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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  April 6, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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for today's big picture, it is friday, so we're going to show it to you. couple goats stuck on a turnpike bridge. look at your screen. two goats. 150 feet in the air. get closer to your tv screen. how do they get there? nobody knows. not sure. they got eventually rescued and are now safely back on their farm. courtesy of the pennsylvania state police. my home state of pa. tgif, guys. more news with my colleagues, ali velshi and stephanie ruhle. >> you made that up. sure you didn't get suckered? >> it's real. that photo, by the way, is from the pennsylvania turnpike, folks. that's legit. all yours. >> that seems crazy to me. two goats. >> pennsylvania dpoetgoats. >> i love it. >> what's the -- like new jersey is new jersey. what's pennsylvania? >> pennsylvania, goats on a turnpike. >> hallie, we'll see you this afternoon. we'll have a busy day. catch you later. thanks so much. good morning, everyone.
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i'm ali velshi. >> when do we not have a busy day? i'm stephanie ruhle. it is friday, april 6th. let's get started. 30 seconds into the trade day and dow is down 235. >> this is a moderate tempered approach that we are taking. >> the president looks to impose an additional $100 billion worth of tariffs on china. i'm wondering, is president trump and larry kudlow speaking? are they on the same page? >> you have the sweetest deal in america and still stiffed the landlord. >> you're seeing someone who is trying to be an elitist but doesn't have the money for it. >> while he may be doing the bidding of the gas and loyal interests, maybe this is too much. >> i think scott has done a fantastic job. i think he's a fantastic person. >> president trump on the record for the first time about stormy daniels. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> we waited patiently and, lo
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and behold, christmas has arrived. the president's comments on air force one are serious for him. serious for michael cohen. >> the president opened a door yesterday, and i would bet you a lot of the lawyers around him started cringing. >> moderate and tempered approach. that's what larry kudlow said they're doing. have you ever heard anyone describe the president moderate and tempered? >> no. >> it is all about the economy and tariffs. new jobs report. market is reacting to all of it. on tariffs, the president is still not calling it a trade war. remember, he's the guy who said, trade war, good thing, easy to win, even though he is looking at another $100 billion worth of tariffs on chinese goods. specifically targeted. >> tariffs on $100 billion of chinese conomic adviser larry kudlow made the rounds. >> we cannot allow our technology breakthroughs, which
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is what made america competitive and great, we cannot give them a way to be stolen by the chinese government anymore. >> larry kudlow did do the rounds. we have not spoken to him. for me, it's been almost 300 days since i've interviewed anyone from the white house on our economy, on jobs. i've asked the white house every day this week and, at this point, they're unresponsive. while we say he is doing the rounds, larry, we'd love to talk to you. >> the president himself acknowledged that this is likely not an easy process. >> well fellas, we've already lost the trade war. we don't have a trade war. we've lost a trade war. it just got worse and worse. now, it's $500 billion in deficits and a theft of $300 billion in intellectual property. you can't have this. so, i'm not saying there won't be a little pain, but the market has gone up 40%, 42%, so we might lose a little bit of it. >> let's make something clear. kudos to the president for going
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after this, addressing it because it is a big issue. the problem is, the way he is going about it -- >> this is the sloppiest thing i've seen. he says there's more tariffs. chinese says there is. kudlow says there isn't. market is down 1.6%. >> larry kudlow said we want the least pain possible. down 400 is painful. markets reacting to this and the jobs report. >> the other thing, the president keeps doing this and we keep pointing out it's wrong. he says we have a $500 billion deficit with china. it is $375 billion, still a lot of billions of dollars. i just don't know why the president keeps lying about this. and we know we're on a tv set in the white house, so anybody in the white house who is watching this right now, please stop telling the president -- or tell the president to stop lying about the size of the trade deficit with china, then we can move on to other topics. >> he is also lying about the price of aluminum and steel. we went on twitter this morning saying, this is so great. we have jobs coming in. the price of aluminum is going down. let's make something clear.
