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tv   MSNBC Live With David Gura  MSNBC  April 7, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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new york. border patrol. president trump orders troops to our border with mexico while proposing new tariffs on goods coming into our country from china. and stay tuned. stormy daniels' attorney promises a major announcement in the coming days. what that announcement could mean and how concerned should the white house be? breaking news, new details this hour about the driver in a deadly incident in germany where a van plowed into a crowd. a live report just minutes away. we begin this hour with president trump's plans to send the national guard to the u.s.-mexico border. defense secretary james mattis approved 4,000 troops on friday to be deployed at the border through the end of september. the first troops are expected to arrive in the next 24 to 48 hours in an effort to curb illegal immigration, according to a new pentagon memo. about an hour ago, president trump tweeted, "we are sealing up our southern border. the people of our great country want safety and security. the dems have been a disaster on
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this issue." jeff ben set live at the white house. thank you for joining us this afternoon. what's the latest with the troop deployments? >> reporter: texas is the first state to heed the president's call following his surprise announcement this week to deploy up to 4,000 national guard troops to the border to help crack down on crime and illegal immigration. texas has sent 250 guardsmen, arizona is sending another 150. new mexico also says it's on board with the president's plan. those are three border states all led by republican governors. california, the other border state led by democratic governor jerry brown, california hasn't made a decision about all of this yet. and you read the president's tweet which he sent in the last hour or so where he says the dems have been a disaster on this very important issue. something we should point out, i spoke with someone familiar with the president's thinking in terms of politics as we approach this midterm election year. and this person said expect to hear the president talk a lot
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about taxes, the republican tax cut plan, trade, and immigration. these are the three issues the president sees as political winners to really animate, to drive the base. one of the reasons why it's so important for the president to push these issues is because the big government spending bill he signed two weeks ago, that's expected to be the last major piece of legislation to leave congress in this election year. we know the infrastructure push isn't happening, there may not be a big foreign policy push apart from the expected meeting the president's going to have with the leader of north korea. so these are the three issues the president's going to focus on in the next couple of months here. >> let's talk trade. steve mnuchin says there's a potential for a trade war with china. we've already seen stocks tumble amid fears. in about an hour -- about an hour ago, trump tweet good china. >> reporter: yeah. you talk about the stock decline. look, yesterday the president gave an interview to wabc radio where he said there might be little bit of shower and
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thunderstorm pain, i think was -- short-term pain, i think was the phrase he used, but there could be long-term gain for the american economy if these tariffs are the thing that gets china to stop its unfair trade practices. that's the view of the administration. so the president sent out another tweet about this which i'll read, he says, "the united states hasn't had a trade surplus with china in 40 years. they must end unfair trade, take down barriers, and charge only reciprocal tariffs. the u.s. is losing $500 billion a year and has been losing billions of dollars for decades. cannot continue." that said, the president's top economic adviser, larry kudlow, was right where i'm standing here, i'm talking to you just yesterday, as the markets opened, trying to do what he could to sort of calm fears on wall street. he's suggesting that this could just be a tough negotiating tactic, that these tariffs might never even come into fruition. and while he says there is no timeline, certainly this entire thing could take months. these tariffs could take months before they're ever applied.
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>> they're playing a high-stakes game of chicken. jeff ben tet white house this afternoon. thank you. to break down the headlines, let's turn to our panel, josh barrow, senior editor at "business insider" and sarah westwood" washington correspondent for "the washington examiner." thank you for joining us. josh, i want to get your reaction to trump's tweet, the governors of new mexico, arizona, texas, all republicans, are backing the deployment. but we have yet to hear from california governor jerry brown. what do you make of that? >> i imagine they want to find out what the troops will do and the nature of the commitment. this is not that unprecedented. the president started talking about this saying he was going to send the military to the mexican border which sounded like a very strange thing for a domestic deployment. when you use the national guard, george w. bush and barack obama ordered this at various points for the national guard to act in a support role, supporting the border patrol by doing things like surveillance. this is not that unusual a thing for the president to do.
