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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 11, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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is gearing up for his torek meeting with kim jong un, the president announced the location of their summit, singapore on twitter. >> plus, president trump stumps republicans at a campaign rally and jokes about extending his presidency. >> and a white house aide reportedly mocks john mccain's cancer diagnosis making comments that has the senate tore's wife getting back. . >> good morning, everyone.
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we have a date and we now have a location for the historic trump/kim summit. president trump tweeting out quote, the highly anticipated meeting will take place in singapore on june 12th. we'll both try to make it a very special moment for world peace. it will be the first time a sitting u.s. president meets with a leader of the dprk. pompeo told reporters that the time and venue have been decided on and that the summit is expected to last one day but could be extended as needed. he welcomed three detainees back into to the united states. >> on june theth in singapore, i'll be meeting with kim jong un to pursue a future of peace and security for the world -- for the whole world. and the relationship is good.
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i think it's going to be a very big success, but my attitude is, and if it isn't, it isn't. kim jong un did a great service to himself, to his country by doing this, but those hostages came out with respect. we didn't pay for them. we're going to set the table. we're going to make a great deal for the world for north korea, for south korea, for japan, for china. >> so map ever much happening yesterday. and a new report says on the very first business day the president's personal attorney michael cohen signed a contract with at&t to receive $600,000 to consult on long-term planning as well as its pending merger with time warner which the justice department blocked last
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november. cohen made the deal on january 23rd of 2017 within three days of president trump's inauguration and just three days after cohen announced he would represent trump as president and would resign to avoid a quote, perceived conflict. at&t says it paid cohen for insights but the post found it unclear what cohen could have provided at&t on complex telecom matters. stats report that 1.2 million novartis paid cohen's companies paid more than it paid four time lobbyists. the consulting fees were in line for advisory. >> despite revelations,
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president trump received this chant last night. take a listen. >>. >> the president spoke to about 7,300 supporters at a middle school gym where he held a campaign rally. the president revisited his campaign themes and rallied the faithful. you get to take a listen to this. >> we put our large beautiful hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance. right? we have have delivered and it was said by one of these gentlemen, we have delivered one of the only times ever, more than we promised. i have delivered more than i promised. next week we will finally open the american embassy in
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jerusalem. i said, when is it going to be open? they said anywhere from five to ten years. so i said, unless they give me an extension for the presidency -- >> all right. so rudy giuliani has resigned from his job at a manhattan law firm to focus on representing president trump in the russia robe. partners had grown increasingly frus tra frustrated with how he had conducted himself in the last several weeks. he cancelled his decision a mutual decision. >> that was money that was paid
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by -- by his lawyer out of his law firm funds. michael would take cake of things like this like i take care of things like this for my clients. >> so after giuliani's resignation we received this response. we cannot speak with mr. giuliani speaking for ourselves we would not condone payments of the nature to have been made without the knowledge and direction of a client. yesterday a firm spokes person told nbsz news the times had mischaracterized their remarks which they say was an answer to the earl yes questions of the week. so on the same day the vice president mike pence said it's time to wrap up the special counsel probe, white house chief
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of staff also called the investigation into question. asked whether he agrees with president trump and he said it's a witch hunt. >> something thaz gone along this long. there is nothing relative to our president. however, mueller has indicted four. kelly also said of the investigation quote, it may not be a cloud, but certainly the president is you know, somewhat embarrassed when world leaders come in. it's kind of like, you walk in and the first couple of minutes might resolve around that kind of thing. >> sand staying with the chief of staff for a moment. also keeping praise on the president after a report earlier that kelly has boasted to the united states that he is saving
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the united states and calls the president an idiot. he thinks the president is quote, a super smart guy. kelly goes on to say he's very strong in terms of trade, taxes, business. he's a quick story on everything else. he's a pretty light guy. >> and how great to have you here on set. let's talk a little bit about the summit. we know the time and the place. we see trump already doing what he does best and starting to talk about that and promoting it on twitter at least. what's at stake for these two leaders going forward from now until that june 12th day, what do we expect from the meeting? >> well, everything is really at stake. it's almost unnerving to think about the possibilities here. this could end in one of the greatest achievements or one of the greatest disasters of all time. the president wants the north to relinquish its nuclear weapons.
