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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  April 25, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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hands out prescription like candy. in fact in the white house they call him the candy man. >> the latest speed bump, part of a growing trend among trump nominees with critics pointing to an absence of vetting from the white house. >> but fact is, i wouldn't do it, i wouldn't do it. what does he need it for. >> pay up, the man charged with protecting consumers from banks is influencing lawmakers. and dreams, rapper meek mill a free man this morning after the pennsylvania supreme court orders him released on bail. and his stiff sentence drawing outrage from advocates and the like. >> this is literally, literally the craziest thing i've ever seen. he's innocent and he's serving time. >> we begin with the mess
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surrounding dr. ronny jackson's allegations to head the va. the nomination is putting the spotlight on the nominee and the vetting question. hearings the question, why didn't the white house know more about jackson's record ahead of time. i have a great team to help to break it down. first, i want to understand where things stand. this is supposed to be the day that ronny jackson headed to capitol hill. instead, in damage control mode, jackson was abusive to his staff, improperly handed out prescription drugs and was even drunk on the job. i have to say again, these are allegations. the latest word from the white house is that jackson is not planning to withdraw his nominations. in fact, doubling down, face-to-face with the president last night during which the two agreed that jackson would fight the allegations. the white house backed him up with this statement, quote, dr. jackson's record as a white house physician is impeccable.
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he has improved unit morale, received glowing reviews and promotions under republican and democrat presidents. and he's been given a clean vet from the fbi. here's the question, it is not clear if that is enough to save jackson. senators say the va committee say they have gotten similar stories from 20 current and former military who worked alongside. jon tester who first revealed the allegations told nbc, they're troubling. >> i think all of these thing, whether it's prescription drugs, doling them out. or the intoxication at the workplace, whether that plays into the leadership that the va needs all three of those things are very harmful for someone who is going to be secretary and run an agency as big as the va. >> but previous previews found nothing out of the ordinary. and the previous administration even released personal notes
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from president obama. it reads, quote, ronny does a great job. general enthusiasm, poise under pressure and ronny continues to inspire confidence with the care he provides to me, my family and my team. "the new york times" said more than half a dozen obama administration officials also expressed their support. jackson himself tried to help his case meeting with republican senator jerry moran who later said the doctor denied allegations of a hostile work environment and insisted he never had a drink while on duty. jackson told our own that he wants the opportunity. >> you've seen the allegations, overprescribing medications are you saying those are categorically untrue? >> i'm saying i'm looking forward to the hearing so i can sit down and explain everything to everyone and answer all of the senators' questions. >> but, of course, there is a vetting process that is set up specifically to avoid situations
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like this. the president, however, opted to skip that process. leaving his own white house in the lurch. he then complicated things further yesterday. >> i don't want to put a man through who's not a political person. i don't want to put a man through a process like this. it's too ugly and too disgusting. i wouldn't do it. i wouldn't do it. what does he need it for? to be abused by a bunch of politicians that aren't thinking nicely about our country? i really don't think, personally, he should do it but it's totally his -- i would stand behind him totally his decision. i get it, the president thinks he wouldn't want to do it. ronny's being rung through the wringer. he didn't have to. the white house could have done a complete vetting process here. with republican chairman of the v. committee johnny isakson asked if he can be confirmed, the senator said we'll see. i want to go to kristen welker.
