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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 28, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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tonight. i'll going to get a pre rally sandwich. we continue with aaron gilchrist. >> if you're making sandwiches i'll grab one. hello everyone i'm in new york. targeting tester. president trump calls on the montana senator to resign for accusing his former va nominee dr. ronny jackson of misconduct. stalling the storm. a federal judge delays the formy daniels lawsuit for 90 days. why it could be the writing on the wall for president trump's personal attorney. and a pledge for peace. friday's historic korea summit pae pa pae pa paves the way. we begin this hour with the end to a very busy and controversial week for president trump. this morning defending his nominee saying ronny jackson got a raw deal from jon tester of
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montana. president trump tweeted the secret service is un-aable to confirm in fact deny any of the phone now charges that have devastated the family. tester should resign. the great people of montana will not stand for this kind of slander when talking of a great human being. this hour, president trump will depart the white house for michigan to give a campaign-style speech. it's the second straight year he will hold a rally at the same time as the white house correspondents' dinner. joining me now curtis lee, and natasha bertrand. alexi, president trump in a series of tweets went after the senator for what he said about dr. jackson. is the president alone or are others weighing in too?
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in well t >> the interesting thing is he's only going after senator tester and not the others who have supported or sort of said these allegations are something to look into. i think that everyone in the white house is rallying behind ronny jackson so he's not alone in that way but trump knows this is a politically vasavvy and opportunistic thing for him to do. trump is using that sort of political calculus to go after him. >> curtis, how much of the back and forth between trump and tester is really about the v.a. or is his reelection in a state where he won what's at issue? . >> i think that's a key part of it. he does not want to see him elected again. this is a very interesting dynamic. this is kind of old news in a sense with jackson kind of with drawing his name from the field
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on thursday, and i mean why is the white house and why is the president still kind of harping on this issue, and targeting tester. it obviously does seem to look like it's facing toward the november election there in montana. >> and natasha, johnny identify zackson ---said he deserved his day in court. you have to wonder why he didn't stay and fight. >> it is an interesting question he kind of chose to with draw his nomination before he really had the chance to contest the allegations but of course it would have been very problematic and people came forward later and turned out none of the senators really investigated it. it is a matter of wanting to get out in front of it. that's why they made such an issue of it. i think it's also important to remember he was never really qualified to run the v.a. in the
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first place. at his highest position in the white house medical office he oversaw a staff of about 70 people. these allegations definitely tarnished his reputation and who knows what's going to happen in the future. it's worth noting he did soy for 12 years under three presidents and none of these allegations came out then according to available reports. of course, he -- there would have been -- if there had been more vetting done before he was nominated by president trump, who of course liked jackson and that's why he nominated him, then maybe this would have never happened. but of course it's important to remember he didn't have the necessary experience to do in anyway. >> curtis i want to switch gears and talk about michael cohen. we know a judge in california granted a delay he wanted. judge cited the extraordinary nature of a criminal investigation into a sitting president's lawyer. he went on to say he believes cohen will likely be indicted.
