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tv   Kasie DC  MSNBC  April 29, 2018 4:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ welcome to "kasie d.c." i'm kasie hunt. we are live from washington every sunday night from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. eastern. tonight a tale of two cities. the president savors his trip to washington township while the washington press core wakes up with a hang over. angus king in the senate has plenty of work to do. the senator joins us live. and governor john kasich, we'll talk about what everyone feels.
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can baker succeed where johnny man sell failed? ronny jackson withdrew his nomination to be the next va secretary will not be returning in his role as the president's personal physician. two senior administration officials, nbc news has not confirmed that reporting. jackson faced intense criticism this week after the top democrat on the senate veterans affairs committee, jon tester, released a document summarizing allegations against jackson by current and former colleagues. those allegations included overprescribing pills, drinking on the job, and creating a hostile work environment. president trump responded in a tweet yesterday writing, quote, secret service has just informed me that senator jon tester's statements on admiral jackson are not true. here's what the president had to say at his rally last night in michigan. >> senator jon tester of a really great place, montana, who voted, by the way, in favor of
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sanctuary cities who is weak on the border, didn't vote for tax cuts, he took a gentleman who is a truly high-quality human being, and what they said about him -- this is a high-quality individual like they would love in montana, and tester started throwing out things that he's heard. well, i know things about tester that i could say, too. [ applause ] and if i said them, he'd never be elected again. >> again, so far only politico reporting this. i want to welcome my panel in to talk more about all of it. politics reporter for the daily beast and msnbc dribber betsy woodruff. national political reporter for action yo, jonathan swan. white house reporter for the associated press kathryn louis i and nbc correspondent jeff bennett. welcome all. after i know what has been quite
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a weekend. jonathan swan -- >> went very well, didn't it? everything was perfect. >> i heard that. pitch perfect. >> we'll talk more about that in a second. i know you had been doing a lot of reporting on ronny jackson. this is somebody the president very much liked personally. what's kind of been going on behind the scenes? i know you're still working on confirming this report. >> i can't confirm the specific report, but what i can tell you is one of the reasons why jackson didn't withdraw immediately was there are a number of people inside the white house, including the president, who saw political advantage in them kind of leaving him there, hanging sort of in the wind because the more that democrats pile on, they thought a lot of these allegations were false, particularly the one about him getting drunk and crashing a government vehicle. >> that's what he was talking about in the tweet on saturday. said the secret service said it was false. >> that is provable. the theory among some, not all in the white house, was could be very politically advantageous. you have jon tester who is a key red state democrat, a state that
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they really want to win putting all these accusations out there. and if some of them, particularly the big ones turnout to be false, they could use this as a political weapon. >> kathryn louisy, i was surprised tessier went so far out in the public eye. he's not someone we see in public cameras. he did open himself up, especially as jonathan says, some of these are not proven. >> the president is going to go really, really hard on him and the white house sees an opening here for someone who has not given them a lot of opening so far and is well liked in his state. they think this is something they can target. i think then also in terms of jackson, we're still trying to figure out what's going on here. although they had never said that he would return as the personal physician last week. >> right. i mean, i will say first of all, if the president does have information that will mean tester never gets elected again, i'm sure mitch mcconnell would like to be in on that information. he's throwing out rumor and
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innuendo. >> the fact that the president is blaming everyone else for this bungled process, he has to confirm someone or nominate someone. they are pointing the finger at the president for not properly vetting ronny jackson when the president says he's a high-quality individual. what's so interesting about that is my conversations with former obama administration officials and former trump administration officials who know and have worked with roni yak son sny ja the same thing. they blame the president for letting him be in the wind. >> did you hear the one about the white house correspondents' dinner? some people thought it wasn't very funny. >> boredom is probably my biggest worry for life after congress. luckily boehner texted me the other day and he said he found something that helps him chill out. something to do with grass. i don't really know.
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anyway -- >> anyway. the president also skipped the event for a second time. it used to be, this dinner, the kind of thing donald trump loves to go to. there he is. you see him. people in black ties, celebrities, journalists, even a touch of class. no more. ever the tv producer he counter programmed an event in washington township michigan and at times he and comedian michelle wolf found similar grist for the mill. >> and they said, donald trump has won the state of michigan, remember that? [ cheers and applause ] >> it is kind of crazy that the trump campaign was in contact with russia when the hillary campaign wasn't even in contact with michigan. [ laughter ] >> you know, in the old days when the newspapers used to write, they put names down. today they say, sources have said that president trump -- sources. they never say who the source is. they don't have sources.
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the sources don't exist. >> you guys are obsessed with trump. did you used to date him? because you pretend like you hate him, but i think you love him. i think what no one in this room wants to admit is that trump has helped all of you. he couldn't sell steaks or vodka or water or college or ties or eric. [ laughter ] but he has helped you. he's helped you sell your papers and your books and your tv. you help create this monster and now you're profiting off of him. and if you're gonna profit off of trump, you should at least give him some money because he doesn't have any. >> that is more or less where the comparisons end for some people last night represented the cynical low point of what has been a caustic couple of years. for some, though, just another day in 2018.