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i will say the politics are great. 77% of americans support his decision to meet with kim so the diplomacy fact is going well now. >> it would be a fly on the wall in that room during the meeting between these two leaders. >> all right. we saw president trump in campaign mode yesterday, even coming up with a brand new sort of nickname for the senator there. do you think that his message is resonating with republicans in the sort of the leadup to the midterms? >> alove him, they're designated. about 80% of republicans. the question is if they're anywhere near to show up at the ballot if they didn't hold him. i have a piece up in this week's issue talking about as angry and mote vaded in 2010 and show up
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to stick it to the president's party. it is less organized but it's nominating its strojest candidates. >> let's switch gears for a moment and talk about some white house peronnel. kelly making some special comments about the special counsel. >> what's the strategy now why are we hearing the two house peronnel? >> i would caution against there is an overarches strategy. the lawyers have urged him to not talk about investigation. to deal with it legally. >> and they continue to do so. >> we do know that the president has been proving toward an increasingly confrontational tone. that seems to be the context in which we must look at the vice
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president who always falls the president's leader in these kind of things. t. >> the public overall strongly supports the mueller investigation, but with his voters, yes. >> we'll talk to you in a little bit. it's been more than 7 months since an ambush left four u.s. soldiers dead. >> plus, what a white house aide said about john mccain that has his family hitting back this morning. those stories and more when we come badge.
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deaths. in the end isis simply surprised a 12-man team. >> the direct cause caused the surprise there and our forces were outnumbered approximately three to one. >> i have responsibilities as a commander. the service has responsibilities. >> pentagon outlined the heroics of those on the understood go. in chaos of retreat he was separated and tried to retreat to safety where he was gunned down. >> and for the widow there is no blame. >> they all did what they were supposed to. i was praying for the meant it happened.
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if bryan was gone, please let this person come home. >> thank you for that report. >> in a top white house communications aide mocks mccain's brain cancer diagnosis. kelly sadler, the white house's director of outreach reportedly said that the arizona senator is quote, dying anyway. according to three sources with direct knowledge of that meeting. the white house did not deny that sadler made that remark. senate mccain's office had no comment but his wife sharply addressed sadler on twitter writing quote, my i remahind yo my husband has a family and grandchildren. let's get a check now on your weather with bill karins. >> good morning.
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heading into the weekend there's going to be some rainy weather out there and some areas will be soaked all weekend long while some others will be like hot. omaha is getting ready to hit. they're over the top of lincoln and a lot of this is trying to move toward chicago. the areas of blue is an inch so over an inch in chicago. fort wayne same for you. pittsburgh is going to get a good soaking right through the southern half of pennsylvania. new york city about a half inch to three quarters of an inch. so let's time it all out for your plans. this is at 8:00 a.m. this morning with that milwaukee area getting soaked. that kind of lightens up a little bit. just some cloudy almost chilly like weather through areas of michigan with light rain through
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6:00 p.m. that rain races into areas of new york so 9:00 a.m. saturday morning you're waking up to rain, providence, back to new york state, also to syracuse. then as we go through saturday afternoon that boundary slips to the south a little bit we get some severe thunderstorms. watch out pittsburgh, state college and also areas of northern ohio and another rain for chicago. it's round after round. it's not going to rain all weekend but we'll see periods of rain. then as we go through sunday, drizzly weather. northern ohio should have come weather. it's the same areas, guys, all weekend long. while the southern half of the country is just going to be baking in the country.
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91 in new orleans and it's going to be that hot all weekend long. not the best for yours, so -- >> i'm heading overseas. >> you are not talking to you. >> i'm just saying. >> the jets make history on the road last night in nashville while out in the bronx two juggernauts square enough next in sports. products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. i'm about to start the hair, skin and nails challenge. so my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model?
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stanley cup showdown between the top two regular season. that would be it for the home team which gets shut out by winnipeg for the remainder of the contest. the jets pad their lead with a goal in is second and two more in the third before skating away with a 5-1 win. they will face the knights on saturday. this is the first time in franchise history the jets have reached the conference finals and it is also the golden knights as well. switching gears to arizona where the diamondbacks squared off against the nationals. bottom of the 5th. an rbi single giving his team the lead. but bradley banks while trying to throw out taylor right there
2:23 am
at third so he will score off that mistake. matt adams hits a ground ball between short and third bringing in turner. the gnanats go on to win that o. we go to the bronx where the red sox have last the last two. the bombers have lost only one in 18 games. that has all changed after last night in part due to ramirez and martinez who brought in the runs and new york would be a tale of two halves before the rain delay. in the fifth inning they would score four in the 7th tying the game. martinez would hit a solo shot in the top of the 8th just out of judge's reach to ice the game.
