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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 9, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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to be dead after a chemical weapons attack in syria. >> plus, new speculation about chief of staff john kelly's future in the trump administration. the president is slamming a new report by the washington post. >> and president trump standing by scott pruitt. this as one top republican launches a probe into some of pruitt's spending. >> good monday morning. it's april 9th.
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we begin overseas where opposition activists in a groups say at least 40 people were killed in a suspected chemical attack over the weekend. it happened late saturday near the capital damascus. video shows people being hosed off with water. local activists say they saw dozens of dead bodies many of whom were children in underground shelters across the city. according to a statement of the civil defense, the reported symptoms indicate that the victims suffocated from the exposure to toxic chemicals. the syrian government denies involvement. the syrian government called the allegations fabrications. today the security council is expected to hold a meeting in response to the attack.
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>> the president writing quote, many dead including women and children in mindless chemical attack in syria. a area of atrocity making it completely inaccessible to outside world. president trump, russia and iran are responsible for backing animal assad. big price to pay. another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever, sick. he went on to criticize his predecessor writing quote, if president obama had crossed his line in the sand, this would have been history. john mccain saying assad's regime was quote, emboldened after he suggested last week that it was time to reduce u.s. involvement in syria. republican senator lindsey graham had this to say about
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president trump's response. >> a defining moment in his presidency because he has challenged assad not to use chemical weapons. we have a one and done missile attack so assad is at it again. they see our resolve breaking. they see our determination to stay in syria waning and it's no accident they used chemical weapons. if it becomes a tweet without meaning then he's hurt himself with north korea. if he doesn't follow through and live up to that tweet he's going to look weak in the eyes of russia and iran. so this is a defining moment mr. president trump. show a resolve that obama never did to get this right. >> joining us now from london, cal perry. good to have you with us. there's been reports about a possible attack in syria. and let's talk about the possible responses the u.s. has
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going forward. >> reporter: there was an air strike on the syrian airfield. nobody has claiming responsibility. the french saying it wasn't them. so really by process of elimination that leaves the lil israelis. they hit it in february. there was that cross border where we saw an israeli jet being shot down. look, all of this in the shadow of this horrendous attack. it's been a terrible war in syria, but these pictures showing the worst that humanity had to offer. children taking cover from air strikes. these barrel bombs, these very crudely packed devices rolled out of these helicopters and again, we're talking about 40 people dead at least, maybe more. many of them children. the next 24 hours we're going to be waiting to see if there's further u.s. reaction. you sort of talked about
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president trump and his tweets calling this a major crime, calling assad an animal, but look, we have a twitter problem here. let's talk about what happened in 2013 memorial day weekend when we first saw the use of chemical weapons in syria. donald trump criticizing president obama, we remember the john kerry who ran the state department at the time talked about a strike and citizen trump saying it would be foolish if the u.s. hit syria. boxing himself in not only this weekend but also with his past statements. >> and not to mention the president ordered air strikes on syria and that was not enough to deter the syrians or the russians from allegedly carrying out this attack. >> yes, the big question now is really what's next. what can be done? >> if air strikes aren't going to stop it, what does it mean? >> do we know the situation on the ground and when people can get in to feasibly verify
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exactly who was responsible for this? >> well, you saw that criticism from the president. look, this area in the eastern part of damascus is really under lockdown but there's been a break through. there's been a local cease fire reached but there is such distrust in and around damascus because things are so violent, because the government has turned against the rebels in the past, people are not willing usually to leave these enclaves and the people paying the price, civilians. 500,000 of them dead since the beginning of this war. it's important that we continuously remember that. >> thank you. all right. members of the national guard are deploying the united states southern border with mexico with up to 4,000 troops from border states through september 30th according to a pentagon memo. meanwhile a spokes person for nevada's republican governor bryan sandoval said the governor did not believe that was an appropriate use of the national