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obviously he wants to demonstrate that he's taking action with regard to the border. this is something he has executive power to do things, whereas he would need congress to agree to finance an expensive wall construction campaign. the thing i find a little strange about it is that when you think about what the major challenges in u.s. immigration enforcement are, really stronger border enforcement shouldn't be at the top of that list. we've already gotten a lot better at enforcing the border over the years. there are issues with interior enforcement and with employers being able to employ people who lack legal authorization to work in this country. there's also some issues over what should be done when people show up at the mexican border seeking asylum which the administration's also been talking about. that's not really something that the national guard is going to be able to be helpful with. >> sarah, we are 24 to 48 hours away from seeing the troops. what do you think the troops will do with tensions with mexico? do you think that will cause any aggravation there? >> obviously i think mexico and the u.s. don't have the greatest relationship right now. it's potentially not the best
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timing for the president to be sending troops to the border now because he's also trying to push mexico to make concessions on trade when it comes to renegotiating nooft. at the same time -- nafta. at the same time that he's doing something that account vex mexico, he's also looking for them to be more cooperative. that said, you know, we've already seen mexico respond favorably to president trump's threats when it came to the caravan coming through mexico. it didn't look lake there was a plan to -- look like there was a plan to stop the immigrants until president trump started pushing. then we did see authorities rush to break up the caravan. this could be a way for trump to prod mexico into taking more responsibility for enforcing illegal immigration. >> all right. thank you very much. josh, let's turn to stormy daniels for just a moment now. this morning her lawyer, his -- her lawyer, rather, tweeted, major announcement is coming. this story does not seem to be going anywhere. has trump met his match with
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michael avenatti when it comes to at least staying in the headlines? >> yeah. i think part of the program is to what extent is michael avenatti's job as a lawyer and to what extent is he a p.r. guy? he's a showman. i don't know what to make of the claim that they'll have information about the identity. i want to wait and see, you know, what if anything they actually have to show on that. i think part of what's their overall strategy here is that the president finds it painful for this to be in the news. so as part of their litigation strategy, they want to make it painful for the president to drag out any action that he's trying to take against stormy daniels or that michael cohen is trying to take against stormy daniels under that agreement to go to arbitration that they had. >> and sarah, trump made his first public comments on daniels earlier this week. he told reporters that he didn't know about the $130,000 payment made to daniels for her silence. could those comments come back to haunt u haunt him? >> well, that's consistent with what the white house said publicly so far, that he didn't have any knowledge of the payment. he still officially denies that the affair even took place at
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all. i think if trump had come out and contradicted what his spokespeople had been saying to reporters all this time, that might put him in legal jeopardy. so far there's been no evidence to tie trump to the payment that was made to stormy daniels. there's been no evidence to suggest that he was aware of the nondisclosure agreement. >> come on -- >> so far it looks like president trump has floated above it. >> i mean, common sense. like michael cohen is just out there writing six-figure checks to people -- >> right, common sense, you never know -- but so far there's not been any concrete evidence to tie him to that. i mean, no one can point to anything that suggests any document, any witness that says he had knowledge of it. my common sense would dictate that obviously no lawyer is that good to pay out of his own pocket. but there's not been evidence so far. >> yeah. >> if he's not acknowledging it, can they now spoeak about that? josh, can they speak about that? if he's not acknowledging that it never happened, can stormy
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daniels now talk about that and does that invalidate that nondisclosure agreement? >> that's a matter before the courts. one thing that's surprised people is the president's been disciplined about how he talks about it. in court, they're trying to enforce the nondisclosure agreement against her. if the president makes commence that he's also supposed to not be making under a nondisclosure agreement, that undermines their attempt to enforce that on her and to get penalties from her. i think there's probably a reason the president has been a little more restrained talking about this than about some other things that bother him. >> all right. josh barrow and sarah westwood, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. now to the continuing fallout surrounding embattled epa chief scott pruitt. according to the associated press, pruitt reportedly spent millions of dollars on travel and for a 20-help full-time security detail that is three times the size of his predecess predecessor's part-time conte contecontend -- contingent. pruitt faces a long list of alleged ethics violationings
