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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  April 24, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> good morning to you. good morning everyone. i'm ali velshi. >> and i'm stephanie ruhle. it's tuesday, april 24th. let's get started. it's down to business today for president trump and emanuel macron ahead of a state dinner later tonight. >> it's how they overcome their differences that could dominate this visit. trade, syria, and the thorniest issue, the iran nuclear deal. the president has signalled he wants to get out, but ma roan will push the president to stay put. >> let the united states and france stand forever in solidarity for the noble cause of liberty and peace. >> translato >> translator: long live the united states. long live france. thank you. >> the events that took place yesterday in toronto were a senseless attack and a horrific tragedy. >> the death toll rising to at least ten people killed.
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another 15 injured when a driver ran into pedestrians on a sidewalk. >> he's just hitting people one by one going down. oh, man, it was like a nightmare. >> video capturing the arrest of a 25-year-old driver in a dramatic standoff with the police officer. >> officials who have been briefed on the investigation both here in canada and the u.s. tell us the leading reason is mental illness, and not terrorism. >> based on all available information, there would appear to be no national security connection. >> what's your name, please? >> it's travis. >> reporter: this morning waffle house shooting suspect is being held on 2 million bail. a tip from the public leading invest dwa or the -- investigators to the suspect. overnight an emotional vigil
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for the victims. >> there's a tremendous sadness. >> reporter: attended by the brave customer who wrestled the gun from the suspect. >> the real reason is because anybody that could be put in that position, you can do it. >> former president george h.w. bush was admitted to intensive care. >> only a day after he bid farewell to his wife, we've learned george h.w. bush was hospitalized thursday. a spokesperson saying he's responding to treatments and appears to be recovering. >> this morning we all send our prayers to the bush family as we wish former president george h.w. bush a very speedy recovery. all right. the white house is preparing for the first state dinner of donald trump's presidency. but emanuel macron is starting a busy day trying to get a deal with the man who branded himself
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the deal maker president. the president of the united states, the self-described germ aphobe getting the french president fully camera ready. >> we have a very special relationship. in fact, i'll get that little piece of dandruff off -- we have to make him perfect. >> ahead of their meeting macron made it clear he intended to highlight the two countries shared values and long history and he made good on that, tweeting thanks to president trump for dinner at george washington's home of mt. vernon where a french hero dined as a lone officer assisting the army. and macrons brought a oak sapling to plant on the grounds. it was taken from the area of a famous world war i battle 100 years ago.
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>> they brought that? >> indeed. they did. i think that's pretty impressive. after the charm the presidents are meeting ahead of the press conference expected later this afternoon. and macron certainly has his work cut out for him pushing a laundry list of issues of concern between europe and the united states. and one of the highest priorities might be the toughest. >> people know my views on the iran deal. it was a terrible deal. should have never, ever been made. we could have made a good deal or reasonable deal. the iran deal is a terrible deal. we paid $150 billion. we gave $1.8 billion in cash. that's cash. barrels of cash. it's insane. it's ridiculous. it should have never been made. >> now as the presidents meet behind closed doors, let's look at the top issues they're discussing this hour. you heard the president referring to the iran nuclear deal at the top of the list. that item has a tight deadline. three weeks left until the date
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the president set back in january demanding that the deal be fixed or he will try and pull out on may 12th. while the united states can't kill the deal, it can cause issues in the eight-party pact. a more pressing date is may first. this is when the eu's exemption expires from president trump's steel and aluminum tariffs. they're among the top ten steel destinations taking in nearly 2 00,000 metric tons of french steel in the first three quarters of 2017. macron is also going to want to address the ongoing negotiations with north korea. that summit is planned for may or early june. european leaders are looking for a guarantee the united states will remain in the agreement as negotiators work to put new standards on iran. and in a longer view macron will try to cement the american commitment in syria. macron takes credit for
