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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  April 17, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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a bird strike very unlikely. >> understood. jay blackman, i know you're going to be on this. that does it for us on this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." craig melvin takes over in new york. >> that was a full hour, andrea, thank you so much. good afternoon to you. craig melvin at msnbc news headquarters in new york city. stormy's sketch. in the last two hours, stormy daniels and her attorney released a new sketch. they say it shows the man who tried to intimidate her into staying silent about the relationship that she says she had with donald trump before he was president. also, draining the swamp. while the focus is on the president there are some new reports about the members of his cabinet and their spending habits. the law epa chief scott pruitt apparently broke, according to the government. and new prices of the cost of his bullet resistant seats. it's not just pruitt taking heat, ryan zinke under fire as well. and starbucks sorry. the ceo met with the two men who
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were arrested inside that philadelphia starbucks. in the era of me too, gun law reform rallies, teacher protests, what are the strength and limitations of activism right now? we'll get to all those stories. but let us take one more look and stay on top of this breaking news in philadelphia that andrea was following this. this emergency landing at philadelphia international airport late this morning. live pictures here right now. this is the southwest plane on the runway. this was a plane that was bound for dallas. it was -- it became violently depressurized when a piece of the jet's engine flew into and broke a window. a passenger's father told our nbc station in philadelphia a short time ago that a female passenger was partially sucked out of the plane before passengers managed to pull her back in. a ground stoppage has just been announced there in philadelphia. that means no planes are going
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into or leaving philadelphia international. we're also being told, courtesy of one of our aviation producers, jay blackman, that there is one person who has been seriously injured aboard that flight. tom costello, our man that covers aviation, he is en route to philadelphia. when we get him, we'll update that story. that's the tarmac in philadelphia. that has caused a bit of concern. we'll stay on top of this breaking news. but let's get right to the scandal that president trump just can't seem to shake. porn star stormy daniels on national television this morning, explaining why she continues to share her story publicly. >> how come you came here today? >> because i'm tired of being threatened. and intimidating me and trying to say that you'll ruin my life and take my, you know, all my money and my house and whatever, i'm sorry, i'm done, i'm done being bullied, done. >> do you think you'll ever have
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to pay this $20 million, michael? >> never in a million years. not if i have anything to do with it. >> daniels alongside her attorney there. they also revealed the sketch of a man that daniels said threatened her in las vegas in 2011. >> to your recollection, is that the person that threatened you? >> absolutely. >> looks exactly like that person? >> stormy, why did you feel you couldn't go to the police originally when you were threatened? >> first of all, i was scared. it was expressly what he told me not to do. i went home and regrouped. because i always feel like you should stand up for yourself and you should report it. but the problem with that in this particular case, instance, was i would have gone to the police and would have gone, okay, a man approached me this is what he said to me, he told me to leave mr. trump alone and their very next question the detective would have asked me, why would somebody tell you to leave mr. trump alone and i would have had to answer that question which was not public at the time and i would have had to
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tell the police, an entire police department and police reports are public record, i know that for a fact, i had sex with donald trump. >> well, the daniels appearance comes a day after this circus-like atmosphere in front of a federal courthouse in new york city. daniels, her attorney and president trump's personal attorney michael cohen were all in court. cohen was there asking a judge to let him decide whether materials seized in a raid last week by federal investigators are privileged. we're covering all angles of this story from political to legal. nbc's tom winter is here to start us off. first of all, just bring us up to speed on where this investigation goes from here. what's next? >> all right, so terrific question, craig. we obviously know about the search warrant that occurred last week. you know, this was kind of missed in a filing by prosecutors. this was filed late in the day on friday or at least became public late in the day on friday. the u.s. attorney's office for the southern district of new york has already obtained search warrants, covert until
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this point, on multiple different e-mail accounts maintained by cohen. they said they were able to get results of that review as reported by the filter team which is what we've been talking about for last several days. they were able to understand from those searches that cohen was, in fact, and i'm quoting directly, performing little to no legal work and zero e-mails were exchanged with president trump. what that tell us is the u.s. attorney's office and federal investigators have already had a chance to get into michael cohen's e-mails outside of this whole court action. this kind of plays out and a judge determines about the material that was seized from cohec coh cohen's apartment, from the law office. the computer, the hard drives, et cetera. the legal kind of back and forth occurs with that, craig. we know they've been able to get a handle on e-mail accounts. presumably at this point they're able to move forward with that component of the investigation so they can get a sense as to what he was communicating with people about, was there any