2:24 am
records of 26 wins and 11 losses so far. we'll have to wait until the end of june for these two heavy weights to square off once again. i want to get mike's feeling on this next story. david price wasn't pitching last night because of carpal tunnel syndrome but he said it was not due to playing the popular video game fortnight. he said he would stop playing the video game, but did not believe the game caused the issue with his hand. he's scheduled to pitch against the blue jays on saturday. if you have a teenage kid they probably play that game way too much and last but not least vladimir putin's hockey team slump continues. however, that's down from l goals in 2015 and 7 last year, so i think --
2:25 am
>> he's the all time leading scorer in that game. >> what do you mean of course five of those goals? he worked hard for those goals. i'm sure nobody stepped out of his way. >> his skating skill, his puck handling. >> five shots on goal. i wonder -- >> i feel like the goalie was like go ahead. >> we're checking to see if president trump called to congratulate him on his victor. >> still ahead, president trump almost had another resignation on his hands. we'll explain what happened. >> and president trump criticizes chuck schumer on twitter but did schumer get the last laugh? we'll be right back. oh, milk. another breakfast, another dilemma.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. two days after pulling the u.s. out of the iran nuclear agreement president trump says he wants a new deal while making sure to slam his predecessor. >> among the national security blunders of the previous administration, one of the
2:30 am
world's worst was the disastrous iran nuclear deal. i hope to be able to make a deal with them, a good deal, a fair deal. a good deal for them. beer for the be beer -- better for them. but we cannot allow them to have nuclear weapons. we must be able to go to a site and check that site. we have to be able to go into their military bases to see whether or not they're cheating. now, of course we're all sure they're not cheating but just in case. the iran deal was one of the most embarrassing agreements the united states has ever entered into. >> all right. so trump's remarks come as iran and israel edge closer to a full fledged war particularly in syria. joining us now live from london, cal, god to have you with us this friday morning.
2:31 am
i know you spent a lot of time there. israel and iran have spent days since trump's nuclear deals announcement exchanging fire particularly on the goal land heights. where does it go from here? >> well, we've got the sort of usual rampup on the israeli side. bomb shelters being hoped. they're moving equipment towards the area. when this sort of thing happens in the middle east rs as wars wrap up in the middle east people grab territory and the israeli problem with what's happening right now is that the syrian war is wrapping up and for the israeli it's really the iranians have a foothold in place as if they didn't have before. so it's opened up this window.
2:32 am
>> but the timing of all of this, cal, you've got to admit it is interesting in that they've been ramping up this back and forth firing since the president trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. >> and we're used to the u.s. calli calling restraints on all sides. the u.s. has come out and said, not only do we defend israel and we defend israel's right to defend itself but we completely don chemothe iranian side. so the broker now is really russia and the question is, who is holding back the israelis and it doesn't seem like right now sort of anyone is. on the iranian side we had silence until this morning. they've condemned it and we had the very real 20 rocket coming on israel. so with the timing of the iran deal it seems like there's a
2:33 am
vacuum of world leadership. >> and we know that netanyahu was in moscow and met with foreign ministers heading to moscow on monday. >> speaking of moscow -- >> may have time to pick up an extra hockey game. >> yes. >> all right. congress has released thousands of ads bought by russians in facebook to meddle in the 2016 election. ads were used to create divisions in this country. shedding light on what the russia campaign looked like and how it targeted unsuspecting americans. the ads were purchased but the research agency between late 2015 and late 2017. some of the ads say they pushed
2:34 am
messages to black lives matter. the russians pushed anti immigrants to fans of fox news host shaun hannity and as they released the ads, facebook released a statement that troll accounts imposed will never be removed. >> this will never been a solved problem because we're up against a determined, creative adversaries but we are making steady progress. a number of changes that has been made to try and prevent future information campaigns. double the number of human content monitors and the removal of quote, nearly one third of the targeting ad terms utilized by the agency. >> and another cabinet member after homeland security member
2:35 am
nielsen nearly quit. focusing much of his ire towards her according to several current and former officials familiar with the episode. trump slammed her for her claim that she wasn't doing enough to secure this nation's border. adding that his anger has grown in recent weeks. she had drafted a resignation letter but did not submit it. the dhs official tells nbc news that she never threatened to resign. releasing a statement that reads in part, quote, the president is rightly frustrated that the lack of congressional action. i share his frustration. these are complex issues andly continue to direct the department to do all we can to
2:36 am
implement the president's security focused agenda. >> all right. thanks for coming back to us. >> thank you. >> let's talk about nielsen here and how there are reports that she sort of threatened to resign and had her letter written up and ready to go but decide t not to in the very last moment. do you think it has anything to do with the fact that nielsen was brought in by john kelly and has an extremely close association with im. >> we've seen this over and over again, a number of the top officials have threatened to quit. rex tillerson, gary cohn, they haven't -- this is the underlying issue is because the reported dispute is about the united states long standing policy of not separating families once they're apprehe apprehended or detained at the
2:37 am
border and the president and his allies want to separate families to disensanise at least. >> does the release of those ads give congress to try to do something about it either before the midterms or before the next presidential election? >> the impetus is there, but with this congress i would be skeptical. it's run by republicans who are predisposed to regulation. it's also run by people who do not have the most understanding. we saw that when he ran circles around all ease lawmakers. but certainly there is pressure now. >> could you ever see us getting to a point where you have to show your id in order to be able to open an account?
