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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  April 8, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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that does it for me. see you back here next sunday. now to my college alex witt. >> rev, i think you'll be encouraged. you probably saw that poll done where one out of five americans are demonstrating publicly now. 19% of those folks first-timers since 2016 so it's a start. >> very encouraging. >> good news. rev, good to see you. very good morning to all of you. i'm alex witt. it's 9:00 in the east, 6:00 a.m. out east. here is what is happening. breaking news, the violence in syria has taken a brutal turn. reports of a chemical attack that may have killed dozens so the question now will president trump take any action? john kelly chaos, a report about the clef hief of staff and oval office strife. we'll bring it to you. deadly fire at trump tower. the latest on what happened and the key piece of equipment missing from the apartment right
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where those flames broke out. we begin with breaking news of an alleged chemical attack against is vacivilians in syria. they claim they dropped chemical bombs with civilians in a hospital and dozens killed including 22 children. it happened in douma, right near damascus and activists released videos of deceased victims and people being treated there. you see for yourself the syrian and russian government denied the allegations. u.s. officials say if the reports are confirmed, they demand an immediate response by the international community. let's go to london. tammy leitner is following this story. what's the latest on this horrifying picture? >> that's right. the death toll is at 40 people and they fear it will climb because of the number of families hiding in shelters in douma outside of damascus. the video coming out of there is
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horrific. many pictures of children and infants, showing people being hosed off which is what we see when there is a chemical attack. many have that paralyzed stair that we've come to know as one of the awful effects of sgas. the bombs fell around 8:30 last night striking hospitals and shelters there is heavy foughting in douma in recent days where rebels becan evacuating last week. the syrian government was very quick to come out with a statement saying they had nothing to do with the attacks, that it had no reason to use chemical weapons. they were smrwere making stridet area and the russian foreign minister called the attack fake news saying quote, another piece of such fabricated information on the alleged chemical attack in douma. they are denying it happened at all and this comes almost one
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year to the day since the u.s. carried air strikes against them for the gas attacks in april. >> the president responded to do bombings to take out the places that launched those attacks. tommy lig tammy leitner, thank you. i was just commenting on tammy's report about the president's response last year. any are response from the white house? >> as you were talking to tammy, the president sent a tweet and says this about the crisis in syria. he says many dead including women and children in mindless chemical attack in syria. area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by syrian army making it completely inaccessible to outside world. president putin, russia and iran are responsible for backing animal assad and the president says big price. al alex, as we're waiting to see how the president responds in
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full, he's weighing in on a crisis of a very different sort and that's the one within his own cabinet. that's the controversy encircling scott pruit who has been fending off speculation for weeks his job is in jeopardy given the growing scrutiny over his apparent ethical lapses but the back to back scandals haven't convinced president trump to fire brpruett. in fact, it's the opposite. he's giving the president a thumbs up in defending his controversial actions. >> reporter: as scathing headlines about pruit pile up, president trump is defending him tweeting saturday pruit is doing a great job. scott pruit is facing a laundry list of ethical questions such as his preference for pricey air travel and the $50 a night condo rental and used tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer
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money to install a sound proof phone booth and bulletproof desk. president trump defending pruit's arrangements in a tweet. while security spending was somewhat more than his predecessor, scott pruit received death threats because of his bold actions at epa, record clean air and water and saving billions of dollars. rent was about market rate, travel expenses okay. under scrutiny, massive pay rakes for two of pruebre pruit't aids. >> why did you go around the president and white house and give pay raisers -- >> i did not. my staff did. i found out about that yesterday and changed it. >> this has whitoe house officials losing confidence including john kelly pushing for his firing but pruit has been a loyal defender of the trump agenda. rolling back hundreds of obama