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relating to his staff and housing arrangement as a growing list of members in congress call for pruitt to resign. for more, let's bring in congressman steve cohen, democrat from tennessee. he's also a member on the house ethics and judiciary committees. congressman, thank you very much for joining us this afternoon. you wrote a letter demanding the removal of pruitt from the epa. you have at least ten democrats who have also signed that letter this week. you say pruitt is currently under three separate investigations. what are those? >> he's given two employees raises using an obscure part of the through give one employee a $50,000 raise and another $28,000 raise. he then denied that he knew anything about it. but if you're the secretary, you ought to know the raises given to two of your top people, and you ought to be the one that determines that. he's also got the question about his living conditions in designees. and the most u-- in d.c. and the most unique living condition anybody in d.c. has. it's with a lobbyist and/or the
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wife of a lobbyist who gave him a $50-a-day rental fee for a condo on capitol hill but doesn't charge him on the days when he's not there. that is bizarre. you can't just leave your clothes and luggage and belongings and not be charged for that day and decide to be charged for the days when you get yourself in bed and put your head on the pillow. there's a second bedroom in the condo that his daughter has occupied at no rent. nobody comes up with does he have the use of the kitchen or the living room. it's obviously in -- the way it was written, it's written for his benefit, not as a landlord would write it. and in that market, the landlord rules. it's a -- an area of great demand for housing. you sign a lease with the landlord for a team, months or years, not for a day. so that's unusual and ethically questionable. he didn't give the ethics people much notice of what he was
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engaging in. and then there's all the money he spent. the first-class travel everywherely goes. morocco, he spent $40,000 to promote oklahoma's gas industry, not having anything to do with the epa. then an italian jaunt where he spent $120,000. he and security and family. what a great time they had, venice, florence, wherever they went. they might have been up at lake como where the hoity-toities go. he uses government money like it's somebody else's, not his own. >> so far three republicans have also called for pruitt to step down. how big an ethical concern do you think that is in this case? we know that ten democrats have signed that letter, but now also three republicans, as well. >> well, and leader pelosi has come out independently and called on him to resign. the fact is i think this is even too much for the trump administration. when secretary price got out of line with all of his travel, chartering airplanes which -- which pruitt does, as well, he
12:13 pm
charters airplanes and used military to fly back to oklahoma on many occasions that were apparently political, this is too much for trump. price had to go with his travel and what he did. and pruitt needs to go, and i don't think that the president will put up with this any longer. and i think if i were mr. pruitt, i would be happy i had a $50-a-nitrate because he'd be liable for some additional time on his lease if he had one for a period of time. >> and it's not just pruitt, right? we have tom price, steve mnuc n mnuchin, ryan zinke, ben carson. what do you have to say to the trump administration about their spending had been snits. >> they're certainly good for the economy. they buy $30,000 dining room tables at hud. they have horses they ride around like they're napoleon. that's some of the things going on. and they have more security than you could imagine. pruitt with a $43,000 bill for a
12:14 pm
personal telephone cabinet or booth in his office. so that nobody can listen to him. who wants to hear him. maybe he's calling stormy daniels. who knows what he's doing to have to have a $43,000 maxwell smart-type machine to keep his conversations private. then he wanted to have a biometric door panel for entry into his office and a $3,000 no-bid sweep of his office to see if he's being bugged. the man needs help. and he doesn't know anything about the appearance of impropriety, and all federal employs are supposed top operate beyond reproach and the appearance of impropriety. this man reeks of it. >> thank you very much for joining us this afternoon, sir. >> nice to be with you from memphis where we just celebrated the 50th anniversary of dr. king's passing. and renewed our commitment to the dream and to better -- a better world with peace, love, and justice. >> truer words were never said. thank you very much, sir.
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we're following breaking news out of germany this hour. a driver plowed into a crowd leaving three people dead including the driver. it happened in munster, the western part of the country. and tammy leitner is in our london bureau. i understand you have new details about the driver of that van? >> reporter: that's right. we've gotten new information about the suspect. according to sources within the investigation unit of nbc's german unit zdf, the driver is a german-born citizen. we know he took his own life. police believe he was the one driving the vehicle. we're told police -- told by police they're not looking for anyone else believed to be involved. but they are interviewing other people at the scene. as you know, they have to talk to everybody. this can be a painstaking, slow process. let's go through what happened. the attack happened at 3:27 p.m. local time in munster.
