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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  April 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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she's going to win anyway and i don't want to vote for her. >> and that's trump's complaint as well. >> but you didn't think you could win also. >> amy's new book is out tomorrow. thanks for being with us. thanks for having me. it's that time of night when i remind you of the gift that's our podcast. the "all in" podcast. you can listen to this show, these words in your ears as a podcast wherever you are. don't forget to hit subscribe while ire good, good evening, rachel. >> in your ear is. >> my voice in your ears. >> that's a phrase that's almost never used in any context, but i think it's perfectly -- >> slightly gross, but hey, it's the truth. >> not grout at all. thank you, mea dear. thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. it's been a remarkable day of news. there's late breaking political news out of the washington that sounds like it's a surprise to the white house. we'll be getting to that with
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some of the -- with one of the reporters who broke that story tonight. the big positive news for the white house today concerned its nominee for secretary of state mike pompeo. there's big any any of news out tonight about the presidential nominee to head up the veterans administration, that v.a. nomination looks like it is on the rocks, and indefinitely delayed at this point. again, that news is just breaking as we're going to air. we'll be getting into detail on that story with one of the reporters who broke that, coming up. of course the news that dominated today's headlines and everybody's focus all day today was out of toronto. terrible news out of the toronto today. early this afternoon we had the images of the crime scene on the downtown street, where it was clear concluder that many people had been hit and at least hurt by a white van that appeared to have been deliberately driven into pedestrians at speed on a sunny day, on a busy street in the heart of downtown toronto. witnesses said the van was
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speeding down the sidewalk going about 40 miles an hour, and it went for blocks and blocks and blocks for more than half a mile. for hours after the incident, we did not have confirmation from local authorities about the extent of the injuries or the number of people who were hurt or killed that delay made it all the more of a shock when police finally announced that ten people were killed in this incident, another 15 injured. ten dead makes this one of the worst mass killings in canadian history. the man who appears to have been at the wheel of the vehicle was arrested about a mile from where all those people were killed. in a video we believes show right before he's arrested he appears to say repeatedly kill me, kill me, shoot me in the head. the police did not oblige him that. he was taken into cuss did i alive. we know his name, his age, but
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nothing thus far about what motivated the attack. a days like this, of course, what is in the front of the minds are other teems we have seen vehicles used as deliberate weapons of mass murder. over the past couple years, in a bunch of different countries, national holidays fireworks display in nice, in france last summer. on london bridge last summer in london. on a major pedestrian thoroughfare in barcelona and of course on a bike path in the western manhattan in october. in all those instances, the drivers turned out to have links to terrorist groups or at least inspired. again today we do not know the motivations of this attacker, if he had any, but he himself did survive it and police have him. we will let you know more as we
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learn more form that's basically the extent of what we know thus far. in washington tonight, there's been some drama over the course of the day into this evening. the first drama resolved in the white house's favor. it surrounded the nomination of ex-republican congressman now kriismt on cia director mike pompeo, after rex tillerson was fired. up to the mind he was the first ever nominee to be voted down by the foreign relations committee in the senate. pompeo, however, was saved that indignity at the last molt when, you guessed it, senator rand paul once again decided that while he likes all the attention he gets for saying he'll be a no vote, ultimately he wouldn't vote no at all, not if it has real-world consequences. senator rand paul has made a profession of this in washington, over and over and over again. senator rand paul, as soon as
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you hear about this pattern, you don't even have to hear his name. he pledges to do a maverick thing, and everybody in washington writing about what a principled maverick he is and how unafraid he is, but net end he never actually defies his party. not if it actually might mean something. if you are swayed by the headlines he's been rolling around in for months, he'll do whatever it takes to stop mike pompeo, don't feel bad falling for it. you're not alone. he's very good at this particular trick. we will have more on that story ahead tonight, including an expert view on why the nominee to replace mike pompeo as head of the cia might be another nomination that's in actual jeopardy, and as i mentioned, there's new reporting, which is just breaking as we're getting on the air tonight why the v.a. nomination might also be dead in the water.
