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tv   Lockup Tulsa Extended Stay  MSNBC  April 8, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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with its victim in a cloud of smoke. >> i can still hear her voice and see her smile. i know she's -- i know she's here. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline extra" i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. a convicted sex offender becomes the victim of a brutal assault that leaves him unconscious and in the hospital. his assailants say the attack was warranted. >> i'm proud of that because that mother [ bleep ] went to the hospital. >> what they don't know might
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bring regret. >> let me tell you the facts of the case and why i'm so pissed off about it. >> yes, sir. >> and -- >> skinny white boy going to a prison full of gang members. >> a three-time felon attempts to join a gang but his heart lies elsewhere. >> on the back of it she wrote, dear mailman, if this letter gets lost, don't send it to me, send it to prison to my daddy. located on the edge of downtown tulsa, it looks like any other government building. but behind the walls of the tulsa county jail, high-stakes dramas play out daily. >> let's go. let's go. >> you better let my [ bleep ]
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handcuffs like this. let them go! >> the jail houses about 1,800 men and women, most have only been charged with crimes and are awaiting trial for the resolution of their cases. >> we in the concrete jail. gang stars. >> unless they violate the rules or need to be segregated for security reasons, the inmates spend the majority of their days outside their cells in housing units or pods. under a system called direct supervision, a single officer completely exposed to the inmates is stationed inside each pod. >> we have general population pods which house 94 inmates. there's one officer in that pod, at all times, just one. >> all right, guys, let's lock down. let's go, so we can fall back out. >> it's not about physical anymore. it's about maintaining control. they don't have weapons when they go into the pod. they have nothing but key and a radio and they're in the pod with 94 inmates every day all day. they're out there conversing with them, looking in on the cells, making sure they're not doing something they shouldn't be doing, keeping up with the
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mentality of the inmates. we're going to treat you as a human until you prove to us you can't be. >> studies have shown that direct supervision cuts down on inmate violence and it has grown in popularity throughout jails nationwide. but eric olson, who arrived at tulsa county less than 24 hours earlier but proved to be a magnet for violence. in this surveillance footage, olson is talking to the pod officer when he is brutally attacked. inmate rafael gonzalez begins the assault. officer love immediately calls for backup and orders him to stop. gonzalez is then joined by another inmate, nava, and both men continue beating olson. jail policy prevents officer love from attempting to break up the fight on his own. but after a minute into the assault just before backup arrives, love's orders are finally heeded. nava and gonzalez are immediately placed in disciplinary segregation cells where they will be locked up 23
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hours a day and lose all privileges. olson's injuries are too severe to be treated on-site and he will be transported to a local hospital. olson was not a random victim. he had been out of jail on bond, but less than 24 hours earlier, he was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison for rape by instrumentation. his victim was a minor and other inmates almost always target known sex offenders for violence. >> child molestation is not the cool thing to be doing, man. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> the guards, they tried to get him out of the pod in time, but he come to jail with those charges, they will execute you to the fullest extent of the convict code. >> when somebody's charged with a sex crime, they aren't by default put in segregation. >> segregation is kind of rough. you're on lockdown 23 hours a day. we don't just by default put you into protective custody.