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illegality there, and even if that material is somehow -- somehow there's a pause as far as them sharing it more back and forth within the u.s. attorney's office between these two teams, the investigative and potentially trial team, they still know the contents of what they have already. this is not an investigation that has completely slammed on the brakes. what's next they have some investigator steps they can already take in their avenues that they may already be able to pursue, even while they wait for the outcome of what's been going on in court and what we're talking about yesterday. >> they're in the process right now of sifting through michael cohen's e-mails. >> they're in the process right now of -- the e-mails they've already obtained, yes, figuring out exactly what he was talking about and where this is going. >> the biggest headline out of the courtroom yesterday was also of course sean hannity being revealed as one of michael cohen's three clients. why was cohen trying to keep
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hannity's name out of this? >> well, i think he had expressed, cohen's attorney had expressioned that hannity had a deep desire to remain outside of this proceeding, to not be named, so it was clear he was trying to do everything he could, but there's no legal reason that they can keep that name sealed or keep that name quiet. the judge was quite clearly convin convinced of that, even before an attorney who represents some media organization said, in interest of the public this name should be disclosed, but the judge was already there. they essentially had no legal cover to prevent hannity's name from coming out in this filing. i kind of keep mentioning, this is work that cohen said he did in 2017 or 2018 so this was not as if four or five years ago sean hannity called hill and said i know i'm going through a little something or just a legal question for you. this is more current work. i think in the context of what came out yesterday, in particular the context of the court proceedings, that's just
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an important point to know. >> of course sean hannity, the fox news host, insisting that these conversations related to real estate ventures. >> sure. >> thank you. i want to bring in the former assistant u.s. attorney. she also served as associate independent counsel in the whitewater investigation. and guy lewis, who has worked with james comey and robert mueller. kim, let me start with you. stormy daniels, making quite the scene at that federal courthouse in new york yesterday, showing up for the cohen hearing. this is what michael avanetti said on "the view" a short time ago. >> judge wood who i know, granted me access to that case, stated she would hear me on any issue, recognizing we did have standing in connection with this case. some of the documents that were seized relate to her. >> was there a legal point in stormy daniels showing up in
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court yesterday? or was it as one of the hosts on "the view" suggested a short time ago, or is this just a publicity play? >> well, he doesn't have a stake in necessarily what's happening with respect to the warrants per se. he could argue that he has this pending separate civil litigation involving similar issues and he wants to make sure he has access to whatever information bears on that lawsuit. now, we don't know what judge woods rationale was or if it was an open hearing, he doesn't necessarily need a court authorization to appear. now, speaking is another issue. i'm not sure what her rigs nall was for it. i think there's a case to be made this was part of a pr campaign rather than a straight-up legal issue. sure, lawyers will sit in on relevant cases to make sure they're doing the best job for their client in their particular case. but these two things aren't directly related as a legal matter. there's no legal right to be in
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that courtroom. >> guy, it was a -- it was a circus made for cable news yesterday. you've got a porn star walking into a federal courthouse. accused the president of things. she's taken off her shoes, going through the metal detector. then, oh, it's revealed that sean hannity is one of the clients. beyond all of the bizarre spectacle of it, what struck you most about what came out of that hearing yesterday? either in terms of open ticks or substance? >> yes, craig, i thought that miami really was the hole ground for these bizarre, strange cases, but apparently not. the interesting thing about the case, i agree with kim 100%, i don't think the client needed to be there. i think it was for publicity purposes. the lawyer maybe in terms of watching and observing and maybe, maybe, in the middle of it, standing up and speaking to the judge, if he felt necessary.
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but the client, she didn't need to be there. that was strictly publicity. what's interesting about this and it's happened again in south florida, we did it in the '90s. we served some lawyers office in major drug cases. you had this huge battle between the government trying to be the first ones to look at these e-mails and documents and this so-called attorney/client privilege material. and the defense of course who wanted to keep it hidden, secret, didn't want anybody to look at it. and even then in the early '90s, and it looks like judge wood is going to do this, down here, judge hoovler in these major drug cases said look it, i want to appoint a special master. i want the special master to go through all these documents and make all these determinations. we, as the government, hated that process.