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era envooir meaironmental regul. it earned him a key supporter, president trump himself. >> i think scott has done a fantastic job. i think he's a fantastic person. >> and there is another detail here adding to his job security, the white house is already defending three nominees for cabinet level positions. that means three tough confirmation battles coming on capitol hill over the president's picks for secretary of state, cia director and president trump we're told is reluctant a add a fourth. >> thank you for that. i know you'll update us if the president talks more about syria. the president is attacking "the washington post" this morning after it published a report how bad the president's relationship with chief of staff john kelly has apparently gotten. president trump tweeted "the washington post" is far more fiction than fact. story after story is made up r
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garbage more like a poorly written novel. many of which don't exist. story on john kelly isn't true, just another hit job. less than two weeks ago, kelly grew so frustrated on the day trump fired david that jim mattias tried to calm him and offered pep talks to him. i'm out of here guys, kelly said. comments some interpreted as a resignation threat but according to an official, he was venting anger and leaving work about an hour or two early to leave for home. joining me ally is betsey. ladies, good sunday morning to you. b betsey, look, the president had reports in the past that turned out not to be true but what do you hear about this relationship between these two and kelly standing in the white house? what's the latest? >> there is no question the president's relationship with
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kelly has faced an extraordinary amount of friction and part of that goes back to the ominous spending bill that passed a few weeks ago. that bill put government spending at a historically lie level. it's something the conservative movement activists were angry about and the president had the wind knocked out of him when he signed it. he saw so many typical allies, fox news ripping into him and congress for passing that bill. my understanding is that president trump felt like he was browbeaten into signing legislation he didn't actually want and that jacked up government spending without doing much to push forward the president's immigration agenda and the sense that i get is that he blames part of that on general kelly. now, does that mean general kelly is on his way out of the white house? i can't speak to that. we know tension is a key factor of many of the president's relationships but look, this situation has gotten quite bad and eventually something will have to change. >> and alley, is there any
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indication from your reporting that kelly may resign? i'm out of here, things like that. it could be he's leaving early and is trust rafrustrated and w get home. it could be he doesn't intend to stay much longer. >> i think both of those could be true but as with anything in this white house, nothing is true until the president says it or tweets it and so i think that you could speculate for days on this and see no movement. i think the key piece here betsey did hit on a piece of it, john kelly has been facing tension with the president while tension is a part of that relationship. he's clearly lost some of that power he had when he came in. i remember when trump first tapped him, the role of chief of staff was nebulous because he was basically sharing power with several other people at the top of the administration. kelly was able to consolidate power and did give him more standing in the white house but
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when you try to bridle trump who has repeatedly shown people he will not be blytridled, you'll push back so my colleagues here at msnbc reported that kelly definitely lost ground during that piece of this administration. i'm not sure he ever recovered from that. we heard trump was floating different names who might replace kelly at that point and as he's been known to do in the past, fielding questions with people that are close saying what do you think of the job kelly is doing and that's the beginning of the end when you start seeing that, whether that's imminent is not clear right now but i think it's definitely something you have to keep monitoring and as the president tweets about it, he knocks down the stories that end up being true days or weeks or months later and it could be staying in the inevitable but we'll have to wait and find out. >> it's interesting you mentioned reince priebus.
