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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  April 19, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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she said she mastered the beyonce routine in 40 minutes. the college freshman has gone super viral with 200,000 likes in under a day. she is a rock star. if beyonce doesn't call her up and make her a backup dancer then there is no justice in this world. that wraps us up this hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. i'll see you again at 11:00. did you see that video? >> i have about half the dance mastered. i'm waiting until i get the whole thing before i put up my own viral video. thank you for sharing that with the world. good thursday morning to all of you as we come to you live from sunny west palm beach, florida. we are here with president trump as he gets set to head to key west. he is looking east to north korea. more optimistic it seems about the upcoming unprecedented talks. reserving the right to bail as
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we hear new rumblings of a road block removed that could make it easier for the u.s. to get to the table. there is still another speed bump in the road to diplomacy and his name is mike pompeo. more and more senators say they do not want him to be secretary of state. foreign relations committee looking like they will give him a thumbs down. developing new moves from michael cohen dropping dossier lawsuits even as another report lays out why some allies are worried cohen might flip on his client, donald trump. we have a lot to get to in the next 60 minutes. it's a good thing our team is here and ready to go. i want to start with peter alexander. you have been covering this potential for the north korea summit. seems like the president has one foot on the gas ready to go and also ready to pump the brakes. what is the strategy for whether
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he is doing this or won't? >> it's a good question to know the president's strategy you need to get into the mind of this deal maker. he thinks of himself as the deal maker in chief. he certainly sounded optimistic and eager about the meeting taking place insisting it will be happening in the coming weeks talking about the personal chemistry between mike pompeo and kim jong-un saying they got along really well. he said he hopes it will be a world wide success. the president is also acknowledging that this is a risky undertaking, one that could end up as a failure. he said yesterday you were there in that room he says if they think the meeting is not going to go well then they are not going to go to the meeting. if they are already in the room and it appears that it is not going well it will not be fruitful. he says i will respectfully leave the meeting right now. among some of the other
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conditions for the meeting to take place it sounds like a precondition is not the release of the three american prisoners being held in north korea. that was something people have been focussed on in recent days. the president saying he is fighting very diligently for their release. i spoke to the son of tony kim, one of the detainees. he has made it his personal cause to try to support and get his own father's release from that country without success. they are approaching the one-year anniversary that tony kim has been held in north korea. we should note that right now there is some indication where this might take place among the front runners according to multiple u.s. officials, sweden, singapore and what was the last one? switzerland. one of the problems, of course, is that it is not clear if he can make it to any of those locations. the fleet of airplanes that kim jong-un has not clear if it can
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go more than a few thousand miles. we know he took a train to china. not clear that he has flown out of the country since taking power in 2011. >> lots to talk about. we are hoping to see more of your interview coming up with the son of that detainee at some point in the future. we also know things are moving fast on the korean peninsula. summit is set to happen next week. there may be new developments this morning. i want to get to lucy in seoul. we are hearing from president moon about how the process is moving forward. i want you to bring us up to speed on that especially because it seems like south korea might be saying the north is ready to drop demands that could be critical to talks. >> we have a lot more details from the south korean president about what he expects fraum s f historic summit. one of the biggest negotiating
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hurdles has been u.s. military presence here. there are nearly 30,000 american soldiers here. in the past the north said the americans have to talk about pulling soldiers out. now saying this is no longer a precondition for the north and says they are kpraeexpressing complete desire for denuclearization. kim jong-un doesn't give press conferences. the ruling party will be holding a meeting tomorrow so that might give a glimpse at to what is ahead. we spoke about the possibility of a peace deal being used as incentive for kim jong-un. tomorrow there will be a hotline between kim jong-un and president moon, a direct phone link connection. and so there is that sense of progress. i will say the president, the south korean president did point out that his hands are tied in
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terms of what he can achieve next week. there is the issue of u.s. and u.n. sanctions against the north so it will take the involvement of a lot of other parties to move this forward. that includes china and the u.s. that is why this summit next week while critical for setting up the meeting between donald trump it is being seen as a stepping stone for the meeting with donald trump. i should add a lot of impressions of progress. the money will be on north korea. they have duped previous u.s. presidents in the past so it remains to be seen what will come out of this. >> we will continue this conversation in a second. we will make a quick turn to something developing at home. it relates to the horrific incident on the southwest airlines flight. the woman who was killed after being partially sucked out of the plane. the firefighter who performed cpr on her is speaking now. let's listen live.