12:16 pm
police saying it was an attack but not necessarily a terror attack. we now know that the person identified by sources as yenz ar drove a vehicle into a crowded area of town. there were a lot of people outside because this happened to be one of the first nice days. people were at outdoor cafes, enjoying warm weather. police trying to establish a motive, interviewing witnesses. they'll likely be out throughout the night working this investigation and searching the moment where the driver lived as well as his vehicle and talking to family members. phillip? >> tammy leitner covering breaking news for us out of our london bureau this afternoon. thank you. a storm is brewing. that's according to the attorney of porn star stormy daniels. the big announcement michael avenatti claims is coming in his client's case. after a dvt blood clot... i sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me?
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did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no. >> then why -- why did michael cohen make this if there was no -- >> you have to ask michael cohen. michael's my attorney. and you'll have to ask michael. >> do you know where he got the money to make that payment? >> no, i don't know. >> i'm sorry -- >> that was president trump this week denying that he knew about the payment his lawyer, michael cohen, made to stormy daniels to keep her quiet. i want to bring in our legal
12:21 pm
analyst, danny sav alos, and yodit yalaway. what does trump speaking about this mean? >> trump saying he knew nothing about the $130,000 payout wasn't information we had already heard. michael cohen has been consistent in saying he knew nothing about it. and michael cohen's attorney has said the same. what makes this significant is, one, trump saying something for the first time about stormy daniels is a big deal. two, what trump doesn't understand is what he says publicly can be used against him in a court of law. and so if this case were to stay in a trial court setting and michael avenatti gets to depose the president, it's fair game. he can ask about the statement he made on the back of air force one. trump could stay consistent with that answer under oath in a deposition and possibly perjure himself, or admit that he lied d on air force one. either way is problematic for president trump. you don't want to be in a deposition or trial court setting where you're being
12:22 pm
cross-examined, and you have comments in the past be brought back up. that's going to be problematic for him if mike will avenatti gets -- michael avenatti gets a crack at him in a deposition setting. >> could he be hurting his client's case by being in the spotlight so often? >> as a germ rule, you always run that risk. avenatti has demonstrated that he is a media-savvy attorney and he's careful to stick to the facts and not divulge too much or overcommit his client and somehow compromise her legal position. it is true. attorneys can legally bind their clients with their statements which is why attorneys must be extra careful when appearing on media programs like this to not bind their client in a way that adversely messages that. that said, after gnat's been careful. he stuck to the facts and a limitedavenatti's careful.
12:23 pm
he's stuck to the facts and the limited number of facts for his client. >> what of the accounts that the president is the subject of the probe and not a criminal target? >> you know, trump likes to be finessed. and mueller telling him that he's a subject is sort of letting those guards down. you know, come talk to me. i just want to know what you know. but we have to understand that just because you walk into an interview with these investigators as a subject doesn't mean you can't walk out as a target. and with trump's mouth, that's not really a hard thing to do because the man can't stop lying. but yeah. so i think it's one of those things where, you know, you want -- trump, if you remember early on, was so adamant on having comey tell the public that he wasn't the subject of the investigation, he was so adamant in -- in letting that be known. and so telling him that he's just the subject makes it, you know, easier for him to go and cooperate. i'm sure that trump's attorneys are letting him know that that could change very easily. >> that's something that trump
12:24 pm
to your point would probably want to hear. danny, we don't know yet when mueller will get to interview president trump. what do you make -- what would you if you were in that position of mueller, what would you ask trump if you were there sitting at the table with him? >> if i were mueller, i would have -- none of us are mueller. we have no idea what his team knows. but i can guarantee you they will have exhaustive notes prepared, and for two reasons. first, so they know what questions they're asking. secondly because should an interviewee like trump try to massage the facts, once you go afoul of what the fbi or the u.s. attorneys believed to be the truth, you've committed a brand-new crime under section 1001, which we've already seen during this investigation giving false statements to authorities and the connection with an investigation such as this. trump needs to be very careful -- if i were defending trump, first i would be very, very