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newly reported information tonight from multiple news sources about v.a. nominee ronnie jackson, currently the white house figures. he was a very surprised picked, to say the least, when the president fired his previous v.a. secretary and came time to pick a new one. new serious concerns raised by presidents in both parties tonight about admiral ronnie jackson. it looks like that nomination will be delayed. we'll have more on that, ahead. but we're going to start tonight with the french president visiting washington today. emanuel macron and president trump they've had auction with you moments. i still find it almost impossible to watch the excruciating footage of the terrible death grip walking handshake where she each tried to prove possession of the bigger longer, grabbier handshake like where you written by giving the other guy cooties, or at least the willies.
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very, very awkward. there was also president trump's previous trip to france, which would its own awkwardness. so enthralled with the military parade, that he immediately cam home and started demanding we hold a military parade for him in washington, too. that's awkward on its face, but also awkward, because the president, by all accounts, was unable to shake its fixation on this military display, even in -- like obviously inappropriate settings. for example, when the president came back from france to washington, after watching that parade, it was right in the middle of republicans in congress losing their bid to kilo'bamacare. in the middle of that loss, while this thing is falling apart in congress, the president held a last-midge meeting with republican members of congress in which he reportedly couldn't efocus on what was going on with health care, couldn't focus on the legislature, because he was
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till so transfixed about i that military parade he had just seen on his trip to france. the president, quote -- implore them to hurry up and get the bill to his desk. but it was paris and the flag-waving festivities he had witnessed alongside french up macron that occupied much of his attention during the conversation. in an interview republican senator steve danes described up group's conversation as loose. quote, the president talked about france and bastille day. they meant on the sidelines, and he was still obsessed with the same thing. >> it was one of the greatest parades i have ever seen. it was two hours on the button, and it was military might. i think a tremendous thing for france and for the spirit of
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france. when you see that, and with the victories, it was tremendous. to a large extent because of what i witnessed, we may do something like that on july 4th in washington down pennsylvania avenue. i don't know, we're going to have to try to top it, but we have a lot of planes going over. a lot of military might, and it was really a beautiful thing to see. it was a beautiful day. it was really so well done. i came back and one of my early calls were, i think we're going to have to start looking at that ourselves. we're actually thinking about fourth of july, pennsylvania avenue, having a really great parade to show our military strength. can i just tell you, i cut and edited that tape myself, we went through the transcripts. i could have shown you twice that much tape of him going on and on and on. this is months after he had seen it. the president was quite taken with this.
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the president has thus far not been able to get his compete with the french military parade, not yet. but honestly when france decided to invite president trump to see that parade, they had his number in terps of how to get inside his head. he's been obsessioned ever since. tomorrow president macron and president trump will get a chance to review the troops on the white house lawn. so it's possible that will scratch that itch a bet. it seem likely that he'll talk once again that he wants one of his own parades. the review of the troops will proceed the first state dinner of the trump presidency tomorrow night. president trump has decided that the state dinner will be the first one in modern history to include precisely one member of the opposite political party. one democrat is invited, john bell edwards, the governor of louisiana. he will invite zero press to
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this state dinner, no journalists. which is an awkward thing to do to another leader of a major democracy, a gala honor, which makes history for the groundbreaking partisan ship and hostility to freedom of the press. one other thing to know about this trip. bulk mike pompeo's nomination is still in process, all this stuff is happening while there is no secretary of state. rex tillerson has gone for a while. there's no replacement for him yet. who is providing diplomatic advice to the president on this occasion of this state visit, the first state dinner of the trump presidency, and this already awkward relationship with this important ally, who has already displayed the capacity to ring this president like a bell whenever he feels like it. as far as we know, his chief adviser on these matters, at least for the time being, appears to be this man, whose current gig has just started as president trump's third and