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this is extraordinary here because ronny jackson was the white house doctor for the administration for president trump. i've spoken to people inside the white house and from obama's team who said he's a great guy to work with. but is the issue here, he might be a good doctor, but he's not qualified to be the va secretary? and the white house is now feeling the blowback? >> well, there are two components to that steph. first, these allegations. and as you just played that sound bite, his response to garrett hague, ronny jackson says he has a right to defend himself and essentially say these allegations are false. i've been talking to white house officials who say they want him to have that chance. and i think what you're going to see in the coming hours and coming days is a more robust attempt from the white house to really defend ronny jackson and to roll out some of his credentials and try to put the focus on that. there's a sense maybe there wasn't enough of that happening upon the confirmation hearing
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that was supposed to start today, steph. remember that, it's been postponed indefinitely. in terms of the qualifications, and i've been talking to veterans advocates say, look, our concerns about ronny jackson go back to the day that he was nominated. the concern being that he's never managed a large agency. veterans affairs is the second largest agency. there are concerns about that. and veterans advocates say this uncertainty didn't help them solve their problems within the va. they're frustrated by that. i've been talking to former obama administration officials as well who echo basically what you've been hearing. they don't have a bad word to say about ronny jackson. they say they never saw him drinking heavily on the job. and they say some of these allegations are overblown. even suggesting that they may be an attempt to undercut him by political rivals. it was striking to hear president trump give ronny
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jackson a way out. we know that the two men met yesterday in the oval office a meeting that was termed as positive. sand as far as the process, they would expect the nomination process to pick back up in may. and i think we'll see a very robust attempt to try to defend him between now and then. >> white house bureau chief for "the washington post" and pulitzer prize winner. and jason. and david jones serves as a republican congressman for florida. i want to go to you first, walk me through the disconnect. this guy is a doctor. president trump -- a lot of us scratched our head when he grave that glowing review of president trump's health and talked about his weight which we thought was much lower than what we thought. and then a position for va director, that people have said
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he's simply not qualified for, a job that oversees 370,000 employees. there's a big difference of not being qualified to be the va secretary but the attacks going on saying he's overprescribing drugs. banging on doors, drinking. those accusations that ruin a person's life? >> yeah, you're right, steph. i think that's why dr. jackson is determined to stick with this nomination process and have a chance to defend himself. but there's clearly a disconnects between the really sterling reviews he received as a doctor at the white house, he treats george w. bush and barack obama and now donald trump. and has high marks from all of them, as well as white house officials who have worked with him in the west wing. with a behavior described by senators. describing the allegations that have come forward about him and about his conduct in office.
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that says nothing, by the way, of the management experience which president trump himself acknowledged yesterday that there was an experience problem with dr. jackson. he's never managed an agency or bureaucracy because of this. and trump was drawn to him. he saw him as karcamera ready. and someone who could hold his own in a press environment. those are qualities that matter to president trump as we know. he's a central casting kind of president. these character traits are problematic for jackson right now. >> yes, we know that president trump makes decisions based on his gut. where's the team around the president, jason, who says, hold on a second, this is what the vetting process looks like. i'm sure ronny was thrilled and flattered when the president nominated him for it. and right now, he's saying why on earth did you do this tomorrow?
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he's the worst position of his life. >> right, if he goes through the process. look, this is the thing, stephanie, these are allegations, these are heavy allegations. it's one thing to say he was a jerk to work with. you could lose your medical license for overprescribing people. >> clearly, it's the head line, we're talking about ambien here. when i worked in banking every time we went on long trips we went to the office and got ambien. people joke, calling this man candy man. he's a navy officer. >> exactly. so many different things could happen. again, it's another example of how this administration leaves people out to dry. trump nominates people based on whether or not he likes h s the not, and then leaves them to the wolves. you put the guy in that position, why would you leave him there? i hope he gets a chance to