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betsy, this was supposed to be in some ways a bit of a reproach month for the press and the white house. the president himself not attending. last year none of his aides did. last night sarah sanders sitting at the podium at the head table with the journalists where we heard nasty attacks from the immediates. >> there caustic remarks going after sarah sanders going after her accent and makeup. i think it's significant also that matt and mercedes schlapp, a member of the president trump white house, left in the middle of the comedy routine. if there was to be some come to jesus moment between the press and core that didn't happen last night. margaret sullivan has a comment out in the washington post saying we should stop having the dinners altogether which is close to no longer being a minority opinion. >> the president of the white house correspondent's association saying we thought sarah sanders handled herself
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with incredible grace in the face of what she continued to sit there. jonathan swan, do you think thsz the beginning -- we've had the conversation in the past whether this benefits democracy, scholarships for kids who will go on to work in the field, protect the first amendment and all of that. but it seems to have gone rather sideways. >> i'm all for the scholarships. scholarships are great. we should keep raising money for them. i'm kind of allergic to the whole dinner. not only the sort of comedy which was in my view not particularly funny, but also just the self-congratulatory incestous nature. i'm down for dinner. >> michelle wolff at the outset said she's not a political comedian. she's not from the world of washington so her act was not designed for the people in the room. i thought it was designed to gin
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up controversy. she's promoting her netflix show. she certainly succeeded in that regard. the white house correspondents association which i happen to be a member wants to avoid this perennial hand wringing they should find a safer comedian, larry the cable guy or wayne brady or like john than said, forego the same thing. >> defenders of the dinner would say it is more than about the comedian. it is about fellowships and all about celebrating the first amendment. we heard a lot of that from margaret during her remarks about the work that everyone in the white house press core is doing. and so i think there will be a bigger conversation how to balance those goals with what kind of comedy or entertainment you really want to have at the dinner. >> absolutely. well, let's change gears a little bit because you may remember that last week the president turned heads during a sprawling interview on fox news. >> you take a poll at the fbi. i love the fbi. the fbi loves me. but the top people at the fbi
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headed by comey were crooked. you look at mccabe where he takes $700,000 from somebody supporting hillary clinton. and you look at the corruption at the top of the fbi. it's a disgrace. and our justice department, which i try and stay away from, but at some point i won't. our justice department should be looking at that kind of stuff, not the nonsense of collusion with russia. there is no collusion with me and russia. and everyone knows it. >> we'd talk to you all day but it looks like you have a million things to do. i hope you get -- mr. president >> thank you so much for being with us. >> it's not clear he had a million other things to do. but even after nearly 30 minutes on the phone with his favorite show, it seemed like, as you could hear there, that the president had more that he wanted to say. and last night back on the trail in michigan, he seemed to finish the thought. >> take a look at the intelligence agencies. and what about -- hey, and what about comey? did you watch him on the
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interviews? um, um, um. what about comey? the two lovers, right? lisa, lisa and strzok. lisa and peter. look at how many of those top officials were fired or removed. and they should be out of here. and what about the guy that took $700,000 for his wife's campaign? nobody even talks about it. nobody even talks about it. i'll tell you why. i've been talking about it for a long time. and if our justice department was doing the right thing, thoo they'd be a lot tougher right now on those people. >> so, i want to take a second and kind of walk through all of this. he said in that fox news interview, at some point he won't cease, in his mind he says -- i try not to go after the department of justice, but at some point i'm going to stop doing that and i'm going to go after them. what kind of danger, kathryn
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lucy, does this represent? if americans cannot trust that there is justice to be had in a country that is supposed to have the rule of law, what are we left with? >> that's a pretty horrible question, kasie. the president is frustrated with his department of justice. he has been. he's frustrated with the attorney general. and he's clearly trying to sort of sow these seeds of doubt about it. as you can see with this fox interview, with the rally, he wants to do more of them, he's only going to amp up this message. it isn't going to go a what. the other thing we've heard consistently, it goes beyond d.o.j. he's been increasingly frustrated since the michael cohen raid, that investigation. he feels personally targeted there. and this is really added to his privately and publicly. >> is that what we're seeing jonathan swan? what is your view from behind the scenes? >> it's possible. this is a rhetorical pattern. it's not just with the justice department. he does it with everything. he basically makes a big threat and leaves it out there, makes
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people feel uncomfortable. oftentimes he retreats to a fairly conventional part. he's done it on afghanistan, syria, nafta. >> the stakes are particularly high. >> of course they are. so are they with north korea. we were on the verge of nuclear apocalypse. when i was saying my button is bigger than your button. now we're going for a peace talk. he's been threatening to fire the leadership of the justice department for a long time. he still hasn't done it. i know he wants to, but his lawyers are telling him if you do this, it's the beginning of the end of your presidency so maybe you shouldn't. >> so, betsy, he's essentially listening to that counsel. what is the president -- does he feel as though this would be the beginning of the end of his presidency? have they been able to successfully tell him that these are the consequence? >> the fact that he hasn't fired any of these people would indicate at least for the time being he's taking their advice. he clearly either has a poor grasp of the some of characters in play here or just has been
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ignoring news reports. in that tape you play he refers to lisa page and peter strzok, these two lovers involved in one of the investigations of him. my colleagues and i obtained the latest text messages between page and strzok. of course they go after president trump. they go after -- one of them suggested wanting to leave the fbi because she was so concerned about trump's leadership. so the president is correct in saying there was criticism of him. what the president didn't say which is pretty vital context, they go after a whole host of political actors. they criticized eric holder, they criticized hillary clinton, they criticized bernie sanders. it runs the gamut. these are people who were interested in politics but weren't particularly mart san. that said the president has been able to weapon ize this investigation on capitol hill in a way that is unfair to the people involved. >> we're just getting started on a packed night of "kasie d.c." tonight. just ahead signs of headway in korea as the president gets his man to take over the state department. and later, congressman beto o'rourke will size up his bid to
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ohio governor john kasich tried to distinguish himself in the massive 2016 primary field by being a voice of reason. when i sat down with him today, we talked about whether he would try to it again in 2020 and whether that message will be better received in his own party now. >> well, you know i was thinking about this. first of all, everybody said they wanted to rip up the iran deal. i said no, no, we need to see how iran does and whether they abide by the deal. i'm the only one saying that. 15 million hispanics who came here illegally, put them on a bus and ship them out. that's not practical. or we could balance the budget by going after waste, fraud and abuse. it was like, or i expanded medicaid because i thought the people who were drug addict and had mentally ill ought to get help. when i think back on that, that was pretty weird, you know. so why it was weird because i was really articulating in some
4:21 pm
respects traditional, you know, mashl not totally traditional republican views, but that's not what the country wanted back then. >> what is traditional republican -- what are traditional republican views now? >> around long enough to have actually known and was here when ronald reagan was president. everybody talks about saint reagan, we all love him. what was he? well, he could make compromise when it was necessary. he was pragmatic. made a deal with tip o'neal, we all know that about. he was pro immigrant. he was pro trade. he was -- you know, he was a growth guy. everybody should win, not just those at the top, but those at the bottom. >> it doesn't sound like president trump's republican party to me. >> well, is it trump's republican party? where is the party? i think the party has left me. i don't think i've left the party. >> do you still consider yourself a republican? >> oh, yeah, yeah. kasie, here's the thing that's
4:22 pm
