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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  May 6, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and bogus summits. let's do something real. that does it for me. thanks for watching. and to keep the conversation going, like us at and follow us on twitter @politicsnation. see you back here next sunday. now, to my colleague, alex witt. >> i remember that conversation so well. it was a saturday. i remember you came in on your day off to have that conversation with pastor darrell scott. all i have to say in the wake of that is actions speak louder than words. you, a man of action, that's for sure, and words. you have them both going on, okay, rev, thank you. good morning to you. i'm alex witt here at the msnbc headquarters. it is 9:00 in the east, 6:00 out west. continuing to clarify, new comments from rudy giuliani defending michael cohen's payment to stormy daniels and insisting the attorney general decemb dismiss the investigation. and going dark?
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robert mueller's time could be running out and may have to take a hiatus for the midterms. and live from new york, it's stormy daniels. >> okay, michael, i can take it from here. >> as your attorney, i highly advise against you -- >> so what up, girl? >> hello, donald. >> the porn star taking on the president during "saturday night live." but we begin with new action from rudy giuliani returning from fox news to insist president trump did not commit any crime, this in regards to payment to stormy daniels, and applying pressure on jeff sessions to end the mueller investigation. here's what giuliani said last night. >> attorney general sessions should step up and dismiss this entire investigation. there's no evidence of collusion with the russians, gone. there's no evidence of obstruction of justice. everything the president did, he has perfect authority to do under article 2.
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>> meanwhile, "the wall street journal" out with this report. mueller probe might have to go dark for midterm election. reports saying there's no legal guideline. prosecutors should avoid the appearance of trying to sway elections. we'll talk about that in a moment. but first, we'll bring in the white house correspondent kelly o'donnell with the latest on giuliani's comments. kelly, he was up and at it last night, what can you tell us? >> reporter: it's been a high-profile week for rudy je l giuliani. he was back at it saturday night. and some of the focus was on these issues, but what he didn't talk about is when the president had, in fact, reimbursed the payment to stormy daniels. that is still a question mark, but it was not a campaign finance law violation as part of why he says the investigation should be ended.
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taking the president's case back to cable tv, saturday night. >> i'm still learning. >> reporter: giuliani warned that there could be a trap for perjury. he cited a famous case about lying. >> they want him to do martha stewart for them. i'm sorry, people, he's not going to do that. >> reporter: a magnet of attention on saturday. but he was not there to fix the role as a president. >> i'm not there to fix the foreign policies views. he knows my views and i know his views. >> reporter: but giuliani did talk about the pressures on his new client. >> i also have the great honor of being his attorney in something that is totally unjustified. >> reporter: the former mayor of
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the special code talking about the meeting with north korea. >> i wonder how he accomplishes this with the things he dials with every day pg -- tom barrack was interviewed by investigators back in december. >> i'm here because donald trump is one of my closest friends for 40 years. >> barrack chairs the inaugural committee and the transis team. sources say investigators focused their questions on barrack's knowledge of former campaign officials, paul manafort and rick gates. saturday visiting cleveland the president touted accomplishments but lamented -- >> i get nothing but bad publici publicity. now, it is fake publicity. so little change on his tag
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line, if you will. the president was in cleveland. he attended and headlined a fund-raiser for what is known as the trump victory refund for the re-election campaign. they raised $3 million. ohio was no -- this gives us a sense of how involved he may be in the 2018 races. am e alex? >> $3 million over lunch is not too shabby. thank you. joining me is adviser group from media america and ali vitali. ali, as giuliani conceded, yeah, he's still sorting through legal documents and doesn't have all
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the facts related to the payment, but why is he the guy out there on behalf of the white house. >> how he's saying he's on the team. i'm america's mayor endorsing donald trump, giving him conservative cred. now he's trump friend and surrogate but trump lawyer. when you're not rated on the facts and going on talking about michael cohen and the bob mueller investigation and stormy daniels. he's saying, well, i was saying my opinion and not what the president knew at the time. that's something to watch throughout the whole genesis of
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rudy giuliani's role as trump legal adviser. because he's out there usually talking as a surrogate and now talking as someone who is the legal arm for the president of the united states. >> -- do we have a better sense of what happened? >> no, at this point, i think we do know the facts. he's a lawyer and has been on the case for a couple weeks. he should know better and know enough to adequately represent the president. so i am kind of shocked he's still going on tv to your first question. i can't believe that he is. and in terms of what he says about the case, look, i don't think rudy giuliani is doing much. what i think is the most hopefully has been saying he's been staving off reputational