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guard. arrests hitting a 46 year low. instead the white house is talking about monthly trends. watch this. >> more appropriate comparison, what we briefed the president on was the trends we're seeing and what we're seeing is a 200% increase this month in march, this past month in apprehensions. it's over 200% increase. the over 200% increase coupled with the pending seasonal uptick coupled with the caravan that is an annual event all trended in the wrong direction so the problem here and the point to remember is while there was an improvement it's a comparative improvement. >> the dow jones industrial average closed down by 572 points on friday amid the trade dispute between the united states and china. this is axios reports that president trump sparked the battle over tariffs with little planning, quote, there wasn't one single dlib rative meeting
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in which senior officials sat down to debate the pros and cons of this historic threat. trump didn't ask for advice from his top economic advisor. was blind sided by the speed of the announcement and legislative affairs director, mark short, the white house's liaison was totally in the dark. state republicans, gop senators took a wait and see approach. >> i have no objections with the president long-term trying to fix the relationships with china and holding them accountable. they're stealing from us. so -- but let's just be clear, strategically, number one, we need other trading partners to pick up the slack and second of all and this is to me absolutely important. he needs to be able to explain to the american people what his end game is. what's his final goal? >> there is no way for us to
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address china without absorbing some pain here, so to those who believe that china is cheating, what idea do you have better than trump? he's the first guy to actually take them on. they have a weak compared to ours so let's play this out. they need us more than we need them. >> and president trump weighed in on relations with china appearing to call the tariffs taxes. president trump xi and i will always be friends. china will take down its trade barriers because it's the rigt thing to do. a deal will be made on intellectual property. >> i wonder if president xi has the same sentiments. the chain of command has broken down. the washington post depicts an increasingly powerless john kelly after eight months as white house chief of staff. quote, kelly neither lurks around the oval office nor
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listens in on the president's calls. he has not been fully consulted on several recent key personnel decisions and he has lost support as some of the staff and angered melania trump. now, according to the post kelly has threatened to resign on multiple occasions. it's sort of a weekly event said one senior white house official. kelly drew so frustrated on the day president trump fired shulkin that homeland security nielsen and mattis both tried to calm him down. kelly even packed up some personal belongings though that wasn't necessarily because he was walking out and there was the aftermath of this interview that kelly gave to fox news about trump and immigration. take a listen. >> you know, there's been an evolutionary process that this president has gone through. they all say things during the course of campaigns that may or
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may not be fully informed. >> the post reports that after wards trump berated kelly in the oval office, his shouts so loud they can be heard through doors. the president tweeted the washington post is far more fiction than fact. story after story is made up garbage. many of which don't exist. story on john kelly isn't true, just another hit. >> does he -- he just sort of has that talent, doesn't he? >> yoinijoining us now, steve n. good morning. good to see you today. let's talk about john bolton. quite a day to start with what's happening in syria to say the least. this is a major moment, a pivotal moment as lindsey graham said. how is this going to change the landscape of things considering this is his first day?
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>> he replaces another relative hawk on syria, h.r. mcmaster and president trump in addition to speaking yesterday with the president of france and the prime minister of iraq is meeting this evening with military leaders so there will certainly be several voices weighing into his decision making. one thing that is unclear is whether that's going to be much difference of opinion. the united states generally blames assad when chemical weapons are disbursed but there is -- after the 2013 chemical weapons incident, the u.n. wasn't able to conclude who actually did it. it's unclear if there's going to be voices of restraint in this decision making process. >> i feel like every week we we again the week with who's next? last week it was possibly scott pruitt. >> two names.
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scott pruitt and john kelly going on for a couple weeks now. >> this week the focus is on john kelly so i'm curious to get your thoughts on what type of role he ease playing now. has this impacted the west wing and are we likely to see john kelly's departure from the white house any time soon given some of the reporting that we've been referencing about his, you know, decrease in stature in the white house. >> you know, i'm convinced that john kelly has been sidelined. but this depends -- a lot depends on how good the woug post sources are. one of the authors on that story amusingly. there was a book that came out last week that said he and two other journalists, president trump calls them up and feeds them stories and has it attributed to a senior administration official. i don't know if this is true or not, but who knows? it's -- it's an interesting little angle there. who knows what's really behind this kelly story. >> yeah, anything responsible out of this white house.