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newest national security adviser, but today nbc news has an eye-opening report on john bolton's immediate past gig before he took this job. he was the chairman of something called the gate stone institute. well, if the french president and his advisers who are with him on this trip, if they wanted to take the measure of this presidency, not just president trump himself, but who has the president's ear on national security, especially with no secretary of state in place, the french president, his advisers might have googled some of the work carried out a this gatestone institute while jaw bolton was running the place. if so they would have found articles like they. head like -- useful i had joel of islamism. europe's childless leader sleepwalks us to disaster in
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which he's singled out for not having kids, quote as europe's leaders have no children, they seem to have no reason to worry about the future of their contine continent. also france's macron dismisses to the arab world. -- submits to the arab world. . this is the stuff that john bolton has been selling for years. which is what it is, but what does it mean to the french president to be visiting our president, who -- to be the top macron, president -- we have that last one there? presidents of the elites and the islami islamists john bolden's organization has a line like this for everyone. germany seems to be an area of particular focus. germany, infectious disease is spreading as migrants settle in, germany my grant rape crisis
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sowing terror and crisis, here's one in the uk -- is the united kingdom a islamist colony? here's another great headline from john bolton's gatestone -- europe -- the great white death? that means exactly what you think it does. until he took hi job as national security divorce three weeks ago john bolton was running this organization that was proclaiming that white people are a the way to being extinguished because of immigration. the great white death. arguments like these that open societies are dangerous and democracy is a failure, and white people are going to die out unless they turn against the non-white people among them. these are favored arguments in a lot of extremist movements, but
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a favorite arguments in the west. gatestone has a popular -- and promoted online by russian bots. the russian organization that was recently indicted by robert mueller for the pro-touch russian attack on our election. nbc news documents that the gatestone group has been well funded by robert and rebecca mercer, the top trump donors who also funded breitbart and cambridge analytica, and was a johns bowlen super-pak, which reportedly has ongoing concerns about of conflicts of interest. nbc reporting that the conflict of interest meetings with white house lawyers have continued since he has started the job, but he has started the job. he is national security adviser
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now. which is amazing to a lot of americans, but it's heart to fathom how that may be received by foreign leaders, like the one visiting today, useful idiot of islamism. here's one last thing to watch. john bolton has been on the job for only three weeks, but since he's been there, the people who had been previously charged with national security issues at the white house, they've been dropping like flies. i'm going to have to use the wall here for a second. ready ready? take your dramamine, we're moving. since john bolton arrived we have see the departure of the spokesman for the national security council. he announced he was resigning, but later it emerged he didn't have a choice, he was told resign today or be fired. next wimp told about the departure of the white house
6:17 pm
homeland security adviser, he's out, too. next it was a very highly regarded deputy national security divorce over here, this would be one of several who have already departed. that's nadia shadlow she was pushed out he when john bolton arrived. and then rick waddell, also a major general in the u.s. army, then the surprise departure of the white house cybersecurity adviser, who left his job at the white house and went back to the national security administration. now tonight we have learned about another senior national security departure from the trump white house, the chief of staff to the national security council keith kellogg is also leaving that gig, although he too will be getting a soft labbing moves to the staff of the vip mike pence -- vice president mike pence.