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it went up in january in preparation for the tariffs. we saw it go down slightly last month because the aluminum and steel tariffs excluded our allies. no, sir, the price hasn't gone down. it's up. >> let's talk a little bit more about this. walk over with me to the interactive wall. the trump administration is escalating what the president insists is not a trade war. let's look at how begot here. on february 23rd, the president abruptly announced plans, as stephanie was talking about, for global tariffs on steel and aluminum. he narrowed it to targeting chinese exports of steel and aluminum, going in effect on march 23rd. on monday, china announced tariffs on $3 billion worth of u.s. goods, including nuts, fruits, pork products and sparkling wine. the next day, tuesday, as expected, the administration announced tariffs on $50 billion worth of chinese exports like computers, dishwashers and medical devices. later that night, china tacted another $50 billion worth of
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tariffs on american goods, targeting cars, beef and whiskey, coming from states key to the president's victory. it'd seem things would stay there. prompting larry kudlow to say this. >> you know, there are carrots and sticks in life. but he is ultimately a free trader. this is a negotiation using all the tools. >> all right. if negotiation is the goal, we're not there yet. yesterday, the administration announced it was considering $100 billion worth of new tariffs. $100 billion on chinese goods. no word on what products would be targeted here. china was quick to respond, saying it would fight at any cost. we do know this is nowhere near finished. steph? >> this is a question i would love for the white house to answer. they say this is a negotiating tactic. who are they negotiating with? when is it happening? remember, the president said, we're pulling out of tpp. we're negotiating something better. who is working on that
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negotiation? when is it happening? how is it happening? >> right. >> when xi jinping went to mar-a-lago in the spring, he charged wilbur ross with working on opening up trade between the two countries. >> right. >> we know how that turned out. joining us now, our dear friend john harwood, former u.s. trade representative michael froman, and austin goolsbee, chairman of president obama's chairman of economic advisers. he's been in the seat larry kudlow is in today. michael, you first. these tariffs are a jump from tuesday's, but we need to make this clear, the tariffs are not yet put in place. at this point, it's just talk. do you take this talk seriously? >> well, i think it is just talk right now, but it is serious. it's like two armies lining up on on opposite sides of a valley looking at each other. you see what the damage will be. so far, they've been minor
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skirmishes. it's not an issue of whether it is $50 billion or $300 billion. it is the question you raised a moment ago. what is it the u.s. wants out of china? have we laid it out clearly? do we have a process for getting there? increasing your leverage by announcing the possibility of imposing tariffs is one thing. actually doing the hard work of laying out a strategy and building international support for the strategy is another. >> all right. the president tweeted again saying, you know, we've all been foolish. nobody has taken this on. everybody has let china get away with this. >> tpp is going to take it on though. >> we gave up the opportunity. in fairness, donald trump said in the campaign, he'd get out of tpp. hillary clinton said she'd get out of tpp. bernie sanders said they'd get out of tpp. that's where the influence lay. is it true, when donald trump says, we agree, it is true china is not a fair player most of the time, but is it true when donald
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trump said no one has ever taken this on? >> i don't think it is true. look, you have mike froman right there. through the obama administration, through the bush administration, clinton administration, there were many actions at the wto and otherwise, where we have tried to press china on some of these issues like subsidizing their national industries, protecting intellectual property. the thing that is notable here is that this is something that every advanced economy of the world ought to be 100% on our side. as a group, we would say to china, we don't like that you're not protecting the state-owned int enterprises, let's say, are taking intellectual property and insisting u.s. or other companies turn it over if they're doing joint ventures in china. we have, somehow, taken an issue, which everyone ought to be on our side, and completely alienated them. so, china is now literally going
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to europe to seek their help in fighting the united states. as a negotiating tactic, this was the worst thing you could possibly do. >> i want you to stay on that. maybe you can, john. earlier this morning, the former president of mexico said, we are an ally and a trading partner. i want to say, the third biggest trading partner. mexico was always getting their corn from the united states. now, they're starting to get it from argentina. china, which gets half of the u.s. soybean production, is prepared for this to be happening and they're looking to get it from brazil. what are we doing to our allies and trading partners amidst all of this and the america first agenda? >> well, we're doing a lot to our allies and trading partners. doing a lot to our markets. the markets are paying a price for the crudeness of trudonald trump's message which he used to get votes in 2016. he told voters who were struggling, wages hadn't gone
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up, this is because of bad trade deals. china is bad. mexico is bad. as mike froman indicated before, a sophisticated strategy for challenging china involved the transpacific partnership, which was negotiated, which republi n republicans on the hill, paul ryan and others, were struggling against populus opposition, wanted to pass that. donald trump pulled out of that. the transpacific partnership also had revised terms for nafta, which the president said he wants a renegotiated nafta. there are provisions on the table from the transpacific partnership that you could use. the president is more determined to smash crockery than to try to make these constructive negotiations. you know, the thing he doesn't recognize, every one of his campai campaign rallies, and his rallies today, they play at the end the rolling stones "you can't always get what you want." he doesn't recognize that we
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don't get everything we want from trade negotiations. you do get something if you engage. >> mike, the president said he would instruct the agriculture secretary to come up with a plan to defend farmers and agricultural interests. what does something like that look like? the pressure on farmers and agricultural interests has come from the fact that the president has managed this the way he has. we're hearing from farmers in kansas, in illinois, iowa, that this is disastrous if you're a pig farmer, a soybean farmer, all sorts of farmers. how do you handle these things? how do you protect your farmers in the event there are tariffs imposed on the things they export? >> well, it'd be very hard and very expensive if you were going to try to do so. we are a major ag exporter now, and china is one of our top destinations for exports. these products are, by definition, commodities. they can buy soybeans from us or from brazil. they can buy their pork from us or buy it from europe. once you're out of a market, it is very hard to get back in.