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persuading trump not to pull troops out as french fighter jets flew alongside british and american planes in suspected chemical weapons centers. >> joining us now, john har wood and jane harmon, the president and ceo of the woodrow wilson center. jane, one of the things we listed was the iran deal. to us that seems like it has to be on macron's, top of his to do list. what do you think? >> i think it is on the top of his to do list, and i think ang will merkel when she comes friday after macron leaves will raise the same subject. europe does not want us out of the deal. and frankly, i think it would be the dumbest thing in the world if we did this and then tried to persuade north korea that we should be relied upon to make a deal on nukes. so what i hope happens, and i think the european leaders are for this, is a side agreement
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among the four europeans to the deal. there were six countries russia, china, three european countries and us. but the three european countries and we would agree to a deal where we would go after iran's ballistic missiles. they're not part of the nuclear deal and it's maligned behavior in the region. the one thing we can't do because they won't agree to it is extend the term of the iran deal. some of our negotiators think the term is in perpetuity. others don't. at any rate, i think we can do something in the direction trump wants. he can claim credit and conserves credit, and he should certify the deal on may 13th. >> john, now how likely is it that donald trump extends the eu exemption with respect to steel? i mean, is there -- what is he thinking about in terms of strategic value and putting the tariffs on imports that come from our strong allies like france? >> i guess is what is one area
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where emanuel macron's obvious efforts to flatter and court and win over president trump are likely to be successful. macron likes to talk about his similarities to trump, how we are both mavericks from outside the system. that makes trump feel good. and he made the point in an interview with our colleague chris wallace from fox over the weekend that you can't fight with all of your friends. you can't fight with the entire world, and france is a friend of the united states. it's pretty clear that the president is embracing that sort of emotional tenor of the relationship with france. my guess is that they will not apply these tariffs to france going forward. >> and from that emotional standpoint, wouldn't you say that macron is playing this very well? to that exact point, sitting down over the weekend and doing an interview with fox news, president trump's media outlet of choice. whether his tweets continuing to say honoring the president and
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thanking him. whether or not he means it in his heart. this guy is a former banker, deal-maker. he knows the way to win over president trump is to compliment him. and if he's going to walk into tough negotiations and big asks, this is the right way to do it. >> yep. i agree completely. this is so obvious what he's doing. >> it's a good idea. >> exactly right. it is obvious but it works. >> and the trump administration is playing it well too. i think the visit to mt. vernon was inspired, and the calling back to the revolution in the united states where france was our ally. britain was not but france was our ally, is a big deal. >> and when it -- >> the real question is whether or not as congresswoman harmon was just saying, whether or not he can make the heavy lift, the top of the agenda which is the iran deal. he couldn't do it on the paris climate accord.
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president trump indicated in a few minutes ago, we'll talk about that but probably not very long. but the iran deal is the key priority here, and that is going to be more difficult for him to prevail. although, not impossible. >> yeah, but my view is that north korea is the biggest target. trump wants a huge deal. his predecessors both obama and bush 43 were unable to achieve that deal. clinton's deal was discorrected during his presidency and during bush. he can't land the deal if he blows up the iran deal. >> that's why iran is at the top of the list and north korea at the bottom. in order to achieve north korea, macron has to convince him you can't pull out of a deal and expect to make a deal with north koreans right after the united states pulled out of a deal. >> yep. >> okay. then let's say president trump plays ball here with macron on the global stage. how does he go home again and by
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home again, i mean to his base? >> trump you're talking about? >> correct. i mean trump to his base. because trump does well with whomever is next to him at the white house at a big event. and then a day passes and the far right media stands up and says don't forget, we're america first, america only. what are you doing over there? >> it goes back with the side agreement, and says, look, this was a very bad deal. i alone was able to persuade the europeans to join me in improving this deal. iran's ballistic missiles are the real problem for the united states. he might argue they have advanced ballistic missile capacity, and they were testing because it's outside the contours of the existing deal. plus they're maligned behavior in the region threatens israel, and i think he can have a pretty good press conference based on that. >> key words, i alone. >> that's right. >> john, jane, thank you very much for joining us. look at even the video of the two of them when he greets