6:18 pm
the president himself reportedly kiboshed the sharing idea, so instead mike pence will take keith kellogg off the national security council where he had been serving as chief of star. that's a lot of departures suddenly. it was that just national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. it was all these people that have gone suddenly in the past three weeks, at least a half dozen of them. john "great white death" bolton has cleaned the place out quickly. but he's not replaced them. we hired one person, someone from the white house personnel office, but that's it. all of these new folks are out since bolton started just three weeks ago. while we have the wall here,
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there's one more change involves -- it concerns a guy. do we have him up here? this guy. oh, look, it's gone. we killed the wall -- oh, it's back. the control room just got in my ear and said, no idea. that guy was fired months ago as the intelligence director at the national security council, he was fired apparently after he helped devin nunes pull off the weird stunt at the white house that got him investigated for mishandling classified material. nunes said he tried to say he had the proof that trump tower had been wirestooped. president obama did not wiretap trump tower, and whatever he
6:20 pm
had, he reportedly got from the white house in the first place. the stuff that he got from the white house he got reportedly from a young guy who mike flynn had installed on the national security council. in the wake of that mishigash, that guy got fired from the national security council. however, according to a report from bloomberg news, that guy is ezra cohen-watnick is back, specifically at the justice department to work in attorney jeff sessions' office. he was reportedly hired for that job because, quote, president donald trump personally ordered the department of justice to hire him. now, we don't know why the president wants this guy at the justice depended, but chuck schumer's spokesman told
6:21 pm
bloomberg, quote, given the reportered role in helping congress mast nunes turn the investigation into a partisan breeding ground for conspiracy theories, mr. cohen-watnick's new position is troubling. he must not come anywhere near the mueller investigation, and democrats will watch like a hawk to ensure that is the case. so this guy, fired from the white house before for his involvement in what looked like an effort to monkey wrench the russian investigation, we don't know why president trump has ordered him to be hired again by the trump administration and specifically be ordered that he we gipp a job in the office of jeff sessions. we don't know why the president would issue an order to put that particular guy in that particular place. but as of today es ra cohen-watnick reportedly has
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finished his first week on the job, now at the department of justice. there's been so much turmoil and turnover in the administration, it continues tonight, but it's been happening for long enough that people previously cast out are starting to get recycled into new, even more controversial jobs. heads up on this one. what is it? the next big thing in food was once a little paper box. now we can easily take out food from a restaurant. let's stay in and binge-watch the snow. genius. now, the next big thing is the capital one savor card. good choice babe. oh, wait, hold on. earn 3% cash back on dining, 2% on groceries, and 1% on all other purchases. what's in your wallet? let someone else do the heavy lifting. tripadvisor compares prices from over 200 booking sites to find the right hotel for you at the lowest price. so you barely have to lift a finger. or a wing. tripadvisor.
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. i mentioned at the top of the show there's new breaking news tonight about the president's nominee to lead the v.a., white house physician ronnie jackson. admill jackson was a surprise pick in the first place, because the v.a. is the second largest agency in the government, a very difficult agency to run in the best of times. admiral jackson is never known to run a large agency, even though people appear to like him's the white house doctor. his confirmation was scheduled to take place the day after tomorrow, but now tonight it looks like that's off. axios is first to report over the weekend about rumblings there might be a problem, reporting that senators from both parse and senior white house officials were growing
6:27 pm
increasingly contend, axios reported that, quote, specific concerns about his professional conduct in the navy had been taken to the ranking democrat on the veterans committee, john tester, a source briefed on the situation says the white house is looking into the complaints to see whether they are legitimate or simply politically motivated slurs on his characters. what is they concerns and complaints? nobody is really spelling it out, but tonight cnn and politico are both out with new reports, confirming what axios first reported over the weekend that lawmakers of both parties have raised concerns and again we're not getting specifics, but the way cnn puts it is, quote, committee members have been told about allegations related to improper conduct in various stages of his career. according to cnn, quote, none of
6:28 pm
the senators would publicly detail the specifics. also reporting that these concerns, again unspecified concerns may lead to a delay in jackson's nomination. moving ahead, now tonight, two days before the confirmation hearing is supposed to happen, we have breaking news from "the washington post." senate to postpone the hearing. "the washington post" is reporting that the decision to postpone the hearing was made, quote, after top republicans and democrats raised concerns about his qualifications and oversight of the white house medical staff. "the washington post" reporting that the white house and other administration officials have been told about the decision to postpone the hearing, but we are still trying to figure out what these concerns are. joining us now is reporter lisa rine. thanks very much for joining us on short notice, i really appreciate it. >> my pleasure, rachel.