amazing. me, i'm not conservative enough. well, we have a balanced budget with very high ratings in ohio. we're running a $2 billion surplus. there are now one-half million ohioans working who didn't have a job when i came in, but we are also helping people who struggle. whether they're mentally ill or drug addicted who were pro immigrant. if immigrants don't want to live somewhere in america, come to ohio. we like to have you there. what's wrong with that? what's wrong with caring about people? what's wrong with lifting people? and what's wrong with balancing budgets, running surpluses and creating jobs? what am i missing about -- >> you tell me. >> i don't have any idea. it's the weirdest thing. why would somebody -- and first of all, i think today, honestly, there's two poles. there's the hard left and there's the hard right. and they don't want to hear anything, any information that disagrees with their position. but there is a vast ocean, i believe, in the middle and it is
4:23 pm
filled with people who i hope who i believe are rational, objective and seek the truth because you know we're in a post-truth environment where we can't even agree that you and i ever sat here. some people would argue, right? if you can get that, i don't care whether you're republican, democrat, liberal. once we get folks there, we can meet all our issues. >> you're arguing for some sort of challenge to this powerpoint, or at least you're saying there would be room for somebody in that middle. >> well, i don't know. i have no idea. i wouldn't want to waste my time or my friends' time, my family's time. and, you know, i don't know what i'm going to do on that. i'm more worried -- this is what's hard for people -- >> are you thinking about it? >> in this town -- no, all i'm thinking about is all my option s are on the table. i don't know what i'm going to do. i have no clue. i have no idea what i'm going to do when i leave my current job. but because i speak out and i say these things, people think, well, he must be running for something. see, it's like no good deed --
4:24 pm
>> you are a politician. >> -- goes unpunished. some people say i've drifted more towards philosophy than politics. if you saw my state of the state address, i'm probably the only governor make a speech where i didn't brag about any accomplishments. i've talking about virtue. i'm talking about us, you know, going back and discovering and you saw some of this on the campaign trail, that i believe that the lord -- you don't have to agree with me on this, but the lord has printed his values and his virtues on our hearts and that's about compassion and forgiveness and hopefulness and human connectiveness. that's what i want to do. now, i don't know where that journey is going to take me. and in this town, i mean, one minute we've got -- we're talking about whether the president is going to the correspondents dinner, the next minute we're firing the chaplain. who knows what's going to happen in this town. it's crazy. >> do you think president is a virtuous man? re: i would never be talking about whether somebody is virtuous -- >> you just talked about virtues
4:25 pm
being printed on your heart. >> first of all, none of us are all that virtuous. we're all flawed. we all don't care enough. we all do things about ourselves, our egos -- >> do you think he's a good role model for your kids? >> i don't try to pick politicians or sports figures to be really role models for my kids. the best role models for my kids is me -- >> you're a politician. >> do i think leaders matter, yes. i also think the community matters because without the community you can't be successful. you're tilting at windmills. >> it sounds to me you're arguing there is this vast center that washington is crazy and that we need lead erders whe in the middle. >> no, you're not -- >> yet you're criticizing president trump. >> i'm not saying that it's not the middle. no one wants to be in a middle. it's people who are rational, people who are -- >> so the president is not
4:26 pm
rational. >> here's what i'm saying. if you're on the extremes, you only absorb that that you agree with. and if you can be rational and if you can absorb things you don't agree with, and if you can be in a position of seeking the truth, everybothing is not abou fake news because i don't like what they're saying about me. it doesn't mean i'm in the middle. i'm rational. i can have great disagreements with people who are rational and seek the truth, but i believe i can mediate them. i can reach agreement with people who seek the truth and are objective. with people who are out here on the extremes or taking care of themselves, we'll come back for them later once we build our community. my disagreement with the president, he divides. i'm not for dividers. i don't care whether it's the president or somebody running for congress or city council, doesn't matter to me. we can't have any more division in this country. i can disagree with you, but we don't have to divide ourselves. >> and you think president trump is divisive? >> he is divisive, yeah, yeah.
4:27 pm
i wish he wasn't. i wish he'd change. i said that from the beginning. that's why i didn't go to the convention, why i didn't endorse him. he didn't endorse him because he's mad. had nothing to do with it. i don't want our leaders to be saying, the reason why you don't have something is because somebody else took it from you. that creates a victim hood. you know there are many people in the country now who feel like victims. and when you're a victim, when you are a victim, you have no power, you feel hopeless, and you are angry. and i don't believe that our leaders should say, the reason why -- whatever it is -- if it's business or sports or religion or whatever. the reason why things are bad for you is because that person took your stuff. bad way to run our country. but we're a strong country. we'll be fine. >> to go back to what we were talking about earlier, there are reports that you met with billionaire donors over the course of the past week as you -- >> i try to meet with regular people and billionaires as i
4:28 pm
can. i don't know where that report came from. i mean, i travelled the country. i was in texas last week. >> so did it not happen? >> no, no, i went down and i went to -- it made it look like there was some kind of like, i don't know, it was way out there. the story i thought was exaggerated but i was down there, i went to the barbara bush literacy council. i met people there who were wealthy. we see these people a r0u7round politics. >> just happened to -- >> let me be clear. i'm going to keep my political operation alive. because i want to have a voice. and i need to raise certain amount of money each year in order to do that, to be effective. and to do my research, to be able to travel, to be able to be articulate, i'm going to travel this fall for republicans who i believe can be objective and those who have courage. i'm not 2r5678itraveling for peo are saluting the president. that's not what i'm going to do. if you are engaging in division, i'm not helping you. if you're somebody that wants to
4:29 pm
stand up and be rational and all that kind of stuff and objective and seek the truth, i'm going to come and help you because there are suburban republicans that are going to want me to go out and campaign for them and i will gladly do it because i'm a republican and i'm a conservative. so, do i meet with people who have money and ask them to help me? yes. i also have a website. why don't you send me a contribution. we won't tell anybody. >> i am not allowed to do that, sirp. >> you can't? i'm sorry. >> john kasich, thank you so much. i appreciate your time. i enjoyed my chat with governor kasich. we have more. new secretary of state, new status quo in south korea? we'll talk to jonathan swan about his latest reporting. follow along on twitter at "kasie d.c." share your favorite dogs watching the show, dogs watching "kasie d.c." we're back after this. captivating exteriors dynamic lighting
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i spoke to the president this morning, of south korea, for a long time. they just had a very good meeting. he gives us tremendous credit. what do you think president trump had to do with it? i'll tell you what, like how about everything? that's very nice, thank you. nobel. >> president trump touting progress with north korea in the wake of a historic summit
4:34 pm
between kim jong-un and south korean president moon jae-in. it all comes as the president's new secretary of state mike pompeo is revealing new details about his recent meeting with the north korean leader. >> we had a extensive conversation on the hardest issues that face our two countries. i had a clear mission statement from president trump. when i left there kim jong-un understood the mission exactly as i've described it today, and he agreed that he was prepared to talk about that and to layout a map that would help us achieve that objective. only time will tell if we can get that done. >> and now ahead of a possible summit with president trump next month, kim jong-un has informed the south korean president that he is prepared to abandon his nuclear weapons if the united states agrees to formally end the korean war, and promise not to invade his country. jonathan swan, you have new reporting and your sneak peek out tonight. what do you know? >> well, we had very interesting
4:35 pm
series of events coming up and they all fit into trump's negotiating style. we talked a little about this earlier. if you take north korea, it's ratchet up the tension to 15 out of 10, and then bet that the other party will help you get to something maybe -- >> try and essentially take the temperature down. >> yeah. that they will assume that he's willing to go places that they're not willing to go, and that -- >> or he'll do something completely unpredictable. >> north korea is a perfect example. we have a delegation leaving tuesday night for beijing. steven mnuchin, bob lighthizer, larry kudlow, to negotiate with china, to try and find a gentle exit ramp from this escalating tariff war. we have another thing happening this week. at midnight, 1201, if trump