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>> i was actually getting ready to release the inmate to being transferred to another pod. he came to me and said that he had some inmates that were making some threats towards him and the attacker saw the inmate in front of my security desk and that's when he said, okay, it's time to make my move. that's when i called code blue. >> not really a violent person, but there's no other way i could handle it. >> handle what? >> like the cho-mos. child molesters. everybody in the pod was plotting on getting him and nobody did nothing. i was passing right by him and he looked at me and something just took over in me and i hit him. >> rafael gonzalez who initiated the attack is awaiting trial on multiple charges, including aggravated assault and battery,
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to which he has pled not guilty. >> i had to go do what i had to do. [ bleep ] needed to get his ass whooped. wasn't going to let the homie go by hisself. i ran up and started kicking and hitting the dude in his face. the dude was on the ground, but still, we sat there and stomped for a cool little second until he was like, all right, that's enough. >> deany nava, who joined gonzalez in the attack on olson, is awaiting transfer to prison. he was sentenced to eight years with assault with a deadly weapon, robbery with a firearm, and false impersonation. but now both men may face criminal charges. >> this is a felony assault, aggravated assault. because they beat him unconscious and then continued to beat him afterwards. they believe this gentleman is a sex offender and they don't know the whole story. but they are trying to send a clear and precise message that he's not wanted, not needed
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there are about 1,800 individual stories inside the tulsa county jail. one for every man and woman incarcerated here. but for the most part, there are only two types of inmates. those who are first-time offenders and those who aren't. >> i've been locked up since i was 15 years old. i stay locked up. i get out for a little bit, i come right back. i'm always in and out of jails. in prison, out of prison in juvie, out of juvie, since i was 15. doing this for 13 years now.
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the root cause of it every time i've ever been in trouble in my entire life is all so i can get high. every time i've ever done anything wrong, it's because i was getting high. >> lester stokes arrived at tulsa county on a charge of false impersonation. he was recently convicted and sentenced to six years. he's now awaiting transfer to prison. stokes has two prior prison stays, as well. the first for armed robbery and the second, possession of cocaine. his time in the oklahoma department of corrections or d.o.c. is memorialized in this tattoo work. >> bars says remember the numbers there on that clock are 480649. that's my d.o.c. number because time doesn't really matter in here. i got a "i hate cops" tattooed across my shoulder.
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>> it looks like an apostrophe. >> yeah, it does. >> you know that's a mistake. >> i know, we were really high and didn't think about it. little devil with a shotgun. weed leaf. anarchy sign. 88. >> and the 88 is for what? >> stands for heil hitler. >> you admire hitler? >> i think he did have some good ideas. by taking over the world and making it be his. who wouldn't want to do that? i don't blame him for trying to do that. i understand. if i could be king of the whole world, i would be, too. i wouldn't do what he did with it. >> stokes says the tattoos help him fit in with some of the white gangs in the prison, which he says is key to his survival there. >> i'm a skinny white boy going to a prison full of gang members. when it's you behind the fence, you got to be cliqued up with somebody to have your back. >> when i was in prison i got jumped by four neighborhood crips. broke my nose and my jaw, four stitches in my eye. i fought them all off. they were trying to steal my
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shoes. i told them if they wanted my shoes, they had to take them off my feet. >> did they get your shoes? >> no. i kept my shoes. i got to keep my shoes. i paid for those shoes. >> stokes says in prison he remained on the fringes of gangs like the aryan brotherhood but is now a prospect for one of the fastest-growing white gangs in oklahoma, the irish mob. >> i haven't fully earned like full membership yet. >> how do you do that? >> got to be a good dude. solid, prove yourself. fight people, whatever it comes down to. i've been in like three fights. it's not bad. >> all right [ bleep ] time. be top dog, stay getting involved, keep your problems solved from the side, back, middle and front. i steady be hitting the blunt. >> stokes has also written raps to win approval from the irish mob. >> i keep praying to god that they never cross paths with the irish mob. i stay close to the side, back, middle and front. never been given [ bleep ] ready
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to swing before i'm ready to duck. one step further i'm ready to buck. i keep praying to god they never cross paths with the irish mob. >> while stokes tries to secure a place with the irish mob, he hopes it won't cost him another relationship that is considerably closer to his heart. >> i miss my daughters. i got four little girls. i should be a father to them, but when i'm in here, i can't. >> with his frequent prison stays stokes rarely sees his girls. the one he spent the most time with is 7-year-old emilee. >> you should check this out. my daughter drew that for me on the envelopes. i love her little voice, she's awesome. she's definitely the only person that's going to love me no matter what. irish mob, anybody, they'll turn on me. i know that. but that little girl won't. she'll be there till i die. she drew that for me.