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all right. we'll touch base with you in a little bit. the white house is losing another member of the national security team as john bolton is expected to kick off his new job today. >> and mark zuckerberg is preparing to appear on capitol hill. those stories and a check on your weather when we come back. this is the story of green mountain coffee roasters dark magic told in the time it takes to brew your cup. first, we head to vermont.
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he left the west wing on friday. press secretary said that mcmaster and his family were greeted by president trump who thanked the three star general for his year long service in the post. the new national security advisor starts his tenure in the white house today. the wall street journal calls it a baptism by fire. bolton enters the white house facing an immediate test. a response to a chemical weapons attack in syria. he will play a key role in helping trump to decide how to react to everything there. now to facebook which has suspended another data analytics firm over the collection of user data as the company's ceo prepares to face the fire on capitol hill this week. facebook suspended the firm qv after they learned they were collecting information about users through quizzes. those were also used by
2:19 am
cambridge analytica to target political marketing ads. the new receivelations involving comes as mark zuckerberg prepares to testify to congressional leaders this week. he's scheduled to appear in a joint hearing. he'll go before the house energy and commerce committee on wednesday. >> let's get a check on your weather now. nice to have you with us. >> so happy to be with you. that question of where is spring? it continues. it will continue over the next several days and some of us are waking up to even snow and it feels like february in so many spots. we're looking at snow in the midwest. looking at snow creeping into parts of the northeast. really one flake in april is a little bit too much. so let's look at what's going to happen here. that jet stream set up, it's allowing that cold train to continue to come in. temperatures below freezing this
2:20 am
morning in many spots and these are highs for the day. so just two degrees above freezing in minneapolis today. you need your heavy coat, the earmuffs still. kansas city 46, chicago just 38 degrees. could see a mixture of snow and rain there in louisville also at just 51. the northeast is not out of the mix here. temperatures right around 40 in cleveland, 47 in baltimore and that will be the story over the next couple of days, but here's the good news. i'm happy to report this. we're looking at temperatures starting to moderate by wednesday especially by thursday and then a little taste of spring. a little spring pharyngoby friday so in pittsburgh we're looking at thursday at 64. new york city finally into the 60s on thursday. could even be close to 70 by friday. back to you guys. >> that would be nice. >> see what happens when bill karins leaves? >> he's bringing the cold weather back. >> we'll tell him that next time we see him. >> still ahead.
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if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. time now for sports starting with the masters in augusta where the world's best golfers were battling for the green jacket. patrick reed in the lead going into sunday. probably thought he had to hold off rory mcilroy, but that just wasn't the case. instead he felt the pressure from rickie fowler and jordan
2:24 am
spieth. fowler hit a birdie on the 18th hole to be within one to tie reed. meanwhile spieth started 9 off the pace but shared a spot with the lead. flirting with the course record. however, reed was able to hold off both fowler and spieth even on his weakest round in the tournament to win his first ever major and the coveted green jacket. reed also got a shoutout from donald trump for his victory at augusta national. the three americans finished in the top three spots with jon ram finished fourth and rory mcilroy tied for fifth. it was an incredible tournament. moving on from the green to the diamond. ohtani in his second start on the mound pitched a perfect game until it was shattered by a's marcus siemian, okanny would
2:25 am
record 12 strikeouts. his second win on the season. meanwhile yankees carlos continues to struggle. almost half have ended in strikeouts. the yankees would end up losing this one in extras, 8-7. and the red sox swept the rays in a three-game series rallying late thanks to an rbi double to win its eighth straight win. boston is off to the best start in franchise history. they are 8-1. >> we do have a mike barnacle sighting somewhere. >> i think he left yet again. can we talk about the take ohm this weekend on the masters? if you win -- >> 1.9 million. >> but even if you're in tenth place, $280,000. i mean, i'd take tenth place for that. >> not a bad day at the office. >> rory walked out with
2:26 am
$386,000. >> how about jordan spieth making up nine strokes? i mean, what a round he had. >> that was pretty incredible. >> you watched the masters a little bit. >> i did because my husband was watching the masters so i was kind of forced to watch. i asked a lot of questions to say the least while i was watching. the pressure on epa administrator scott pruitt continues to grow as his agency and the president tries to come to his defense. and the latest on the suspected chemical attack in syria that left dozens dead. a live report coming up next. we offer our price match guarantee too. and if that's not enough... we should move. our home team will help you every step of the way. still not enough? it's smaller than i'd like. we'll help you finance your dream home. it's perfect. oh, was this built on an ancient burial ground? okay... then we'll have her cleanse your house of evil spirits. we'll do anything, (spiritual chatter) seriously anything to help you get your home. ally. do it right.