4:36 pm
extends it, it is another pattern of extreme threat and we go somewhere quite moderate in the end. >> kathryn lucy, what's the view from the white house and the folks that you're talking to right now about what this historic meeting really means between north and south korea? do they feel like this is where the u.s. wants to be or is there concern about them kind of potentially moving past and leaving some of our interests, american interests behind? >> what you siee is certainly te president taking credit for this historic place we've gotten to. it is a huge shift from where we were a few months ago in terms of little rocketman and nuclear threats. fire and fury. kbu i do thi but i do think you're hearing from officials there is healthy skepticism about the promises
4:37 pm
we're hearing. we've been here before. the negotiations have gotten us here, but where do you go next? and are the promises real or not, and if they're not, do you do another round of this? how do you move this forward. >> and john bolt on kind of made this -- the advisor on tv this morning. >> he said what we've heard is words. >> 1992. >> i think he said what we've heard so far is words. >> and you've seen both democratic and republican administrations struggle with this. >> there is a bit of disconnect, quickly, between the president and his own white house officials. >> 100%. >> on his cavalier attitude. if it goes well, great, if not, i'll walk away from the meeting. of course there is this huge gamble. the second the president walks into the room, he has elevated kim and given north korea exactly what they wanted. so, if this works he gets credit for being responsible for the biggest diplomatic move since the end of the korean war. if it all goes south and he gets rolled, he's effectively elevated kim and has nothing to show for it. >> we know he really does want
4:38 pm
to do the meeting. as a president, he wants to swing big as much as possible. it doesn't always work, but this is certainly the biggest possible swing he can take. >> there are republicans already trying to nominate him for the nobel peace prize. we'll keep talking about that. jeff bennett, thank you for your time tonight. i really appreciate it. still to come, things at the border with mexico are coming to a head. we're back after this. much, much better toys. introducing the 2018 c-class sedan, coupe and cabriolet. the thrills keep getting better. lease the c300 sedan for $419 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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it was a pretty close call for republicans in arizona last week. republican debbie last co-eked out a narrow win in the special election in what was a heavily trump district. this week i asked congressional republicans about whether the margin should worry them as they face the midterm elections. what do you make of the results in arizona last night? >> a win is a win. there is a growing sense and this is a good thing. it's going to be a heck of a fight and you better be ready for it and start earlier and work harder than you ever were before. >> we better take the race seriously. the good news is she won. >> should republicans be worried? >> not in my opinion. >> everybody is well aware as a republican that it is going to be a very challenging political environment in november. and i think these special election results reinforce that, that challenge. >> the results out of arizona last night, do they concern you at all in your own senate bid? >> you know what, i was flying in, i haven't seen they have.
4:43 pm
>> five points, 21 points for trump. >> you know what, i know we're working hard. >> marcia black burn, of course, potentially facing a loss in tennessee which should, should be a cake walk, we should say, for republicans. but jonathan swan, there are over 150 or about 150 republican members of congress who are in districts that are more democratic than this district in arizona. >> uh-huh. >> how panicked is or not is the white house about losing the house at this point? >> it depends who you talk to. there are like a very small number of people who are obsessed with this. it's like, you know, ring the bell, guys, we need to wake up, you know. he could get impeached. there are a whole bunch of people who don't seem to be thinking about it at all. i think a lot of -- what the divide is, you have people who have political experience nick
4:44 pm
ayers with the vice-president, the vice-president is traveling. they have a sophisticated political team. the political director studies the data very closely. you have a whole bunch of other people who have never been to washington and worked on a campaign where all the pundits told them they were going to lose, and so i think there is -- >> so they basically don't believe it. >> truly, i really do -- when you talk to them they're like, yeah, that's what you guys say. let's check in in november. so, there is a lot of that going on and you can understand why. >> i think it's interesting that of the members who you spoke to for that package there, ryan costello from pennsylvania sounded the most concerned. the reading rules in pennsylvania means there are seats available that wouldn't otherwise be. there are states where there is anxiety, especially given p pennsylvania was a trump state. >> i think the concern is going to be whether it expands beyond. many of these suburban districts are already gone. costello is retiring. >> that's right. there is already a lot of
4:45 pm
anxiety about suburban districts. are rural districts going to be in play? there are districts that can straddle that. what we've seen so far from all of the specials is that democratic enthusiasm is real. there's no question. they are overperforming. this is real and it's also historically midterm years are challenging. and there certainly are people telling the president that this is potential -- this is a problem, this is something the white house needs to think about. they need to be strategic about what he does and where he goes. it's just not clear he's hearing that. >> you're looking at "the new york times" has been reporting on this topic. mcconnell has warned the president. if his warning is not enough, marc short, the liaison used the dinner at the white house to offer an even starker assessment. the gop's majority is all but doomed he said. marc short, one of those people who has, as you referenced, worked in this arena for quite sometime. the other piece of this, i think, you're seeing nancy pelosi on the other side. if we're talking about
4:46 pm
impeachment, we're handing a gift to the gop. >> right. they don't want to get the republican base fired up. they're walking -- democrats are walking this interesting line. they all want to impeach the guy, but if they talk about impeachment, if you are thinking about what's going to get this sort of, you know, not very impressed complacent republican off his couch to the polls talking about impeachment is probably one of those things. >> indeed. betsy woodruff, kathryn lucy, thank you for your time tonight. i appreciate it. when we come back we continue our series on the historic wave of women running for congress. we'll introduce you to democrat katie wilson trying to pry a seat away from the youngest woman to ever win a seat in congress. we're back after this. . for all the people who sneeze around dust. there's flonase sensimist allergy relief. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. it's more complete allergy relief. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist helps block 6 key inflammatory substances.
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go to - get a coupon and try them for yourself. fun of because you guys don't do anything. people think you might flip the house and senate this november, but you guys always find a way to mess it up. you're somehow going to lose to a guy named jeff pedophile nazi doctor. >> one of those races taken
4:51 pm
first in the. one of them is katy wilson. if she would -- did manage to win the nomination she'll face off against a republican incumbent who won by more than 35 points in 2016. joining me is katy wilson. thank you for your time tonight. i appreciate it. >> it's wonderful to be here. >> so you are facing in the primary dylan redirect examination -- radigan. what is your strategy for fighting back against that. you're in a very, very crowded field. how do you break through? i think it's representative of what's going on across the country right now. i am someone who represents working people in a rural working class district it's about who people trust. who's going to motivate people to get out and vote and turnout and finally have a voice in d.c.
4:52 pm
>> have you worked with any of the groups in washington, the d triple c, emily's list, as you make this bid. one concern i have is they hope the wave of women candidate have something to show at the end of the day. >> it's rough. to be honest, the d triple c gave me advice in the beginning and it wasn't very good advice. >> what was it? >> hire this person, that person, make sure you have these contracts with these big firms. what we're doing is rallying people who are not in this for the money but the win. that is what makes me confident we can win this thing. >> you have not joined -- several of your kcompetitors sad if we loose, we will make sure
4:53 pm
we do not run third party bids. is that something you would consider? >> i won't consider an independent bid. i'm not here to be a spoiler. i'm here to help take back a seat and i'm committed to winning the democratic line. so i'm hoping to go into the general election strong and have more than one line to be on. voter psychology gives us a shot at taking the democratic seat back. >> leaders have been in place for a decade plus, do you think it's time for some of them to go? >> are you angling up towards the nancy pelosi question? i do. i think it's time for a new generation of leadership. we need to change the way we're doing things in d.c., and that's why i'm running, and potentially a lot of people running.