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macron at the white house. the body language between them is like people who seem to like each other. >> listen, these guys know how to play ball. >> angela merkel can't do the body language that suggests she has anything but disdain for trump. >> yes. >> it's unusual. >> the president, his sensibility. >> he has good enough vibes for macron that he likes him. it's interesting. we'll cover this when they offer up their press briefing and take questions from the press. we'll bring it to you live. >> next, we have to talk about the deadly attack in toronto. awful. officials, they're searching for a motive after ten people were killed and 15 more injured. all mowed down by a van. i feel like it's the same thing all over again. i feel like this just happened on the west side highway a few months ago. the question is was it terrorism? >> we'll also have updates from the tennessee waffle house shooting victims and the hero james shaw who tackled the man and ripped away his gun. we'll tell you how you can
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support shaw and the victims at this time. >> and we want to point out a stark reality of the gun debate. despite mass demonstrations for gun control, of course, like the march for our lives and multiple mass shootings this past year, the nra has reached a fundraising record. the gun lobby raised 2.4 million in march. the highest in 15 years. nearly 2 million of that came from small donors who gave less than 200 each. remember, all of those small donors who gave less than $200, each one of them has a right to vote, and they do it. >> they're going to vote. >> it's not to say we're not inspired and excited by all the kids standing up and marching, but when we hear things like look how many twitter followers they have, that doesn't matter. the nra has real dollars and that's action. pay attention. >> don't kid ourselves about that. we'll be right back.
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road and stopped all the cars and then just pandemonium. everyone was going crazy. >> i hope this sick person gets dealt with accordingly. this is out of this world. >> awful. welcome back. those were two people who witnessed a van driver plowing into a crowd of people on the sidewalk in toronto killing at
8:18 am
least ten of them. the suspect appeared in court where moments ago he was charged with ten counts of first degree murder and 13 counts after attempted murder. police say his actions appeared deliberate. >> it's the worse mass killing in canada in nearly 30 years. the prime minister called the attack senseless and horrific and thanked law enforcement for their response but didn't give clues about a motive. >> they handled this extremely difficult situation with professionalism and bravery. they faced danger without a moment of hesitation. and there is no doubt that their courage saved lives and prevented further injuries. at this time we have no reason to expect there is any national security element to this attack. but obviously the investigations continue. joining us now, darren,
8:19 am
retired nypd former army officer and now a criminal justice professor. walk us through this first. it is not yet being called terror. why is it significant? why do we have to know whether or not it was an act of tariff? it was an awful act. >> it was an awful act to say the at least. generally speaking from a law enforcement perspective, the reason we label things terrorism, because we want to see if there's a political ideology connected with that individual. and that in turn will elevate the terror threat. if it's something that's committed by a lone wolf attack such as what happened here here last year where there was an individual that ran over several people in times square, that seems like an isolated incident. this is a real issue. we want to look at what happened, where they are now, and where they're moving forward. when we look at what happened, we know the incident. moving forward, we want to look at what types of fortifications can be put in place such as the
8:20 am
concrete barriers like in new york city. we've seen that in the time square area. in addition to that, on the west side highway. we see a reflection of what happened in nice and barcelona and the same holds true with the west side mehighway. law enforcement is going to apply the answers moving toward in canada. >> yonge street in toronto is the biggest street, the street that divides east and west. there would have been a lot of people. >> like our fifth avenue? >> yeah. that's exactly the description one would use. there's a lot of talk about how this suspect is still alive and wasn't shot by officers? i want to take a look at part of the confrontation on video. >> so the suspect is saying get down. i have a gun in my pocket and the police says get down or you'll be shot. so kind of interesting that he had his hand out. we thought it looked like a gun.