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how unusual is a statement like that in a courts analysis of a motion? is what's really putting the judge in a position to be able to telegraph an indictment? >> absolutely. it's really interesting to see a federal judge come out and say the president's personal lawyer could be indicted. obviously the defense wanted this delay in this case for stormy daniels. and it's going to be pushed into july, and it's just one of those things where the president -- this is continues to cloud and hang over the white house. preside it's something that's really interesting to see in these months ahead. obviously stormy daniels' attorney is going to file an appeal. at least he said he would. it will be interesting to see how this plays out. >> natasha, a criminal indictment against cohen would mean what for trump? does this impact him in any way? >> well, it would impact him if cohen decided to try as lesson
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his sentence or punishment by turning on the president and deciding to cooperate with investigators. whether or not -- how much it implicates the president really depends on what materials were seized from cohen's office. i mean we know that president donald trump was one of cohen's only clients. he only had three and the president was one of them. . course the president had said that only a tiny fraction of his legal work was done by michael cowitness and there's a fight going on by the president and michael cohen to determine what is and is not protected by attorney/client privilege. if only a tiny fraction was done by him it's safe to say the bulk of their communication is not protected by that privilege. as they see that a lot of this does have to do with perhaps recordings or documents, with the president's communications and conversations with michael cohen, that that could put him in serious jeopardy as it relates to the stormy daniels fame, payoff to mcduc --
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>> how -- >> i think there's certainly concern because michael cohen is very close to trump and indictment against him would bring all of this one step closer to the president himself. i mean cohen has always referred to himself as trump's fixer, and now he is the very problem that trump can't seem to get rid of. i think it would be unwise for the white house not to take this seriously, especially in the telling statement that the judge said, noting that this is likely. >> i can't help but wonder, we talk about the notion that natasha said cohen might flip on the president. given the loyalty that he's declared to him, do you really see a circumstance, natasha where that could really be a possibility? >> well, everyone's loyalty, i think reaches a limit, especially when you're facing jail time. i mean michael coone has a
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family. he does not want to serve years and years in prison and i'm sure he did not dot all the i's and dot all the t's in the business past so there's certainly things they could potentially get him on. but there's also the fact that donald trump has not been loyal to michael cohen. during the campaign, and then in the administration, michael cohen was expecting a place. he wanted to be -- he wanted steve bannon's job. he wanted to be chief of staff in the white house and he was always kind of just at the margins of everything that donald trump was doing during the campaign and into the white house. of course, michael coohen was edging him to run for president for years, when donald trump actually did run for president and didn't give michael cohen a spot, he was understandably frustrated. whether or not he harbors resentment over that and maybe if urged by prosecutors to act on that, it remains to be seen. it doesn't matter if he flips
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because the prosecutors already have so many document that is could incriminate trump on its own. >> the president mentioned stormy daniels by name on fox and friends. i want you to hear what he had to say about michael cohen. >> percentage my overall legal work, a tiny fraction, but, michael would represent me and represent me on some things. he represents me with this crazy stormy daniels deal. he represented me -- >> so, curtis, we hear that. we hear about this sort of distancing from michael cohen. do you think that distance to be the reason cohen eventually might turn on the president? >> that very well could be. i mean the president is certainly -- he hasn't really jumped into this issue with stormy daniels. obviously he had the fox interview where he noted it. and this distance and this concern that cohen might flip is something that obviously you'd
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think the white house is concerned about. but it remains to be seen. >> all right. aelection thank you all. still ahead this afternoon, the russia report. house republicans released their investigation into russia's meddling in the election. despite democrat objections. and new questions about the russian lawyer who attended that 2016 meeting at trump tower. why her ties appear to go much deeper than previously revealed. i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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house intelligence committee republicans have released the fine fall report finding no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. democrats of course dispute that conclusion. report largely exonerates the president and his campaign while merely faulting top members, donald trump junior and others for poor judgment meeting with the russian attorney. there are now new questions about that attorney. did she have closer ties to the russian government than she previously led on. nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel spoke to her in an nbc news exclusive. >> natalia veselnitskaya came to that 2016 meeting to see donald trump jr., senior adviser jared kushner and then campaign chairman paul manafort. she was introduced in an e-mail as a russian government attorney bringing dirt on hillary