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>> stokes' fondest memories are of watching emilee when her mother was at work. >> all evening i would sit there and play princess, little tea cup parties, watch "dora." i guess my favorite thing i've ever done in my entire life. the happiest i've ever been is sitting there. i put a little what they call tiaras and have them and i'd wear a little tiara. we had a little no-bake oven, little easy bake thing. she'd make little brownies, sit there and eat them little pieces of brownie. says, dear daddy, i miss you more than you miss me. i wish we were not apart. you're the best daddy in the world, i love you so much. i think about her every single day, every night. she's the first and last thing i think about every single day. i'll never choose drugs over her again. i wanted to be better than that, too. on the back of it she wrote, dear mailman, if this letter
9:16 pm
gets lost, don't send it to me, send it to prison to my daddy. on the back of her letters i always write, dear mr. postman, if this letter gets lost, don't return it to me, send it to heaven because it's going to my angel. she spelled prison p-r-i-z-o-n. these emotions aren't good for me in here. they're not helping me. that's weakness, i don't want to show it. i'm so scared to let those people see who i really am inside. scared maybe they'll make fun of me for it or hate me for it. tattooed-up gangster that cries in his cell every night. coming up -- >> how can you even remotely be able to justify that to me? you better hope he don't die. >> is he still in the hospital? >> yes. >> reality sinks in for the two assailants. and for lester stokes. >> you're the most beautiful
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inside the tulsa county jail, inmate rafael gonzalez recently assaulted erik olson because olson had just been convicted of a sex crime against a minor. inmate deany nava joined the attack, as well. olson wound up in the hospital. gonzalez is awaiting trial on multiple charges, including aggravated assault and battery, but now his attack on olson may result in new criminal charges. >> what do you think is going to happen to you, rafael? >> honestly, i don't know. he abused a little girl. and he's right next to me. what am i going to do about it? will you just let him be? probably you, you would let him be, but i can't let him be.
9:21 pm
>> nava, whose nickname is loco, might also face new charges on top of the eight-year sentence he just received for assault with a deadly weapon. he's currently awaiting transfer to state prison. >> yeah i'm proud of that you know what i mean? i'm proud of that for one because [ bleep ], [ bleep ] went to the hospital. >> if he dies? >> if he dies, [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. what's loco doing life for? because he killed a cho-mo. probably walk the yard with that. >> i see our fine friend mr. nava didn't make it very far. did he? >> no, he didn't. >> nava had just been released from segregation a week earlier for another fighting incident. sergeant colette runs the unit and approved his return to general population. >> sergeant collette, i know you're pretty mad at me right now. >> you better believe it. highly pissed would be an understatement.
9:22 pm
i put my name on the line to let you out. that pod officer put his name on the line to let you out. oh, i won't do anything, i swear i'm not getting in any trouble. i won't get in any more trouble. your words. as a man. to me. where we at? >> back in here. >> yeah. now you know what that tells me about you? >> my word ain't no good. >> better believe it. man. did that guy do anything to you? >> no, sir. >> no. how can you even remotely be able to justify that to me? you better hope he don't die. i don't know whatever god you pray to, but you better be praying to him. >> is he still in the hospital? >> yes. man! >> mr. colette, i know i'm not the judge and i know i'm not the jury, you hear me? but what that guy did that little kid is going to be changed forever. you know what i mean? if i do catch manslaughter and 20 years, you know, what mr. collette, for that little kid,
9:23 pm
you know what, it would have been well worth it. i got a little boy out there, you know what i mean? if anything like that would happen to my little boy, wow, i don't have no way of getting to him. the person that kills them people while they're incarcerated. you know what? i would make sure that person was taken care of for the rest of their life. i would thank that person if i had the chance to. i mean, [ bleep ]. we've all did wrong, you know? and i mean, but i don't -- sir, you're the one that calls the shot on how long a person's supposed to be in here or not. you say -- i mean, that was a big incident. but other than that, mr. colette, i was following the rules in the pod. i was locking down and everything when i was told to. is there any way like -- i mean, ac -- >> you're going to have to let me think about getting you off of ac. >> at least put me here for 30 days, man. i mean, that -- that's a punishment right there in itself. >> i'll consider it, i will. >> all right. mr. colette -- >> i keep my word. >> mr. colette, you know -- >> i keep my word.