8:21 am
we don't know that it was, but he was telling the police officer he had a gun almost as if he was inviting being shot he didn't. >> we refer to this as death by cop. i see an interesting contrast and comparison with the stephon clark case in sacramento. he was in possession of a cell phone. he was shot by police officers. here we have an officer that exercised what we refer to as firearms control in the law enforcement world. >> in the face of being told the guy had a gun. >> right. the vast majority of suspects that are arrested in possession of firearms are taken into custody without a single shot being fired. therefore, this can be an example as to how american law enforcement can approach individuals moving forward. granted, did the officer have the right to shoot this person? he did, but ultimately it boiled down to firearms control. i commend them for taking the appropriate action. that's not the only awful story. the man accused of opening fire
8:22 am
at a tennessee waffle house and killing four people is being held on $2 million bail. >> how does that happen? >> how does that happen, 2 million. police are charging 29-year-old travis reinking with four counts of criminal homicide. they picked him up yesterday. he was found with a back pac and a loaded gun in the woods three miles from where they say he stormed the waffle house armed with an ar- 15. reinking called himself a member of the sovereign citizens and anti-government group. >> does that make that terrorism? killed in the attack were 29-year-old torn sander lin. 20-year-old joe perez. 21-year-old deebony groves. >> babies. barely begun their adult loves. >> hundreds of people took part to honor the victims last night at a prayer vigil.
8:23 am
four minutes of silence were held. >> customer james shaw junior, a true hero. this is the man who wrestled the gun away from the suspect. he attended the vigil with his four-year-old daughter and got a standing ovation from the crowd. he became emotional while speaking insisting he was not a hero and telling the victim's families he was sorry for what happened. >> the real reason is anybody that can be put in a that position, you can do it. like i said, i'm just a regular person. i've got the greatest gift on my arm right now. >> go fund me account has been set up to raise money for shaw with more than $48,000 donated in three hours. it's doing well. next, live on capitol hill with democratic reaction to all
8:24 am
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welcome back. serious new allegations surrounding president trump's pick to lead the department of veteran affairs. two sours tell us that ronny jackson's confirmation hearing is being postponed, we've heard from two senators on the committee, because of concerns about his background coming to light days ago. the hearing was supposed to begin tomorrow. jackson, the white house physician who has served three presidents was nominated as va secretary last month after president trump fired then secretary david shulkin. >> and we want to be clear. no one is saying this is a bad guy. if the answer is let's take a beat and do an appropriate long-form background check, it's probably the best move for everyone. let's look at some of the reported accusations against the doctor. according to theny nooi times he
8:29 am
oversaw a hostile work environment. they say they received claims that dr. jackson drank too much on the job and allowed the overprescription of drugs. we have not verified the claims. these allegations come on top of concerns by both democrats and this is important, and republicans. so this is not about blocking a pick by president trump. democrats and republicans we're talking about are concerned that jackson simply is unqualified to run the va since he has no management experience. why is that important? the v.a. is responsible for the care of more than 20 million veterans across the country. it is the nation's second largest bureaucracy after the defense department. the v.a. is not only in charge of their health care but also their benefits, their burials and memorials. it has a $186 billion annual budget and a work force of more than 377,000 people, and there's
8:30 am
an additional 4,000 v.a. employees working outside the country. with all of that on its plate, there is serious recruiting problems at the v.a. former secretary david shulkin said last year there were about 45,000 job vacancies. the top positions need in the health administration, medical officers, nurses psychologists, and physician's assistants. this is serious business. >> garrett haake joins us now. garrett, to be clear, you spoke to the ranking member of the senate veteran affairs committee. he confirmed this is going to be delayed as they look into jax snn. >> yes, the ranking democrat on the committee put out a joint letter with the chairman saying that this hearing what was scheduled for wednesday will be delayed subject to the call of the chair. that's sort of senate terminology for indefinitely while they search for answers to come of the questions about dr. jackson's background that
8:31 am
started to surface, i'm told, on thursday. senators had been reaching out to the white house kind of behind the scenes to try to get a little more information. in the letter from senators today, they formally requested documentation about dr. jack jackson's work. a host of materials that one would expect would be part of a vet if a substantial vet of him had been done. in talking to senators up here this morning, i picked up a lot of frustration not just from democrats but also from republicans that it doesn't appear that the white house did their due diligence on dr. jackson before sending his nomination up to the senate. here's some of the senators we've spoken to today. >> i think that was true of the number of the nominations and other unfortunate examples.