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damage. that bolsters the case more than anything giuliani has been saying. >> yeah. what about, ali, giuliani was at the iran freedom convention yesterday not there representing the white house or any matters related to foreign policy, yet he speaks. >> yet he speak. i feel like we are going to be hearing this come up a lot. he has his own set of guidelines and has for a long time. it will be interesting to see how he scores the role of the president's lawyer with the things he's otherwise been doing. and it will present problems for the white house. rudy jewel kwan knee can say how much he wants. i'm not doing foreign policy but
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he's talking about the issues the president is embroiled in. it will make the president that much harder to be his own spokesperson. and now he has other people who want to be the president's spokesperson speaking on behalf of the white house. it is going to get confusing. >> you have the face of the president's team talking about major policy issues. correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't we just confirm a report that he wanted to be secretary of state? >> sure, he wanted to be secretary of state and has bruises because of that. but if you look at the remarks from yesterday and what he's said, he's doing damage control for himself. and in a lot of ways, he's kissing up to the president. that's what i read in most of
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those remarks. he knows he has an audience of one and that is who he was targeting. >> okay. i do want to get reaction from all of you on the wall street journal, the title being, mueller probe might have to go dark for midterm election. quote, with six months until the investigation, that will soon run into a dead zone of sorts. how does the white house view this, as good news? >> i think the white house has conflicting terms. kelly o'donnell was referencing those. those primaries will bring out the republican challengers in the really fertile states for trump and the white house and republicans to start chipping away at, they hope, democratic seats in the senate.
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that will be an important day on tuesday. a lot of voters that i have talked to in west virginia the past few days are following the mueller probe, stormy daniels, and probably on fox news based on conversations i've had. so they know what is going on, but they do not think it is valued valid and don't think it is doing anything but pollster the president. he's shake things up,. >> do you think he likes to wrap things up or hold low until november? >> i think they have to lay low until if november. we keep hearing that come out of this investigation that they have a long way to go, but i think in a way this could be worse for trump because the left is already emboldened. the midterm elections are only six months away.
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and we have seen in special elections that democrats are coming out in force to vote for their kaebtcandidates. in terms of the democrats, if the democrats are going to win the house, maybe the senate, if the investigation picks up after the midterm elections. that could be trump and i can't believe the white house is happy about this at all. >> i'm happy about the stormy daniels interview last night. here's part of it, take a listen. >> just tell me what do you need for all of this to go away? >> a resignation. >> i solved north and south korea, why can't i solve us? >> sorry, donald. it's too late for that. i know you don't believe in climate change, but a storm's a-comin', baby. >> okay, it was clearly scripted, but this is about as close as stormy daniels is going to get to speak face-to-face
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with president trump. ali, what did you think of the appearance last night? >> every single time you think about how real life is stranger than fiction, snl comes in to affirm it is that crazy. so when you look at -- they flash at the beginning of the segment based on real events, and it is. so when you think about how chaotic it feels from the news perspective, there's a news story, sometimes two or three coming every day. you watch it in a setting and just think, okay, wow, it was that crazy, it does bring an extra step when she's on stage to say resignation would satisfy her. but the public campaign and media campaign has been out of trump's own playbook. they are willing to make headlines and garner attention around their cause. that's what trump has done for the entire time he's been in politics a while. only going on "snl." >> did you think this was funny?
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>> well, i thought it was smart. thinking it is very smart because of the one-two brunch sunday shows. so they are keeping it alive both through the entertainment side on "snl" and through "meet the press" and other shows this morning. >> great conversation, thank you so much. some lawmakers are disgusted by threats from the republicans to fire deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. i'll ask a democratic member of congress what should be done to protect the russian investigation. that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave every time. invented in boston, made and sold around the world.