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>> a lot of folks have reached out to me. there is a lot of luv that has been sent my way and i'm forever grateful for that. >> reporter: we just lost unfortunately that live shot. we wanted to bring that to you. i'm being told i think we hear it again. >> i will take question physical you have them. >> talk us through what happened and the situation. >> it was a terrible thing that happened and someone lost their li life. we took off from la guardia, no issues, smooth takeoff. got in the air. i was informed somewhere around
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32,000 feet or something like that m that. i heard a loud pop as we all did. flight attendants were in the aisle, the row behind me. i believe they had started to ask for drink orders when the pop occurred and when the engine failed. i immediately looked to them in the aisle and turned around and the oxygen masks had been deployed. my father was sitting next to me and my son next to my father against the window. and i put mine on and helped my dad and my son with theirs. i guess dad already had my son taken care of. looked across the aisle to find my wife and my mom and my
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daughter on the other side. they had their masks on. immediately behind my wife was a young female traveling alone. she had about a 6-month-old child sitting in her lap. there were some issues with them getting their masks on. a couple of times i got up from my seat and helped her try to get that mask on herself as well as her child. sat back down and looked across the aisle to my wife after we heard commotion in the rear of the plane. and i looked at her eyes and she
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basically gave me the approval to go back there. in fact, i think she may have told me to go. at that time is when i went to the rear of the plane. what took place back there i'm going to leave out of respect for her family, i will leave that alone. but i never was in fear of my life. i'm sure my family can speak otherwise. i'm trained for emergency situations and that's just exactly what it was. i felt moved to act as well as other people on that plane. the pilot, professional, professional woman in all
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aspects. her crew, amazing job. southwest is a great company. they took really good care of us. no question in my mind as to who i will be flying with again. they really took care of us. tim mcginny was the big guy, had my back. nurse peggy is a special lady. tyler he and his wife were on a return flight from their honeymo honeymoon. they helped out tremendously. there were others. people aboard that plane -- god
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put people on that plane for a reas reason. everybody acted and everybody stood strong. we finally made it to the ground, i guess. just thankful. again, my heart goes out to jennifer and her family. i can't imagine what they're going through. >> y'all have had some time to pray on this and think about it. when you talk about being on the plane for a reason, do you know what the reason is? >> i really don't. i don't know. we never know. we may never know why that
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reason is. god put us all on that plane for a reason, don't know why. he gave us this platform today. it's just our prayer that his glory shine through this. >> i don't want to put you on the spot, i'm sure there are mixed emotions. can you walk us through right now? >> i'm very proud of him. it's just a calling that he has and he did amazing. >> that nod that you gave him? what is that nod?
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>> it's in her eyes. i can see it in her eyes. >> when you get that nod, did you say -- or can you explain? >> i never really feared for my personal kids. their grandparents both had them. i did have my hands on my daughter. i was concerned about the sweet little girl behind me who was with her mom and just i can't imagine how scared she was. i do feel like god has called us all to do special things and to
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serve other people. i knew that god had him on there. i don't know that i said anything to him. >> i don't think so. >> i just knew that at that moment that someone else needed him much more than we did. that's what his calling is is to help. that's what he did. >> since the situation happened, it seems like you guys are a very close family as it is. have you even gotten closer with not just your father but the children? tell us about that? >> there is a special bond in this community celina and within this fire department. i think we have all grown from the circumstance. even with the people on board
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the plane, been in contact with them. we're still healing. this isn't over as far as the healing goes. we know we're not alone. and so like i said earlier we are standing here strong. just know that god is in control. we'll move forward. >> one last question, any message directly to family that you want to send condolences? >> like i said earlier, she had two kids and a loving husband and a community around her that
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loved her. my heart is broken for them. i just pray that they find comfort and find healing, whatever that may be or however they seek it. time will heal. >> describe what was the scene on the plane? was it calm? were there people moving around helping people? can you describe the scene on the plane? >> like i said earlier, you know, people were placed on that plane for a reason. there were people helping others throughout the plane, throughout the plane no doubt. i felt calm. i knew that tammy jo had it
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under control so that allowed me to do what we did and others. so i think overall i think it was calm. >> what brought you to that plane? were you traveling to new york for a trip? >> we were in new york on a family vacation visiting an aunt of my wife's and her daughter. it was my parents' 39th wedding anniversary. we went up there to celebrate with them. stephanie and i had some other things that have occurred and it was time to get away.