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because it slowed up everything. craig, it took us a year before the government actually got any of these materials and any of these e-mails. back then, it wasn't e-mails. it was all memos and that kind of thing. and so it was bad for the government good for the defense. >> kim, sean hannity, he addressed the issue last night in part at least. this is what he said. >> michael cohen never represented me in any legal matter. my discussions with michael cohen never rose to any level that i needed to tell anyone. i never asked michael cohen to bring this proceeding on my behalf. i have no personal interest in this legal matter. >> legal scheduler alan dershowitz, a frequent hannity guest, trump supporter. this was his response on hannity's program laust night. >> it is clear, i do want to say that i really think you should have disclosed your relationship
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with cohen when you talked about him on this show. you could have said just that you had asked him for advice or whatever. >> any repercussions here for shawn hannity, kim? >> well, we don't know what was privileged and potentially was captured in that proceeding. so to the extent to which he is, you know, has things to hide, we have no idea. then sure, there is some liability for him there. he can't have it both ways. he can't say my information is privileged but i don't have an attorney relationship. the other thing to keep in mind, and i think he's making this point, you know, mr. cohen initiated this process. with the civil lawsuit. this isn't part of the criminal procedure. and then the judge was basically saying, listen, if you want to step into this process, if you want to have your hands in the investigative process, essentially, you know, step before the u.s. attorney's office in this, you're going to have to tell me why.
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and sean hannity got caught up in that. they kind of lit a fire and were burned by their own fire by this judge. the judge also made a point that i want to underscore, which is the justice department, she said, she's taken the position it's unimpeachable. this entire process is really hinging on the assumption that the justice department is corrupt and cannot with its taint team fairly evaluate these materials. i think the judge is being responsive to the, you know, sensitivity at this issue, at the same time underscoring she's not accepting the notion that the justice department can't be trusted and i think that's really important. >> it's also odd to me. you've got michael cohen here. again, i'm not as familiar with the law as you guys. but from a business standpoint, if you're spotting the president 130 grand, you're not charging sean hannity, you're not charging -- how are you -- what kind of legal business are you running, how are you turning a profit as an attorney.
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as an aside, i suppose, that's not really a question. you know the man, you worked with jim comey. perhaps you've heard he's written a book. he's doing some television interviews to promote this book. some have accused mr. comey's memoir of being a bit self-serving, going so far as to say in the end he may undermine his credibility as a witness in the russia investigation. what's your take on comey and this book tour and this memoir itself? >> yes, that's what i think is the most fascinating question here, craig. is we know how the president feels about comey's book. he's made that abundantly clear through tweets and responses, that kind of thing. the person we haven't heard from is bob mueller, who's leading an investigation. and we do know, in fact, that jim comey has turned over his notes and his other materials to the special counsel to bob mueller. and i never did like it, and i'm
10:16 am
sure kim probably didn't like it either when our witnesses -- i understand, i understand jim feels he's got to strike back. he's got to defend himself. i understand that sort of gut reaction. however, as a prosecutor -- >> bob mueller doesn't hear that way. we never hear from him. >> no, that's the point that jim comey feels like he needs to strike back and he's not -- he's going to go back at the president through his book and through his tweets. as the prosecutor, bob mueller, as the investigator, bob mueller, he doesn't like this. and i wonder whether or not jim comey consulted -- we know he consulted and gave the book to the fbi for them to sort of vet and to approve. we know that happened. but did bob mueller, as a prosecutor, look, for example, let me give you a recent example. i represented a doctor down in miami who allegedly gave peds and other substances to a-rod
10:17 am
and the ball players. it got a lot of press. it was very notorious in the news for a while. we must have got almost every day a request from the news, from media, from newspapers, to interview dr. tony bosch and of course i said every single time no, no, it would -- it's not good to have your witness out there making statement after statement, interview after interview, and so we just didn't do it. so i got to think that bob mueller's sort of scratching his head thinking, i don't know if this is the best thing for my case. >> guy, we'll leave it there. a big thanks to you. big thanks to you, kim, thank you both. epa administrator scott pruitt's problems don't seem to be going away. the newest report about his spending on a customized suv with bullet resistant covers, seat covers. also a gop congressman who said he would not run for re-election when his term ended later this
10:18 am
year have now decided to leave town with just five months left on his term. why. it's the latest surprise in the long list of republicans who are walking away from capitol hill. what's the driving force or forces behind this trend? when you've got...