12:25 pm
squeamish about letting him sit down with investigators for an even informal interview because of the potential legal jeopardy. and secondly, i would advise him and prepare him exhaustively for questioning and explain to him that only, only the truth must be told, and secondly, assume that the questioner knows the answer to every question that he or she is asking. >> all right. you get to play robert mueller here then. what would you ask him? >> i have to laugh because danny said that the truth and trump, and that never can coincide well. the fact that trump loves to go off script is also problematic. mueller is like so fascinating to me, i can't even begin to think like mueller. i mean, he comes out with these surprises, and you're always left wondering where did he pull that trick out of the bag. i mean, i don't -- i don't even know where to begin. i'm sure that mueller has a lot
12:26 pm
to ask trump, and i'm sure that trump, no matter how much he's prepped, will fudge the interview. i don't even know -- i'm glad i'm not trump's attorney. it's going to be a doozy. it really is. >> all right. thank you very much, danny, yodit, thanks for spending some of your saturday afternoon with us. >> thank you. moving forward, organizers of last month's historic marches for gun legislation take their message to town hall meetings. how lawmakers are responding to the call for action. i'm on the move all day long.
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i know people who specialize in "am i going to be okay." i like that. you may need glasses though. yeah. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade. welcome back. i'll philly mena at msnbc headquarters in new york. student activism behind today's town halls for our lives initiatives taking place across the country. the effort putting congressional lawmakers on notice for the need of increased gun control legislations in and out of schools. representatives from both sides of the aisle were invited to participate in the open-forum discussion. and msnbc's vaughn hilliard joins us from one of the locations holding a town hall. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is janesville, wisconsin, paul ryan's congressional district. paul ryan wasn't here this afternoon. instead, a neighboring
12:31 pm
congressman as well as paul ryan's democratic opponent, randy bryce. and randy bryce has raised $5 million. i was interesting walking in here, just wrapped up, what the questions were going to be about -- to his democratic opponent. for the first 57 minutes, all the questions had to do with gun control legislation. this wasn't the only one. there were town halls across the country. no republicans took part. i want to play sound from one voter in virginia. barbara comstock's district, a vocal republican. this is what one voter told us this afternoon. >> i think just showing them how we feel and how we don't feel safe when we go to school. showing that some things aren't okay and that it's common sense that we should make better gun laws that are safer for everyone, i think it's important. >> reporter: eye been talking to the voters -- i've been talking to the voters on the grounds. the one thing they keep coming back to was the fact that this was organized by two high school students, two different high schools here. they went and knocked on paul
12:32 pm
ryan's congressional district door, invited him. he declined the invitation. you saw the candidate and the neighboring congressman here listening to the voters' concerns. i've talked to multiple paul ryan voters, as a matter of fact. this is a district he's won now for the last 18 years. whether there's enough republicans willing to flip over and vote for the democrat, there are two running off in a primary here is the question. and whether the gun-control reform measures are enough to get voters to the polls. note there was frustration why a month after the march for our lives rally there that there's still has not been much gun-control legislation taken up as part of the spending bill there. they ultimately passed fix nics which forced local law enforcement agencies to put more information into background checks and also put a little bit of money into a grants program for school protection. a lot of voters said that's not enough.
12:33 pm
speaker paul ryan should be at the forefront of the movement. phillip? >> vaughn hilliard at one of the many gatherings around the country today. thank you very much for joining us. sweeping sanctions. the white house takes its strongest stance yet against russia while the foreign ministry promises a harsh response. how the measures could impact the relationship between putin and president trump. ♪ ♪ from only the thickest, juiciest heinz tomatoes.