8:32 am
i haven't seen them the detail on this particular nomination. so i'll preserve judgment, but i think the vetting on a number of individuals who actually were confirmed was deficient. >> i think it probably makes sense for the president to send a little more time doing research on his own nominees before he sends them to congress. >> reporter: it's not purely a political question. i spoke to a democrat from connecticut who said look, this process, if it holds up indefinitely is a disservice to the veterans you talked about and quite frankly, it's a disservice to dr. jackson to come up here and have his personal record exposed in a such a way. if it ends up being the kind of thing that might prevent him being confirmed, it's the kind use to deal with in private. >> but also, for ronny jackson, he's served three presidents? >> it's no servi figured out in
8:33 am
public eye. >> if you're not qualified for the job, like, we can't stress enough, $186 billion annual budget. 277,000 employees. and the person has zero management experience. it doesn't mean they're not a great doctor. doesn't mean they're not a great person. we've got to do our homework. we're talking day in and day out, scratching our heads saying if scott pruitt had a history of being a gifter, or bad behavior, why wasn't that reviewed sooner. >> which he does. he does. >> maybe this is an opportunity on both sides to say hold on. given how difficult the confirmation process is, let's make sure we get the right person from the start. >> garrett, thank you. we'll continue to cover that. and what we're watching right now is the white house, president trump and president macron are expected to hold a news conference at any moment. this is where the press conference is going to take
8:34 am
place. obviously when it's about to happen, people are seated and the cameras are in place, we're probably still ten minutes away or something. >> i'm sure there are going to be many questions trade, on ira. those are the 10,000 pound gorillas here. what will be interesting if macron can find solutions for trump, that's what trump is looking for. trump wants to play ball, but he wants to be able to go back to his base and say i got the best deal for us. >> yeah. and macron knows how to play that game. >> just so you know what's happening. while everybody is preparing for the press conference, macron and trump and the cabinet are actually meeting. we'll bring that to you in a minute. but this is exactly right. the idea here is that macron can get probably a lot of what he wants because he's good with trump. the idea is that when trump has to go to trump country and say this is what i got from the french, i squeezed them. they gave us this, and that's why i agreed to do king for. >> we're going to have in a moment a bit of the
8:35 am
conversation. the president and macron sitting down. and when they're behind closed doors, trump can say to him and likely will, how -- when the cameras turn on, how do we both get a win here? and i think the two of them have a level of familiarity that they'd be comfortable having that conversation. a conversation he might not feel so good about having with someone else. >> let's listen in. >> another two hours we discussed a lot of things. a lot of problems in the world. a lot of problems that we think can be solved. we've come a long way just the two of us. i think as understanding we talked about iran. we talked about syria. we talked about a lot of subjects that really are big, big hard situations. and we think we have solutions to a number of them. so we're going to continue that now, and then emanuel and myself will meet again. i think after this meeting, but
8:36 am
we wanted to get the opinion of some of the experts in the room. we have great experts on both sides, so we wanted to get the opinion of some of the experts. very good numbers are coming out on our businesses. you're seeing the numbers released on our companies and our businesses. they're very strong. the economy is -- has been really incredible. unemployment now is at the lowest point ever in history in many, many states. the states were enumerated last night late last night. the numbers came out. we've hit the lowest unemployment numbers in many decades. in some cases and in some cases the lowest numbers period. it was just reiterated that unemployment for african american families, it's been the best in history for hispanic families. the best in history for women. the best in 18 years and that's close to going higher than that.