4:54 pm
>> is there anyone that you could take speaker of the house. >> someone i that first med is sherry wes toe. she's out in the district, spending time with people keeping her in office. someone like sherry or someone like katherine clark. there are a lot of incredible women out there, and men, who i think could serve that position well. >> nancy pelosi has been quoted recently and said directly now, that talking about impeachment is a loser for the democrats in the fall. do you agree on that front or do you think the president should be impeached based on what we know now? >> i think we need to get to the bottom of it. do we have the information? we need to make sure the investigation continues without
4:55 pm
any more entrepreneinterruption to the bottom of it. whether or not we should talk about it should be clear soon. congress has to take a good hard look at that and pursue whatever information arises. there's so much to get toll in the next hour. i'm joined by angus khang and beto roerk. ught a house. okay. [ buttons clicking ] [ camera shutter clicks ] so, now that you have a house, you can use homequote explorer. quiet. i'm blasting my quads. janice, look. i'm in a meeting. -janice, look. -[ chuckles ] -look, look. -i'm looking. it's easy. you just answer some simple questions online,
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4:59 pm
. it was the meeting between north and south korea's leaders that captured the world's attention. >> talks between north and south korea. >> i never thought i'd live long enough to see kim jong-un and the president of south korea g hugging at the dmz. >> in michigan president trump was unfiltered and unrestrained. >> saying he is not getting enough credit. >> doesn't the president deserve credit for what we're seeing unfold on the korean peninsula. >> he's part of the journey. >> people around the world have given him credit. >> if it works i'll be the first to cheer on the president: we are at this point because of
5:00 pm
american pressure. >> we need to go in with our eyes wide opened. >> the republicans released their findings. >> their conclusion no collusion. >> the mueller protection bill hits the senate floor are you inclined to support it? >> no. >> this bill will be a small measure to pre-empt a crisis. >> i want to replay something you asked -- >> i don't know, i'm sorry i have to apologize, i'm going to have to run. >> welcome to the second hour of kasie dc. joining the conversation, songmin kim. and steve israel. former spokesman for house speaker don baner, michael
5:01 pm
steele. welcome to all of you. thank you for being here. >> sorry, i have to run. >> at least we have other people. let's start there, though, and talk about pompeo and his confirmation and his role in these talks. jonathan swan it's clear the president has more confidence in poem p pompeo than tillerson. an unexpected meeting with kim jong-un for pompeo. what's the roll he plays going forward. >> he's a functioning secretary of state. the president would not have sent rex tillerson. what's the roof of that? because he didn't previously. there's a reason rex tillerson didn't go to the middle east after the jerusalem announcement. he sent mike pence. there's a reason he didn't go to
5:02 pm
south korea for the olympics, he sent mike pence. so now you have -- now you actually have a secretary of state who, when he speaks to foreign countries, they can -- you're never going to be able to speak for donald trump because he's always going to change his mind, but to the best of ability they know this is someone very close to the president who is speaking on behalf of the president. >> i think at the end of the day that's part of why you saw republicans in congress get on board and do what the white house wanted, send him to the floor with a recommendation and why even some democrats voted for him. >> even some of the democrats who were reticent to mike pompeo being secretary of state. they pressed him if he could be independent enough from the
5:03 pm
president if he made declarations that pompeo wouldn't be so sure about. that was the dividing line at the end of the day for democrats. but at the end of the day, he won and he has a big challenge ahead of him now. >> president trump is celebrating a report from republicans on the house intelligence committee which found no evidence that he or his campaign colluded or conspired with russia during the 2016 campaign. in a tweet mr. trump went so far to show there never should have been a special counsel appointed in the first place. but at least one republican disgreece. >> i have more more confidence in special counsel investigations. i have always maintained i'm awaiting the mueller investigation. they have the grand jury, investigative tools we don't have. executive branch investigations are better than congressional ones. >> that report from house republicans largely exonerates the president it does fault paul
5:04 pm
manafort, jared kushner, and donald trump jr. for the meeting in 2016 with the lawyer natalia veselnitskaya, who told the senate committee in november that she, quote, operates independently of any governmental bodies. that's not what she told our richard engel this week. >> the only reason i'm asking the question is because of the contact you had with the most senior people in our government. >> you said your relationship with the prosecutor general is? what? >> have you heard about the lawyer? for a year, a woman lawyer, she was like i know nothing. now all of a sudden she
5:05 pm
supposedly is involved with government. you know why? if she did that, because putin and the group said, you know, this trump is killing us. why didn't you say that you're involved with government so that we can go and make their life in the united states even more chaotic. >> michael, steele, i want to talk first about the house intelligence committee investigation. i talked to members on both sides. democrats are a little bit louder about this, but there is agreement that it devolved into a farce. >> i think everyone is disappointed with the way it looked. i think trey gowdy, because he's retiring, is right, is honest act the fact that the mueller investigation has tools that the house committee did not. they were frustrated with how the ranking democrat seemed more
5:06 pm
interested in pursuing headlines, than acting in a bipartisan way. that's why we look to the senate bipartisan investigation as a model we wish the house could have followed. >> steve israel, when you were in the house, they had a strong tradition of bipartisan for a reason. >> they have. i think this is the first time we've seen that bipartisan break apart. let's understand, the context in which this report was published. it was a part report written by republicans in a midterm election, for republicans, in order to survive the midterm election in six months. i chaired the democratic campaign committee, there was a corollary that a president's party loses seats. the survival of seats depends on the president's approval. george bush had a 36% approval. when they lost the house, brom had a 42% approval.