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having two generals was not going to work. here is a bit more from the post, kelly's relationship with trump is turbulent saying he talks to kelly more than any other official and kelly viewed his job as babysitting but feels less of a need to be on the present while trump that considered kelly as a security blanket feels em boddenboldened alone. in doing so sidelines aids in the process? >> that's probably what is happening. without a doubt, we've seen the president moving to be more emboldened. there were immediate changes we saw in the white house particularly on the tweeting front but as this morning as evidence, the president has gone back to old ways of feeling comfortable tweeting out his own views of controversial issues
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even in situations where his public comments could affect legal battles. the president is clearly feeling more emboldened, more confident in his role of president. this will be a picture of this past week is when he tossed the prewritten notes over his head at a round table meeting in west virginia. that's indicative of where the president is at right now. we can find a lot of civil liin that great picture. relationships are always evolving. there is not a static fixed position they stay in but the president is increasingly feeling like he can go around, circumvent or ignore his chief of staff. one great example of that was the president's decision to bring on john folton. it's been widely reported kelly found that deeply frustrating and wished the president went through him and looped him in on that decision. these changes currently underway
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are putting more friction on a relationship kind of strained in someways from get-go. >> look, i want to ask you girls for each a yes, no answer and alley outlined the fact that the president does put out tweets that may support somebody and then you find out that that person is gone. scott pruit, is he staying or do you think his job is in danger? ally, you first? >> i don't give you a yes or no because i don't know. the longer answer of course is that jeff bennett laid out they have a free cabinet level post but scott pruit handled that contentious fox interview in a very trump way in that he doubled down and wasn't apologize gizing and when faced with the krcriticisms, he prais, praised, praised. that goes along with the president. >> good point there. can you give a yes, no, whether he stays or goes? what's your best estimate? >> for the time being he stays.
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unless one more big impactful story about a scott pruit scandal comes out, even though he's on thin ice he's on ice and he'll stick around for the time being. >> you two stick around certainly. i'll see you very soon again. look forward to it. thank you so much, ladies. new details on the fire at trump tower in new york city. one was killed and six more injured. blake mccoy is live for us outside of trump tower with the latest. blake, the big question is what caused this fire? has that been made clear yet? >> reporter: not yet, alex. you can see a heavy fire department presence is here as they work to determine a cause of this deadly blaze at the president's name stake manhattan building. flames erupting from the 50th floor of trump tow near midtown manhattan, grinding fifth avenue to a halt as bystanders watched black smoke billow from the windows. debris falls to the street.
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>> that didn't look natural. it was shooting out and the glalsz sta glass started falling down. >> reporter: the new york siloe fire department was arrived around 5:05 and arrived within minutes. >> the apartment was virtually entirely in fire. they were knocking down the fire. >> reporter: inside the apartment a 67-year-old art dealer was found unconscious. the tower is home to the president and first family in d.c. at the time. fire officials say the secret service reported no damage to the president's penalty house on the 66th floor. the president tweeting this shortly after, fire at trump tower is out. very confined. well built building. firemen and women did a great job. in all, some 200 firefighters and ems personnel responded. >> the apartment they tell me was quite large. so there is quite a lot of furniture. >> reporter: this mother who
6:16 am
lives on the 37th floor said she feared foul play. >> we was panic because all the time when you live here, you believe in this emergency like it's the worst, no? like terrorist attack or something like that. >> six firefighters were injured battling this blaze but all are expected to be okay and alex, at the top of the hour you mention that key piece of missing equipment. the upper floors do not have fire sprinkles that made ti fighting it difficult. this building was completed in the 80s and grandfathered in. >> key point. thank you blake mccoy from outside trump tower. >> he could be a major link between the probe and stormy daniels sta aga. michael cohen could help in a big way.