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welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. president trump is standing by epa administrator scott pruitt amid growing ethics scandals. the epa spent millions for a 20-member security detail for pruitt more than three times his predecessor's part time. though the epa did not provide any specific threats. the epa also said threat to pruitt to justify his first class travel. however an anonymous official said that pruitt flew coach when taxpayers wither not paying for his ticket. this is white house chief of staff told president trump more than a week ago that pruitt should be fired.
2:31 am
but the president ignored the advice. the president responded to reports about pruitt on friday writing do you believe the fake news media is pushing hard on a story that i'm going to replace jeff sessions with scott pruitt who is doing a good job but is totally under siege? scott pruitt has received death threats because of his bold actions at epa. while saving usa millions of dollars. rent was about market rate, travel expenses, okay, scott is doing a great job. >> okay. pressure on pruitt from congress continues to grow. an aide to oversight committee chairman say they have begun to probe pruitt's $50 a night room in a capitol hill condo.
2:32 am
lindsey graham said the scandal simply doesn't look good. >> do you think he should be epa administrator? >> i do. he's following through with the policies that president wanted to implement. >> when does ethics matter? price did less and was fired. >> the reason why all of the emphasis is on mr. pruitt is because he is executing these policies and they're not popular policies with a lot of people. but he is exercising the policies this president said he would put in place. >> the one thing if you're the epa administrator and two lobbyists changed the locks, you've got a problem. this doesn't look good. i like scott. he's done a good job from my point of view. >> does it look like he's engaged in questionable behavior to you? >> i don't think you could get a room for $50 a night. >> the associated press is taking a closer look at the staff salaries under white house budget director mulvaney. he was known as a fiscal hawk who took control of the
2:33 am
financial protection bureau in november. records released to the ap show that four of the hires including the chief of staff are making $259,000 a year in a newly created position of senior advisor is making over 239,000 which is mofr the salaries of members of congress, cabinet secretaries and nearly all federal judges apart from those on the supreme court. mulvaney's chief of staff salary exceeds her predecessors but they blame the agency's last director for the elevated salaries of mulvaney's appointees so that quote, noncareer staff are being paid on par with the career staff who directly report to them. >> all right. joining us now, white house reporter from the washington examiner. steve nelson. good so have you back with us once again. let's hone in on this mulvaney story for a moment.