8:37 am
it's really something very special. we're happy about that. the president and i are working on trade. the trade with france is complicated, because we have the european union. i would rather deal just with france. the union is very tough for us. they have trade barriers that are unacceptable. our pharmas can't send their product into the european union easily as they should, and we accept their products. so we have to make a change. and they understand that. and we're negotiating wilbur and steve and everybody, we're negotiating with the european union. but it's been very unfair for a long time. we had a trade deficit with the european union of $151 million last year. that's unacceptable. this has been going on for many years. that's unacceptable. the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin will be going to china in a few days to negotiate on trade. i think china is very serious. we're very serious.
8:38 am
we have no choice but to be very serious. you know we've put on very substantial tariffs. and that will continue unless we make a trade deal. i think we're -- we've got a very good chance of making a deal. as you know, they've just stated president xi, a terrific guy and a friend of mine, but he's representing china and i'm representing the united states. president xi made a speech four days ago where he said that china is going to be opened up. it's not opened up right now. they trade with us. we can't trade with them. they did 504 billion last year and we did $120 billion. that's a tremendous imbalance. we can't have that. we're going to have a delegation at their request, go to china. they came here recently, and we're going there. and that will be good. european union, by the way, we're going back to that. we're negotiating with the european union. they had their representatives come here, and i think we're negotiating very seriously.
8:39 am
nafta, as you know, is moving along. they have an election coming up very soon, and it will be interesting to see what happens with that election. but we're doing very nicely with nafta. i could make a deal very quickly, but i'm not sure that's in the best interest of the united states. we'll see what happens, but we're doing very well. and south korea on the trade deal, we're doing very well, and as far as north korea is concerned, we are going to be having a meeting with kim jong-un, and that will be very soon. we have been told directly that they would like to have the meeting as soon as possible, and we think that's a great thing for the world. that's a great thing for north korea, and south korea, and japan. and france and everybody. so we're having very, very good discussions. kim jong-un was -- he really has
8:40 am
been very open. i think very honorable from everything we're seeing. now, a lot of promises have been made by north korea over the years. but they've never been in this position. we have been very, very tough on maximum pressure. we have been very tough on trade. we've been very, very tough at the border. sanctions have been the toughest we've ever imposed on any country. and we think it will be a great thing for north korea. it will be a great thing for the world. we'll see where it all goes. maybe it will be wonderful, and maybe it won't. if it's not going to be fair and reasonable, and good, i will unlike past administrations, i will leave the table. but i think we have a chance of doing something very special with respect to north korea, good for them, good for us, good for everybody. and with that, thank you all very much. mr. president, would you like to say something? >> thank you, mr. president, for
8:41 am
this word. together again before the press conference just to say we've had a very good discussion on syria, on iran, the region, and some other very important topics regarding our security, and i think we -- we have to work together, because we've always worked together on these issues, and it's very important to preserve. i think what we want to do in the interest of our people is to preserve stability, sovereign states. as for the trade issue, you presented your perception of the situation, and you were fair to remind everybody that the relationship is balanced between france and the u.s., and i think it's very important to bear in mind that between lies -- regarding so important security
8:42 am
issues, it's impossible to make any trade war. we have to deal with common global challenges regarding our trade. one of those global challenges is definitely overcapacity in steel and aluminum. we have to fix the situation. i think we now have to work fairly on that. we need several discussions, as you mentioned. i think our willingness is to preserve the framework and to work very closely together in the interest to deal with the current destabilization of our trade situation. as for the other aspects, we discuss about the paris agreement and our common challenges regarding climate. and i have to say that our business people work very closely together, and we want to increase cooperation.