9:24 pm
i'll review it in 30 days. >> all right. >> fair enough? >> yes, sir. >> okay. >> all right. thank you, mr. colette. >> all right, man. >> i'm sorry i broke my word to you. you hear me? >> okay. we're going to try it again, man, okay? >> all right. thank you, mr. colette. >> all right, bud. >> unlike nava, rafael gonzalez is a newcomer to the segregation unit. >> rafael. you part of that mess from 16 last night? >> yes, sir. >> you know he dies, you go manslaughter charge, you know that. 20 to life. >> you think he's going to make it, though? >> don't know. >> i didn't mean to harm him that bad, you know. just -- anger. >> i understand rage. >> i seen him and i thought about my little girl and somebody harming my little girl like that. >> but it wasn't your kid. >> it wasn't. >> what he did has what to do with your family?
9:25 pm
>> nothing to do with my family. >> not a damn thing. >> i'm not really like a trouble person. >> i know, you're not even on my radar. you are now. >> i'm not going to give you any more trouble. i give you my word. >> i know that. be cool, you think about what you're doing before you do it. >> yes, sir. >> you're going to be dealing with me now. be stupid to any of my staff, i'll make you permanent resident. and i don't care. don't lie to me, be honest with me, tell me what's going on and we can work with it. >> yes, sir. >> okay? >> yes, sir. >> good enough. be cool, dude. >> erik olson did not die. he has returned to the jail and is currently housed in a single-person cell in the medical unit. >> i'm pretty sure what knocked me out was being punched and i hit the floor on the back of my head and i have a pretty large knot.
9:26 pm
i have a bruise up here. and i have bumps all over the back of my head, although you can't see them. and i'm pretty sure i got punched a few times in the mouth. so i can't actually open my jaw, you know, wide enough to actually get a large amount of food in my mouth. i also have bruises everywhere just from being hit in the face, as well as being hit on the ground. >> olson was only at the jail less than 24 hours before the attack. he had been out on bond before he was convicted and sentenced to five years for rape by instrumentation and was awaiting transfer to prison. nava and gonzalez say they attacked him because he raped a 12-year-old girl. but that was a false jailhouse rumor. >> rape by instrumentation basically means that you had some kind of penetration. >> and the penetration was with what? >> digital penetration, a finger. >> how old? >> she was 16 at the time. >> olson, who was 24 at the time
9:27 pm
of the incident, said he didn't know he was committing rape because the age of sexual consent in oklahoma in most cases is 16. he also says and court documents corroborate that he did not force himself on the victim. >> i taught at a private christian school. i also was the interim youth coordinator at the church that i attended, and it's kind of a church school and she was one of my students. i think we both knew that we were dancing around liking each other for a long period of time. but i don't think we would call it a relationship for longer than three or four months. one of the students in my -- both at my youth group and the class i was teaching made some allegations. not the correct ones that eventually led to me being charged. but it was enough for the school to do an investigation. >> olson says he thought he was safe from prosecution because of oklahoma's traditional age of consent being 16 years old. but he didn't know about a recent change to the law.