6:29 pm
>> first, do you pronounce it rhine or reen? >> just like the river. it's rhine. so me getting something like that wrong seemed like the offense next step tonight. so the scoop here obviously is you're reporting that confirmation hearing for ronny jackson is going to be postponed. is this an indefinite postponement? >> right. actually the senate lawmakers are not actually talking tonight, and they have pretty much shut down, but, um, our sources at the white house and within v.a. itself are telling us that the senators have told the white house that they are -- that they're not holding the hearing on wednesday. what we really don't know is whether this hearing is going to be indefinitely postponed, which
6:30 pm
really would mean that admiral jackson's nomination would pretty much be dead in the water. i don't think there's a decision on that. you know, this was -- admill jackson was kind of an odd choice from the start. this came about because the president fired david shulkin, who was his -- and the obama-era holdover, who was the v.a. secretary for about 13, 14 months, and then all of a sudden on twitter, you know, he announced the white house physician ronny jackson was his nominee. this was a surprise to many people in the without and also to top senior officials who had expressed concern that while admill jackson is a very affable person, who knows how to read a room really well, who is very personable and, you know, just a friendly, smart guy from texas,
6:31 pm
that, you know, what does he know about running the v.a.? previously there have been people running the agency who have been chosen just because they were either doctors or, you know, former corporate executives who had run large organizations, so this was a switch. and, you know, what's gone on now is that a few of the senators on the veterans affairs committee have received, you know, allegations about the adand there are no other details but the concerns are so serious that, you know, the senators on both sides of the aisle decided that they really needed to
6:32 pm
postpone this while they do the vetting that some of the them have said privately the white house didn't do. >> obviously the concern is about we don't know the details. axios describes concerns about conduct in the navy. cnn described allegations related to improper conduct in various stages of his career, you at woss reported there were concerns about his oversight of white house medical staff. if senators are hearing about these concerns, presumably the white house could have heard about the concerns when they decided they were going to put him forward. does it seem like the white house didn't do the sames amount of vetting? >> i think that's pretty clear. you can't certainly argue and we were told his fbi background check did not turn up any of these concerns, but management
6:33 pm
issues are things that don't often show up, which is more huing toward criminal issues, but it is very true that president trump goes with his gut, and, you know, we were also told a few weeks ago that admiral jackson was not even interviewed, but the president was saying you would be great at this, but admittedly it's not that easy to run v.a. it's a troubled agency. you know, it's got so many stakeholders, you have veterans groups on the left, on the right, you know, real people you're serving every day in veterans hospitals, and, you know, it's not a job that everyone wants. we were also told that it wasn't a job that ronny jackson wanted, but he grew to decide this was something he really wanted to do, but there were concerns from
6:34 pm
the start from members of congress, on the senate committee -- well, there are two issues, so one is just his lack of management experiences, and republicans while they didn't say they didn't support him up until adar on two ago, it was hard to find a republican who would say i fully support ronny jackson, and this is a different story than we have gotten with mike pompeo, the nominee to be -- the cia director nominee to run the state department. the other issue is something you have raised a few times on your show, rachel, and this is a big concern of democrats. it has to do with outsourcing health care from the v.a. to private doctors. you can use the word privatization, but whatever it is, it's a huge concern for democrats. that i believe was really -- still remains democrats' concern, what would dr. jackson's view be of how much
6:35 pm
care veterans should get in what they call in the community. so this was a huge issue for them. both because they still feel that, if you, you know, take money outside of v.a. and give it to the private sector, you're kind of dismantling the v.a. itself. this has been a very politicizing and very controversial issue. lisa rein, thank you for joining us on such short noise for this scoop you and your colleagues have tess post. happy to have you here. >> our pleasure. even as the white house appears to score a win with mike pompeo's nomination tonight, it looks like the v.a. nomination of ronny jackson is on ice. i will tell you, just before we leave this subject for a second, there is a report from cbs news while we've been on the air --
6:36 pm
this is not confirmed by nbc news, this is cbs news alone -- but what they are reporting in terms of the allegations that are being reviewed, i'm quoting cbs, quote -- include a hostile work environment, excessive drinking on the job, and improperly dispensing meds. again, those are the details. that's cbs news reporting. we have not confirmed it, but this is a fast-moving story tonight. we'll be right back. sneed
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. so we're continuing to follow this breaks news tonight from "the washington post," concerns the president's nominee to head the v.a. white house physician dr. ronny jacksons his confirmation hearing was scheduled for the day after tomorrow, as of tonight, according to the post, it's postponed and we don't have a new date. it's amid records that republicans and democrats have raised concerns about his qualifications and his oversight of the white house medical staff. that sounds vague, i know. cbs news is reporting, just in the past couple minutes that the concerns about dr. jackson, quote, including a hostile work environment, excessive drinking on the job, and improperly dispensing meds. that sounds serious. that's cbs news reporting that. i need to tell you that's not confirmed by nbc news. in terms of the president's