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the difference between a family farm making money or just breaking even is, oftentimes, their ability to export. that's why these markets are so important. let me add one thing to the previous comments. the obama administration, we worked on a bilateral agreement with china that dealt with technology transfer, that dealt with putting disciplines on state-owned enterprises, dealt with subsidies, all the things president trump cited. and what he cited are legitimate concerns. we left it 90% complete for the trump administration to finish. they've not picked it up. it'd be a good starting point for them to pick that up and see if they can get something like that done. >> ahustan, does china have a nuclear option here? >> whoa, whoa. >> not in that regard. i mean figuratively. they can stop fooling around with tariffs and devalue the yuan. it'd kill us. >> on the other side, people
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say, could they threaten ownership, a treasury, try to drive up interest rates? if you get into the financial side of a trade war, it's actually much more complicated. they can't do that without hurting themselves, too. just like the u.s. can't try to hurt china without hurting itself. >> they could stop buying u.s. debt. they threatened that. >> they could, but then they'd lose money. that's what i mean. that part is complicated. i just think, donald trump has never negotiated with the chinese. the first lesson of trying to get china to the negotiating table and getting something from china, is you cannot get up publicly and try to shove their face in the dirt and say, ah, we're going to make sure that you pay and we win. they have to stand up and refute whatever it is you're saying, if that's the approach you're going to take. that we're beginning this way is
8:15 am
a terrible sign for the world economy. >> just remember, guys, if we get into a situation where both sides are hurting themselves, which is correct, as austan said, these are mutually self-defeating intenterprises, side has political staying power and one does not. xi jinping, who is now, in effect, president for life, can do this indefinitely. donald trump will face blowba-bk from markets, congress, republicans. he may be beginning a fight he can't finish. >> how difficult a line is it that larry kudlow is walking right now? he's been successful in calming the markets and saying, it's just talk. we're not -- we haven't gotten there yet. but gary cohn was in a similar position. when we say, well, is the president going to listen to peter navarro or larry kudlow, peter navarro and wilbur ross
8:16 am
share the same views as the president. gary cohn gave up. why is it that larry kudlow believes he'll be successful in influencing the president here? the markets are seeming to believe it. >> right. well, i mean, he did have some immediate success in calming the markets a couple of days ago. the problem is, he was undercut, as is so often the case, with the administration and the president himself. larry doesn't believe on this policy. on the other hand, as mike froman was saying, there are legitimate complaints about the china. the question is how you go about prosecuting them. larry is saying, well, we can't allow this to happen. it is a real problem. all of that is true. does larry kudlow agree with the means the president is pursuing? i don't think so. but he is new in the job. he likes the job. i mean, otherwise, he wouldn't have taken it. so, he is trying to walk a line and keep pleasing the president and try to do the president's bidding. >> thanks very much for joining us. john harwood, michael froman and
8:17 am
austin goolsbee. the dow is off 1.5%. the s&p 500 is off 1.2%. >> full employment at this point, 4%. it is certainly a positive note for the economy that seems to be chugging along. the question is, when are we going to see wages move up? >> a little bit on the right side. >> a little bit. that is what we really need. we know that there are americans without jobs. we know there are job openings. >> yup. >> what we need to do is address the skills gap and get those unemployed americans the skills to fill those jobs. >> yup. the hits keep coming for epa administrator scott pruitt. almost two dozen ethics issues surrounding him. >> two dozen, that's 24. there is word he had trouble keeping his end of the bargain surrounding one of the issues. all he had to pay was $50 a night. the sweetheart deal in d.c. >> apparently, he had trouble doing even that. >> moments ago, president trump issued a tweet of support for scott pruitt. stay with us. you're watching "velshi &
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." on this friday, what could be another farewell friday in washington. >> scott pruitt faces more negative headlines. in the last 24 hours, epa officials were sidelined after questioning pruitt. let me say this, the epa officials are republicans. many of them were trump office
8:22 am