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this is a live look at that southwest plane still on the tarmac at philadelphia international airport after an emergency landing there late this morning. a southwest airlines flight. this plane violently depressurized when a piece of the jet's engine somehow flew into, then broke a window. the faa a short time ago issued a statement that reads, in part, southwest airlines, flight 1380, landed at philadelphia international airport this morning after the crew reported damage to one of the aircraft's engines as well as the fuselage and at least one window. a passenger's father told our nbc station in philadelphia that a female passenger was partially sucked out of the plane before passengers managed to pull her back in. we're also told there is a ground stoppage in effect at philadelphia international. we're also told there's one person who was seriously injured aboard that aircraft. again, this is the southwest
10:23 am
airlines jet on the tarmac there in philadelphia. the faa's investigating. the ntsb, the national transportation safety board. they have been notified. they're going to be running point on this investigation. but, again, developing story there in philadelphia, we will continue to monitor that. meanwhile, while we were all distracted by that dramatic scene at the courthouse yesterday in the michael cohen case, two independent watchdogs released reports details abuse and law breaking by the epa chief scott pruitt. the accountability office found the epa broke the law when it installed a sound proof phone booth for pruitt at a cost of $43,000. that would go far beyond the $5,000 cap political appointees are allowed to spend. in a separate report, the inspector general released employment forms that showed pruitt's chief of staff signed
10:24 am
off on two controversial salary raises that went to staffers that he brought in when he took office. one raise amounted to over 72% increase in pay. pruitt denied the pay hikes were given. >> they did not. i stopped that yesterday. >> so you stopped it? >> yes. >> are you embarrassed? >> it should not have happened. >> just today, "the washington post" is reporting that the epa administrator upgraded his official car last year to a larger customized suv with bullet-resistant seat covers costing taxpayers more than $300 extra per month for the upgrades. michael steele is the former rnc chairman, he's also an msnbc political analyst of course. and jim messina is with us, former white house deputy chief of staff, currently ceo of the messina group. michael steele, how is it that scott pruitt still has a job? >> because the president wants him to have the job.
10:25 am
that's the only reason why. in any other administration, he would have been long gone. but the president wants him there. because he's doing what the president thinks he needs to do to, you know, curtail the regulations and to make the kinds of changes at the epa that the president wants done. doesn't matter what we the public, who are the taxpayers paying for all this stupidity think or feel about it. it doesn't matter what members of congress who, quite honestly have been rather embarrassed and silent about this in terms of really putting the pressure on. yes, committee hearings, but then what? unless there is a full frontal push by the republican leadership to the white house to say this is not draining the swamp, let's put it in terms we think you understand. this is not draining the swamp. this is, in fact, an embarrassed enrichment of that swamp at
10:26 am
taxpayer's expense. >> jim, this is the op-ed in "the washington post." the editorial board saying president trump should have fired mr. pruitt a long time ago. the latest reports underscore the swampy behavior mr. trump appeared willing to tolerate and excuse. what's the tipping point, jim? do you think this is perhaps -- there have been to be fair a number of republicans who have called for pruitt to either resign or be fired. but so far crickets. is this the tipping point? >> hopefully. i mean, the tipping point should be congressional action. i agree with michael. could you imagine if the obama administration had done this, if an obama administration cabinet official would have done one of these, not to mention six separate investigations? the white house chief of staff would have walked into my office and said either fire him today or your fired. instead, they're talking about giving him a promotion to attorney general of the united states. it is insane. >> jim, i would also take it a step further. i mean, could you imagine if in
10:27 am
the obama years there was an adult film star that accused the president of something? could you imagine? people's heads would have exploded. >> oh, my god. you'd have congressional hearings at starbucks. i mean, they would have been lined up here. i mean, it is unbelievable. but it's okay because donald trump said it's okay. >> with starbucks, our news worlds just collide. >> yes. >> we've talked about pruitt, michael steele, it's not just pruitt, there's a fellow named ryan zinke, the interior secretary, and inspector general. for our viewers and listeners, by the way, it's important to note that the inspector general works for the agency. this is not some sort of outside political group. this is a guy or woman who works for the agency. inspector general, at interior sin zim zinke's place, he took a $12,000
10:28 am