6:41 pm
other cabinet picks, the senate is expected to confirm mike pompeo as the next secretary of state. his nomination passed out of the committee today with a bit of rand paul-infused drama. he i insisted he had been a no way vote to the bitter end, no way no how, naturally rand paul ended up voting yes, which pretty much ends the drama over pompeo's nomination. but the confirmation of the president's pick to replace mike pompeo as head of the karim a, that is another one that may not go smoothly. gina haspel is the nominee. but her reported 1r06789 in the cia's torture program is turning into a serious issue, and just not democrats raising concerns. today senators received this letter signed by over 100 retired military leaders, senior
6:42 pm
ones, 109 retired generals and admirals say they too are concerned about the nomination. that's the sort of thing that tends ton senators' attention. joining us is brigadier general david irvine, a pleasure to have you here, sir. >> thank for you having me. >> why did you sign this letter and what are your concerns? we have a number of concerns. probably the biggest is torture, and let's be clear, that the cia has denied for years it ever tortured anyone, however the definition is pretty plain and pretty clear, it's the infliction of mental or physical pain on an individual or the threat of imminent death, or the use of any procedures that profoundly disrupts the senses or personality.
6:43 pm
it's very clear that the program of enhanced interrogation, so called, that the cia developed and implemented around the world at secret black sites violated federal law and international law, because that was torture. and ms. haspel played some significant role in the management of that program, and in the direct supervision of one of those black sites. and we feel very strongly that this is a nomination which, if confirmed would do incalculable damage to the position of the moral leadership, the united states need to exercise around the world. >> do you feel -- on that last point you're making, in terms of the danger to america's moral leadership, is it essentially your argument here, and tell me if i've got this wrong, that regardless of what else we should know about gina haspel's
6:44 pm
career, there's essentially symbolic damage to the leadership, just by the elevation of her. to lead the cia. . >> absolutely. napoleon was quite a strategist. he observed that the moral is to the physical as three is to one. the message this nomination sends not only around the world, but to the cia itself and the american people is serious. it resonates in a particular way to military officers, because the irony of the haspel is very, very curious. we expect young men and women 18 and 19 years old who are infantry men and women in the armed services, to have the moral capacity to recognize an
6:45 pm
illegal order and to resist it. if they make the wrong call and don't resist it, they can be tried and convicted until the uniform code of military justice. so far there's really been no one at the cia who has been held too account for its torture policies, and the message that this sends is one which i think was best expressed by john carikow, who was a cia officer who went on the air in 2007 and publicly identified the program for what it was and named an interrogator. he was charged, convicted and served two years in prison for that act. he's the only one that i can recall who has been held to account. those who implemented and managed the program have been promoted, have been recognized, have been decorated, and we are
6:46 pm
saying, go ahead, torture, ignore the law, ignore the morality, ignore the consequences to the country and its national security and you can even cover up the evidence and that's okay. >> general david irvine is one of 109 retired generals and admirals who signed this letter today opposing the nomination to cia director. it's an honor to have you on the show tonight, sir. thank you. >> thank you. stay with us. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too.
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6:50 pm
it is also apparently occasioned that the president to lie about something that is provably untrue. >> and that story is next. stay with us. just one free hearing test at his local miracle ear helped andrew hear more of the joy in her voice. just one hearing test is all it took for him to hear more of her laugh... and less of the background noise around him. for helen, just one visit to her local miracle-ear is all it took to learn how she can share more moments with her daughter.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. last week the memos that james comey wrote about his white house interactions before he was fired were all released to the public with only minor redactions thanks to congressional pressure on the
6:54 pm
justice department to let those things out. that news did not make big news, the president freaked out about it on twitter, but the press response was a shrug, almost seen it all before, literally. that's because you had seen it before. there was not a lot of news in james comey's memos which is the point. his notes hued so closely to what he had previously told investigators and members of congress that they seemed boring. but they did also prove the main point, which is that his story hasn't changed one whit. that's the news. the president has been calling james comey a liar, but james comey's testimony is bolstered by his notes. those memos what he told congress, said publically, and put in his book. what he said the first time is what he has said every time since. which is what it looks like when a person is telling the true story.