appointed republicans. accou "bloomberg" reported scott pruitt told fox news the opposite, there was a roster of clients with the epa. it is a contradiction. >> he lied to ed henry at fox. he said they don't have any business. they had at least three major clients before the epa with hundreds of millions of dollars of business. >> he lied to ed henry at fox talking about how ethics officials approved the sweetheart deal he had in the condo. we have heard from the ethics officials who said there was crucial facts left out of the housing agreement. cbs reporting that pruitt asked to do sirens in d.c. traffic and was told no for non-emergencies. despite all of this -- and let me point out, when he wanted to use the sirens, he was -- because he was on his way to dinner. despite all of this, president trump still appears to have pruitt's back. >> i think that scott has done a
8:23 am
fantast fantastic job. i think he is a fantastic person. i just left the energy people. they love scott pruitt. >> joining us is bill kristol, founder and editor of "the weekly standard." i'm so taken by this whole thing. >> bill, you are a conservative, a republican. there's three camps inside the epa. there are epa lifers, who were part of the last administration, kind of hanging on, saying, let's wait it out until trump isn't in office. then, there are a group of republicans. these are the republicans who are actually working day in and day out on this trump agenda, to dismantle what obama did. then, there is scott pruitt and his group of people he's brought on, you know, his locals from oklahoma. republicans are saying, we love
8:24 am
scott pruitt and what he has done. he needs to be in the position. he doesn't need to be. he's traveling around the world. the republicans who are ib sins the, pa a epa are doing the wor. are there not dozens of republicans who could take pruitt's position and aren't saddled by the ethics problems? >> i think pruitt, the way he's handled himself as epa administrator, is going to damage the substance of policy positions he's taken. a lot of which i probably would agree with. i'm not an expert on the issues, but i'm more on the de-regulatory side and think president obama overreached in ways. now, it'll be part of a sort of, you know, agenda add vavanced b some guy who was cozy with industry, had few ethical standards, who misled reporters about all kinds of things. i think the one issue he has maybe legal vulnerability, not just pr, is the two raises he
8:25 am
gave to political aides of his who came with him from oklahoma, which hi wee went to the white e to promote the guys. the white house said no, which is interesting. then he uses a provision of the clean water act, and i know a little of the laws. we had a couple when i was at the education department. >> the provision -- >> it is designed to hire experts from outside government. there is a legal issue of whether it is an appropriate use, legal use, of congressionally authorized funds, taxpayer funds. that one has been a little underreported. wanting to get to the restaurant and asking, you know, to be a big shot, asking security detail to get him places, it is unseam -- unseemly. i think the raises to political aides, under a law to hire experts, is -- >> for the record, he told ed henry he didn't know about that. if you are on the de-regulatory side of things, there are things you won't like about the epa,
8:26 am
about the department of the interior, about the consumer financial protection bureau. mick mulvaney has gone to the cfpb, and people don't like what he's done, but he asked for zero funding. he's stopped prosecuting or pursuing investigations at the cfpb, but it is quietly. there's no ethics issues about him. the fact is, there are lots of people that can do what scott pruitt is doing and wouldn't attract this aattention. >> pruitt should say, for the sake of agenda, i'll step aside and let president trump appoint a lawyer, governor, move rick perry over from energy and have a clean start. i do think the cumulation of things -- pruitt's attitude toward the job poisoning everything. one other point, i was in the late reagan and first bush administration. i know scott pruitt a little bit. he's a politician. politicians will push and try to
8:27 am
do what they can do. look what the boundaries are sometimes, in terms of rewarding their friends and making, you know -- taking some extras on business trips and so forth. if you have a president and a white house that sets down strict ethical rules and standards, you know, cabinet administrators mostly will say, i guess it's the rules and i have to behave that way. they restrain themselves. if you have a white house and a president who sends the signal that all bets off, get away with what you can, these are stupid ethics rules, forget about these if you can, look how the president behave s personally, then i think people like scott pruitt think, okay, you know what, i guess i can really, you know, pad the -- take a few extra foreign trips and use this provision of law to pay my aides that. get a sweetheart deal on rent and so forth. it's a scott pruitt problem but also a donald trump problem. if scott pruitt were the epa administrator in the george h.w.