charter from las vegas to montana. the report says, quote it would have been avoided. it goes on to point out that i guess the circumstances surrounding why he was even there. those circumstances were called into question. what's happening on the cabinet level? >> it's largely free range cabinet secretary. they're in these agencies, administering them in a way that is counter to anything we've seen before. i think jim is right, in terms of how the reaction would have played out in the obama administration. we know how it would have played out in the bush administration. and, you know, previous republican administrations. so this is an operation. it is one, again, that is allowed to exist because that's how the president sees it. he doesn't care about those things. his attitude is largely, well, as long as you're doing what i need you to do, okay, if you want an suv that has kevlar seats, fine. if you want a $32,000 dining
10:29 am
room table, okay. and if you want to go take charter trips from timbuktu to who knows where at taxpayer's expense, okay, as long as when i look at your agency, you're cutting the regulations i want cut and you're spotting the, you know, infomercial that i once spouted. that's it. that's the bar. because otherwise, there's no explanation for it, there absolutely is none. >> we didn't get to talk about why one would even need a sound proof phone booth that cost -- i don't know what the implications -- >> epa. >> right, but i don't know about some of these things. thank you. next time, we're going to have more time. the republican party losing yet another congressman sooner than they thought. today, charlie dent of pennsylvania announced he's resigning from congress in the coming weeks. the lawmaker had announced his
10:30 am
retirement last year but initially said he'd stick around through the end of his term. dent has frequently criticized this administration. so far, 38 gop members in the house are retiring or running for other office. the balance of power in congress increasingly uncertain as we head into these midterms. msnbc's garrett haake joins me now. this dent announcement, garrett, how surprising was it? >> not terribly. as you pointed out, we knew he was going to be retiring at the end of the year. we don't know exactly what caused him to move up his timetable. whether it's just frustration for continuing to be the last member of a very endangered species, this sort of moderate northeastern republican that used to be quite common here in congress and is now very much on the endangered list. or an opportunity to make more money elsewhere. this is a guy who was on tv all the time. i would not be terribly surprised to see him continue to
10:31 am
be on television in a paid capacity sometime after he leaves congress, but he did give us a little tip of his hand actually last week, talking to him after the announcement that paul ryan would be retiring at the end of his term. he talked about how tough it is to be his kind of republican in democrat democrat's washington right now. take a listen to part of that conversation. >> there's a lot of wariness, a lot of exhaustion, frankly. this is going to be a challenging year. i've said this many times, you know, witness test for being republicans these days are not loyalty, and i think that's challenging. >> you're talking about somebody who's a former chairman of the house ethics committee who takes his sort of role in congress more broadly, more seriously. not a lot of legislating left to do in an election year beyond may. so i think charlie dent may have decided that's a good time to hit the road. >> the governor of pennsylvania is a democrat. there will be a special election
10:32 am
presumably. what do we know about the future of this particular seat? >> well, it's interesting, a special election would have to be set after we know when dent's last day is. if it's somebody who's going to be appointed or if we do have a special election. you're talking about a very short time frame to sit in that seat. pennsylvania's going to have a new congressional map when they vote in november. this was already a seat that republicans are going to have a hard time holding on to with dent retiring at the end of the year. i don't know that him leaving now changes the calculous dramatical dramatically. who at least can play with the time frame about when they set that special election. pennsylvania is going to be one of the, if not the most interesting states to watch in november because democrats can go such a long way towards taking back the majority in the house by winning in some of these seats in pennsylvania, including this one. >> garrett haake, our man on the hill, garrett, thank you. a new problem for the embattled governor of missouri. he already faces a felony charge
10:33 am
for allegedly taking a partially nude photo of a woman he was having an affair with to blackmail her. now, the reason missouri ag alleges that the same governor, governor greitens, committed potentially more criminal acts. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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the missouri attorney general who is a republican says his office has uncovered evidence of criminal wrongdoing involving stolen property from a charity, but that state's embattled governor eric greitens. >> if proven, these acts could amount to the unauthorized taking and use of property, in in case, electronic property. under missouri law this is known as computer tampering. and given the value of the list in question, it is a felony. >> greitens, as you know, already facing a separate felony charge for allegedly invade ago woman's privacy by taking her photo without permission back in 2015. all right, hearing open a mot i to dismiss the case is going to take place on thursday.