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clinton. but she told us a month ago that was a misunderstanding. >> even testifying before a senate committee, she said i operate independently of any governmental bodies. but listen to what she's telling us now about her ties to the chief prosecutor of russia. >> when we spoke to her, we brought with us previously undisclosed leaked e-mails. >> what were you discussing in these e-mails and with whom? >> the e-mails were released today by a russian website named the dossier project. tied to a prominent critic of vladimir putin. nbc news cannot verify the authenticity of the e-mails, but in them, she appears to be
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communicating with a russian prosecutor dictating edits to a russian government response to a 2014 request for information by u.s. prosecutors. e-mails raising more questions about her background. as the special counsel look the at that trump tower meeting. >> that's what this is all about. only w only reason i'm asking these questions is because of the contact you had with the most senior people who are now in our government. nbc's richard engel reporting there. for more on this and other new developments in the russian investigation let's bring in the panel. former nation security counsel spokesman for president obama and ns nbc national security analyst ned price and former u.s. attorney and barbara
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mcquaid. >> what was your biggest takeaway? >> in some ways we shouldn't be surprised. let's remember, as the report point the out how we were first introduced to this lawyer. she was described in the e-mails that don jr. turned over many months ago as a russian government attorney working on part on behalf of the russian government efforts to elect donald trump. it's in some ways shouldn't be news that she is now owning up to the fact that she was a russian government eight. in her words an informant for the russian prosecutor general. so i think that we should greet this as something we have long known in some ways. >> barbara, based on what we just heard, do you see any new legal vulnerabilities for members of the trump campaign involved in that meeting? >> i think it makes that meeting all the more interesting and more significant. they have tried to portray it as
1:18 pm
a misunderstanding, didn't get anything out of it and just to talk about adoptions. i think it will cause further scrutiny of that meeting and what was the purpose there. no doubt, just as we've seen time and time again, robert mueller knows a lot more about this than the public does, this release of e-mails through a russian website. it's quite possible that robert mueller already has that through the national security apparatus and is able to know the full extent of her involvement with the russian government. so i do think it provides a closer link between the trump campaign and the russian government to establish some sort of collusion in the election. >> we've talked about this a little bit earlier yesterday. in ed we know the republicans released the final report from the russian investigation essentially exonerating the president and his campaign of all the collusion allegations. barbara, does that report to you have any really legal value at this point with the past reports, memos and finger
1:19 pm
pointing? >> no. i think this is more political theater than anything. it's a shame because congressional investigations can be a great source for the public display of what's the truth. but when they have failed to do so many things including probably the biggest task of figuring out how the elections were interfered with and how to prevent that from happening again, but so many other things, so many people they did not interview lie reince priebus, sean spicer, kellyanne conway. so many documents they let off the hook with these sort of assertions of executive privilege that i don't think it makes a whole lot of difference. i think the real investigation is the one being conducted by robert mueller. in many ways maybe it's good to let this off the stage and let him focus on his work without this distraction. >> and ned, i'll ask you to weigh in on that same appointment. we know the house democrats are strongly pushing back on this report. they're arguing there are still
1:20 pm
a lot of witnesses. congressional investigation sort of dissolving into that fight back and forth. is it more meaning full to wait for something to come from the mueller investigation at this point? >> i would certainly agree with barbara. we've long known this was a report with a forgone conclusion, namely there was no collusion and that republicans have been looking for evidence to support that forgone conclusion. what is surprising to me is exactly what barbara was saying, where they didn't bother to look. four individuals who have either pleaded in this case, or who have been indicted. if it you're not going to speak to people who have some semblance of guilt you're probably not going to find the nefarious activity in the first place. they also did not issue subpoenas. most of the subpoenas were not issued against targets for collusion. they were issued as part of the
1:21 pm