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there is a good chance that three long-time hostages in north korea will be released over the next several days. >> and that was rudy giuliani at a policy event in iran yesterday once again talking about the fate of three american detainees in north korea. you'll recall he made similar comments about four days ago catching the white house off guard, although president trump told reporters to, quote, stay tuned on the matter. joining me now, democratic congressman david sicilian. thank you for joining me. >> my pleasure. >> i want to get your weigh-in on rudy giuliani and his
6:19 am
involvement in things. >> i think it's a bad practice. rudy giuliani is not a member of the administration and doesn't have knowledge on many of these issues. this is sort of typical for president trump to overlap the people who are his lawyers, are his spokespeople, that are just friends and members of the administration. he's sort of blurring the lines in areas of foreign policy, in particular where there are sensitive negotiations underway is really counter productive. >> so what do you see as signs over the next few weeks that any deal forthcoming with north korea is headed in the right direction? >> well, i think the important thing to remember is the history of north korea. and what north korea has done in the past is, they have done and engaged in provocative behavior that caused the international community to come together and impose sanctions. and then they negotiate and get something, whether relief from sanctions or the financial resources. and while they are engaging in
6:20 am
them, they have begun their program over here without anyone looking. so i think we have to go into this clear-eyes and you'll understand north korea and their interest in the nuclear program and the failure to honor their full context. the study and certain amount of expertise, making sure you're staffed up and fully prepared for the long and difficult negotiations. while there is -- we have to be optimistic and hopeful that it will happen, but denuclearizing the korean peninsula will be a huge achievement. and there are a lot of reasons they will do what we say. if the president has built up the show of this, sort of the theater, but the substance of work really matters. and the president is saying, i can just walk out. what i worry is if this breaks
6:21 am
down and the president will say, i tried to talk and the next move to military action. so there's a lot to worry about. i think there hasn't been a lot of evidence that the president does lots of preparation or studies things carefully or necessarily goes in with a full understanding of what the negotiations require. but i hope that that will happen in this case. >> and it sounds like even if the president does have good reason to take a victory lap, if you will, there is going to have to be con up substantiate vigilance, acute vigilance paying attention to this. there's no way it is over just from a signed handshake or piece of paper. >> no, this will have to be an agreement but an agreement that requires for full inspections, verification and parps by ttici by the iaea. there's a lot of groundwork that needs to be laid. this is a very long agreement to require lots of oversight. so again, this is not something that will happen quickly.
6:22 am
the fact that there's a meeting which the president celebrated is a great thing. kim jong-un's grandpa tried to meet with u.s. presidents because it raises standing in the national community. the presidents previously refused to do that, so the president is announcing a big breakthrough and it is comical. they have always wanted to greet with the u.s., but they have not behaved in a way that it would be productive. so that makes you worried when you see that in the context of this negotiation. >> let's get to the mueller investigation. you heard the president saying he would love to sit down with special counsel and pleads the fifth, then what? >> if the president was really interested to sit down with mr. mueller and answering the questions, that could be accomplished easily. what the president and his team are trying to do is create the impression in telling his story,
6:23 am
but ultimately, he's resist doing that. the reason is if you look at the areas of inquiries leaked, those pose very significant jeopardy to the united states. and i think his lawyers recognize he's had some difficulty with being truthful and being accurate. and when you go in to speak to the independent council, you have an obligation to be truthful and honest. his counsel has good reason to worry about that. so they are trying to create the impression that he's interested in talking, but i suspect eventually he'll invoke his fifth amendment or find another reason to explain why he's refused to answer the questions of the special counsel. >> can i get your questions on the ongoing fight with republicans in the justice department. the freedom caucus is drafting impeachment agreements right now against rosenstein because of the few isa documents. here's what rosenstein said.
6:24 am
>> people have been making threats privately and publicly against me for quite some time. they should understand now, the department of justice is not going to be extorted. we will do what is required by the rule of law. and any kind of threats that anybody makes are not going to affect the way we do our job. >> are you encouraged at all by rosenstein's comments. >> absolutely. >> i was very pleased to hear him say that. i think it's a strong message to the president, to the republicans in congress and to people all over the country. but the department of justice plans to do its job, these are extraordinary professionals taking oath to the constitution. so they are not going to be extorted to someone reaffirming the law and protecting this investigation, but these were
6:25 am
welcomed roads from rod rosenstein. >> david sicilene, good to see you. >> good to see you. monitoring phone calls, what is the basis for agencies doing that? and "snl" has ben stiller playing cohen. >> mr. trump, we're in big trouble. i think they know about our illusion k and obstruction of justice k. >> sorry, i don't speak spanish. >> i am on a line that is completely untraceable. - i love my grandma. - anncr: as you grow older, your brain naturally begins to change which may cause trouble with recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up!