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that's where we chose to go. anybody with two kids in a somewhat early flight it can be hectic. that's what it was. it was hectic. we got through tsa security and it was a close call making it for the flight. >> previous -- probably i believe our last two days in new york city were i believe focussed on fire and rescue. it was an amazing time. we visited and had the opportunity to visit and talk
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with fire men in two different stations. he visited 9/11 memorial and the other memorial on river side drive. the fire museum. andrew and stephanie both were reading fireman books that they had purchased. when i look back as a mom it was all in preparation for what happened on the plane. of course, you had no idea, but god just used those times to where both of their hearts were in on fire and rescue. so when the event happened the mom and the dad responded. stephanie was helping the mom behind us with her baby. tommy and i had the children. my focus was directly on ellie. his was on colten.
7:21 am
they were free i felt to respond to other needs on the plane. they did it very well. tommy and i both are very proud of them for what they did. and the children did very well, too. >> how old are the kids? >> colten is 8 and ellie is 5. they will be turning 9 and 6 next month. >> how are they doing? you said they are back in school today. >> they are. friends heal. as a mother and a father we made that decision to go ahead and put them back in school today. they were excited this morning. no doubt they were shaken.
7:22 am
they are strong. they are very strong. >> what do you need to come from your community but also communities across the nation to support? what can people do to help the family with support whatever it looks like? >> i have a strong community here. prayer. prayer and thousands have been praying already. those prayers have been felt. >> did you have any interaction
7:23 am
before or after the flight? >> i walked to the front of the plane after some time. tammy joand first officer -- i think his name because daniel i believe. i can't remember. i apologize if i'm incorrect in that. just had a brief interaction. she wanted to get back and see the passengers of the plane so basically she just came out and said she was captain and she got on back to the rest of the people in the cabin that needed her much more than i did. >> she made it a point to stop and talk to every passenger and interacted with every single passenger to check to see if we were all right. she took the time to stop and talk to our daughter.
7:24 am
and she was very good to her. they had small talk about the oxygen masks which as a 5 year old that is what she was most interested in. and she reassured her that in her 32 years of flying that her oxygen masks have never come down so she kind of told her daughter that she was special, to try to make it a positive. she just comforted everybody. she is an amazing person. >> you have been watching an incredibly emotional interview with andrew and his family. he is a texas firefighter who tried to save the woman who died
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and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. so we want to get to news breaking about the legal drama for the president's personal lawyer, michael cohen. nbc news confirmed cohen's team is dropping lawsuits against
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buzz feed. cohen filed the liable suit after the steele dossier that pcluded unverified claims about alleged meetings with russian operatives. new reports that advisers are getting more and more worried cohen will flip if he ends up charged in the criminal investigation related to the fbi raid. i want to bring in guy lewis and white house reporter at politico. you saw the headline of his new piece pop up on screen. let me start with you. we have a new statement from michael cohen's lawyer david schwarz. i just got it into my phone who says the decision to voluntarily discontinue these cases was a difficult one. we believe the defends defamed my client and vindicating mr. cohen's rights were and remains important. but given the events that have
7:30 am
unfolded we have dismissed the matters. >> i don't think it was really a difficult decision to dismiss the case in truth and in fact. you remember the scene in the "wizard of oz" where dorothy and the house are in the twister, the tornado. that is what michael cohen's legal life is like right now. anything that his lawyers can do in this case dismiss another lawsuit yet another case that he is involved in where he is a plaintiff and put his house on the dpround and try to settle things a little bit is a good thing for michael cohen. >> andrew, you have reporting out talking about how there is concern among people in donald trump's inner circle that michael cohen may not be the loyal loyalist that everybody
7:31 am
talks about him being. what are you hearing? >> people around the president and this has been brought directly to the president's attention. they are concerned that if michael cohen through the course of this investigation faces serious charges including potential prison time that he is going to basically make a deal and start working with federal authorities. they were pretty concerned about an interview that they did with c in, n right after the raid in which he was very complimentary to the fbi who had just raided his home and office. he said that is not the michael cohen that they are used to seeing. there is real concern in trump's inner circle right now. >> there is also the other story related to potential problems for donald trump related to karen mcdugal who alleges that she had a 10-month relationship with donald trump a month ago. mcdugal has reached a settlement
7:32 am