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testify. i hope there the allegations -- i was concerned about the allegation of him knocking drunk on doors. >> should he be able to defend himself privately, right? when you isolate and say he's banging down someone's door, that sounds awful. >> right. >> let me tell you if i was on a work trip with my team, would i bang on ali velshi's door and did say pizza, pizza, let's get pizza. >> sure. >> is there a problem that trump wants say it's obstructionist, they're not letting my people through or is it the process? >> yesterday, with donald trump with a glicmpse of his hartz ae soul. as soon as the heat turned up he distanced himself. it was donald trump who hand picked him. this is bigger now than
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protecting the nomination of dr. jackson. this is protecting his dignity. the way to protect his dignity is withdrawing. that is probably the only nominee in trump's tenure that did the right thing and withdrew. he probably did it on his own to protect his own dignity and that's what dr. jackson should do. >> okay. but if he withdraws now, doesn't he lose his dignity? this guy is a two-star rear admiral in the navy. the last thing that is out there is man, they say this guy was pushing drugs, he was drunk and he withdrew. >> one of thiwo things happen, s nomination goes down. and then this follows him throughout his tenure. no one is talking about tom
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price right now because tom price did the right thing. >> he must be sitting on the couch saying why does scott pruitt have a job and i don't have a job. >> that's right. you can't overlook the fact that the tone is set at the top of the administration. the president who said i'm going to hire the best people frankly hasn't. he lets them dangle in the wind until he has somebody else fire them. this is a person with no accountability, the president of the united states. that simple. >> phil, does this go back into the chaos inside the white house? president trump and we talked about it before has never run a public business, has never had a board, has never been held accountable. and now he's angry that the press is doing fact-checking that the white house is doing the work? where are the people in the white house? where is john kelly in this? >> well, steph, this is a decision to nominate ronny jackson trump made himself. he made it impulsively in the moment. he sort of looked around. he had a problem with david
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shulkin, he wanted shulkin out. he saw him in that uniform and said he looks good to me. picks him to be the veterans secretary without any vetting. there's a reason there's a vetting process. these are major important executive positions. and it's also worth pointing out, steph, that trump is attacking the senators from doing their constitutional due diligence of oversight of the executive branch. i mean, this is a normal process in our government where, when people are nominated to run cabinet agencies, they go before the senate. there's a confirmation process. there's a vetting process in the senate. remember chuck grassley at the finance committee would review people's taxes going back years for position information the cabinet and the obama administration. it's totally normal. there's nothing disgusting or abnormal or unfair about this. >> it's normal to go through someone's history. the sad thing that the va, the
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veterans, the 9 million veterans could be the collateral damage here. and they are the people who should be caring the most here. now, we have to turn to the special election in arizona's 8th district. debbie lesko, the projected winner just barely edging outside her democratic opponent by five points in what historically was a republican stronghold. trump won it by 21 points. vaughn hillyard joins us now from arizona. walk us through this, one could say a win is a win, but a five-point win doesn't feel safe? >> reporter: yeah, stephanie, what's difference about this race. let's look over to alabama, right, you're dealing with a scandal-plagued candidate in pa.-18. you go over here, this place has no democratic history.
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this is the rein of joe in maricopa county. if you would have told me i would have a competitive race we'd be turning heads. paperwise, there's almost 150 congressional districts around the country that are more competitive. and debbie lesko was a candidate on the trump agenda. and she ran against a democrat who didn't try to masquerade other than a candidate who wanted better public education funding. last night, she made it clear that this margin that she lost tonight she's coming back for a rematch this november. she said she's going to take on the koch brothers and that this district should not be picking someone that backed paul ryan. >> thank you, vaughn, david, you
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want to weigh in here, a five-point win, how do republicans take that? >> democrats have overperformed in every single congressional election since donald trump took office. now there have not been many competitive seats. conor lamb was probably the one victor in this but there are going to be a lot of competitive seats that we ne're going to se flip. why that is important you can't regain control in 2020 if you lose that many seats. this could be what we saw in 2010, 1994 or 1974. >> i believe this may be the moment where the center will ri rise. you said yourself, you may run, that true? >> but the spirit of it.