8:43 am
we know everything about the treaties and the international agreements, but i think beyond that, we have a lot in common to work on, and we will follow up the discussion in the coming weeks and months, and now we'll go into details on a lot of those issues. thank you, mr. president for the very direct and fruitful discussion we have, you and me, and for discussing with your vice president and your secretaries on the issues. >> we've had a great relationship. just about everything. and too bad it's not just us doing the negotiating for the rest of the world, but we have had a great relationship, and our trade situation with france by itself has been very good. the trade product and the trade deals that we do with france, unfortunately, european union represents to a large extent, france, and we've had pretty
8:44 am
unfair situation with the european union, but a very fair one with france. that will continue. that will always continue. we will always be very close to really our oldest ally when you think of it. france is our oldest ally, and we will -- we are going out of our way to do that. i think we've really had some substantive talks on iran. maybe more than anything else. and we're looking forward to doing something but it has to be done and it has to be done strongly, and they have been butchered. you can't allow that to happen. we understand each other, and we'll see how that comes out. and we could have at least an agreement among ourselves fairly quickly. i think we're fairly close to understanding each other. and i think our meeting, our one on one went very, very well. i hope you feel the same way. >> thank you very much, thank you.
8:45 am
>> thank you, everybody. thank you. you'll find out. you'll find out. all right. that was the president and macron meeting. a couple of interesting things in there. the president made a comment about dealing with the eu on trade. he says i would rather deal just with france and not the eu because the eu is unfair to us.
8:46 am
the president talks on the only liking unilateral trade deals. when you're america, you're the 800 pound gorilla. countries only feel good when they ban together. i thought that was interesting. >> listen, but from a perspective of are these guys going to work together, when you compare those two sitting there, you and i have sat in this seat over and over and watched this president and other world leaders. listen, these two speak one another's language. they have a groove together. >> i agree. he also spoke about north korea, and he talked about how great kim jong-un is being. >> you must talk about this just for a moment. >> yeah. >> did he call him a great leader. >> he said honorable. >> honorable. >> and open. honorable and open. i don't know if you can just in realtimes whether you can ever call him open. it's the most closed society in the world. i don't know about honorable. >> and you can never possibly call him honorable. first of all, there are currently three americans still
8:47 am
imprisoned in north korea, and maybe this is president trump's way -- maybe this is his negotiating style. so we can't judge it for he's going to try to warm up to kim jong-un, appeal to his ego to try to get him to play ball. >> sort of the way macron is doing with trump. >> we can only hope -- that's a great point. >> they're all playing each other's game. let's bring ben cardin of maryland. the ranking member on the senate foreign relations committee. senator, i think you've been listening to this. you've been hearing the press conference -- not the press conference, but the tape from the cabinet meeting. what do you think about that? what do you think about what the president was saying about kim jong-un? >> well, it will be interesting to hear the private discussions between the two presidents. clearly in regard to north korea in regard to iran, and in regard to the climate discussions, there are disagreements and it will be interesting to see how they get resolved. i think we all want diplomacy to
8:48 am
work. i am hopeful the opening we saw during the plo during the olympics will lead to diplomacy. >> do you support sort of this new approach from the president? while i'm sitting here shocked saying how could he call kim jong-un an honorable guy, is this strategic game playing if he's going after kim jong-un and attacking him, it lab lot tou tougher to get kim jong-un to open up and play ball. is president trump playing smart tactics? >> we know kim jong-un has been down this path before and it did not lead to real results. we know it's him who is violating the international norms with his nuclear program. but it's important that we advance diplomacy. so i think it is important for the president to use a measured descriptions of kim jong-un.