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. it's helpful to think of the trump team as tracking the infection and we're seeing that cohen and certainly manafort may be the vectors for the russian infection. we're looking at a president tainted early on with russian business, although he keeps denying he had any russian business, doesn't have russian friends and i think his circle of friends propagated that virus and that infection. >> frank, former fbi assistant director and msnbc national
6:21 am
security analyst exploring a strategy of investigators on robert mueller's team. my next guest is tracking the russia investigation for "vanity fair." abigail good sunday morning to you and welcome back to the show here, do you agree with his infection analogy there? >> well, i think one of the interesting things that we've seen is meueller started with a wide net and moved closer and closer and michael cohen who has been a long-term lawyer is a key figure in a number of potential deals that my be of interest to robert mueller, of usually the trump tower moscow deal and letter of intent signed in 2016 as sort of one of those point. but i think what you're seeing is you're seeing him working with felix sater involve in a number of trump organization
6:22 am
deals cooperating with mueller and given hours of testimony to the senate intelligence committee and worked very closely with michael cohen. kind of this idea that he's moving his net closer and closer to donald trump to get to individuals like michael ckchae that have a breathe of deals he might have been involved with with the on going probe. >> your reporting suggests pull manafort is still coming under heat from these investigators. what are they looking at and does it appear at this point his only hope could be a pardon? >> well, i think when you look at the pardon issue, that's complicated because the charges that paul manafort is currently facing in the indictment are state and federal and donald trump's pardon power would only extend to federal charges brought against manafort. you're definitely seeing that the investigation by mueller's team into paul manafort and the broader russian collusion question is very much on going. earlier this week we saw or last week i guess we saw that in the
6:23 am
recent court filing that there have been a number of warrants that robert mueller's team brought in recent months against paul manafort, one of which was dated march 9th. very recently that was trying to get more information on the cell phone records of five individuals. what your seeing is that the russia collusion question is still very much being probed by mueller and his team and that paul manafort, while there are other indictments that deal with this money laundering scheme that spanned a decade or so, that that's one part of it but there is also, you know, this other side of potential deals involving donald trump, involving paul manafort with russians. >> let's take a quick look at the president's response about the questions to stormy daniels and this headline from the post says it all. michael cohen's view from under the bus. would it be worth it for mueller to try to flip him? >> when you're looking at individuals close to the president, michael cohen, you know, he knows where the bodies are buried type of a thing and
6:24 am
you look at the stormy daniels question and while it seems unrelated to the russia investigation, there are a lot of questions surrounding that payment but also, that alleged payment it points to a broader pattern of behavior by the president and his personal lawyer that i think would greatly be of interest to robert mueller. this idea of him being a long-time fixer for the president actively involved in deals to the point he made a payment to an individual who had an allege aid fair with the president of the united states. >> okay. abigail trey ac tracy, thanks f. joining us is barbara mcquaid and an msnbc contributor:the sources are telling the post mueller is preparing a report about the president's actions while in office and potential obstruction of justice. how does this come into play if the president is not a criminal target as stated? >> well, i think it's probably not surprising to people that
6:25 am
that would be the outcome of robert mueller's investigation in light of this department of justice opinion that a sitting president cannot be impeached and because the president isn't a target doesn't mean he can't become one. he's probably at this point correctly described as a subject of investigation, which means that the scope of your conduct falls within the grand jury's investigation but he's not yet reached a conclusion as to whether that is criminal. it seems like when he's waiting for is this interview with president trump to determine the answer to that question because so much of it turns on the person's intent. that interview could be critical to deciding whether there are potential criminal charges to include in this report. >> if you're on trump's team, do you have him sit down with mueller? >> i think i do. not because i'm not scared of it. there is a lot of risk there but i think ultimately if mueller wanted to, he could subpoena trump to testify and that's a much riskier proposition because he would be alone sitting in a grand jury room. instead, if i could negotiate
6:26 am