with american media which is parent company of the national enquirer that payed her $150,000 for the rights to her story about then candidate trump at the time and never published it. the agreement also ends a civil suit claiming that ami fraudulently entered into the agreement. let me get you on this. mcdugal has to a large degree already shared her story. she talked about it on national television. what practical effect does this latest legal move have? >> it's a good question. it basically releases her to talk about what she claims was an affair in 2006, indeed the same year that stormy daniels
7:33 am
claims she had an encounter with the president, as well. before she couldn't really talk about it. she was contractually bound and couldn't speak about it, couldn't be interviewed about it. now she apparently gets to keep her $150,000 and can also talk about her relationship, her alleged relationship with the president of the united states. >> which she already talked about so this seems to be more about the money. is that a fair assessment? >> she came out and said it's not about the money. i'm a cynical lawyer, former prosecutor. it's always about the money. it's about the money. of course, it's about the money. she like comey, like stormy, like others, it's about the money. >> guy lewis, thank you for your perspective for joining us. andrew, great reporting in
7:34 am
politico. coming up after the break, congress is a few days away from a vote to decide whether mike pompeo will be the next secretary of state. republicans are still scrambling to get to the magic number at least in committee. we will talk about the lone republican still opposing pompeo's nomination and how the president is trying to sway him. that's next. today, there are more sensors on our planet than people. we're putting ai into everything, and everything into the cloud. it's all so... smart. but how do you work with it? ask this farmer. he's using satellite data to help increase crop yields. that's smart for the food we eat. at this port, supply chains are becoming more transparent with blockchain. that's smart for millions of shipments. in this lab, researchers are working with watson to help them find new treatments. that's smart for medicine. at this bank, the world's most encrypted mainframe is helping prevent cybercrime.
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we just learned this morning
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that a show down in the senate is now set for monday about president trump's nomination of mike pompeo to be the next secretary of state. you have the senate foreign relations committee announcing this vote 5:00 p.m. that night. there is a ton of pressure on rand paul, the only republican who is saying no. we heard from his fellow kentuckien this morning. listen. >> we are in the middle right now in the senate of what in my view should not have been a particular contentious confirmation. i hope in the end we will have the kind of bipartisan support that we ought to have for somebody of this stature. it under scores the challenges we have had in confirmations. >> over on capitol hill for us. i know you have been in touch with some senators this morning. i have spoken with white house officials who have been saying even if mike pompeo doesn't make it out of the senate foreign relations committee expect the
7:39 am
senate to still confirm him regardless. talk us through where this thing goes. >> the white house is probably right about that. mike pompeo has a math problem in the foreign relations committee. it is a very narrowly divided committee. without rand paul's support he needs at least one democrat to vote for him to get a favorable recommendation. right now there is only one democrat left on the committee who we don't know how he will vote. he seems unlikely to be the one democrat to come around and vote in favor of pompeo. that means right now just on the committee level before we get to the floor there is as you said an enormous amount of pressure on rand paul. paul said he spoke to the president yesterday. the president convinced him to have a meeting with mike pompeo and now his fellow republicans are leaning on him to change his vote to a yes, as well. here is lindsey graham. >> i hope that senator paul will reconsider because if he changed his view then this thing would
7:40 am
be over and it really does bother me. he ran for president. i ran for president. trump beat us both. rand did better than i but the election is over. i just cannot believe that mike pompeo is not qualified for the job of secretary of state. he is by any rational definition. he is exactly who you would expect a republican to pick. >> reporter: the senate is a little bit like high school. these are two guys who sit a very different lunch tables. it's not like lindsey graham will change rand paul's mind. if he gets a bad recommendation out of the committee but goes to the floor you will see a lot of pressure placed on democrats, too, particularly folks like mike warner. they worked together as pompeo has been cia director. a lot of red state democrats will be leaned on to put what
7:41 am
republicans say the country over politics especially with pompeo out essentially doing the job already. i suspect we will hear that language about pompeo's qualifications and casting this as apolitical vote. the cia nominee will be another difficult fight in a couple of weeks. >> hold that thought. i will have you stand by. i want to bring in former adviser to rubio and director of domestic policy studies. let me start with pompeo. number one, is rand paul going to come around on this? or no way no how? >> i think he will eventually come around. the wildcard here is that rand paul. i think there is such tremendous pressure on him. what i was going to say is that rand paul is also unpredictable. recall that he was the one that precipitationed a government shutdown over essentially a very minimal, a very nominal issue.