9:28 pm
when the relationship is between a teacher and a student, the age of consent was changed to 20 years old. >> i think they call it rape by authority. you have an unfair advantage or you have power over somebody who is underneath you, and that's why they make it illegal. and i don't believe that i was in any way aggressive. it was kind of one of those just naturally occurred type of things. it was a comfortable situation for me, and unfortunately that comfort led to no boundaries being properly made for myself. for me, now, there's no doubt in my mind that i made a completely immoral and illegal choice. >> olson was sentenced to five years in state prison for the crime and is now awaiting transfer. but he's likely to be in just as much danger there as he is here. >> i've been told a lot of things about having a conviction of my type and coming into a jail system. so i was prepared for something to happen. i just didn't know it was going to happen, you know, less than 24 hours after getting here.
9:29 pm
coming up -- >> we bring the inmates down to the library and they're able to pick out a children's book and they read it, it's recorded, then the tape and the book is sent out to the child. >> a jail program that helps inmates connect to their children gets a new participant. >> stokes. this is story time request or application. nus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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i'm dara brown with the hour's top stories. president trump is issuing a stern warning to syrian leader bashar assad that there will be a price to united nations security council pay for the academia cal attack in syria that reportedly killed dozens. an official has confirmed that kim jong-un is willing to discuss denuclearizing the korean peninsula. the meeting would likely take place by the end of may. now back to "lockup".
9:33 pm
all right. tell ariel that we love her and that everything's going to be okay. >> officials at the tulsa county jail recognize that as the number of men and women in jail or prison continues to increase, so too does the number of parents who have left children behind. >> all right, i love you. >> it's estimated that there are more than 1.7 million american children with at least one parent behind bars. nearly twice as much as ten years earlier. the jail offers several educational and religious programs along with one designed to help parents reconnect with their kids. >> she's feeling poorly and i'm taking her a surprise. >> it's called story time. >> mama said not to speak to any
9:34 pm
strangers. >> we bring the inmates down to the library and they're able to pick out a children's book and they read it, it's recorded, and then the tape and the book is sent out to the child. despite their circumstances, despite the bad choices that they've made to come here, they still want to stay connected to their kids and, you know, want to show their kids that they're doing something positive. >> let's go! meeks and stokes, come here! >> lester stokes has just signed up for story time. >> stokes. >> stokes? this is story time request -- or application. so, do you have more than one child? >> i have four. >> are they all at the same house? >> no. >> no? she's got some extras for you. you have to fill out one for each household. >> all right, thank you. >> okay? you're welcome. >> stokes has served two prior
9:35 pm
prison terms and will soon return to serve six years for false impersonation. he has four daughters by three women. but the first story he records will be for the daughter he's closest to. 7-year-old emilee. and he's just written her a letter to tell her about story time. >> emilee, what's up, baby girl? i love you so much. daddy misses you so much. bunches. how is mommy doing? i heard you were doing great in school and that you're the smartest kid in your class. i'm so proud of you. i feel very happy when i know you're doing so well. i signed up for a class today so i can read stories on tape and send them to you so you can hear me. i hope that you will like it. are you being a good big sister and helping mommy with your baby brothers? i bet you're the best big sister in the whole world. and you're the most beautiful girl in the world and nothing can ever change that. you're special, baby girl. i love you with all my heart. muah. bunches. i'll mail that to my dter
9:36 pm
morrow morning. >> and that gets you emotional? >> yeah. i cry every time i do it. i can't write her without crying. >> while stokes feels emotions in jail, especially when it comes to emilee, he's cautious to hide them from other inmates. >> any kind of love or tears is pointed out as a weakness in here. it's frowned upon. definitely not going to go out and sit in the middle of the pod and write a letter and cry my eyes out in front of 105 guys. that's not going to happen. i'll go in my cell, shut the door, keep that to myself. people prey on that in this environment. people get extorted and people get robbed and people get beat up and jumped and i'm not one of those people. i refuse to be like that. >> other inmates typically preyed upon in jail are those
9:37 pm
who are accused or convicted of sex crimes. erik olson was recently assaulted by two other inmates who thought he had raped a 12-year-old girl. but that wasn't the case. >> hello. what were you told in that pod? >> what was i told? >> yeah, about him. >> that he, that he raped a little girl with an instrument or something like that. >> let me tell you the facts of the case and why i'm so pissed off about it. >> yes, sir. >> how old do you think that little girl was? >> 12 years old. >> 16. you know why he's charged with what he's charged? >> why? >> she was a student and he was a teacher. they changed state law. wasn't no 12-year-old. wasn't nothing used. was it against the law? yeah, sure, it was. i'm not condoning what he did. this was a 16-year-old and a
9:38 pm
24-year-old teacher. >> i didn't know that. i didn't know none of that. >> so, he got beat up for what? jailhouse lore, rumor that just spiraled. those are the facts of the case. >> man. >> this is what i've been trying to get you to do. be your own man. keep your head down, take care of your case. don't get caught up in none of this drama trauma crap going on in these pods. because it will lead you astray. >> yeah. it's crazy. >> yeah. that's an understatement. >> mr. colette, it's all [ bleep ] up. big time. >> yeah. >> did that guy turn out all right? >> he's back out of the hospital.