2:34 am
could we see him face some heat from the white house for giving big pay bumps to his deputy or is this going to be brushed off as something that his predecessor kicked into motion? >> the people he brought certainly are making a lot of money but it seems that it would require something more to make this a real scandal. something juicier, something to add a little trip, trip, trip to keep this in the headlines. otherwise this seems likely to fade away. >> we'll have to wait and see. let's turn to mark zuckerberg of course looking ahead to his testimony. he heads to the hill to face some questions obviously over his company's privacy practices. do you -- do you expect to see lawmakers move to kind of regulate companies like facebook to prevent future scandals like this one like cambridge analytica? >> absolutely. it seems that social networks are trying to get ahead of
2:35 am
regulators with disclosure of political ad spending that facebook just announced with various platforms kicking off, but it seems that this user privacy issue is going to be something that perhaps is trickier to deal with and that's going to be interesting to see how zuckerberg addresses this because that is something that's concerning to a lot of people. >> so let me ask you quickly about lawmakers returning to capitol hill with a mounting to do list. seems like they're not getting a lot done. as we mentioned some of the things they've got to get done is the m looing trade war that president trump has ignited with china. with so much to do, what is it at the top of the lawmakers' agenda that is likely to get done before the midterms? >> one battle that you didn't mention is the fight over confirmation for the state -- the secretary of state nominee pompeo. and cia nominee, those are both going to be very contentious and they're pitch battles. you can't avoid them so that's something that's going to be
2:36 am
interesti interesting to watch. it's unclear if either of them are necessarily going to be confirmed it's going to be a real fight and it's going to be something to watch. >> you have pompeo's confirmation i believe on thursday so that's going to be interesting to see and the questions they'll be asking him. thanks, steve. good seeing you. >> at least 40 people were killed in a suspectsed chemical weapons attack in syria over the weekend. video shows people being hosed off with water, local activists tell nbc news they saw dozens of bodies, many of whom were children in underground shelters across the city. both the syrian and russian governments are denying involvement. the security council is expected to hold a meeting to discuss the reported chemical attack. >> cal, good to talk to you once again. what has been the international reaction so far about this attack in syria especially from
2:37 am
russia and iran who the president targeted in his tweets over the weekend. >> condemnation from all corners of the globe. this attack saturday evening, just absolutely horrible. the video terrifying really. these kids who were taking shelter in basements with their families, again, civilians seemingly paying the highest price for this 7-year war, at least 40 killed. the european union condemning it. the united nations is going to be in an emergency sessions. we've seen these chemical attacks at the hands of bashar assad and the syrian government. we were talking friday about the russians and how they create so much noise around the world that it's hard to pinpoint exactly what's going on. they responded in a statement we have that statement. and they called it fake news. they said it was quote, fabricated information, another piece of such fabricated information on the alleged chemical attack.
2:38 am
there's that statement. nothing fake about those pictures. we take great care in making sure that these are not old videos, while it's impossible to confirm who used these chemical weapons and it's still of course within 24 hours of that attack, what is clear is that it's quite likely that the president of syria, is sending a message to the last rebels who exist and doing so through civilians and their children. >> put on your analyst hat because when you look back last year where we were and the president carrying air strikes following another alleged chemical weapons attack, that didn't change the course of anything. this time president trump said big price to pay. what options does the president have that would make an actual impact on the ground. we saw those airfields that were struck, that airfield was operational again. >> completely symbolic attack hitting an airfield that they were able to move equipment around on.
2:39 am
unless president trump is willing to go up against the russians there's not a lot that can be done militarily and i think it's worth pointing out that diplomatically the u.s. has done very little recently to try to bring an end to the violence. it seems as though this war is maybe wrapping up, coming the an end. there are these pockets of rebels left but it seems like russia is really in the driver's seat. they are the controlling power right now in syria. >> if the president were to target the russians this could turn into something much larger than a civil war. >> there's been no part on russia to allow an investigation. >> thanks. one republican lawmaker makes a hasty effort amid ethics question while one republican governor is set to announce his run for the senate. and details on when more seasonal temperatures may arrive. we'll be right back.
2:40 am
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florida governor rick scott is said to announce he'll enter the race for the u.s. senate. the republican will announce his run at 10:00 a.m. live on facebook, scott is expected to face off against incumbent democrat senator bill nelson in what will be possibly the most expensive races this year. the governor is expected to portray himself as a washington outsider. his close association with president trump will be a litmus test of the president's popular they in that swing state. blake farren of texas resigned on friday. four months after announcing he would not seek re-election. farren was facing a congressional ethics investigation after using taxpayer funds to settle a sexual harassment claim from a former staffer. his resignation brings that investigation to an end.