5:07 pm
president trump flirts with 40%. a report by house republicans criticizing the president taking down his job approval would have cost them seats. they may as well have headlined this the butler did it. >> you're laughing. >> i don't know any republican is going to win or lose their seat based on a report six months out. i think the economy, jobs, what happens in korea all of those things are far more critical. the russia issue in the minds of midterm voters the probably distracting democrats from the lunch pail issues they should be concentrating on. >> i want to talk about this with angus king. senator king, thank you for your time tonight, i appreciate it. >> good to be with you, casey. >> i want to pick up where our conversation left off and ask you about the house intelligence committee report. did you find it credible? >> i have to admit, i haven't
5:08 pm
read it in detail. i read about it. i understand the conclusions that they made, but i don't want to assert something that i haven't done. this has been a long time coming. they broke down into partisan bickering on this months and months ago. my impression is by saying the russians didn't have a preference in this election, didn't want to defeat hillary clinton or elect donald trump, that doesn't square with the evidence. i spent a lot of time on this and read the classified version of the report of the intelligence committee that came out january a year ago, and it's pretty conclusive. it's very strong. i don't really think there's any doubt about that. i think there is doubt on the collusion issue and that's what's taking us the time we're taking and we're following up on every possible lead. to argue a, the russians didn't do it, b they didn't have a
5:09 pm
preference, or c they weren't trying to knock off hillary clinton, that flies in the face of all the evidence i've seen. >> we've played earlier natalia veselnitskaya's interview with richa richard engel where she admits to being an informat. that's not what she told your committee, correct? >> she said two or three different things but the evidence we had is she may not and on the government payroll but she's closely affiliated with the government and she wasn't going to take a position that was contrary to anything they wanted her to do. you know, what the exact relationship is, we don't know. but it does appear that she's changed her story a bit in the last couple months. >> what is the status of the senate intelligence committee's investigation into these matters. do you feel the chairman, richard burr, is acting in good faith? >> absolutely. there's no question in my mind.
5:10 pm
we're taking it in phases. about a month ago we released and we're still waiting for the redaction and declassification. but the first phase is what did they do in the state? they interfered in 21 state election systems, the evidence is they'll do it again. that was number one because we want to warn and help the states prevent that in 2018. the section piece, the hacking, the wikileaks, use of e-mails -- the third wouldn't have been a big piece when we started this a year and a half ago and that's the facebook, disinformation and that part of it. and then the fourth section, which i hope we're going to get to as soon as this summer is the question of collusion. was there cooperation? because as you know, there are a lot of circumstantial evidence, the trump tower meeting, contacts between roger stone, he predicted information that then came out in wikileaks, what was the relationship of him to the
5:11 pm
campaign, george papadopoulos, there are a lot of stones to turn over. our committee has interviewed well over 100 witnesses. i was at langley, at cia headquarters a few weeks ago going over some of these documents. i do disagree a little bit with steve, i think we can do a thorough job, we don't have a grand jury, we have subpoena power, but so far we've had good cooperation from the fbi, cia, nsa. >> you think it'll be summer before there is any conclusion occlusion, whether that happened? do you think the committee is going to put out, say, tell the public if they believe there is collusion? >> that's the point. the real question will be how solid is the committee on a bipartisan basis? i believe we're going to be able to have very strong bipartisan support for the first three sections of the report. the last one, obviously, is the
5:12 pm
most politically volatile and difficult. our committee is very diverse, it goes from the right to the left. and so holding it together on a bipartisan basis on that conclusion will be difficult but that's -- that's where we're certainly trying to get. i have to say, we've taken the cue from richard burr and mark warner, who have worked amazingly well together. they had their differences, ironed them out, argued and debated. but you asked the initial question does richard burr have his heart in this, the answer is yes. he knows this is the most important work he has ever done and he's taking it seriously. >> another important item coming up is the president's nominee to be the next director of the cia. are you satisfied with the cia's explanation of her role in the torture tape and the destruction of those tapes and have you
5:13 pm
decided whether you plan to support her nomination? >> the answer is, no and no. i haven't decided and i'm not satisfied with the explanation. that's the part that bothers me. i find it hard to understand justifying destroying evidence particularly when you look at the timing, which was four or five days before a congressional investigation was to kick off into this matter. karl announced the investigation and within a very short period of time, as i understand the time line, the tapes were destroyed. that bothers me and i am not yet satisfied with the answers that i've been given. i've met with her, she has discussed it, given her explanation. but i'm going to wait for the hearing. i will probably have another classified meeting with her, but as of this point i have -- i want to find out what her attitude was and whether she was acting as a kind of clerk and just taking orders or was she an
5:14 pm
active participate and cheerleader for the destruction of these tapes? if it was the latter i'm going to have a hard time supporting her. >> senator, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. meanwhile the cloud of michael cohen's troubles loom. and as the fixer was headed to the courthouse on thursday, the president himself was making an admission about his involvement in the stormy daniels case and about his professional relationship with mr. cohen. >> mr. president how much of your legal work was handled by michael cohen? >> as a percentage of my overall legal work, a tiny fraction. michael would represent me, represent me on some things like this crazy stormy daniels deal he represented me. from what i see he did
5:15 pm
absolutely nothing wrong. >> it would take less than three hours for federal prosecutors to use the president's own comments against him. a court filing cited the president saying cohen performs a tiny fraction of his legal work, which could mean a small fraction of the documents seized from cohen are protected by attorney/client privilege. but significant the president acknowledged he represented me in this stormy daniels case. >> it's amazing. i don't know what to say. i was talking to a person who is formally in the white house and they were sort of saying, at one point i was part of a small group, one of the few people in the world to know information. but at some point he says everything out loud. literally every quiet thought, everything comes out loud. the legal cases against the travel ban were full of trump's tweets and his own public comments. this is why lawyers don't want
5:16 pm
to join the trump administration. it is exhibit a of what you just showed. >> you're nodding over there. i know you're not a lawyer, but would you defend the president? >> god, no. this seems to be textbook example of whatnot to do if you're involved in a legal proceeding and we're looking at a situation that the president is saying things that contradict things he said in the past. admitting he had an attorney paying off an adult film actress shortly before the election. whether or not he used his own money, whether or not -- this is all just wrong. >> do you think any of it matters? >> he is teflon to his base, said i could shoot somebody on fifth avenue and get away with it. with his base that's true. but swing voters don't want the
5:17 pm
president of the united states focussing on his lawyer, the porn star. they want the president to talk about the opioid crisis, wages, job advancement. so the president is setting the narrative going into midterm elections, it has republicans in a panic. >> this is the thing i keep coming back to, part of the reason we see so many women energized against donald trump. this is one part of the story that could make an impact. >> it could make an impact. we'll wait and see in november. there was that "access hollywood" tape being revealed during the presidential campaign and he won white women voters so who knows how much of an impact this will have. >> deep in the heart of texas, beto o'rourke joins us as he tries to unseat ted cruz.
5:18 pm
a toxic environment for scott pruitt. here's the president giving himself a grade. >> an a plus. you've seen we've gotten an a plus. a plus. again we were given an a plus. i give myself an a plus.