6:18 am
what people are hungry for, how can progressives and conservatives and moderates work together. it doesn't mean changing people's ideology. >> that's actually why people voted for president trump. they thought that's what they were going to get? >> they thought. but instead, he catered to this ultra conservative hard right base. you can be moderate, conservative, progressive, god bless you, but we should be working together. >> they talk about it, but you can win a primary with it? >> look, that's the challenge. that's structural problems i'm sure jason knows a lot of them from gerrymandering to campaign finance. but the reality is people are looking for a third way. and at some point it's going to be successful. up next, the man charged with protecting consumers from banks is giving advice to banks with how to gain favorite with members of congress. spoil alert, ready for this, he said you should give them money. i'm new to washington. i need somebody to explain pay
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please listen up for this. the consumer financial protection bureau is supposed to protect consumers from predatory practices of financial companies. so why would acting director mick mulvaney advise banking industry executives on ways to diminish the bureau's power and influence? "the new york times" reports mulvaney told bankers at the american bankers association
6:23 am
conference on tuesday they should press lawmakers hard to pursue their agenda. he then went on causally to explain his own pay to play rules to lobbyists. when he was a congressman. this is a quote, nothing is being taken out of context. this is a quote. we have a hierarchy in my office in congress. if you're a lobbyist who never gave us money, i didn't talk to you. if you're a lobbyist who gave us money, i might talk to you." he made sure to point out that constituents were at the top of that hierarchy. wow. joining me cnbc contributor and principal at risk dan nathan. and my panel. dan, i'm going to get to you, i've got to go to you first, david. you're a former congressman, a lawyer, you tell us what pay to play is? >> first of all, disgusting behavior, whether legal or illegal. it's called fraud. it's one of the statutes that
6:24 am
prosecutors use to go after public corruption. it's highly criticized of being a little too vague. courts sometimes like it, sometimes don't. honestly, we've seen weaker cases brought up against public officials compared to what mulvaney admitted yesterday. frankly, the american people should see it as being illegal. likely never to be prosecuted but it should be illegal behavior. >> dan, what does the banking industry think about this? if you think about bank ceos, they have spent the last eight years trying desperately to get better reputation information the fbi to build up the compliance departments then you've got mulvaney saying this. you could argue that the c of pd is an agency, we don't need that. there's no nuance. he wants us to get less data from banks and might be lessening that regulation on payday lenders, the worst of the worst. >> you could make that argument that he there was that
6:25 am
overreach, but his agency just gave wells fargo a $1 billion fine for improprieties for years now there have been numerous sorts of fines. listen, i think the timing of that comment to bankers is interesting, when you think about 2018, what's really gone on here, the committee to save america has been replaced by the committee to do fraud america. this guy feels emboldened by basically what's gone on. now we have trump loyalists here doing what they can do right now. it's really pathetic. >> okay, but, remember, this is the we're going to drain the swamp. and i need to share another quote where he said "fundamental underpinnings of our representative democracy. and you have to continue to do it." he is talking about lobbying lawmakers. this is how you work with lawmakers. you pay, you meet with them. wasn't the whole idea with this administration let's get the lobbyists out?