favorable terms where we're in a private office doing it informally and i'm his lawyer sitting at his side. that's a favorable setting than the grand jury room. >> the president went after the fbi and justice department again on twitter and he said why aren't they giving the strongly requested documents unretacted to the house judiciary committee? he tweeted these are related to allegations of fisa abuse and last month director christopher wray said the fbi doubled the amount of staffers to work to compile with this committee's request. do you think they are stalling or is there a reasonably lengthy process? it's my understanding there are over 1 million documents here. >> you know, i think people make requests for documents and don't understand what it's like to be on the receiving end of those. to do their duty, they can't give over everything. they have to look document by document as all of these things and make a determination of what is relevant to the request and not. i read that christopher wray has
6:27 am
assigned 54 employees to work from 8:00 a.m. to midnight to compile. when you see president trump not supporting his agency but criticizing his agency continues to undermine the credibility of the fbi in the eyes of the public. >> barbara mcquaid, always good to speak with you. thank you so much. have a good sunday. >> thank you. to the border to do what? next, the national guard troops are on the move but how will they fulfill the president's wishes? more and more people are finding themselves in a chevrolet for the first time. trying something new can be exciting. empowering. downright exhilarating. see for yourself why chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand, the last four years overall. switch into a new chevy now. current competitive owners can get five thousand dollars
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most people with commercial insurance pay nothing out of pocket. talk to your doctor and visit to enroll. welcome back. new information from president trump trying to ease concerns over the tariffs. here is what larry said about criticism administration is hearing from farmers. >> what do you say to those farmers who say, you know, ultimately i don't like this negotiation, it's hurting my bottom line? >> we're talking to them, by the way, on a daily basis to see. so far, i don't think it's fair. there is a bump down in farm commodity prices, i agree. i'm not at all sure this is going to last. i don't know how this is going to -- again, this process may turn out to be benign, okay. >> earlier this morning the
6:32 am
president tweeted president xi and i will always be friends no matter what happens with our dispute on trade. china will take down the bayerers because it's a great thing to do. great future for both countries. joining me now emanuel cleaver of missouri and welcome, sir. good to see you on a sunday morning and i'd love to get your reaction because your state exports soybeans. what are you hearing from republicans on the hill whether this will have an impact on their vote come november? >> the president made an era and i'm sorry that i can't have any joy in his era because what is happening here in missouri is the president has successful he c created some degree of panic in the district i represent. for example, in a little town we
6:33 am
have an ethanol plant and when you cut back on corn or put tariffs on corn, you're going to probably cause a little town to lose a significant portion of its workers. the thing that people need to also understand is soybeans is one of the biggest thing out of the district i represent. the farmers aren't happy at what is going on and i also think that the president hopefully will back away from this because many of the people that he has befend befriended over the years, wealthy people in wall street are looking at a very, very antsy market. people are nervous about the president's discussion about this ill advised trade war and there is always concern when you start talking about a trade war that it won't -- that it won't ultimately turn into a blood
6:34 am
war. >> and i just want to ask you in terms of the time the president has to make this right in your mind, it's my understanding for soybeans for example, there are a couple places that do mass production. if china says we're not going to deal with the soybeans in the united states, we'll go elsewhere for what we need, it's hard to get them to come back once they establish another relationship elsewhere. >> yeah, that's one of the things that i'm not sure that mr. cudlow is sharing. we're not the only market forpl markets in warm clients where they can get products we traditionally provide. there is no question he is talking about intellectual properties. there is an imbalance in the trade that can be corrected. you don't do it willy nilly.
6:35 am
you map out a plan. i looked at the interview you just did. there is no plan. let's talk tough trade because there is a portion and tell that's exactly what is going to happen. start losing numbers. >> let's turn to the position and the mexico border and he was tweeting this morning and he goes we are sealing up our south were border, the people of our great country on this very important issue. i want to get your reaction to that considering that just last week the president was tearing up a deal that never came to fruition. by the way, that tweet was yesterday morning. but your thoughts on that? >> first of all, i want to remind the viewers and people in the country it was the president that created the trama around
6:36 am
da daca. he didn't have to do that. he placed an artificial date in place but which we have to have this program completely redone and so forth. i want to get to this, i was born and raised in texas, went to college there, moved to missouri after college and we have had border crossings forever between texas and mexico. people come in and cross the rio grande. the numbers are real. border crossings are at a historic low but they exaggerated hyperbole it's at an all-time high and there are allt of people unfortunately who hear the president and believe. he's convinced them that millions and millions of criminals are crossing the border from mexico coming into the united states every hour.