pet projects, the counter investigation, so called that chairman nunes and mike conway took on. the effort to tar christopher steele. and there was a very interesting t tidbit buried. namely the notion don jr. received a call from a blocked number just as he was setting up this meeting. and the republicans failed to subpoena those records to determine if that blocked number was his father. now president president trump. we know president trump during that time used such a blocked number. there's certainly a possibility that donald trump hasn't been truly in claiming he was in the aware of that meeting. that would be a real game changer yet the republicans failed to pursue that path as they did so many others. >> we have yet to see what comes out of the senate investigation into the same issue. i want do ask you, barbara,
1:22 pm
about christopher wylie. we know he was interviewed by house democrats on capitol hill. during a tv appearance after that he said no republicans showed up for this interview. if you were involved, would it be unusual not to interview someone like him? >> yeah. such a big important part of this was the use of social media. and to not participate in the interview i think just is another example that demonstrate that is this is really just about political theater and not about a quest for the truth. not only do we want to blame people and suggest president trump or his circle did anything wrong but understanding how the election was interefeared with and prevent it from happening again. it really undermines public confident in the work done by the committee. >> last thought, rudy giuliani, the new lawyer joining the trump team reportedly reopened negotiations for robert mueller
1:23 pm
to interview president trump smart prove? >> i think so. it's his opportunity to explain his side of the story and so the risky part here is just the way we've all seen president trump talk. he is prone to hyperbole. lying to someone like robert mueller can be in itself a crime. but i think if he really wants president trump to talk to him, he has the subpoena power to do it. in a more hostile environment in a grand jury room where the lawyer would not be presideent. if giuliani kw negotiate something where the lawyer is present. it seems like an opportunity if you can navigate those waters telling the truth. >> we appreciate your time today. thanks. still ahead, deliberate diversion. for the second time president trump skips out on the
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industry. wait until you see what we do for michigan. a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving america and we will stop this jobs from leaving michigan. that i can tell you 100%. >> that was candidate trump making michigan his last campaign stop before winning the election. president trump scheduled to appear tonight and tout his economic achievements, tweeting looking forward to being in the great state of michigan, major business expansion and jobs pouring into your state. michigan's economy has bounced back in recent years but a ix med bag. unemployment 4 hnt 7% slightly higher than the national average. parts of the state have enjoyed double digit economic growth but compared to other states michigan slipped from ninth place in 2005 to 12th place in 2017. after seven straight years of
1:29 pm
gains auto sales were down 2%. nbc's blake mccoy is in washington michigan. blake, we know the president expects a big crowd tonight. what do you expect? >> reporter: well, we're seeing the starts of a big crowd right now. doors open in about 30 minutes. that's the venue. an athletic complex. you can see folks lining up waiting to go through security. they've been out since early this morning hoping to get close enough to the stage when the president arrives. he's going to be speaking at 7:00 tonight. this is meant as counter programming to the white house correspondents' dinner going on in washington, d.c. the president will be speaking here at 7:00. a few hours before that he's going to be speaking in front of a friendly crowd here getting his message out. we know he's going to be talking about the economy, jobs, tax cuts, messages that really resonate with average people here in middle america. some other issue that is we're going to be watching for to come
1:30 pm
up in the speech. peace talks between north and south korea. he's also been tweeting about the russia investigation, the house just wrapped up its investigation on friday. no collusion in the words of president trump. and then of course the failed nomination of his doctor ronny jackson to head the v.a. those are things that could come up tonight. why is president trump skipping the white house correspondents' dinner and coming here instead in this is the second year in a row he skipped that. in a fund raising email he said why would i want to be stuck in a room with a bunch of fake news liberals that hate me. i'm going to spend the aying with my favorite deplorable the who love our movement apt love america. >> see him there in michigan and the events happening in washington. thank you. and stay with msnbc for live coverage of president trump's rally that starts at 7:00 p.m.
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eastern and stick around for msnbc coverage of the white house correspondents' dinner. coming up, referral denied. president trump goes back to the drawing board to find a new v.a. secretary. and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are sounding off about the white house vetting process. plus. plus, scott pruitt faces growing calls for his resignation after he tries to defend himself against a hoes of allegations on capitol hill. but as it grew bigger and bigger, it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet?