6:55 pm
if you're counting on james comey seeming like someone who has made something up, these memos might be an occasion to freak out because he has kept his story straight from the beginning. that being said, we did get one piece of new news from the memos. in the memo dated february 22, 201 2017, he and reince priebus were talking about the steele dossier. and he told reince priebus most of the dossier was consistent wl other intelligence and the president needed to know the rest was out there. that's new. the person leading the russia investigation before he was fired by the president, says he told the white house chief of staff that much of the dossier was not only consistent with other information gathered by intelligence agencies, it was corroborated by that information. that was on february 8th. less than a month into the new
6:56 pm
administration. much of the dossier was consistent with and corroborative of other intelligence, and the incoming president needed to know the rest of it was out there. now, the rest of it that was out there, we think that line in comey's memo may be a ref reere to a specific part of the steele dossier that is as of yet publically uncorroborated and that is that mr. trump had a special time of his own with prostitutes during a 2013 trip to moscow. in his memos comey said he was fix sated on that. at a white house dinner in january, the president said he spoke with people who were on the trip with him, they reminded him he didn't stay overnight in russia for that. then a meeting in the oval office february 8th, quote, the president explained as he did at
6:57 pm
our dinner that the president had not stayed overnight. this appears to not be true. flight records confirm that trump landed in moscow friday, november 8, 2013, he then departed november 10th in the morning hours. confirming he did not spend the full night after the miss universe pageant, he spent the friday night at the ritz karlton hotel, which is apparently the night he was offered the five russian women to visit him in his hotel room. he didn't want that. keith schiller testified to congress on the day of their arrival in moscow a russian offered to spend five women to his hotel room. schiller told members of congress he laughed at the offer and said we don't do that type of stuff. according to shuller he and trump laugh about that, he
6:58 pm
testified he stood outside trump's hotel room for a while and then went to bed. he couldn't say for sure what happened during the remainder of the night. joining us now is julia ainsley. let me ask you about this new news. i don't know how to fit this all together, but in terms of nbc's understanding of the time line here, it sounds like the president's assertion that he wasn't overnight in moscow wasn't the case. >> that seems to be the case. and that was an assertion that was undermined by keith schiller, his personal body guard who stood outside the hotel room. he knew the president was in there in 2013, this is a critical time because it's not just part of the dossier, which is important, but it's the beginning of the trump/russia relationship. this matters when you're trying to look at the entire investigation and zoom out on the relationship between this president and anything what the russians would call compromise,
6:59 pm
his wanting to pick every piece of this davis apart and say it's uncorroborated. but people in the intelligence community will tell you there can be pieces of raw information that are correct and pieces that are incorrect. in this case they have evidence to believe that what mr. trump is saying, what he told -- what president trump said to comey that his head never hit a pillow that night is incorrect, he was there. which leads us to question was the over details correct and the overall dossier might be correct. it undermines this lynch pin that trump has built around to try to destruct the mueller investigation. it takes away that alibi, rachel. >> do we know if schiller has spoken with mueller? >> no, in fact, he's one of the
7:00 pm
names on the list who we believe has not spoken with mueller. although mueller has a way of bringing in people back doors that we don't know about. sometimes people central to the investigation, who may know a lot of information are saved till a little bit later. for example cohen, the personal lawyer of donald trump was not interviewed or brought into this until recently. so maybe schiller is next. we'll pay attention to that. >> julia ainsley, nbc national reporter. thank you. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell" good evening, lawrence. >> good evening, rachel. you know who else can figure out how many nights donald trump spent in moscow, robert mueller. and if you cave him the chance, michael avenatti. i think michael avenatti can figure it out. michael avenatti is going to join us tonight on another subject, not how many nights the president spent in moscow with whom. rachel during your


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