7:42 am
if there is any person difficult to predict it is rand paul. in this particular situation i think the throw weight of mike pompeo's qualifications and fact that so many republicans look at him favorably i think that will apply sufficient pressure. >> let's say senator tom cotton was out with senior adviser to the president talking about exactly this. it was a remarkable conversation and that it was clear that they were pushing hard to get messaging out that they believe mike pompeo will pass the senate. if he does not get out of the senate foreign relations committee he will be the first secretary of state to not have that happen cht what message does that send to allies and adversaries around the world? is that not embarrassing? >> it might be a little embarrassing from the perspective of the politics of this. the reality is that mike pompeo
7:43 am
will be a perfectly able secretary of state. i think he will be judged by his performance in office above all. fundamentally i think the pressure this will create. if he gets an unfavorable recommendation from the committee it will be very difficult for these red state democrats in competitive races to vote against the president's otherwise qualified nominee. >> i will tell you that is exactly the line that i heard from senior administrative officials on the executive branch side that i have been in conversation with. you teed this up very nicely. gina would be replacing mike pompeo. i heard rumblings that there is acknowledgment of concern about that being potentially a bigger fight than this mike pompeo situation. what are you hearing on the hill? >> reporter: the same thing. she doesn't have the foreknowledge of having been confirmed already once before.
7:44 am
mike pompeo was a congressman from kansas. one thing republicans like about pompeo is it is indisputable that he speaks for the president. it is unclear if she has any kind of relationship with president trump. those are republicans' problems. democrats are upset that so much of the record is classified. they know she was tied up in some issues of torture in the early part of the last decade. all of these things are problematic. without a good will coming into this it is going to be thorny. remember, there will be democrat whose are going to want to continue to push back against the president's nominees almost no matter what. and this is a little bit of -- you can make an argument politically a little safer fight to pick for some democrats who want to show as pushing back against the president and against the president's picks. i think hasical has the potential to be a nasty fight up here. >> final thoughts to you. >> i don't agree in the sense
7:45 am
that i think it is very treacherous for the democrats to oppose given her background as a career person in the cia. they might pick the fight but i'm not sure politically it works out better than picking a fight against mike pompeo because of her experience, background and fundamentally i think the distance from the president might be a good thing when talking about the leader of one of our clandestine services. i think it would be a political mistake. they could do it because they feel like they need to to satisfy or mullify their base. >> appreciate you both joining us for this conversation. i know you will be back on monday. as we talk about the foreign relations committee senator bob corker is talk wg andrea mitchell today in just about an hour and 15 minutes right here on msnbc. perhaps my favorite story of the day and it is fascinating. you are not going to want to
7:46 am
miss it. the fight against fake news getting a little murkier. you may have seen this viral video sparking the conversation. how high tech software is helping people edit stuff to make it misleading. we will bring you that as we bring you the show live from west palm beach, florida. that is our shot. maybe the best assignment of the day.
7:47 am
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not to stress you out, but there's something else to worry about in the fight against fake news. something called the deep fake. it's bringing up new questions and real concerns about how it might threaten our democracy. we are joined from miami. talk through this viral video you're about to show. it is a jaw-dropper, i think, to a lot of folks. >> reporter: this video starts off with the click bait headline. it's watch what obama says in this video, but you have to watch it very, very carefully. take a look.