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ronny jackson, admiral, doctor, it one of the finest men that i've met over the last long period of time. high quality. high quality family. false accusations that were made about him by senator tester from a great state, i don't think that state is going to put up with it. >> president trump is still standing by his pick to head the department of veterans affairs, admiral ronny jackson withdrew his name on thursday after uncorroborated allegations of drunkenness and recklessly prescribing drugs. this the president tweeted this. dr. jackson is one of the cabinet can tro versies rocking
1:36 pm
the white house this week. scott pruitt faced lawmakers on thursday following allegations of ethics violations. former cia director mielk pompeo was confirmed after a rough process. joining me now former executive director of the new york state democratic party and a senior fell lo fell fellow. i'll start with you. i want to hear what the president had to say about ronny jackson yesterday. listen. >> to make statements of things that most people said never happened, never even happened. calling him names was, to me, a disgrace. an absolute disgrace. and i think it's something we learn from. i called him today. i said in a certain way you're in a very big way you're an american hero. because you've exposed a system
1:37 pm
for some horrible things. >> so a lot of the allegations are serious but uncorroborated. what does this tell us about the white house vetting process? from it says they don't have much of a vetting process at all. we know from the past that you can certainly see it here that the president privileges loyalty over merit or over qualifications for the actual job. as long as you're loyal to the president, you'll get his full support. that's problematic because there are americans that firmly believe in the role our stu institutions still play. when you have folks leading these. you saw that with the previous secretary of state. and you see it in scott pruitt. there are morale issues in these department the. you want these individuals to be able to carry out the jobs that they are supposed to be doing. but when you have this kind of leadership and when you have this sort of back and forth at the highest levels it impedes
1:38 pm
that progress. >> jackson is a long list of failures, why do you think the confirmation process has been so challenging for this white house? >> because president trump is a genius at doing the fighting part of politics. of the in fact, that's one of his chief calling cards and some people in the republican base like that. they say he fights and that's great. what he doesn't really know how to do is the spade work of leadership, where you have to vet people before you appoint them to high ranking positions. you have to do it not just for the sake of the country, making sure that the person you've nominated is qualified, and not just so that you will avoid embarrass. the such as the administration has now suffered in in jackson story but also for the sake of a nominee. this has not been fair to jackson. i agree with the president as far as that goes. these are uncorroborated
1:39 pm
accusations. some may have been false and have been trotted out in public. he doesn't deserve that. he deserved a fairer process. but i will that the president's tendency to make this a political fight with jon tester, the democratic senator responsible for leaking some of these accusations is interesting, considering it was done with the full cooperation of a republican senator, johnny isakson. >> but given the fact that the accusations were taken seriously but some may not have a lot of merit, should dr. jackson have stayed and fought, gone to the eventual hearing and said these are baseless lies and defended that. >> i'll take her point and say these are tough experiences for individual nominees, and this is not just a situation where the
1:40 pm
president says this is a person i want and a person shows up on capitol hill. there are strategies, people that consult on trying to get people actually passed through this process. when you don't have that in place, when you don't have a thorough vetting process, when you don't construct a campaign around a nominee, it becomes difficult to get over that hamp. i imagine that if none of that is in place and he doesn't want to continue to put his family through this i can't imagine why he would go through the process. let's talk about scott pruitt. he didn't show any remorse for his spending habits when he was asked by lawmakers. i want to play a piece of sound. >> yes or no. >> to live in a way -- do you have any remorse? gli think there are changes i made already that im chaed from -- sir -- >> are you going to reimburse? >> travel office, and the security team determine where i sit on a plane and all trips i've taken with respect to epa
1:41 pm
dollars have been for official trips. >> with all due respect i may be elected but i'm not a fool. that's really a lousy answer from someone ha has a high position in the federal government. >> so what's your take on pruitt's strategy here. >> there isn't any. he needs coaching. that's the bottom line. truth is we've seen this also with ben carson, that sort of wasteful spending, blaming it on other people. depletes morale. but at the same time, again, this goes back to how the president chooses his nominees, doesn't vet them thoroughly. these aren't individuals that necessarily care deeply about public service. maybe they do but there are rules and constraints, ethics violations for example you have to be mindful of. a transparency and accountability you have to take into consideration and these are individuals that either haven't been coached about the importance of that or don't care.