8:28 am
bush administration, i think he would have been told, none of this is susceptible and i think he wouldn't have done it. >> while trump nmdonald trump i focused on these issues, he met with scott withdrpruitt and said up the road and meet with carl ichan, who said, yeah, he'll focus on de-regulation. de-regulating industries that mean a lot to carl and his investments. you put out a tweet that's haunting me. you wrote, i've been disgusted with trump, repulsed by trump, appalled by trump, but i don't think i've been more alarmed by the trump president is the and the real damage it can do, as i am now. >> he decided to liberate himself from the restraints of advisers. wants to get out of syria, start a trade war with china. we've been assured the adults in the room are preventing him from doing too much bad stuff. looks like they're not anymore. what other things will he think
8:29 am
of doing? he's wanted to do those things for a long time. another thing, fire robert mueller. i am very concerned that that's the next kind of step, next thing he'll do, when he does something he's wanted to for a long time. >> we should note, and we're out of time, because the president is knocking it down on twitter today, yesterday, cnn reporting that this is especially difficult with pruitt and the president because the president had been eyeing pruitt for the takeout of sessions if he fired jeff sessionine jeff sessionins jeff sessioninessions. the president is saying cnn is lying. i've spoken to at least one senior administration official who said as recent as a week ago, trump has articulated he likes the idea of pruitt to replace jeff sessions. that gets us closer to somebody who would potentially be keen to push mueller out. >> good to talk to you. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> bill kristol. president trump speaking out about the alleged hush money paid to stormy daniels. what he said has daniels'
8:30 am
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." here are the top stories we are watching right now. china warned president trump today it would fight his tariffs at any cost. china's response comes after president trump threatened to place tariffs on another $100 billion of chinese product in addition to the $50 billion announced tuesday. the chinese state media called trump's threat of more trade penalties ridiculous. markets hovering around the 1.3%, 1.5%, 1.6% stage, back and forth this morning. the treasury department announced new sanctions against russia today. the sanctions target oligarchs specifically, and government officials in retaliation for russia's meddling in 2016 u.s. election and what it calls worldwide maligned activities. it comes as doctors announced a former russian spy poisoned by nerve agent last month in the uk is no longer in critical condition. the attack on skripal and his daughter is being blamed on russia, which the kremlin officially denied.
8:35 am
yulia made her first comments yesterday, saying she woke up a week ago and is getting stronger daily. president trump is talking publicly about stormy daniels for the first time. >> he's not talking about his alleged affair with her but, rather, alleged hush money that was paid to her. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? why did michael cohen -- >> michael's my attorney, and you'll have to ask michael. >> do you know where he got the money for the payment? >> no, i don't know. >> did you ever set up a fund of money? >> to say that stormy daniels' lawyer is happy with the denial is an understatement. >> we waited patiently and, lo and behold, christmas has arrived. the president's comments on air force one are serious for him.
8:36 am
serious for michael cohen. how can you have an agreement when one party claims they don't know anything about the agreement? >> with us now is mississipsnbc cevallos. he said, you know, christmas came early. why is michael avenatti excited about the fact that donald trump said what, in theory, most people expected him to say? i don't know anything about this. >> the one word "no," to avenatti, fits in nicely with his theory. the theory is that if donald trump was a party to the contract, if there was a signature line for donald trump, yet, he knows nothing about the payment, then there can't be a contract. but the interesting thing about contract law is, you can take that same fact and, for the other side, they will marshall the facts in a way that it is beneficial to them. so, that answer fits in with trump and cohen's theory of the case, as well. it's a gambit, but this is what it is. it's that trump knew nothing about the contract.