2:38 am
we were talking about the way you would buy a phone line, open a cable description of anything? >> it's part of the discussion. >> let's skip to the i rap deir deal. he said the same thing about the paris accord when he called out as where he will and every regulation he put in place has been rolled back by scott pruitt. so do you think that this could be a better iran deal? >> it's very hard to see how he gets there. right? it's impossible to imagine that the sajss regime that was before that before the iran deal would come back. china and russia are not going to renegotiate it. so the president is on an
2:39 am
island. this is not working great for him, americans did not want to withdraw from the deal. less than a third supported his decision to withdraw. >> so let's not withdraw without a plan to go forward and they don't know what the plan is. >> all right. great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> still ahead, chuck schumer takes a page from the first lady when firing bablg at president trump. that dramatic video plus bill is back with us for a check on your weather forecast.
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2:43 am
>> voted against it. now he says i should not have terminated the deal but he doesn't really believe that. same with comey, thought he was terrible until i fired him. the senate minority leader responded with the hash tag the best. the new initiative that encourages positive internet use among children. i could see that becoming a very trending troll. #bebest. >> with that, let's bebest. >> one of our best. >> we've got to get t-shirts now and hats. as we go through the morning some of the worst weather will be in omaha and lacrosse. both are watching rainfall and now we're watching some of this rain heading toward milwaukee too. only 53 in chicago today and you travel to st. louis and it's 91.
2:44 am
the battleground is set up with near record highs in some spots today. that's kind of why we're going to see all the rain along this boundary. let's talk about some of the heat today. some areas will see some of the hottest temperatures in the summer. memphis m and into the weekend it gets warmer. atlanta jumps to 91. washington, d.c. you sneak into the heat on saturday. so saturday is like this block buster like summer like day and then on sunday, the temperatures crash in d.c. with rain in the 70s. raleigh at 94. so you're talking getting mom to the lake or somewhere cool in the shade as we go through sunday. new york city, cleveland, areas to the north, we'll be lucky to get into the 70s. the green shows you where the rain will be.
2:45 am
on and off rain for chicago, indianapolis, new york city, philadelphia and notice d.c. late in the day you could see some rain. and pick your poison a lot of areas are going to be either too hot or dealing with the wet weather. >> as we knew lewis is ahead of the game. >> i'm buying flowers for everybody. >> he's single handedly keeping 1-800 flowers in business. >> police have released dash cam footage of a dramatic rollover wreck. this happened as a police officer was helping a stranded motorist who was pulled over in the right lane of a highway and a black car skids across the highway and hits the red car,
2:46 am
then the tow truck before flipping over. no one suffered serious injuries. they say the woman told officers she crashed because she was distracted by her phone cord. keep your phones away. and one more here, guys, most stories about felonies are not a laughing matter but this one is pretty good. a resident has been charged for alleged allegedly changing ups's address to his tiny apartment chicago's west soid. he received the company's mail, thousands of pieces of it. so much that the mailman was forced to leave in a usps tube outside of his door. he received corporate credit cars and checks and it wasn't until he deposited $58,000 worth
2:47 am
of it that the ums noticed this scheme. >> talk about a lack of checks and balances. >> it is a genius system that he calm up with. >> do not try this at home. >> still ahead, a key ally for tesla now says it has hesitations about new investmentes with the tech giant. >> and apple and goldman sachs want to be in your wallet as the two team up on a new credit card deal. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig.