2:44 am
however, it is unclear whether he will kafrcarry through to re taxpayers the $84,000 that was paid to his former communications director. the chairman of the congressional committee said in a statement friday, quote, i hope blake is true to his word and pays back the $84,000 of taxpayer money he used as a settlement. as i have said repeatedly congress must hold ourselves to a higher stand and and regain the trust of the american people. >> let's get a check on your weather. michelle, the real question is, is spring weather anywhere in our immediate future? >> yes, not today, not tomorrow, but by friday, maybe even thursday we'll be a bit warmer. i heard you were away last week. we are looking at temperatures well below normal for this time of year. feeling like february in many, many spots and even seeing some snow in parts of the midwest creeping into the northeast. so a mixture of snow and rain. not a lot of snow but still
2:45 am
causing a nuisance as you head out to work this morning. we had that cold blast in place. that jet stream is allowing that cold air to come in from canada. that will change over the next several days. 34 as a high today minneapolis, that's just two degrees above freezing. that will be their daytime high and that's 20 degrees below what's typical this time of year. same in kansas city, chicago and louisville and we'll see that cold air in place milwaukee 37. and just 40 in cleveland. typically they're about 50, almost 60 degrees. so as we warm up on wednesday, 53, that's going to feel a lot better and then close to 70 in some spots. so a little taste of spring by the weekend. >> looking forward to it. still ahead, global markets shrug off fears of a potential trade war between the u.s. and china following friday's massive
2:46 am
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now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. rhett's turn to business stocks here in the u.s. cnbc joins us live. as concerns of a possible trade war with china continue to rise, how are the markets around the world reacting today especially
2:49 am
following friday's massive selloff? >> morning. exactly. so there was a big selloff on friday but today markets are trading a little bit firmer after some comments from president trump over the weekend suggesting they may be able to get some concessions out of china. but all eyes will be on the speech tomorrow in beijing so watch out for any retaliation after that $100 billion number did come out. european trading up almost 1%. and dow starting out higher. but this week the shift is going to move back to microagain. it is the beginning of earnings season and corporate earnings, analysts are expecting eps growth of about 17% which also does mean disappointment is quite low as well. and you want to keep your eye on inflation data on wednesday. it could spend markets spiraling
2:50 am
lower again. >> some news involving deutsche bank replacing their ceo with codeputy christian making him the fourth person in four years to hold that title. he has been at the bank for tit. what does it mean for the bank this change? >> absolutely, lewis. this is coming at a time amist a lot of speculation about whether or not john was going to be replaced. there's a lot of talk in the markets other the last couple weeks and last week john sent a letter to everybody confirming he wanted to stay on with the company, but by yesterday evening he had been oised and replaced by the new ceo christian sewing. deutsche bank shares are down 27% this year, that is versus the broad bank index of 3%. a lot of challenges still facing the bank particularly on their investment banking business in the u.s. so he has a big, big job and a big challenge to overcome in the next few months. back to you guys. >> live from london, thanks so
2:51 am
much. coming up, we have a look at this morning's one big thing. coming up on "morning joe," president trump issues a new warning over the latest suspected chemical attacks in syria, saying syria's president along with russia and iran could pay a big price days after trump vowed to pull u.s. troops. james, former u.s. ambassador to nato nicholas burns and president richard haase all laying out the options to address this horrific violation in what may be a pivotal moment for this administration. it's time to get your glow on!
