement or not? now, if trump never knew anything about it, how could he make the promises that are in the agreement, which are not
7:53 pm
just $130,000. he promises to release all his claims, he promises not to contact her family, that all looks to be a total fraud because he would never have agreed because he never knew. and a lot of things follow from that. ethically, civilly be, even criminally for cohen and that i think will have turn out to a been a bad misstep. >> there's a really easy way for the president to end all of this and that is to drop all this litigation and let stormy daniels continue to tell her story. she's already told her story so the damage, if you can call it that is done. all she can do is tell her story again and again. but it seems that the reason to try to enforce the stormy daniels agreement is that you might have dozens or as steve bannon said to michael wolf,
7:54 pm
hundreds of these agreements out there to keep enforce. >> i'm just speculating here but in a pre-nup with mrs. trump, there could be something about unmistakable evidence of infidelity that such an open hearing as owe clospposed to a arbitration in the stormy daniels case would expose. it's extraordinary he's keeping this open. his lawyers are the thing that are keeping this getting air. once the "60 minutes" show is over, that story's done. as you said, it could end tomorrow. so either there is some other incentive, legal incentive, or as could be true, donald trump simply -- and his lawyers --
7:55 pm
simply enjoy being the center -- have another ring in the circus to which they can draw attention. >> harry, i jurs wast want to mt clear what happened. blake doesn't actually represent michael cohen, he represents the llc. he did the filing. and then charles harder, who actually really does represent donald trump in this case, sent in a supplementary filing saying that filing speaks for us, we agree with that. so the president of the united states formally entered this today through his own lawyers and this is just a development that any reasonable lawyer would have advised the president against. >> probably. i mean, if all he's thinking about is the short-term political cost, maybe. and i think kurt is exactly right, by the way, the salience
7:56 pm
and power of this story has everything to do with their fighting it. there has to be dozens of other people out there. you're right, now the president joined it. he sort of had to because he's been sued by her and everybody who comes back and says we want arbitration, everyone who has been sued has to make that claim. but he's got his very flame thrower lawyer who just this week, by the way, had a dissolution of his firm and because of this engagement with trump and he was forced into this move. >> kurt anderson, harry littman, thanks for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. tonight's last word is next. you never invited this stubborn little rascal to your patio. so, draw the line. one spray of roundup® max control 365 kills to the root and keeps weeds away for up to 12 months. because patios should be for cooking out and kicking back.
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8:00 pm
knowingly met with a russian spy in the months leading up to the election. what more evidence do we need? donald trump in a t-shirt saying i colluded with the russians and all i got was this lousy t-shirt and the presidency? >> steven colbert gets the last record. "the 11 hour" with brian williams starts now. >> tonight we're just hours away f the first sense tensing in the russian investigation. also tonight new details on president trump's congratulatory call to vladimir putin and the invitation to visit the white house that we've learned about from the russians. and if bunnies could talk, deciphering what the president said today at the easter egg


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