9:39 pm
i don't know where it's going to go. >> they file charges on me? >> don't know. the investigators are talking to him. thought i'd bring you up to speed on it. >> thank you, mr. collette. >> all right, man. you got some serious soul searching to do. >> all right. >> i suggest you do it. >> yes, sir. >> all right, man. >> all right. >> while nava remains in segregation, the inmate who initiated the attack, rafael gonzalez, is back in general population due to a technical error in the filing of his disciplinary report. >> rafael was let out of seg to j-12, to general population, by our discipline hearing officer. he did his job correctly. there was no paperwork turned in as far as incident reports that narrated what had actually happened. without those reports, we cannot justifiably hold somebody in the seg unit.
9:40 pm
doesn't mean they didn't do it, it just means they're let out because of the lack of paperwork. >> rafael gonzalez. >> gonzalez! >> but gonzalez's return to general population does not protect him from facing possible criminal charges. nor does it take him off sergeant collette's radar. >> remember what happened? what put you in seg? >> yes, sir. >> you stomped that guy? >> yes, sir. >> okay. because you believed he did something of sexual nature to a 12-year-old? >> yes, sir. >> that what you believe? >> yes, sir. >> want to know the truth of what happened? >> yes, sir. >> she wasn't 12. she was 16. >> i made a mistake, sir. >> he's only 24. understand this, you royally screwed up. >> i made a mistake. >> you more than made a mistake. okay? not here to browbeat you, i'm here to get you to use your mind.
9:41 pm
think about what you're doing. >> thank you for giving me a second chance. >> i'm going to tell you something, it's your only chance because you pull this crap again -- >> i'm not pulling no crap, sir. >> i will bury you so far back in there you won't even be able to get mail. you think i'm bluffing, you be stupid enough to call my bluff. >> i do not, sir. >> are you tracking me loud and clear? >> i hear you, sir. >> by all rights you should not even be out of the unit. don't blow it. >> i'm not going to blow it, sir. >> my last visit with mr. gonzalez, he was genuine in his remorse of what he had done. do i ever think he's going to do it again? i highly doubt he will do it again. mr. nava, on the other hand, he's a wild card. impulse control with him is very low. that's not a deal of if something is going to happen, that's a deal of when he's going to do something else. coming up -- >> pretty nervous. i don't want to mess up.