2:52 am
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so say yesss! to help for recurring constipation. yesss! to help for belly pain. talk to your doctor and say yesss! linzess. ♪ joining us now from washington, d.c. a look at axios national political reporter co-founder and ceo jim and have high. what's the one big thing you are tracking for us? >> it's one of those mornings where there are probably three or four big things. the big thing is what you're
2:55 am
talking about on "morning joe" after. what are the options for the president in responding to this chemical attack in syria? he is in under pressure now from republicans in congress, john mccain, john cornyn from texas just tweeted out there should be a response to what happened there. the israelis are putting pressure on him, his own pentagon is going to put pressure on the president to respond. so the big question is does he respond aggressively and do a wide scale attack on syria or something more precise like he did last time when we had a similar incident. the other question is does he do it alone or wait and try to work with the french and work with great britain to try to get a coalition to have a response to syria? i think we'll know in the next couple of days which way the president wants to go because deep in his heart he just wants out of there. he does not want anything to do with syria. he fought his own pentagon last week on his own impulse to get out, get the troops out right away. >> yeah, not to mention that
2:56 am
john bolten's first day on the job will be today. he'll be tested as well. >> absolutely. you spoke with richard haass is sitting here waiting to join the show. >> hey, richard. >> talking about some of the options that the president has on the ground in syria. what are they suggesting could be some of these options? >> what richard said to us and what he'll say in the show today is that he basically is a moral imperative and a strategic imperative that the united states does respond, that when you have these redlines, when a country like syria uses chemical weapons on its people that there has to be an aggressive response to it. the question is how aggressive and on what timing and whether or not we have partners in that fight. and i think that's what your going to hear from almost the entire military and republican establishment over the next 48 hours as they try to put pressure on them. the israelis are trying to put pressure on them. there's reports in the last five to ten minutes there's already been an air strike in syria and syria is claiming it's the
2:57 am
israelis that carried it out. that wouldn't be a shocker, if, in fact, that did happen. you'll see more and more pressure on this president to act. >> let's switch gears for a moment. i want to ask you about president trump's decision on launching tariffs on china. looking how trump world, if you will, is waging this trade war, what are your sources telling you? >> jonathan swan went up with a scoop late last night. we'll have more details this morning. this is crazy. the president in terms of how he escalated the trade war with china, said there will be more tariffs. remember, this decision tank the markets and really shook a lot of global confidence this could be easily resolved. he did it with no policy process. he did not talk to barely talk to his incoming economic adviser. he largely froze out his own chief of staff. and he kind of did this on a whim. he's sort of winging our way into a trade war. yes, we were kind of accustom to that with this being president
2:58 am
trump's style, but you're talking about a potential trade war with really unpredictable consequences that's already rattled the market and eaton away at a lot of the gains that the president has bragged about for so many months. so the consequences of this are huge. it's arguably one of the biggest strategic decisions he's made as president and he did it almost on a whim. >> but it seems like treasury secretary steve mnuchin is being blamed in addition to president trump for the roll out of these tariffs. what kind of scrutiny is mnuchin facing now? >> mnuchin was involved with the treasury process and help the president come up with how to ar take late the retaliation. he did not share it with his colleagues. normally you have a policy process and have your chief of staff involved and economic team involved so you can understand what will unfold and explain what will unfold both to the markets but also to your supporters, to your critics, to the world. people are upset that mnuchin
2:59 am
did not do that, that sort of kept it between a few individuals in the white house, which again just causes more and more chaos. lots of stories over the weekend that we had in the washington post had about how zwrjohn kell has been so furious and threatened to quit. that's not good news when you're trying to run a massive organization like the government. >> jim, we'll be reading axios a.m. in late bit. you too can sign up for the newsletter. >> that does it for us on this monday morning. "morning joe" starts right thousand. we're knocking the hell out of isis. we'll be coming out of syria like very soon. let the other people take care of it now. very soon. very soon we're coming out. >> that was the president speaking nine days ago. you know, he said isis was in
3:00 am
ruins. obviously assad was still standing. the remarkable thing is that it was all so predictable and john mccain had said potus pledged to withdraw from syria only emboldened assad backed by russia and iran to commit more war crimes. richard haass, you see syria being blamed in the gas attack there, new york times reports that israel has responded early this morning already. but this was so predictable. i wrote a column for sunday's washington times -- post. >> washington post. it's early. sunday's washington post and said as trump leaves to fight his imaginary border war, he's leaving the real war where we can make a difference and said


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