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because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor. we're back with new reaction from rudy giuliani apparently waivering on when he found out about the stormy daniels contribution. >> even if it was a campaign contribution, it was legal.
6:30 am
these are facts we are still working on. and maybe in a little bit of dispute, this is more rumor than anything else. >> you said that to buzzfeed. >> yeah. that's one of the possibilities and one of the rumors. the reality is -- >> you stated it as fact. >> well, maybe i did, but right now i'm at the point where i'm learning. and i can -- i can't prove that, i can just say it is rumor. i can prove it is rumor, i can't prove it is fact. maybe we will. >> joining me, former federal prosecutor and the managing director of navigant. i'm so glad you are here to take first stab at that. >> once we get past wow. what we just learned is when rudy giuliani was the head of the u.s. attorney's office, he was not in charge of strategy.
6:31 am
fr professionals did the strategy. it is pathetic for that to be the strategy. for him to say, it is x, y and z, and then to say it is a rumor. he's not doing any favors and embarrassing himself. >> bob, your thoughts? >> i couldn't agree more with cynth cynthia. actually, he's hurting his client more than he's helping him right now. some of the comments he's made on tv in the last couple of days he really needs to think about. because it could lead to criminal prosecution of his own client. the comments i'm specifically talking about is the other morning on tv, what if this would have come out during the presidential debate and he made sure the payment was before them? that specifically links it to something in the campaign. and the other comment about firing the former director james comey, because he wouldn't exonerate him, to lead to intent
6:32 am
for obstruction. both these things are really bad. >> okay. i know we'll have a lot to talk about on that regard. but i do want to get to the fact that we have "the wall street journal" report indicating mueller's team is looking to wrap things up or lying low until after the midterm elections in november. bob, i know you worked for the fbi for 12 years, right? how do you think the midterm elections affect the way he proceeds with this investigation? >> it's a great question. bob was the second of three directors. i worked for louis free and jim comey the other two. and there are guidelines and rules and regulations the fbi covers when it comes around a type of political process. it wouldn't surprise me at all if they had sort of overt actions with indictments or arrests, that it would be held up until the midterm elections. one of them, since the questions
6:33 am
that came out, or part of the questions that came out the other day, that he is looking to get to the end of this thing a lot quicker than most people thought. >> what about former fbi director cynthia comey who was criticized for the decisions he made with respect to the clinton e-mail investigation. i mean, lots of criticism there, including how that all factored into the 20816 election. how that worked in this decision in making that regard. do you think mueller should factor the timing of the elections into his probe? >> i do think he will. and i do think he should. the department of justice regulations are very clear, as are any fbi regulations that you know prosecutorial decisions should be announced or no prosecutorial actions should be announced that will affect an election. that's why there was so much criticism of comey. one, he shouldn't have been making the prosecutorial decision at the justice department. and if he was not clear about or comfortable with loretta lynch,
6:34 am
he should have gone to the deputy attorney general. and to two, he shouldn't have done it before the election. >> i want to play something that was played before, let's listen to it. >> the judge said, this is a witch hunt with a tremendous amount of government misconduct attached to it. and they are quite correct, the attorney general jeff sessions should step up and dismiss the entire investigation. >> wait. bob, jeff sessions recused himself from the russia probe, so could he even be the one to dismiss this investigation? >> no, i don't think so. and i don't think he would go back on the recusal to not be involved in this investigation. also, what mr. jewel thgiuliani
6:35 am
saying, i don't think he thought this was going to hit the mainstream media. but i don't think he was saying the investigation is off the rails. >> cynthia, ap is reporting that the trump campaign fund-raiser tom barrack was interviewed by mueller's team, a close friend and confidant of the president and advised him fairly consistently, we are told. this interview may have involved questions on fund-raising campaign tried to secure financing. >> mr. barrack was part of recruiting manafort, i understand. what is interesting about this is not -- it only makes sense that he would be interviewed, just because of the financing of the inaugural committee. what is really interesting is it all leaks out like who has been interviewed is who hasn't been interviewed. when prosecutors build cases,
6:36 am
the longer you haven't been interviewed for the mueller case, the more trouble you're in. don jr. has not been interviewed, ivanka has barely been interviewed, and jared kushner has barely been interviewed. mr. barrack is not a target of the investigation or a subject. it makes sense all the people are interviewed so i's are dotted and t's are crossed. >> thank you for joining us. the one man that is said to