8:37 am
he didn't have to. trump is what we call a third-party beneficiary. if there is anything hwith the underlying contract, it is on michael cohen. he's been set up from the beginning to be the fall guy. if that's the way it is, so be it. i, trump, knew nothing about it. i'm not a party to it. by the way, there's still a contract, and it's enforceable. >> walk me through this. this is after the president survived the "access hollywood" tape. if they're saying this woman is 100% lying, she's got absolutely nothing, what would michael cohen's rational be to pay her out of his own pocket 130 gs? >> this is the part i struggle with. as someone who lyitigates, we have nuisance value in the world of litigation. >> right. >> when you sue a gigantic corporation, if they believe your case is without merit, they will offer what's called nuisance value. it is not $130,000.
8:38 am
it is $2,000. $3,000. >> go away money. >> $500. yes. the notion that people are getting rich out there, suing large corporations with weak cases, is a falsity. the insurance adjusters, they know what's up. they know how to deal with this stuff. >> right. >> that's what nuisance value truly is. it is often in the hundreds, maybe a couple thousand dollars. nuisance value is not $130,000. that is, and i think avenatti has a point, it is suspect. why enter into an agreement like this to protect someone who doesn't need protecting because the person is not credible? the accuser, complaintent. it'll be an answer we'll see in a couple months. >> thank you, danny. migrants headed to the united states, trump claims, are rapists. no research to backup this claim. it is something many
8:39 am
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8:43 am
tough. i used the word "rape." yes, it came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels nobody has ever seen before. they don't want to mention that. >> maybe the reason they don't want to mention it is because the president isn't telling the truth. of course, this racist language is nothing new for president donald trump. he began his presidential campaign with this very claim. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapist, some, i assume, are good people. >> according to activist groups, one of the purposes of the caravan of asylum seekers trump was referring to is, quote, to protect themselves from dangers such as sexual assault. for more on this, we're joined by president and ceo of voto latino. also an msnbc contributor.
8:44 am
great to zsee you. this is unbelievable. let's set aside for a second it is a racist dog whistle. more importantly, these people coming through mexico into america from central america often are earning $10 a day. they're subject to gangs or terrible jobs. sexual assault is something from, what i understand, a large percentage of the women who come to america have to either fend off or suffer. >> absolutely right. let's -- if you want to unpack this, the reason that many folks in hon dduras and el saflvadoree fleeing is because we're trying to defend ourselves in a way. right now, there is a court case right now with the trump administration because of incidents where minors have been demonstrated they've been raped, are being forced not to have an
8:45 am
abortion, though they're seeking it. this is on the feet of the trump administration. they're speaking out both sides of his mouth. he's basically trying to state claims that are not true and continuing to pedal the dog whistle politics. unfortunately, ali and stephanie, if you ask why, he's been able to demonstrate that the republicans in the mid-term election are really in big trouble. the only thing that seems to be holding his base together is when he starts peddling these lies. >> what i don't understand is, the president could pat himself on the back and say, illegal immigration is at -- i don't know if it is an all-time low. >> 40-year or something. >> all-time low, that's right. >> the president could possibly take credit for that. instead, he's going the reverse. why do you think that is? >> well, i think because, again, it rallies the base. let's not forget, the folks coming in -- >> why does it rally his base? who are these people who believe this? are these people in border states who are saying, yes, it's
8:46 am
rap rapists and drug dealers? >> disproportionately, they're folks not in border states. they don't understand by building a wall, it cuts people off from commerce, from day-to-day activities, from family. it's disproportionately people that are in the midwest, people that don't have interactions with immigrants, who people these folks are taking their jobs. instead of having a real conversation of our immigration policy. the president said pedals and lies because it is the easiest way to leadership. what we need to have is a frank conversation in this country of not open borders but what kind of borders do we need to fulfill the jobs of the future, in tech and in remedial work. we need to have a conversation on, how do we identify and bring out of the shadows the 11 million people that live here? instead, his tax cut, the reason he flew the papers in the air is because it didn't show results. in the election that was gerry
8:47 am
hander e -- gerryman der dered, they lo a democrat because the tax cut wasn't resonating with the pennsylvania voters. instead, he has to backtrack and say, you know what seems to resonate? this idea that undocumented people are rapists. what seems to resonate is there is illegal fraud voting in california, which is not true, but it is a dog whistle, saying latinos are not american, which is again not the case. instead of trying to find real solutions, being proactive, as you said, stephanie, saying, look, immigration is at an all-time low, borders crossings at an all-time low, instead, he's actually saying, the easiest thing for him to do, which has always been to divide this country. divide the idea that we actually have a possibility of a future with celebrating our immigration roots. instead, of providing real policy. >> easy to divide this country. the challenge is for the country to come together and rise up.