9:42 pm
i don't want to say anything stupid. >> lester stokes reaches out to his little girl. >> gretel and her brother, hansel, lived near a great forest. so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
9:43 pm
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yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. tulsa, oklahoma, has known tough times. its residents brave life in tornado alley. its cultural influences include the wild west and big oil. inside the tulsa county jail, those same thick and often heavily tattooed skins are always on display. lester stokes will soon leave the jail to serve six years in prison as a prospect for the irish mob, a rapidly growing gang he hopes will provide him
9:46 pm
protection. >> irish people eat better than everybody else. >> proving irish heritage, however, is not a requirement for membership. >> my mom has red hair and i figured people with red hair usually are from ireland, right? irish people. i don't know where my family is from. i've never tracked my family tree. >> what is this? >> mayonnaise. >> what the -- >> we never get mayonnaise. >> [ bleep ]. i don't trust it. >> i know. >> i don't trust it. >> but stokes knows for long-term happiness he will need more than his gang. >> my daughter will only be 11 or 12 years old when i get out. the oldest one. i might still be able to be a dad. but i'd have to stop all this stuff. i can't be a gang member and a dad at the same time. >> stokes' eldest daughter is 7-year-old emilee. thanks to a program called story time, stokes and several other inmates can take a break from jail in order to be parents.
9:47 pm
>> you guys need to get a book and, you know, there's a bunch of books you can choose from over there. so just go and look around and see what you can find. when you get a book, let me know and i'll tell you what to do next. >> okay. >> all right? i'll get you some coffee, cream and sugar. >> we have quite a waiting list on the male population to get in here to read to their children. they're very eager. they're always asking when is story time next? am i on the list for story time? how do i go to story time? where do i get an application? >> how do you think emilee will feel about that book? >> that's a good book. i liked the story when i was a kid. >> you haven't done this before, have you? >> no. >> okay. whenever you're ready, just push the red button and there's about an eight to ten-second delay so wait a few seconds before you start speaking. there's the mike. you're welcome to send your kids
9:48 pm
a personal message. if you want to say, hey, hope things are good, be good for your mom. or if you want to sing them a song or say a prayer or whatever your little routine is with your kids, you're welcome to do that. this is your personal message to them. >> sweet. >> all right? just whenever you're ready. >> pretty nervous. what do i say? i don't want to mess up. like i want her to like what i say. i don't want to say anything stupid. i want to try. emilee, daddy loves you, baby. i can't wait to see you again. hope you're doing good for mommy and i'm going to read you a story. it's called "hansel and gretel." i love you. gretel and her brother, hansel, lived near a great forest.
9:49 pm
one night gretel awoke to voices. "there is not enough food," screamed the stepmother. "we must take the children to --" >> i really like this program. i'm glad that i got signed up for it. that night hansel sneaked outside. when he came back, his pockets were filled with rocks. just keep that bond with her. i don't want to get out and her be like, you weren't there. a lot of kids you'll hear them say that. you weren't there for me. i want her to know that i love her and i'm here. >> gretel and hansel lived in comfort and joy with their father. and every now and then, gretel ventured back to the gingerbread cottage for dessert. all right, that's the story of "hansel and gretel," emilee. i love you. you're the most beautiful girl in the world and you're very special and i miss you more than the desert misses rain. muah!
9:50 pm
i don't want her to think that i just disappeared and i'm not there and just come back after all these years and try to be a part of her life. i'd like to actually try to be a part of it even though i'm gone. i wrote, this book belongs to, then i wrote emilee, from daddy. i love you with all my heart, baby. i miss you and i'm thinking of you every single day. you're my angel. muah. and i spelled it m-u-a-h. that's how you spell muah. i'm going to read you a story, it's called "hansel and gretel." i love you. >> pretty sweet, huh? >> gretel and her brother -- >> so, how does that make you feel? >> i just feel very happy. sounds good. i think she's going to like that. she'll get this big package in the mail and she'll probably be
9:51 pm
excited about that, too. i know her mom told me she likes it when she gets letters from me. now she's going to get an even bigger one. coming up -- >> it's an aggravated assault because they beat him unconscious and then continued to beat him afterwards. >> the jail pursues criminal charges against rafael gonzalez and deany nava. and now erik olson has a major decision to make. >> we need to know if you're willing to cooperate in the prosecution of the inmates that assaulted you. g into my dad. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief. this hat was free. what am i supposed to do, not wear it? next thing you know, i'm telling strangers defense wins championships. -well, it does. -right? why is the door open? are we trying to air condition the whole neighborhood? at least i bundled home and auto on an internet website, progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. i mean, why would i replace this?