1:42 pm
and one way or another, it keeps the departments and these institutions from woudoing the work. >> in pruitt's cases' been called on to resign. how do you go back and -- people pe feel like they've been thrown under the bus. >> that's true. hopefully he will come to a point where he either sees he can't stay because he doesn't have the confidence of his staff, or he'll find a way to sort of wholly sort of change the culture of the department. but the truth is i don't know if that's going to happen and if you're constantly having to answer to the president who demands your loyalty, will that even be an option. >> i want to take a look at some of the allegation that is pruitt is facing now. we'll put it up on the screen. excessive travel expenses, $43,000 for a soundproof booth. condo rentals linked to lobbyist. treme of employees. is this a gross violation of public trust or sort of business as usual with the exception of a really bright spot light this
1:43 pm
time? >> well, i had not about of this heard of a cone of silence being installed in a cabinet member's office. but look, i'm willing to indulge the idea and i think there's probably some truth to it that he is getting a much harder time than say an obama administration official who had committed similar kinds of offenses would because he has so ail yents nated a very powell constituency, namely the epa itself and all the people who are cordial to the epa's strong agenda on climate change, which he does not agree with. so he gets a huge amount of extra scrutiny from the press. but, you know, he also invites this kind of hostile relationship by being very combative. that's what president trump encourages in all of his appointees. that's what he likes to see. but i think you see here the down side.
1:44 pm
look, pruitt has refused to answer the "new york times'" phone calls. he has frozen out environmentalists from meetings and told them that he really isn't interested in what they have to say. and that is leading to a huge backlash and maybe some of the nitpicking about his spending is a little bit partisan and maybe someone else wouldn't have gotten into as much trouble over it, but i think it's an object lesson that you can have strong views and you can have an ideological point of view, but if you send the signal that you have contempt for the other side, you're going to pay for it. >> the inspector general at the epa announced he would open a new review into scott pruitt. what's the likelihood that he might face some sort of disciplinary action or consequences in the face of these allegations? >> he may face some disciplinary
1:45 pm
action. i don't know what that looks like. i don't know if at the end of the day it really matters whether or or not president trump thinks he can still do the job because as mona and i agree, the president likes to see people combative because they remind him of himself. and he likes to believe that these people are constantly fighting for him, going back to this point about loyalty. i think as long as pruitt continues to behave in the way he does he'll get cover from the white house. >> we'll leave it there. we appreciate your time. thanks. >> thank you. coming up, you're welcome. president trump takes credit for the historic summit between north and south korea. can he keep the momentum going ahead of his big meeting with kim jong-un? th recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up! - anncr: thankfully, prevagen helps your brain and improves memory. - dad's got all the answers.
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of growth opportunities in up markets, while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so they can focus on new things like exotic snacks. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife. president trump tweeting this morning about a planned meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un later this year, saying, quote, just had a long and very good talk with president moon of south korea. things are going very well, time and location of meeting with north korea is being set. trump's comments come after the leaders of north and south korea met for a historic summit on
1:50 pm
friday. they declared an end to decades long war. joining me now is former new mexico joining me is bill richardson, former ambassador to the u.n., and he has negotiated with the north koreans in the past. governor richardson, thank you for being here. the two koreas -- >> thank you, aaron. >> the two koreas have set out a bold set of goal, but will the leaders be able to achieve a final peace and no nuclear arm s on the peninsula? >> well, i think that what happens now is that the momentum which is good towards president trump's summit, and there are three areas, aaron that bother me, and even though this is a historic summit, and the tone was set positively, one is nuclear-free peninsula in the statement. what does that mean about american nuclear ships and aircraft on the peninsula? that is a treaty with south korea, and secondly,
1:51 pm
denuclearization, and the south koreas have a plan, and the south koreans are saying step-by-step, north korea, if you disengage on the nuclear weapons here, we will give you a trade benefit, but the u.s. administration position is clear. denuclearization, and total denuclearization, and until then, we leave the sanction, and until then, we will give you something in return, but that is a wide gap that has to be narrowed before the summit. >> there are reports that the geologists is claim nag the north korean nuclear site has collapsed. how much weight should we put on the kim's claims, and is this a move that he is makeing as resut noft being able to make any other move? >> yeah. i mean, this is what the north koreans do. the young byung facility was