8:49 am
in the past, he has not done that. he may have gone a little too far by calling him honorable, but i think it's important he develops a means in with diplomacy can succeed. >> kim jong-un was at a hospital greeting chinese victims at bus crash. he was acting more presidential than dictatorial, but i think it's worth noting what -- when we talk about how honorable this man is, he's got a continued policy of brutality on north korean people. >> his own people. >> his own people. extermination, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape. forced abortion, starvation, political prison camps. how do we square this? because we want to establish some sort of peaceful relations or at least some relations where we're not threatening missiles on each other, but we are doing this, and this is reminiscent of right before world war ii and a lot of people being accused of appeasement with hitler. we are -- how do you handle this? how do you think about this? >> kim jong-un is not honorable
8:50 am
as i said. what he's doing to his own people is outrageous. his human rights violations are legendary. one of the worst countries in the world. what he did in his nuclear program violated international norms. he's not honorable. but it requires us to develop ways that we can work with people and countries that we disagree with. our objective is to denuclearize the korean peninsula. we know because of its location and intensity of population there that military solution really is not a solution. it's our only step forward. >> three weeks away from pulling the united states of the iran nuclear deal. do we even though how to do
8:51 am
that? how would that work is this. >> that's what i'm interesting to see how discussions go with the president of france. we're alone in this. the congress passed strong new tools as the president has not used yet. that he could be working with france and uk. iran is in compliance with the nuclear agreement for the united states to withdraw from it. we will be isolated and we will alienate our traditional partners. it's important that we get iran to comply with this agreement. it's a lifetime ban on fwhnuke nuclenuk -- nuclear weapons and we need to enforce that. >> is there anything to do to make sure the president doesn't yank this on his own.
8:52 am
>> the president had the authority to pull america out at any time. we've had discussions about this. i've met with the europeans. i've meet with the negotiators from france and uk and germany. >> all right. thanks very much. >> all right. we are watchi ining white house right now. president trump and macron are expected to hold a live news news conference at the white house.
8:53 am
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welcome back. you know what show it is. we have been following salaries of trump administration officials. we may be arguing about it. the new head of centers of disease control and prevention, dr. robert redfield is making 375 grand. that's nearly twice what his predecessor made dr. brenda fitzgerald and more than his own boss makes who earns 199 grand. dr. redfield has long been a top hiv researcher but he doesn't have experience managing an agency. is the salary okay?
8:57 am
>> i say no. the argument i think and maybe you'll make is you can't get the best people if any of these things if you don't do it. our financial industry regulators don't make as much as people add goldman sachs make. it's a duty and it's a sacrifice. i don't think these guys should be making private sector salaries. >> when we look at the financial industry, that's the best example. why do the regulators so rarely get the guys who are -- >> they're not necessarily getting the best beapeople. >> not to say that $199,000 is a will the of money or $375,000. if you're talking about a person to lead the centers for disease control -- >> maybe you want the best people. >> they are leaving a job they were making possibly ten times that. they shouldn't make the e kwif len lent of the private sector but
8:58 am
if you want the best people at jobs, you have to research that number. thar target people. >> i think that makes a lot of sense what you're saying. in the private sector, i'm going to go back to banking. there's been such inflation in the rate this top people get paid but how can taxpayers compete with that. >> you can say here's the kind of people you're looking for fp you know you're going to take a significant cut if you come to this job. if the cut is so big, people are starting to say i'm not going to be able to pay for my kids college tuition. you need to find that median level. i'm not saying i know that number. there's a good chance the number isn't $10,000 more than it was the year before. we need to pay them what it requires. they know they will get paid less if they're going to serve the government.
8:59 am
maybe that's why we see guys like scott pruitt who say my salary is small and i'm going to take private flights around the world and i need perks galore. i think the answer is let's what the number is. >> maybe we should think about that. tell us what you think. how should we pay public servants. tweet us. >> we're waiting for president trump and french president emmanuel macron to hold a joint news conference. you see the scene there in the white house east room where the two leaders will make their statements. then they will take questions. what's your guess? >> i'm going to see how they -- they do seem to get along and macron may have figured out the
9:00 am
magic juice for dealing with donald trump. >> maybe. >> they began meeting this morning after a formal swhocere. fatal flaw. the president's veterans affairs nominee facing what looks like a permanent hold as new details emerge about the white house doctor. a former president struggles. george h.w. bush in intensive care at this hour. only hours aft s after his wires bur y burial in houston. president trump and president macron are about to meet the


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