6:26 am
>> the store was supposed to be by trump, i'm so rich, i don't need that. whether it's pruitt or mulvaney basically saying, hey, i want a slice of the pie as well, this is how i play the game. if i were in the financial industry i'd be lived, this is opening up the door. cool, now that the cat is out of the bag here's what you got to pay to get in the room to talk to me. >> what's interesting about this, wells fargo are the biggest beneficiaries of this tax cut. $3.7 billion gain dropping to their bottom line. they're going to pay about $1 billion in fines it seems like a pretty good trade for all intents and purposes. >> this is also a friendly standpoint from the administration. as an american citizen you have to be disgusted that a member of our administration whether it's an elected official or administrative official has basically said i'm not going to talk to you if you don't got the
6:27 am
cash. that's not how government is supposed to work. so when you have someone who says that and lately is not chastised, didn't have mitch mcconnell, didn't have paul ryan and members of congress saying, hey, you need to walk that back, that's the kind of anger -- >> that's a really good point. mick mulvaney said it. let's say he made a mistake or let's say it was a screw up. he could apologize and say where is mitch mcconnell, where is paul ryan on this. there's no way jamie dimon is happy. >> no, they're guilty as well. and no member of congress may directly solicit a contribution to try to remove them from that process. it's easy to beat up on lobbyists. my political opponents like to remind people i once was one. i think we need to make sure in scandals like this we focus on the person who holds the public trust. the person who holds the public trust is the elected official. that's who we target our scorn to, that's the person we kick
6:28 am
out of office, that's the person we indict. >> dan, what do you think the financial regulation should look like? one could argue dodd-frank and went too far they were hurting midsize banks. but now, it almost seems like, you know, the party's back again. and it wasn't that long ago. >> well, it's back at the wrong time, right? look at unemployment, the economy, if you're going to roll back legislation, and embolden the banks to do risky practices. here's a guy, mulvaney thought this organization should exist when he was that congress. he took money from payday lernsdlerns lenders. now they're rolling about legislation on subprime homes. >> remember, subprime mortgages, that's what got us to the financial crisis. one of the biggest beneficiaries in the campaign, john paulson. >> the risk is the deregulation is bad.
6:29 am
where the economy is running hot. we have comi commodity prices g higher. the timing is not particularly great. big banks are most concerned. you just mentioned jamie dimon, they were more concerned with things, regional banks saying this is affecting small business lending, that sort of thing. look where we are with the economy. look at the beneficiaries with this tax cut. i think it's probably overreaching the other way now if we're going to roll back all of this stuff to help normalize this process. listen, the financial crisis almost brought the global economy to its knees, okay? i think a little overreach is probably okay. i think normalization is fine too. but going too far the other way is going to be a real problem. sometime for your morning morning prime. everything you need to know. we begin with french president emmanuel macron. it's the first time a foreign
6:30 am
leader will speak before a joint meeting of congress in fwheenea two years. and jurors in bill cosby's sexual assault retrial are going to start deliberating this morning. cosby has repeatedly denied these and other allegations of sexual misconduct. and new details of the suspected driver behind that deadly van attack in toronto. authorities tells nbc news that the 25-year-old alec miss said sannian. and the ordering of continuing the daca programs for hundreds of thousands for deportation. and today, the premium court is set to hear a challenge
6:31 am
against the president's so-called travel ban. now, we're going to check on the markets. oling bell taking place just 49 seconds ago, after a wildly disappointing close yesterday. the dow tanked 400 points. let's take a look. well, here we are, just up a bit this morning. let's bring in dom chu of cnbc. what a ride yesterday. >> what a ride is right. what has to do with it two big themes, one of them is whether or not interest rates continue to rise. if the market reacts negatively to that, that is one of the biggest story out there. may put a clamp down on consumer spending aspects. consumer spending makes up two-thirds. u.s. economy. if people have higher borrowing costs will they buy homes and other things on credit. that remains to be seen. and the other thing,
6:32 am
corporations are neck deep in telling investors how they did this past quarter. one of the big shock waves coming from caterpillar whose cfo said on a conference call they may have seen their best in the first quarter. that send shock waves, stephanie. >> dan, weigh in here, you've got consumer staples down. companies advising us that rising rates could affect them. >> to me, you're walking a fine line here. there's a lot of things priced in markets where you think where the s&p and dow jones was when tax cuts were put in place in january. we had that move. the top of the market was january 26 when we were getting into the meat of the earnings a lot of good news was priced in. here we are, we've kind of been volatile this year. the market is pricing in
6:33 am