10:38 am
nbc's blake mccoy joins me live with the latest. what do we know about the latest allegations against gritens? >> not good, the walls keep closing in on governor greitens. the latest allegation relates to a charity that he founded in 2007. the attorney general has found evidence that greitens used a donor list from that charity to seek out political donations later on when he ran for governor, which would be a crime. those findings have been handed over to the st. louis prosecutor. that is the same prosecutor who is already taking governor greitens to trial next month on that blackmail charge. he's charged with felony invasion of privacy for allegedly trying to blackmail a woman he had an affair with. this would be a second felony charge, should that st. louis prosecutor decide to move forward with it. the governor has denied any wrongdoing. continues to do so. calling this a political witch hunt, but it's not looking good for the governor. i've been down to jefferson city several times. i've spoken to lawmakers on both
10:39 am
sides of the aisle who feel he can no longer effectively lead the state. many of them have already called on the governor to resign. the house is currently looking at options that it has including impeachment, craig. >> black mccoy following this story there in missouri for us this afternoon, blake, thank you. president's trump's u.n. ambassador nikki haley announced new sanctions on russia, then mr. trump put the brakes on implementing those sanctions. an official shed some light on what led to the decision to pull back and publicly split with the ambassador. we'll tell you about that. plus, protests at starbucks after police arrested two black men inside a philadelphia store. the ceo has met with those men. the ceo has apologized. we're going to talk about the strengths and limits of activism. t on my mind. could this happen again? was my warfarin treatment right for me? my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again.
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appointments available now. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at well, president trump promised that russia will pay a, quote, big price for helping develop the chemical weapons program. walking back a sunday announcement from his u.n. ambassador nikki haley. >> russian sanctions will be coming down. they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to assad and chemical weapons use. >> so, just moments ago, president trump's economic adviser larry kudlow, just a few minutes ago, he suggested that the u.n. ambassador, quote, got ahead of the curve and that
10:44 am
there might have been some momentary confusion. >> michael crowley is with us now. we don't have that sound on tape, but that just summed up what kudlow said there. michael of course national security editor, senior corn afairs correspondent for politico. what do you make of those comments, michael? is that really what happened here, some sort of miscommunication? >> craig, well, there are two possibilities here. neither of them reflects very well on the trump white house. one of them is that the administration decided to apply these sanctions on russia and to carry out threats that the president himself had made on twitter that russia would exact a price for being complicit in this chemical weapons attack and trump himself changed his mind. he decided we're being too hard on russia and we all know he has this peculiar affinity for vladimir putin and was worried it was going to offend vladimir putin and pulled it back own
10:45 am
though it had been ruled out publicly. the other is there is basically internal disarray and chaos at the senior levels of this administration. and they can't coordinate their policies with their messages, their public comments, and, you know, that's really kind of blocking and tackling stuff that they should have been able to master more than a year into the administration. and i have to say, that's what a national security adviser's supposed to do, coordinate all the different arms of government. it could be that you do have a lot of turnover on the national security counsel and of course a brand-new national security adviser in john bolton, there just over a week, much of it consumed with the missile strike on syria that presumably oo created chaos behind the scenes. >> to be clear, one would assume that the u.s. ambassador to the united nations would not go on national television on sunday morning and talk about looming sanctions, inevitable sanctions without the blessing of someone high up in this administration. >> oh, absolutely, i mean, she's not going to go out and say that on her own.