6:37 am
and now we're going to put national guard troops on the boarder and the president probably is not aware of the law where u.s. soldiers cannot be used for domestic purposes. even if a national guardsman is standing and watching someone cross the border, they can't arrest them. all they can do is get on some kind of a communications system and ask for border patrol to come. the name of the law was put in place to prevent after the civil war to prevent u.s. troops from being involved in creating a civil war. >> democratic congressman emanuel cleaver, there is much to talk about and i thank you for sharing your time with us. appreciate that. >> good to be with you. dozens dead after a suspected gas attack in syria. the timing of it might make you wonder if the syrian president
6:38 am
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american express open. . back with the breaking news of alleged chemical attack in syria. a report of casualties including families hiding in shelters. the syrian government dropped chemical laced barrel bombs on areas in the city of douma. they are denying allegations but
6:42 am
the president says the area is on lockdown and circled by the syrian army and president putin, russia and iran are responsible for backing animal assad adding big price to pay. let's bring in kernel jacobs and getting putin because by himself, i don't think trump is highly motivated to do that. >> what about this big price to pay?
6:43 am
>> well, trump launched missiles in retaliation for something like this before and we have other administrations that have done the same. i think we're going to retaliate the same sort of way, launch missiles at military targets inside syria, specific very tightly targeted targets just as a message not to do that again. but that's not going to stop asad from doing that. >> shortly after the first tweets, the president tweets if president obama had crossed his red line in the sand, the syrians disaster would have ended long ago. animal assad would have been history. agree with that? >> no, we would have had to make a serious political commitment to commit a lot of american troops and missiles and airplanes to fight assad plus the russians in iran, i don't think we were willing to do that
6:44 am
and i think the public would have stood for it and wouldn't stand for it now. whatever red lines, red lines are very silly things to draw in any case because it backs yourself into a corner. it eliminates your option and reduces your capability. those are bad ideas in any case, whether they are by obama in this case or by, for example, in trump's case, publicly announcing that we're going to withdraw. he wants to withdraw all troops. >> right. is that -- do you think that's assad testing trump on that guarding him for what he said? >> i mean, there is an argument that says that that may have been a contributing factor but assad doesn't need any motivation whatsoever to use chemical weapons on his people and done it before. he's killed many hundreds of syrians, many, many hundreds of syrians with chemical weapons and nothing this president or
6:45 am
any other president says will keep him from doing that. he doesn't really need a motivation from any president to do that sort of thing. he will continue to do it as long as it's in his best interest to do so and strategically, he did it probably because this was the last around damascus that held rebels and he wanted to eliminate them. >> it's been the site of a lot of activity. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. next, what could be a big reason john kelly is on the job and for how much longer? and on "a.m. joy" what are the chances of a trade war happening? from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave every time. invented in boston, made and sold around the world. now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get.
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liberty mutual insurance. new reports by tension in the white house and kelly blew up at trump in an oval office meeting and walked back to his office muttered he would quit. "the washington post" reported a similar account of the scene adding quote, kelly has threatened to resign on multiple occasions. it's a weekly event. one senior white house official quit and officials explained his deck dloloration,s as momentari
6:49 am
frustration. "the washington post" story is not true, just not hit job was tweeted. let's bring in former director of strategy communications for hillary clinton's campaign and opinion contributor. good sunday morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, alex, the idea the president appoints individuals around him but doesn't take their advice has built up a lot of employee cynicism. a lot of the people who are working around the president because of low morale are starting to reach their breaking point. when you think about leadership and the lack there is from president trump, he really has given us a case study on how not to lead effectively. if the president wants to be able to work with people within his administration effectively on behalf of the american people, he has to take advice and take heed to what individuals around him are telling him so that he can be the leader that he's promised he's capable of being.