geopolitical risk here. >> why now? >> i think obviously the prospects for the house flipping and now we're starting to hear more talk about the senate. you have a situation here where a lot of this deregulation which some investors thought was good news for risk assets may be put to a halt. i think very clearly the markets are underprizing the possibility for a constitutional crisis every day. we have a new scandal that we're talking about on the news and we're forgetting how this other stuff is moving beyond. 2018 is going to be the year of increased volatility. the first year since 2002, i suspect, that the stock market is down -- the second -- the only year that the stock market was down is 2008, so investors are going to have to get a feel for what this new fangled volatility feels like. i guess the other point i would make here, we can trade in a wide range, we can trade with
6:34 am
volatility, it didn't mean that the bull market is tedead. the stock market is down 1.5%. >> but, dom, if the economy is doing so well as the president touts on a daily basis we cannot expect to have safety net feeding us to keep the markets propped up. talk to us about facebook. at the end of the day, it's about advertising dollars. we have not heard about advertisers leaving facebook. or even facebook users leaving en masse. what's to be expected out of earnings today? >> those two points, stephanie, are the ones to watch. beyond the headlines for sales, refer kn revenues, profits. by the way, facebook is going to make double-digit profit growth. these guys are doing well. the issue is whether users are stopping their full blown use of the system. whether or not there are advertisers that could be pulling some of our activity
6:35 am
back again. remember, the last quarter, facebook told us that for the first time since it's been public the number of daily active users in the u.s. and canada actually dropped very marginally between the third quarter and fourth quarter. if that is the beginning of a trend, will investors start to revalue facebook stock? the company's management is going to have a lot to say with regard to how the cambridge analytica scandal, all of that is affecting it. >> the issue is are the regulators stepping in. up next, money and politics. we're going to take a look at the trump brand. specifically the legal fight that the trump has to keep the names around the world.
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if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at hey now, it's my favorite part of the show, money, power, politics. the trump organization is no stranger to litigation but today, we want to talk about a case where the focus is on the trump brand, not the bottom line. next week, representatives of a condo board in new york city will head to court to try to get the words "trump place" taken off a building. despite the fact that the decision isn't going to cost them anything, the trump organization is fighting to keep the sign in place. the president's company has faced similar challenges at properties worldwide. in the summer of 2017, the owner of a trump hotel in toronto bought out the organization arguing trump's politics were hurting their business. same story for the trump soho hotel which the president's
6:40 am
company abandoned last december. hundreds of tenants at three trump branded apartment buildings in manhattan west side got the name dropped shortly after election day. and just weeks ago, the president's name was removed from a hotel in panama after a legal battle. david panfield follows the trump battle like nobody for "washington post." david, let's start in new york, if they still get paid the management, why do they care it if his name is on the building? >> yeah, we asked them, you don't get any money as a result of the name hanging on the side of the building why do you care if it comes dune. the answer from eric, said i want to protect my father's integrity. and there's obviously other reasons there's a bunch of other buildings around the state that are have his name on it where the residents would like to see it taken down.
6:41 am
if it happens once, it will happen again. >> walk me through, some properties are just managed. some have the names on them, what's the difference? >> a lot of the builds, as you say, trump doesn't own. in many places who paid to manage them, has hotels or condos and his name on there. usually, he'd get paid like a dollar 20 years ago to put his name on those. the money he makes off of it now mostly comes from the operations, the management. >> but doesn't all of this matter to trump because it's the value of the name? because if he's licensing his name, he gets paid no matter what. he doesn't take any risk. he didn't have to manage the property. so, the more he can create this value around what his name is worth the more riskless money he can make? >> that's right. what we've seen starting in the mid-2000s the time of "the apprentice," the trump business model before owning things, casinos in atlantic city totally changed and it became selling
6:42 am
his name. that meant a lot of hotels, apartment buildings, things around the world that say trump on them and people think donald trump owns that, and he doesn't. in many cases he doesn't have anything to do with it, but in some cases he gets paid to manage it. but now there are a lot of people who own those buildings who retain the right to take trump's name off if he becomes popular in those areas. >> well, you cover this every day, president trump said on a campaign trail, when he won, he wasn't going to be part of his business. the sons were going to run it. yet, i follow eric and don junior on twitter, i rarely see them tweeting about is real estate. it's all politics all the time. and they rarely go on fox news. is there a separation between the trump brand and the president? >> well, we haven't seen any evidence that trump the president is reaching out telling people, make sure this person stays at my hotels.