10:46 am
so we're getting a little bit of a line from the white house now suggesting that, you know, there was miscommunication that she did check with people but she either misunderstood or somehow the wrong message was relayed to her and they were talking about it but not quite ready to do it. even if that's true, that -- some people think that's an alibi to cover for the fact that trump changed his mind and trump was being impulsive, temperament and and sort of going out of his way not to offend vladimir putin. even if it was the case that was a misunderstanding, miscommunication it still looks terrible for the credited around of the united states government. you have a senior official speaking at the united nations. her words should always carry weight. and it's bad, it looks terrible. >> to a lot of folks it looks like this is a president or someoneness administration who has decided to throw his u.n. ambassador under the bus. michael crowley there, politico, wish we had more time, thank you, sir. >> thank you. calls to boycott starbucks. the protests over the arrests of two black men inside the coffee
10:47 am
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10:51 am
starbucks ceo has penalty met face-to-face with the two men who were a arrested in philadelphia. the two men were waiting for a friend, they asked to use the bathroom, the manager asked them to leave because they didn't buy anything. the ceo said that the manager is, quote, no longer at that store. the politics editor at the and also an msnbc contributor, jason, these protesters say they're not going to stop this boycott until they see significant change. what would that change look like? >> i don't know, honestly, craig, because when it comes to what happened at starbucks, there are so many instances of this day to day racism that
10:52 am
people may experience, there are so many instances of strange enforcement of rules that only seem to apply to people of color, but not other people in the room, that i don't know that this particular boycott will change anything other than that store. however, if you are a patron of that store, if you are a starbucks customer in philadelphia, this does have a good impact, because it at least tells the ceo that the response of oh, we're going to hold a conversation about this, that's not enough, that this employee needs to be fired and that the employees need to treat people of color by the same rules. >> we have a press release from starbucks. the headlines, starbucks to close all stores and subject nearly 175,000 of its employees to what it's calling, and i'm just going to read it here,
10:53 am
starbucks today announced it's going to be closing other than 800 company-owned stores to conduct racial bias education aimed toward ending discrimination in our stores. i have spent the last week listening to the community learning what we did wrong and the steps we need to take it. how far do you think that's going to go for starbucks? how far do you think this might go for institutions out there that might have to deal with something similar to this? >> i think there's two levels to this, one day of training is going to change this racial implicit bias that we have in this country? this is something you should have monthly. and how hard can it be to tell your staff members to enforce
10:54 am
the same rules with every customer, if you don't let somebody use the bathroom, it doesn't matter if they're white, it doesn't matter if they're hispanic or if they're black. what we saw with the viral video of the two black women soldiers in georgia, what we saw with the other individual in starbucks who was not able to use the bathroom and then the white person who came out who did not purchase anything. i'm tired of these discussions about training, when the issue isn't training, you don't have to train people to treat someone else nice and with respect, but you do have to show people that if you don't do it, there will be consequences including losing your job. >> they're going to close the stores in the average, they're going to be trained to prevent
10:55 am
discrimination and ensure everyone inside a starbucks store feels safe and welcome. there of course will be skeptics who are going to say this is merely a p.r. stunt. >> craig, i don't think it's a p.r. stunt, but i want us to think about this, because i say the same thing about police officers. think about every city who has a case of police brutality, they have a lawsuit that costs the taxpayer millions of dollars. instead of just firing the police officer. this is going to cost starbucks millions of dollars to shut down every starbucks and have training. fire that employee and tell people that if you do this you're going to get fired. at some point realizing that racism costs money.
10:56 am
>> jason johnson, we'll leave it right there. thank you, sir, we'll be right back.
10:57 am
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. one stay we'll show you what was in the commercial breaks before i sit down. >> let's never show them that. ita court hearing was packe with more drama than a "law and
11:00 am
order" episode. what does michael cohen do? is he a fixer? or is he an attorney? more importantly, what did he do for donald trump and what were investigators looking for when they raised his home, office, hotel room and safety deposit box. what will the judge do? yesterday she struck down an order to examine the documents surrounding cohen. and is this all about cohen or could it implicate the president? and if it's all about cohen, what has donald trump so worried? and why in the world was sean hannity going to michael cohen for legal advice. now that he's been revealed as cohen's mystery third client, the commentator has been distancing himself from the


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