5:19 pm
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5:22 pm
pruitt faced hill lawmakers with questions ability his spending, a housing arrangement, and ongoing ethics investigations. but it was the conversation about pay raises totaling $80,000 for two staff members that caught our attention. april 3rd the atlantic published a story saying pruitt bypassed the white house to give big raises to his favorite aids. and then said this. >> why did you go around the white house to give raises -- >> i did not. my staff did. ppo process should have been respected. i issued a statement yesterday walking back those pay raises. >> is someone getting fired for that? >> it shouldn't have been done. >> who did it? >> i don't know. >> you don't know who did it? you ran the agency. >> i found out about it yesterday and corrected the action. >> he denied knowing anything
5:23 pm
about the pay raises. fast forward to thursday, his recollection of the event changed, saying he didn't know the amount of the raises, or the processes being followed but new about the raises. >> you authorized mr. jackson to authorize those. sarah greenwalt stated that you were aware of and supported the raises. was that true? >> i think with respect to the raises -- >> was that true? i have five minutes so i have to move along. >> i was not aware of the amount. >> not the amount. the raises. >> nor was i aware of the bypassing or the ppo process not being respected. >> it seems like he changed his story pretty clearly. >> it does. he's the tip of the spear rolling back obama job killing regulations. he knows he has a bull's eye on his back and continues to give
5:24 pm
critics ammunition. it's frustrating. >> what is going on behind the scenes with this guy? there's inkreezing, i'm hearing at least, republicans who are saying this has to stop. there are too many things on the list but mitch mcconnell standing by him. >> publically, yes. but privately, yes, there's this increasing frustration about scott pruitt. what i thought was important was what the senator from oklahoma said last week, he said he's fine with an investigation into these alleged ethical lapses by pruitt. remember enrois an ally of pruitt. but pruitt could succeed him if hopp chooses to retire. so if he's losing his support, that's bad news for scott
5:25 pm
pruitt. >> it seems the number of things are a problem for pruitt. >> when that clips came out on fox, i was getting texts from white house officials saying it's lie. you'll find out soon it's a lie. we just found out. try to find someone in the white house who supports scott pruitt. the president is in his own category and i don't pretend to know what he thinks about scott pruitt. he's frustrated by the bad press. people in the white house view the scott pruitt situation as probably unstainable, but they're boxed in. mcconnell doesn't want to give up the floor time for another confirmation. if something else bad comes out, they'd get rid of him and the deputy would be the acting. we'd have this period of time where the senate floor wouldn't open up and there would be an acting administrator in place. who knows. >> congressman, how did you
5:26 pm
think your former colleagues did in pressing scott pruitt? there were a couple instances they managed to hit things on the head but missed some opportunities. >> i thought they missed opportunities to land punches. it's important to focus on the environmental issues but i thought they could have landed stronger punches. scott pruitt may not be the liability people think he is now. when the 30 ads are written -- this is the one thing i miss about washington -- >> you didn't have him on -- he was like doing this. i haven't seen you this excited -- >> $43,000 phone booth. the lobbyist subsidized apartment. >> they write themselves. >> he's the poster boy for the president trump drain the swamp and that's where he becomes a
5:27 pm
liability. >> the other piece of this is, of course, the broad lack of vetting, shall we say, among the trump administration which has also caught ronny jackson, the white house physician now withdrawn secretary -- to be the secretary of veterans affairs. the times is out with reporting tonight essentially saying they didn't have any warning that the president was going to do that -- i'm sorry it's the post reporting that not the "new york times." the background investigation wasn't done. he surprised his aides and tweeted this. and now you have someone whose career is on the line. >> everyone will tell you this nomination was troubled from the beginning. i think that -- because of particularly the lack of vetting. for the va you're supposed to get some guy who has had a lot of experience in managing complex organizations one of the predecessors was bob mcdonell.
5:28 pm
the fact that jon tester, the top democratic on the veterans affairs committee could find this information quickly at the very least put his qualifications in peril. the fact they got that information so quickly asks the question what the white house was doing that they couldn't get this information or did they overlook it. >> it seems there's some doubts about the allegations that came forward but on the other hand a lot of volume. >> one of the things that happened last week is all this stuff came out in a tur rant. they were warned about it the week before. >> you had been reporting on that. >> yes. they were trying to figure out what was true and not. some of the more spectacular claims there should be a record of them. if she was drunk and crashed a
5:29 pm
government vehicle, there should be a record of that, there doesn't seem to be a record. it seems some of the claims tester were making was inaccurately. it's fairly disingenuous. fine as a tactic but as was pointed out, the republican on the committee was fine with what tester did. he was not against anything that tester did. >> i want to add to that, there's going to be questions that senator tester will have to answer in the coming days because the white house was able to produce documents on friday, saying these are the vehicle incidents related to ronny jackson in a government car, none of them involve car strengths not lengths that senator tester described. >> not a single veterans affair secretary has ever had a vote against him on the floor. he was in trouble regardless. when we come back, acts of faith.
5:30 pm
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5:34 pm
patrick conroy. he told in an interview why he didn't know why he was asked to resign. but he did recall a time in november when they clashed after he gave this prayer in the house. >> as legislation on taxes continues to be debated this week and next, may all members be mindful that the institutions and struck or thes of our great nation gave some the opportunities to achieve great success while others continue to struggles. may their efforts guarantee there are no winners and losers under new tax laws but benefits balanced and shared by all americans. >> according to conroy some members expressed concern with the prayer. on friday ryan told the republican conference that he was not asked to resign for
5:35 pm
political reasons but rather members felt their pastoral needs were not being met. this seems like paul ryan has had his cat olschism as a central part of his identity. this has sparked an intense debate and concern among catholic members. >> first everyone is clear that prayer was not the reason he was fired, everyone agrees on that. i think the speaker's office -- i think everyone involved would agree this could have been handled the better, the explanation could have been handled better, probably better to let him serve out his term till the end of the year. the worst part i think has been these comments in the wake of the change that verged on anti-catholic rhetoric. this idea you can't be a pastor to the entire conference, entire house. all that having been said these
5:36 pm
are definitions of matters of faith and family. pastoral care are the private things we can talk about. and rather than going into those allegations and charges going after the father, the speaker's house is taking the heat and protecting him in some form or fashion. >> what's your view of this? you know the father. >> i do. i loved him. my name is israel, i found him to be accessible and caring. brought people together from not only different ideologies but also religions. i can't believe we're politicizing who the house ch chaplain is. i think it was a mistake for the speaker to do this the way he did. i don't think your former boss would have ever done that. >> john banner.
5:37 pm
>> yes. who appointed father conroy. they elevated this as an issue. let him serve out his term we wouldn't be talking about the issue tonight. >> it came out of nowhere, this kind of event but frankly talking to people over the course of the weekend, this is what everyone is talking about right now. it means a lot to people. >> it deals with personal issues in a matter of faith. there's going to be a lot of attention put to who precedes him, and the sentiments expressed over the past couple of weeks, to appoint a catholic over him. this is an unforced error on the speaker's parts but i don't know what members were telling him about how he was administering pastoral care.
5:38 pm
>> i agree with you. coming up texas congressman and senate accounted beto o'rourke joins me live to talk about his race against ted cruz. [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving!