8:48 am
maria, thank you. what happened to the president's -- >> and we will. >> -- voter fraud commission? >> got disbanded. the other day, he talked about voter fraud with no proof. >> okay. it has been seven months since the u.s. virgin islands were devastated by hurricane irma. i recently went back and found the recovery process has been remarkable. >> i'll show you why it's been successful in today's "money, money, money." stay with us. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours.
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. welcome back to "velshi & ruhle" with your money, money, money. >> earlier today i showed you the u.s. virgin islands is on the fast track to recovery. now a look at exactly how they're bouncing back so quickly and how it might be the new model for disaster relief. >> reporter: last year's hurricane season was catastrophic for the united states and especially hard for the virgin islands. i reported from st. john days after the storm. >> it truly looks like a war zone. >> reporter: seven months later, significant progress has been made and tourists are coming back. the secret to continued recovery? a combination of materials, money and manpower. private and government groups working in sync to provide all three. today we hear a lot about this
8:53 am
idea, public/private partnerships when it comes to infrastructure building. is public/private partnerships going to be the model for disaster relief? >> folks are going to look at this as an example of how really that private/philanthropy/public sector can come together and be successful. >> reporter: bloomberg philanthropies is just one of the many organizations helping rebuild the virgin islands providing everything from new hurricane-proof electrical poles to portable generators. >> we got restaurants open to prepare hot meals for red cross and serve the general public. i mean so we -- our focus and where the philanthropic dollars can help is throw the money out, processes, material, equipment, the resources that will fill them. >> reporter: across the island the team from love for love city, started by country music star kenny chesney, is recruiting vacation volunteers. >> we are getting a lot of people that are on vacation that come down, they don't want to
8:54 am
spend their whole time on the beach. they want to be a part of not just contributing to the economy but helping local businesses get rebuilt and helping families. >> reporter: we were inspired by another group -- all hands and hearts -- and the many young volunteers who are helping with the clean-up. >> i think that we all just wanted a way to help out and to give more than just money. we want to give time. >> reporter: materials, money and manpower -- a triple threat bringing new life and hope back to islands in need. ali, when we see these natural disasters, weather haiti, puerto rico, they say never waste a crisis. this is a chance to rebuild stronger and better but it doesn't happen. this could be the model. public/private partnerships. the fact that these private companies like bloomberg, like ken in i chesney, don't have the red tape. fooe fema can only go so far. these guys can step in and fill the gap. i was just there. seven months later, it's amazing -- they're open for business. >> when we were watching the
8:55 am
destruction that happened there, recovery seemed a long way away. >> it is stunning. people are on those beaches on vacation. i think that's the new model. time now for our monumental american, someone who may be deserving of more recognition. today it is dr. charles drew, an african-american doctor who invented the life saving blood bank. in the late 1930s dr. drew developed a method to store blood plasma and ran a blood bank for british troops during world war ii. he was in charge of blood for the u.s. military. but he quickly resigned, angry that african-american blood donations had to be stored separately from white people donations. dr. drew later served as a surgeon and professor at howard university and he passed away in 1950. >> in 1981 the post office honored him with a stamp as part of its "great american" series. if you have a "monumental american," tweet u us @velshiruhle.
8:56 am
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9:00 am
right now, our dear friend andrea mitchell. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," the gambler. the president doubling down on tariffs against china upping the ante to another $100 billion on top of the $50 billion he had already threatened igniting a trade war but blaming his predecessors. >> we don't have a trade war. we've lost a trade war because for many years, whether it is clinton or the bushes or obama, all of our presidents before have for some reason it just got worse and worse. targeting russia. the trump administration punishes putin's son if law and the oligarchs with the strongest sanctions yet against russia. and pay for privacy? facebook admits its error in not sharing the full extent of the data breach. sa sheryl sandberg tells savannah guthrie on "today" --


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