6:43 am
you have to remember that eric and don junior didn't promise he'd say out of politics. don senior said he would. eric and don senior dabbling in politics, that's fine. that sort of follows when the administration began. but the trump organization as a whole doesn't seem to be doing much knew. it's fighting and holding on to what it has while they focus on politics. >> which is entirely fair. after they won, they said they're not going to work on new projects outside the country. they are living up to that agreement then. is that true? >> yes, they said they would do no foreign deals. and as far as we can tell, they've abided by that. they're trying to revise long dormant type new deals. they are expanding in places like mississippi. but they have followed that one promise which was no new foreign deals. >> david, thank you so much. >> thank you. up next, the pennsylvania supreme court orders rapper meek
6:44 am
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big talker today. rapper meek mill was released from prison tuesday evening. dateline nbc got the exclusive photo the photo immediately after he got out. the immediate release of the hip-hop star after spending five months in jail for probation violations for conviction on drug and firearms. the probation violation, popping a wheelie at an airport. both charges were dismissed but still found in violation. and for those violations, meek mill was sentenced to four years behind bars. last week, the philadelphia district attorney's office said charges should be vacated over questions of credibility surrounding the arresting officer. meek has received a wide wave of endorsement including jay z, bob kraft, michael rubin and
6:49 am
comedian kevin hart. hart was one of the first people to see the hip-hop star after his release. and the home of the 76ers was one of meek's first stop last night where he rang the bell to kick off game five of the playoffs. scott neal, the ceo of the 76ers. scott, first of all, the 76ers don't normally have big winning runs like. how did this happen? >> third, the third winning franchise of all time but we have been on a bit of a tough slide. your good friends josh and david, they were incredible in getting this thing aligned. on four cylinders, 4-1 victory over the heat in the first time round of the playoffs. we're swimming towards more. it's the start of things to
6:50 am
come. and our favorite son of the philadelphia 76ers in philadelphia to ring the bell which was kind of a ceremonial big thing we do before games. kevin hart rang it in game two. doug two. doug pederson coach of the philadelphia eagles rang it in game one. very fitting that meek would come and ring the bell and the crowd went ballistic. a lot of fun for us tonight. you mentioned michael reuben one of our partners was a driving morse along with jay-z in helping. so it was a great night and celebration. >> what made you decide to do this? >> you know, michael's a good friend of meek's and he's part of the family. he's part of the sixers family. he's bane fan for a long time. he's been to several games and, you know, we thought it was a really tough situation. i don't think there are many situations in the country where you're on probation for ten straight years. so fortunately he's rightfully out and free and we thought he's
6:51 am
such an incredible force for this city and these fans we thought it a great moment for us and for him. >> wow. philadelphia, i mean, the eagles won. there he is in front, he's right next to josh harris. there you are in that picture. kevin hart. what a night. and you can see meek. jason, meek plans to fight to overturn his conviction. how do you think this is all going to go down? >> i think it this is good precedent. we've been writing about this and talking about this is the idea that this happens to less famous people all the time. >> this is a great point. >> you know, poor people of all colors get thrown in jail on redrick cue lous convictions from probations, five, ten, 12 years ago and they don't have robert kraft thend don't have meek mill's money and kevin hart fighting on their behalf. the fact that he said i have this experience but i'm going to fight for other people, i think that's a great move. it will be more memorable than most of his music. >> the question will be how will he fight for other people?