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12:37 pm
on his tariff threats against china on twitter, arguing that the u.s. has been losing half a trillion dollars a year for decades. and as calls grow for embattled epa chief scott pruitt to resign, president trump defended his appointee as "doing a great job but totally under siege." and stormy daniels' lawyer has promised a "major announcement" exposing the identity of the person who reportedly threatened daniels to keep quiet about her alleged affair with president trump. joining me to discuss this, gop strategist evan sigfried and democratic strategist tara dowdell. tara, trump is back on twitter pushing the tariff drum beat after the dow fell over 500 points yesterday over fears of a trade war. how could this play out for a president who counts on a strong economy for so much of his suppor support? >> i think it's going to continue to do damage to donald trump. you see he's no longer bra ee e
12:38 pm
about the stock market. i think the problem for trump is this is the way he operates. it is chaotic. it is ill thought ought, ill prepared, and that's the way he reacts. he responds and reacts based on things he sees on television, segments that he sees. that is not a recipe for effective governing. he often surprises his own administration and fails to look at the consequences of his actions. that's not to say that there aren't issues around our trade deficits that should be explored. they need to be explored in a thoughtful way. it can't be based on your ego, it can't be based on political expedience and whipping up the base. that is not a recipe for effectively management of the economy. >> evan, trump's threat to impose another $100 billion in tariffs on china, it could have unintended consequences for the gop. bloomberg speculates that the tariffs could wreck the party at the ballots this fall. what are your thoughts on that?
12:39 pm
>> first of all, tara says that the tariffs do damage to donald trump. they do more damage to the american people and american consumer. tariffs are taxes, and taxes are tariffs. and there's no way around it. and china has yet to even really even retaliate in any significant fashion. and look what has already happened. if china really wanted to go after us, they would start limiting the exports of rare earth minerals and metals that the united states is the biggest consumer of. and we put those -- we use those to become microchips and put them into cell phones, cars, gps systems, and americans are 100% reliant on it. if china limits that, trump would be -- and the american people would be in significant trouble. it would remind me of the hamburger crisis of 1946 which caused republicans to take the house and the senate by overwhelming odds in the midterms after world war ii with a very good economy. i think that the president has failed to understand that china's retaliation is doing significant damage.
12:40 pm
take the wine industry, near and dear to my heart. you have china about to become the biggest consumer of wine in the world. and the tariffs they have proposed in retaliation against california, oregon, washington wines would cost -- cost the american economy $1.62 billion a year. and it would absolutely cripple the american wine industry while europe would flourish. >> tara, let's talk about other issues going on within trump's administration. we know he is publicly defending scott pruitt. but the a.p. is reporting that he was in a meeting with the president yesterday fighting for his job. how do you think the president really feels about the head of the epa? >> well, i think that donald trump probably wants to keep scott pruitt in place. the issue is that he can't keep scott pruitt in place. what scott pruitt has done, he's been the biggest grifter in the trump administration. the stuart detail he has is costing millions of dollars, the flying first class, literally
12:41 pm
after being exposed the first time, he just escalated his behavior. it's getting to the point where he's dominating the headlines. that's when we know that trump makes his move. he makes his move when the headlines are just being dominated by a member -- yet another corrupt member of his administration, and it doesn't matter what he's saying publicly, we know that he's praised people on many occasions publicly. and then he's tweeted that they've been fired. >> and evan, what do you think the president should do with scott pruitt? >> first of all, you know, the person who's most upset at the situation is former congressman randy duke cunningham who lived almost rent-free on a boat in washington, d.c., provided to him by a defense contractor who had business in front of his committee. that was in 2006. duke cunningham went to prison for eight years and two months because of what he did. and scott pruitt for something similar is basically right now still holding his job. there is zero accountability in this trump administration. and it's absolutely outrageous.