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lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. to protect our families we must secure our borders. the good thing about the caravan, people are watching. you watch how horrible. they're coming from honduras, they're taking this long trek up mexico. that wall has started. we are 1.6 billion. we come up again on september 28th. if we don't get border security we have no choice we'll close down the country. we need border security. >> that was the president in michigan talking about the caravan of migrants arriving at
5:42 pm
the border. today hundreds of people arrived by foot, freight train or bus. their goal is a mass attempt to apply for asylum. but tonight they said they reached capacity before people started turning themselves in to seek asylum. joining us now, beto o'rourke. thank you for being on the program, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> let's start with the caravan of migrants and how the president has handled this. should we be closing border posts in the wake of these migrants seeking asylum. >> no we have laws that people seeking asylum in this country, leaving the most brutal and violent places can apply under. if they meet the test of those laws, they're able to seek shelter in this country, if they
5:43 pm
don't, they're returned to their country of origin. it's as simple as that. they're not trying to evade detection of border patrol agents. they are following the laws of our country. we are a country of laws we need too honor that. and the wealthiest country has to take them in. we have compromised the people from the world over. we've done it for years. that's our best tradition, who we are, it makes us stronger, more successful, and safer. >> during the debate in congress over funding the government and potentially building a wall on the u.s. border, that was something that chuck schumer talked about in meetings with president trump. you were quoted with saying, neither of them understand texas nor do they understand the u.s./mexico border. what do they know not?
5:44 pm
>> they don't know el paso, one of the safest cities in the united states of america today. safe not in spite of the facts we are a city of imgrants. we are safe in large part because we are a city of immigrants. that's the foundation of our security, safety, and our strength. if you want to know what border security looks like, it looks like el paso. treating people with respect and dignity. making sure everyone feels comfortable, serving as witnesses, testifying in trials. that's how we get border security. we don't need troops on the border, walls on the border. especially when you have the lowest levels of northbound apprehension since 1971 and you're spending $19.5 billion every year with 20,000 border patrol agents. we need to work with immigration
5:45 pm
reform and strengthening our communities not building walls or sending troops down there. >> let's talk about your race for the senate which has gotten flynnty plenty of attention. there's a poll out this month that shows you within 3 points of ted cruz. do you think this is accurately capturing the state right now? >> who knows to be honest with polling right now. i don't have a pollster and will never spend a dime on a poll for that reason. we know it reflects the potential in this race. we don't take any help from pacs, cooperations or special interests, so people in texas are making something special happen. we were in sunny side, in houston, the night before sant angelo. people are coming out, and coming out as republicans and
5:46 pm
democrats and independence and people who didn't think about voting before to make sure that this year, they get off the sidelines and show up and be part of doing something so special, so powerful, so positive and i'm so lucky to be a part of it. if the poll somehow reflects that, that's great. we're not going to take it for granted. we have 6.5 months before the 6th. the day we decide the fortune, fate and state of this country. we're going to do everything in our power to give it everything we've got, win this and deliver on the very high expectations we're setting in texas. >> who do you believe should be the next leader of the democratic party? do you think, for example, bernie sanders should run for president again? >> i don't know. you have someone like joaquin
5:47 pm
jeffreys or sherry bustow from illinois, joe kennedy, one of the greatest people who has ever served in the institution. these are people i see not just as great members of congress but great leaders for our country. i would love for us to look at those who are coming up through the ranks who have so much to offer and are already doing a great job leading and making sure they can do it to their full potential and do everything they have. so i think you have a lot of people to compete. >> do you think the democratic party needs new people in washington, and younger people than the names mentioned now? >> that's up to the people in the states who choose the next nominee. i hope it's a wide open race. i hope that we see folks who maybe have run before, folks that you've never heard of.
5:48 pm
i want this to be a true competition of ideas and service and of the potential that we hold and the big ambitious goals that we have for this country. that's what the democratic party should be about. so let's make sure there's as many candidates as possible that we have to choose from. i'm looking forward to being one of those that gets to listen to the debates, finds a great candidate in that choice and get behind them. >> quickly, i have to ask you about tom tistire who you've be in a spat with lately. he's talking about impeaching the president. his money aside, do you think talking about impeaching the president, have you seen the president commit an impeachable offense so far? >> here's what we should focus on, the integrity and independence of the bob mueller investigation. we need to allow him to follow those facts and then present
5:49 pm
them to the members of the house of representatives, who democrats and a majority republican institution, will have to make that decision, whether or not the president has committed impeachable offenses. until those facts are presented and are compelling enough for people to put country before party, i think the conversation is premature. i want to make sure we protect bob mueller and his team's ability to finish this investigation so we get true accountability and justice for this country. >> congressman, beto o'rourke thank you so much. hope to have you back as the race unfolds. >> thank you for having me on. >> we're back with more kasie dc in just a moment. until exxonmobil scientists put it to the test. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's
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welcome back. we have two items that we need to discussion. one i'm sure you will be happy about. your reporting tonight about a conversation -- this is a story about elaine chow, wife of mitch mcconnell. mcconnell was on the receiving end of a nasty press release from mark walker. take us through -- this goes out. then what happens? >> so mark walker tells this story to a group of republican members last week.
5:54 pm
he puts out this press release on april 17th attacking mcconnell for his statement about the decision to reverse some of the spending on the spending bill. >> sure. >> three days later, mike pence joins mark walker for a fund-raiser. elaine chow joins pence. on the tarmac she says to walker, do you know who my sh husband is? walker is like, sure. he said for me to tell you he reads everything that you write, that you put out. he says, understood. >> i think we have -- here is what elaine chow's office says back. we have nothing to add. we have nothing to add. i don't have time to make fupn f for using a non-middle initial on your twitter handle. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance
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5:58 pm
i mean, we're all concerned about this. baker mayfield, he is an exciting player. to be honest with you, i like the pick of sam darnold. mayfield is a scrambler. he has a great arm. we wish him the best. we all want the browns to win. >> before we go, we will talk about what we're watching in the week ahead. >> to see if there's any legs to the president trump threats.
5:59 pm
if he is a vulnerable senate democrat, he should be in a state trump has influence in. will the president's anger blow over or will he try to defeat the senator. >> congress is not in session this week. it will be quiet on capitol hill. the president is spoked to speak to the national prayer breakfast. that could be nosey. >> economic question this week, what does trump do at 12:01 a.m. tuesday? does he impose steel and aluminum teariffs on europe? >> people are campaigning. our primaries are coming up. we watch the indiana senate primary. the candidates are running over each other. west virginia where blankenship is giving mcconnell the headache. >> that west virginia one is what i was going to say. that leaves me time to tease jonathan. follow him on twitter. his middle name does not start
6:00 pm
with v. go figure. i want to thank in particular senator king for joining us and to his dog for watching. there you see maddie watching the senator. we will be back next week from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington. he is brash. >> he is someone who is a pit bull. his first inclination is to fight. >> tough talking. >> the disgusting liberal mainstream media have attempted to label mr. donald trump as racist. >> in his mind, going after his boss, he was going to fight back. it's a lawyer that trump would want. >> the self-proclaimed fixer to the president. >> the job here is to protect the king. that is something that michael cohen apparently did very well. >> before michael cohen became entangled in


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