6:50 am
>> here's how it goes, the quote reads, kelly neither lurkz around the oval office or listens in on many of the president's calls. he has not been fully consulted on several key personnel decisions and has last the trust and support of some of the staff as well as angered first lady, melania trump, when you lose that power, you become a virtually white house intern being told where to go and what to do. so if all this is true, adrian, why do you think kelly's still there? >> that's a scathing quote from leon panetta who is one of the most well respected white house chief-of-staff in our country. i don't know. i think i've been on the show with you four or five times where we talked about whether john kelly is going to get fired or quit. this seems to be an ongoing saga. if i was john kelly, i'd think about quitting at this point but any time senior destination officials seem to be under fire by president trump, nobody
6:51 am
quits. so, you know, i'm not sure exactly what happen in the future. we might be talking about this in a couple weeks from now or months from now, maybe he'll quit this week or be fired this week. we never know what's going to happen in this trump administration. >> do you think the reason he's still there is because he's a general, the president has shown respect for those in the military? >> he has, but, alex, i have to ask, a lot of the individuals that have reported on are going to quit or be fired by the president, you have to ask why do those individuals stay around? do they stick around because they believe they have a duty and obligation to the country or they're so enamored by the president they stay. he does see himself as a firewall to protect against some of the president's worst instincts. we don't really know all the things that go on behind the scenes that general kelly has been able to prevent. if the general sees himself in
6:52 am
that manner he should try to stick it out. if he's gone, i'm not sure the president bring someone in who will be able to prevent him from creating catastrophe. >> you mentioned instincts and the president's instincts towards chaos. we have this report that describes some of john kelly's contributions to the white house but includes this, quote, under kelly's watch the president now has policy time. sessions once or twice a day where advisers present and argue their competing views over a specific issue with trump presiding. what does that say about the way he shapes policy? >> look, i think ultimately the buck stops with the president, right, and i remember when general kelly was first selected, the idea or the notion was being put out that he would be able to create a white house that would function more normally as what we have seen in the past. that is not the case. why is that? because, again, the president doesn't listen to his advisers.
6:53 am
even if you have the most competent individuals around you, even if general kelly is even to bring out the grievances of those individuals and present them to the president, if the president is not willing to take heed to that, if the president isn'ting to consider or reflect upon those critiques, it doesn't matter what policy positions are being put forth, the president just won't follow them because he's not willing to take that advice and that has to change. i don't think it will. the catastrophe that we see, the unpredictability that we see is the norm and we should just get used to it. >> don't you think the approach of people coming in an argue, you're presenting different positions, isn't that a good way to listen to all sides? >> sure, it's a good way but this is what the president of the united states should be doing and the fact that it has to actually schedule, quote/unquote, policy time every day on his schedule is ridiculous. this is something that should be
6:54 am
happening on a daily basis in the white house and the fact that you're actually having to put this on a schedule, i can't imagine the president likes this and i can't imagine this is anything that's going to further help solidify john kelly's place in the white house. >> i want to turn quickly in the time we have left in the controversy we have surrounding scott pruitt. the president was tweeting about him and says that his rent there was about market rate, travel expenses okay. and then the details of that, $50 a night near that room there near capitol hill. so your thoughts on this and his latitude there with the president and how long he's going to stay given what the president's done before tweeting support and, whoops, they're gone? >> i live in capitol hill. the fact that he was spending $50 a day is absurd. nowhere near close. i think for the time being,
6:55 am
scott pruitt is doing every single thing the president wants him to do and the president likes that. what we also know is that the president does not like individuals getting more press than himself whether that's good or bad. i think there's only a matter of time before the president decides to get rid of him. if there's another major scandal or breakthrough that comes out of the epa the president let him go. >> all right. i've got to let you guys go because i have to go because "a.m. joy" is coming up. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, those must-run stations on sinclair local tv stations are giving joy their take on the controversy. [ doorbell rings ]
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i'm alex whit. right now. stay right where you are. it's time for "a.m. joy." >> using a ddly nerve agent, assad choked out the lives of help men, women and children. it is in this vital, national security interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. tonight i call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter. >> good morning. welcome to "a.m. joy."
7:00 am
in april of 2017, donald trump announced a missile strike against the regime of syrian


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