6:52 am
he's going to push to overturn his sentence? what's he going to do beyond that? because he tweet i did understand that many pex color across the country don't have that lex you'rery and i plan to use my platform to shine a light on those issues. >> criminal justice reform is long overdue. we know the racial disparity and if one party over the oth, he refuses to recognize it they're putting their head in the sand. i think it's across the 50 states where you see particularly people incarcerated based on mandatory minimum sentences for small crimes, small possession crimes. and those can't be revisited because of the way the law works. that is where we need leadership in the states to say this is wrong, we need to remedy it, we need to address cases like we saw with meek. >> remember jared kushner had said on the campaign trail to a number of people who were involved in criminal justice reform in new york, he was going to make this a core focus when and if the president won. had he experience because his father was incarcerated but we have not yet seen much happen. i want to share nbc's lester
6:53 am
holt spoke to meek on the phone just a couple weeks ago. listen. >> it was all week i thought in the back of my mind i just hoping probation would bring me back to prison. >> and jay-z says, quote, what's happening to meek mill is just one example of how our criminal justice system entraps and harasses hundreds of thousands of black people every day. what's got to happen in the justice system? >> first off, you have to have real laws in place that are enforced equally, that are enforced consistently. and then when those laws have not been enforced consistently there has to be a way to remedy and make those people whole. just last week we're all talking about starbucks and one of the things that i've mentioned, those two gentleman got arrest tlerd still have arrest records. even if starbucks gives them tons of money, they have arrest records that have to be expunged. think about it. you're a real estate algt, every job you apply for it's going to say you have an arrest record
6:54 am
before it's thrown out. we need to make sure that the people who are thrown into jail malicious aly like meek mill kl be made whole afterwards. him making this a fight is going to make more people in that city -- >> i don't want to pour rain on this. it's inspiring, a good move, last night was a big ceremony. meek mill said when it's time to vote for judge, da's, vote. we're being affected by it. but remember what's happening. president trump is putting a record number of federal judge into those position, most coming directly from the federalist society, under 40, white male judges. so we can celebrate this all we want, those swruths ajudges are be in place forever. >> you can't overlook the politics on this and the republicans have stood in the way of legitimate criminal justice reform. they've looked the other way as we have seen numbers on racial disparity. and it's run of the reasons that
6:55 am
they have only won one of the last seven popular votes in presidential elections, because they're leaving constitch wens sips behind. >> the first step it's your local prosecutors. they got a new federal prosecutor in fwhoifl has pushed forward for criminal justice reform. we saw it in florida, cleveland, it can happen if the has to start locally kbru do anything federally. >> gentlemen, thank you. scott, congratulations. what a win. it was just a couple years argue the best thing the 76ers had was that t-shirt cannon but now you've got a winning team. >> bring the family down. we've got boston and milwaukee next we'd love to have. >> you thanks for joining us. there will be much more on meek mill tonight with lester hold and upcoming date line on msnbc. coming up, president trump himself over 100 immigrants have now arrived at the border to seek asylum. we're going to take there. so he took aleve this morning.
6:56 am
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6:59 am
no matter what there's always good news somewhere and we think good news rules. this story is about teamwork and community. and how could help a fellow human in need. please take a look at that picture. 13 trucks lined up under a bridge in michigan in the middle of the night. why? police were trying to help a suicidal man. they recruited the truck drivers to get underneath the guy to shorten the distance of any fall. after four hours, the man left the bridge and he is receiving
7:00 am
medical help now. one of the truckers who was part of the wall said highway patrolman shook every trucker's hand and thanked them for their contribution. that is extraordinary. those are some great americans. i send good health to that man who's now receiving medical treatment and thank you so much to those truckers. i also want to thank my assistant downtown julie brown because today is professional assistant's day and my sister julie, you're doing god's work. that wraps us up this hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. i hand you off to hallie jackson. hallie, philadelphia 76ers, nice win last night. >> i'm telling you. although i'm more of a football than a basketball fan. i'm a fan of administrative professionals day, so shout out too my mom. this morning, guys, the doctor is in for now. ronnie jackson down but not out with the white house ready for a fight. they are pushing back hard on accusations the president's pick to lead the va is a bad manager,


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