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welcome back. let's turn to apple and goldman sachs joaniining as early as next year. cnbc's villem marks joins us with more. >> this is according to "the wall street journal." this card will be branded as apple pay and it will use the apple pay service technology underneath it. if you look at what apple is trying to do, increasingly trying to get involved in this consumer finance space. they seem to have done that with apple pay. this is their first partnership with goldman on this. they previously partnered with barclays. this may be goldman trying to get into the consumer space, their first foray into plastic. the partnership under more pressure is the one between panasonic and tesla. they've got $5 billion invested
2:51 am
in the tesla plant in nevada. when it comes to building lithium ion batteries. the reason that the plans won't go ahead in china, the reason may be that panasonic saw a $200 million loss because of production lay with tesla. >> more bad news for tesla. a huge move in the fight to stop robo calls, the fcc has levied the largest fine ever against a florida man who placed 100 million spam calls in a three-month period. are the annoying days of fake calls finally over? that's the big question. >> i will make annoying calls to you, but they won't be fake. they've levied this massive fine against this guy for allegedly making all these calls in a three-month period in 2016. they're not over, though, we get about 200,000 placed every year and american consumers get 2.5
2:52 am
billion robo calls a year. >> i specifically hate the one on the other end sounds like a real person. and you're on for about ten seconds before you realize it and i'm duped again. ten seconds of my life i won't get back. >> it starts here in the uk, you get this call that says have you been involved in an accident. and you say yes or no, and you go on from that. >> it's terrible. >> duped again. i love that. >> coming up, axios' jonathan swan has a look at this morning's one big thing. and the north korean summit is officially on the calendar. president trump scales back his bombpast, may signal about his expectations for the summit and the challenges he could face. republican senator bill cassidy joins the conversation to discuss the call by him and
2:53 am
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welcome back. joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m., national political reporter foreaxios jonathan swan. talk to us about axios' one big thing this morning? >> trump summit style leading into his meeting with north korea's kim jong un. we've done a ton of reporting on how trump prepares for meetings with foreign leaders and behaves behind the scenes my very strong impression from talking to sources who have discussed the north korean meeting with president trump is even he doesn't know what he's going to say to kim jong un and there's a very clear reason for that. he believes that he's best for these meetings when he doesn't prepare. particularly much. and relies instead on his own god-given brilliance.
2:57 am
>> so let me ask you this, i know that axios has been focusing on president trump's habit of walking into a meeting with a head of state and then literally just throwing out the parrot kol. he's done it sometimes at press conferences where he'll throw his notes up in the air. explain his thinking behind that. he wants to out-crazy crazy? >> he believes, and you know, this is actually probably one of these theories that even i've spoken to people who work for obama, they say has at least some value to it. is he believes that foreign affairs is overly scripted. everything is overly choreographed. when he just goes in and completely throws everything out, he believes it throws his, the opposing leader off balance. now the problem is when you keep doing that over and over again, they start to actually prepare for that scenario. >> talk about how the president sort of likes to get awkwardly -- praises leaders when he walks into the room.
2:58 am
tells them how amazing they are and takes a total turn and gets awkward on them and jekyll-and-hyde situation. >> the most amazing example of that from my reporting we'll report that this morning is when they're in beijing with the chinese. you saw it was incredible, lavishing praise, the forbidden city, the red carpet, everything was amazing. and then they get in the meeting with xi and trump says, so you know, everything has been terrible with china. you've been, and it's been happening for years, bob, and he turns to bob lighthiser, says why don't you explain to them history. and bob lighthiser, an anti-china hawk, seizes the ball and goes through 20 years of china basically beating the living hell out of america. so it's this incredible scene
2:59 am
after they've been hugging each other. he goes from one extreme to another. perhaps i would say more than any other leader we've seen in american politics for quite some time. >> feeling like you've been gut-punched or something. >> let's talk about if we have an early sense of a game plan for the president when it comes to this korea summit about a month away now. what do we expect to happen? >> you know the trump administration what are they going to do in the build-up to it and what do you think plays out there? >> a lot of the build-up is already choreographed. one of the things about having pompeo thing instead of rex tillerson is the north koreans can deal with somebody who who to the best of his ability can speak for the president. so we'll actually see a theatrical destruction of nuclear facilities near the north korean border. as what happens during the meeting, you're delusional if you think you know what trump is going to say. truly i don't think he knows what he's going to say in that
3:00 am
meeting. >> maybe he'll be successful, maybe he won't. >> jonathan swan live for us in washington, d.c., we'll be reading axios a.m. in just a little bit. to our viewers, you can sign up for the axios newsletter by going to axios dot-com. that does it for us, i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf, "morning joe" starts right now. >> drain the swamp! drain the swamp! drain the swamp! drain the swamp! >> drain the swamp. they actually chanted that last night. for the president's rally in indiana and it came, drain the swamp came on the same day that we learned of the swampiest behavior i've ever heard of in modern american political


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