1:52 pm
destroyed in the bush day, and e most of the materiel and the missiles and the uranium are in hidden sites underground, but it does not surprise me that the site may have been decimated and this is why kim jong-un is giving it up. now, kim jong-un, and you have to give him credit, because he is leading the negotiations with south korea, with the president, and i meanings he has gone from being an international pariah into an international diplomat. you have to watch them, because they are very good at the international press and posturing, and so it is important for the president to be prepared and that he rely on the secretary of the state who seems to have a knowledge of kim jong- jong-un, and he has met him which is positive, but a lot has to be done between now and the summit. a lot of spade work or otherwise this the summit is not going to
1:53 pm
be positive. >> i am interested in wanting to know your thinking of the optics. we saw the summit friday and the pictures coming from it it, and the smiles and the handshakes and the hand holding, and a really big difference from the threats of war that we are used to hearing from kim. why do you think that there is a sudden change, and why now? well, i think that, aaron, those are very effective not just for the people of south and north korea, but the easing of t tension, but it is a good setup for the trump summit, and why is kim jong-un doing it? one, he wants to stay in power. he does not want the u.s. messing with with him or anyone else. secondly, he wants the sanctions lifted, because they are hurting him and especially the ones that china is enforcing, and third, he likes the fact this he is dealing with the president of the united states, and the north koreans always told me, look, we are the ones who should make the deals in asia and we are the big power, and then lastly, i think that he wants to set himself up on the denuclearization issue. i don't believe he is ready to
1:54 pm
do it, but he is ready to put freezes and limitations on the missiles, and nuclear materiel and so he is posturing. he is putting out positive vibrations to protect himself at a time when there there is negotiations. and he is also doing someelthin else ta that is skillful, and getting the south koreans the a allies and not really on his side, but the the south koreans are basically saying that look, we can't have total denuclearizati denuclearization, and let's do it step by step and they did agree to the peninsula no nuclear weapons in the peninsula, and that is contrary to the treaty with the united states. we have ships and aircraft there with the nuclear materiel, but these are issues that could be nar rode. look, it is a good thing. >> and you noted yourself, we have to watch them. and you said that kim has a history of seeking cooperation with the south, and brokering the deals and then breaking them. and how are the new overtures different from the past?
1:55 pm
>> well, most of the deals, aaron, were his father and grandfather. you know, the the deals that the bush and the clinton administration did were with his father, and this is the first time we have a potential deal with kim jong-un, and now, this man is, you know, we know how much he loves the power. he assassinates his half brother. and you know, his family members that are a threat. but, you know, i think that in the end, what he wants is some kind of deal where he may be relinquishes some of the nuclear wep with pons in exchange for economic growth. his country is in tatters, and it is a gu lag, and people are starving. maybe that is the deal he wants, but we have to watch hichlt i hope that the president is prepare and we have a strategy instead of tweeting, and although the tweets have gotten a lot better. >> former governor and u.s. ambassador u.n., bill
1:56 pm
richardson, and sir, we ap preesht yat your time-- we appr your time. >> thank you. and the put on hold, the judge delays the lawsuit against michael cohen with stormy daniels for 90 days. what is to come with the president's personal attorney? ve in its class according to alg. better than cr-v. better than rav4. better than rogue. an adventure that starts with a subaru forester will always leave you smiling. get 0% apr financing on the 2018 subaru forester. let's do an ad of a man eating free waffles at comfort inn. they taste like victory because he always gets the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed, when he books direct at or just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at hello. let's go for a ride on a
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welcome back. i'm aaron gilchrist at the msnbc headquarters in new york city. happening now, president trump is on the way to macomb county, michigan and in a couple of hours he is going to participate
2:00 pm
in a campaign-type rally, and in the speech he touted the state's economy and touting major business expansion and jobs pouring into the state, and autocompanies are expanding. and you can see him taking off from joint base andrews en route to the detroit area, and for second straight year, the president is going to skip the white house correspondents dinner. blake mccoy is in washington, michigan for us, and what do you expect to hear from the president? >> well, we have made it from outside of the sports arena to inside now. and as the president's tweet alluded to, he is going to be talking about the economy, and how he feels that he has been able to help everyday working americans who helped to elect him, and he is going to be talk about the economy and the tax cuts and also, president trump is very comfortable in e


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