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welcome back. i'm alex witt here at msnbc headquarters in new york. president obama launches a new debate during the tax roundtable that occurred in cleveland. the president ditched the script to blast democrats and demand more money for the border wall. >> our laws are a disgrace. we are fixing and building walls now, but we need much more money. we are doing the job right. and we may have to close-up our country to get this straight, because we either have a country or we don't. >> shutting down the government,
6:41 am
potentially. we'll bring in a former chief of staff for joe manchin. and sofia nelson. good to see you both. was i right when i said that, sofia? he's considering shutting down the government, is that how you interpret that? and what would the republicans' reaction be if he tries to make good on that? >> first of all, the president of the united states cannot shut the government down by himself. the house would have to be complacent and the congress as well. and the president is using hyper bollic language, he's over the top, it's always extra. we all agreed the immigration laws need reforming. i don't think any democrat or republican disagrees with that. the question is what is the path forward, but to say you're going to close the country up sends another shockwave to our allies and others across the globe that rely on america and america's economy to thrive and to work. so i think he, again, has to watch his language.
6:42 am
>> you know, chris, the president's been hammering democrats on this for a longing, long time. is there any way to bring this to some sort of a resolution? or do you think too much of this is now tied to political posturing by both parties? >> i think realistically, going into the midterms, any solution is highly unlikely. the president from the time he was running for president throughout the presidency is using the issue as a classic wedge issue. he drives up his base, he energizes them and makes it sound and seem like people are just, you know, climbing over walls. and he has the images to kind of reinforce the an ek don'ts. unfortunately, what ends up happening is it mobile inzs his base and mobilizes the opposition. and so in that situation, you won't really have an environment where you have a solution or compromise. it is just not going to happen, unfortunately. >> let's get to what is happening on tuesday. sofia, we'll start with you, the four states holdsing gop
6:43 am
primaries. and the associated press says the candidates are jockeying to be the most conservative, the most anti-washington and the most loyal to the president. with the effect of pulling the party to the right, leaving some leaders worried their candidates will be out of step with the broader electorate in november. do you hold that concern? >> yeah, i think that is fair. if you look at the elections in my home state of virginia, it was a blue tidal wave nobody saw coming. and ed gillespie went very conservative trying to appeal to the trump voters. and it did not work out well for him. so i think that the fears on the republican side are grounded, but there is a big to the right or a push to the trump voter, which is really not the right or the left. it's a different kind of voter. and that is what the gop is grappling with. >> to that end, kristin, msnbc news has the new story on the
6:44 am
phenomenon saying the split personality of the election makes it difficult for any party to develop any kind of overarching message. and it looks like the democrats will lose seats in the senate. is this unusual to you? how does this affect midterm strategies? >> this is probably a more complicating midterm election than most. primarily because of who is in the white house. he's such a focus of attention for the media and others that to some extent it's complicating the midterm messaging and strategies that some campaigns and elections are trying to run. historically if you look at the numbers, you need anywhere from a plus 9 to plus 11, the congressional ballot, to have some kind of flip, sizable flip in party control in the house. right now it's about a plus 7. and what complicates this further is you have a lot of these states that democrats hold, like west virginia, montana, missouri, are kind of
6:45 am
red state, if you will. and that makes it even more complicated. so i think the challenge for democrats has always been not to get so distracted with trump that you mistake that he's going to be on the ballot. at the end of the day, it will be a choice between the candidates in the race and you need a strong message and campaign. that will be the challenge that makes this really much more of a difficult midterm election than i think some of the pundits are suggesting. >> yeah. i am sure you join our thoughts as we hear about john mccain and his heroic battle, but nbc news is saying that he told the white house he does not want the president to attend his funeral. he does want vice president pence but not president trump. they also say former presidents barack obama and george w. bush
6:46 am
will be yueulogists at his funeral. what does this say? >> john mccain is not someone who feels positive about president trump. that's not news to us. but first of all, i want to send my thoughts and prayers to him, like we all do. he's a great american hero, but i think it says a lot that john mccain would be thinking about having barack obama who beat him in the 2008 election be at his funeral to eulogize him, but he doesn't want the republican president of the united states at that same service. and i'm hoping that senator mccain is not giving up and doesn't count himself out yet. he's a fighter, but i think that is profound and depose to the barbara bush memorial service where the first lady was there, but the president of the united states opted not to go because he didn't want to disruptive. trump needs to put a self-check on how people see him in his own party. >> reminding you, george w. bush was a eulogist. chris?