12:42 pm
scott pruitt needs to not resign. the president needs to actually fire him. even via twitter because that humiliation would be deserved considering what's happened. what we've seen is that the president promise today to drain the swamp. because a lot of americans are angry at the dysfunction in washington. but scott pruitt is the ultimate swamp creature. he doesn't care. he feels like he is abuse the powers of his office to suit his own wills. i think it's brave that congressman elise stefanic, ileana ros-lehtinen, and others said he needs to go. i applaud the democrats that have done that. it's a moral and ethical issue that we're facing. the trump administration is refusing to homeland peop-- to people accountable for wrongdoing. >> why is it that president trump has scott pruitt's back after all of this? >> i was going to say trump has scott pruitt's back because scott pruitt's behavior is not unlike donald trump's behavior. donald trump is the person who's
12:43 pm
ultimately gotten away with the most wrongdoing. again, as i said earlier, he does not care about what scott pruitt has done. what he cares about is the repercussions of what scott pruitt has done and continues to do. it's the headlines. it's the taking away from trump making the headlines. it is not the act of wrongdoing. there's a reason why so many in this administration are behaving the way that they can because the example's being set at the top. >> evan, i want to give you the chance to answer, as well. why do you think that trump still has scott pruitt's back after this? >> donald trump likes scott pruitt because he's gotten results. donald trump forgets that you could put anybody in there because the republican party for the most part holds scott pruitt's views and would be able to execute what he has done. donald trump could have somebody who's a no-drama person running the epa, getting all of the results that scott pruitt has gotten, and not essentially having these really scandalous situations. i have to also say that the person who's probably happiest with the scott pruitt story is ben carson because that's pushed
12:44 pm
his $31,000 dining chair out of the news. and also ryan zinke with what he was -- >> jared kushner. >> it's sort of who's going to overshadow the latest controversy, and scott pruitt's probably hoping to find somebody. right now he is the target. >> quite a long and impressive list there. evan, tara. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. more on the fallout at facebook, the social network announcing new changes to its advertising policies making it harder to create fake accounts and spread misinformation. ceo mark zuckerberg also coming out in support of legislation ramping up regulations for political ads on social media sites like facebook, twitter, and google. and zuckerberg will meet with lawmakers face to face next week when he testifies before the senate and house on why his company mishandled the private data of millions of users. joining me to discuss all of this is the host of tech radio show marketplace molly wood. and senior writer for "wired" magazine, erin griffin.
12:45 pm
thank you for joining us. let's start with the new policy changes here. the advertisers must verify identity and location to buy political or issue ads, verify who manages large facebook pages and new labels on ads showing who paid for them. are these changes sufficient or just steps in the right direction? molly, we'll start with you. >> this is not a time for consumers to sit back. if anything we should be saying i don't know why this wasn't required before. you have to be a real person. you can't use a suds eliminate. i think -- pseudonym. i think that these are basic steps in terms of securing your platform and political advertising on that platform. i don't think we should give facebook too much credit here for taking what are essentially common sense steps that they probably should have taken and would have been required to take if they were a traditional
12:46 pm
broadcaster or traditional news publisher. >> erin, washington has welcomed changes. what about the users? the concern for the average facebook uuzbekistan -- faceboo user. has facebook answered this question, can they keep, as a facebook user, can they keep our information safe? >> i think that that is a huge question that a lot of people have. the funny thing is facebook has been answering to these privacy scandals for the last 14 years. the company has been apologizing repeatedly. any time they do something that surprises us or throws us off, people are outraged. facebook apologizes and waits a couple of weeks for it to die down and continues on with business as usual. this is the first time that it has escalated to this level. people are actually deleting facebook. so i think maybe the company is finally taking this more seriously for the first time. at least that's the hope. >> and molly, mark zuckerberg has come out in support of the honest ads act for stronger regulations on political advertising on line. senators, mark warner, push for
12:47 pm
more legislation for this for months now. will there be any broader support for this bill do you think? >> i think there could be support for something like an honest ads act. i don't think that that would address the primary concern with facebook which is exactly as was articulated. it's the data collection. what i would like to see is broader regulations around how consumer data can be collected, how long it can be whether we have the right to ask for data to be deleted from servers and companies that facebook's given our information to. i think the honest ads act could go somewhere. that's a bit of an easy fix. doesn't get at the heart of what really is the problem with facebook and a lot of other tech companies which is that it's an economy built on our personal information, and we don't have any control. >> this is a feature of facebook's product, not a bug. it's not an accident. this is built into what facebook