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9:54 pm
after his conviction and sentencing for rape by instrumentation, erik olson learned a brutally hard lesson about being an incarcerated sex offender.
9:55 pm
though he says the circumstances behind his crime are different than the charge implies, he still became a target. rafael gonzalez threw the first punch. >> kind of like slow motion coming right at my face and i can't do anything about it. everything else just kind of seemed secondary to just me protecting, you know, the vital parts. >> deany nava also joined in on the attack. >> something must have happened because the next thing i know i'm lying on the ground in a pool of blood and just kind of coming in and out of consciousness. and i remember waking up in the ambulance. >> sergeant rames is preparing a case against nava and gonzalez to present to the district attorney. >> it's an aggravated assault because they beat him unconscious and then continued to beat him afterwards. >> a conviction for either man does not require olson's cooperation. but if prosecutors have it, they will be more likely to take the case.
9:56 pm
>> we're going to go in here and talk to inmate olson and see if he wants to be a complaining witness. mr. olson, sergeant rames from the investigations unit. how are you feeling? >> i'm all right. >> you're okay. you were assaulted in j-16 the other day, correct? i need to know if you're willing to cooperate in the prosecution of the inmates that assaulted you. >> i don't want to. >> you want to decline the charges? just to let you know, we are submitting charges to the district attorney's office on behalf of the state because it was a felony assault. all right. i'm going to put it down that you're not a cooperating witness at this time, but, however, we're still going to submit. so they will be charged, just so you know. all right? >> okay. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the human part of me says, absolutely, i want them to continue to pay, but the spiritual side of me says,
9:57 pm
forgive them and hopefully they'll learn. i have no reason not to forgive because i've been forgiven so many things. >> i get lots of people that get victimized but they don't want to cooperate. it's just part of the job. but due to the circumstances surrounding this, the inmates that were involved in the assault, i think it's a better route to go ahead and file the charges and seek prosecution. >> olson is awaiting transfer to prison to serve a five-year sentence for his crime. though he has been cleared by doctors to return to general population, sergeant collette has decided to not let that happen. >> erik olson will have to be put into protective custody. i can't have him out in the general population. he will be seen by the rest -- it's a pack mentality. you're the weaker of the pack, therefore you're going to be exploited, extorted, and/or beaten again. >> i'm sergeant collette. administrative seg sergeant.
9:58 pm
i don't want to put you in a pod, okay. what i really want to do is put you in a segregation unit, where nobody can get at you. i have an inmate where somebody has beaten them up once before. it gets all over this place like wildfire and then whatever pod i put you in is a potential for you to get hurt again. and i don't want that to happen, okay? so, where you'll go from here is probably segregation unit, protective custody. okay? i have no other choice for you. very good, sir. >> you're taking this all pretty calmly. i mean, you come to jail and get beaten up, you're waiting to go to prison. how are you being so calm about this? >> a majority of it comes from my faith. it's kept me -- kept me very calm and peaceful. i've been going through this process. my family has also made a huge impact.
9:59 pm
i have six brothers and sisters and two parents who love us all very deeply. the last thing my mother said before i went in to be sentenced was, i'll love you no matter what. and she gave me a hug and said, good luck. so, i do want to make something of myself. i don't want to be a sex offender and that's the end of my story. i'm very determined to make something of myself past this.
10:00 pm
matter, viewer discretion is advised. a young man plummets to his death when he crashes through a 25th floor window of the a tulsa high-rise. shockingly, his wife, two months away from giving birth, is charged with his murder in i know what happened. i was the only other person there and i will always maintain my innocence. >> now, her future lie in the hands of a judge. >> don't [ bleep ] me, dude.


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