6:47 am
>> when you're senator mccain and planning your funeral is a terrible thing to do. but obviously the choice to decide who is going to be there talking about you and your life, he clearly doesn't agree with president trump or his presidency or style. his nature. in a normal situation, you would think a normal person would take that as a moment of self-reflection. how do i need to change? how do i become better here's the tragedy about all this. is that i think donald trump will end up tweeting something rude obnoxious. i know it's a terrible thing to imagine, but look at his record of doing this. and that is, i think, the unfortunate thing about this. president trump doesn't get that as the president with his status and stature, he doesn't care. virtually, that's where we are. >> you may be right about the president's instincts, but i hope someone gets to him and says do not tweet anything about
6:48 am
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i like to call this the russian collusion delusion. so far he has turned up no evidence of collusion by the russian state. i certainly am not involved in any conspiracy or coordination or collusion with the russian state. i think this is a fairytale. >> long time associate to president trump and political strategist roger stone vehemently denying any involvement on his part in russian enter fierns interferen6 election. joining me to discuss this, staff newswriter for "vanity fair," abigail tracy and a frequent guest on the show. good to see you. i'm looking at this article. your title "what does robert mueller want with roger stone? ysh first let's get to the
6:53 am
relationship. >> roger stone, he actually founded the same lobbying firm that paul manafort did where rick gates was an sberp. so that's kind of the connection you see between manmanafort, ro stoet and rick gates. what we're hearing is that robert mueller's questions about discussions they've had in the past. >> okay. this investigation has been going on, what, like a year nou. mueller hasn't interviewed stone. why not? what do you think he's waiting for? >> i think there's been a lot of speculation as to why this hasn't happened yet. he's one of the most well-known individuals who has president yet sat with robert mueller. one of the interesting things after the february indictment was this glaring omission it didn't talk about the dnc hack
6:54 am
or the hack of john podesta's e malts. of anybody in trump world, roger stone is the most adjacent to that ep side and he was in contact with gus fer 2.0. i think he's a key player in that next likely area of inquiry for robert mueller. >> do we have idea the content of the correspondence between julian assange, wikileaks and roger stone? >> there have been reports about wikileaks and trading favors that's come out in the past. in terms of the julian assange stuff, the "wall street journal" obtained an e-mail saying that roger stone was bragging about the fact that he had been in touch with julian assange, and later roger stone kind of walked that back and said that was said in jest. i think one of the interesting things about this is roger stone has switched his position on this issue on so many different occasions that it's kind of hard
6:55 am
to see what is true and what is not and what is roger stone, this trickster of the nixon age trying to get at or trying to hide in this situation. >> do you have a sense where roger stone would be most v vulnerable? >> i think one of the keys that has president an answered is when you look at the ham of the dnc and john podesta's e-mail is whether or not there was any american individuals involved in the dissemination or coordination of the release of the e-mail from wikileaks from hackers such as gus fer 2.0. that's where you see roger stone appearing. also, the fact that robert mueller is probing conversations between gates and stone also suggests there might have been other aspects that we don't know yet, that might not be in the public domain. there's kind of a lot of areas he's touched throughout this
6:56 am
investigation. obviously the dnc hack is the one that people know the most about. the recent inquiries mueller is making suggest his role might be broader. >> can i ask you to quickly comment on the "wall street journal" report this morning saying mueller is either going to have to wrap up the investigation or lay low until after the midterm elections. do you have anynd case which way he would go? >> i think any prosecutor would be unlikely to want to see their investigation either truncated or curtailed or put on pause, especially if he's making moves forward. all that does, if it's on pause, allows trump's team to push back and use talking points in the campaign to build their own narrative in the public domain. >> good point. abigail tracy, thank you. >> they thank you. trump's $40 million cash-only spending spree.
6:57 am
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