7:51 am
>> we're entering an era in which our enemies can make it look like anyone is saying anything at any point in time. >> it's a familiar face in a public message. >> even if they would never say those things. >> reporter: at first glance, the video posted on youtube by buzz feed looks legit, but then it takes a turn. >> for instance, they could have me say things like, i don't know, kill monger was right. or ben carson is in the sunken place. >> reporter: but then 36 seconds in the video, the latest in fake news technology is revealed. >> now, you see, i would never say these things, at least not in a public address, but someone else would. someone like jordan peel. >> reporter: the voice and mouth of the director reminding people you can't always trust what you see on the internet. this is an example of something called a deep fake or a video made with artificial intelligence that's difficult if not impossible to spot. >> six minutes and 20 seconds
7:52 am
with an ar 15. >> reporter: like this photo showing a parkland shooting survivor shooting up a shooting target. these days there are a host of apps dedicating to making fake pictures and fake presidential tweets -- >> real. that's real. >> reporter: real? >> no, no. >> reporter: it's tough. right? >> yeah. it is tough. that's fake. >> reporter: but now experts say more deep fake apps are in the works that will give people the power to take someone's face and put it on someone else's body f. for now there are still signs you can look for if something is suspicious. first, consider the source. do your research and look closely at the person's mouth. where the technology still struggles to replicate how we thauk. with the tech getting better every day, it's warned this could be in the hurdle in separating fact from fiction online. even if more of them seem like
7:53 am
ominous jokes. >> we need to be more vigilant about what we trust on the internet. we need to rely on trusted news sources. >> reporter: and the video ends with president obama or mr. peel saying stay woke. that's really the message here. one of the things that's going to make it difficult to regulate is a lot of it falls in the middle of a free speech argument. a lot of the videos are made as parodies. they're trying to make people laugh. they're pretty funny if you're sharing them with your friends. in fact, don't get mad at me. i'm not going to put you on blast, but i took your face and put it into twilight as bella. i'll text it to you. >> that's weird. >> reporter: it's pretty easy when you get the apps. i don't want to put it out there in case people have malicious intent. >> thank you for that. i appreciate it. i want to bring our analyst in.
7:54 am
clint, you're new book, the soon to be released book, "messing with the enemy" talks about this very thing. and this is funny right now. it's meant to be parody. it's meant to be satire and for you to send to your friends and text to your pals and be light hearted about it. it can actually be dangerous. right? especially when you think about where the technology is going to go in a couple years. >> the technology is moving faster than our ability to assess what is true. and the other thing is for a lot of populations around the world like we've seen in southeast asia, for example, they come very late into the mobile technologies, and they've come to it through facebook. so their ability really to pick out fact versus fiction is less. they just have less experience on the platform. particularly, we've seen when i was watching russian disinformation, it's older populations who aren't familiar with social media and the internet. they're having a difficult time
7:55 am
dissecting what's true and what's false when they look at the content. >> so as a person who views content, right, if you're at home and watching or you're online, how are you supposed to protect yourself? they talked about government regulations being tricky because of the line with free speech. as consumers, what are you watching for? >> yeah. this is what is so hard. we don't really have a good independent source to look at it. i've always advocated for information consumer reports. how can we get a rating to understand what they're producing. onion is fantastic, but people believe sometimes the onion. the other thing that's really important to remember, as you're going through this, is we fall for this blue implicit bias on social media. we think oh, if our friends send it to us, they must be telling us the truth. you need to know your friends may not know it's not the truth. help them out too. >> right. clint, thank you for talking us through that. looking forward to reading your book. i appreciate it.
7:56 am
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so for today's big picture we're heading over to puerto rico. for this cool shot of fans heading into a baseball stadium. why? to watch a major league game on the island. the indians taking on the twins. the goal is for fans like these folks to let people know the island is back and open for business. get that message to a national audience. the teams played under the lights but as for the rest of the island, they were sitting in
8:00 am
the dark seven months after hurricane maria, everyone on the island lost power again. it's back on for some people there this morning. the issues for puerto rico do not seem to be over. a story we will not forget. the photographer here, as always, would love to hear your thoughts on facebook, instagram, snap. i forgot to check the weather report in west palm. i think it's in the low 80s? . >> let it go. i'm fine with it being 33 degrees on april 19th or whatever it is. >> it's a quick flight. >> every day that i sit next to ali velshi, the sun is shining in my world. >> or at least it reflects like the sun is shining into her world. >> oh, you guys. >> you know what? i don't mind when it's cold. he's a little sweaty. >> tmi. >> okay. >>


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