12:48 pm
is. it's why it's a $500 billion company. >> that's right. molly, erin, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> my pleasure. boots on the ground. president trump deploys national guard troops to stop the caravans of immigrants he claims are headed into our country. what the move really means for our border security. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™
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12:52 pm
approving the deployment of 4,000 troops. it's the first step in president trump's plan to curb illegal immigration. texas is sending 250 troops to the border and arizona will follow suit next week with 150 more. joining me now is the national press secretary for the libre initiative. what are your major concerns here when you have a military presence on the border? >> it's understanding that this is more of a cosmetic move for the president. he hasn't been able to accomplish his promise of securing the borders, moving forward with heart for the dreamers, so he's trying to take action but it's a cosmetic move. the national guard cannot detain people at the border. the national guard can only play a role of assisting individuals, they will not be armed and they will not be able to go to the core of what we need, which is actual border security that includes surveillance, modernizing our technology, fixing infrastructure so at the end of the day this is more of a
12:53 pm
cosmetic move for the president. >> i want to get your reaction to those who point to president obama's decision to send 1200 members of the national guard to the border in 2010. is it fair for democrats to criticize president trump for this move? >> it's important to understand the context. when president obama called for this action, he worked with the governors in texas and arizona but it was important to understand that we had an influx of unaccompanied minors at the border. we're talking about something about 50 to 60,000 minor children coming from mexico and from central america. so it was a crisis and a need for reinforcement. many people have said the reason why the president is calling for the national guard is because of this caravan coming from central america. the numbers don't pair at all with the 60,000 and 70,000 numbers we saw during the obama era. so the national guard is not going to be able to play the same role we've seen in the
12:54 pm
past. we think the president should work with congress. there's a deal on the table, a deal they can take that couples border security, the improvement on our border with a certainty for dreamers and that's a long-term permanent solution. >> what do you think this is about? do you think this is just political posturing? >> again, the president ran from day one talking about the crisis at the boarder or the need for border security. it's no need that since day one he's been looking for opportunities to build the wall, if it was part of a infrastructure package or part of the omnibus or part of the march 5 deadline on daca, he's looking for these opportunities but he has not been able to accomplish this so we believe this is his way of sort of saying i'm taking action. he's trying to look for a win but again this can't be a win unless we're going the core of the problem and the core of the problem is that the border needs improvement and in order for that improvement to come,
12:55 pm
sfrunfunds have to come through congress and the only way to do that is by coupling it with some real action for the dreamers. i'll add this, the president and congress had action in 2017. they had tax reform. but in 2018 people are getting frustrated because there seems to be a lack of urgency to move forward on border security, on dreamers, on criminal justice reform, if they want to have these accomplishments for the 2018 midterms, they're going to have to start putting urgency into their agenda. wadi gaitan, thank you for joining us this afternoon. we'll speak to you again on another day. >> thank you. >> did john kelly threaten to quit? details on a new report that a recent oval office blowup almost ended with the chief of staff's tenure. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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and that's it for us. the news continues right now with richard liu. >> have a good weekend, my friend. i'm richard lui at the headquarters in new york city. oval office meltdown. a new report that john kelly got so heated with the president he threatened to quit. pruitt under pressure. calls for the right and left as the ethics scandals pile up against him. storm watch. a major announcement coming from stormy daniels' lawyer about the man she claims threaten her to
1:00 pm
keep silent. order to the border. national guard troops are deployed to the mexico border to help secure it until president trump gets his wall, but who's paying for? also new developments from munster, germany, where a truck plowed into a crowd of people, killing two and injuring dozens more. we'll start this hour with new reporting from axios this afternoon. jonathan swan reporting white house chief of staff john kelly threatened to quit acourting to sources familiar with the event. kelly reportedly blew up at the president at an oval office meeting the same day. a senior administration official tried to pour cold water on the report and said calling it a threat was "probably too strong. it was more venting frustration." this coming amid the president reshuffling his cabinet and escalating trade tensions with china. president trump tweeting today the u.s. is losing $500 billion a year and has been losing billions of dollars for decades, cannot continue.


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